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"Nein! Absolutely not!" Kurt slammed his mug of tea down onto the table, sloshing it's contents onto the polished wood.
"Kurt, you're not understanding!" Kitty rose to her feet, bracing her hands against the e. e.
"Ja, I'm understanding alright! I will not help you risk your life for some need for vengeance!" Kurt rose to meet her, eyes narrowed. He had never been truly angry with Kitty, but he was getting close. "Ruth is dead! Let her stay that way! Magneto can't be brought down by a teenage girl all alone!"
"Help me, then! We have a plan..." She realized then that she had said too much.
"We? Who is this we?" Kurt rounded the table and seized her by her upper arms, pulling her close, nearly off of her feet, to look her in the eye. "Kitty! Spill it!"
Kitty bit her tongue and tipped her chin defiantly. "No."
"Vas?" He heard the incredulous tone in his voice but shoved the twinge of guilt to one side.
"I said, no. I tell you, you go off half-cocked, yell at them, get them mad at me, and how can I get to Magneto if they're mad at me?"
"I'd only yell because I worry about you!" he yelled.
"Well don't!" shsponsponded in kind.
"Don't yell or don't worry?" Raised voices were drawing attention, footsteps hurrying down the stairs and across the parquet foyer.
"Both!" Kitty phased her self free and took off in a dead run, passing straight through Astrid and Logan as she darted to the stairs.
"Katzchen!" Kurt lurched after her only to slam into his mother.
Astrid shook him slightly. "What is going on here?"
"Why're you yelling at Half-pint?" Logan crowded the Wagners, breath dangerously loud.
Kurt growled, "She has some crazy idea...someone put her up to trying to go after Magneto alone!"
"Who?" the adults chorused as one.
"I don't know! Mama, let me go!"
"Nein, not until you calm down!" Astrid held her son at arm's length. "You have a temper and Kitty doesn't need to bear the brunt of it!"
"Look, Elf, I can understand you're upset use use love her, but Kitty's like a powder keg and you're a spark, waiting to set her off."
Kurt took a deep breath, willing himself to be calm in the face of his mother's and Logan's simmering irritation. "Kitty can't go off alone...she needs to let it die!"
"You think Kitty needs to forget about Ruth, about being kidnapped, about what happened? Elf, she just found out she's related to Magneto, for fuck's sake," Logan cut his eyes quickly to Astrid, silently apologizing for his language, but continuing, "could you forget that?"
"I don't care who she's related to! I love her too much to let her do something so dangerous!"
Astrid, voice low and edged, asked "What is going to happen the first time you are on a mission of some sort and she has to put herself in harm's way? Are you going to stop her, at the risk of someone else getting hurt? Are you going to jeopardize the safety of many just to make sure your girlfriend is okay? Kurt, she is a wonderful girl, I love her as one of my own already, but you can't coddle her. You have to let her make her own mistakes, get hurt every once in a while!"
"I can't!" he wailed, sagging in his mother's grasp.
"Elf, listen to me. Kitty loves you, as much as that leaves a bad taste in my mouth to say-sorry Astrid-and because she loves you, the things you say to her will hurt her or help her more than anyone else's words ever could. Now, you need to go find her and apologize for yelling at her. Explain to her why you're upset."
"And maybe see if there's a way to convince her this is a bad idea?" Kurt asked hopefully.
"Ja...and maybe see if you can find out who gave her the idea..." Astrid sighed and released Kurt's arms. He 'ported away, a faint hiss-pop noise signaling his arrival upstairs. "Our kids have issues, Logan..."
"Speak for yourself, lady...Half-Pint has the right idea...I'd be off after ol'Maggot-face on my own if I were her, too."
"She's a little girl!"
"Astrid, she's almost a grown woman! In fact," he countered, stepping close, breaching her personal space, "Kitty has more smarts than most of the women I've known, and I bet she could hold her own in a fight given half the chance. Hell, I train her myself-I know what she can do. What they see in the Danger Room sims ain't half of it!"
Astrid glared at him defiantly. "I don't care! She's still a child, they're all children! Kurt, Kitty, Jubilee...all of them! How can you stand knowing that any day they could throw themselves in front of something deadly and just be gone," she snapped her fingers, "Poof! Never there again!" Her voice was shaking madly, tears running freely down her face.
Without a second thought, Logan pulled her into a hug, sighing himself as she shook in his arms. "It's hard, isn't it, Astrid? Loving someone who exists only by the grace of whatever God made them? Loving them even though you know there's a good chance their death will be too soon, won't be easy and might be in vain?"
"Shut up!" she cried, beating against his chest in futility, her words muffled by his flannel shirt. "It would never be in vain, not if it was helping someone, somehow..." A sob cut off her train of thought. "Damn it! Why them?"
"I don't know, sweetheart...I don't know."

