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SHIVA—CHAPTER 18 (NC-17 Sta Standard disclaimers apply



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Kitty did not
see Kurt until lunch. He was sitting
with his back to her at the usual table under an overhanging oak on the campus
of Bayville High School. Jean and Scott
were carefully not touching, still unsure of boundaries in this new
relationship, and Kurt was gesticulating wildly about something that happened
in theatre class that morning. As Kitty
neared the table, he leapt to his feet, sprung to the tabletop and yelled “Have
at you!”[1]

vanquish him so we can finish eating,” Jean sighed.

“Not until I
give him a kiss!” Kitty called. Kurt
spun on one foot and nearly fell from the table, saved from a tumble by a quick
re-centering of his gravity.

“Liebes! My damsel fair! I ask for your favor!” Kurt waved a French fry over his head like
a sword and Kitty giggled, setting her tray down away from his feet. Kurt swept a low bow and held out a hand in

favor? Well…” She patted her pockets and Jean rolled her eyes. Scott was trying his best to look as if he
did not belong at their table. “Ah!” Kitty pulled the
ribbon from her hair and held it out delicately. “Shall I tie it on for you?”

vaulted from the table and landed on his knees at Kitty’s feet, eliciting a
wince of sympathy for his joints from Scott and Jean. Kitty wrapped the pink ribbon once around his upper arm and tied
it into a bow. “Ich liebe dich,
Katzchen.” He smiled winningly up at her and she bent to press a tender kiss to
his upturned mouth.

atcha, Fuzzy.” Kitty tugged him to his
feet. “Go vanquish Scott so I can eat,

popped his last fry into his mouth and said “C’mon, man, I’ll vanquish the hell
out of you in the gym. Basketball
court’s open…”

“Hey! I’ll vanquish you!” Kurt crowed. “See you after lunch, Liebes?”

sure…I’ll drop by your art class during co-op.” They exchanged a brief caress, Kurt’s hand on Kitty’s cheek and
hers on his arm, before the two boys disappeared into the gym. After a silent moment, Kitty turned to Jean
and said, “I guess you know I’m upset.”

“Gee…I wonder
how I figured that one out?” she mocked gently. “Want to talk?”

“Eh. Not really, no offense. It’s just that everyone is walking on
eggshells around me today, like I’m gonna go postal or something.” Kitty swirled a carrot stick through ranch
dressing and sighed miserably. “I’m
not, you know.”

Jean sighed
in response. “I know…Have you explained
to people that you are out of mourning and that you don’t want to talk about

think I’m like, the only Jew for fifty miles or something. It’s a pain in the butt to explain shiva and
custom…since second period I’ve just smiled and nodded a lot.” Kitty bit into the carrot stick
savagely. “Maybe it would make ‘em back
off if I pitched a wailing fit in the quad or something.”

chuckled. “I don’t think that would
help too much. Counselor talk to you
yet?” Jean stuffed the remains of her
lunch into the paper sack she had brought it in and wadded it into a ball. “Get the pamphlets on grieving?”

pushed her lunch to one side and leaned heavily against the wooden table. “She tried to talk to me about how I’m
suppressing my depression or something else that rhymed, and I threw the
pamphlets out when I got to third period.
I think she’s gonna call the Professor or something. Says I’m not grieving properly.”

“Who the
Hell decides what the proper emotions are?”
Jean rose, seeing that Kitty was not going to eat at all, and jerked her
head in the direction of the trash can.
“Walk and talk.”

“I think
there’s a class counselors take in college—How to Alienate Teenagers 101 or
something.” Kitty followed her,
throwing out the mangled carrot stick but tucking the rest of her lunch back
into her backpack.

“You know,
Beast suggested I look into psychology for college. I don’t think I’d like that
much, though—people day in and day out, being swamped with their problems. I think I’d explode.” Jean shrugged philosophically. “What I really want to do is go into

“Really? I like the idea of biochemistry
myself…” Kitty and Jean were nearing
the gym by some unconscious impulse, drawn to the idea of sweaty boyfriends
like moths to a flame. “If I can make
it through today, I think the rest of the week will be gravy.”

