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"I told you, I didn't do anything...I just found the body!" Lance slit his eyes sideways at Amara, the only mutant other than Logan who could not be made to leave the room during questioning.
Officer Smith rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed. "What I am trying to understand, Mister Alvers, is how you knew the body was there...We already have assurances, sworn to, at that, from your teachers that say you were in class all day, and Miss...umm..." he flipped through his notepad and squinted.
Through gritted teeth, Amara growled "Aquilla..."
"Miss Aquilla is willing to swear that you were with her all evening." Officer Smith looked highly doubtful of that actuality, but moved on. "Now, tell me how you came to find the body and why you waited to tell us."
Lance took a deep breath and looked at the policeman steadily. "I went back to the boardinghouse to pick up some of my things before school. I moved in here a week or so ago..."
"Got tired of the shit at the house," Lance shrugged nonchalantly and sniffed in false bravado. "Too much drama...too much violence. Besides," he added, sidling close to Amara and praying that she would let him get away with what he was about to do, "my girl, she don't like me hangin' round Tabby, ya know? She's a hottie, and Am, she don't like that I used to tap that1 once in a while..." Lance adopted a masculine sneer and slung his arm around Amara, who did not have to try to look affronted. She bit her tongue, however, and Lance inwardly breathed a sigh of relief without dropping his disaffected expression. "So," he continued, "I'm getting it pretty regular from Princ...Amara here, so I figure, why fuck that up? Nice piece, she's willing..." Logan growled low and Lance tensed, having momentarily forgotten the dangerous man was in the room. "Yeah, and so I went there to get some clothes and shit that I'd left, and when I got there, I saw Tabby and Pietro diggin' in the yard."
"And did you see the body?"
"Nah...I just went on inside..." Lance felt Amara tense beneath his arm and marveled that her cool, calm expression never wavered, that she still looked every inch the Prince

"And then?"
"And then I got my clothes and went to school. Stuffed 'em in my backpack..." Lance had luckily had an extra shirt and some socks tucked into his school bag and was able to pass this off to Officer Smith as his errand.
"This still doesn't explain how you found the body in the basement, Mister Alvers..."
If Lance had known better, he would have sent a mental cry for help to the Professor but instead, he soldiered through on his own. "I went back during first period. Wanted to get some old pictures and shit before Tabby got all pissy 'bout me boning2 Amara and threw it out or something..."
"What did you have to get?" Officer Smith paused in his mad scribbling and raised an eyebrow, seeing the chink in Lance's story.
Amara shifted then, fluidly leaning forward and sticking out her ankle and reaching inside her top at the same time. "He had to get these from the basement...They all keep their stuff there..." She was guessing, but she hoped she was at least a little right. _Basements are for storage, right? _
"What are these?" Officer Smith reached forward and fingered the amber stone hung around Amara's neck.
"Gifts..." She snapped before composing herself. Lance's arm tightened like a band of steel around her shoulders and she answered more calmly, "He was going to give them to me for my birthday this summer and didn't want to chance Tabby throwing them away out of spite."
"Aren't we the romantic, Mister Alvers?" Officer Smith raised an incredulous brow and made note of Amara's response. "Now, to the meat of the matter..."

