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"Shit, man! Watch the curves!" Rahne yelled, sliding across the bench seat in the back of the Jeep.
"Gotta get there fast, Rahne..." Scott muttered, screng ang around another hairpin turn in the road. Jean was doing her best to control the car's wild swings and tilts as Scott drove madly towards the Boardinghouse. "You okay, Jean?"
"Take it easy, babe." Her head was throbbing with the effort it took to keep them safe and block out psychic pleas, intentional and otherwise, from anyone within reception distance.
"Where's Remy and Jubilee?" Jamie asked with a shaking voice, grabbing tight to Rahne when she slid to him on the next turn. He clutched her as if she were a life preserver and he was a drowning man and had the satisfaction of feeling her clutch back.
"Behind us somewhere," the Scottish girl answered, followed by a yelp as Scott hit a curb swinging onto the residential street where the Boardinghouse was located. "Shit..." Red and blue lights flashed, filling the car with eerie light.
"Fuck!" Scott yelled, slamming his fist against the steering wheel. The Boardinghouse was within sight but Scott erred on the side of his better judgment, pulling to the side of the road as the others in the car jittered agitatedly, not daring to speak. "How can I help you officer?"
The patrolman was tall and imposing, putting them all in mind of what Beast looked like before he became Beast. Instead of Dr. McCoy's kindly face, though, was a ravaged visage that spoke of years of hardening in the face of society's ills. "You were drivin' awful fast and careless, son."
Scott opened his mouth but was cut short by Jean. "We're on our way to help a friend!"
"Jean!" Rahne hissed. The red head made a shushing motion low, beneath the officer's line of sight.
"That's no reason to drive like that. You're endangering the lives of everyone in this vehicle." The offictepptepped back and made notations on the pad in his hand, making Scott grind his teeth in frustration. "So...what sort of help does your friend need?"
Jamie spoke up, pitching his voice to sound as childlike as possible, finally able to use his appearance to his advantage. "She's in awful trouble, sir. Some mean old man is gonna hurt her!"
"What's that?" The officer raised one eyebrow and paused in his writing.
Scott nodded furiously and took up the theme. "Yeah-he says he's her biological grandfather but she's never met 'em before. And he kidnapped her a week or so back and now he's got her again...Kitty Pryde. Hear the name around the precinct?"
The officer stared at each of them in turn, eyes assessing and peeling away layers. "I've heard the name," he answered slowly. "She came back in one piece, though, right?"
"Officer," Jean said urgently. " can come with us if you want. It's just up the road at the Boardinghouse. Please!" She was sending as strong a mental nudge as she could, her eyes clouding from the effort.
The officer tucked the pad away in his breast pocket. "Okay. Here's what I'm going to do. I'll escort you to the house and if there's a disturbance, I'll call for backup. You kids stay out of the way."
"Yes, sir!" came the chorus from within the Jeep. Remy and Jubilee slid past them, going the speed limit and drawing a scarce glance from the officer. Jean could see Remy's wide eyes in the lights from the patrol car, though and she knew he and Jubilee would do their best until they got there.
As the officer strolled back to his car, Scott hissed, "Fucking hell! Now what are we going to do? We can't use our powers in front of that cop! Fuck!"
Jean said softly, eyes closed and veins throbbing, "That's not a cop. That's Mystique."
"What?" Jamie exploded, all his ire finally coming to the surface. Rahne held him back by his shirt collar even as Jean clamped her hand over Scott's arm.
"How do you know?" Rahne asked, struggling with Jamie.
Jean managed to tap her forehead. "She told me."
Scott did not swing away from the curb and follow the patrol car as was intended. "Why?"
"I don't know...she revealed herself to me and told me not to let on. She wants to get back into the house but can't, for some reason."
"Are you gonna follow her, man?" Rahne asked, somewhat afraid but her desire to help her friends winning out.
"Mystique _and _ Magneto! C'mon, Scott!" Jamie whined, jittering in his seat. "We've had worse..." he offered, when in fact they really had not.
