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"Did you have a good birthday, Schatz?" Kurt asked softly. Kitty was curled next to him on the couch, her feet tucked under his thighs and his tail around her waist. A movie played on the screen and their friends were scattered throughout the rec room, staring at the screen or at each other.
"Lovely..." she whispered back. "Except for one thing..."
"You're wondering where my present is, ja?" Kurt smiled in the dark and tugged her ponytail. "I wanted to give it to you in private."
"Oh?" Kitty felt a jolt of desperate longing. They had returned to their previous promise to abstain from intercourse until her birthday and now she was half-mad with desire for her boyfriend. She suspected Kurt felt the same way, but she could not be sure. _Damn him for being a good actor... _
Kurt squeezed his arm around her shoulders and kissed the crown of her head. "Now, now, isn't always about sex!"
"Shaddup!" Jubilee hissed. "I'm trying to watch Tobey Maguire here!"
"Ma belle ange!" Remy gasped in mock-dismay. "How can you give ta couer a un homme qui s'appelle Tobey?"
"Gambit," Amara said calmly, "Don't make me burn you." Lance sniggered and she added, "Same goes for you, Neptune."
"Neptune?" Rahne's voice piped up from the armchair where she sat pressed side-to-side with Jamie.
Lance muttered darkly, "Long story."
"I would like to hear it!" Jamie said brightly. Lance growled at him and Rahne growled back, disturbingly well.
Amara sniffed imperiously. "It is not for you to know," she said to the others.
Kitty shushed them again. "We're missing important stuff here..."
Kurt, Jamie, Remy and Lance exchanged looks. All the women in the room were paying rapt attention to Tobey Maguire and Elijah Wood1 Leaning close to Kitty's ear, Kurt murmured, "Would you rather watch this or get your presents?"
Kitty slanted her eyes sideways at her boyfriend. "Hmmm....presents!" Kurt rose carefully and tugged Kitty to her feet, letting her phase them through the couch to avoid crossing in front of anyone. They were mildly amused when Amara hastily pulled Lance up and they took over the couch in their wake. Kitty led him quickly up the stairs, passing Rogue in transit. "Hey," Kitty said as they crossed paths.
"Seen Todd?" the Goth asked by way of greeting.
Kurt paused. "He disappeared after cake...check the Danger Room. He likes it there, for some reason..." a s a shrug, Kurt succumbed to Kitty's tugging and left his half-sister in the hallway.
Rogue smiled to herself. _Good. He's probably alone... _ One anxious feet, she hurried to the Danger Room and noted with slight satisfaction that the green light was on above the door, indicating occupation. _Howdy, Todd... _
Todd looked up sharply as the door hissed wide, ending the program he was running. "Rogue!"
"Now what did I tell you my name was?" she said with a sly smile, her tone sharp but not cutting.
Todd bit his lower lip and averted his eyes. Calling Rogue by her real name was something he recognized as intimate, almost like knowing her carnally because of how closely she protected her true identity. "Hi, Ma...Marie..." he finally stammered.
Rogue entered the room fully then and let the door slide shut behind her. "That's better." In two steps, she was at his side and looping her arms around his neck, her bodysuit providing protection while being thin enough that he could feel her warmth seeping to his own skin. "Missed you after dinner."
"Yeah,, well," he muttered sheepishly. "I didn't have a present for Kitty and I didn't want to hang around while she opened what everyone else gave her..."
Rogue nudged his hip with hers and his hands came to rest on her waist. "She wouldn't have minded that you didn't give her a gift. You know, she's starting to like you. She told me today you were, and I quote, 'Weird in a good way,' which is what she says about Lance and she's known him forever..."
Todd snickered. "She said the same thing about Kurt. Wonder if I can give him a run for his money."
"Hey, now!" Rogue playfully slapped him on his rear and Todd stuck his tongue out at her. "Only if I get to go for Kurt."
At the mention of his former enemy and slowly developing friend, Todd scowled. "That's not funny." He pulled away and stumped over to one of the low benches along the wall.
"Todd! C'mon...I was kidding!" Rogue moved to kneel before him and tried to look into his eyes but he avoided her gaze steadily. "Todd..."
"You just don't understand, Marie!" he finally sighed, turning his hands palms-up in his lap, staring at the lines there. "Every moment we're together, I wonder when you're going to come to your senses and leave me. I live in constant worry that the next thing you say to me is going to be goodbye."
Rogue sat back on her heels, feeling her heart break into tiny pieces. "Oh, Todd," she finally managed to say. "I wouldn't do that!"
"Why not?" he asked plaintively. "I mean, have you seen me?"
