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Bruce Spies
Bruce Spies
Spies and Aiateiates



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. In the bleary haze between sleeping and
wakefulness, she knew something was wrong and she knew she was cold. Kitty felt bereft, like part of herself was
missing. Sleepily, she stretched out an
arm behind her to find…nothing. She
rolled onto her other side and crd hed her eyes open a bare slit and saw the
indent in the pillow and knew Kurt had indeed been there, but now he was
gone. The sheets were cold so she knew
he had been gone for a while. He’s a
furnace. No wonder I’m freezing…She
was clad in her nightshirt, the sheets kicked down around her feet leaving her
legs bare clear up to her hips.
Memories of the previous night came flooding back and she sat up with a
start. I have to call after Ruth! The sun was barely visible, a pale
buttercream smear on dawn-dark skies seen through her window. What time is it in Chicago? Lessee…six here, five there. Okay.
Someone’s bound to answer.
Kitty powered up her computer and jittered nervously as the machine ran
through it’s paces, asking for passwords and running security checks. A pang of hunger made her shift
uncomfortably, then suddenly remember her secret stash. Chocolate has milk in it. And milk is a breakfast food…[1] She dug through the lowest drawer of her
desk and pulled out her stash of Almond Roca,[2]
shedding the pink wrapper and munching hungrily on the candy as she pulled up
her address book. Ruth…Ruach
Simonov…Where did I put you? Not under
family…ah. C for cousin, subfile D for
doesn’t suck. Here you are… A list of numbers popped up, the most
recent being Saint Dymphna[3]
Hospital just outside of Chicago. Kitty
reached blindly for the phone and punched in the numbers, hands shaking as the
ring sounded once, then twice…before the third ring finished, a harried voice

“Saint Dympna’s Hospital, LaRue[4]
speaking. How can I help you?”

Kitty made a split-second decision
and, drawing in a silent, deep breath, she said in her best, efficient voice,
“Yes, I am calling to check on my daughter, Ruth Simonov. I understand she had a bit of
an…incident…last night.”

“Please hold.” The nurse sounded suspicious. After a long moment, LaRue was back. “Ma’am, you say Ruth Simonov is your

Kitty pitched her voice slightly
higher, affecting a mild accent to mimic her aunt, hoping that the nurse would
not notice the small changes overmuch.
“Yes. I’m Sarah Simonov. Is there a problem? What’s wrong with Ruth?”

“Pardon my surprise, ma’am, but
this is the first we’ve actually heard from you since checking Ruth in.” Kitty made officious noises that could be
taken to mean whatever the nurse wanted them to mean and waited for the woman
to continue. “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I
can’t release patient information over the phone.”

“But I’m her mother!” Kitty bit her lip against the lie.

“That may very well be,” LaRue’s
tone let Kitty know that the mother-ruse was not quite believed, “but I cannot
release information pertaining to critical-care patients without written,
notarized consent to an authorized party.
Good day.”

The phone jingled across the
distance with the force of the woman’s slam.
Kitty winced and gently replaced the phone into its cradle. Let’s
take stock of what we know, shall we?
Ruth is still in the hospital, she’s in critical care, her parents—at
least her mother—have not actually seen her since she was admitted, and she is
still alive. That’s good, yes? Kitty’s stomach let her know three Almond
Roca bars do not a breakfast make, so, gathering rather sore wits about her,
she pulled on her robe and went down to the kitchen for a proper meal. Silently, she gathered a bowl, some bran
cereal that Kurt constantly bugged her to add sugar to, and the carton of soy
milk that she and Storm shared by tacit agreement. The sun’s just coming up…good time to think…Finding her
hands too full to open the door properly, she phased herself through the glass
door and out onto the lanai.[5] A small table with two chairs sat in the
corner near a large potted plant of some sort that Kitty vaguely knew as
“sneeze bush” from the way Kurt reacted to it. He figures into so much of my thought processes… Everything reminds me of Kurt, something he
said, something he did, something he is…Is that healthy? I think it’s okay, really. This year has to be the most bizarre in
recorded history. I am in love with
Kurt and he with me. It’s so perfect
that it scares me. How can something
this wonderful be true? We’ve been
tested with fire and we made it out alive.
I think it’ll last. I hope. If it ends, it will be he and not me that
does it. It seems like every time
things get good, something bad happens.
I think I’m gonna have to suck it up and call my family, try to see
Ruth. Try to get her here, maybe. I’ll talk to the Professor. Her cereal was now soggy but Kitty took
a few more bites out of a misplaced sense of duty. A sneeze from the other side of the wall snapped her out of her
cereal-induced haze. “Kurt? That you?”

