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A/N Goddess Foxfeather has to go back to reality this week...:( At least she has Ted, the dolphin in the tub, Kristin and Lucas all waiting when she gets home. And Ted's already told me he gives great foot rubs, so she has something to look forward to! InterNutter, TC and Maxwell Pink get special kisses from Kurt-Muse and Kitty-Muse for archiving... Vampyre gets a lovely transvestite kiss just for the Hell of it! Readers/Reviewers: I promise the next one will have lots more sexual situations... :) Lots. The ducks demand it!

Remy was watching television, or trying to at any rate. He sat at the foot of his bed, clad in nothing but his black sweatpants, hands dangling between parted knees, while Jubilee ostensibly slept behind him. Instead, she was busy poking his bare back with her toes, stretching and pointing her feet, brushing his skin then pretending she was deep in her dreams. Remy sighed and leaned back on his elbows, letting her continue her game near his shoulders. Jubilee made a snorting noise that he took for laughter and scooted down the bed, losing all pretense of sleep. She rested the soles of her small feet on the broad expanse of muscle and skin that spanned his back and kneaded gently with her toes. "Remy?"
"Oui, chere?" he sighed. He resigned himself to the fact that he would most likely not see the end of his movie that night.
"Do you love me?"
"What kinda fool question is that, p'tite? Course I love you." Remy turned and let her feet fall to the mattress, facing her, staring up between her knees. "Why you ask me dat?"
"Just nice to hear it sometimes," she murmured. Her eyes were hooded with sleep but she did not want to doze off. Tomorrow brought school and reminders that she was a kid, at least in the eyes of most people. While she was in Remy's bed, she could at least feel like a woman, like she was loved and adored while giving her love and adoration to someone.
Remy smiled and crawled up the bed to lean over her, pressing his torso lightly against hers. Jubilee's hands came to rest on his chest and her breath hitched in her throat before he finally spoke. "Did I not tell you 'nough while I make love wid you earlier, ma belle ange?"
"I can never hear it enough, Remy," Jubilee did not feel at all like having sex again, despite her lover's proximity. Instead, his warmth inspired sleep and Remy recognized that. He rolled to one side and drew her to him, cradling her against his chest and pinning her to his side by wrapping one leg over her thighs. "I've got to get to bed, Cajun," she protested weakly.
"You be too tired, chere. You sleep here a while...I'll sleep in de rec room."
"No," she tried to sit up but he prevented her. With a sigh, she continued, "sleep in my room. The bed's empty."
"That, chere, would be torture," he murmured, but she was already well on her way to sleep. Remy kissed the crown of her head and ran his hand lightly down her arm. _Too hard to be surrounded by you, chere, and you not be dere. _ When her breathing fell into a deep, even pattern, Remy eased himself from the bed and tip-toed from the room, feeling wakeful despite the late hour. He padded down the hall and the stairs, passing through the darkened foyer and into the rec room, eyeing the couch before deciding that it was most unappealing. _Mebbe if I be tired enough, it look good ta me... _
Jean was sitting at the kitchen table when he entered, sipping a coffee mug full of warm milk. "Hey, Remy."
"You still up, Jean?" he asked, giving her name the French pronunciation. "Warm milk? Hmmm...bonne idée..."
As Remy rummaged in the cabinet for his favorite mug, Jean answered. "Not still up...up again. Couldn't sleep very well so I snuck out."
" leave de homme in bed, eh?" he asked with a semi-lascivious wink. Jean merely raised an eyebrow, unashamed of her new relationship, and Remy raised his empty mug in salute. "Where de pan be at?"
"Huh? Oh, I nuked it."
Remy made a face of abject shock. "You can't microwave de hot milk! C'est terrible!" Remy found a small sauce pan and procured the milk from it's place in the fridge. "De only way to make de hot milk be on de stove...C'est de magic of de ting."
"Whatever...I just need sleep before school!" Jean smirked despite herself. "What're you doing up?"
Several responses crossed his mind as he stirred the milk and he settled on the least ribald. "Jubilee take over my bed an' I not tired yet."
Jean nodded with little expression other than a small twitch at the corner of her lips. Remy smiled in return and brought his cup of milk over to the table. "So what do you think we should do about Kitty?"
"What you mean by dat?"
Jean chanced a look at Remy and sniggered. "You got foam on your lip there, Mister Suave..." She averted her eyes as he dabbed at his upper lip with all the debonair charm of an antebellum rake, his serious expression almost her undoing. "I mean, Kitty's gone all weird on us. Totally unlike her old self. What should we do?"