"Yeah. Have you seen me?" Rogue shook her head. "Haven't we had this conversation before?"
"Probably." Todd slid down to the floor to sit next to her. "I'm sorry."
"Don't be." Taking a deep breath, Rogue plunged ahead. "Look, the whole reason I came down here tonight might make you a little less uncertain about how I feel towards you."
"Huh?" Todd had an inkling, but he dared not hope too fervently.
"Come with me..." Rogue tried to pull him to his feet but Todd resisted.
"No. You tell me here!"
"Todd, please!" She tried unsuccessfully to budge him but he would not move. "Fine. We'll do it here!" Rogue stood straight and dug in her cleavage, tossing a foil coin into his lap.
"Is this a....I mean..." Todd turned the package over in his hands and blushed beet root red.
"A condom. Yeah." Rogue felt suddenly nervous. "I know how we know."
w?" w?" he asked breathlessly.
"I, um, have a different bodysuit's kind know...crotchless," she mumbled.
Todd felt like fainting. His hands were shaking and Rogue swam dizzily in his vision. "Gah," he managed.
" to?" It was not the romantic scenario she envisioned but she did not care about the extras, just that she had nevelt elt more sure of something in her life. Not even Pietro had inspired her to these lengths.
"That's kind of a dumb question, yo." Todd held out his hand and Rogue took it, straddling his lap and pressing close. She kissed the top of his head and he sighed. "How do we do this?"
"Well, you put that on, I lift my skirt, and you holler if you feel like you're being drained in a not-fun way..."
Todd blinked twice and then set himself into motion. With fumbling fingers, her unfastened his jeans, Rogue carefully out of the way to avoid accidental contact. She watched with avid interest as he shakily put the condom on, his own eyes wide and embarrassed. "Do you have to watch?"
"I like looking at you," she said simply, making him blush even redder and wipe his sweaty palms on his jeans. "Ready?" She raised an eyebrow at his obvious arousal. "That's a yes..." She moved over him again and paused. "What's wrong?"
"It shouldn't be likes...s...You deserve better."
'Todd," she said softly, "It can't be any better so long as it's with you." With courage belying her nervousness, Rogue shifted and virtually impalerselrself on his length. Todd's eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned long and low at the feeling of her tight, wet sheath over him. Rogue gasped at the initial shock and sharp pain, hissing as it settled to a burning sensation as her body got used to Todd's presence.
The feeling of her silky bodysuit and her hot center made Todd feel faint, his heart pounding in his ears. He could not form a coherent thought as she surrounded him, her hands clutching his shoulders convulsively and her internal muscles quivering in adjustment. "God, Marie..."
"Shhh..." she was trying desperately to assimilate her physical self with her mind, which was flying miles away in the night sky. "We have to be so careful," she breathed.
"I know...Rogue...Marie..." he whispered in a thick voice, "I love you."
Rogue nearly fell backwards. She had not begun to move against him but already she felt close to completion, his words sending electric thrills to her most sensitive part. "Todd
"Please...don't say it. Just...just." A tear leaked from beneath his closed lids and Rogue felt her heart break anew. "Marie."
"Say my name again," she whispered. She moved then, carefully and slowly, alert for any indication that his skin was exposed to her touch but all she felt was his heat and hardness through a layer of cloth and rubber.
"Marie, Marie, Marie," he chanted like a monk at Vespers, his hands tight on her hips, pulling her to him as closely as he could. He wanted to kiss her deeply, make her his in every way possible, but her slow movements were driving any rational thoughts from his already addled mind.
"Todd, God you feel so good inside me!" Rogue gasped, her head lolling back and mind buzzing with senon. on. _This is nothing compared to doing this alone...sooooooooo much better. And it's with Todd! Six weeks ago, I would've punched someone if they told me I'd be doing this... _ Six weeks ago, she did not know how sweet he could be to her, how funny and protective, how much she would look forward to seeing him each morning when she woke up. She had no idea why she felt this way only that it felt _right. _
Todd melted. He knew he was just a puddle of Todd-colored goo on the Danger Room floor, having the best dream of his life. There was no way he was sitting there with Rogue in his lap, her core pulling at him even as she pushed against him. _Good good good great better best better than dreams... _ Todd groaned as she moved a little fast, still attentive in case some skin peeked through the barrier. "You have no idea how much of a dream come true this is," he muttered between panting breaths.
