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Rogue heard
Kurt’s howl and froze, not sure whether to run to him or from him. Gritting her teeth, deciding on the former,
she fixed on thought in her mind as she dashed pell-mell down the hall and down
the stairs, Kurt is my half-brother, my brother…If someone’s hurting him,
I’ll have to kill them. Rahne,
Bobby, Jamie and a host of other teenagers were hot on her heels as she rounded
the corner at the foot of the stairs.
Kurt’s voice had trailed off but was soon followed by another cry, just
as heart wrenching as the first. He
echoed down the hall, along the walls, making it hard to tell where the sound
originated. Rogue, however, kept
running, knowing without knowing how exactly where Kurt was. She skidded to a halt outside the study,
rattling the doorknob. “Kurt!
Kurt! Open the friggin’ door!” Rahne slid to sprawling stop, legs and arms
flying as she thumped to the floor, changing into canine form on the way
down. Bobby tripped over her and sent a
flash of ice across the floor and Rogue’s legs, earning a sharp bark of
surprise from the Goth and a bite on the ankle from Rahne.

“Sorry—panicked!” Bobby gasped, out of breath from his
dash. “What the Hell was that?”

came Storm’s voice. She was walking
quickly but calmly towards them, followed by Beast. Other mutants were trickling in from their hidey holes around the
mansion, most of them, at any rate.

“Kurt!” Rogue slapped at the door with an open hand,
jiggling the knob again.

The door swung open to reveal
Logan, snarl firmly in place. “Elf’s
gone.” He held up his hand to stem a
clamor of voice and Rogue saw two small puncture marks slowly closing on the
fleshy part of his palm, just under his thumb.
“He ‘ported outta here…don’t know where.”

Storm made a shushing noise to
quell the sudden tide of voices. “He
hasn’t gone far, not with Kitty missing. We’ll spread out and find him. Pair up, search the grounds. Each pair take a different direction. When you find him,” Storm paused, seemingly
at a loss, “When you find him, don’t try and hold him there. Just…talk to him.”

“Be careful,” Logan added. “Elf’s gone plumb loco.”[1]

There was a low roar of voices as
people paired off, went in search of other mutants to join in the search, and
dispersed from the hall, leaving Rogue, Beast, Storm and Logan in the hall
outside the study. “What the fuck
happened?” Rogue finally hissed when they were alone.

Logan sighedKid Kid thinks I’m hiding something from him
about Kitty’s whereabouts. He thinks
the Professor told me something that I’m keeping from him.” Don’t have to tell ‘em the Elf’s right…

Beast raised one eyebrow. “Are you?”

“Yes, Logan…are you?” Storm knew the Professor would never ask any
of them to lie to a student, but it would be encouraged to withhold certain
elements of the truth if the situation so called.

“I didn’t lie to him,” Logan
growled, confirming the suspicions of the other adults.

“Ah.” Rogue crossed her arms and leaned forward threateningly. “You didn’t lie to him, but you didn’t tell
him the truth, did ya? Fine. I can respect that. I don’t like it, I don’t understand it,
especially since it could mean Kitty’s life….But I respect it.” Rogue felt a stab of pain in the area of her
heart for Kurt and a wash of sadness when she thought of Kitty. “I like the little Femmebot[2],
ya know…I even love her sometimes…” She
sniffed softly and rubbed the back of one hand across her eyes, smearing the
black lines around her eyes.

“Rogue, go help look for Kurt…It’s
all we can do right now,” Beast soothed.
In truth, he was at a loss as to what to tell her, never having dealt
with such a thing before.

“I don’t think…” she began, only to
be cut off by Storm.

“Why don’t you go see if Jean needs
some tea instead? She had a migraine
earlier…Her abilities might be called into use very soon and it would help if
she felt up to par.” Rogue nodded
glumly, finally silent, and trooped off towards the stairs. Storm watched her disappear around the
corner and waited until she was sure she was out of earshot before
speaking. “What happened in there,

Quickly, the man sometimes known as
Wolverine related the incident to Storm and Beast, adding, “And when I find
him, I’m gonna h hur hurt him…”

“He’s under a great deal of stress,
Logan. It’s not wise to provoke further
outbursts…” Beast leaned heavily
against the wall. “I’ll give him a
sedative if we can catch him.”