Scott sighed roughly. "Fine. Jean, keep tabs on the woman. I won't go so fast..." Scott caught up easily with patrol car (_How she got that, I'll never know, _ he thought) and they pulled into the now-crowded driveway behind Remy's car and the black town cat that was looking the worse for wear. The patrolman, nee Mystique, was nowhere to be seen. From inside, the sounds of a fight came forth and Scott made a hand motion to the others to keep quiet. "Pair off...Jean and Rahne take the side and we'll take the front..."

Logan stood over Magneto and Kitty, a look akin to pride warring with surprise on his face. Kurt tumbled to a stop, unable to stop his initial forward momentum when Kitty had reacted. "Half-Pint...." Logan said softly.
"Quick!" she snapped, woozy but refusing to show it. A lump rose angrily, purpling her forehead as it spread down her neck. "Tie him up!"
Kurt stood still for a mere second before he moved again, still holding the rope that had bound him. In an ironic twist of fate, Magneto was soon bound with his own restraints, his blood from Kurt's bite still splattered across the fibers. "Will it hold him, Liebes?" Kurt's stomach churned from the sudden shift in emotions. Anger was replaced by pulsing desire, the need to hold Kitty such that he was shaking to his very core.
"It'll do long enough..."
"Kit, what're you going to do?" Rogue struggled to stand, Logan offering a leather-clad arm in aide. Amara groaned once, trying to sit up before falling back to hit her head on the wood floor again.
"Princess," Lance urgently, kneeling to cradle her head. "Rogue's gonna be the death of us..."
Rogue snarled but let it drop, feeling somewhat contrite for draining the both of them. Amara's eyes slit open ahe mhe murmured darkly, "Remind you to tell you a secret later," her meaningglanglance at Rogue let the Southerner know just which secret she referred to.
"Let me go, bitch," Magneto hissed, his language taking a turn for the common.
"Toad," Kitty said with an air of authority.
"Huh? Oh..." The slight boy nodded once and half-hopped forward. With little wind up, he spat a mouthful of slime onto Magneto's mouth, silencing the man.
Logan met Magneto's newly panicked gaze with incredulity. "Hey-they're being a hell of a lot nicer than I would have been!"
Kitty smiled grimly reaching for and finding Kurt's hand. With slight effort, she lowered herself to her knees near Magneto's head, her smile changing into a thin line of determination. Pressing Kurt's hand to her cheek, Kitty began. "I want to kill you, you know." There was an indrawn breath behind her but she did not so much as flinch. "I want to but I won't. I can't. To do that would make me like you. You're a sad man, you know that? You use people, you use your use everything to achieve your wants. That's not me. You killed Ruth. It may have been an accident, but it was ultimately your doing, wasn't it? Did it make you feel good, to kill a kid?"
"Katzchen," Kurt murmured. Her voice had become increasingly louder and he feared she would lash out in a way that could not be taken back. "Please..."
Kitty nodded and took a deep breath. "All I want to say is I forgive you. I forgive you for being bitter, for being cruel, for being evil. I forgive you for all the death and misery you've given me both by your hand and by your seed. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be who I am. If you hadn't left my grandmother, she would never have married her husband and I would never have been here. Thank you for that. Thank you for showing me what being self-involved and bitter will get me. I forgive you for your weakness, because you are weak." Kitty rose then, staring down in Magneto's still face and wide eyes. "I forgive you for everything you've done to me and to those I love, whether you like it or not. You can't make me like you. You can't make me hate or destroy or ravage like you can. I may be your blood, but I will never be you." She turned then, burying her face agaiKurtKurt's neck, long sobs shaking her body.
"Is it over?" Amara whispered in the quiet aftermath.
"I'm not sure, yo..." Todd muttered. He rose slowly and stretched his legs, stepping softly to Rogue.
"It's over," came Kitty's muffled voice.
"Are you sure, Half-Pint?" Logan asked tenderly. "I know...if you want."
