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heart was racing a mile a minute and she was soaked in cold sweat when her eyes
finally focused. Kurt was crouched over
her, hands on her shoulders and shaking her gently. Beyond him, she could see a gathering of sleepy, worried faces
peering at her from the doorway, crowding together for a better look. A sob felt like it was torn from her throat,

wrong, Katzchen?” He moved to sit next
to her, drawing her head to his chest and rubbing her back at the same time.


“What? We come running in here like the hounds of
Hell are at our heels and you had a bad dream?” Rogue made a noise somewhere between a snort and a growl.

Storm’s voice was tired but iron-hard.
“Have some consideration for those under stress.”
“It was a bad
dream!” Some of the mutants had
already begun to drift off, realizing that there would be no real excitement.

“It was
about Ruth…” Kitty was speaking so
softly that the remaining audience almost missed it. Storm, Kurt and Rogue leaned in close to listen. “Ruth was trying to fly and she was
broken. There was a weird man—he was
all dirty and holding a pitchfork and his hair was all…” She sniffled a little and looked momentarily
confused. “It seemed so real…”

Kubrusbrushed hair out of Kitty’s face and kissed her forehead. “What else happened, Katzchen?”

don’t make her talk about it! She’ll cry
more…” Rogue, despite her protests, had joined Storm in sitting on the foot of
Kitty’s bed.

it helps to talk about a nightmare.
Makes it less real when you see it in your waking life.” Storm had a deeply thoughtful look on her
face, though, making Kurt wonder if there was an ulterior motive to her

nodded frantically and drew in several deep, bone-wrag brg breaths. “Ruth was in a tower, like a castle. She was speaking to me in some language I
didn’t understand but then I realized it was like the sound was turned down on
a television—she was talking but I just couldn’t make out the words so they
were running together.” Here Kitty’s brows drew together in confusion, “All I
could hear her say was shalom chaverim, which is weird because I never
dream in Hebrew.”

“What does
it mean?” Kurt had resumed rubbing her
back and Kitty was slowly growing calmer.

“It means Farewell
my friends, it’s from a song… It’s
kind of sad, really…”

“You said,”
Storm spoke slowly, considering her words, “you said that she tried to fly and
was broken…What do you mean?”

“She was
standing near the window in the tower and this man, the really grungy one,
stepped from the shadows and he was smiling, he had this snake around his neck
and was holding a pitchfork. He touched
Ruth on the shoulder but she stepped away from him and I thought maybe she was
scared and tried to hold on to her, but she shoved me away. The scary guy said something…om…something… I
can’t remember. But Ruth touched the glass
and it melted, like it was sugar or something.
She melted it and said “away,” which was so clear. It was like she was speaking in my ear…” Kitty shuddered and Kurt pressed his lips
to the corner of her eye, whispering encouragements. Storm pointedly cleared her throat and looked away while Rogue
snorted again, forcing Kurt to break contact.
Kitty smiled briefly and seemed to come out of her fearful tremors. “She said ‘away’ and just…stepped out of the
window with her arms out, like she was going to fly. The man was just smiling and sitting on the floor and I was
trying to scream…I saw her all…oh, God, she was bloody and broken. She looked
like a bird, all fragile bentbent…” A
shudder ran through Kitty again and Kurt hugged her tightly.

Ruth is fine…you just got a letter from her today! I bet you fell asleep thinking about her and she just got put
into your nightmare, ja?”

Storm made
a noncommittal noise in the back of her throat. Rogue rolled her eyes and said “Or maybe you’ve got her watching
too many horror movies! I’m going to
bed. Kitty, I love ya but you scream
like that again and I’d damn well better find you’ve lost a limb!” Giving Kitty an almost sisterly, gentle
shove, Rogue levered herself off the bed and strode from the room, muttering
about crazy drama queens.

pushed slightly away from Kurt, enough to look at Storm without craning her
neck, and managed a weak smile. “So…you
think Kurt’s right?”e ase asked
hopefully. “It was just a weird thing?”

“What else do
you think it could be, Kitty?” Storm
sounded a little too detached, making Kurt narrow his eyes in
suspicion. Storm noticed this and
returned his look with a cool, imperious glance, the sort that told the
regarded that they were in the presence of a Goddess.

“I think….I
think it was just a dream and I got scared…”
Under Storm’s steady gaze, Kitty did not sound so sure of herself. Kurt tightened his arm around her shoulders,
an inkling of an idea forming in his mind.