“Er…ja?” There was a rustling noise and a blue head popped over the
wall. “You’re up early.”

“Eh. I’ve been up for a while.
Chocolate does not a good breakfast make…Bran?”

“Urg. No thanks.” He made a
face of distaste and shook his head.

“What’re you doing up so early
anyway? And when did you go to
bed?” Kitty felt her cheeks turn pink;
despite having a very affectionate relationship with Kurt currently and
having had a rather active sex life in the recent past, intimacy still made her
feel fluttery inside and the mention of sharing a bed was enough to make her
blood boil pleasantly.

“Actually, Schatz, I was out for a
walkabout… Couldn’t sleep well.” He levered himself up so that he was sitting
on the wall, looking down at Kitty for all the world like the Elf that Logan
called him. He swung his legs a little,
letting his heels bump the bricks of the lanai walls. “So why are you up?”

“Just…woke up. About an hour or so ago, actually. I, um, called to check on Ruth.”

“Ah…I was wondering about
that. How is she?” Quickly, Kitty related the conversation and
her pretendership,

“You’ve been a busy girl this
morning, Liebes. To tell you the truth,
I couldn’t sleep well because I was so worried about you.”

“Oh, Kurt—don’t fret over me. I’ll be fine…it’s Ruth I’m worried
about.” Kitty stood and moved to the
wall, resting her head against his shins.
She wrapped her arms around his legs and pressed her face against his
exposed fur for a brief moment before turning bright eyes to his.

“Katzchen, I’ll always worry about
you. I love you, silly. It’s what I do.” Kurt pressed his hand to her hair, smoothing the morning tangles
back from her face.

“But I feel so guilty that you’re
worried!” She chewed on her lip, worry
expressed through her actions. “If
anyone needs to be well-rested, it’s you!”

Kurt laughed then and hooked his legs
around her back, putting her in an awkward embrace. “Kitty, you are the most important person in my world. You and no other.”

“Kurt…that’s no reason to keep
yourself up nights because I’m upset!”
Kitty pulled away a little then, forcing Kurt to drop to the ground
willingly or fall. When he was on the
ground, she pulled him into an embrace and murmured into his throat, “I don’t
know what I’d do if you got sick because of me, or you were too tired to ‘port
properly and…oh, I don’t even want to think of it!”

“Kitty, I love you dearly but never
worry that I would harm myself like that.
I know my limits.” He kissed her forehead then and tipped her chin up to
look at him. “Now, are you feeling
better than last night?”

“Yes!” She nodded a wee bit frantically. “I’m still scared for Ruth, but so long as she’s in the hospital,
I know she’s alive. I was going to talk
to the Professor and see if there’s some way that we can get her here.”

“Katzchen, honestly, I don’t see a
way to get her here without opening up the can of worms that is your
family…” Kurt frowned then and Kitty
sighed. “I’m sorry, Liebes, but it’s

“I know, it’s just…well, I can
hope, huh?” The remains of her
breakfast caught her eye and she made a face.
“Ick. Gotta clean that before it
congeals. Want some breakfast?”

“Nein! No offense, Katzchen, but your food scares me. A lot.”
Kurt shuddered comically and ducked his head to taste of her exposed neck. “However, you seem to be quite

Kitty wriggled from his inviting
grasp and took up her breakfast remains.
“Kurt! You’re making this way
too difficult for me to be good! Last
night…” she blew out a breath and Kurt
had a deep male satisfaction at seeing her flush red.

“We didn’t have sex, you know. It was well within your rules!” He took hold of her shoulder as she phased
through the door and experienced a brief moment of something akin to electric
shock at the sensation of phasing.
Kitty did not seem to notice it and kept moving, but Kurt had to pause
for a moment. “How do you do that?”

“What?” She put her dishes in the sink and turned to see him
resting. “Phase? Dunno…just do. You okay?”

“Ja…just felt like sticking my
finger in a light socket!” He smiled shakily and sat down at the table. “It just seems strange to me sometimes…”

Kitty had an uncomfortable flash of
Lance fainting when she phased in front of him once, and she patted Kurt’s hand
worriedly. “Sweetie, are you sure…”

Kurt waved her off, “Ja, ja…It’s
just that sometimes I see things in a new light and it just strikes me as
amazing. I mean, we’re mutants and all
but seeing you phase, seeing you fight... especially now that we’re together as a
couple, makes me experience it differently.”
Kurt pressed his lips to her palm and released her hand.