"Can you hear them?"
"Shhhh! With your yappin', Jubilee, I can't hear meself think!" Rahne nudged her friend painfully in the ribs and pressed her ear more firmly to the heating grate in the floor above the study.
There was some rustling as the mutants eavesdropping jockeyed for position around Rahne but silence reigned until Jubilee could no longer stand it. "Well?"
"Chere, let de gal lissen!" Remy hissed.
"It's okay, Remy...Can't hear a damned thing!" Rahne sat back on her heels and looked thoughtful for a moment. "Let me try something..." With a subtle shift, she moved into her canine form and pressed acute ears to the grate. Jamie shuddered briefly, not used to seeing her in two contexts so close together, and sighed as she moved back to the Rahne he had recently been kissing. "Nope, mates. Nothin'. Damned good construction..."
Scott cleared his throat. "Okay, then. We'll just wait and see..."
Jean sighed. "We wouldn't have to wait and see if you let me...." She tapped her forehead and Scott held up his hand to stem a general chorus of agreement.
"No! No invasion of privacy!" Scott tried to look authoritative but felt himself wilt as Jean shot him a cold glance.
Kitty interrupted anything he might have said, though, when she phased into the room. "Cop's leaving! Kurt's about to 'port up and give a full report." True to her word, Kurt appeared in a cloud of sulfurous smoke a few seconds later. "Hey, Baby." She dropped a kiss on his cheek and blushed prettily as he returned the favor.
"Okay Scarecrow and Mrs. King3, get on with it." Jubilee snapped her gum agitatedly and leaned back against Remy,, lo, looking momentarily surprised, slid his arms around her waist.
Kurt shook his head with no trace of humor. "It's not so good..."
"Lance didn't get arrested after all, did he?" Kitty's hand flew to her throat and Kurt was briefly chagrinned before he reminded himself that his name was the one she had bee mewling a mere two hours before.
"Nein...Kitty, maybe you had better sit down. Or better yet, wait and let Logan tell you..."
"Tell me what?" Her breath was starting to in in short gasps and Jean grabbed a chair to shove underneath her.
'Tell me now!"
With a glance at the other mutants-Jamie, Rahne, Scott, Jean, Jubilee, Rogue and Remy-Kurt sighed. "Officer Smith said that the body was that of Ruth Simonov. Your aunt and uncle have been informed and the hospital has been contacted..."
"Huh." Kitty say heavily on the proffered chair and her eyes glazed over. "Huh."
"Kurt, how did they find out?"
Kurt, who had been lurking in the shadows outside the study door, had been privy to the entire questioning session downstairs. With some reluctance, he said "Officer Smith said the hospital Ruth was at realized it had made a mistake when the family of the cremated patient came to pick up the ashes. Ruth's parents disinterred the remains and sent them back. Katzchen..." he said, dropping to his knees beside her.
"" She held up her hands to stave him off. "Let me just..."
Kurt rested his forehead on her knee, his words coming muffled then. "They identified Ruth through a birthmark on heck."ck."
"Same one I have..." Kitty muttered. "Heart shaped, heart on sleeve, heart on back...had my back..."
"Kitty, come on..." Jean motioned to Jubilee and Rahne, each girl taking an arm and pulling Kitty to her feet. Jean moved ahead and opened the door. "You can tell her the rest later, Kurt." Rogue trailed them and the girls led Kitty from the room, leaving the males to stare at the floor in confusion.
Finally, Scott said "Magneto is behind this, we know, but why? What do Kitty and her cousin have to do with him?"
Kurt shrugged sadly. "No one is sure, I think. The Professor might know, but he hasn't said anything."
"Who killed her?" Jamie asked softly.
"I have my guesses, eh?" Remy snarled.
"Magneto," the remaining trio responded as one.
"Or somebody workin' for him, non? Maggie, he no like to git his hands all dirty if'n he kin avoid it..." Remy procured a cigarette from his shirt pocket and growled, "I'm goin' out for a smoke. Jubilee can kiss my Cajun ass if she gonna say somethin'..." He looked abashed for a moment. "Um, les not tell her I say dat, huh?" He was gone in a waft of anger and tobacco.
Scott ran his hands through his hair as Jamie hunkered down to stare at the traitorous heating grate. Finally, Kurt said, "I'm going to check on her. If you see my mama, send her to Kitty's room, please!" He was gone in a flash, leaving Scott and Jamie to regard each other with mild discomfort.
"I don't know what to say to Kitty,": Jamie finally said. "I mean, is she gonna flip out?"
"I don't think so...she's been having a rough time lately and she may miss more school," Scott shrugged and tried his best to sound reassuring, "but I think in the end she'll be fine." _After we get Magneto and let her kill him. A lot. _
"What's up in here, yo?" Todd sprang into the room, oblivious to the tension in the air. He had taken to letting himself spring about frog-like rather than force a bipedal gait while in the mansion, claiming it was more comfortable, but Scott suspected that it was just to unnerve the rest of them.
"Ruth's dead..." Jamie said softly, eyeing Todd's oddly bare feet. "What're you doing?"
Todd swallowed soundlessly, remembering what Rogue had told her about Tabby's memories. Shaking himself, he answered, "Just hoppin'....seein' what's what... I thought Ruth was already dead..."
"Long story, man, " Scott sighed. "I'm gonna go find Jean."
Jamie, anxious at being left alone with the amphibious teenager, said quickly, "I've got to find Rahne questions."
Todd snorted, finding himself alone in the upstairs study. "Wusses," he said quietly. _Don't blame 'em...I wouldn't want to hang out with me... _ Todd forced a bipedal locomotion to the small window on the near wall and peered out into the night. He could see the taillights fading around the curve of the driveway and saw a lanky form trailing a smaller, feminine one and knew Lance was out there with Amara. Logan's shadow detached itself from the darkness and followed the couple, making Todd wonder what the Hell had been going on while he was in the Danger Room, playing with the "toys."
"See something interesting?" The soft Southern lilt made Todd's spine stiffen.
He saw her reflected in the glass and could not turn to face her, afraid of what she would see in his face. _Want...need...must have... _ "Nah...Just people comin' and goin'." _God help me, she smells so damned good... _
Rogue strolled over to the window and peered over Todd's shoulder into the darkness. "Hmmm...Looks like they're gone, huh?" _Smooth, sal smooth... _
"Guess so..." Todd did not dare relax-to do so would bring his back in contact with Rogue's front, something he could not bear because he knew the thoughts of what might be would torment him in the late night. Rogue seemed to have an air of anxiety about her, opening her mouth to say something once or twice before shaking her head and sighing. Todd watched her reflection and chewed his lower lip, waiting. _She's gonna take it back...she doesn't want to be with me and she's trying to find a nice way to say it. Be mean, damn it-I couldn't bear it if you were nice... _
"Todd?" She waited for an answer and, receiving none, continued, "I don't want you to think I'm pushy or whatever, but could you, um....I dunno...kiss me again?"
Todd lurched forward, bracing his hands on the windowsill. _Wowza Wowza Wowza. Oh my my, oh Hell yes... _ 4 Shakily, his voice creaking like old bedsprings, he asked "Like last time?"
Rogue felt hot all over, like her blood was boiling. "Yeah..." she answered quietly, damning herself for sounding girly. "Please?"
"Slime and all?" Todd closed his eyes and waited, knowing that if she suddenly freaked out on him, there would never be a chance in Hell for them to work out.
"Slime and all." Rogue was staring down at the ground when Todd was able to turn around on shaking legs. She could not look up for several seconds, begging her mind for composure before facing her now boyfriend. "So..."
"So..." he murmured. He noticed her shoulders and neck were bare, but she had gloves on. _Can't slime her all over...that'd gross *me * out! Let's see... _ His flannel sleeves flopped against his hands and an idea struck him. Pulling on the soft fabric of his shirt, Todd covered his hands with his cuffs and, mitten-like, used them to cup Rogue's face. "Close your eyes," he said in a low tone, She complied and he felt a thrill that he had asked Rogue to do something and she had done it, no questions asked. With as little sound as possible, he coated her lips with the product of his mutation before pressing a fervent kiss to her mouth. He was fairly certain he was having a mild stroke, because there was no way Rogue just moaned softly, no way she melted towards him. Chancing his luck, he made sure he had some of the slick substance on his tongue and darted it out to lick at her mouth. Rogue gasped and parted her lips, not cringing in the slightest, he delighted. Carefully, oh-so-carefully, Todd touched the tip of his tongue to hers and felt a shock that had nothing to do with Rogue's mutation shoot through his body. _Does this count as my first French kiss? _
Rogue pulled away only slightly. "Todd..." she murmured, feeling his proper name in her mouth as she felt suddenly shy, looking into brown-green eyes wide with surprised desire. "Wait here a sec..." She broke his hold and ran from the room, back before he could form the dismayed thought that she had bailed on him. In her hands, she held a thin piece of fabric-a handkerchief, some part of his brain registered "Here..." She took his hand and led him to the settee, her thin silk gloves strangely cool to his touch. He say next to her nervously, eyeing the fabric in her hands. She twisted it for a moment, considering it, before scooting close to him, thighs touching. "Save your slime." In one swift movement, she pressed the fabric over his lips and kissed him through it, the thin cotton transferring warmth and moisture but saving him from her poison touch.
_Erk. Must...breathe...breathe nice and slow...she kissed me...through fabric, yeah, but she KISSED me! _ Todd found his hands clenching around her shirt-clad ribs, leaning back and taking Rogue with him as he laid against the arm of the settee. _Sooooooooo nice...never done this before... _
Rogue ignored the feel of the cotton on her tongue and lips and focused solely on the warmth of Todd's mouth on hers. When his hands took her by the middle and he drew her to him, she felt lost, but pleasantly so. _No pressure, like Pietro. No angsty bits. Todd genuinely likes me, cares for me, and God help me I feel the same. Just like a truck hit me or something...Todd just sort of popped in there...all Toady and damned nice to me and he *wants * to touch me, not for some thrill ride but because he wants to...he hasn't bitched about my mutation once! _ She pulled up slightly and stared in sudden amazement as she felt evidence of Todd's interest pressing against her thigh. _Oh, yeah...he's got one of those, too, doesn't he? _ Despite her recent feelings for the boy, she had somehow neglected to remember that he, too, was a sexual being and would have wants and needs just like she did. "Todd," she murmured, millimeters from his lips, handkerchief dampened with kisses sliding downward with a gentle texpoexposing his kiss-swollen lips to the caress of her breath. "Want to do something else?"
Rogue smirked slightly. "See, I've got this powerful need...and I think that maybe you might like to help me out..." With a subtle shift of her hips, Rogue pressed her dampening center over the growing bulge in Todd's pants. Todd's eyes grew round as saucers and for a brief, horrible moment, Rogue was sure he was going to faint. "No touching, so we're safe..."
"Oh, there's _lots _ touching..." he said harshly, his voice barely his own. "Rogue..."
"My name, "she said, leaning low and bracing her hands against his chest, "is Marie."5

