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Remy took a deep drag off his cigarette-the last in the pack, he noted, and stared out over the lake. The sun was setting and turning the water inky purple, faint streaks of blue still making the sky glow on the horizon. Remy mentally cursed himself for comparing the blue in the sunset to Jubilee's eyes. _She not be wantin' nothin' to do wit you all of a sudden...three hours of lovin' an' she not talk to ya de next day... _ The Cajun did not even want to count the number of girlfriends, casual and otherwise, he had since realizing girls were not just boys with higher voices but rather quite lovely creatures in their own right, but he knew with blazing certainty that Jubilee was the one to eclipse all the others. He could not help himself around her, a slight to his suave exterior that he almost found unforgivable, makiim aim all the more determined to have Jubilee loose her inhibitions as well. He had poured his entire heart out to her the night before, bringing himself to his knees literally and figuratively. _An' she not even know it... _ Jubilee had been shy and painfully nervous, despite having some experience. She had come to his bed shyly, something that made his heart want to break. She had seemed afraid at first, her faint trembling making Remy burn hotter than he thought possible. Her responses had been more than he could have hoped for, making every woman he had ever been with seem cheap imitations to Jubilee's real thing. With a harsh sigh and a rather random flick, he sent the cigarette butt flying and let it explode in midair, having charged it as he held it. It disappeared with a faint "pop" and Remy felt only passing satisfaction.
"Getting old, Gumbo...didn't even hear me coming..." Remy, to his credit, hid his twitch of surprise wel "Me "Mebbe you jus' got de mad skills1, chere." He eased himself back onto his elbows, letting the last rays of the sun blind him behind his lenses.
"Or maybe you're just not paying attention..." Jubilee sighed and folded her hands in her lap.
"What is it, cherie?" Remy's voice was instantly tender, a departure from his normal cavalier tone. "You look sad..."
"Just...stress. Finals coming up, Kitty, Lance..." Jubilee sighed. "Us..."
Deciding to deal with the easiest issue first, Remy murmured "Lance?"
"He's up to no good..."
"Mon ange, Lance be tryin' to do right by Amara. Whatever he do today, it not be too bad else he not come to us for help, eh?" Remy sat up and shifted to face Jubilee, who still gazed over the dark lake.
Jubilee silently thrilled at being called "my angel" but did not let it show. "So you say, but I just can't trust him..."
"Jubilation, it jus' impo'tant dat Amara trust him. He none a'yo concern..." Remy leaned forward and pushed an errant lock of hair out of her eyes. "Now, what 'bout us?"
_Meltdown in _ Jubilee felt her eyes cross as Remy's breath caressed her cheek. _ He's too close...Proximity alarms going off!_ "Remy, the other night..."
"Was de mos' amazin' night o'my life." His voice did not waver and he gazed steadily at Jubilee's profile, which reddened slightly.
"I'm not saying it wasn't. I'm just saying...I don't know. I don't know what to feel or how to act...I love you, Remy, but I'm...Hell, I'm embarrassed to go to bed with you!" Remy felt his jaw drop and he automatically patted his pockets for the cigarettes he knew were not there. _Merde! _ Jubilee closed her eyes and took several deep breaths before continuing. "The other night I My socks melted...." She shook her head then, clearing red webs of memory. "But I just laid there. I couldn't keep up with you..."
"Chere, dere be nothin' to keep up wit...It ain't a race..." Remy took her chin and forced her tok aok at him. "I made love to ya, chere, not..." he grimaced faintly, "fucked you."
Jubilee nodded glumly. "I know...and I was terrible."
"Sacre bleu!2" Remy was on his feet and pulling Jubilee with him.
"Tete-toi!"3 Startled by his vehemence, Jubilee complied. In relative silence, Remy dragged her from the dock to the boathouse, the scene of their first tryst, shouldering open the door and forgoing his lock-picking skills. "Lissen to me and lissen to me good, p'tite!" Remy kicked the door closed savagely and virtually tossed Jubilee onto the couch. "You were de farthest ting from terrible dat ever existed!" He took grim satisfaction in the fact Jubilee cowered into the couch cushions as he stalked towards her, shedding his coat and the thin black shirt he wore over the even thinner body armor.
"Remy, " he mocked, pitching his voice high and sing-songing his own name. "You always do de talkin' an I tink dat mebbe it be my turn, eh?" Jubilee could only nod, eyes wide. Remy towered over her, leaning low so that his hair brushed her face, her breath teased his lips. After a tense moment where all he did was gaze into her eyes, he said "Remy be better wit de gestures den de words, eh?" His mouth claimed hers with a firey possession, drawing a moan from Jubilee as her hands crept around his neck. Remy sampled her lips with his darting tongue, murmuring endearments over and over between each gentle nibble.
"What are you doing?" She took a deep, heaving breath when Remy shifted his attention to her jaw, making her shiver in anticipation.
" other night, you talk all de, you jus' hush..." Remy nipped her jaw sharply and Jubilee gasped. "Silence, mon ange..." He placed his hand over her lips gently but firmly and whispered in her ear, "I try an' try to show you how I feel but you don' trust Remy...I try las' night to show you everyting you do ta me, but you be tinkin' you terrible..." Remy suckled her ear lobe and Jubilee's eyes fluttered closed. "Let me..." he murmured. With quick, deft hands, he removed Jubilee's top and nudged her hip with his knee, signaling her to lift them. She shakily complied and he began the slow process of pulling her jeans off, pausing every inch or so to drop a new kiss onto her exposed flesh, laving and nipping as he went. Jubilee mewled and writhed as he reached her ankles. "Chere..."
"Remy," she moaned, her mouth exposed since his hands were busy. "Please!"
Remy pulled back, sitting between her spread legs. "Don' rush..." Remy used one hand to unfasten his pants as he leaned forward and kissed her soundly, caressing her breasts and pinching each nipple in turn. "You are perfection, chere...don' talk!" Jubilee swallowed her protest and gave over to Remy. "Your skin...c'est de color o'gold and yo' eyes are like de sapphire...if dey were jewels, I'd want to steal dem..." He kissed each lid in turn and ran a thumb over her lips. "De color o'de roses, eh? When I buy you de roses, I tink o' kissin' dese lips de whole time, soft and sweet and red..." Jubilee choked on a sob and he kissed her again. "De other night, not so much talkin', eh?"
She whispered, "We talked...but we mostly..." She was silenced by another kiss.
"Be a good girl..." Remy chided. He progressed over her chin and down her throat, mringring praises for every square inch of flesh he touched. When he reached her breasts, Remy saw a tear trickle down Jubilee's cheek. "Am I hurtin' you?"
"It's a good hurt...wanting..." She gasped. Remy nodded, understanding. He captured one rosy peak in his lips and drew on it, her hands sinking into his auburn hair. "Ta peau est comme sucre..."4 His voice made shivers race across her skin, arching her back into his touch. Remy laved the other breast with equal attention, his arousal pressing hotly against her inner thigh. He could feel her wetness seeping down her thigh and resolved to move more quickly or else he would not be long for this situation. Licking his way down her stomach to the edge of the dark curls between her thighs, Remy whispered against her flesh, "I want you chere...not jus' in bed, but always."
"What?" she gasped.
The full import of his words hit Remy like a ton of bricks. He slid up her body and silenced any further questions with a kiss, sliding his full length into her. She moaned and clutched at his back, making him cry out with the sensation of Jubilee all around him. "Chere, I love you. I love you wit my whole heart an' soul and everyting..."
"Oh, Remy!" she cried, moving against him. He sighed into her neck and pressed gently back to her, rocking in time with her increasingly frantic moans. Soon, her rhythm became wilder, more abandoned, and Remy knew it was soon to end. He rode the tide of her cries and bucking hips with the serenity of a drowning man. As Jubilee's internal muscles clenched and released around him, Remy felt his own climax upon him. He gasped wordlessly as she cried out his name again, pushing him over the edge. As his hot seed spilled into her and out of her, she dug her nails into the flesh of his back and sobbed in pleasure. Remy bit back a similar sob but could not help the pin-prick of tears in his eyes.
The two lay in a sweaty, sticky heap on the couch for a long while, shifting only when drying sweat became uncomfortable. As they dressed, they talked to each other in tender tones about inconsequential things, but when they left, he held her hand as if it were an anchor to sanity and she let him, unafraid of her own heart for the first time in years. As the door swung closed, Jamie and Rahne scooted out from under the table shakily, studiously avoiding each other's eyes. Hair only mildly disheveled, they stood for a long time in the dark boathouse, vaguely shocked by what they had just been witness to. Finally, Jamie spoke. "Whoa."