“I guess we’re still learning about
each other, really.” Kitty smiled sadly
back at him then straightened her spine purposefully. “Now. Breakfast.”

“I’ll get it!” Kurt was shoving his chair back to get up
but Kitty pushed him down.

“Sit! I’ll make you something!
Um, the meat is all your doing, though….I’m still not okay with

“Sure, sure…” Kurt propped his chin on his fist and
watched, a little guiltily, as Kitty broke eggs into a pan and poured orange
juice. His eyes followed the curve of
her calves all the way up her thighs, to where they disappeared under her
robe. Sighing to himself, he watched
her bend and stretch, adding sliced fruit and toast to the tray she was
preparing. Kitty hummed to herself,
seemingly in a much better mood than the night before, and laid out the
foodstuffs in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement before carefully carrying
them over to Kurt.


“Mein Engel! I don’t deserve you!”

“I know, but I think I’ll stick
around…” Smiling, she snatched two apple slices from the tray and sat across
from him, munching happily.

Kurt tucked into breakfast with a
hunger he had not been quite aware of while he was talking to Kitty
outside. Sneaking glances at her, Kurt
found his girlfriend to be merely watching him eat, a placid smile on her face
and bouncing as if swinging her feet beneath the table. He finished breakfast in record time and she
swept the tray away before he had a chance to do so. The sun was cresting the horizon, a yellow-pink bulge in the sky,
and Kurt knew that the others would be up and moving around soon, if they
weren’t already. He had a sneaking
suspicion that at least Logan was awake and in the Danger Room and Beast was
puttering in his lab. Kitty was rinsing
dishes and bending to put them in the dishwasher when a most wicked plan
occurred to Kurt. On silent feet, he
padded over to her and slid his arms around her waist. “Kurt!”

“Shhhhh. We have a little time…”
His arms tightened around her, one hand sliding to her breast and the
other squeezing her waist. Kitty
shivered and pressed her back against him, feeling his arousal at the base of
her spine. “Upstairs?” She made a muted noise low in her throat and
he smiled against the back of her neck in feral pleasure. Nipping her earlobe, he murmured
“Outside?” He felt her knees bob in
weakness and chuckled. She sighed and
sagged against him, still silent.
“Outside then?”

“Um, where?”

“Trust me?”

“Always…” She turned in his arms and kissed him full on the mouth, pushing
him gently away towards the door. Kurt
took the hint and led her by the hand through the kitchen and out the
mudroom. The garage was dark and musty
as garages tend to be and Kurt disappeared, giving Kitty the impression of
being led by a ghost. Now you see
him, now you don’t…She could feel his hand on her wrist, a little shaky but
firm. He slowed as they rounded the
jeep and neared Scott’s convertible.

His eyes flashed gold in the
dark. “Sure…haven’t you ever wanted to
make out in the backseat of a car?”

“Hmmm. I take it you have…”
Kitty smiled, though, knowing Kurt could see her in the darkness of the
garage. She felt along the door of the
car until she found the backseat, swinging one leg over and tumbling onto
it. Kurt followed suite, landing half-on
her, something Kitty knew he did on purpose.

“There’s nothing wrong with sexual
fantasies…” He spoke in a bare whisper, his mouth seeking hers in the
dark. His eyes were closed, something
she could tell by the lack of yellow-gold glow. “Relax, Liebes, I’m not going to…I’m keeping my promise.” She relaxed under his touch at these words
and sighed, scooting further down in the seat.
Kurt wriggled his hips to a more comfortable position, relieving some
pressure that was causing his eyes to cross behind closed lids. Kitty realized two things then: she was
still in her night clothes and Kurt was pressing on some very
interesting areas. He felt her seeping
warmth at the same time she noticed his positioning. Kurt’s eyes flared against the darkness of the garage, and Kitty
felt a primal surge of need and want.
She arched against him at the same time he pressed against her, drawing
mutual hisses of suppressed moans from both teenagers. “Katzchen…”

“Mmm. Do that again…” He
pressed his stiffened manhood against her sex and she seized his face, kissing
him hard. It occurred to him then that
Kitty was not wearing underwear, judging from the heat and moisture her could
feel through the front of his jeans. She wriggled against him, finding just the
right angle to press against and gasping aloud when she did.

