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"See? Not chipped!" Rahne bared her teeth in a rather lurid grimace for Jamie's benefit.
"You sure?" He peered closely. "We whacked teeth pretty hard..."
"I'm fine, Jamie! Now...kissies!" She pounced on him, driving him back against the arm of the settee. It was well past midnight and they showed no signs of slowing down, morning classes be damned. In the intervening hour and a half since Rogue and Todd had snuck out unseen, Rahne and Jamie had become quite adept at kissing each other, with the occasional tooth-jarring mishap stemming from over-enthusiasm.
Jamie had found that Rahne liked it when he sucked gently on her lower lip so he fell to it with thrills in his stomach radiating to his fingers and toes, making him feel like he was glowing in the dark. He felt a rush of something primal and powerful when Rahne whimpered in his arms, turning her head to deepen the kiss, holding onto his shoulders for dear life. _I have no idea why I held out for Jubilee so long...I mean, aside from the whole being in love with her thing...How could I have overlooked Rahne? Wow. _ Rahne's tongue swept his mouth and Jamie felt like his body was functioning on autopilot, accepting her kiss, tangling his tongue with hers, grunting softly into her mouth. _She's soft all over...and warm. Warm is good...soft is better. Both are best. Tastes like watermelon...never knew I liked watermelon until now. _ Jamie's hands traveled down Rahne's arms, kneading at the tender flesh and barely tickling the soft underside of her upper arms to elicit a tiny giggle as she squirmed against him, brushing against some quite excited portions of his anatomy. Jamie's eyes flew open but Rahne showed no reaction, shifting her attentions to his neck and ears, making him moan almost silently. His hands moved to her waist and Rahne paused a moment only to resume kissing his sensitive neck with fervor. Jamie sighed, mentally resigning himself to a cold shower and an embarrassed session in the bathroom, hoping no one thought he was taking too long and started knocking. He failed to notice, though, the northerly course of his stroking until he felt his palms brush against soft, round mounds of flesh covered by a thin fleece top. Rahne's head jerked up and Jamie froze, their eyes locking. "I'm sorry!" he blurted, yanking his hands away and holding them up as in surrender.
Rahne's mouth worked as if she could not form words, her eyes round as saucers and cheeks bright even in the dim room. It was only when Jamie tried to move that she spoke, "It's okay, ducks. Just...surprised me." Rahne shifted and freed her hand from where it was pinned beneath Jamie's shoulder and took one of his upraised hands in hers. "You can...if you want... I mean...."
"Really?" he squeaked. His hand clutched at hers and he felt an almost sickening lurch in his groin. "Rahne, are you sure?" he managed more steadily.
She nodded and ducked her head to avoid his eyes. "I think it might be nice." She slowly moved his hand back to her breast and pressed it, palm-flat, against the swell of flesh on the side. "Just...I don't know how to go about this."
"Join the club," he muttered. With a look of almost comical concentration, Jamie tentatively squeezed and Rahne nodded minutely, encouragingly. He wracked his brain for any idea as to how this was supposed to go, aside from the startling live sex show courtesy of Remy and Jubilee, and could only come up with the vague, fleeting images of couples groping at school dances and behind the gym during lunch. _Here goes nothing... _ With unsure, soft strokes, Jamie massaged Rahne's left breast, feeling the hardening nipple under his palm and fingers with each stroke. She leaned closer, pressing herself against his hand, and he felt a warmth through his jeans, realizing with a shock of arousal that it was _her _ warmth, she was straddling him and pressing her center against his. Almost too roughly, he squeezed her breast again and she moaned low in her throat, close to a growl but somehow painfully arousing. More sure of himself, Jamie used both hands, rubbing and squeezing her breasts, paying attention to what made her moan and what made her really moan. He found that when he brushed her nipples, she would gasp and grind against him, making him want to leap ahead of their exploration and see what that felt like naked. With these brazen and sweaty thoughts racing through his brain, Jamie found his hands against warm, smooth flesh, Rahne's voice encouraging him with incoherent murmurs. Her breasts were bare beneath her shirt, filling his hands nicely. _Never understood why the guys like big ones... Okay, maybe a little...Wow. Boobs. _
"Erk!" Rahne yelped. "Cold hands!"
"Sorry!" he murmured bashfully. She made up for the discomfort by pressing her hand against his through her top, encouraging him to continue. Her mouth sucked his earlobe in earnest as he re-explored her flesh, tickling her ribcage randomly. Rahne nipped his ear sharply when his fingers barely brushed her nipple, so he did it again, slowly, dragging his fingertips over the buds of sensitive flesh. Finding inspiration in a flash from Remy and Jubilee, he pinched her nipples gently, making Rahne moan so loudly that he was sure they would be caught. "Like that?"
