The Hellfire Gala

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Kate joined in the cheer started by Emma. The two of them along with Sebastian Shaw were standing on a raised dais in front of the gathered mutants. This gave Kate a good view of the crowd as the cheer died down and they started to break off into pairs and small groups. She watched as they started kissing and fondling. Most everyone here seemed quite eager to begin the festivities. 


Watching it all happen Kate couldn't help but start to feel a little nervous. She had of course known what tonight was going to be. Hell she had helped plan it. But being here now, in the midst of the start of an orgy was very intense. She'd never been involved in anything like this before. Her sex life had been pretty vanilla and she'd never had any complaints about it.  Was this all too much for her?


"Now don't be nervous, Kitten." Kate heard Emma say, the blond woman turning towards her.


"I'm not." Kate said, her words sounding quite firm.


"Your voice seems much more certain than your mind does." Emma responded, causing Kate to give her an annoyed look. "I'm just saying, I've watched you grow since you were a teenager, as an enemy, an ally, and dare I say as a friend. Since joining us here on Krakoa and more specifically in the Hellfire club you've truly blossomed. Embrace it Kitten. Remember you're a queen now, even if you do still insist on dressing like a child playing pirate." Emma said, referring to the fact that Kate was dressed in her normal Marauder attire, a puffy white blouse, leather pants and a long red coat, rather than something more fancy for the occasion. Despite the dig at her clothing Kate felt herself swelling with pride at Emma's words.


"Thank you." She answered.


"You're welcome dear." Emma said, giving Kate a peck on the cheek. "Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go fuck Scott's brains out." With that the White Queen turned and walked off, her cape waving behind her.


She's right, Kate thought to herself. I've been a fearless and more than competent leader on the Marauder. I have nothing to be worried about. I'm a bad ass bitch and the Red mother fucking Queen of the Hellfire club. I can handle an orgy.


With this confidence flowing through her Kate looked over the crowd again, this time with a hunger in her eyes. She saw beautiful women and handsome men everywhere, how would she ever choose where to start.


As she was considering her options a disk of light appeared to her side and just above her head. The intense shine made her look over as the disk moved towards the ground revealing Illyana Rasputine. The young Russian woman was wearing a black mini dress that barely went high or low enough to cover anything. She held a bottle of champagne in her hand.


"Hey Kate." Illyana said as she appeared. "I saw you up here and thought you might need a drink." She continued, holding up the champagne.


"You know me so well." Kate answered, smiling. She grabbed the bottle and took a long drink. She felt the bubbles tickling her tongue and going down her throat.


"Hey hey hey." Illyana said, pulling the bottle back. "It's not all for you." She added before taking a swig herself. "So do you have a game plan worked out?"


"Uh not really." Kate answered.


"No surprise there." The blond mumbled.


"What's that supposed to mean?" Kate asked accusingly.


"Oh come one, you know I love you but your sexual history isn't exactly the most exciting." She explained.


"Hey I've had plenty of sex." Kate retorted.


"Yeah, with one guy at a time." Illyana said, making the words sound almost like an insult. "You've never done anal, you don't have sex in public, never been with a woman, you don't even own a vibrator." She continued listing the things Kate hadn't done.


"Remind me never to talk to you about my sex life again." Kate said, crossing her arms with an annoyed look on her face.


"I'm only speaking the truth."


"What about the time I phased through the floor and had to run back to Peter's room naked." Kate said, hoping both the act and the mention of Illyana's brother might get the other woman off her back.


"That doesn't count." Illyana said matter of factly, not shaken at all. "You did that by accident."


"Ugh fine, you're right. I'm vanilla." Kate finally agreed with a bit of a pout.


"Well tonight's your chance to branch out and try some new flavors." Illyana said. "Besides, at least one of the Hellfire rulers should do something interesting."


"What do you mean by that?"


"Well look." Illyana pointed to one of the beds. "Shaw is with Selene, and over there Emma is about to fuck Scott. Nothing interesting or new from the black and white leaders of Hellfire." She explained as Kate looked at the two couples. "So as the final ruler you should really do something more exciting."