Kurt’s eyes rolled back at the
feeling of her heat against him, pushing and needing him. “Ich glaub' ich bin im Himmel,”[6]
he purred against her ear.

“Fuzzy, I have no idea what you just
said but if you keep talking to me like that I’ll follow you anywhere…” Her cousin’s troubles forgotten for the
moment, Kitty abandoned herself to their activities. Kurt laughed at her comment and kept up a steady patter in German
against her neck and ear, making her alternately gasp at the feel of his breath
on her skin and moan at he feeling of his hands and pelvis hitting her most
sensitive spots. Her robe had come open
and one blue hand was kneading and tugging on her bare breasts, raising gooseflesh
along her arms and legs. With a savage
moan, she hooked one leg around his hips and pressed him hard against her
sex. “Kurt…I’m kind of, um, close…”

“Already?” He raised his head from her collarbone and
squinted at her. “What can I do for

“Anything!” She was nearly frantic now, grasping at his
back and hair with shaking fingers.
“Just…please!” When he moved to
bring his mouth to the source of her darkest needs, she stopped him. “No!
Wait…I want to keep kissing and…um…well…”

“What? You don’t want me to do
that? Color me shocked!” Even painfully aroused, Kurt was cracking

“If it’ll make you feel better, you
can do it twice next time. Hell, it’d
make me feel better if you did it twice next time!” Kitty gasped as Kurt answered her with a
thrust against her parted thighs.
Pressing his mouth to hers, tasting her lips with his tongue, Kurt let
one hand move to the apex of her thighs and press against the tight bundle of
nerves there. When she opened her mouth
to moan, Kurt laved her tongue, mimicking the action with his fingers below her
waist. Kitty’s entire body tightened in
a signal Kurt was learning to recognize and she shuddered, mewling into his

Kurt poured his everything into
that point of contact, telling her without words what he was feeling as his
mouth explored her own. Kitty melted
into a pool of Shadowcat-satiation and Kurt broke the kiss, resting a shaky
hand against her cheek and pressing his forehead to hers. His own need was still unanswered and Kitty
was quick to notice. His hand continued
to almost absently stroke her wet sex and sent random, powerful shudders
through her body. Kurt was silent and
she could feel his mouth against her neck, his fangs pressed against his lip in
what she was sure was pain. Silently,
she pushed against him and he scrambled up into a sitting position. “We had better get in before the others are
awake, ja?” He sounded a little sad and
Kitty grinned to herself, knowing that leaving was really the last thing on his

“Shhh. Keep super quiet, okay?”

“Ja…what’re you…oh!” She straddled his lap and caught his tail in
one swift movement. “Katzchen!”

“Shhhhh! Let me do this for you, please?”
She felt him nod and closed her own eyes to concentrate, wanting to make
everything good for her love. Stroking
his tail with a feather-soft touch, Kitty drew a moan from Kurt’s throat. She pressed herself against his tented pants
and he involuntarily bucked against her, jostling her breasts enticingly in his
face. He clamped his mouth over one
tight, pink nipple to keep quiet and nearly bit down with Kitty’s next
action. She ran her fingers over the
tip of his tail several times and slowly brought it to her mouth. She knew he could see her in the dark and
made sure she was putting on a show; first she darted her tongue out to flick
across the tip, tracing the damp path with her thumb a moment later. Kurt went perfectly still, breaking contact
with her nipple to watch avidly. Kitty
ground against him again and, as he arched in response, she nipped the spaded
end and suckled slowly as she drew it from her lips. Kurt groaned loudly then and she smirked, loving how it made her
feel to make him respond like that. I’ll
bet Amanda and Tabby never made him shake…they never made him thrash around and
writhe under them…Hah! Score one for
Kitty Pryde, consort to Nightcrawler…Feel absurdly powerful, Kitty leaned
forward to press her breast against Kurt’s mouth again. He readily accepted and she returned her
attention to his tail. She ground
against him and suckled him at the same time, squeezing and caressing his tail
even as she rode against his arousal.
Soon, Kurt’s sucking at her nipple became hard and frantic and she knew
he was close to the edge. When he broke
away to moan, she slid from his hold and, still rubbing her thumb over the tip
of his tail, she hastily pulled his length from the confines of his pants. Kitty took the very head of his throbbing
desire into her mouth and he spurted fluid almost instantly. The constant
friction of the past few minutes against his tail and his stiff length combined
with the feeling of her hot, wet mouth on him was too much to bear. He clutched at her head as she swallowed his
completion, fighting the urge to thrust his hips against the suction. Kitty brought her head up, surreptitiously
wiping at her mouth, and looked him in his tired, satiated eyes. “You’re evil, but I love you madly.”

