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Scott sighed and slid lower in the chair, his head bobbing with the effort it was taking to stay awake. Jean snored softly and he blinked hazily, reaching to tuck the sheet more closely about her shoulders. _Gotta get up and adjust the thermostat...just a few minutes of sleep, though... _ Scott felt bone weary, partially from the stress of Kitty's abrupt flight and partially from a general lack of sleep. His dreams woke him in fevered sweats and painful arousal of late, images of red hair spread across his chest in silken strands, pale fingers digging into his arms and long legs wrapped about his waist tormenting him into wakefulness. _Damn me for thinking those thoughts right now... _ Storm and Beast had gathered all the students and informed them that Logan and Kurt were on their way to collect Kitty and everyone should go to bed-there was still school the next day. Scott heard the grumbles of disbelief but knew that the other students saw the distraction of their adult leaders and seized the moment. As it was, Scott knew Jubilee and Remy were making out like it was going out of style in her room, Rahne and Jamie had slunk off towards the garage, each blushing furiously (_Have to ask him about that later... _ ). Scott pried his eyes open again and eyed Jean tossing in her bed, her brow furrowed. "'s okay, baby." Scott leaned over and brushed her hair from her face, lingering a moment to touch her skin and pass his thumb over her lips. "I love you."
"I know," she whispered, her eyes still closed.
"You're awake."
"Barely...bad dreams." Jean scooted closer to the edge of the bed and reached out a hand to touch Scott's knee. "Why are you sitting here?"
_Because I'm not lying next to you... _ "Wanted to make sure you were okay."
":Liar," she said softly. "You're falling asleep in your chair. Lay down with me."
"I can't..." Scott passed a hand over his mouth in a tired gesture.
"Why?" Jean opened one eye and regarded Scott blearily. "Just to sleep."
"That's just it...I won't want to sleep as soon as I lay down. You're too tempting," he whispered.
Jean smirked and opened both eyes fully. "Flattery will get you everywhere... C'mon. I won't touch you if you don't touch me."
"I don't think it works that way," Scott protested. He was jerked forward with an invisible leash, Jean not even batting an eye as she moved him onto the mattress. "Okay..."
"Now. Close your eyes, take off your glasses, and sleep." Jean rolled to her other side, presenting her back to Scott's red gaze. Her breathing did not slow so he knew she was still awake.
"Jean..." he began, reaching out a hand to barely skim her side, covered in the thin sheet and a cotton t-shirt. She tensed and he could feel the warmth rising from her skin. "Jean, I can't stay. I just wanted to make sure you're alright."
"I'm fine...If anyone can do it, Logan and Kurt can get Kitty back here. I have faith in them." Her tone belied her nervous nature at that moment. She reached back and found Scott's hand, hovering just above the curve of her spine. "I need you to lay here. Please."
At her naked plea, Scott sighed. "Okay." _Think of cold things...think of that time I didn't quite make it over the hurdle in gym class...ow _ ...
He was sure that he was going to make it, sleep slowly pressing on his eyelids and Jean's breathing slowing to signal sleep, she she asked a question in dulcet tones that made all thoughts of rest fly away. "Do you need me?"
"Gah?" _Suave, man...suave. _
"Do you need me?" Jean wriggled and shifted so that she was facing him, mere inches from his chest, he realized dimly. "I've been thinking a lot about us and I know that you want me, but do you need me?"
Scott felt his jaw work, words failing him in the light of Jean's crystal gaze. Finally, he found his voice. "I need you. Desperately. Every single day since I've known you I've needed you. I need your friendship, I need your guidance, I need your laughter, I need your voice, I need the smell of your skin..." Scott took a deep breath and wavered under her wide-eyed assessment. "Jean, I need everything about you. I need you as my best friend, I need you as my lover...I need you as my other half."
Jean's eyes were suspiciously wet, but she moved her face to avoid Scott's questing fingers, seeking to dab at her tears. "I never doubted you..." she murmured. "I need you and want you so much that it's just about made me crazy. I can totally sympathize with Kurt." They both chuckled and Jean edged infinitesimally closer. "I have a confession to make, love," she said, the new appellation thrilling them both.