"Like what?"


"How about a woman?"


"A woman?" Kate asked nervously at the suggestion.


"Come on, you told me about kissing that Tattoo artist. You liked that right?"


Kate thought about the moment Illyana was referring to. It was the only time she'd kissed another woman. It was right after her resurrection and she'd felt so confident in the moment, like she could do anything. Why was she so nervous about it now?


"Yeah it was great." She agreed, the idea of doing more with a woman did excite her.


"See, you dipped your toe in and the water felt fine. So dive in." Illyana encouraged her.


"I guess I could." Kate agreed.


"Or better yet, why not a man and a woman?"


"At once?" Kate asked.


"Why not. You clearly like both so have both. There's no reason to choose, and that would really make a splash. Kate Pryde's first threesome." Illyana said.


Kate thought about it. Logistically it seemed complicated. She'd never really thought about more than one partner at a time. It just seemed like a lot to focus on. One person just seemed so much easier. God was Illyana right about her? Was she too boring?. No, not anymore. Maybe Kitty had been innocent and timid, but Kate was going to be confident and adventurous.


"You know what? Yes. I can do a threesome." She finally said.


"That's my girl." Illyana said smiling.


"Now who should it be?" Kate asked.


"Well I may have thought about that already." Illyana responded




"Well hello my beautiful fräuleins." Nightcrawler had suddenly appeared between the two women with an arm around each of them and a huge gron on his face.


"Gah!" Kate yelled, startled by his sudden appearance. "Damn Kurt you scared the hell out of me."


"My deepest apologies." He said, with a bit of a laugh.


"Wait…" Kate started, looking back and forth between Kurt and Illyana, both of them staring back at her. "The two of you?" She asked.


"Why not?" Illyana said.


"Why do I feel like this whole conversation was a set up?." Kate asked them.


"Would we do that to you?" Kurt asked her.


"Yes." She answered plainly.


"Fine you caught us." Illyana said, rolling her eyes. "Now what do you say? Are you in?"


Kate wasn't sure what to say at first. Of course she thought Illyana was gorgeous and Kurt was very handsome, all his unique features just adding to his appeal. But they were two of her best friends.


"Come on Kitty-" Kurt started.


"Kate." Illyana interrupted, correcting him on her preferred name.


"Right, sorry. Old habits." He said before continuing. "It will be fun."


"He's not wrong." Illyana agreed, giving Kate a devilish grin.


"It's just… you guys are my best friends." Kate told them.


"Exactly, who better than people you already trust." Illyana said. "I mean personally I would be more then happy to fuck some strangers but you're more the type that wants a conection." She added air quotes around the final word.


Kate couldn't really argue with her friend's logic. Maybe it was the best option. She probably would be more comfortable with the two of them rather than some random person.


"Well since the two of you went to so much trouble… let's do it." She finally agreed. She was still a little unsure but wanted to be more bold and figure this was a perfect way to start.


"Wonderful!" Kurt said, pulling both women in close to him.




In a puff of quickly disappearing smoke the trio suddenly found themselves on one of the beds. Kurt and Illyana were both laughing at the jump. Kate was surprised at first but soon found herself laughing with them.


"Now that we're through with the semantics let's have some fun before you change your mind." Illyana said as she quickly crawled across Kurt and Kate so that the brunette woman was in the middle.


"Oh-" Kate started to say but she was interrupted by Illyana kissing her. Kate's mind was still trying to work this all out. How were they past the semantics? She still wasn't sure how this was going to work with a third person. But she found herself thinking less and less about that and more about Illyana's lips, and now her tongue invading Kate's own mouth. Soon she was kissing the other woman back, her hand in the blond's hair. Then there was another set of lips on her neck as Kurt started kissing her there. She was quickly seeing the advantages to having two lovers at once.


