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Jamie squeezed
himself into the smallest space possible and curled into a tight ball, closing
out all light and all sound. He closed
his mind to everything, even the faint buzzing noise of silence within the
cabinet. There was not even enough room
to rock back and forth, even if he wanted to.
Jamie willed himself not to cry, begged himself not to even tear
up. Seeing Kitty like that, bruised and
dirty and so death-like, had taken his breath away. Kurt’s vacant yet feral eyes had frightened him, chilled him to
his very bones. The woman who had come
in with Jubilee and Remy and everyone else had disappeared somewhere into the
mansion after making a phone call and was all but forgotten in the chaos of
Kitty’s return. Jamie did not forget,
though. Her eyes looked the same as Kurt’s had. Vacant. Feral. No one noticed she was gone and that
frightened Jamie more than Kurt’s eyes.
For no one to notice, he reasoned, then Kitty must be near dead.

“Jamie?” It was the last voice he wanted to
hear. “Jamie, lad…”


“Where are

If I don’t
answer, she won’t find me…Damn.

“How the
blue blazes did you get in there?”
Rahne’s face peered into the darkness of the cabinet in the garage, eyes
crinkled in vague amusement. “You can
come out…”

“Do I have
to?” he whispered. His voice was muffled against his knees and
he did not care if Rahne understood him or not.

“Yes.” With a firm tug on his leg, the only part of
him she could reach, Rahne managed to scoot Jamie a few inches before he
yelped. “Sorry, lad.” She rocked back
onto her heels as Jamie grudgingly unfolded himself from the small space. “How’d ye get in there?”

“I’m small
boned…” With a number of cricks and pops, Jamie stretched and rotated his
joints, never looking directly at the Scottish girl. “What do you want?”

“We was
wonderin’ where ye went off ta…” Rahne shrugged sheepishly.[1] “Kitty is gonna be fine…Beast say she’s
gonna need a lot ‘rest an’ antibiotics, but she’s not gonna die.”

looked up with a glimmer of hope. “Really?”

sighed. “I wouldna lie to you, Jamie.”

There was
an almost uncomfortable silence between them as Jamie studied his hands, laying
on his knees, and Rahne seemed to try and find words to fill the void. Finally, Jamie said “Do you ever wish…that
you were a kid again?”

“We are
still kids, a bit.” Rahne peered at the
boy from under her lashes. “But I guess
I know what ya mean…It was easier sometimes before we knew what we were. Before all this…”

“Yeah…” Jamie hunched over and licked his lips
nervously. “Um, Rahne, what you said

“Mmmm?” she
managed without squeaking.


“Why? Why do you like me? I mean, like me-like me.”

sighed harshly and muttered a curse Jamie was not quite sure was physically
possible. “I dunno, Jamie. I just do.
We’re mates, right? We pal
around, we talk…I mean, I ain’t Jubilee and your best pal, but we talk…we’re

“Yes…” What
are you getting at?

“What do ya
see when you look at me, Jamie? Do you
see a kid?” Rahne rose to her knees and held her hands out from her sides,
inviting Jamie to look as closely as he wished.

“No…no kid…”
Jamie blushed slightly, suddenly aware that Rahne looked like no kid he
knew. I’m so used to roughhousing
with her, her being a…well, dog, sometimes that I forget she’s a .

His thoughts
showed on his face and Rahne frowned. “I
may be canine sometimes but I’m still a female, Jamie.” She dropped her arms and leaned forward,
resting her hands on her knees and bringing her face close to Jamie’s. “I’m scarcely older than you. I notice things, lad. I see and hear and want things. You’re no kid, no more than I am.” She dropped her voice to just above a
whisper and said a little nervously, betraying her aggressive demeanor, “I
noticed you when Jubilee didna…wouldna…”

Jamie had a
remarkable epiphany. He did not mind so
much all of a sudden that Jubilee was pretty much with Remy. He was wanted. “I don’t know what to say…”

“You don’t
have to say anything. I’m just tellin’
you like it is. I know this is
blindsiding you, but there we are. I
don’ want ye to tell me ya like me all of a sudden just because I’ve told
you. That wouldna be fair—it’d hurt me
an’ make you a liar.”

totally…” he murmured. “I mean, I like
you a lot but I just…”

thought of me in that way…” she
finished a little sadly. “I understand.
Who’d notice a girl when she be a dog most o’the time, eh?”

frowned deeply. “You’re not a dog most
of the time. Just when you want to be.” Rahne shifted away then, sitting on her
heels and crossing her arms defensively.
“And it’s not like you’re a dog-dog.
I mean, it’s still you. Just in
a different shape.” His fingers
suddenly became very fascinating, necessitating an in-depth study before he
spoke again. “Rahne, I think I could
maybe like you if I had the chance.”

