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"Repeat that slowly, please, Kitty..." Beast polished his glasses on his lab coat, trying to sort out the miasma of panic and words Kitty had spouted when he found her, Kurt, and Astrid surrounded by Professor Xavier's old papers and yearbooks that he kept in the public area of the upstairs libra

Kitty sighed rolled her eyes, shoving a lock of sweaty, dusty hair from her face. "I need to find those old pictures the Professor has of Magneto. I need to prove something."
"What would that be?" Logan strolled into the room, alerted to the situation by a subtle page from Beast via the mansion's intercom system.
"Logan!" Kitty sighed in relief. "You'll understand!" Kitty launched herself at him and threw her arms around his neck in a hug. "You always understand me!" m...m..." The burly man stood, startled, before hesitantly hugging the girl back. "Sure, Half-Pint, I understand..." With a pointed look at Kurt, Logan mouthed, What?
Kurt shrugged. "No idea," he murmured softly, just loud enough for Logan to hear. Astrid shifted her eyes from the man's suddenly piercing glance but forced herself to look back steadily, remembering her plan to pump him for information later.
"If I find the pictures of Magneto and the Professor when they were younger, that might help me figure it out...Shiva won't leave me alone until I find it!"
"Shiva?" Astrid and Logan chorused. Beast raised one shaggy eyebrow in question but Kurt shook his head impatiently.
"Katzchen, what do you think you'll find?"
"Proof! Something, a reason why Magneto wanted Ruth, us, for this...thing...he was doing!" Kitty was gesticulating wildly as she spoke, making those near her dodge and duck flailing hands. "I know there's at least one picture."
Beast seized Kitty's hands and held her still, forcing her to look at him. "Katherine, listen to me. You need to calm down. In the morning, I will ask the Professor to get out his photos and let you see them if it will calm you down. Understand me?"
Astrid stepped forward. "But nothing, Kitty. The doctor is right...think this through, rest, and let him talk to the Professor."
Logan laid a hand on Kitty's trembling shoulder. "Astrid...Mrs. Wagner...has a good point. Nothing will change between now and then. Rest." He gently turned Kitty to face him. "Half-Pint?" Logan froze at the look in Kitty's eyes; he had seen such driven determination in the wild, usually before the bear pounced or the cougar set to it's prey.
"Please," she tried, her eyes boring into Logan's. She seemed to beg him for help with her gaze, beseeching him to overstep the words of the other adults.
Giving a bare glance to Kurt, who was edging silently closer, Logan said, "Astrid, I think Kitty needs to go back to bed. Would you mind walking her?"
"Of course I don't mind...Come on Kitty...I have tons of stories about Kurt that you should be able to use for blackmail later."
Kitty twisted in Astrid's loose grasp. "But it's in here! Shiva, shut up!" she cried, clapping a hand over her forehead. "Stop it!"
Astrid paused in the doorway, fully aware of the very worried eyes of the men behind her. "Kitty, if this Shiva does not leave you alone, tell him I will come in there myself and explain to him how little we appreciate his antics!"
Kurt snickered first. The absurdity of the statement sinking through the layers of panic and fear. He covered his mouth with his hand and looked at Kitty with helpless eyes but he could not help it. He snickered again and this time, Astrid giggled. Logan looked at them both, then exchanged glances with Beast. Kitty made a gurgling noise and sagged against Astrid. "It's not funny," she murmured, then snickered herself. "I sound insane."
Logan cleared his throat. "I wouldn't go so far as that..."
"I would," Kitty responded. She did not flinch as Astrid slid an arm around her in a maternal hug. "I've got issues."
"Katzchen...Liebes...I don't know if you're going to school tomorrow, but I'll help you look for those pictures. You're not alone in this."
Kitty's voice was muffled by Astrid's shoulder but she replied, "I feel like it..."
"Katherine, never feel alone here..." Beast stepped forward but was unsure if he should hug her or stay the distance.
"It isn't that I'm ungrateful," she said, turning her head to rest on Astrid's shoulder, her eyes squeezed closed and tugging at Kurt's heart. "I just don't know what to think anymore."
"Half-Pint..." Logan gently disentangled her from Astrid and turned her to look him in the eye. "I am proud to call myself your father, even if it is just on paper. Don't mope for those people who abandoned you. They wouldn't stand by you like we will."
