The Hellfire Gala

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The Hellfire Gala was in full swing. Everywhere you looked in the large room there were mutants indulging themselves in carnal activities.


On one bed you could see Toad plunging as much of his long tongue as he could into Husk. The blonde woman's head lolled back as she moaned. She had never felt a tongue so deep inside her.


In another spot Boom Boom was on her knees eagerly sucking on Warpath's big cock. Her bare breasts bouncing along with her head bobs.


Though there was one group that had yet to join the festivities. Off in a corner of the room the Stepford Cuckoos were gathered in a huddle. They were all dressed in matching white dresses, simple yet elegant. The five identical young women had their heads into a circle so their foreheads were touching.


'So above all remember…' Sophie telepathically talked to her sister.


'All at the same time.' The other four answered in concert, annoyed at Sophie for reminding them once again.


'That's right.' Sophie confirmed. ' That means you Celeste." She continued indicating one of the other four.


'Why me?' Celeste asked, annoyed.


'Because you cum too fast.' Irma told her.


'Well excuse me for enjoying myself better than the rest of you.' Celeste responded. 'Besides it's not like the rest of you don't get to enjoy my orgasms as well.'


'That's not the point.' Esme said. 'If we can all synchronize our orgasms it will…'


'Be the best orgasm of our lives' Phoebe finished the sentence seamlessly as if it had been said by one person. 'Our hive mind allowing us to share physical sensations is a gift that we should make the most of.'


'Exactly.' Sophie, Irma, and Esme all said at the same time.


'Fine I'll control myself.' Celeste responded to her sister rolling her eyes. 'Besides Irma's the one who always takes too long to get off.' She deflected.


'I have a plan to take care of that.' Irma retorted.


'Ladies.' Sophie interjected. 'I trust each of you to do your part.' The other two girls gave a psychic acknowledgement. 'Now have fun girls.'She told them all.


With that the five Cuckoos pulled away from each other. Before going off in their separate ways they all began to remove their dresses. They were all wearing matching clothing under their gowns as well. They had lacy white strapless bras that held in their perky breasts. They were also wearing lacy white thongs with matching garter belts and stockings. The look was quite stunning to see on any one of them let alone all five together. 


As they began to spread out through the room some of the Cuckoos didn't know where they intended to go or who they wanted to play with. Others though knew exactly who they were looking for.


Phoebe for example quickly found her target. She made her way over to Cable. The new younger Cable who the Cuckoos had all been dating much to the chagrin of Ms. Frost. He was wearing a tux, which looked quite good on him but he looked very uncomfortable in it. 


"Hey there." Phoebe said, approaching him, catching him off guard.


"Phoebe, hey." He said. Smiling as he saw the young beauty. His eyes looked over her nearly naked form.


"You haven't gotten started yet?" She asked.


"I was looking for you and your sisters. I thought it might be fun to start the night off together." He explained.


"You must have read my mind." She responded. "Or maybe I read yours."she added with a wink.


The two of them kissed deeply. Their bodies pressed together. Cable's hand traveling down Phoebe's back to caress her round ass.


"Hey Summers!" Someone yelled, interrupting them. "Wanna get your hands off my girl?"


The two of them looked over and saw Quentin Quire standing nearby, his arms crossed and a slightly angry look on his face. Phoebe couldn't help but notice the stark contrast in how Quentin was dressed in comparison to Cable. Quire was wearing a tuxedo t-shirt, as if mocking everyone else dressing up. He had a pair of slacks with suspenders. He had some buttons pinned to the suspenders but Phoebe didn't take the time to read what they said. 


"Your girl?" Cable asked. "She's the one who just found me."


"Well maybe you can have my sloppy seconds later but I'm starting the night off with Phoebe."


"Didn't I just see you hitting on Rogue?" Cable accused.


"Hey if I had wanted Rogue I could have had her." Quire scoffed.


"Boys, boys." Phoebe interrupted them. "You both know I've been dating you both. Tonight's about getting over this human jealousy."


The two you men didn't look convinced by what she said.


"Fine then Cable won't be jealous when you tell him you want me first." Quentin said.


"Like hell." Cable retorted. "Tell him how you were just saying you wanted to start the night with me."


"Well I don't see why the two of you don't just share." Phoebe said. "There's plenty of me to go around. Unless of course one of you is worried you'll underperform." She continued.


Cable and Quire glanced at each other.