“What do ye
mean by that?” She dared not sound
hopeful. She was so used to hiding her
female-ness under a shield of playful aggression. Jamie offering even a small crumb of hope of being seen as
female, as an object of desire on any level, made her heart race at the same
time it made her loathe her weakness.

“I mean…I
want to…” he scrambled for a phrase, “spend time with you.”

“Spend time
or make time?”[2] Both…please?

looked mildly embarrassed and Rahne half-hoped he was thinking the same thing
she was. “Spend…” For now…I think. “I mean, I think this is heartbreak over
Jubilee. I don’t really know…”

“Ye feel
like crying?”

“A little,”
he admitted after a short pause. “Sometimes.”

”Did she lead ye on?” I’ll slap her silly…

“No! Never…I, uh, kissed her, though…” Jamie knew he was red as a beet but bravely
met Rahne’s eyes. “My only kiss…”

“Well, you’re
one ahead of me, then!” she answered in what was supposed to be a flippant

furrowed his brows in consideration, chewing on his lower lip while Rahne
pretended to be interested in the floor.
“Um, Rahne?”

“Yeah?” She continued to study the floor, her ears a
bright pink beneath her brown curls.

Hell. It kind of worked with Jubilee and what
could it hurt? I mean, like she said I’m
not a kid…and I bet none of the guys other than Remy…maybe Lance…could say they kissed two girls in one
week! He rocked onto his knees and
tilted his head, wondering for a moment how to reach her mouth when her chin
was tipped downward. She looked up then
and they cracked foreheads, both falling away, clutching at the sore spots. “Sorry!” he cried.

“No, lad, I’m
sorry!” Rahne grimaced and flushed at
the same time. “Were you trying to…”

‘Um, yeah…sorry.”

“Do na’ be
sorry!” She knew she sounded eager but
did not care. “Um, you can…if you want.”

Licking his lips again, he fixed his eyes on Rahne’s hopeful face. This will be different than Jubilee…Rahne
is expecting it…she wants me to kiss her…She wants me
to kiss her! “Okay,” he said
again, and Rahne’s mouth curved gently in a half-smile. She leaned forward halfway and he sighed
inwardly, gathering courage. One for
the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to go…Jamie closed
his eyes and leaned forward at the same time.
A split second before contact, he felt Rahne release a small, shaky
breath and he felt powerful then; I wonder if this is how the older guys
feel, like they’re adults now…He pressed his lips to hers and held still
for a moment, not sure what to do next.
Rahne was equally still and then, softly, she moved her lips against his
and Jamie sighed. He found his hands
creeping up, skimming over her wrists and arms, twisting his fingers in the
tendrils of hair that had escaped her ever-present pigtails.[3] Jamie’s mind went a lovely blank pink and
black as he realized that he could respond to her movements, that he could
participate because Rahne was not about to pull away. Rahne’s hands on the small of his back made Jamie’s heart race
and the blood pool low in his belly, almost embarrassing him. Almost unbidden, his tongue darted out and
touched Rahne’s lower lip, making her start briefly before smiling against
Jamie’s kiss and parting her lips slightly.
Wow. Wow oh wow oh wow oh wow
oh wow. Melting…pleasant way to die…


Kurt curled
around Kitty, crowding her on the bed but not minding the bite of the metal
bedfranto nto his hip and tail. Kitty
drifted in and out of sleep, aided by the heavy painkillers and antibiotics
Beast had given her. Astrid had lingered until the other mutants had been
shooed away, sparing a few minutes to force a promise from Kurt that he would
eat a large meal as soon as he could and that he would rest. “I’ll be to see you in a little while, Mama,”
he promised in addition to her requests.
“I missed you.”

“And I very
nearly missed you,” she had murmured into his hair, holding him tightly in a
subconscious effort not to ever let him go.
Logan had lead her from the room and Kurt had spent every moment since
curled up with Kitty. Beast had kindly
brought him a nutritional shake that tasted like chalk and vanilla, but was
loaded with calories. Kurt had downed
it in record time, necessitating a third, fourth and fifth can. Reasonably sated and only slightly nauseated
from the sudden influx of “food” on an empty stomach, Kurt found himself to be
cried out.

