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stared stupidly at Amara for a full minute before Tabitha made a noise,
breaking his stupor. “Shut up, Boom
Boom, “ he said. Slowly, he asked
Amara, “Just what are you saying?”

saying, honey, that the best way for me to make Tabitha feel the pain I
felt is to take away a part of her.
To…cut it out, as it were.” Amara
was still pressed against Lance’s chest, her breath pushing her breasts against
his ribs, dividing his attention on the matter at hand.

muffled thump made them both look over.
She had been propped in a seated position, bound, against the closet
door. Now she was on her side,
struggling to free herself. A faint
glow made them both realize what the girl planned to do so Amara broke away and
crossed to her enemy in two giant strides.
“You try, girlie, and you’ll be sorry…”
A flaming hand was presented to Tabitha, centimeters from her face. “Understand?” Amara did not wait for a response, merely snapped out her flames
and returned to Lance’s side. He stared
at the girl, the woman, before him, a statement of confusion and desire on his face. “What?”

“Amara, baby,
think about this…” Lance, while titillated by what his girlfriend was offering,
was alternately embarrassed and wary about her suggestion.

Amara bit
her lower lip in what had to be a practiced expression and looped her arms
around his neck, Lance’s hands going to her hips automatically. “Don’t you want me to get what I want?”

gonna be trouble down the road, I can tell… “Damn it, Princess, you know I

“Do I?”

Lance was quickly reaching the end of his rope. Tabitha’s struggles had increased and Lance knew they had little
time. “I want to…Damn, baby, I want to…but
I can’t!” Tabitha snorted and he
hurriedly added, “I mean, I can, but if she’s watching…it wouldn’t mean

“Does it
have to?” Amara pushed away
sulkily. “Can’t we just fuck?”

“Then how
would that hurt her?” he pointed
out. Amara tensed, her back to him, and
ducked her head. Lance knew he’d hit a
good point in her mind. “Listen, Amara,
I have an idea…” He crossed to her and,
in full view of Tabitha, swept Amara’s dark hair off her neck and pressed a
light kiss just beneath her ear, darting his tongue out and making her
shiver. “I’ll take care of her for you…Let

“Why?” she
asked suspiciously, unconsciously leaning back against his chest. “Why can’t I have my little vengeance?”

“Baby, you’re
still hurt from the fight…you still have skull fractures and a broken rib…you
shouldn’t be roughhousing,” Lance explained in a low voice. Tabitha had stilled
and was glaring at him dangerously.
Amara, for her part, had slipped her focus and was breathing through
parted lips, Lance’s words brushing her skin with his proximity, frissons of
desire and something more rg dog down her spine. Seeing that he had Amara’s nearly undivided attention, he wrapped
his arms around her waist and pulled her flush against him, letting her feel
his burgeoning arousal. “We can…later…I
just don’t want you to get hurt in a, ah, not-fun way…”

ears burned with mild embarrassment.
She had never had someone speak to her like that before, out of concern
and honest caring. At least not someone
so close, someone that she wanted to want her so much that it physically hurt,
deep down in her secret soul. With a
silent, deep breath, she tried in vain to slow her rapid pulse. Finally, as Lance dropped even more small
kisses to the side of her neck, eliciting growls and thumps from Tabitha, Amara
asked “What are you going to do?”

“Don’t you
want it to be a surprise?” he asked, smiling against her shoulder. “Something that I do for you, and all you
have to do is enjoy the result?” he
murmured. Tabitha made an agitated
noise and Lance thought Hurry up, Princess, make a decision.

“Are you
going to fuck her?” Amara sounded
already hurt and Tabitha stilled, maybe in hope, maybe in fear.

stiffened and rose to his full height, making Amara feel suddenly small and
fragile, but only for a passing moment.
“How could you ask that?”

“Well, it
isn’t like we’re…I don’t know!” Amara
shook her head roughly and turned to face him, hesitating before she took hold
of his wrists and tugged on them gently.
“I don’t know…”

sighed and rolled his neck, closing his eyes in consternation. “Amara, we’ll have this talk later, but no,
I’m not going to fuck her. Or kiss her,
lick her, do anything to her that I may consider doing to or with you.” That was as close to a declaration of love
as Lance could get to at that moment and Amara took it for what it was,
flushing slightly and nodding her acquiescence.

“Where do I
go?” She turned his hands over in hers
and seemed to be memorizing the lines there.

It struck him then how innocent she really was, how young they
were, despite bravado and blustering, mutations and hardships. Amara seemed to be thinking along similar
lines because, for the first time he could remember, she looked unguarded. Her eyes were wide and slightly moist, her
face not sad but more contemplative. She’s
beautiful… Lance drew in a long,
painful breath and gently removed his hands from her grasp. “Take a walk. Toad’s down by the lake.
Make sure he’s not harassing the duck or something…”

Amara’s eyes briefly hardened as if
she were going to rebel against an order, but instead she nodded and stood on
tip-toe, Lance still having to bend slightly to meet her lips. “Be careful…don’t destroy my room. I will kill you.” She cut a dark
glare at Tabitha. “Leave some for me,
Lance…” Amara gave him one last, albeit
unwilling, lingering look and crept silently from the room.