"It's not a question of wanting, Herr Logan. It's a question of following her heart and mind." Kurt stroked her hair softly, walking backwards until he felt the stairs hit against his legs then sitting down, drawing her into his lap.
A knock sounded on the door, all eyes, even those of Magneto rolling towards the sound. "This is the police! Open the door!"
Logan looked around once and sighed. "No way to explain the slime..." he muttered, throwing open the door. "Can I help you, officer?"
"I have tell of a domestic disturbance at this residence..." The officer looked past Logan and whistled low. "Can I assume it's all under control?"
"Sort of." Kitty craned her neck to see the officer. "There's a boy in the living room who was in on it with the old guy," she sneered at Magneto, not even bothering with any sort of honorific.
Logan sniffed deeply and picked up Scott's scent close to the door. "Who told you there was a disturbance?"
"Actually," the officer answered smoothly, stepping past Logan and setting off almost all of the man's alarm bells, "I pulled over a car fof tof teenagers not far from here who told me they were on their way to help a friend in trouble. They told me."
There was an exchange of wary glance before Rogue asked "Is this becoming just a little too Scooby Doo for anyone else?"
Logan snorted. "You gonna arrest him?"
"I can't arrest him unless someone wants to press charges, but I can take him in for holding for the time being, give you time to get out of the way," the officer said quickly. His eyes were fixed on the prone, sed sed man with a gleam of fascination not lost on Logan. "Anyone pressing charges?"
Kitty shook her head. "Not against him. I can't..." She shook her head rapidly, her brown hair swinging in Kurt's face. "Are you going to take Pietro in, too?"
"Yes, of course!" The officer easily hefted Magneto to his feet, forcing the man to hop with bound ankles. He led the trussed man, still sans powers, out to the blinking patrol car as there was a shifting outside the door.
"You guys coming in or not?" Logan sighed
Sheepishly, Scott and Jamie edged in. "Ah, Jean and Rahne are around back...Gambit and Jubilee are somewhere around here..."
"Probably fucking like bunnies in the ct," t," Amara growled.
"Watch it..." Logan said before turning his attention back to the officer entering. "You sure I don't know you?" He sniffed deeply and surreptitiously, his eyes flying wide and muscles tensing. _Mystique...what're you playing at? _ She did not seem to pose a threat to them so Logan held his posture but coiled inside, prepared to lly aly a volley of cuts and jabs should the need present itself. _Sabertooth didn't wear me out that much, bitch... _
Rahnd Jnd Jean entered through the living room. "We're always late," Rahne sighed. Jean chuckled weakly and sank to the floor near Amara, Scott rushing to her side to rub her back in a futile effort at comforting her.
"Eh...better late den never, oui?" Remy and Jubilee, not a little rumpled but more from wear than from sexual activity, clomped down the stairs. "De gymnastics, dey get you all sorta places..." he said in response to the unasked question. The officer was bundling Pietro out to the car and Logan relaxed. "What be goin' on here?"
Jubilee scowled. "Kitty, are you okay?"
" okay as I can be. Kurt's hurt, though."
"I'll heal, Schatz." Kurt sighed blissfully, happy to be holding Kitty safely. "Are donedone haring off after estranged family members, Kitty?"
She appeared to give the matter much thought. "I think so...though I do have an Aunt Frieda who drinks heavily that I can look up when we get home!"
"Nein!" Kurt yelped to a chorus of bitter, weak chuckles.
Logan cleared his throat. The patrol car was pulling away and he found that he did not want to think of what Mystique would do to her former mentor. Jean shared his expression and he knew that she was aware of the situation and saluted her mentally for her fortitude. "I think we best be going," he finally rumbled. "Kurt, Kittylacklackbird with me!"
"I guess it's back to the cars for us..." Scott said, shaking his head. "I don't believe this!"