Kitty, pronounced injured,
exhausted and more than a little shockys cos consigned to bed for several
days. Kurt vowed silently to never
leave her side again, if that was what it took to keep her safe. Kitty had not told anyone the details, and
the Professor refused to dig too deeply for respect of her privacy. “When she’s ready,” he had told Kurt, “she
will tell us.”

But I want to…need to…know. Katzchen, what went on? How deep are your wounds? Is Ruth still alive? What did he want with you? Why why why why? Kurt’s tail whipped back and forth, dragging
across the floor and sending cold twinges up it’s length from the chill
linoleum. Pushing her hair back from her ear, he whispered “I’ll never abandon
you again, Liebes.”

Kitty stirred and muttered in her
sleep, turning towards Kurt and sliding her leg between his knees. Kurt closed his eyes against a sudden wave
of intense emotion and tightened his arms around Kitty. “Kurt…” she whispered, “I can’t breathe.”

Abashed, he loosened his grasp and
tried to smile at her. “I love
you. I love you I love you I love you.” He punctuated each declaration with a kiss
on her temple.

Kitty’s mouth curled slightly at
one corner and she sighed into his neck.
“Me, too. You’re all I thought
about…Well, almost all.”

“Kitty, what happened there?” he
asked after a slight pause. “You don’t
have to answer if it hurts…but I want to know…It drove me crazy, you being

“Baby, I know,” she whispered, not
really able to talk about the level due to her exhaustion and pain. “I just…I can’t even comprehend it all
myself. I just know that Mystique was
there.” Kurt stiffened in her arms and she did her best to tighten her grip on
his biceps. “Don’t do that, Kurt…don’t. It won’t help anything. Ruth is…she’s alive.”

Kurt sighed and forced himself to
relax, wondering how much he should let her know about the secret he had been
keeping. “Liebes, are you sure it was

“It was Ruth…she wasn’t the same as
before, but it was Ruth. Kurt,” she
struggled to sit up but he gently pushed her back onto the pillows. “Kurt, we have to get her out…”

“I know, Schatz…” Kurt breathed deeply the scent of Kitty’s
skin, still detectable under the sweat and blood and fear and dirt. “We will.”


“I don’t know…” Kurt stroked her back tenderly and felt his
heart flutter with delight, the realization that Kitty was in his arms striking
him anew for the hundreth time since he had found her. “Kitty, I, um, saw that Shiva guy…”

“I know,” she said, surprising him.

“How…how do you know?”

“He told me. When I was in the river, it was like he
whispered it in my ear. He said he
would get you…I asked him to, I think…I don’t know. Kurt, I’m so tired…”

“Sleep, Darling. Sleep…”
Kurt pulled her close and rubbed her back until her breathing fell into
a slow rhythm, his own sleep far from coming.


Jubilee paced the hall in agitation. The woman had gone missing and was nowhere
on the grounds. Remy had been the last
to return from the search and tried his damnedest to corner her. Jubilee had ducked his arms as he tried to fold
her into an embrace in the kitchen under St John and Bobby’s amused gazes, fleeing
instead to the safety of her room. Remy had called to her, calling her his “p’tite
chere,” but she ignored him and slammed the door. Too much on my mind...too too much! Kitty, that woman, Remy…god, Remy! Kitty’s return had made her weak-kneed, daring her to fully
realize what might have happened.
The idea of Kitty dead, raped, or both had occurred to them all but did
not seem an option to consider until they were sure she was safe, afraid they
would jinx her safety for thinking such things. Whenever Jubilee thought that she might think of something
pleasant, Kitty, bound and gagged and bloody, came to mind. Between such morbid thoughts came memories
of her aborted evening with Remy. Fuck
all. Now I’m embarrassed about
sex. Where the Hell did that come from? Remy frightened her, she realized, because
he was all-or-nothing as far as she was concerned. He wanted to give her every pleasure she could name and even
those she had not dreamt of, while demanding nothing from her. Jubilee had never felt adored before and did
not know what to name this new feeling other than shame, something that she knew
was the wrong word but seemed the closest fit.
After she was sure Remy was ensconced in the kitchen or elsewhere, not
hearing his steps in the hall for nearly an hour, Jubilee had slipped into her
night shirt and out into the hall, starting her ritual pacing, following a set
pattern. Storm meditates, Kitty yoga’s,
I pace… She was so intent on
sorting out her emotions and the confusion she was experiencing that Jubilee
did not see the shadow detach from the wall and creep towards her, years of
practice making his steps silent and smooth.