Lance waited for a long time, ten
silent minutes, staring at Tabitha. She
glared back at him until she could no longer stand it, ducking her head to hide
growing fear. Tabitha was afraid of
Lance, afraid of what she knew he could do, of his temper and of his
potential. Lance merely sat on Amara’s
bed, regarding the girl. He no longer
heard doors slamming and murmurs from the hall or outside and he was fairly
certain that the other mutants, while not necessarily asleep, were at other
pursuits and too bust to bother knocking on the door to see what was going
on. Finally, he stood slowly, ignoring
the faint pops from his knees, and walked towards Tabitha. The girl cowered slightly before she forced
herself to sit erect, to put on a mask of disapproval and bluster. Lance squatted so that he could speak close
to her ear, his lips nearly touching her skin but just missing by a hair’s
breadth. “You tried to take her from
me. You can’t have me, you don’t want
anyone to. Is that it? Kitty wasn’t a threat to you because you
knew you could still get to me, and you did, didn’t you? I still fucked you. And you know what, Tabby? You aren’t that good…” Lance smiled inwardly when Tabitha
growled. “Sure, you meet the basic
requirements for enjoyable sex: close space, warm, moist[1]…but
that’s it. Amara, though…Amara is
something else entirely…” Tabitha
flinched then at the open lust in Lance’s voice, now low and rough with memory
and desire. “Amara knows about darker
things. She knows that there’s more to things
than laying there like a cold fish and moaning occasionally. That thing you won’t
do? She so does…”[2] Lance saw Tabby’s eyes widen and her face
flush. Oral sex had always been a sore
point with the girl, she refusing to do it on the grounds that it was “icky.” “Rebuttal, Boom Boom?” Lance tugged at the gag in her mouth and
warned, “You scream, I’ll bury you alive.
Got it?” She nodded vigorously
and he removed the fabric.

After several gulping breaths,
Tabitha rasped, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Lance drew back and sat on his
heels, staring the girl down. “For one,
I’m saving your ass. Amara may have
wanted to torment you with a little…show… but she would most likely have ended
up hurting you badly. And I can’t say I
would have stopped her.”

“Fuck you.”

“She will…” Lance winked broadly at her and had the
satisfaction of seeing her grow pale with anger. “Secondly, I’m letting you know, straight out, you have no
fucking chance in Hell to ever get in my good graces or bed again. Ever.”

“What?” Tabitha snorted. “You and the misses already settling down
and raising kids?”

Lance grew quiet, a sudden image of
Amara in a lacey apron and nothing else, greeting him at the door with a
cat-like smile, blazing across his mind’s eye.
“Er…” Tabitha’s soft bark of
laughter snapped him back to reality. “I
love Amara. I love her in a way I never
thought possible for someone like me.”
He was done bullshitting her, he decided. The best way to hurt her is with the truth. “You have no idea what it means to love, do
you? I didn’t either until recently.”

“You have no idea what I know don don’t know!” she hissed. The wrappings
were falling free but she had not made a move to escape. “Love is weakness, numb nuts!” Lance could tell she was feeling pain,
though, from the way her words were quavering despite her brace face.

“I thought so too…once.” Amara’s
words cawed through his head like a crow, though, when she told him the exact
same thing Tabitha had said. Have to
talk to her about that later. “I
was wrong. Love is strength.”

“What? Lance, are you high?”

He could not help it then—he laughed. “Nope.
I love Amara. I love her with
parts of me that I never knew existed.
And the sex…damn, it’s beyond anything I ever thought possible!”

“Why? Because she’ll give you a
blow job?” Tabitha’s jealousy was
showing and it was a huge, ugly monster.

Changing subjects at a breakneck
speed, Lance queried “Why do you think you love me?”

“Who said I did?” she snapped back.

“Answer me or I put the gag back
and let Toad practice his oral skills on you…” Lance knew that no such thing would happen but Tabitha was
dimwitted enough to believe him.

Quickly, she spat out “Because. Because you’re…you’re you. I love that you’re tough and kick ass when
you need to and you know what it’s like to be broke…and you’re good in bed…and
you don’t…” here she paused and Lance saw rather than heard her choke on a sob,
“you don’t judge me.”

Lance huffed out a breath. “The thing is, Tabitha, I don’t love
you. I never did. No matter who I was with, it wasn’t some
ruse to get you to my side. I love
Amara, for the first time in my life I’m in love. And honestly,” he paused,
considering his words carefully, “I never want to be in love with anyone
else. Ever.”

“How can you say that? Two months ago, you hated Amara, you hated
the X Men. I don’t understand…”

“I’m not going all freak show or
anything, but I can see both sides now.” Lance was quiet, studying Amara’s rug
with great concentration. “And I just…know…about
Amara. She’s still a bitch, a brat and
a pain in the ass, but I love her for it instead of in spite of it.”

Tabitha hitched her breath. “Ow.”

“Exactly.” Lance rose to his feet and passed a tired
hand over his eyes. “Get up. You’re loose so just stand.”

