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"Chew, Amara..." Lance mumbled around a mouthful of mashed potatoes. The Nova Roman was sitting across from him, eyes slightly glazed, mouth full of salad. She had been staring into space for five minutes, fork poised halfway between plate and mouth, and Lance was getting a little worried.
"Mmm." Amara worked her jaw in mute ascent and shoved the remainder of her spinach around as if she could divine the future from the trail of salad dressing it left.
Lance swallowed his mouthful and dropped his fork to lean across the table and peer at Amara's eyes. "You sick or something? Your head hurt again?"
"Huh? Oh, no...just had a disturbing vision earlier..." Her eyes darted quickly to Todd, sitting next to Lance, wolfing down great mouthfuls of dinner rolls and lettuce. Lance raised an eyebrow and followed her glance to Rogue, sitting near Kitty and picking at her roast beef, discussing the merits of vegetarianism with the younger girl.
"About what?"
"Oh...the end times, I think..." Amara's voice was strangled and she quickly downed the remainder of her water to mute the odd quality. "I need another drink." She shoved her chair away from the table and hastened to the refrigerator's water fixture, filling her glass while staring at Rogue.
"What are you looking at, girly?" the Goth snarled. Amara responded by gulping her water and averting her eyes. "Weirdo," Rogue muttered, turning back to speak to Kitty again.
Todd, scraping the last of his weird mix of greens and bread into a pile on his plate, nudged Lance with an elbow and said, "What's up with Amara, yo? She's all skittish..."
Lance nudged Todd back a little too hard and pushed his chair away from the table, wiping his mouth with his napkin in the process. "Amara, baby, what's going on?"
Amara refilled her glass again, looking distinctly green. "Nothing...something isn't agreeing with me...I may be..." She looked once more at Rogue, then Todd, eyes flickering slightly with an orange glow, "sick." Shoving her glass into Lance's hand, she strode from the room, leaving the remaining mutants to look at each other in confusion.
"What was that all about?" Kitty asked.
Rogue eyed Todd uncertainly, a niggling thought coming to the fore. "I think I may have an idea."
Lance frowned. "Enlighten me, then, cause I'm blank."
"Can't..." Rogue looked at Todd with desperate eyes before averting her eyes to the clock over the stove. "Oh, look! It's late and I've got, y'all seen Remy or Scott?"
"Scott's in the library with Jean, working on a bio project...Remy's with Jubilee..." Kitty trailed off suggestively, shrugging her shoulders.
"What's Remy gonna help you with? He ain't in school with us," Lance called to Rogue's retreating form. "Women," he snorted.
"Watch your mouth, Lance. I still have your mother's phone number." Kitty waved her fork pointedly at her old schoolmate. "Speaking of needing to talk to people, I need to see you later, Lance."
"Why not now?" he sighed, sinking back into his seat next to Todd.
"Cause, yo, your shorty's off on a crying jag or somethin'. Ain't you gonna see what's up with that?" Todd's street patter was on full-force from his inner wave of nervousness. _What's Rogue gotta see Remy for? She used to like him, right? What about me, damn it? What about the other night? Arrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!! _
"What the fuck did you just say, Toad?" Lance sighed, rubbing his temples.
Kitty snickered. "He said you should go check on Amara."
"You translate Toad to English now?"
Todd grinned happily. "Someone's got to!"
Lance chuffed. "Been at this damn mansion less than a month and already you're all weird, Toad." The lanky youth stood anyway and pushed his bangs back from his eyes. "I'm gonna check on her. Not because you said something but am."
Kitty and Todd had the good grace to wait until Lance stalked from the room before they broke into snickering fits. Finally, Todd said, "Lance is all weird over her."
"Yeah-he's in love with her." Kitty nodded firmly as if her acknowledgement could make or break the truth. "Head over heels, at that!"
Todd's lip curled in mild surprise. He'd suspected it but now, hearing it from Kitty, he knew for sure. "How do you know?"
"Well," Kitty took up her plate and, as an after thought, gathered the remaining empty plates on the table. "he acts all...soft...with her. Not all stalkery."
"Like with you," Todd said sagely.
"Yeah, kinda. But Lance shows his feelings in weird ways and I think Amara could appreciate that." Kitty shrugged and set the dishes to soak, mindful of her chores despite her desire just to find Kurt and snog like mad bunnies. "She has a taste for the macabre. Besides," she added over the sound of running water, "Lance told me he loved her while she was in the hospital."
Todd quirked a brow. "He told you? Why?"
"Guess he thinks he can trust me. We've known each other forever and a day, it seems." _Even though he was nuts for most of that time... _ Leaning back against the sink, Kitty regarded Todd with barely hidden curiosity. "Why are you still here? I don't mean to sound bitchy, but I'm wondering..."
