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heaved again, her empty stomach sending sour bile to burn her throat. Magneto watched, faintly disgusted, from his
post near the sliding door to her cell.

“I…God!” Kitty spasmed again and curled into a fetal
position, rocking back on her heels.

yes…call to God…that’s to be expected.
The Prydes were always the more religious of the two families, weren’t
they? The Simonovs, you rarely saw them
save for High Holy Days… Never at Temple, never at the mitzvahs… Tell me, Kitty,” Magneto broke from his lazy
pose of indifference to crouch next to her on the floor, “Do you miss Ruth?”

Kitty was
broken inside, the cracks of panic widening into sheer terror as the enormity
of the situation struck her. “Yes,” she
answered, albeit faintly. “I miss her
very much.”

‘What would
you say if I told you that you could see her again?” Magneto reeled back as Kitty leapt to her feet, hands clenched in

“I’m not going
to die here!” she screeched, striking out at the man with all her pent up fear
and fury. “Ruth is dead and crossed, I’m not going to join her!”

quickly regained his balance and seized Kitty’s hands in one of his own. Pulling the struggling girl to his chest, he
hissed, “Do not try me, girl, or you will join Ruth sooner than you

“Let me
go! Let me go!” Kitty twisted, her feet dangling a good foot
above the floor.

“Do you
know the shameful past of your family?
I think it’s time you learned…” He flung Kitty to the floor and gave her
a rough shove with one booted foot.
“Get up!”

Kitty rose
to her hands and knees and faced the usually composed Magneto with a snarl on
her features. “Get the fuck away from

“Watch your
mouth, child!” He gave her a rough push
and grabbed her arm, dragging her to her feet.
“It’s time you learned the truth!”
Kitty found herself being drag-walked through the door, down a long,
dull silver hallway and through another set of sliding doors. The walls on either side of her were bare of
any visible opening, not even a seam to indicate one of the sliding doors
Magneto seemed to be fond of. Kitty
twisted in his grasp again, succeeding only in tripping herself up. “Mind your
feet…” Her captor sounded less angry than before, but still as cold.

gritted her teeth and let herself be pushed along for a few more yards before
making a potentially deadly decision.
She locked her knees and threw her weight to her heels. The effect was all she desired—Magneto
stumbled then, the sudden reluctance of his captive to moving throwing him off
balance. Kitty seized the opportunity
to phase from his grasp and turn, running full-tilt back down the way she came. Magento’s long stride brought him within touching
distance of Kitty in no time, but she willed herself into phase, his fingers
passing through her shoulder with a bare shiver of recognition on her
part. The sealed door loomed ahead but
Kitty did not even slow down, her weak knees and empty stomach mere blips on
her mental radar. The door slid open as
she reached it—she knew that if she slowed or looked behind her, she’d loose
her concentration and phase to solid. God,
it hurts to breathe! I have to
stop! Have to, have to, have to… For the first time in hours, she did not
think of Kurt. She was focused solely
on her own escape.

girl! You don’t know where you’re

off!” Kitty had to come out of phase—it
was too hard to run and stay intangible at the same time. She did not dare look behind her for fear of
what she would see. By her reckoning,
they had passed her cell. She scanned
ahead, looking for side hallways or open doors, any visible way out of this
chase. She did not know on how many
sides the saltwater surrounded her and did not want to chance phasing out into
the ocean. Magneto’s fingers brushed
her hair then and Kitty cried out in fear, putting on a burst of speed. The hall was coming to an end, a blank
silver wall announcing that, one way or another, Kitty would have to stop

“If you
would just stop and listen, Kitty, instead of running like some hellion!” She skidded to a halt and pressed her back
against the wall, facing Magneto as he paced slowly now, barely winded. She registered a dull surprise that, for
such an old man, he seemed to be feeling no ill effects from his sprint down
the hall. Kitty whimpered, unbidden,
and pressed her hands flat against the metal as if she could push it away, make
a new opening. Magneto stopped mere
feet from her and sighed heavily.
“Aikaterine…Kitty…I have known you since you were a baby. Did you know that before today? No, I suppose not. Ruth, Ruth knew me. She
knows me.”