"Shh...let's just go home and rest, baby," Jean said softly, melting Scott's foul mood. He nodded and the groups shifted into something resembling their original formatiand and slowly left, leaving only Amara, Lance, Todd and Rogue in the foyer.
"I keep feeling like we're forgetting something," Todd muttered. A bright ball bounced at his feet and he gulped. "Oh...yeah!"
"Fuck!" Lance yelled, pulling Amara away as Todd threw himself at Rogue. The blast did not do much damage but rather served to knock them off their feet.
"Little pricks!" Tabby howled, springing down the steps. "I swear to fucking God..."
Amara blazed forth, fully aflame and striking in royal glory. "I am so sick of you, Tabby!" Her flames shifted and became a mere handful of fire, letting Amara pitch it at the blonde. Tabby yowled as it skidded across her arms, blackening her skin even as it flickered out. "You can only pick on people when they're down, is that it? I have on thing to say...FUCK YOU!" As Tabby stumbled back, Amara let loose a right hook that would make Muhammed Ali proud.
Lance whistled. "Damn."
"Yeah...whatever." Amara shrugged. "Can we go home now?"
Todd nodded shakily. "Yeah...can we?"
Rogue sighed and leaned against him, not caring any more who knew. " long as we can walk."
"We can do better than walk," Lance said. "We've still got Mystique's ancient ride in the garage."
"I'm driving!" chorused three voices even as Lance jingled the keys high above their heads.

Kitty checked out fine. Kurt had a loose tooth that Beast promised to examine more closely in the morning, but until then they were both sent to bed.
"Kurt, I think they meant our own beds..."
"Don't care..." Kurt muffled her mouth with his, seeking her warmth and humanity even as she clung to him for comfort. Not a word was spoken as she phased them through to her bedroom and he walked her to the bed, kissing her the whole time with deep, laving strokes of his tongue in her mouth. Kitty mewled once and fell back, taking Kurt with her. "Katzchen," he whispered, close to her ear.
"Just love me, please." Kurt complied more than happi He He put every ounce of every emotion Kitty had ever made him feel into his kiss, removing her clothes so tenderly that she wanted to cry. In fact, a few tears did leak down her cheeks and Kurt caught them with his fingertip, leaving silver tracks on her smudged cheeks. Kitty pressed urgently against him, the need to feel whole and alive again after so many days of feeling empty surging inside her. Kurt's arousal was pressing in return, painful in it's presence. They spared no time for the niceties of lovemaking, clothes coming off slowly but urgently, moans giving way to grunts and groans as hands found warm places to stroke and tease, legs twined around eotheother and limbs made a Gordian knot of passion and wanting, two people becoming one through an act devoid of all other emotions but love and need. Kitty whispered promises of devotion in response to Kurt's murmured pleas. Kurt felt his climax was immanent and he pressed all the more desperately to her, feeling her internal muscles clench at his intrusion, warmth flooding around him in Kitty's moist entrance, signaling her own completion. They gasped and clutched at each other as ecstasy washed over them, a mutual satisfaction of the soul-jarring sort the likes of which they knew they would remember forever, no matter what else might occur between them. "I love you, Kurt," Kitty said softly, voice tinged with tears as she dug her fingertips into his neck, tugging at the fur there.
"Katzchen..."Kurt said shakily. " mean so much to me...more than anything else on this planet or any other. I thought you were gone from me. God, Kitty, don't ever do that again!" he whispered fiercely, rolling to one side and drawing her to him.
Kitty cried a little then, her tears matting his fur to his chest. In the softest voice imaginable, she said "I'm sorry, love...I'm so sorry...but I couldn't just let it lie."
"That's why I love you, Schatz. You have strength and love and you have to do what's right." Kurt sighed and held her closer. _And that's what makes me fear you, too... _
Kitty and Kurt kissed each other nterntervals through the night, but they mostly slept, peaceful for the first time in weeks.

A/N One more smutty chapter to epilogue of sorts...Kitty's birthday...someone else finally gets laid... lol. Next story is in the s ass as well... ;)

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