Kate felt Kurt and Illyana begin to caress and fondle her body through her clothing. Kurt's hand was inside her jacket, rubbing against her breasts while Illyana was rubbing Kate's inner thigh. Her own hands were busy as well, one wrapped around Illyana's waist holding the other girl close to herself as her other hand held the side of Kurt's face as he kissed her neck. She let out a small moan as he started nibbling on her flesh, his fangs tickling her.


For a moment Kurt and Illyana stopped kissing her and instead began making out with each other overtop of her. Kate watched them kiss only inches from her face, she could feel her cheeks blushing and her breathing was already getting heavier as she grew more excited by the display.


The two of them  quickly returned their attention to Kate but now they were working to get her clothes off. Kurt slid her arms out of her coat and unbuttoned her shirt as Illyana started removing her boots and pants. Soon she was down to just her bra and panties but those only lasted seconds more before they had her fully nude.


Illyana and Kurt took in the sight of her naked form. Her perky tits with little pink nipples and the trimmed patch of brown hair around her pussy. Kate felt exposed as her friends leered at her body and realised just how fully dressed they both were.


"How about the two of you now?" She asked, doing her best to keep her voice from wavering. She figured she'd be less nervous if she wasn't the only one naked.


"Seems only fair." Kurt said standing up from the bed. His eyes never left Kate's gorgeous body through his movements.




He teleported back onto the bed but was now naked, his clothing falling to the floor where he had just been standing. Both Kate and Illyana looked a little surprised at the move. They both noticed his hard blue cock standing straight up from his lean muscled body.


"Well that's handy." Illyana said. Her own teleportation didn't work quite the same so she had to undress in a more traditional way but that didn't stop her from making a show of it. 


She stood and turned away from the other two and started sliding her mini dress down her body slowly, every movement she made radiating sexuality. She looked over her shoulder seductively at the others as inch by inch she revealed her bare back to them. Once she got to her hips she bent at the waist pressing her ass towards them as she slid the garment over her round butt, revealing she hadn't been wearing anything under the dress. Both Kate and Kurt stared at her perfect ass. Once her dress fell to the floor she straightened and stepped out of the discarded fabric. She turned around, showing the rest of her body to them. Her tits were a little bigger than Kate's, so not quite as perky but every bit as sexy. Her pussy was cleanly shaved, the smooth skin looking flawless. She got back on the bed beside them, all of them now fully naked.


Kate realised she was right, she didn't notice her own nervousness now that the others had undressed as well. She was too focused on their bodies, entranced by how sexy she found them both. The kissing and fondling between the three quickly resumed but with more urgency now each of them wanting to feel as much of the others as they could. Kurt kissed Kate deeply while at the same time he reached over to hold Illyana's ass. Illyana licked and bit up and down Kate's neck while fondling Kurt's balls. Kate herself had one hand stroking kurts pulsating cock while the other explored Illyana's tits, squeezing and rubbing them, feeling her hard nipples against the soft mounds of flesh.


Illyana made her way, kissing and licking, down to Kate's chest. Once there the Russian woman started sucking one of Kate's pink nipples, taking it into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. Her fingers began pinching and lightly pulling on the other nipple. Kate broke her kiss with Kurt to let out a gasp at the sensation.


Now that his lips were free Kurt began to make his own way down Kate's body but going much lower than Illyana. He ended with his head between her thighs making Kate gasp again as he ran his tongue along her pussy. He lapped at her folds making her squirm and moan. She let out a small squeal as she felt him penetrate her with one of his fingers, his thick girthy finger. She was so wet he easily slid in and out of her, making her juices flow even more. His tongue now focused on her clit, licking up and down on the bundle of nerves.


Illyana guided Kate into turning and laying on her side, Kate was so distracted she didn't really seem to notice much. Kurt turned with her and continued to pleasure her. Illyana was now behind her and started kissing down along Kate's spine until she came to her toned ass. The blond girl pulled Kate's cheeks apart, leaned in and started to lick her ass hole.


"Oh!" Kate yelled out at the sudden sensation "that feels…'' She tried to find the right words while processing what was happening. No one had ever eaten her ass before but it felt " gooood." She said, realizing how true the words were as she said them. Illyana's wet tongue circling her little hole. 