Rahne was sifting through her index cards of the Periodic Table of Elements restlessly, her mind trying to decide if she should focus on studying, Kitty, Lance, or Jamie. She chose Jamie, the more pleasant of the choices. Having left Kitty to Jean's tender mercies, Rahne took her homework to the rec room and there she sat, half an hour later, staring blankly at the index cards. She had Jamie had been shocked to witness Remy and Jubilee going at it like bunnies in the boathouse, Jamie not as hurt by the sight as Rahne would have imagined. _But that may've had something to do with the fact we'd been making out, heh? _ Kissing was slowly becoming something they were more adept at, tentative touches creeping into their sessions in dark corners and abandoned stuooksooks throughout the mansion. Jamie was shy, more so than she, and would only give brief pecks, occasionally prolonged, closed-lip kisses but Rahne was sorely tempted to try more. _Remy and Jubes seem to have no problem showing affection... _ She stuffed her cards into her bag and gave up studying for a lost cause. _No use when Jamie is much more interesting. _ She was still floating over the fact he was interested in her, when she had been mooning over him for so long, disguising her cow-eyed desire as tomboyish play, seeking every chance she could to bump into him, roughhouse with him, aching when she saw the way he looked at Jubilee. _Now he's kind of mine...kind of... _
_Speak of the Devil... _ "Hiya." Rahne smiled widely at him and patted the couch cushion next to her. "Sit?"
"Sure..." Jamie sat close, mustering his courage. "Um, Rahne?"
"What we saw earlier...Remy and Jubilee?"
"Yeah?" Both teenagers were red as beets, studiously not looking at each other.
"I have to you ever, um, think of me like that?"
Blustering Rahne said, "Having sex with Remy and Jubilee?"
"What? No!!!!! Just...ya know..." Jamie felt like he was on fire, and not in a good way. He was sorely tempted to throw himself into a wall and let his multiples deal with this mess while he ran for safety.
"I'm a virgin!" Rahne blurted, clapping her hands over her mouth.
"I would have thought so..." Jamie murmured. "Um, me too..."
"So....I don't know. I guess this whole sex thing...I mean, we know the mechanics and all, but are we supposed to be like that? They've only been together a little while and are all over each other..."
Rahne sighed and toed the ground with one gold-painted nail. "I think that we're us. We don't have to try and have sex..."
"Ever?" he croaked, cursing mentally at his wanting tone.
"Well, not now...I mean, we haven't even...with tongues and all..." she mumbled.
_She wants to kiss like that? Whoa. _ Jamie leaned forward and bumped her shoulder with his. "We know...that hat and all..." Rahne gasped softly and turned her face slightly towards his. Jamie licked his lips and met her, kissing her softly as had become pattern with them. Rahne's hands crept up to his neck and Jamie found himself stroking her sides, both of them moving to face each other more fully, heads tilting and noses bumping to deepen the kiss. Jamie took a chance, tongue darting out to lick Rahne's lower lip and taste the traces of cocoa there, not sure where to go next. Rahne parted her lips and he knew then, as if it were an instinct. He laved the inside of her lower lip tentatively, drawing a mewl of surprised pleasure from the Scottish girl. She responded by touching the tip of her tongue to his and then they moved together, sloppily laving and moving tongues against one another, bumping teeth in inexperienced maneuvering. Soon, they pulled apart, each trying to suavely wipe moisture from their chins while nursing bruised lips in pleasant hazes.
"I think," Rahne said after a moment, "we need to take this in steps. Get better at that and move southward..." All Jamie could do in response was blush and gurgle faintly.