Kitty shook her head frantically from side to side. “She’s dead—she knew, not knows.”

Kitty…You don’t have to trust me, just follow me. I can show you so many things today…”

the word came out as a moan. Kitty slid
to the floor, tears falling down her cheeks She suddenly felt very old, very
used and very broken. Magneto watched
her as a scientist watches their subject, no compassion, mere curiosity. It seemed to Kitty as if he had forgotten
what tears looked like, what they were for.

“Sit still
then…It will be easier this way.”
Before she could respond, Magneto pressed an ampule of a clear yellow
substance against her neck and the world felt hot and close within a
blink. Kitty opened her mouth to cry
out, but the only sound she could make was a whispered “no” before the world
shifted, cracking down the middle and realigning itself all wrong. Kitty shook her head weakly to clear this
vision but felt unconsciousness overtake her, and she welcomed the oblivion
with a heavy heart.


Remy rolled
his unlit cigarette between two fingers, the remnants of the first still
smoldering near his heel. The night was
deepening and he was lost in thought.
From the corner of his eye, Remy saw Lance’s head through white oleander’s
leaves and knew that the other mutant was not alone. Remy sniffed deeply, taking in the sweet scent of Storm’s
miniature gardenias mixed with the smells of the herb garden and tropical
plants surrounding the back patio, all overlaid with a strange cologne that he
could not place. Smells…cheap. Smells like pure-D[1]
alcohol. No scent pour des femmes to
appreciate, eh? Lance’s head
disappeared and Remy caught sight of a white bundle and the top of a
greenish-gray head. Toad? I ain’t seen dat homme much…mebbe dis be no
good, eh? Remy lit his fresh
cigarette and casually walked the length of the patio, pretending to examine
the potted plants and random specks of dirt.
Really, he was following the progress of the boys and their bundle,
watching as they ducked in and out of shadows and rounded the corner of the
mansion. Heh. If I not know no bettah, I be tinkin’ dey
sneakin’ in…what be in dat bundle? Look
like a person…mebbe…nah. Tabby b scr screamer, I tink. Mebbe I don’ wanna
know… The sound of scuffling had
ceased and Remy could make out voices but not words. With a sigh of resignation, he paced back to his spot near the
oleander and gazed out into the purpling sky.


Remy nearly
jumped at the soft sound of Jubilee’s voice, but years as a thief had schooled
him well. Instead, he finished his deep
drag on his cigarette and blew the smoke out of the corner of his mouth, away
from the girl, before turning to gaze down at her. “Non. Not one ting.”

“Mmmmm.” Jubilee breathed in slowly through her nose,
drawing in the heady scent that was Remy.

“Fairly…oui.” Remy held out the cigarette and raised an
eyebrow. “Smoke?”

“Still no…I
have an insane sense of self preservation.”

“Says de
fille who reg’larly fight wid de Wolverine in de Danger Room an’ flip onto de
roof to break into da house….” Remy
shrugged a shoulder and took another deep draw off the cigarette, burning it
down to the filter.

never kill me. Those things will…”

“You pays
your money, you takes your chances…”
Remy leaned lightly against a low railing around the edge of the
concrete patio. “Why you out here,

stand it in the morgue.” Jubilee
shuddered faintly and toed the ground.
“I shouldn’t say that…It’s just so…creepy. Everyone is so quiet and moving slow, like we’re underwater. I mean, what the Hell are we supposed to

“Wait, je
pense. Wait and see. De police, dey be on de case. An’ I know for a fact dat de Professor, he
been lookin’ in places de cops never tink to be lookin’, eh?” Remy secretly longed to touch Jubilee then,
to stroke her hair and hold her, tell her not to worry. But a sense of propriety, almost like being
at a funeral, stood like a specter behind each resident of the mansion so Remy
kept his hands resting on the railing, mock-studying his clean nails.

Jubilee sighed
again and sank into a squatting position, resting her chin on her knees to
stare out through the bars of the bordering ornamentation. “When I was younger, when my parents…when my
parents died,” she prayed he did not notice how she choked on the word, “I felt
a lot like this…”

“Empty?” he
murmured, his low voice falling on her ears like warm honey.