"What's that?" Scott's voice was husky and saturated with desire. Jean's hands were twisting in the fabric of his t-shirt, brushing his skin through the fabric.
"Your dreams..."
"What do you know about my dreams?" _And how little I care... _
"I kind of...made them happen. A little." She held the fingers of one hand a short distance apart. "Okay...a lot."
"How?" Scott was far from angry. He was excited and it was quickly becoming evident, brushing against Jean's legs through the fabric of his pajama bottoms.
"I would think of all the things I wanted to do to you and with you and for you and just sort of..." she smiled a warm, sultry smile, "sent you the ideas."
Scott tipped her chin up and claimed her mouth in a hungry kiss, making her moan as his tongue found hers, caressed it and laved the inside of her mouth before caressing her lower lip and suckling it gently. "Ask me if I mind..."
"Somehow," she murmured thickly, "I don't think you do." She closed the spare distance between their mouths with a near-desperate whimper, kissing him as if it were life-giving. He sank his hands into her hair andd thd the kiss for as long as they could stand, finally breaking apart and gasping for air.
"You're so beautiful," he whispered, stroking her jaw with tender fingers. "Inside and out..." Jean blushed hotly and did not answer. Instead, she nuzzled her chin until he tilted it up, giving her access to the soft skin under his jaw, letting her nibble the nerve-laden flesh with tiny nips and licks, eliciting a low sigh of sexual tension from Scott's throat. His fingers were still twined in her hair, tugging the silky strands redolent of bee balm1 as Jean let one hand press over his pounding heart and her other one scrape nails lightly down the striated musculature of his stomach, teasing the waistband of his pants. Scott's own hands found their way down Jean's back and soon he discovered that the thin t-shirt she wore was not only scandalously short, ending just below her hips, but she wore no underwear beneath them. "Whoa," fell out of his mouth before he could stop himself.
Jean smirked against his throat. "Thought you'd say that..." Her fingers found the tenting in his pants and squeezed gently. "Speaking of whoa..." Scott moaned softly as her deft fingers freed him from the confines of his drawstring pajama bottoms, stroking his length with tender touches nearly so light as to be taunting but firm enough to make him want to plunge into her without a second's hesitation. "Scott," she whispered as his hands clutched at her bare bottom, grinding his teeth so as to retain some measure of control., "I want you inside me. Now."
Scott froze. His hands stilled and his eyes were wide as all the blood rushed from his brain. Jean leaned back to gauge his response. "Wha?"
"You. Inside me. Now." She smiled as she said it, pushing him onto his back. "I've waited forever for this." His exposed member quivered as she straddled him, brushing his nether-head with her wet desire.
He clutched convulsively at her hips and threw his head back in painful anticipation. Damn this hero gig. I'll give her candlelight and roses the next time..."Jean..."
"I know," she murmured. In one slow, excruciating downward thrust, she ensconced his arousal within her own, drawing hissing sighs of pleasure from both participants. She felt his unaccustomed size within her, stretching her walls but in a pleasant way. _Thank God I never slept with Duncan...Scott's the only one I ever want to have me this way, the only one I ever want... _ Jean began to rock her hips slowly, bracing herself against Scott's chest as she did so, deepening the penetration to new levels, warm waves of ecstasy pulsing through them both. She could feel him flex within her, his muscles beneath her hands and between her thighs shaking with the desire to thrust into her, claim her in a feral way. _What the heck...only live once... _ "Scott," she said, "I know what you want to do to me..."
His thoughts had been on anything but sweet and pure lovemaking. Scott felt his face turn red and wanted to hide immediately. "I'm sorry, Jean..."
She smiled gently and leaned back, giving him a good view of her breasts and her sex as she arched her back. "Don't be. I want to do it." One final rotation of her hips and she moved off of him, feeling empty and disappointed but hurrying so that the feeling would not last long. Scott rose to his knees as Jean crawled onto all fours, shoving pillows under her hips and arching her back again. "This?"