Kurt stared at the blank wood of Kitty's door for several minutes, the sound of Greek music filtering through the space between the door and the flooring. He could hear her steps, measured and in a pattern that took her past the door twice while he stood there. _Dancing again... _ The image of her dance for him several weeks before, filtered through vid feeds but still blazing bright before his eyes, made Kurt swallow a surge of desire as he steeled himself for the image of a possibly scantily clad Kitty. With renewed purpose, he knocked firmly on his girlfriend's door and stood as straight as he could, an expression of resoluteness fixed firmly to his features. There was a slight pause and then the music became louder, drowning out Kitty's steps but making Kurt's teeth grind. "Katzchen!" he said loudly, knocking again.
"No!" she shouted over the trills of the music.
"Bitte, Katzchen..." he knocked again, "I need to talk to you! Kitty!"
The music fell silent. Close to the door, close enough that he could imagine her pressing herself against the wood, her voice came, "About what?"
A scuffle in the hall behind him made Kurt crane his neck. Remy and Jubilee were tumbling from his room, disheveled and still kissing, seemingly attached at the lips. Remy spared Kurt a semi-interested glance until Jubilee nipped at his collarbone and they fell backo hio his room, slamming the door as they passed. "I'm not talking to you through the door, Liebes," Kurt sighed.
The door opened a few inches with a small creak. "You called me Liebes," she said softly. Kitty's eyes were round and shone wetly as if she had been crying, making Kurt's heart twist in and and interesting knots.
"Ja..." he pressed against the opening1, feeling her warmth seeping across the breach. "I need to apologize...can I come in?"
Kitty, eyes never leaving his face, stepped back and opened the door wide. "Please."
Kurt stepped in and passed her, brushing her skin as he did so, sending mutual shudders across their spines. "I acted like an ass earlier. I was worried, Katzchen..."
"I know, but you can't keep protecting me!"
"I have to sometimes, at least try to..." Kurt sat on her bed and let his hands hang loosely between his knees, staring at her balefully. "I love you so much that I can't let you do dangerous things sometimes. If I told you I was going to do something like you were planning, wouldn't you try to stop me?"
Kitty answered slowly. "Well....yes...of course I would. I wouldn't want you going off, guns blazing..." Her eyes grew wider, if that was indeed possible and her mouth fell o "O "Oh."
"Exactly," Kurt held a hand out and Kitty stepped closer, twining her fingers with his. "I shouldn't have yelled, though."
"No," she agreed, "but I shouldn't have, either. I shouldn't have acted like a spoiled brat."
"I wouldn't say you were acting spoiled," he teased, grinning when Kitty looked indignant. "But the brat part is cute!"
"I'll show you brat!" she crowed, sticking her tongue out at him and digging her fingers into his ribs, tickling him for all she was worth.
"Katzchen! Stop!" Kurt twisted in her grasp and managed to get his tail around her wrist. "No kissies if I die from asphyxiation!"
Kitty mock-pouted. "Scott would give me kissies," she said petulantly.
Kurt growled. "That does it! No kisses for bad Kitties!" With a feral expression that made Kitty's stomach thrill in anticipation, Kurt threw her back onto the bed and leaned over her. "No kissies at all."
"Not even a tiny one?" she asked in a small voice, holding her fingers a mere inch apart. "It doesn't have to be on my mouth..." she offered.
"Not even a tiny one..." Kurt winced inwardly. _She's an enchantress...she has to be... _ "However, love bites are entirely permissible." He leaned close and nipped her throat softly, making her sigh as he worked his way up to her mouth, nipping her lower lip a little too hard to be gentle and too tenderly to cause pain. "Now, will you be a good girl for me?"
"Mmmmm...thought you liked it better when I was bad..." she purred. Kurt's jaw fell open at Kitty's sudden turn for the seductive, and she took the opportunity to wriggle free. "Now...if I'm gonna ditch the plan _someone _ gave me-no, I'm not telling who so get that look of your face!-we need to come up with something better."
"Kitty," me groaned, flopping onto his back and flinging his arm over his eyes. "No plans!"
She sighed and leaned over him, her hair falling to brush his face at her proximity, "I won't try and kill him or anything...I promise."
"I'm not worried about him," he sighed, letting her tug him to his feet.

Amara stared blankly out her window, incense smoke wreathing her head like ghosts. It was after three o'clock on a school day and Lance had not been up to see her. She had heard Kurt and Kitty talking, and Jubilee and Remy...._talking _ ... so she knew they were home from school. Still no Lance, though. _Probably found some girl at school who was willing and lovely, no scars or issues... _ Beneath her, on the lawn, a jerky movement made her eyes shift downward. Todd leapt with abandon across the garden, landing between rows of plants and herbs, launching himself off the ground almost as soon as he touched down. He looked calm, for once, Amara noted. _He doesn't look like he's on the verge of crying or anything...that weird line between his eyes is gone. _ He twisted mid-air and sprawled flat onto his back on his next leap, a look of surprise suddenly washing over his face. Amara felt her own brows draw down and she shifted her focus to find what had surprised the leaping boy. Todd scrambled to his feet and seemed to be reigning in the urge to leap again as he strode to the person just coming into the frame of the window's scope. Rogue, clad in her green fine-mesh bodysuit under a short dress of black shiny material crossed to him and held out gloved hands. Amara watched in near horror as the boy smiled y thy then leaned in. The Nova Roman gagged when he spread slime across Rogue's lips and the twssedssed with a passion Amara was wont to find surprising. _Oh. My. God. _
1 I just realized I am full of Freudian slips in here...pressed against the wood, pressed against the opening...oy!

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