Remy took another sip, careful of the froth this time, and shrugged. "We can do nothin', eh? Kitty has ta be herself, even if it ain't de self we know an' love. She be growin' an' changin' like we all do...All we can do is support her."
"That's not what I wanted to hear," Jean sighed. She rose and placed her mug in the sink before yawning wide. "Guess nuking it does work after all, huh?"
" jus' seduced by de power o' my suggestion." Remy finished his milk in one swig and joined Jean by the sink. "Lettin' Kitty be all weird, as you put it, is jus' what she need. She need to be angry, to go off on a rant...Hell, Papa Wolverine be her daddy now, right? C'est un family trait to go off like dis!"
Jean laughed aloud at this logic. She was about to respond when a sharp pain shot through her skull, sending her to her knees. "God!" She heard Remy gasp somewhere beyond herself and felt strong hands lift her to her feet, but she was wallowing in a cry for help, more images and feelings than actual words, and a flash of something like cotton candy, pink and fluffy. Insulation, part of her mind told her. _Insulation is in the walls, in the attic... _ The smell of wood and dust and mildew assailed her nostrils and Jean was no longer in the mansion. She was seeing through someone else's eyes, seeing the inside of a wall and feeling claustrophobic, sandwiched between drywall and rotten wood. Jean gasped and clawed at her throat, but these feelings were her own, not whoever was projecting them to her. She said, strangled, "Help...stop...who is this?"
Remy had never felt more like panicking in his short life. Jean's head was lolling from side to side and she was breathing in short, uneven pants. "Jean...c'mon, gal...Jean..." He eased her into a chair and slapped the inside of her wrists sharply. Jean blinked as if she recognized him before her eyes glazed over again.
The scene shifted for Jean and it became the floor of some house, dirty and wooden, spatters of blood sprayed across the grain of wood. She tasted copper and cloth and something chemical; she felt disoriented and like she was less than she should be. At the same time, she felt panic, but not for herself. She was worried about someone else, someone close but hidden. Someone..._in a wall? Who is it in the wall? _ Jean realized with a sickening h whh who's head she was in. _I don't speak the language of these thoughts...Katzchen...It's German! Fuck me, it's Kurt! _ With a tremendous mental wrench, Jean closed off her mind and the projections she was being bombarded with. Remy was shaking her shoulders, calling her name, when she snapped to the present. She could not find her voice when she first opened her mouth, a thing, keening noise forcing itself from her throat. A second try and she was able to speak coherently but still sounding strained. "Kitty and Kurt...they're in trouble."
"Quoi? Ho yoo you know...Never mind!" Remy rocked back on his heels and rubbed his hand across his stubbled jaw. "Where they at?"
Jean shook her head, eyes pressed tightly shut. "I don't was like they were just opening up to anyone who could pick up on them. Kitty wasn't as panicked, but she didn't tell me anything. It was like she wanted to show mere sre she was. Kurt...Kurt's hurt."
"I don't know...I saw blood and I tasted it..." Jean felt sick anew at the psychic memory. "I think he's bound...something's wrong and he can't 'port."
Remy took a shaking breath and stood, bare chest flushed with anxiety. "I'm gonna get Scott an' we gotta plan..."
"Plan what?" Jean rose too, shakily but surely. "We have no idea where they are..."
"Think, Jean! What'd you see?" Remy peered closely at her, his red-on-black eyes making her feel suddenly small.
"Insulation, wood...drywall...the floors were wood. It was all dirty. I smelled mildew and dust..." Her eyes narrowed. "I can't see anything else."
"She made it to de boardinghouse. Has to be it. Dat's where dey are..." Remy straightened and turned to stride from the room when Jean stopped him.
"Where are you going?"
"I'm gonna get Scott an' we goin' to get Kitty and Kurt." His jaw was set and he gave the appearance of a solider marching off to war.
"Nuh-uh...I'm coming with. The more, the merrier." Jean tilted her chin, daring him to defy her. Remy merely nodded and half-bowed, motioning her ahead of him from the room. "I'll get Scott..."
"I'm lettin' ma chere sleep...I don' want her in dis..." Remy paused at the foot of the stairs. "Or...?"
Jean shook her head. "We've already got Kurt, Kitty and Logan out there. Besides, Jubilee's a grouch when we wake her up. I don't want her blowing the Hell out of Bayville because she's tired!"
Remy snorted in agreement. "D'accord. You get Scott, I get a shirt, we meet in five minutes, oui?"
"Sure thing. "