Kurt chuckled weakly and caressed
the side of her face in a gesture akin to a kiss in meaning. She arranged her robe carefully and,
pressing a careful kiss to his neck, Kitty wriggled out of the car. “I’ll be along soon, Liebes.”

“I’ll see you in a bit…”

He could see her pick her way to
the door, only stumbling once when she ran into the minivan parked near the
Jeep. He did not see the door open and
realized that she must have phased through.
With a harsh sigh, Kurt righted his clothing and took several deep
breaths before he felt collected enough to move. I love her to death but all
I can think of with her is naked, sweaty, noisy thoughts. Gah! There is more to what I feel than sex but
why is that all I think of?!? Kurt
scrubbed his hands against his face and ‘ported to his room, peeling of clothes
as soon as he materialized and heading to the shower for what would undoubtedly
be his third cold one of the morning.


“You’re her guardian, sir?” LaRue eyed the tall, older man somewhat
skeptically. He just appeared that
morning with a handful of documents and closeted himswithwith the program
director. When the men emerged from the
office, the older one had come to her and asked for the release of Ruth Simonov
into his custody.

“Yes…I believe that you will find
everything is in order.” He reached one
long finger out and tapped the signatures at the bottom of the first page.

“I’ll have to verify all of
this…unless Mr. Deville has done it already…”
LaRue had one hand on the phone and was looking as if she felt like
raising Hell when his iron-clad grip stopped her.

“Mr. Deville has already verified
it.” His smile was tight and angry but
his voice belied nothing. LaRue nodded
and released the handset, shuffling away to pull Ruth’s file. When she returned, the gentleman was leaning
on the desk as if he belonged there.
“Tell me….LaRue, is it?…tell me, is Ruth going to need extra attention?”

“That’s the strangest thing,” the
nurse said, “she is very badly injured but does not seem to it. it. Instead, all of her attendants are in
terrible discomfort whenever they are near her…” LaRue filed the papers and leaned across the count
conspiratorily, “There’s rumors that that girl has powers.”

“What sort of powers?” Unlike others who heard this story, this man
seemed intent on LaRue’s words.

“Like she can make stuff move…”
LaRue shuddered. “Anyway, I’ll have one
of the orderlies bring her round…have a seat over there…” The man nodded and passed her a faint
salute, moving to sit on an almost childish blue plastic chair. He did not read a magazine or talk on the
phone, merely waited. Soon, LaRue saw,
a large orderly was wheeling Ruth around, hooked to an IV pole and battered by
her attempts at death. “Here we are!”
the nurse caroled cheerfully. The
patient and the older man turned hard eyes to her and LaRue wisely shut
up. The man signed some final papers
and, nodding again to the nurse, scooped up Ruth’s one duffle bag and pushed
the girl down the hall, disappearing out the double doors near surgery.

“Who the hell was that?” the
orderly asked, returning with two Styrofoam cups of coffee. Passing one to LaRue, he sipped and waited
for her answer.

“He said he’s Ruth’s guardian. Had all these state papers and signatures
and Mr.Deville said it was all straight…”
she shrugged and the man agreed.

“So what was the old dude’s

LaRue frowned and found Ruth’s
chart, scanning the papers. “Oh, here it is….Eric Magnus Lehnsherr.”


A/N Lance/Amara lead off next, so
la la la la la.

[1] Bill Cosby
in Himself has a bit about chocolate cake for breakfast that line was
lifted directly from.

[2] What? You’ve never had Almond Roca? Get thee to a candy store, pronto. Or the local grocery store…. Pink tin.
Lovely stuff. J

[3] One of MANY
patron saints for mental illness. More
on her (and others) here:

[4] Possibly one
of the strangest names I’ve ever heard.
On the old Gidget series, loooooooooooong before my time, her
best friend was named LaRue. Just
always stuck with me as a strange name, always made me think of a school nurse
with chin hair or something.

[5] A sort of
covered porch affair.

[6] It’s like
I’ve died and gone to Heaven (thanks Foxy!)

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