With both of her friends orally pleasuring her Kate quickly found herself building towards her peak. The warmth of their tongues on her sensitive spots and Kurt's finger inside her pussy. It all felt amazing and before she knew it her body was writhing in the throws of her orgasm. Her back arched, and her hands each went to one of her lovers heads, holding them in place not wanting to lose the feeling of either of them licking her. She felt like every nerve ending in her body was exploding with joy.


As Kate's body finally relaxed, her orgasm having passed, Illyana and Kurt did stop licking her. Illyana pulled the blue fuzzy man in for a deep kiss, her tongue probing into his mouth so she could taste Kate's cum on him. 


"Mmmmm." Illyana moaned at the flavour. She looked at Kurt devilishly and added "your turn." Before she pushed him onto his back and dove between his legs.


Illyana engulfed his cock, sucking his full length into her mouth with great enthusiasm. Her lips wrapped tightly around him as her tongue darted around the underside of his member. Kate saw what the blond was doing and went down to join her friend. Illyana was moving with so much energy, her head bobbing up and down, Kate wasn't really sure how to get involved at first. She managed to get her mouth down by Kurt's balls, running her tongue all over the blue orbs.


Kurt was in pure bliss, he had two gorgeous women sucking and licking his cock and balls. He watched the two of them work on him, eventually trading places. Illyana kept up her high energy, sucking on his balls and letting them pop out of his mouth. Kitty focused her sucking heavily on the head of his dick, her lips sucking hard on it while she flicked her tongue across his glands. She let out a slight hum while sucking him which sent a vibration through his cock that felt like it reverberated through his whole body. 


They  soon switched their methods up again. Now they each wrapped their lips around one side of his dick as if they were trying to kiss around it and started sliding their mouths up and down the sides of his shaft


"Mien gott. You two are amazing." He told them, making them both giggle as they pulled their lips away.


"You know I think he seems ready to fuck you." Illyana said to Kate, looking directly into her eyes. "Do you want him inside you?"


"God yes." Katr said, almost pleading for it, her face was flushed with excitement.


"Well then Kurt unless you have any objections I think you should fuck our lovely Kate right now." Illyana said to him.




Suddenly Kurt was kneeling behind Kate.


"You won't hear any objections from me." He said as he appeared.


Kate lifted herself up onto all fours, her ass presented to Kurt. He took hold of her hips and guided his hard cock towards her opening. Between how wet she was and his cock slick with the combined saliva of the two women he entered her fully in one thrust. Both of them let out a moan at the feeling. Kurt felt her warm pussy wrapped tightly around his hard cock as if it was trying to hold him inside as he started moving his hips back and forth. His motions quickly building into a steady pace of fucking.


Illyana watched the two of them go at it for a few minutes, enjoying the show. She thought Kate looked so sexy getting fucked, her face contorted in bliss. The slapping sound of Kurt's thighs hitting Kate's ass was creating a hypnotic rhythm. 


No longer content with just watching, Illyana moved herself up towards Kate's head, sitting in front of her. She opened her legs wide and with one of her hands spread her pussy lips open.


"Kaaattteeee." She said in a sing-song tone to get the other girl's attention. "It's time to eat your first pussy."


Kate saw Illyana's pink pussy right in front of her. She felt her heart pumping and she leaned in towards it. She could smell the intoxicating aroma of Illyana's pheromones as she stuck out her tongue. She made her first lick across her friend's lower lips, tasting another woman for the first time and immediately loved it. She dove in, licking and sucking all over Illyana's pussy. Her tongue exploring the other woman's lips and clit, then diving as deep inside as she could manage.


"Mmmmm that's it." Illyana encouraged her, running her hands through Kate's hair. "You're a natural." She moaned deeply at the last words.


Kate couldn't believe she was in this situation. In a threesome. Going down on another woman. She'd never expected to be doing something like this but she was loving it. Kurt was fucking her so good, his hard cock filling her up, rocking her body with his thrusts. On top of that Illyana's pussy tasted amazing, and hearing the other woman moaning was such a turn on, knowing that she was the reason for those moans.