Jamie and Rahne were waiting for them at the bottom of the stairs. "What are you two doing?" Scott asked around a yawn.
The duo exchanged glances and Rahne answered. "We the study and heard Remy and Jean. We're coming with you."
"Talking?" Jean asked. She was getting strong wafts of sexual energy off of the younger teenagers and raised one knowing brow. "About what?"
Jamie answered quickly, "The price of tea in China. We're coming with you!"
Scott sighed. "Fine. Just stay out of the way!" He felt instantly guilty as he saw Jamie's face become a mask of hurt. "I'mry, ry, man...I'm just worried." He moved to lay a placating hand on Jamie's shoulder but the younger boy jerked away, turning quickly and heading towards the garage.
Rahne glared intently at Scott. "Just because you're Fearless Leader does not give you leave to make us feel like shit when we want to help, for fuck's sake!" she snapped, taking off after Jamie.
"What was that all about?" Scott asked.
Jean sighed. "A word to the wise if you want to stay single around here. Don't drink the water." Remy laughed and followed her to the garage, leaving Scott to bring up the rear with a mildly confused expression on his face.

"I said..._Let him go!" _ Kitty was close to the wall, so close that one breath would put her back through in phase. She did not dare to look at Kurt for fear her heart would break as would her resolve and she would promise anything so long as Magneto would let him go.
"Such a brave girl...but it's easy to be brave when you're stupid, isn't it?" Magneto showed his teeth in a wicked grin and advanced, shoving Kurt aside with one leg.
"Katzchen..." Kurt struggled to turn and face her. "He has..."
"I know, baby," she said, seeing the syringe in Magneto's hand. She felt ill as she remembered the effects from before, edging away along the wall. "Sit tight...this will all be over soon."
"Yes, it will..." Magneto was close enough that she could smell his cologne and a faint chemical tang.
"You'll never win this, _Zedye.1 _ " Kitty edged away even more, closing in on the door. Magneto seemed not to notice, tapping the air bubbles from the syringe and sparing a small glance at Kurt, thumping madly and cursing him in German as he tried to free himself. "You hurt me, you're no better than everyone who ever hurt you. Who ever hurt our people, who ever hurt anyone different. You want to destroy an entire race, subjugate them...If I attack you, I'm just like you. I'll never be like you." Kitty had been moving steadily since she started talking and was now at the doorway.
"Clever girl...2" was Magneto's only response before he lunged for her. Kurt shouted her name but Kitty was already moving. She stumbled backwards from the room before turning to run down the stairs. On instinct, she slid into phase and felt a shudder as Magneto's hand passed through her shoulder. The stairs fell away before her and Kitty paused, not able to hold her breath any longer. Hoping Magneto was far enough behind her, she phased solid again and took the steps two at a time, the old man's thundering steps echoing behind her. An iron hand descended on the nape of her neck and Kitty screamed, pitching forward. The stairs rose to meet her as she tumbled headlong down the remaining steps, striking her head on three of them before it occurred to her to phase again. She hit the floor with a hard, fleshy thud. Magneto followed at a more sedate pace, muttering admonishments. As Kitty's eyes fluttered shut, the front door crashed open.
Logan felt his heart drop to his knees at the sight of Kitty, battered and unconscious, on the floor at Magneto's feet. "What the Hell did you do to Kitty, old man?"

1 Yiddish for Grandfather

2 Jurassic Park moment...

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