"Tell me later," she gasped. She felt the edge of ecstasy just out of reach and was desperate to reach it. Bracing herself with one hand on his shoulder, she reached between them and pressed against the sensitive bundle of nerves at the apex of hhighhighs. Todd felt the rush of warmth and tightening of her passage that signaled Rogue's release, the sensations new and unexpected to him. He held her tightly to his arousal as she keened low and harshly, his name mingled with nonsense words and love-phrases. With one body-wrenching shudder, Rogue slumped forward and rested her head against his shoulder, still moving against him but with less force than before. "You close?" she asked after a few minutes of gentle gyrations. Todd was moaning softly and murmuring in her hair, lost in the moment.
"I...I think so..." he said slowly, not able to form phrases readily.
"What can I do to bring you closer?" she asked, raising up to look him in the eye.
Todd gulped. "I don't know!" am am I supposed to know? _ Rogue sighed and shrugged as in agreement before increasing the pace of her movements. Todd's hands found her breasts through the fabric of her over-shirt and, asking permission with his eyes, slid his hands between the cotton t-shirt and silken bodysuit. He felt a new rush of desire as his fingers found hardened nipples and Rogue moaned at his touch, leaning into it and whispering for him to touch her more. He stroked her breasts in the way he knew she liked and she flooded with moisture around him again. Todd felt close then, something he recognized from years of practice, and he moaned softly, pressing his face against her soft breasts and breathing damply against the sensitive flesh. Rogue moaned his name and he felt like his broke into a thousand pieces, his release sudden and hard, making him shake so violently that Rogue worried for his health for a brief moment. Part of his mind felt the sticky warmth seeping down his member but the rest of his mind only registered Rogue-her scent, the sound of her breathing, even her smudge makeup made him feel ten feet tall and bulletproof. _I did this to her...she did this to me... _
Rogue carefully stood after their breathing returned to normal (or close to it), turning her back to let Todd take care of his side of the resulting mess. When she heard him stand and cross to her, she turned to face him, tilting her head down to whisper into his ear. "That thing you said to me earlier? Me, too."

Kitty lay on her stomach, watching Kurt avidly. He had made a big show of retrieving the present from his room, hiding it behind his back and extolling the virtues of her beauty, to which she laughed. "C'mon, baby! Give!"
"Bad Kitty!" he chided, but laughed and sat next to her. "Now, this may not be what you want or you may think it's dumb..."
"Kurt," she said, placing a quelling finger over his lips, "you could give me a box of blue fur and I'd love it."
He frowned deeply, seemingly considering it. "I do not thinrr Brr Beast would like me to take his fur..."
"Smart ass! Now GIVE!" Kitty tickled him and managed to grab what was behind his back, a white envelope of thick paper, blank save for the "K" written in heavy black ink. She sat back and breathed out a sigh, Kurt's intent gaze making her feel strangely vulnerable. "What is it?"
"Open it," he suggested, albeit the softly Ki Kitty looked at him in askance once and shrugged, sliding one finger under the flap and folding it back. Inside, e wee were three cards on thick white paper that matched the envelope. She pulled them out, Kurt's sense of occasion rubbing off on her. "Oh, Kurt!" Tears sprang to her eyes when she saw what it was.
"I, um...I didn't know what to get you..."
"It's beautiful!" She flung her arms around his neck and kissed him over and over again on the cheeks and lips. "How did you do this?"
"The Professor gave me the information and I sent in the paperwork...he pulled some strings to make it faster." Kurt pulled away slightly and smiled at her. "I think it's best to remember our dead as they were alive, ja?"
Kitty nodded dumbly. She stared at the cards over Kurt's shoulders, one for Ruth, one for her Yaya, and one for Elaine. Kurt had given trees in their honor on the Avenue of the Righteous in Israel2, their names forever tied to life in the face of death. "I love you," she said after a long time. "I love you so much..."
"Mein Katzchen," he murmured thickly, kissing her forehead and neck, laying her back against the pillows. "I don't know what I would have done if you had been hurt or even...even killed." He moved to Kitty's feet and removed her shoes, tugging her socks after them. Rubbing her feet, he said softly, "I don't know what I would do without your toes." She giggled as he kissed each one in turn, making her twist away only to be drawn back as his hands traveled up her calves, making small circles as he went. "I don't know what I would do without your legs...your stomach, your shoulders..." Kurt moved up her body, kissing and massaging as he went. "Liebes," he whispered when she went still. "Liebes?"
Kitty was asleep, dead to the world. Her face bore the faintest trace of a smile and Kurt sighed. _I can't be mad at her...she needs this... _ With careful movements so as not to wake her, he settled next to her. _What's one more night in the face of forever? _

1 They're watching The Ice Storm. Sure, it's a little mature, but I like it so they get to watch it.
2 The actual criteria are a bit more strict than this but this is a! :) The Avenue was built after WWII and honors Jews and those who are considered "Righteous" by planting trees to have a living thing as a reminder of sacrifice.

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