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Magneto had a very good idea what was going on. He just did not care. Pietro had contacted him earlier with the message that Rogue wanted to come back to the fold and she wanted to meet with him. Magneto laughed when he thought of it. _She actually thinks she can trick me. Poor child has been aligned with Charles far too long. She's lost her bleeding mind. _ He hated Bayville and it's sherbet-colored houses, all alike with postage-stamp yards and children's toys in the driveways. He hated the outskirts where the larger houses loomed like guardians of some austere cult that admitted old white men and their old money only to shun the working class by closing them out with fine iron gates and expansive parks instead of tiny lawns. Some part of his psyche railed against the disparity of class, separated only by a sward of wooded park, a silver river that divided working class from those who did not lift a finger to so much as boil water. Magneto held in his mind a scared little boy, wondering where his next meal was coming from, if it was coming at all. He held in his mind a young man who was starving, beaten, dying, who twisted himself into something almost too evil to be believed at times, something that could shield the little boy from the atrocities of the world around them. The boy and the young man rarely tormented him any more-he did not let them. Sometimes, he was as sure they were dead as Ruth was. As his parents were. But late at night, when he was wakeful, or during quiet moments between thoughts and plans and schemes and somewhere next to the mundane grocery list that always seemed to include toothpaste and aluminum foil, Magneto knew the boy and the young man lurked. He heard them, taunting him sometimes and pleading with him others. Ruth had stirred the cries of the little boy while Kitty had awakened the young man. The cousins had riled them, made the voices cry so loudly that Magneto felt doubt for the first time in decades. Ruth had suffered for making him doubt, Magneto reflected. Ruth had been made to pay for his doubt. Magneto knew he would kill her and was disappointed when her death came as an accident. _Such fun to play with. Screamed so nicely. And she looked just like her grandmother...I may have liked to test the other ways in which they were alike had she lived... _ A fleeting glimpse of lost youth nearly blinded him as he made his way slowly to the Boardinghouse. The black town car made an imposing figure in a town more used to Jeeps and SUVs than fancy, chauffeured vehicles; Magneto stared sullenly out the tinted windows, ignoring Sabretooth's soft growls at traffic and his one sharp snarl when a teenage girl stepped in front of the car without looking. _I'll collect Pietro and we'll go into the city for the remainder of the week. Until Rogue and whoever else she tries to ambush me with think that I'm ready to meet with them. Pietro is so biddable...he is truly the son I was meant to have. _ The boardinghouse loomed dark and dilapidated as the town car rounded the bend in the road, one light shining on the porch and one in an upstairs window. Sabretooth pulled smoothly into the gravel drive and braked to a stop. Magneto let himself out of the car with nary a backwards glance, flicking imaginary dust from the lapels of his suit jacket, his helmet firmly in place. _Too close to the old git to go without, no? _

Tabby felt a subtle shift in the air and knew something big and bad was about to happen. Mystique had swooped down on the mansion that night, moving fast and striking hard. Blob had wisely retreated (albeit slowly) to the basement where he could be heard thumping about on occasion. Mystique was suspiciously quiet, but Tabitha had not seen her leave so she did not dare act out for fear the woman would descend upon her like a Fury. The blonde had stationed herself on the back porch with the remainder of Lance's secret stash, forgotten when he moved in with the X Men. _Stupid bastard. Pussy ain't no reason to up and ditch the Brotherhood. Fuck, I wouldn't go over there even if Kurt and Lance offered me unlimited fucks any time I wanted. Even if they offered to double up... _ A mild fantasy danced across her stoned mind and Tabby knew herself for a liar. _Okay, but only for a three way. _ Taking one last, long drag and burning her fingers on the roach1 before flicking it hard and far into the bare yard. _Fuck school, fuck friends, fuck family...all that matters is Brotherhood. Pietro and me and Blob...we don't need Lance and Toad. Fuck 'em all. We're the best ones anyway. _ The sound of tires on gravel made the girl sit up straight. _Who the hell... _ Sidling as quietly as she could off of the porch and around the side yard, brushing through the azaleas as she went. A dark shape resolved into a car but she cold not see who was behind the wheel, if anyone at all. _Shadows...shadows...who's that shadow? _ Kneeling in the sandy soil, Tabby stared hard at the cloaked figure picking it's way through late-season mud puddles towards the front door. Her heart lurched to her throat as reality struck her like a sock of quarters. _Magneto! He's here! Shit, Pietro, what did you do? _