"Damn straight," she growled. "Do it again, please!" He complied happily and she wiggled against him, making him moan this time, and arch upwards against his will. She bit her lip and Jamie pinched again, a little harder this time, sending a mild jolt of stinging pain to her spine. "Ow!" _I think. _
"Oh, I'm sorry! I keep hurting you!" Jamie hastily removed his hands from inside her shirt and smoothed them over her back, eyes searching her face in earnest.
Rahne had a most wicked idea. "I know how you can make it up to me," she said coyly.
"Kiss it and make it better?" She sat up and, in doing so, made Jamie think he was having an early-onset heart attack. Her damp warmth was pressing into his arousal so firmly that his eyes rolled back in his head. He was sure that, at any moment, he was going to have an accident involving much clean up. Rahne pulled her shirt over her head and let it drop between them, exposing her pale skin to the silver-lit room. Jamie's throat went dry as he saw her close-up, freckles scattered over her skin like cinnamon, dark pink nipples flushed and erect in the pale moonlight. His hands twitched on his stomach and Rahne looked away for a moment, almost embarrassed.
"Okay," he said roughly. He felt worlds away from the child people often took him for, feeling the power her arousal gave him over her and the implicit trust it conveyed. He pulled her forward with a tug on her wrists and she bent readily, her breasts swaying close to his mouth. Eyes closing, he inhaled deeply of her soft, shower-scented skin, the slight tang of sweat mixing with her soap and a heady, musky scent he could not identify. As he exhaled, he heard her gasp and felt her tense as his breath caressed her skin. He could almost feel the warm flesh on his mouth and, a microsecond before he touched his lips to her breast, he heard himself whimper. Rahne collapsed against him when he kissed her wetly just to one side of her aroused nipple. While one hand stroked and pinched her right breast, he laved her left in open-mouthed kisses, sucked in a fashion at once infantile and powerfully erotic as her hips took up a rhythm against his, forcing Jamie to respond in kind. Her hand pressed to either side of his head and help his mouth over her breast, Jamie licking and kissing her in an almost earnest, frantic non-pattern of arousal-blurred thought. Rahne moaned softly and keened, her hips pressing almost painfully against his now, making him sure that his much-feared "accident' was immanent. He released her breast with a wet "pop" and shifted her so that he could repeat the attention on her other side, his fingers finding the wet, slick surface of her recently suckled breast an irresistible attraction. Pinching and rubbing her vaguely-sore nipple, Jamie nipped at the other one and Rahne cried aloud. She pressed hard against his burgeoning arousal and rocked her hips frantically, the notion that he had caused her pain fleeing from his mind as quickly as it had entered. He had an instinctual knowledge of what Rahne was experiencing and released his hands from her breasts to grab her hips and thrust against her rapidly, holding her quivering center against his throbbing arousal. She arched her back and bucked against him one last time and Jamie felt his climax hit him like a truck rolling downhill. "Rahne!" he bit out, rubbing against her in frustrated completion. She returned the favor and shuddered as he mewled her name repeatedly, thrusts becoming less forceful and more erratic as his sticky completion cooled and gelled against his skin.
Rahne lay against his chest and they both stared into space, breathing hard and processing what they had just done. He was idly stroking herk, ak, a small smile playing over his face as he thought of the myriad other things they could do when she murmured against his throat, "So...does this make me a scarlet woman?"
Jamie chuckled. "Sure. That can be your new code name. Forget Wolfbane. You're now The Scarlet Woman!"
With a playful growl, she forced herself to her feet, suddenly tired. "I think that might be taken..." Her shirt on backwards, Rahne tugged Jamie to his feet. "You think anyone will know we've done this?"
"You want them to?" he asked cautiously.
"No offense, but not really..." She shrugged. "We know what happened to Kurt and Kitty when word got out."
Now in the hall, Jamie nodded sagely. "Okay. My lips are sealed." They parted ways where Rogue and Todd had hours earlier, with a perversely chaste kiss on the cheek. Kurt had the decency to wait until they had cleared the hall before emerging from the shadows and prowling towards Kitty's room.

"Katzchen?" he murmured softly. "Kitty?" Silence. He knew that she was gone but checked anyway, even looking in the closet, on the off chance she was having a wild reorganization frenzy at one in the morning. _Shit. Where did she go? _ Kurt was torn between worry and annoyance, thinking that he may scream if she had hared off after a hallucination or, God forbid, he thought, Ruth. Feeling more animal than human at the moment, Kurt took a deep whiff of the air and tried to see if he could detect her scent, how fresh it was in the room. _Between the incense and her perfume, I can't tell a damned thing... _ With a rough sigh, Kurt fell back against Kitty's rumpled sheets and covered his eyes with his forearm. _Kitty, kitty, kitty...where are you? _ The hiss of the door scraping across a throw rug made his jaw tense. Kitty's soft footsteps padded to the bed and he felt rather than heard her startled surprise as she saw him there. "Hallo, Katzchen."