"Because I seem like die-hard Brotherhood?" Todd sighed and drew his legs up into an odd crouch, knees tucked beneath his chin in a manner that reminded Kitty of Kurt's posture when he was sulking. "I guess I just want to be near something...I dunno. Good."
"You think we're good?"
"I guess..." Todd hid his face, hoping his wasn't blushing at the thought of Rogue. "I mean, I got sick of living in that pig sty and I hated feeling stupid all the time...I wonder what Blob's up to..."
Kitty shrugged. "Kurt said he was at school today, so I guess he's alive, huh? You don't still believe what Magneto preaches?"
Todd huffed out a rough breath. Kitty's open nature was making him confess things he would never have a mind to otherwise. "I don't know if I ever did, really. I mean," he rose, pacing agitatedly, "how are we supposed to make norms accept us if we keep scaring the Hell out of them?"
Kitty nodded again. "Good point...and how are we supposed to accept ourselves if we alienate non-mutants?" Kitty's eyes narrowed suddenly, freezing Todd in his tracks. "Tell me something, Todd-how well do you know Magneto?"
"Huh? I mean...huh?"
"Did you talk to him much while you were at the Boardinghouse?" Kitty levered herself forward and closed in on Todd, the frog-like boy stock-still in surprise. "Did he ever talk to you? What do you think he'd say if he knew you were here and no longer under his thumb?"
Todd gulped. _I want Rogue! Help me with this madwoman! _ "Uh....I don't think he liked me much... I'm not important to him...just a minion, really...he'd be kinda pissed that I left. But I think he'd just find someone else, ya know. I'm replaceable... But I think he's kinda...scary." Todd felt himself shaking under Kitty's intense gaze. "Why?"
"Do you think he has a chink in his armor? Could someone defeat him?"
Todd had a sick feeling where she was going with this line of reasoning. "No, Kitty...He'd kill you without a thought. Don't do it."
"Don't do what?" Her expression shifted to innocence, but Todd was not fooled. He had seen the naked ambition in her eyes and it scared him.
"Kitty, listen...I know we're not friends or whatever, but hear me out..." Todd sighed and clenched his fists, trying to find the best words for his statement. "Magneto...he's an old man. A powerful old man, but an old man. Nothing you can do will hurt him because he's got this just have to know how to get out of his way."
Kitty took in Todd with new eyes. "I'll take that under advisement..."

"Amara? What's wrong with you?" Lance found her in the garden, in a far corner beneath an arbor just blooming with moonflowers and small tea roses in the evening light.
"Nothing," she muttered as her ersatz boyfriend sank to the bench next to her. "Just...ugh."
"Ugh? Princess, you never feel ugh. What's up?" Lance was feeling unexpectedly tender and wanted nothing more than to stroke the lock of hair from her face and kiss her senseless.
Amara's expression wavered between anger, disappointment and horror. Horror won. "I saw Toad and Rogue---and they were kissing!"
Lance barked in laughter. "You're high, aren't you? Toad and Rogue?"
"I know what I saw! I wouldn't lie to you...not about that, anyway..." she amended hastily so as not to seem needy. "He slimed her mouth so he wouldn't get shocked or drained or whatever and he kissed her! And she seemed to like it!"
Lance stared at her in amazement. _Amara's right...she wouldn't lie to me...But Todd and Rogue? Why? This is some sort of weird dream, right? No...if it was a dream, Amara would be naked and I'd be handcuffed to a bed... _ "You're absolutely sure?"
"On the head of the Oracle, I'm sure!" Amara shook herself. "Ugh."
"You know," he said thoughtfully, "It's not all that gross. I mean, it worked for Beauty and the Beast, right?"
"For who? "
"Beauty and the Beast...fairy tale? Disney movie?" Lance felt insanely stupid for acknowledging that he knew of such things but refused to waver in his gaze.
"Fairy tale? Don't know it..." Amara shrugged. "Sounds silly-why would a beauty love a beast?"
"I ask myself that all the time," Lance sighed.
"What do you mean?"
Lance looked around the deepening dusk to make sure they were alone. "I'll tell you a story...just promise you won't laugh or snort or talk to me in Latin or whatever."
"I make no such promises." Amara tilted her chin haughtily but made a small motion with her fingers for Lance to continue.
"Don't ask how I know, just know that I know..." Lance sighed and scooted closer to Amara, chancing to lace his fingers with hers, albeit loosely, where her hand rested on her thigh. "Once, a very long time ago,"
"Don't these stories usually begin 'Once upon a time'?"