Kurt was alternating between watching Kate's round ass jiggle every time he shoved his cock inside her and watching Illyana getting eaten out. The sexy blond writing and moaning, her head thrown back in pleasure. She was playing with her own tits too, her hands roughly squeezing the large orbs. Anywhere he looked at the two women was just amazing. He wrapped his prehensile tail around Kate's body and started rubbing the tip against her clit while he continued to fuck her. He heard a moan escape the woman, muffled by Illyana's pussy.


Illyana was actually quite surprised at how good Kate's oral skills were. Sure she could use a little more practice but Illyana was more than pleased with how she was doing so far. She let out another moan as Kate's tongue circled her clit, little jolts of pleasure coursing through her. Illyana bit her lower lip as she pinched her own nipples. She started rocking her hips, grinding her pussy on Kate's face, a motion that seemed to spur Kate on to lick her even more enthusiastically. Between these unexpectedly impressive oral skills and Illyana's own movements the young Russian mutant soon found herself nearing her own orgasm.


"Oh fuck you're going to make me cum!" She said through her panting breaths.


Illyana took hold of Kate's head with both hands and increased the motion of her hips. Grinding herself on the other woman's face with abandon, rubbing her clit on Kate's tongue, lips, nose or anything else it came in contact with.. Kate was pretty much just keeping her tongue out and letting Illyana do what she wanted at this point. Illyana tossed her head back and screamed out in pleasure as her toes curled in her orgasmic bliss.


Kate felt the rush of fluids from Illyana's pussy and eagerly lapped up as much of it as she could, savouring the erotic flavour. She couldn't believe she had made another woman cum, even if in the end Illyana was basically just humping her face.


Illyana wasted no time resting after her orgasm. She reached down and pulled Kate up towards her, taking her right off Kurt's dick.


"Hey" both Kate and Kurt said, complaining.


"Stopped hogging the cock." Illyana said, rolling Kate over and laying on top of her.


"Didn't I just get you off?" Kate said.


"Yes, and now I want some cock." Illyana responded matter of factly.


"Ladies please." Kurt interrupted grinning. "There's plenty of me to go around."


"That's what we're about to find out. Now get over here and fuck me." Illyana said, giving her ass a little shake in his direction.


"My pleasure." Kurt said, moving towards her. 


He briefly admired the sight of the two women stacked on top of each other before giving Illyana exactly what she wanted. The blonde woman moaned as he entered her. He then snaked his tail around until he found the entrance to Kate's pussy as well and penetrated her with the tip.


"Oh wow." Kate said. The spade tip of Kurt's tail didn't feel like anything she had ever had inside her before but she liked it. Due to it being prehensile Kurt was able to control its movements, swirling it around inside her to hit her from every angle.


Kurt began fucking both women, one with his cock and one with his tail, and based on the sounds they were making ther both seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.


Illyana started kissing Kate, tasting herself on her friend. Their tongues danced and played in each other's mouths. Their tits were pressed together as their bodies rocked from Kurt's motions, making their hard nipples rub against each other, each of them deeply enjoying the sensation.


Every couple of minutes Kurt would switch his tail and his cock, changing which of his partners he was fucking with each. He loved feeling the contrast of the two women, each of them feeling amazing in their own way. Kate felt smooth and warm, she was so wet her juices were leaking out of her. Illiaya would contract her inner muscles on him, massaging his dick, making her feel incredibly tight.


"You know Kurt you could put one of those appendages of yours in my ass." Illyana said, looking back at him. 


"Oh if you insist." Kurt said, more than happy to comply. He moved his cock to her ass and slowly pressed it in. Illyana's tight little hole stretched to accommodate him.


"What about you?" Illyana asked Kate. "Ready to pop your anal cherry?" The blond's eyes were closed tightly as she felt him entering her.