“No if, Hank, when…”

Logan snorted. “Fine.
When, I’ll explain to the Elf why we don’t piss off the


Rogue did not check on Jean as
suggested. She let herself quietly out
the front door, ignoring the far and near cries of Kurt’s name and the
occasional explosion or yelp as someone used their powers inadvertently. She was like a shadow, slipping around pools
of light and hiding in pockets of dark whenever someone got too close. Soon she was at the gate, sliding between
the bars like an old pro. Pays to be
skinny sometimes…Wincing as her foot twisted in the iron bars, Rogue pulled
herself free and cursed the Professor briefly for installing such an ornate
device. Shaking off her discomfit, she
set off down the blacktopd, fd, forcing herself to walk normally and ignore the
throb in her ankle. She wound her way
to the park, her usual haunt these dark hours, and found herself on the trail
walked so many nights with Pietro, limp-walking slowly towards the bench. He won’t be here…It’s not our night to
meet. He’s probably at the
boardinghouse, fucking around with Toad or something… A silver shadow caught her attention then
and she knew her evening was taking a turn for the even-worse. “Hey,” she
whispered before he could notice her first.

“Oh! Hi!” Pietro had been crouched near the bench, examining something
on the ground, and rose quickly when Rogue’s voice caressed his ears. The eager look on his face was almost too
much for Rogue to bear. “What’re you
doing out here?”

“Walking…” Sitting now…Rogue
forced herself the last few feet to the bench and sank gratefully, taking her weight
off of her now-screaming foot.

“Why?” Pietro sat next to her,
arranging himself in what he hoped was a pose of casual indifference but really
looked to Rogue like a knot of nervous tension.

“Cuz. What’re you doing?”

“Oh…um…nothing…nothing at all. Just went a rua run and stopped to check
something out.” He edged a little
closer. “What’s going on over there,
anyway? I think Lance came by earlier
but I can’t find him anywhere…his books are all over the front hall and Toad’s
gone too…” He chose to omit Tabitha-he was fairly certain Rogue would want to
cause great pain at the mention of Boom Boom.

“Haven’t seen any of ‘em. Maybe they’re out getting laid.” Keep up the bravado…Pietro doesn’t need
to know our business.

“Who’d want to fuck Toad?” His eyebrows crept to somewhere near his
hairline, making Rogue feel like laughing at the comical expression he

“Now don’t be too han thn the boy…I
know what it feels like to have no one want to touch you.” Great.
Self pity. Way to be cool and

Pietro shifted again, his clothed
thigh pressing to hers. “To be fair,”
he said with a low tone, “no one wants to touch Toad, but
people—someone—can’t touch.”

An awareness blazed in Rogue’s
belly then. Fuck—Kitty’s missing,
Kurt’s gone off the deep end and I’m getting all hot and bothered over
Quicksilver. “Well….good to know.”

“I would think so. Do you, ah, do you want to touch anyone in
particular?” Me?

“It isn’t that I don’t want to…It’s
just that, well, I just don’t think I should.”
Don’t ask me to explain.


Shit. “There’s a lot of
stuff going on right now and I think that it would be…I dunno. Wrong, somehow, to do something like we do
when so much is going all fucked up at the Mansion.”

“Ah. Home problems. Got
it…What kind?” Pietro, feeling brave,
slid his arm around Rogue’s shoulders.
She stiffened and her lips parted in surprise, but Pietro paid no
mind. Instead, he squeezed her
shoulders in a half-hug and hooked his ankle around her booted one. Rogue hid her twinge of pain well, still
stiff in Pietro’s embrace but now leaning back just slightly into the crook of
his elbow.