Jamie huddled against the base of the pin oak, carefully ignoring Rahne as she sniffed around the base of the tree. He could not reconcile the image of Rahne the canine with the image of Rahne's face as he touched her skin and made her mewl under ministrations. All the mutants except for Scott, Jean, Kurt and Logan had met up in the woods, where Kitty's trail had become blurred. Jamie could hear his friends rustling through underbrush, calling Kitty's name, beseeching her and deriding her in turns. Amara flared up briefly, her glow illuminating the small clearing until Lance said something soft and low to her, making her snap out suddenly, her face in the lingering glow shy but set. _I wonder what he said to her...I don't get why these people are so easy at this love thing. Do I even love Rahne? I thought I loved Jubilee...but I can't even think of Jubilee like I think of Rahne now. _ Jamie shifted so that he could see Rahne's canine form emerge from the thick underbrush and fluidly shift into female form. She looked around in the dark, the moonlight glinting off her eyes when she picked him out against the tree. "Jamie, lad-what's wrong?" she asked as she de tde towards him.
"Nothing," he lied.
'Tell me. Or no kissies," she threatened, sinking to sit next to him. Remy, Jubilee, Lance and Rogue were gathered in a loose group some feet away while Todd sprang effortlessly away, crashing back into the thick growth at the base of the trees, in search of who knew exactly what.
"No kissies, huh?" Jamie asked weakly, tentatively picking up Rahne's hand and turning it palm-up to examine the fine lines there. "I'm worried about Kitty is all."
"We all are," she sighed, closing her fingers over his and tugging his hand to her mouth to press a soft kiss to his knuckles. "There's something else, isn't there?"
Jamie eyed her as well as he could in the moonlight. Finally, he blurted, "Do you love me?"
"Och! This is neither the time nor the place!" She jerked her hand away hastily and stood, arms akimbo and glaring. "Don't rush me!"
"I'm sorry, Rahne! I didn't mean to!" Jamie scrambled to his feet and made fluttering motions with his hands, not sure whether to touch her or not. "I just... it just came to me..."
Rahne sighed. "I'm the one who needs to apologize. You just...surprised me, is all." Taking one of his flailing hands, she said "Let's see what the others have decided. C'mon," and she led him to the loose circle of their friends.
Remy nodded curtly. "Bon. Now, dis be what we gonna do. Me, Jubilee, Lance an' Toad, we go on back to de boardin' house. Rogue an' Amara go on back to de mansion pour recon avec Storm an' Logan, when he get back. Rahne, you an' Jamie hoof it on back de long way....Rahne kin check out tracks an' what not...."
"Who made you boss, Gumbo?" Jubilee sniped.
"You did, chere, but only outside de bedroom, eh?" the Cajun said smoothly, swatting her on the bottom. "Any other objections?"
Rogue opened her mouth as if to say something but Todd shook his head, something Jamie noticed but did not comment on. "No," she finally said lamely.
", we go!" The group broke up, strangely silent and reminiscent of a funeral party, leaving Jamie and Rahne alone in the clearing after several moments of muted activity rendered the other mutants on their paths.
"So..." Jamie said.
"Yeah." Rahne sighed and looked around then shrugged. Without a word, she trudged past him and headed down the path they had come up on, not even changing forms.
"I thought you were gonna check stuff out," Jamie said after a few yards.
"I already did. This nose never misses. Kitty's long gone, Jamie. Any tracks I find that are fresh will be ours."
"Oh." They walked in silence for several minutes until Jamie seized one of her swinging hands and Rahne gulped nearly audibly. "Sorry I surprised you."
" 'Sokay, lad," Rahne sighed, drawing to a halt near a weeping willow. "To be truthful with ye, you scared me. I mean, I'm fifteen-what do I know about love?"