"Cake, Remy?" Kitty held out the plate as Remy and Jubilee sauntered into the kitchen, their activities obvious from the state of their clothing.
"Nah...Remy be havin' enough sugar tonight..." Jubilee blushed crazily and snickered. "You goin' ta bed, chere?"
" me to school in the morning?" She stood on her toes and pressed a kiss to his cheek. With a small wave at Kitty, she bounced happily from the room.
"Well..." Kitty said, still holding the plate out. "Things going well?"
"Oh, yeah..." Remy grinned, relenting and taking the plate from Kitty. "Dis in honor o'yo' return?"
"Yeah..."Kitty swallowed another mouthful of Death-By-Chocolate. "Jean made it..."
"If Scott get tired o' her...I'd marry her jus' pour!" !" Remy smiled around a mouthful of cake and Kitty giggled. "Where Kurt at?"
"Astrid needed toothpaste and some stuff so he took her into town. Viva Wal Mart!" Kitty said mock-jovially.
"Logan go wid 'em?" Remy took Kitty's glass from her and took a swallow of her milk. "Sorry, p'tite."
"Keep it...I know where your mouth has been..." she said with a wrinkled nose. Remy snorted but took the milk. "Kurt says he wants to stay home tomorrow. Make sure I'm okay."
"He like a mother hen, eh?"
"It's nice to be cared for so much, but I may slap him..." Kitty sighed and licked the frosting from her spoon. "Or not."
"Kurt mean be de one ting he tink can save him from what he tinks be his "demon."
Remy made a gesture encompassing his body. "Guys...we talk, eh?" he said with a wink. Polishing off his cake and Kitty's milk, he gathered the plates and, putting them in the dishwasher, said "Jus' don' worry 'bout him...tell him dat you need to breathe if he get too close...Kurt not a dumb guy, he know you love him..." Remy ruffled her hair as she passed. "Night, chatte."
Kitty sighed. "Night, Remy..." _Still confused... _ Kitty forced her legs to take her to her bedroom, knowing Kurt would come to her when he returned. The question of Magneto weighed heavily on her mind-_Why did he want me? Ruth? There's other mutants more powerful than we are...were... _ Kitty sighed and flopped onto her stomach. _Ruth...why her and not me? Why open season on the Pryde family? _ The thought of her family made her long for Yaya. _Read a bit...maybe she'll help me... _ Kitty fished in the box under her bed and retrieved the diary Yaya had left her before she died. _No more answers here, but good to read... _ Kitty flipped first to the pictures in the back, arranging them chronologically first from most recent to past, then vice versa. _I look just like dad's side...Ruth looks like...huh. No one...weird... _ ty fty felt her eyelids droop as she stared at the pictures she had culled out of Ruth and saw the strange man with the snake and trident appear behind her closing lids. _Not you again...Ruth needs help, not me...look at her eyes-she's not one of us... _