"Kurt..." she murmured, sounding more tense than he thought possible.
He peeked at her from beneath his elbow. "Where did you go?"
"To talk to the Professor. In his study." She sat down wearily and held her head in her hands. "Very bad things."
"I thought you..."
"Snapped? Thanks for the vote of confidence." She sighed and fell back to lay beside him, his arms sliding unbidden but readily around her, drawing her close as if they were two pieces of a puzzle snapping together.
"I didn't think you snapped, Liebes," he sighed.
"It's okay...I've been kinda crazy lately. I wouldn't be surprised if I snapped...Well, maybe a little."
"Don't talk like that, Katzchen!" Kurt squeezed her roughly. "What happened with the Professor?"
Kitty haltingly related the events of the evening, momentarily forcing a near-consistent image of Logan and Astrid kissing from Kurt's mind. "And now I don't know what to think anymore...all that I thought I was is gone."
Kurt could find no words in English, the facility for the language escaping him in shock. All he could manage was a shaky "Katzchen..."
"Kurt, there's nothing to be done about it now. still sinking in. I don't know what this will bring but now that I have a vague idea why he wanted Ruth, I can deal with her being gone a little easier."
"Why do you think he wanted her? You?" Kurt felt subdued, not as annoyed as before.
"Vengeance. If my grandfather was his guard in the camps, my grandmother the mother of his child...If that were you, wouldn't you want to wreak havoc?"
"That doesn't...Kitty, how can you be so calm?" Kurt shook her gently in frustration.
"You want to know the silliest thing?" she murmured. "When I figured it out, the only thing I could think was whether or not I had to send a Christmas card to Pietro this year."
Kurt stared at her in crogglement.1 "Kitty!"
"Kurt, it's a fact now and that can't be changed. All I can do is avenge Ruth, avenge myself. He used her to kill, he abused her and me in this fucked up experiment of his."
"What about Mystique?" Kurt had no good feelings towards his biological mother but he still felt odd, thinking that she could be caught up in Kitty's vengeance.
"What about her? She tried to help me." Kitty sighed again. "I'm not going to kill anyone, baby."
"I know," he said, almost doubting her but not quite. "I would want to, if I were you."
"I didn't say I didn't want to." Kitty snuggled against him. "Hold me tight, sweetie. I need to feel warm." Kurt wrapped himself around her and let his tail stroke her leg. A suspicious moisture wet the fur on his neck and he knew she was crying but he let her do it in peace. Kitty whispered into his neck "Do you still love me?"
"What the Hell kind of a question is that?" Kurt growled incredulously. "Of course I do! I'd love you if you were the daughter of Satan himself!"
Kitty chuckled wetly. " 'She came more tempting than the Prince of Hell...'." 2
"Who said that?"
"Me. Baudelaire, first, though." She shifted restlessly. "Will you help me?"
"How?" Kurt did not even question it-of coursewoulwould help Kitty, no matter what she asked.
"I need to get to Magneto again. I need to find where he is. I think I know how I can avenge Ruth."
"How?" he asked again, softer and with more trepidation than before.
"I have a plan...maybe it would be easier to get him here, or at least in Bayville."
"The Professor can find him...he seems to always be able to." Kurt stroked Kitty's hair fiercely, feeling strongly protective of his girlfriend.
"I don't want him in this. This is for me, not for the X Men. It's for the family that shattered and the one that's to come." With confidence borne from self assuredness, Kitty twined her fingers with Kurt's. "This is for us."
Kurt closed his eyes in a sickening sense of something awful coming. After a long pause where he was almost sure Kitty was asleep, he murmured "Logan took my mom out for drinks."
Kitty snorted. "What?"
"She was flirting with him!" he almost wailed.
Kitty looked up at him with sleepy eyes and said slowly, a devilish grin on her face "If they hook up, we'd be brother and sister."
"Hello, Jerry Springer!" she giggled, pressing her face against his chest.
"Hate to break it to you, Liebes, but I think we're there already..."
1 Thank Lois McMasters Bujold for that word... :)
2 Her belly, and her breasts, grapes of my vine,
came more tempting than the Prince of Hell
To break the peace which did enfold my heart,
And move it from the crystal citadel
Where it had rested peaceful and apart.

-- Charles Baudelaire, The Jewels

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