“Really don’t want to talk about
it. What were you looking at on the

“Oh…um, nothing…” Pietro looked away then and Rogue followed
his glance. She could not make out what
was on the ground but could detect a shadow, darker than the others, near the
bench. “So…can I?” he offered in way of

“Pietro…no. I really shouldn’t.”

“Shouldn’t isn’t the same as
won’t. Or don’t want to…” he murmured in her ear, his breath sending
shivers down her spine in the closest thing to actual skin-on-skin contact she
had felt in what seemed like forever.

Point…good point…Think of
Kitty. Think of Kurt. No fair to be having fun when they’re in
pain or suffering or sad…”Pietro…”

“Just say the word, Rogue…say it
and I’ll do it…” She could feel the
heat rising off of him, making his words seductive. “Tell me and I’ll do whatever you ask…”

She could feel her self control
slipping, the need for his quick, meaningful caress growing stronger with each
passing second. Rogue bit her lip,
unaware of the effect it had on her would-be lover. Pietro nearly lurched and bent her back to lay on the bench until
common sense kicked in, reminding him of Rogue’s mutation and it’s
ramifications for him. Rogue felt his
hesitation and reality seeped back into her thoughts. “I can’t.”

Pietro had not been aware that he
had been holding his breath until Rogue spoke.
The air rushed out of him in a long, harsh sigh and he averted his eyes
from her again, slowly sliding his arm from around her and moving a few inches
away on the bench. “Why?”

“Pietro, I can’t tell you that
right now…”

“Damn it, Rogue!” He was on his feet, striding in
circles. “I’m in your head, for fuck’s
sake! You know all my secrets, why
can’t I know yours?”

“First of all,” she bit out, ire
raising, “I don’t know all your dirty little secrets. It isn’t like that, not all the time. I haven’t absorbed enough of you to know those things…”

“But I’m in you! It’s like…Hell, it’s like we’ve been lovers
and I still haven’t seen you naked…”
Pietro cringed at the petulant tone in his own voice, drawing back in
self defense as Rogue rose to her feet.

“You want to see me naked? Is that all? Fine!” With one quick movement, Rogue jerked off
her shirt, exposing pale, pebbling
flesh to the cool night air.

“Rogue, that isn’t what I meant…”

“Fuck it, Pietro. I know what you really want, right? Isn’t that what you think?” Rogue kicked one boot off, struggling with
the left one and finally throwing it into the brush. Her pants were easy to remove, and she tossed them to one side
with a leafy crinkle as they hit the ground.
She was naked now, her makeup smeared and muscles trembling with
anger. “There! Naked.
Are you happy now, you son of a bitch?”

Pietro stared at her in a mixture
of desire and consternation. Rogue,
naked as the day she was born, surrounded by the woods and night, looking like
a nymph from a legend. Angry faerie,
he thought. “You’re naked in
public.” Great. Smart, asshole.

Rogue snorted. “No shit.
I don’t give a fuck. Who’s gonna
see me? We live in Bayville fucking New
York, no one goes out after seven, except for us, no one does anything against
any rules, except for us mutants….I’m naked in the woods! Big fucking deal!” She threw her arms wide and Pietro gulped as her breasts jiggled
with the movement. “Now you’ve seen me
naked. We’ve touched and you’ve seen me
naked.” Her voice grew sad as the
import of her words struck her; “This is as close to making love as I’ll ever

“That’s not true…” Pietro had to
close his eyes to shut out the vision before him. “Get dressed—I can’t talk to you naked.”

“You must kill at pillow
talk…” He could not see her but he could
hear her gathering garments and the rustle of fabric as she got her clothing
back into place. “Can’t find my boot…”

“Which one?”

“Um…left.” He squinted at her and saw that she was all
dressed save for said boot. Quickly, he
ducked into the brush and felt around, coming up with the boot in his hand
after a minute or two of concerted effort.
“Thanks.” After she was fully
dressed, boots included, they sat in uncomfortable silence, each staring
straight ahead, six inches between them on the wooden bench.

“Rogue, I’m sorry.”