“I tell you
what Scott gave me the other night?” They
had settled into a comfortable chatter, each picking up and abandoning topics
with equal ease.

star? Yeah…” Kitty sighed. “That was soooooo romantic!”

“You sound
jealous!” Jean teased.

plenty romantic. Well, demonstrative,
anyway. We really haven’t had much of a
chance to be romantic.” The sound of
tennis shoes squeaking on polished floors was growing louder as they made their way down the dim hallway, valiantly
ignoring the smell of sweat socks and liniment.

“Well, that
dinner and stargazing sounded pretty romantic to me.” Jean noticed Kitty’s blush and wondered just what part of the
date the girl had omitted. “Looks like
your little loverboys are drawing a crowd.”
Sure enough, several girls were sitting on the first row of the
bleachers, cheering Scott and Kurt in their game of Horse.

“Hmm“Hmmm. Me no-likee.” Kitty frowned, her troubles with intrusive questions momentarily

Jean had a
niggling feeling that maybe she should have made her claim on Scott public
sooner. Now or never, Red his
voice echoed in her head. Kitty seemed
to be thinking the same thing as they strode across the gym to their
boyfriends. Scott saw them coming
first, seeing Jean’s firey hair over Kurt’s shoulder. “Uh-oh. Women on the warpath…oof!” Kurt seized the opportunity of his
distraction to thump the ball into Scott’s chest, fouling the shot.

“What’d we
do now?” Kurt saw that Kitty, while not
scowling, did not look specifically pleased.
The bruise on her forehead was obvious against her pale skin and he
wondered if she was still irritated about that morning.

honey,” Jean’s voice drawled.

both boys said as one.

baby…” Kitty purred, sliding up to him with hips rolling seductively. “You’re all sweaty…” Her arms went around his neck and her lips
fluttered against his jaw, making his fur stand on end underneath the

“Was? Was ist los[2]?” Kurt’s throat was dry but he was not sure if
he should mind or not. Jean was doing
something similar to Scott, her lips near his ear. Scott himself was a brilliant red shade so whatever she was
saying, Kurt knew, had to be very interesting.

“Can’t I
just show some affection to my wonderful boyfriend?” Kitty asked with a pout in her voice.

“Um, that’s
fine…it’s just that you’re not usually into anything more than holding hands in
public…” Kurt swallowed in vain, his
throat slowly closing as Kitty’s soft curves registered in his brain, pressed
as they were against his body.

“Well, a
girl can change, can’t she?” Stretching
on her toes to better meet his mouth, Kitty pressed a hard, passionate kiss
that made Kurt’s knees feel very wobbly indeed.

Jean had
pulled away from Scott and the two were talking quietly, Scott still red as a
beet. Kurt noticed something
interesting then—the bleachers were nearly empty. “Katzchen, are you all touchy-feely because there were girls
watching?” His male ego swelled with the thought of Kitty fighting for him.

she murmured, toeing the floor as if it were the most interesting thing in the
world. “Is that so wrong?”

grinned unabashedly then. “Nein—so long
as you keep it up!” Kurt smacked her
playfully on the bottom and she gasped in shock, dancing away from him under
Jean and Scott’s amused gazes. “Oh, no
one saw that!”

she huffed, only to giggle a moment later when he made a face at her.

“I knew
you’d smile today!” Jean said, linking her arm through Scott’s. “Just keep it up and it’ll scare the
counselor. She won’t know what to do if
you’re giggling.”

Scott added, “and when she sees the confetti we put in your locker…”

“Oh, you
didn’t!” Kitty gasped, picturing
herself covered in brightly colored bits of paper while standing before the
Professor and the school counselor, trying to explain just what was going

just have to wait and see…” They had
been walking steadily from the gym to the main part of the building. Scott stopped at his locker then and Jean,
perforce, waited with him. “Why don’t
you two go on,” the older mutant said, shifting his gaze just slightly to
Jean. “We’ll see you in seventh.”

smirked knowingly. He could tell that
Scott was itching for a few minutes alone with Jean after that display in the
gym and he could not blame his friend—he was about to do something similar with
Kitty, if the fates smiled on him.
“C’mon, Katzchen. Let’s see
about that confetti.”

bumped his hip with her own and giggled when he mock-staggered, pulling her to
his side and claiming he needed the support.
Stopped giggling when he diverted from the path that led to her locker
and tugged her towards the janitor’s closet.
“Where are we going?”