“Yeah…empty. Remy, I’m scared.” Jubilee hated to admit it to anyone, but she knew in her heart of
hearts that Remy would be the very last to judge her.

aussi, p’tite.” His voice was so low
that Jubilee almost missed it. Only his
sad expression belied the truth.

You’re scared?” Jubilee knew her eyes
were wide but she could not fight it.
“You’re never scared.”

“Don’ be
childish, Jubilation.” Remy felt bad
about snapping but sank to sit next to her without apology. “Everybody get scared, eh? Even Logan, mais he not admit it.”

The idea of
Logan feeling fear was alien to Jubilee.
She stared at the first star of the evening as if it could show her the
truth of the matter before snorting softly.
“Nah. He don’t get scared. He just hits shit.”

everybody, an’ I mean everybody, get scared.
Even Remy.” They were so close
that he could feel the heat radiating off of the small girl’s arms, making his
own skin feel warm. He had forgone his
trench coat this time, and was now glad he had done so. Edging just slightly closer, he let his hand
come to rest near her hip. He was
faintly gratified that she did not move away.

“I hate being
scared. Makes me feel weak.”

anyting but weak, p’tite…you be de strongest gal I know…”

“Remy…” Jubilee had a sudden sensation of
falling. I feel so guilty…Kitty is
missing and I’m going googly over Remy.

his voice was near her ear and she froze, goosebumps racing down her neck and
shoulders. “Chere, bein’ scared…it
happen all de time. Not jus’ when tings
like dis happen.”

are you scared, Remy?” Jubilee fixed
her gaze on an intrepid lizard, climbing the small column supporting the
railing and then slipping back down.

swallowed hard and let one finger reach over and stroke Jubilee’s hip. “Right now.”

“Why?” Jubilee squeezed her eyes shut, feeling the
slow stroke of Remy’s graceful finger.
Remy did not answer, not with words.
Jubilee heard his intake of breath and knew what was about to happen,
tipping her chin up to meet his kiss.
His mouth was warm and comforting, a balm to her nerves. She tentatively laid one hand against his
cheek, feeling the muscles work there, and he groaned low in his throat. A soft lick on her lower lip made Jubilee
open her mouth in supplication, begging him with actions to deepen the
kiss. Remy more than happily complied,
all thoughts of the outside world sliding away. It was the first time, he realized, that she did not fight his
attention. Jubilee twined her other
hand in his hair, holding his face to hers and letting his tongue make love to
her mouth, mewing in reply to his low groans.
Remy gripped her hips as if his life depended on it, slowly standing and
drawing her up with him. He stood, bent
far over to maintain the kiss, as she rose on her toes. “Remy…” she murmured, finally pulling away
to breathe.

“Oui?” Remy darted another few kisses to the
corners of Jubilee’s mouth and her cheeks, drawing a shudder from the Asian

“You, um,
you said that we’d know when…” Jubilee
forced herself to look into his eyes, seared by the intensity of his gaze.

don’ know what you askin’…”

‘Remy, I’m
no blushing virgin here. I know exactly…in fact,” Jubilee pressed her lips to
his and nipped his lip gently. “I have
never been more sure of anything in my short life.”

Remy felt
his breath catch and a low, tight heat begin in his lower belly. His hands tightened on Jubilee’s hips and he
lifted her, holding her against his chest.
“Ma belle…”

“Where to
go?” she asked amidst kisses to her throat.
The house was out, for obvious reasons, as was the patio…”The
boathouse!” they said as one. Remy gave
her one last, lingering lick on the hollow of her throat and carried her off
into the darkness of the mansion’s grounds, towards the boathouse.




A/N Short, I know…next
chap will have pissed!Kurt and his can of whoop-ass. I promise. And smut. Smut smut smut smut smut…..


[1] Pure-D…I
have no idea why we Southerners say that but we do….Almost every last one of
us. Maybe not people from West
Texas. They’re weird like that. ;)
j/k about the weird part…lol.

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