“What?” Pietro? Apologizing?
Fuck me running backwards down a hill in the middle of the night…

“I’m…I’m sorry. I was a jerk and I should have listened when
you said no the first time.” He was
blushing hotly in the dark and Rogue smiled, feeling flattered and suddenly
very feminine.

“I guess it’s okay. I shouldn’t have done…what I did. I’m just under a lot of stress…We all are.”

They were quiet again for a little
while before Pietro spoke again. “Still
not gonna tell me?”

“Nah. You’ll know soon enough…” Especially if the rumors are true,
that Magneto and Mystique are involved.

“Hmmm.” Pietro looked at his watch and stifled a gasp. “It’s almost midnight.”

“Shit, really?” Rogue nearly brushed against his bare neck
as she leaned to look at the time.
“School for you tomorrow.”

“Not for you?” He breathed in the
cherry scent of hairhair and filed the sensory memory away for later.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’m gonna be
there for a couple of days…” Rogue
stood again and drew a pattern on the ground with the toe of her boot. “Think you could, um…I dunno…get my homew for for me or something?”

Pietro could not help the broad
grin that flashed across his face.
“Sure! Want me to bring it by,

“Nah—I’ll come and get it…” so I don’t have to explain you to anyone. Pietro grinned even more broadly as he
backed away. “Night, Pietro.”

“Night, Rogue….Hey, by the way…” He
turned and was a silver blur, his last words flying back to Rogue, “Nice tits!”


Jubilee had not blinked for almost
a minute and Remy was growing concerned.

“Shhhh!” she finally managed. “Processing…”

“You not freaked out?” He moved, nuzzling her stomach as he shifted
his weight to his elbows and rose above her.
Her naked flesh was creating an interesting heat against his clothed
torso but Remy pushed the rising lust aside, more worried about Jubilee’s
response to his declaration of a few minutes before.

“Hell, yeah, I’m freaked out, but
it’s good…” She smiled finally and
ducked her head to one side, hiding from Remy’s piercing gaze. “Stop looking at me like that!”

“You rather me look at you like
dis?” he asked, turning her face by her chin to look at him before sticking out
his tongue and crossing his eyes.

Jubilee burst out laughing and
patted his cheek. “Cajun, you’re some
kind of fucked up, you know that?”

“Oui, mais you like it…” He
shrugged and smiled, pressing a tender kiss to the crook of Jubilee’s
neck. “Don’t you?” Jubilee made a low “mmm” noise in her throat
before a slight embarrassment overtook her.
She had never felt such an abandon as she had a few minutes earlier
under Remy’s attentions. Pulling away
from his mouth, Jubilee scooted further up the sofa and peered into the
darkness, heavy since they had first come into the boathouse. Her eyes picked out bits of his face in the
gloaming and she thought how he looked like a demon-lover, an incubus come just
for her. Remy felt rather than saw the
intensity of her gaze and sighed somewhat sadly. “You not gonna get all…mopey, are you chere?”

“No…I don’t think so…”
“Why you look so…off?” Remy moved closer, raising a hand to twine
through her short locks, tugging on them to prompt her delayed response.

“Off? Whadya mean?” He’s
kissed me there! I’m not a
virgin—Hell, I’ve been around the block and they named it after me, damn it,
but Remy…God, Remy!

“Remy be tinkin’ you
embarrassed…” He drew her to his chest,
leaning back at the same time so that now he was laying down and she was on top
of him. With gently tugs, he drew her
pants off her ankles where they had become tangled, leaving Jubilee clad only
in her t-shirt, scrunched up around her neck.

“Why?” She was trying to surreptitiously cover herself, scooting to one
side, hoping maybe to conceal her nudity in the spaetweetween the cushions and
the back of the sofa.