“Mmm. Surprise…” he murmured, pushing her ahead of
him. Taking the hint, she phased them
into the closet and almost total darkness. Touching his holo, he switched it
off, making himself was invisible save for his eyes and Kitty experienced a
moment of pleasant trepidation as she felt but did not see his arms slide
around her waist. “New word for the
day, Liebes. Kuss[3]”
he whispered, letting his lips move against hers, lighter than butterfly
wings. She shuddered, starting deep in
the pit of her stomach and radiating out to her fingertips. She sighed wordlessly and melted against
him, eliciting a growl of pleasure from deep within Kurt. He walked her backwards towards the wall,
his sensitive vision picking out details of the room that she could not
see. Maneuvering her around a low stack
of boxes, Kurt succeeded in pressing her to the back of the closet and groaned
at the close contact. Kitty’s eyes closed,
he could see, and her mouth parted with her shallow, rapid breaths.

“I like
this surprise,” she whispered. He
claimed her mouth with a smoking hot kiss and she groaned aloud. “We’re gonna be late for class.”

care,” he gasped, coming up for air.
Kitty’s scent was driving him mad, so light that he could not tell if it
were perfume or merely her, but so sweet that it made his mouth water
with a feral hunger.

do…” She struggled weakly to break his
grasp but gave up quickly. “Well, they do
think I need time alone…”

we’re alone together, ja?” he said, ducking his head to kiss the spot just
beneath her earlobe. “Like that?”

“You know I
do, love…God….” Kitty was rapidly
losing control as Kurt nipped and licked at her soft flesh. She felt like liquid heat, flowing into him
and becoming pure sensation as his hands drifted over her arms, caressing each
finger in turn as he continued suckling and nipping on her neck. “Kurt, it’s my first day back and it’s so
close to finals…”

Kurt sighed
and rested his head on her shoulder.
“This is so hard, Katzchen. I
want you so much…”

“Me, too,
baby, but as much as I want you and this, we have to wait. We can’t fail class because we need time
alone…” Kitty sighed an twined her
fingers through Kurt’s hair, tugging gently.
“We can always have another German lesson tonight…” she offered

groaned long and low, pressing her arousal to her belly. “I don’t know if I can wait that long…”

flushed in the dark and pressed her face to his neck. “You make it awfully hard to be good…”

feeling wicked, replied “And you make it awfully good to be hard.” He
reactivated his holo and squeezed her hand.

“Kurt!” He
laughed at her indignation and pulled her back towards the door, shuddering as
she phased them through. “You’ll get
used to it, babe.”

sure…same time you get used to ‘porting with me, eh?” He winked at her. Kitty opened her mouth to make a snappy comment
when a heavy hand fell on her shoulder.
She and Kurt were whipped around to face an irate Principal Kelly.

“What are
you two doing?”

“Nothing! Going to class!” Kurt stammered.

five minutes late…Kurt, move it. Kitty,
come with me!” The principal shoved
Kurt away, aiming him down the main hall.
The boy had enough time to give Kitty a wide eyed glance before bolting
to art. Kitty, tense with fear, allowed
the principal to frog-march her towards the office. “You will never learn, will you?” he bit out. “Is that a hickey?”

really big mosquitoes…” she said weakly.

principal veered from the administrative offices suddenly, steering Kitty
towards the double glass doors to the parking lot. “Keep your mouth shut,
child,” he hissed in a voice Kitty dimly recognized as not belonging to
him. The blood was pounding in her ears
and her mouth worked mutely in terror.
A black car idled just past the curb and she could see someone behind
the wheel. “Breathe!” A hand clamped over her face, pressing a pad
of cloth to Kitty’s nose and mouth. As
the world heaved and spun around her, Kitty fell back and saw the principal’s
face clearly, the flash of yellow in his eyes telling her just who she was
dealing with. Mystique her mind
screamed even as she fell into unconsciousness.