“Storm, are
you suggesting…”

you’re talking to a woman who controls weather. Youeporeport. Think about
it…’There are more things in Heaven and Earth than dreamt of in your
philosophies…’.”[1] She leaned forward to lay a cool hand
against Kitty’s cheek. “Good night,
Kitty. I hope the rest of your night is
untroubled. Kurt…I’ll leave the door
open.” With that, she was gone on
silent feet.

“At least
we’re not getting chaperones anymore…”
Kurt sighed and let Kitty bury her face in his chest, stroking her back
as she liked him to do. “Why don’t you
read that letter and see for yourself that she’s okay?”

“You think
that would help? Okay…” Kurt reached for the nightstand and
retrieved the letter from where he had tucked it away earlier and Kitty
accepted it with only slightly tremg fig fingers. “I’m being silly…it was just a dream.” Kurt murmured agreement as Kitty tore open the letter. He went so far as to close his eyes and lay
back against the pillows, prepared for Kitty to be relieved, maybe even make
out a little before going back to bed.
However, Kitty shocked him, going taught as a steel cable before
springing from the bed, the letter crumpling in her fist. “No!
No, no, no!”

“What is
it?” Kitty shoved the letter at him
roughly and ran to the bathroom, slamming the door with more force than
necessary. Kurt scanned the letter and
knew, despite the somewhat confusing syntax and references, that Ruth was in
serious trouble. Kitty was retching
behind the locked door and Kurt fought the urge to ‘port in, knowing how it
would embarrass her. Storm…she
knows…she knew Kitty was having some sort of intuitive dream…His found
himself pelting down the hall at full tilt, heading towards Storm’s room,
before he even realized the full extent of his thought. “Storm!
Open the door! Please!” He
pounded both hands against the door, for once not caring who he woke up.

“Kurt! What is the meaning…oh.” She was tying her silk robe about her waist
and the furious statement slid from her face as she took in his distracted
state. “Kitty?”

“How did
you know?” Kurt was breathless with
emotiod ted terror, clutching randomly at Storm’s hands, her arms, needing the
contact to keep him grounded.
“Kitty…Kitty’s sick…”

along. We’ll see what we can do.” Storm walked calmly but quickly back down
the hall to Kitty’s room, Kurt having to lengthen his stride to keep pace with
her. Kitty was out of the bathroom and
trying to dial the portable phone in her room, her hands shaking so badly that
she could not punch the correct numbers.
“Who are you calling Kitty?” The
older woman’s voice was strong and cool, bringing a sense of calm to the room. Kitty turned red –rimmed eyes, full of
unshed tears, to the weather witch and held out the phone.

“I can’t
dial it…I tried twice and I got the pizza guy.” Kurt nearly laughed but held it back, the absurd statement
tickling his sense of humor despite the serious situation.

let’s sit down…” Kurt took the phone
from her hands and passed it to Storm, gently leading Kitty tow the the

the number, Kitty? I’ll call and check
on her.” Kitty shook her head mutely
and Kurt knew that she was too scared to answer.

“I think
she keeps her address book in her desk drawer…”

“No! Computer!”
Kitty shook herself and let Kurt lead her to the computer, one hand on
her waist to steady her. “I can’t type
fast enough!”

“Calm down,
child…if your dream means what I think it does, your cousin is in no immediate
danger…” Storm sounded agitated, making
Kitty wheel on the woman and screech like an owl.

“Calm down?
Calm down? My cousin, the only
person in my family I can stand since Yaya died, sent me her suicide note! Do you know what this means?” She hadrievrieved the letter from Kurt and
shook it in Storm’s dangerously placid face.
“She was going to throw herself from a window!”

“How do you
figure that?” S cro crossed her arms,
looking down her nose at the young girl.
Kurt was scrambling through Kitty’s desk, unnoticed, trying to find something
with Ruth’s phone number or address on it.

fought to control rising anger and panic, taking several long, halting breaths
before she was able to speak again.
“She said she thought Rabbi Greenbaum was right. There’s a lot of debate about suicide and
being buried in a Jewish cemetery. One
group thinks that they shouldn’t be, one thinks that it’s okay so long as they
were good Jews until then. Another
group says that people who kill themselves by throwing themselves off a
building or out a window are allowed to be buried in sacred ground but not
other types of suicide…”

‘Why is
that?” Storm was distracting Kitty,
Kurt realized. Even though the talk was
morbid, Kitty was being forced to think of her replies rather than going on
visceral responses.

they may repent before…before they die.[2]” A harsh sob was torn from Kitty then as she
pressed the back of her hand over her mouth, her face quickly reddening. She fell to her knees, moaning “oh, God!”
over and over. Kurt found a scrap of
paper with the name Ruach scrawled in Kitty’s round lettering, along with the
name of a hospital that he did not recognize and an out-of-state number.