Kurt sucked in a breath and felt the world shift beneath his feet._Logan admits he loves her as a daughter...can the end of the world be far behind? _ But it was the look on Kitty's face that made him feel vaguely faint. She looked hopeful, a different kind of hopeful than what he had given her. It wasn't the hope of someone finding a comrade in arms in the midst of a firefight but the hope of someone being pulled alive from the dreck that had buried them for eons. "Please, Katzchen, go to bed. Try and rest," he was careful not to say sleep, knowing she would not, "and I'll see you in the morning."
Kitty gave him a begging look, and he knew that she was asking him to come to her tonight, to lay with her again for comfort. He gave and almost imperceptible nod, but knew she had seen it when she smiled faintly and turned her attention back to Logan. "I'll go to bed. But promise me that you'll ask the Professor."
"We promise," Beast and Logan said in unison. "Good night, Half-Pint." He tugged her sloppy pony tail affectionately, only coloring faintly.
"Night, Logan," she whispered and flung her arms around his neck, surprising the man for the second time in less than half an hour. When her mouth was close to his ear, she whispered fiercely, "I love you, you big softie." While he was still hunched forward, agape, Kitty let Astrid lead her off without a backwards glance, knowing Kurt would come to her later, that knowledge taking the edge off her racing thoughts.
"Well," Beast finally said, eyeing the mess of pictures and books on the floor.
"I'll clean it up," Kurt said dully, wondering if Kitty was giving him ulcers.
Logan nodded curtly. "I'll keep ye oye on him, Hank...Go on back to the lab."
"Hmm...I think I'll see if Charles is awake right now...I think this matter is becoming urgent," he mumbled. With a bare good-night to the others, Beast lumbered from the room.
Kurt and Logan avoided each other's eyes, Kurt hunkering down to pick up the piles of books Kitty had pulled from the shelf and Logan slumping into a chair to study the wall opposite him. Finally, Logan said "Kurt, what do you think is going on with Kitty right now?"
"Was?" Kurt nearly dropped the armload of books he was carrying.
"Do you think she's cracking?" Logan looked at Kurt then, a piercing gazat bat brooked any age gap and position of authority. "Do you think she'll be okay?"
Kurt, feeling an immense weight settle on his shoulders, answered carefully. "I want to think she'll be okay. I don't know what to think myself after this whole Ruth-not-dead thing...She hasn't flipped out like I expected her to when she heard Ruth was dead at the Boardinghouse."
Logan sighed. "She's already said shiva for Ruth. As far as Kitty is concerned, Ruth has been dead this whole time, not matter what she saw at Magneto's prison."
"But if she saw her alive..." Kurt sat on the floor, shoving books indiscriminately onto the shelves nearest him.
"Doesn't matter, Elf." Logan shoved his chair back and made a slashing motion with his hand. "Shiva is shiva...Kitty said her piece for her dead and, in her tradition, that closes the book on things. You can't raise the dead, Kid."
Kurt stared at the highly polished wood floor for several silent minutes and Logan let him. "I couldn't save her," he finally said in a small voice.
"If I hadlet let her go alone with the principal, if I had been quicker to realize something was wrong..." Kurt shuddered, days, hours of suppressed pain and self-hatred emerging slowly.
"Elf...Kurt...listen to me. There is _nothing you _ could have done. Magneto and Mystique planned this that way. It only started unraveling when Mystique grew a conscience."
"What do you mean by that?" Kurt rocked onto his knees and crouched forward, looking as if he were ready to spring on his girlfriend's foster father if need be.
Logan sighed. _Better be straight with him. Hell, if Kitty trusts him, I should too. _ "Mystique kidnapped Kitty back from Magneto. She had an attack of conscience and from what we can figure, among other things, it's because she knows how much Kitty means to you."
Kurt felt sick. "She...she...was?"
"Mystique had a maternal moment as only she can, and she wanted to free Kitty because of the nature of the experiment as well as the fact Kitty is," he paused and cleared his throat again, "wildly in love with you and you with her."
"Ah." Kurt rose shakily to his feet. "Um, Herr Logan, can I be excused to bed? I'm not feeling well at all."
Several small stacks of books still littered the ground at Kurt's feet but Logan waved a negligent hand. "Go've got school in the morning."
Kurt murmured his thanks and 'ported from the room, leaving Logan with his thoughts. _What kind of protector and father am I if my 'daughter' gets taken from under our noses? What kind of father am I if I could not find her? I wonder if Astrid will be out soon... _