Lunch was
nearly over and no one was answering at the mansion. Lance punched the numbers in angrily a third time, letting the
phone ring to the count of sixty before slamming the receiver back onto it’s
cradle. “Shit!”

Alvers, language!” the elderly secretary crowed.

Mister Alvers, language!” a light voice drawled from the doorway. Lance turned around so fast that he nearly
gave himself whiplash. His jaw dropped
as he took in Amara standing there, dressed all in black save for his necklace
(he had taken to calling it that after seeing how it claimed her, made her his)
and the anklet that made his hands itch to touch her ankle again, to feel the
soft skin stretched over fine bone.

mean…how…” He felt like an idiot,
stammering like that in front of her.

shrugged elegantly and spread her hands wide.
“Beast drove me. I had to turn
in my work anyway…” Even as she spoke,
Lance noticed the thick stack of papers she was indicating near his elbow. “Turned it in a while ago. I was just waiting for you to get off the
phone and notice me…” Her last words
bore a trace of sadness, ringing more true than she realized.

“Princess….” Lance took two giant strides and his hands
were around her waist before she could react.
A gentle throat-clearing from the secretary was all that stopped the teenager
from kissing her savagely. Amara was
red with ill-concealed embarrassment but did not pull away. Lance shifted to stand next to Amara, one
hand on the small of her back. “Walk?”

is waiting out front so I can’t stay long…”
Lance eyed the clock as they passed and noted there were only ten minutes left before class started. Amara did not ask him to stop touching her
so he took this as an encouraging sign, feeling for the first time in forever
that this relationship had the potential to be normal. As close to it as I can get, anyway…


“Yeah…so…” Amara paused; leaning against a bank of

“You’re too
tired to be up like this!” he murmured, pressing against her slightly, towering
over her and making her feel very fragile.

“Don’t tell
me what I am…” she snapped, albeit half-heartedly.

“Amara, I’m
just worried for you.”

because I’m weak?” She scowled but did
not feel much like fighting, really.

“Damn it,
why do you always think that I think that you’re weak? You’re not fucking weak!” Lance squeezed her upper arms in
frustration, begging her silently to know what he was not saying.

“Love makes
you weak.” Amara’s voice rang clear in the empty hallway, making Lance’s eyes widen
as the import of her words struck him full on.


“Nothing. I said nothing.” Amara did push him away then, turning her back on him to stride
down the hall as quick as she could without flat-out running. Lance stared after her for a moment before
taking off to catch her, narrowly missing Principal Kelly as he rounded the
corner to his office. Ignoring the
man’s warnings against running in the hall, Lance caught Amara quickly,
dragging her to his chest. “Lance!”

“Do you
love me?” he demanded.

“What? Let
me go!”

“Do you
love me?” he snarled, shaking her slightly. “Tell me, damn it!”

can’t. I just can’t!” she sobbed. Amara crying scared Lance. She never
cries…almost never…even when Tabitha beat the hell out of her she barely cried.

“Fine. Fine.
The thing is that I love you.
Don’t struggle—just listen, fuck it!”
Lance would not loosen his grip and Amara soon stopped struggling,
sagging against his lean form and hiding her face behind a curtain of
hair. “I love you. I want you and I love you and damn it, I’ll
prove it to you. How can I prove it to
you?” Even as he asked, Lance knew the
answer. “I’ll bring Tabitha to
you. Will you believe me then?”

“You were
going to do it anyway…” she murmured sadly.

“I’ll bring
her and won’t tell anyone…You can deal with her one on one before the others
find out and try to be all goody-two-shoes about it…” His heart leapt to his throat as Amara turned wide, wet eyes to

“Do it and
I’m yours. Entirely.”



[1] Shameless
Monty Python reference—Holy Grail, Black Knight….

[2] What’s up?
(thanks Foxfeather!)

[3] Kiss
(thanks, Foxy!)

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