"What's your problem?" Scott dodged a flung throw pillow and slammed Jean's door behind him.
"Invasion of privacy, my ass!" she snarled, flinging the last of her pillows at him. "Make it sound like I'm some eavesdropping twit, why don't you?"
"Jean, baby..." Scott strode forward and captured Jean's hands in his own only to have her jerk away harshly.
"Don't 'baby' me!" Jean whirled and began to pace. "You said you loved me for who I am, that you understood me! How dare you trivialize my abilities?"
"Jean! You're overreacting! I may have said something a little mean, but you know me better!" Scott forced her to stop but grabbing her shoulders and making her face him.
"Do I?"
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"Why do you love me so much but then just throw me aside when I want to make love?" She choked on the last words but did not waver in her gaze.
"Is that what this is about?" Scott let her go and jerked his chin up in defiance. "Jean, I want to love you properly, not because you're horny from someone projecting!"
Jean's eyes narrowed dangerous "In "In that same vein, I guess I can say that I won't let you near me if you've been looking at cheerleaders, porn, Sports Illustrated..."
"Fine, fine! I get your point!" Scott sat on her bed and sighed. "What can I do to make it up to you?"
Jean's face slid into a smile. "Really?"
"Really." _What am I agreeing to? _
Jean stepped lightly to him, swaying almost imperceptibly before him. She was so close that he had to crane his neck to see her face, her swell of her breasts intruding on the view. "I can think of something I can do..."
"You?" he asked, his voice slightly rough.
"Me." With a gentle mental nudge, she made Scott lay back on the bed, forcing his knees apart by pressing with her own legs. "Shhh!" she hushed him when he opened his mouth to speak. "This will make it alllllllll better..." With deft fingers, she unfastened Scott's pants and tugged them downward, revealing his hardening length to her now-hungry eyes.
"Jean, what are you doing?"
"It's been awhile if you don't know what this is!" she teased,okinoking his length with her mind's fingers, dropping to her knees between his parted thighs. "This is all me, one is making me do this..."
"Oh, Jean!" he moaned, his control falling completely away. Jean's warm, wet mouth descended on his super-sensitive flesh and he gasped when she suckled softly, his hips pushing up and forcing himself further into her waiting mouth. Jean worked in earnest, sucking on Scott's arousal with every ounce of passion and need in her body, showing him just how into him she was. Scott's hands clutched at her hair, his eyes clenched tightly shut behind his glasses. "Jean...can't...longer..."
Jean smiled around his length, using her abilities to send wonderful spikes of sensation through Scott's body, enhancing her actions with her thoughts. Scott groaned raggedly and pushed her head down, forcing himself down her throat as hot spurts of his climax made her gag slightly before she swallowed. After several bursts and one more harsh groan, Scott's hands fell away. "See?" she said finally, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. "All me...and you."
Scott could not link two worogetogether. He merely nodded. As Jean crawled up the bed to lay against him, resting her head against his rapidly pounding heart, he thought _Maybe I should get her mad more often... _