Scott nodded, feeling stupid because Jean could not see him, facing away as she was. Instead, he pressed the head of his arousal to her wet entrance, letting his hands roam her smooth back beneath her shirt, caressing her bottom and thighs. She wriggled against him, making the head of his shaft slip in to her arousal. "Jean," he moaned. She made an incoherent noise and pushed bacainsainst him. He braced on hand on her lower back and guided himself into her with his free hand. She gasped as he filled her in this new way, feeling him deeper than she knew possible, pushing against areas she had never known existed outside of whispered secrets in the girls' locker room. Jean bit her lip and squeezed him with her internal muscles, making him gasp then groan before he began to move with almost painful slowness. She rocked with the rhythm he set, his thrusts slow at first then increasing in pace until they lost all semblance of order, his breath frantic and her own coming in short gasps, Scott leaned forward heavily and grasped one of her breasts, pinching the nipple between his fingers and rolling it gently, sending hot daggers of pleasure to her core. Jean bucked wildly against his thrusts and soon they were a disjointed, sweaty tangle of limbs and words, each begging the other to finish, to reach a climax, each seeking to please the other in ways that would make them see new worlds and feel liquid desire pulse through their veins at the mere thought of this night. Jean felt him pulse deep within her and knew he was close, the mental images assailing her enhancing rather than detracting from the experience as she had previously feared it would. Feeling her own climax hovering on the precipice, Jean lost all shame and reached between her legs where Scott was still pounding into her and she found the sensitive, slick nubbin of flesh there. Scott let out a hoarse cry and pulled out suddenly as Jean rubbed at the center of her desire, trigger her own release. As Scott's climax spilled on her back and buttocks, Jean cried out his name and thrust against her hand, feeling as if she wanted to fly apart as her orgasm rolled over her nerves.
Jean retrieved a bath towel without rising and Scott cleaned her back and his member as best he could, Jean quivering as she lay face-down on her pile of pillows. Scott eased next to her, kissing her shoulder blades and stroking her sweaty hair. As they dozed, he murmured, "I'll always need you, Jean."

Rogue was suspicious when Lance did not follow Amara to her room. Amara herself looked as shocked as she could when her boyfriend veered towards the room he shared with Todd, followed closely by the shorter boy that Rogue was trailing. The two girls stood in the hall at opposite ends, staring dumbly at each other for a moment. Rogue finally said, "Well, they're up to something!"
"Astute observation," Amara said dryly. "Now let's see if you can suggest a method for us to find out just what their devious little plot is."
"You're new, aren't you? We spy, dumbass. C'mon..." Rogue did not wait but spun on her heel to spring down the stairs, skidding through the foyer and out the front door with a bare minimum of noise. She trusted that Amara was behind her as she ran around the side of the house and found the tree she knew was there-a massive oak older than the mansion itself. With ease, Rogue shimmied up the tree and scooted far out onto a branch, knowing that the panting and scratching noises behind her were just Amara. Before her, Rogue could see into the pale square of light that was Lance and Todd's room. The two boys were talking animatedly, Todd snapping out his tongue once to grab something from the bed. What the hell... Lance was tying sheets together in a makeshift rope. "Those bastards!" she hissed. "Amara, you feel like a run?"
"" the Nova Roman panted. "Tired..."
"Fine. You stay here. I'll follow your boyfriend and my...Todd..." Rogue scooted back into the dark recesses near the trunk, forcing Amara to move as well. Lance flung open the window in front of them and lowered the makeshift rope out. Tugging it to make sure it was secured to whatever he had tied it to, Lance sy loy lowered himself out of the window, easing down the rope like a cautious howler monkey. When he reached the ground, he made a whistling noise and Todd's head appeared in the window. Rogue felt her heart lurch and hoped Amara could not see her furious blush at the sight of Todd so near. Opting for a less conventional method of descent, Todd perched on the sill then launched himself at the tree, caroming off of it and hitting the side of the mansion with nary a thud. He hit the ground in a crouch., smiling up at Lance.
"C'mon, show off," Lance muttered.
Rogue growled. "You comin' or not, Amara?"
A long suffering sigh. "Coming." Quickly, the girls edged down from the tree and set off after the quickly receding shadows heading towards the edge of the grounds, out to the rest of Bayville.
1 I know there's another name for it, but it's a type of plant that smells fanfuckingtastic.

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