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A/N Goddess Foxfeather and her consort Ted have a mighty dolphin which fends off snarky trainee evaluators and certain ex people... Lucas and Kristin are in charge of the dolphin while Ted rubs Foxy's feet... InterNutter, TC and Maxwell Pink are supersexygroovywonderful people and the ducks' dance in their honor is amazing-you should see it. The lead duck does this thing with tassels... Hard to explain but you'll love it when you see it. Readers/Reviewers: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways....Quack, quack, quack...honk! (That last one was from the goose...)

Rogue shivered despite the softly warm night air. She was early, having thrown a sweatshirt on over a pair of gym shorts before running like the devil was at her heels to the park. The whole way, Rogue could not shake the feeling that she was being followed, that someone or something was keeping pace with her and watching her every move in the dark. When she padded to a stop near the bench, bending to catch her breath, Rogue was certain that she saw a flash of skin, caught a scent of cologne, but the breeze shifted and the idea was gone.
"Rogue," Pietro hissed from the darkness behind her.
Gritting her teeth, she turned slowly towards the bank of pines and snarled ,"What the hell do you want?"
"Do you know what happened?" Pietro approached slowly, his hands unconsciously spread in a supplicating gesture, "Did you hear?"
Rogue narrowed her eyes at him and advanced, closing on him in three steps. Her bare white hands rose to his face, pausing mere centimeters from the skin. "I saw with your eyes what happened. How did you kill her? Did Magneto ask you to?"
Pietro blinked rapidly, reminding Rogue of a rabbit caught in headlights. " did..." He shook himself and continued. "It was an accident. I was just supposed hold on to her until he could pick her up."
Rogue knew how to play her hand then. _Pretend I'm interested. Pretend I still give a damn about him. _ "Why?"
His shoulders visibly relaxed. "He said...I really shouldn't tell you." Rogue braced herself and forced her face into relaxed lines. Pietro stared as she licked her lips and settled onto the bench, crossing her long, bare legs in a teenage version of seductive. "Okay. He said his first experiment failed and he had to move his subject to a safe location."
"Really?" She motioned for him to sit next to her and, when he did, she tossed her hair back and chewed on her lower lip as if in deep thought. Pietro's hand crept close to her bare knee and she seethed inside that he would assume she would let him continue their game now. "I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I'm sorry I was pissed woke me up and all."
"Sorry..." Her knee edged towards his fingers and he exerted all his self-control not to touch her bare skin. "I didn't want you to hate me," he whispered.
Rogue bit back a snarl. ", what I've been thinking about is this: I made a bad decision when I came to the X Men." Rogue knew she was being watched then-she heard a sharp intake of breath from a scrub plant nearby. _Remy...has to be Remy, the fink! _
"Wha...Rogue!" Pietro looked the happiest she had ever seen him.
Fighting nausea, Rogue soldiered on. "The X Men are great and all, but the Brotherhood is _doing _ shit! Y'all are fighting the powers trying to hold us back!" She knew she sounded too enthusiastic to anyone who knew her, but Pietro only knew an idealized image of Rogue so he believed every word she spoke. "Pietro, if I asked real nice-like and told you I knew a way that I could be touched," _Not a total lie, _ she reasoned, "could you take me to Magneto?"
"Rogue, I can't do that..." Pietro looked honestly contrite, pulling away from her near-touch.
Her mind wheeling, she countered, "Well, bring him to me? I want to talk to him,," she gestured grandly. " get scope!"
"It's been so long since I've been part of something meaningful..." Rogue touched her fingertips to the lock of hair that fell in his face. "Please? For me?"
Pietro let out a long, shuddering sigh. "I'm going to see him Friday. I'll take you with "
"Promise?" she purred. Silently begging Todd's forgiveness, she leaned in close and blew in Pietro's ear.
"Ungh," he said. His eyes were large and boring into Rogue's as he whispered "Promise."
"Mmmm. For being such a good boy, you get a treat." Cursing her spy or spies, Rogue knew that what she was about to do would either get her a good talking-to or be all over the mansion by the time she got back. "Now hold still until I say you can..." Rogue bit the inside of her cheeks and leaned back, tugging the hem of her shirt up over her breasts, exposing the milk-white flesh to the night air. As a testament to her lack of interest and general revulsion, her nipples were flat despite the mild chill in the breeze. "You can touch..."
Pietro didn't even wait for her to finish the sentence. His rapid, albeit strangely firm touch, swept across her breasts and Rogue felt the jolt that signaled a drain. He gasped and jerked convulsively, as if struck by electricity, before falling back against the bench's wooden frame. "Rogue," he managed.
She lowered her shirt and slit her eyes in the direction of the spy-laden shrub. "That's your reward. Now go...get me Friday, early." She stood and stretched lazily, silently tamping down a surge of images and feelings from Pietro.
"Night, Rogue," he said thickly. Can Can you make it?"
"Unh..." He wavered for a moment and, with a sharp breath, took off into the darkness in a blur of white and silver.
"Guess so..." After a long pause, she said "Come out, Remy."
" you know I here?" The Cajun stood, exactly where Rogue thought he would be, and smiled a tad sheepishly.
"Sorry, Rogue..." Scott stood next to their friend and brushed at invisible dust on his pants legs.
She crossed her arms and glared sternly at them, her thin form shaking with a mix of rage and embarrassment. "Why did you follow me?"
Remy and Scott exchanged looks and, through some sort of male telepathy, it was decided Remy would tell her. "We hear Pietro hollerin' for ya, we look what goin' on..." Remy shrugged, trying valiantly not to think of her bare breasts. _Love Jubilee, but tits be tits, eh? _ Clearing his throat under the laser-like glare of Rogue's expression, he continued, "So we be worried. We follow ya..."
Rogue grinned evilly. "Well hush my mouth, Remy. Y'all was worried..." Rogue was laying on the accent super-thick, strolling slowly towards the young men with her hips rolling seductively, her lips parted in welcome. "Now, what ever shall I do? Let me see..." Trailing her fingers down their shirtfronts, Rogue murmured, "I can pretend you never saw me and you return the favor...I can drain you both for spying on me...or..."She smiled in a way that would make the Virgin weep, a sure signal to the boys that she was up to no good, "you're in on this now..."
"In on what?" Scott stuttered. "What're you up to? I know you can't seriously be going back to the Brotherhood!"
"You're right...I'm not. I'm being the world's best sister."