"That's still a no. But he can definitely keep fucking my pussy." Kate answered, still very much enjoying the feeling of his tail inside her.


"Your loss." Illyana said, through gritted teeth as Kurt's cock stretched her ass hole. She quickly relaxed as her butt loosened up a bit, this was hardly her first time doing anal and she adapted quickly. She liked having her ass fucked just as much as her pussy. The feeling was different but it created just as much pleasure in her. The feeling of Kurt's hard cock inside her, stretching her, was making her feel good all over. She began to kiss and nibble at Kate's earlobe eliciting a moan from the other woman.


"God you look so sexy getting fucked." Illyana whispered in her ear.


"You too." Kate whispered back, blushing from Illyana's words.


"Oh I know." Illyana answered with a small laugh.


Kurt couldn't believe how good Illyana's ass felt wrapped around his cock. He had thought her pussy was tight but this was a whole different level. His hands gripped her round ass cheeks as he fucked her, rubbing the beautiful mound of flesh. 


The way Kurt's tail was moving in her pussy made Kate feel so amazing, and Illyana's naked body pressed against her own, the other woman kissing and licking her neck she knew she wouldn't last much longer.


"I'm… I'm going to… cum again." She struggled through the words between pants and moans.


"Oh fuck! Me too!" Illyana yelled out. "Cum with me."


Kurt kept thrusting his cock and tail alike as he watched the two women writhe, moan and gasp as their orgasms overcame them. They looked amazing as they were overcome with sexual bliss. He felt Illyana's ass tightened like a vice around his cock, tighter than anything he'd experienced before.


The women collapsed, their bodies exhausted and heaving in deep breaths. They glowed in their post orgasmic bliss. Kurt removed himself from them both giving them a moment to catch their breath but after only a few seconds Illyana was already in motion again. 


"Alright elf." She said getting up and turning towards him. "We've each gotten off twice. Now I think it's time you get your turn. I'm going to suck the cum right out of you." She pounced on him and once again started devouring his cock. 


Kate saw what they were doing and moved to join them again. She didn't have the energy Illyana had though and decided to let her focus on sucking his cock. Kate instead brought her chest up to Kurt's face. He eagerly started sucking on one of her nipples. His fangs tickled her as he started nibbling on it.


Kurt moaned as Illyana's tongue and lips slid up and down his shaft. Taking his full length with every head bob. He loved having Kate's soft tits in his face too. Exploring and tasting them, the girl's light moans turned him on even more.


"I'm almost there." He said to Illyana.


These words send her into overdrive. She sucked on his cock head while using one hand to stroke the rest of his shaft as fast as she could, her other hand holding and massaging his balls. He led out a deep moan and Illyana felt his cock start to erupt in her mouth. She held her lips tight around his dick as spurt after spurt filled her mouth, but she didn't swallow any. She continued stroking him until his body gave out from exhaustion and she was sure she'd gotten every drop.


Illyana took hold of the back of Kate's head and pulled her into a deep kiss, pressing her tongue and the thick cum into the other woman's mouth. They kissed for several moments, letting Kurt's seed pass back and forth between them. Each of them swallowed half the load as their lips parted.


"So how was your first threesome?" Illyana asked Kate.


"Amazing." She answered.


"Yeah it wasn't bad." Illyana agreed. "I've had better though."


"Hey!" Kate said, lightly punching the other woman in the arm.


"What? Should I lie?" Illyana asked, shrugging. "For your first time it was solid but I've had more threesomes than I can count. I mean you should see the orgies Dr. Strange throws as part of his mystical rituals. Now those parties are really wild."


"Well I think we might have broken Kurt." Kate said, indicating the blue fuzzy mutant. He was laying on his back,  his chest heaving in deep breaths. "You gonna live?" She asked him.


Kurt simply gave a thumbs up in reply, not even able to gather the energy to answer.


"He'll be fine." Illyana said. "Now we need to decide what you want to try next."


Kate's mind started running wild with possibilities. Any hesitation she had been feeling early was long gone.


"Oh I have a few ideas." She said smiling.


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