“Why? Jubilee, in case you not been here de last few minute, you just
had what I like to tink be a very nice orgasm—not like dere be any other kind,
eh?—and your first one at dat…you be tinkin’, “ he paused to tug her to his
chest again, stopping her wending progress into the folds of the couch, “dat
mebbe it not be good to lose control like dat, dat mebbe Remy tink it gross to
kiss you where he done did, to do dat…”

Jubilee felt like crying. He had hit the nail on the head. In a small voice, she whispered, “No one’s
ever…I mean, I haven’t…”

“I know, chere…” He wrapped on arm around her back and
cradled her to his chest, shifting so that her legs could drape over his hips
more comfortably. One hand drawing lazy
circles on the back of her neck, he murmured, “It long past time dat you
realize you a desirable femme, eh? You
not jus’ a girl or a mutant, you be Jubilation Lee and I be in love wit


“Why not?” Remy chuckled and squeezed her tight, making
her gasp before he kissed her again, drawing more moans from her already
beleaguered voice box. “Just know dat I
do…an’ I be more den happy dat you love me…”

Jubilee sighed happily and snuggled
against him, seeking his warmth and strength, reveling in his scent and
feel. “So this whole losing control

“Fun, oui?” He kissed her soundly
and gave her a light smack on her bare bottom, making her poutttilttily in

“You ever losntrontrol, Remy?” she asked after yet another kiss. He frowned mildly and quirked a brow,
something she was only able to see because she was so close to his face.


“I can’t see that…You’re always so
collected…” Jubilee tried hard but
could not quite picture Remy in the throes of passion. She kept coming up with calm, cool, suave
and teasing, never abandoned.

“It happen…Hey!” Jubilee slid down his chest and was opening
his fly before Remy knew quite what she was doing. “Jubilee!”

“Shhh. No talk. Just…just,” she
whispered, freeing his length from the confines of his dark jeans. “All I can say, Cajun, is woof.” She grinned at him in the , he, her self
confidence returning quickly. Remy made
an embarrassed noise and she was sure his head dropped back against the arm of
the sofa. “Close your eyes, Remy.”

“Why? It already be dark…”

“Just do it. For me?”
He murmured ascent as she trailed her fingers down torstorso from his
nipples, scraping her nails lightly along the lines of the muscles there. Jubilee closed her own eyes for a brief
moment and took a shallow breath before beginning her task. She pressed small kisses to the patch of
skin exposed on his stomach where she had pushed his shirt up, his arousal
pressing against her own flesh as she licked and suckled the flesh below his
navel. Strange to think of Remy
having a belly button, crossed her mind before more…pressing…matters drew
her attention southward. Remy moaned
and his hands clenched at her shoulders and the back of her head as Jubilee
tentatively touched the tip of her tongue to the head of his manhood.
“Mon Dieu en Ciel![3]”
he rasped. Jubilee smiled at this
encouragement and increased her attentions.
She dragged her tongue down the underside of his length and nipped
lightly at the base, making Remy’s hips buck upwards. She had just taken the head is sis sex into her mouth when a
sound tore at their ears.

“Fucking hell!” Jubilee gasped,
leaping to her feet. Remy was slower on the draw, tugging his jeans up as he
rose, mindful of the potential for serious personal injury. The howling noise faded out and Jubilee
managed a deep, fearful breath before another noise much like the first

he muttered, only half-joking. There
was a faint popping noise from outside and then the sound of someone—or
something—scrambling over the roof.
Jubilee dove for the safety of Remy’s arms as adow dow passed the window
across the room, not moving from one side to the other as someone walking or
running might but from the top to bottom, as if whoever or whatever it was fell
or jumped from the roof. All Jubilee
could make out as a form, an idea of a person, before Remy hissed, “Kurt!”

“Was that noise him?” She heard her own voice shake and huddled
closer to Remy.

“I think…I think we’d best be getting’
inside and see what shakin’…” He
stroked her back and muttered softly, “We not be done, chere…not by long


[1] I couldn’t
help it. It’s an old Cowboy-ism usually
found in Spaghetti Westerns. Means
crazy. Or damned crazy…

[2] Someone in
the house is watching Austin Powers.
Sorry for the reference…lol.

[3] My God in

[4] Werewolf, of

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