Kitty blinked at the sudden influx of light. "Wha....?"
Kurt's arms tightened around her and he groaned into her neck. "Too early for school!"
"Not school, lo.Rog.Rogue."
"Tell her I'll kill her later but to turn off the light now." He burrowed his face into the crook of Kitty's neck and snuffled softly, trying to get comfortable.
"Kurt, Kitty...get up! Need to talk to you!" Rogue's voice was slowly shredding their comfortable blanket of sleep, making Kitty long to slap the Hell out of Kurt's half sister.
"Kurt, if I kill her first, you can sleep in, 'kay?" Knowing what she had to do, Kitty wriggled in Kurt's arms until she faced Rogue, the Goth girl looking something between bored and annoyed. "Make it're cutting into serious sleep time. And snuggles." Kitty wrapped Kurt's tail around her fingers and he murmured sleepily before snorting softly and drifting back off.
"I did something tonight that I think you'll appreciate. I need you up!" Rogue shook Kitty's shoulder and poked her through the sheet. "C'mon!"
Kitty sighed. "Kurt, baby, I'll be back in a minute."
"Mmmm. Snrx."
"You heard the man...make it snappy," Kitty carefully disentangled herself from Kurt and shuffled after Rogue out the door, giving her boyfriend one last, long, lingering look as she shut the door behind her. Once in the hall, she snapped, "Okay. Out with it. I'm sleepy, I'm stressed, and I want to snuggle with my boyfriend."
Rogue nodded curtly. "Okay." Quickly, she ran down the events of the evening. "And here's the fun part...Can you get your hands on one of Kurt's holos?"
"I...I think so...Why?"
"Rogue is going with Pietro on Friday, but not the real one. You can disguise yourself as me!"
Kitty shook her head frantically. "No! I'm not stealing from Kurt! And you're taller than me! Pietro will notice!"
Rogue sighed impatiently. "He won't notice, I promise! He can't even tell you what color my eyes are much less how tall I am! And it's not's borrowing because you're going to put it back!"
"No! No! No! A million, billion times no!" Kitty stamped her foot in rising anger. "I'm not stealing from Kurt, borrowing-whatever! Not gonna do it!"
"How about if someone else took it?" Rogue's eyes shifted to her watcher in the shadows. "A thief? Someone who won't get caught?"
"Leave Remy and Jubilee out of this!" Kitty leaned close to Rogue and said softly, "I don't know why you're doing this, but I really do appreciate the idea. There's just no way to make it work!"
"Kitty! Take the chance! Pietro will meet me--you-on Friday and take you right to Magneto. Take Lance with you, or Todd! Magneto can think they want to come back to the fold, if he even knows they left!"
A niggling little seed of agreement was working it's way to the forefront of Kitty's brain. With a tired sigh, she said "Okay. I'll see if I can talk to Kurt and maybe he'll let me _really _ borrow a holo, but I'm not stealing it from him!"
"Don't drag Kurt into this!"
"It's the only way I'll do this, Rogue...if Kurt knows that I'm using his holo!"
Rogue snorted. "Goody two shoes."
"Sometimes..." Kitty winked broadly. "Now can I go to bed?"
Rogue nodded. "Fine, fine...go. We'll talk tomorrow." Kitty tossed a sleepy wave and phased into her room, leaving Rogue to return to her room alone.

Scott rested his forehead against Jean's door. _I know she's not awake, but it'd be nice to see her one more time before school tomorrow. _
_* Come in, Scott...I know you're there. I can hear you thinking _
_ Sorry... _ Scott eased into the room and trod softly to Jean's bed. "Baby?"
"Why do you call me that?" She shifted and the smell of her lotion wafted up to his nostrils, vanilla and sugar and skin.
"Term of endearment...You don't like it?" He kicked off his shoes and slid into bed beside her, intending to only stay for a few minutes but knowing, deep down, that he would be there the rest of the night.
"It's okay..." Jean turned to him and snuggled close, her hair silky against the slight stubble he was bearing.
"What would you rather me call you?" Scott closed his eyes and let Jean mentally remove his glasses, shifting them to the nightstand. _Is this what we'll be doing in twenty years? _
"Jean is good...I like Jean." She snickered into his chest and smoothed the fabric of his shirt with slim fingers.
"You don't like honey, sweetie, darling, sugar...?"
"Attracts ants, mostly." Jean sighed. "Sleep, Scott..." He murmured softly and pulled her closer. "Why do you smell like leaves?"
'You smell like the old leaves. Why?" Jean sounded as if was was coming more awake so Scott hurriedly moved to sooth her.
"Went for a walk with Remy worries."
"Sure...why do you sound so tense, then?"
Rogue's deal flashed across his mind. "Ever make a pact with the Devil, Jean?"

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