Kitty had been staring at the ceiling for twenty minutes, worrying Astrid no end. Kurt was pacing frantically, pausing every few moments to shake Kitty's shoulder gently and murmur hr name. Astrid finally told him to stop before she went mad her self, earning a soft snort from Kitty that told her the girl was not so far gone as she appe. T. The girl in question twitched and then sat up suddenly. "Library!" she almost shouted.
"Was?" Kurt and Astrid chorused together.
"Move!" Kitty was on her feet and moving before Kurt could get out of her way, phasing through Astrid and Kurt in the process. The two Wagners stared at each other for a moment before Kurt flung open the door and dragged his mother after him. Kitty was running pell-mell down the hall, Kurt loping after her and Astrid stumbling to keep up. Kitty skidded through the library door and Kurt was close on her heels. "Doesn't look like me!" she kept repeating, hurrying down row after row of books.
"Katzchen! Slow down!" Kurt pounced on her, knocking Kitty to the floor and pinning her arms. "What is going on?"
"Kurt"! Astrid hissed, but did nothing else to stop her son, knowing that he would never hurt Kitty and curious herself as to what the girl was on about.
Kitty took a deep breath and, eyes shining with something Kurt could not name, said rapidly, "Ruth isn't a Simonov... not really. Or a Pryde....Magneto must have wanted her for that...I think I know...God, it's awful, but I think I know..." She shook her head violently and twisted, trying to free herself.
"Kitty, tell me all." Kurt's voice was low and quiet and his grip was strong.
Kitty stopped struggling and sighed, staring up at her captor and his mother. "I need to find the old yearbook of the Professor's, with all those pictures of him and Magneto when they were younger...I think I know why he wanted Ruth so bad!"

A/N We're picking up speed, I think...

1 Slang..."tap" or "tap that ass"= have sex with...
2 Who knew there was so many slang terms for sex?
3 Mystery series from a decade or so back-lots-o-sexual tension.
4 So sue me-I'm listening to Tom Petty's "Last dance with Mary Jane" (am I wrong to love that video?)

5 movie moment...happy Nemain...

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