"Shut up. Once, a very long time ago, there was a merchant with six sons and six daughters1. They had a huge house and lots of gold and jewels and all that other crap..." He shrugged but saw Amara's eyes light; he wondered briefly if it was out of avarice or a memory of her life before coming to the mansion that she seemed so bright all of a sudden. "Well, one day the house burned down and they had nothing left-even all the books and furniture burned, so they couldn't sell anything to make money."
"Poor daughters!" Amara cooed softly.
"Anyway, they had to move to this old cottage a long way from the city and the daughters were all pissed because none of their friends invited them to move in like they thought they would. The sons all joined the army and shit but the girls were stuck out at the tiny old house with their old man." Lance carefully looped his arm around Amara's shoulders, taking her hand with him in a sort of half-hug. "All the girls but one bitched and moaned all day about how bad life sucked and how much they hated the hard work-now they had to grow their own food and clean their own house and all that stuff...stuff normal people have to do."
"Not all of us..." Amara murmured.
"You're not normal, Princess..." Lance tightened his fingers around her hand and continued. "So one day the old man gets this message that some of his ships he thought got lost at sea years before were coming into port. Everyone got all excited because this meant they'd be in money again. So the old man scrapes the last of his funds together and gets and old horse to make the journey to the port. When he left, he asked each daughter what they wanted him to bring back..."
"I'd ask for....hmmm....probably a new dress. I miss my Nova Roman clothing."
"Of course you would." Lance shook his head softly. "One daughter did ask for new clothes, one asked for jewels, one asked for gold, one asked for fancy hair combs, one asked for silver. But Beauty, that was the youngest, said all she wanted was her father to return safely." He paused for Amara's reaction but she was strangely silent, staring off into the shadows of the garden with a newly thoughtful expression on her face. Clearing his throat, Lance continued. "The other girls complained that Beauty only said that because she was a kiss ass so their dad made he choose something. She said she wanted a rose, then, since she hadn't seen one in forever. He agreed and went off to the port."
Amara turned suddenly and peered at Lance through the purple mists of the evening. "Where's the Beast bit? That sounds good."
"Okay...skipping ahead..." Lance mentally reorganized the story to the part Amara would find interesting. "The old man had a sucky time in port and ended up stopping at this huge mansion on the way home. He was so hungry that he broke in and found this huge table of food. He ate it all and then fell asleep in front of the fire."
"Beast..." Amara prompted.
"Fine, fine...." Lance let out a rough breath. "Long story short, Beast demanded that the old man send one of his girls willingly to be his wife or he'd kill him. Old man goes home, daughters bitch, Beauty goes all martyr and goes to the Beast. Beast loves her instantly, she rejects him over and over. She keeps having dreams that a handsome prince tells her not to judge appearances but the Beast's heart in stead. Beauty keeps turning him down and finally, he tells her she can go home if she can tell him she doesn't really love him."
"Sounds like a cop out to me..."
"Not a romantic, are you?" Lance pulled Amara close to her and she did not pull away, making him smiled just slightly in the dark. "So one day she figures out that she loves the Beast despite his looks and doesn't want to leave him. The furry dude sends her off anyway and she goes home but can't stop thinking of the Beast. After two months, she goes back and tells him she'll marry him. He hugs her, they kiand and it turns out he was a handsome prince under an enchantment because he was vain and greedy. A witch turned him into a beast because he shunned her for her ugliness. Until a woman loved him for his soul, he was doomed to be a beast." Lance sighed. "It's better when you don't skip the details.
"You like fairy tales, then?"
"Shut, I don't..." _Not really. Sometimes. Okay, yeah... _
After a thoughtful pause, Amara said, "So...Rogue and Todd....Kurt and Kitty...But where does that leave Scott and Jean? Which is the Beast there?"
"Maybe they take turns," Lance shrugged. "Sometimes, Princess...I feel like we're a bit like that whole Beauty and Beast thing."
"I'd better be the girl in this analogy."
"You are, you are...I love you. I can't help it. I love you and it drives me fucking insahat hat you don't love me back."
"I never said I didn't love you back..."
"Um...yes you did..."
"Well, I was wrong." Amara waited for his reaction and was none too surprised when he made a gurgling noise. "You there?"
" love me?" He turned her to face him and shook her gently. "You love me?"
"Yes." She disentangled herself from his shaking grasp and stood, reaching up to grasp one of the delicate tea roses over head. "You know the god Neptune?"2
"He's the God of the Sea...we call him the Old Earth Shaker sometimes. When he's angry, he makes the earth shake and split, sometimes spewing out liquid fire."
"Magma," the small part of Lance's brain devoted to science spilt out his mouth.