Kurt knocked gently on Kitty's door and was answered with his mother's soft voice telling him to come in. "She's almost asleep," she murmured, nodding at Kitty's curled body in the middle of the bed. "I'm going to have a talk with Logan...promise you won't wake her up?"
"Of course, Mama..." Kurt kissed his mother on the cheek. "I love you."
"Good night, Kurti...Don't stay up too late." She patted his cheek and left him with Kitty, sparing them a concerned glance from the doorframe. "Kurt..."
"I know, Mama...I know..." he sighed. When the door clicked softly shut, he carefully eased into bed next to Kitty, kissing the shell of her ear and pulling her to his chest. "Katzchen, I'm so sorry."
"For what, baby?" she muttered sleepily.
"For leaving you..."
"What? Leaving me?"
She sounded as if she were waking up and Kurt hurriedly soothed her. "Not _leaving _ you. Just...Gott im Himmel, Kitty. I had a thousand fantasies about saving you, rescuing you. I wanted to get you back so bad that I just couldn't think of anything else. I could have stopped you from being kidnapped. If I had just been more...vigilant. If I had just not let you go." He tightened his arm around her middle to the point where she gasped before he let her go.
'Kurt, love...It wasn't your fault. I promise." Kitty shifted and rolled to face him, pressing her full length against his, her face tilted up to look him in the eye. "Listen...Astrid has been helping me a little with this...I think I have it right." Kitty cleared her throat and began haltingly, "Ich weiß, dass du bei mir warst, ich weiß, dass du mich nicht im Stich gelassen hast. Es ist nicht deine Schuld, du konntest nichts tun... Bleib einfach bei mir für eine Weile, sag nichts und sei einfach da1." She pulled back and chewed her lower lip nervously, hoping she had gotten it all right and not just told him to marry a cow or she was a jelly donut or something.
Kurt's eyes flared yellow in the dark and he melted against her. "You learn fast."
"I mean it." She kissed him fervently on the mouth and sighed as his hands tightened on her back, feeling that, no matter what happened in the morning, at least tonight everything would be okay.

Rogue felt shaky. She stared at herself in the bathroom mirror and all she could see was a blur of red and white, her nerves burning with a thousand small fires. Jamie and Rahne had nearly caught her and Todd on the settee, the dark room being the only thing that saved them from discovery. Pressing her fingers to her lips, Rogue peered closely at the mirror and wondered if anyone would be able to tell that she had been the closest to bliss that she had ever dreamt that night. _He never complained once about my mutation...not once! And I totally forgot about his...well, the tongue thing was obvious and cool...great kisser, even through fabric... _ Rogue sighed giddily and sank to the cold tile floor, naked flesh twitching momentarily at the contact but settling into composure with new heat as she thought of the events of the evening. _Things I never knew about Todd Tolensky until today, by Rogue: great kisser, smells actually not half bad now that he showers on a regular basis, very nimble fingers...strong legs...well, the legs thing I should have known since he hops so much...he knows the sweetest words to whisper... _ Rogue knew she should feel stupid or embarrassed but she could not have calessless. Todd had been more than willing to sate her need in any way she asked him to, even with the barrier of clothing. Rogue did not dare suggest going beyond their exterior layers just yet, but his hands had kneaded flesh and rubbed every sensitive spot she could have thought of, making her shudder in her first real ecstasy, making him fairly glow and shake with the knowledge of what he was doing to her. She had found that by pressing _just so _ against him , she could make him groan incoherently, and by kissing him just below the ear, he would mewl like a kitten. Rahne and Jamie giggling, stumbling into the room in embarrassed affection, had put paid to further exploration. Todd had led her from the room, staying low even in the darkness and the two had hastily parted in the hallway, hands seeking and pressing a farewell as he scuttled towards the room he was sharing with Lance and she hurried down the hall to her own room. Rogue grinned happily and rose to her feet, feeling alive for the first time in Lord knew how long, flipping off her bathroom light and strolling to bed, deciding to sleep naked for the sake of sensation on her skin, to imagine the touch of the sheets were hands, surprisingly gentle fingers...
"Pssst!" A clatter of stones made her sit straight up in bed. "Hey, Rogue!"
The sound came from the window, driving her to her feet and sending her staggering to the opening before her eyes were fully open. "What the fuck is it?"
"It's me..." Pietro stepped into her line of vision. "I need to talk to you..."

1 I knew you were with me, I know you didn't abandon me. It's not your fault, there'shinghing you could do... Stay here with me a while and just be quiet and just be.

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