“Here!” he shoved the number at Storm without
concern for propriety and dropped down next to Kitty. “Katzchen, mein Engel…
shhh….we don’t know anything yet…maybe it was medications, ja? Maybe she was just depressed and she’s
wishing she never sent it…” Kitty was
shaking like a leaf and Kurt knew that she was close to the edge of

“Hello? Yes, my name is Ororo Munro and I am
checking on the welfare of a relative of ard…ard….Ruth. Ruth….” She raised an eyebrow at the couple.

Kurt supplied, dimly remembering Ruth’s last name from the events of the
previous month.

“Ruth Simonov.” Storm turned the paper over in her hands and
waited. “No, Ruth is not my ward but
her cousin is…no. No. Reason being? Let me tell you what.
You tell me if she is living or dead and I will hang up. You continue to speak to me in this manner
and I will come down there myself and discuss your attitude problem.” Kitty had collapsed in on herself, curling
into a tight ball as Kurt nervously twisted her hair around his fingers. “I see.
Thank you.” She savagely punched
the “off” button on the phone, throwing it on the bed with a muttered

“And…?” Kitty was looking up with terrified hope.

“The nurse
who answered said that she could not release detailed information about
residents but that Ruth Simonov was moved to another unit this evening and is
under constant supervision.” Storm
passed a tired hand before her eyes.
“Take this is a good sign, Kitty.
If she is in another unit, she is alive.”

“But what
happened?” Despite her tears, she was
growing calmer. Storm’s words had been
like a balm to Kitty’s pain; the image of Ruth lying broken and dead being
slowly replaced by the image of Ruth broken, but alive, cared for.

“They would
not say, I’m afraid…maybe you can call in the morning and talk to the
nurse. Tonight, stay calm. Remember that she is in a hospital
and getting medical care. Besides, I
would think that, if it were the worst, someone might have contacted you, no
matter how shattered your family?”

if only to berate me for it being my fault somehow…” Kitty sniffed mightily and pressed her face against Kurt’s neck.

“Storm, if
we leave the door open, can I stay with her for a while?”

seemed to consider it before agreeing.
“Leave the door open and I’ll send Dr. McCoy or Logan to check on you in
a bit.” Storm pressed her hand to the
crown of Kitty’s head and bore a statement of extreme calm. Kurt had the distinct feeling that she was
passing her own strength through to Kitty and the girl visibly straightened,
pulling Kurt with her. Storm seemed as
if she wanted to say something else but thought better of it. She spared a slight smile for Kurt and left
the room, yawning delicately behind slender fingers.

Kurt pulled Kitty to her feet,
whispering in her ear, “Katzchen, you’re having a bad year, ja?”

“Well,” she sniffed, allowing him
to tug her towards the bed, “not entirely.
We’re together, huh?”

Kurt was able to kle kle a little
at this and drew her down beside him.
“Good point. Here, lay against
me…you’re nice and warm, you know.”

“You’re a furnace!” Kitty smiled against his throat and wrapped
her arms around his waist. “I hurt
inside, and I feel guilty for wanting to…do things…and Ruth is in Illinois,
maybe dead, and hurting worse than I ever have!”

“Kitty, don’t feel guilty for
feeling good. You have so many
blessings in your life, despite pae pain, and you are---I’ll say it—stronger
than Ruth. Ruth is in the best place
for her right now.”

Kitty pushed away to look Kurt in
the eyes. “You think she’s in the
hospital for depression, don’t you?”

“Isn’t she? Didn’t you say that’s
why she went?”

“No…I said my aunt and uncle
checked her in because twantwanted to get her treatment for her problem. Kurt…”
Kitty fought the sick rising in her stomach, “…they sent her there
because she’s a mutant like us. They
think she can be “cured” of it.”

“Vas?” Kurt was not quite sure he had heard her correctly.

“My parents tried to do it to me,
too, but the Professor…” Kitty
sighed. “Saul and Sarah think Ruth is
mimicking me, they think she’s mentally deranged and…well, lets just say they
don’t have a firm handle on the reality of mutants.”