Amara raised a brow. "Rather... When I first...manifested my powers, they thought I might be a goddess. Or part goddess. And you, Lance, are much like Neptune. Quick to anger," she plucked one of the roses from the vine, the tiny thorns drawing beads of blood to the surfof hof her skin, "passionate. Dark and handsome..."
"Handsome?" Lance's brain was a nice puddle of goo. He could only stare as Amara leaned over him, the rose grasped lightly between her fingers. "Handsome?"
"Don't get cocky..." she warned. "I think that we were destined to be together, Lance. I've been thinking it over and it makes sense now. The stone you gave me-fire in the earth-was a sign. You just knew it before I did."
Lance grabbed her wrists and pulled her roughly down to the bench, crushing her mouth in a savage kiss. She struggled briefly but countered by biting his lower lip hard enough to draw blood. "Damn it!" he hissed, pulling back.
"Patience, dear heart..." she murmured roughly. With slow movements, she drew the rose down his jaw, letting the thorns scrape his skin softly, sending frissons of sensation through his nerves, raising gooseflesh as she did so. "I'm feeling quite a bit better now...I think I'm well enouo sho show you just how much I've healed." In one movement, she straddled his lap and dropped the rose to the bench beside them. Lance groaned as she ground against his engorging member. "Think you can behave?"
"This again?" He really did not mind, just felt that he should offer a token protest.
"Bad boy...I'll have to punish you later for protesting..." Amara was feeling close to the edge of being out of control and she wanted to maintain the upper hand as long as possible. If she let Lance goad her, she would bend to his will too readily, she knew. If she even so much as tried to play dominatrix even more than she was currently, she would get carried away and might even let Lance "punish" her, too.
"Promise?" he breathed as she raked her nails down his throat.
"Mmm..." Holding on to his neck for balance, she worked one hand betweeem aem and unfastened his pants. He hissed as she maneuvered him free of his too-tight pants and underwear and shifted so that he could feel the heat from her damp center so close to his sensitive skin.
"Are you..."
" panties whatsoever..." she breathed. Lance moaned softly, changing into a hoarse shout as Amara swiftly impaled her heat on his manhood. She silenced him with a small hand across his mouth, his harsh breath puffing damply against her palm. With a soft mewl, Amara let her internal muscles adjust to his size-it had been too long a while since they had done this, a small voice in her mind cried-before rocking her hips slowly. Lance's hands clasped her hips and tried to hold her firmly in place but she rose on her knees, nearly letting him fall free of her warmth but then plunging downward to take him all in, making them both gasp and tremble. Lance's hands kneading at her buttocks and she increased her pace, grinding her most sensitive spot against his pubic bone, bringing her closer to the brink with each movement. Lance was grunting softly, his eyes fluttering closed as she ground ever-faster against him, her movements becoming more erratic. With a sudden spasm of heat and electric tension, Amara grabbed hold of Lance's shoulders and threw her head back, her mouth falling open in mute ecstasy. Lance, in a blinding moment of clarity, lifted her free of his member and felt his own climax splash against his lower stomach and knew some hit her thighs and mound.3
"No...birth control..." he gasped when he finally opened his eyes. Amara sat on his thighs and he could feel her sticky heat against his exposed flesh.
"All better. See?" she managed through gasps. Lance nodded dumbly and pressed his head against her breast. After a long silence, he said, "So you think I'm a god, huh?"

Kitty eyed the clock again. Kurt had taken Astrid to the airport with Logan several hours before and he would be back at any time. She wanted to make sure her plan was in place before he got back. The last thing she needed was him trying to stop her. Rogue had not come back from her talk with Scott or Remy-whoever she found first-yet and Todd was pacing nervously, chewing his lower lip, refusing to answer Kitty when she asked what was wrong. Maybe he needs flies or something...With a rueful sigh, she flipped through the pages of her text book ag che checking her recent assignment to make sure it passed not only the Professor's approval, but the school district's designated home-school coordinator's stringent standards. _Okay. All this is done...Kurt will be back any time...I have...let's see...ten minutes before anyone notices that I'm gone...Mystique will be nearby...I know it...Logan wouldn't be all twitchy if she wasn't... _ With one last look at Todd to make sure he was not paying her any mind, Kitty shifted into phase and eased from the rec room through the wall to the outside, making sure once again that she was not seen. Quietly and as fast as she could, she set off in a dead run for the Boardinghouse, the one place she was sure Mystique would be if the woman was still in Bayville.
1 Annotated Beauty and the Beast for you non-Disney types. Jean Cocteau's 1946 La Belle et La Bete is the best version...
2 Thanks to a reviewer for this allusion...
3 So Russian Roulette...don't rely on withdrawal. Really.

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