Tabitha rose shakily, her muscles
sore and taught from hours of cramped binding.
“What was she going to do to me?”

“Don’t know,” he shrugged. “You understand, though, that I meant what I

“Ow,” she repeated, her hand
touching her heart involuntarily. “I
don’t understand.”

Lance shrugged. “You don’t have to, really.”

“Why?” she asked plaintively. “I can give you so much more…” she added
suggestively, stepping close. Quickly,
recalling what Lance liked, she pressed close, rubbing her breasts against his
chest and sliding one thigh between his.
“I can show her a few tricks…”
Tabitha slid one hand down his side and slipped to the waistband of his
pants, toying with the zipper.

“Tabitha, there’s nothing you can
give me that’d be worth what it’d cost in the end.” Lance did not bother moving away, letting the girl discover for
herself just how unarousing he found her behavior. She wriggled her hand inside his pants and groped him, attempting
to get a reaction other than flaccid disinterest. “See?” He disengaged her
and stepped back. “I couldn’t care less
anymore…” Only then did Tabitha’se
crumple, her eyes spilling over onto her cheeks.

Lance felt only slightly guilty,
but knew that what he had done was not only necessary on some level but exactly
what Amara wanted. Cut her to the
quick for you, baby…


Kurt saw Amara pass beneath his
window with some faint interest. Her
head was down and she seemed to be in a hurry, but he did not call out to
her. He merely watched her stride
through the wet grass towards the back of the mansion, towards the lake. Hope she doesn’t find Toad out there…She’ll
die of fright or he’ll be toasty. Kurt
sighed and sank beneath the sill, crouching on the floor in abject
depression. His mind was a whirl of
images and thoughts, some good but most bad.
He was desperate to find Kitty but hitting walls everywhere he
turned. Maybe mama will be able to
help… How, he did not know, but Kurt had great faith in maternal
capabilities. He fell to his side and
curled into a fetal position, sucking on his tail in a childhood mannerism long
abandoned. Fingers twisting in his
hair, Kurt had never felt more alone in his entire life, even when he was being
ostracized for his mutation, even when he had gotten lost as a young boy in a
market outside of Berlin, his parents engrossed in a display while he followed
a bouncing mechanical puppy on a pull-string, held by another child, through
the rows of stalls and people. Even
then, he thought, lost in a sea of legs and grown ups, other kids staring at
him strangely and some even mocking him, throwing things at him, he had not
felt this miserable. Shifting slightly,
trying to draw his knees even closer to his chest, a flash of color under his
bed caught his attention. Was? Disentangling his tail and fingers, Kurt
crawled over to the bed and reached blindly underneath in the direction of the
color. Something soft… With a gasp of recognition, he pulled out
one of his most cherished objects—Kitty’s favorite pink sweater, left on the
bathroom floor on a night nearly a month ago and now a resident of his room,
with her tacit permission by possession of his shirt. He had kept it carefully, folded and safe under the dark of his
bed, away from prying eyes. Kurt had
rationed out his “visits” with the sweater carefully. He had a set of rules, in
fact. Only take it out when he missed
Kitty, like when she was staying late at school or there was some project that
kept them apart during the evening.
Only snuggle with it for a few minutes so as not to rub off the
smell. Although, he remembered, that had
almost happened once and he had snuck some of her perfume to spray on it, not
the same as her skin-warmed scent but close enough to pretend. Now, he noted, bringing the sweater to his
face, it still smelled like her but it seemed like holding a phantom, or like
cheating on Kitty with herself somehow.
Choking on a sob and woozy with hunger, Kurt staggered to his feet,
blind in his intent but his back brain leading him onward. Not daring to ‘port in his weak state, Kurt
forced his steps from his room to Kitty’s, the door still standing open as she
had left it before school mere hours before.
His heightened senses detected her scent even outside the door, the
smell completing the blurring of his reasoning. Kurt curled into Kitty’s sheets.
Katzchen never did like making her bed… Kurt pulled the cool cotton sheet over his face and twining his
tail through the folds of the comforter.
Katzchen. Mein Schatz…
Kurt pressed his face into her pillows, reveling in the sense of Kitty near
him, crushing her sweater to his chest.
I’ve failed you…I can’t find you and I’ve failed you. How are you going to get home if they won’t
let me look for you? Kurt sniffed
and snuggled into the mattress, softer than his own and redolent of Kitty, of
memories of their few lovemaking sessions and their myriad kisses and covert
touches. Kurt wailedo tho the pillow
and allowed himself to weep then, crying hard enough to make his throat and
stomach ache. As he ted ted into uneasy
sleep, a voice whispered in his ear, “She called to me, finally. I will bring her to you but it will not be
the way you might like…strength comes from challenge, from pain…”


A/N Amara’s little trip next

[1] You know, I
have no idea where that line comes from.
It’s a romantic comedy and this guy is explaining to someone how guys
think of sex. I want to say it was John
Cusack or someone similar…Anyhow, just know that it ain’t my line…

[2] Stole that
one too. DREW CAREY SHOW. He’s telling
some high school girl in line about her bf cheating on her with some girl.

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