“How could people…never mind—no
offense Kitty but I’ve met your family, I know how people could treat their
children like that!” Kurt’s voice was
rough with anger and his hands tightened to fists where they lay against
Kitty’s back.

Kitty sighed a little more sadly
than before and slid down the bed to rest her head on the pillow. “I’m so tired Kurt.”

“Sleep, Liebes. Sleep.
I’ll stay with you.”

“Keep the nightmares away?”

‘Ja…of course, mein Engel…” It was a long time before Kitty fell asleep
but when she did, Kurt was there to hold the terror at bay.


Lance sent the cassock spinning
with a savage kick. No one had heard
from or seen Tabitha since Amara had been released from the hospital, and Lance
had checked every source he had at least twice. No cops have come by, no money is missing, no food is
missing…She isn’t just hiding near here.
Damn it! When I find her, I’ll
kill her. No, wait! I’ll let Amara kill her! She deserves it! Lance smiled darkly and curled himself into a knot of anger
and pain against the pillow on his bed.
If he lay perfectly still and breathed deeply, he could smell Amara’s
perfume on his sheets still. He
purposefully had gone against his nature and not washed his sheets since he
noticed the smell, trying to hold on to her any way he could. Messy as the boarding house might be, Lance
had a “thing” about his sheets and clothes.
Anything that touched his body had to be clean. Well, Amara can be dirty if she wants to…He
chuckled mirthlessly to himself and uncurled, stretching his full length and
hitting his feet against the footboard.
Damned short bed…Maybe Tabitha’s is longer…No! I’ll burn it before I use something of
hers. God, Amara, what did I do to you? Earlier that day, Pietro had made a snarky
comment about Amara and her sudden absence from school “Probably got knocked up by one of the Freak
Squad.” Lance had punched him in the
nose, sending the lightening-fast boy sprawling before he had the chance to
dodge out of the way. There had been
much whispering among the guys since that incident and, before Pietro vanished
for the evening (a new habit that had begun in the last days of Spring Break
and kept him latelater and later each night…), Lance had overheard him telling
Todd that he thought Amara had “done” just about every guy at the Institute and
probably a few of the girls, as well.
Todd had laughed loudly and made some rude comments before he caught
sight of Lance lurking in the shadows just outside the room. Pietro had not noticed and made a few more
rude comments before vanishing into the night.
Lance tried his hardest not to hit Todd and succeeded in getting by with
shoving him against the table as he stormed from the kitchen. Todd wisely kept his mouth shut for once,
knowing that nothing he said would excuse his laughter in Lance’s eyes. That was hours ago. Lance felt empty now. He wanted to go to Amara and make sure she
was still alright. He had given her the
strange stone he had found several weeks back, and the bottle of scent she had
just noticed two days before when he put some on her, trying to bring her out
of her stupor. He had no idea what the
scent was but it had triggered a warm, melting feeling in his lower spine when
he smelled it at the expensive store in the mall about a month ago, when he had
first started getting interested in Amara.
When he had given it to her, she smiled faintly and closed her hand over
his before suddenly tensing, as if realizing she was not supposed to care, and
turned her face away. But Lance knew
she had been using it. She smelled like
it whenever he came to see her lately and the level in the bottle was slowly
diminishing. Lance had spent all his
money on it, refusing to sully this new...thing…by stealing for Amara. The silver chain, an anklet, really, was
still on the nightstand. I’ll give that to her when she’s more there…I want
to put it on her myself… God,
I’m such a pussy lately. Lance knew
that he should be tough, not care if Amara loved him, just want the sex. But he felt weak now when he thought of
her. Weak in a way Kitty never made him
feel. I was strong with Kitty. I
could intimidate her and that made me feel strong. Amara won’t let me pull that shit with her. Hell, she’d kick my ass if I ever tried to
bully her. This made Lance feel a
little euphoric and he stretched languidly.
Tomorrow I’m going to track down Tabby. I’ll get her for you, Princess…


A/N Scott/Jean, Kitty/Kurt…oh,
hell. Everyone!


[1] Shakespeare,
MacBeth. I love that play…

[2] Rabbinical
argument…there are as many different answers as there are scholars….same with
Jews and tattoos and such. Really. But the window thing…I forget the main
proponent of that argument but I’ll bet you can look it up if you’re really

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