Lance stared at Amara's sleeping form. _Finally got her good, her real good... _ Amara snorted lightly and rolled onto her back, one arm thrown over her head in repose. _You look so good, sweetheart... _ Lance knelt next to her and inhaled deeply, taking in her scent of myrrh, benzoin, and musk, sending a tight shock of desire to his groin. _Down boy... _ He let his hands skim over the surface of her skin, barely touching but raising somnolent gooseflesh on her skin. _I can't touch you with profane hands...I want to be good for you...You want me bad, and I want you...admit it and we can be together again...I love you, god damn it! Just say the words and we'll be healed...5 _
A light tap on Amara's door was loud enough to make her murmur but Lance was on his feet like a shot, throwing thor oor open to reveal Scott. "What?" the taller boy snarled.
"You weren't in your room" Scott murmured, looking past Lance to see Amara tangled in her sheets. Blushing a little, he continued, "I knew you'd be here...There's a cop downstairs to see you.

A/N Next chapter, more Kurtty! More Rogue/Todd! Jean/Scott smut! Viva Astrid!

1 Remy went "street." Who knew?
2 Like "Damn" but it means, lit, Sacred Blue!-a slur on the Virgin Mary.
3 Shut up! In the Cajun vernacular...
4 Your skin is like sugar
5 Catholic flashback....

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