"I know how you feel, I think. I mean...I care about you. A lot. A whole lot," he confessed. "You're so pretty, and you're funny and smart and fun and I like-love-being with you! I want to do all sorts of things that scare me and make me know..." he petered off and shrugged sheepishly.
Rahne chuckled. "I know what you mean." She drew him into a soft kiss and soon their tongues were darting out in tentative strokes, seeking and finding warmth and succor in the other's embrace. Rahne deepened the kiss with one firm thrust of her tongue, stroking lazily into the depths of Jamie's mouth, making his knees go warm and wobbly and his torso press against her much softer one. She murmured his name against his lips and Jamie groaned, all worries fleeing from his mind as he kissed her back, his hands straying from her ribs to the soft swell of her breasts and then to the firm peaks of her nipples, moving oeir eir own accord, teasing her and testing her responses with each press and stroke of his fingers and thumbs. Rahne pushed against him, making him stumbled for a moment before they turned as if in a waltz, Jamie against the willow then, holding Rahne to him. One of his thighs pressed between hers and she sighed, parting her legs to allow him to pull her closer, her jean-clad thighs warm again his. Her hands tightened on his waist and her hips move involuntarily against his, her warm, damp arousal becoming evident as she did so. Jamie groaned loudly as she brushed his tented pants, his own arousal, something that still embarrassed him at times, but other times that this.
"Oh!" he cried as one of Rahne's hands found his stiff length and squeezed through his jeans. She pulled away from his kiss and started to say something, but Jamie cut her off. "More, please!" he sighed. She smiled hotly and pressed her mouth over his, massaging his manhood, nascent though it was, until he felt like he would fly apart like a firework on the Fourth of July. Realizing that his hands were still on her shirt-covered breasts, he quickly worked them under her clothes so that he now touched bare skin, Rahne moaning softly at his questing fingers, her own hands becoming more urgent where they held him at his neck and crotch. They pressed and writhed against each other, forgetting for the moment the feeling of panic over Kitty's AWOL status, forgetting their youth and uncertainty and only knowing that they wanted each other and dealing with it the only way they knew how, with tentative touches and exploring kisses. Soft grunts replaced words and phrases, Jamie's hands shaking as Rahne's fingers worked his zipper open. He gasped as the cool night air touched his most sensitive skin, his hands stilling as his jaw hung open in slack amazement. Rahne's eyes were closed so she did not see the panic rise in his expression when her fingers brushed the head of his arousal, spreading the seeping moisture there until it coated the purpling flesh. Before Jamie could protest or faint, Rahne was on her knees before him, her tongue darting out to taste him and send painful chills through his body. He cried out, a hoarse mix of pain and pleasure with a layer of embarrassment. Rahne paid him little mind, her licks becoming wetting and longer, her mouth closing over the end of his shaft and suckling in nervous uncertainty. Jamie felt tears rise at his embarrassed pleasure and he could not stop his hips from pressing against her mouth, cries of panicked ecstasy rising unbidden from his throat. Rahne murmured around the part of him in her mouth and sucked harder. Jamie felt his eyes roll back and knew what was about to happen but could not stop it. With one last cry, he erupted in her mouth, startling Rahne into pulling back so that his release leaked down her lips and chin, streaking her in the moonlight. Jamie stared in horror before muttering "I'm so sorry..."
Rahne licked at her lips and made a brief face. "Don't be-I wanted to try that. I think I like it...did you?" she asked, suddenly shy.
"Hell, yes!" Jamie blushed at his loud response.
Rahne giggled and used her t-shirt to wipe her face. "We should get back to the mansion before they think we took too long...I'm sure Logan and Kurt have found Kitty already."
"Kitty...yeah," Jamie said in new melancholy.
As they walked, Rahne hummed a tune Jamie vaguely recognized as a popular love song. When they were under the porch light, Rahne spoke again. "I don't know if I love you or not, but I do know that I want to be with you."
"Me, too..." he sighed.
"And I wouldn't mind doing that again, either," she said, disappearing into the house and leaving an agape Jamie on the porch steps.

1 Um, just know that it's a drug term relating to pot...pretend I'm not corrupting you.

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