She froze, swallowing the scream
that rose to her throat. “You’re the
only person who ever calls me that.”

“I like the way it feel on my
tongue,” Remy murmured, coming close behind her. She took several deep breaths as his heat radiated against her
exposed skin and the smell of cologne, tobacco and something purely Remy
assailed her senses. “Like the way lots
of tings ‘bout you feel on my tongue…”

Gods…I don’t think I have legs…I
can’t feel them so that must mean they’re gone… “About that…”

“P’tite, if you gonna say it was a
mistake, I gonna scream like a woman…”
Remy gently turned her to face him and she found herself looking into
his uncovered eyes, all his emotions laid raw
there for her to see. “I want to
make love to you. Not fuck, or even jus’
plain sex, eh? Make love.”

Jubilee could not talk. She was swaying, staring into Remy’s eyes,
and he was boring into her soul with his gaze.

“Now, Jubilee…Kitty be fine, in de
end, so we not worryin’ ‘bout her. An’
dat lady…she prolly jus’ skip off, eh?
De Professor not sense nothin’ strange so I not worryin’…” Remy let one long, graceful finger stroke
Jubilee’s cheek and he reveled in the flush that rose under his touch.

“Now?” her voice squeaked and she
did not care.

“Now…c’est tres urgent…eh?” Remy stepped closer and Jubilee was against
the wall. She quivered at his nearness
and realized that she had never felt so right in her life. Her breath almost nonexistent, Jubilee
tipped her chin and licked her lips, making Remy’s breath catch. “Chere?”

“Yes.” With one simple word, Jubilee had set it all into motion.

Growling slightly, Remy dipped his
face to hers and claimed her with a burning hot kiss, making Jubilee want to
cry with rising passion. His hands
tightened on her upper arms and his hardening arousal pressed against her
stomach, making her push against him in need.
Jubilee moaned low in her throat, sending Remy into silent paroxysms of
want. “You smell so wonderful, ma couer[4]…”

“Oh…um…thanks…” she gasped, feeling
stupid while feeling so good.

Suckling lightly on her earlobe,
bent low over the small Asian girl, Remy whispered “You smell like skin and
desire…you smell like want…” She sagged
against him then, her knees buckling. “Chere…ma
belle ange…”[5] Remy lifted her easily, his arms around her
waist and thighs, holding her so that her face was level with his. Kiss after kiss trailed down her throat and
Jubilee could only shudder, not caring that they were in the hall where anyone
could find them. “Je te besoin…”[6]

“Yours!” she gasped.

Remy froze and fixed her with a
grave gaze. “Vraiment?” She nodded and something seemed to snap
within the Cajun. His kisses became
more savage and wanting as he slid her down his body, pressing her against the
wall so that he could adjust her legs to be around his waist. His arousal was
pressing against her exposed center, naked as she was beneath her
nightshirt. Jubilee’s wordless gasp of
pleasure was enough to make him continue.
“Chere, trust me…” She nodded again and he awkwardly pushed down the
waistband of his sweatpants, sinking into her before she could so much as
gasp. The sudden silken heat around his
manhood made Remy bite his lip in pleasured pain. Jubilee mewled and bit down on his shoulder, the invasion of her
intimacy sending thrills and small pain through her body. “You are so tight, chere…”

“Been..awhile…” she managed.

“Shhhh…no talkin’ bout de past…we
just be now…” He began moving slightly, bouncing her gently against the wood
paneled wall, making her moan as he pressed against her tingling bundle of
nerves. Jubilee’s hands tightened
around his neck and Remy threw back his head, an eternity, it seemed, of
waiting making him faster than he would have liked. “Chere…I can’t…I’m sorry…”
“God, Remy! God…Please!” She was close, he could feel it.
She was dripping heat and moisture against his body and the feel of the
trails she was making sending him closer to the edge. One tender, questing finger moved to press against her core as he
held her one-armed and Jubilee’s eyes flew open. “Yes! There, oh there!”
she cried, tightening her legs around him, her inner muscles squeezing
him to the point of pain. Remy gasped,
feeling his own desire explode within Jubilee as she melted around him. After a moment of tangled, sweaty pause, he
lowered her gently to the ground. “Remy…”

“Oui?” he husked, pressing against
her as if she were his sole support.

“I love you, too…”

[1] Not a
Scottish joke, I swear!

[2] Making time
is slang for having sex or heavy petting, depending on where you’re from.

[3] Ponytail is
in the back, pigtails are on either side.

[4] My heart

[5] My beautiful

[6] I need you

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