"There's no way soldier boy here will outdo me. You'll Forget about him half way through" Quentin said.


"In your dreams you little hipster." Cable retorted.


The two of them started stripping off their clothes. Phoebe smilled. She knew making it a contest would have the two of them agreeing just so they could show each other up. 




Meanwhile in another part of the room, once splitting up from their sisters both Irma and Celeste had made their way over to the table of toys that the hellfire club had provided for the night. Celeste knew exactly what she was looking for and quickly picked out a toy. She went off to look for a specific couple she was hoping to join. She noticed Irma had already picked up a few items and still seemed to be looking for more. She knew Irma's plan to make sure she timed her orgasm with the others and had to admit it was a good idea but she didn't have time to sit and watch her sister pick out any more toys.


Celeste scanned the room and over on a bed not too far away she saw her targets. Cessily and Alani, Mercury and Loa. The two were one of the newest couples on Krakoa and Celeste had assumed they would be together and she was happy to see she was right. Ever since she had heard they were together the idea of the two sexy young women together had intrigued Celeste. 


She made her way over to them. By the time she arrived Cessily was laying on her back naked her metallic skin shining. Alani was on top of her, the Hawaiian girl stripped down to just a red thong. The two of them were kissing deeply, their tongues exploring each other's mouths while their hands explored each other's bodies.


Celeste cleared her throat to draw their attention. 


"Mind if I join you?" She asked. "I even brought a toy." She said holding up a black harness with a blue dildo strapped into it.


Alani and Cessilly looked at each other.


"I mean I'm open to it if you are." Cessily said to her girlfriend.


Alani turned to Celeste and said. "Absolutely."


Celeste smiled as she climbed onto the bed with the other two women, hanging her strap-on on a bed post for later.




Unlike Celeste and Phoebe, Esme wasn't sure who she wanted to partner up with. She was simply walking around the gala waiting for someone to catch her eye. She was starting to wonder if that had been a bad idea as most people were already engaged with one partner or another, and she didn't really feel like sharing. Especially since she could sense that both Celeste and Phoebe had already started engaging in threesomes.


Finally she saw a man that she thought was perfect. Over by the table of food and drinks she saw the youngest Summers brother, Gabriel, Vulcan. He was making himself some kind of cocktail, probably trying to loosen up a bit she figured. He had seemed a little off since his resurrection but Esme couldn't deny he was handsome. Maybe being a clone of Ms. Frost had given her a genetic predisposition to be attracted to the Summers men. Either way she had made her choice.


She made her way over to Gabriel. He had started to drink whatever it was that he had mixed together for himself.


"Do you think you could make me one of those?" She asked him when she was near.


Gabriel turned to see who had asked him the question. His eyes bulged a bit at the sexy blonde in front of him dressed in her lingerie. 


"Uh… sure." He said and started reaching for the bottles again.




"So you're one of those girls right? The uh… cuckoos?." He asked her, mixing a few things together in a glass.


"Yes I am." She answered with a giggle.


"Sorry but which one are you?" He began to hand her the glass.


"I'm Esme." She told him, reaching for the drink. Gabriel pulled it away right before she took it.


"Wait, are you even old enough to drink?" He asked her.


"Well not that Krakoa has an official drinking age but I'm 21 yes." She told him as she reached and took the drink from his hand. She took a long sip. Whatever he had made was very strong but she didn't mind.


"Right." He responded. "Sorry I just don't really know you… or really much of anyone on Krakoa yet." He explained.


"Look I'm kind of on a clock so I'm going to be blunt here." Esme started. "I think you're cute. So do you want to fuck or not?" She asked plainly.


"Uh… yes." Gabriel answered after a second. He was taken back by her being so direct but he wasn't about to say no to her. Especially with her dressed like that.


"Good." Esme said with a smile. She downed the rest of her drink, took Gabriel's hand and started leading him towards the beds.




Sophie had already found her partner. Jullian Keller, Hellion, was laying on a bed, stripped down to his boxers. Sophie was straddling him, the two of them kissing passionately. His hands were holding and squeezing Sophie's ass so she was a little surprised when she felt someone undo her bra. Another naked body pressed against her back, the arms wrapping around to feel her newly freed breasts. Sophie turned her head and saw Noriko, Surge, had joined them.


"You don't mind a third do you?" Nori asked.


"Of course not." Sophie said, turning her head and kissing Nori.


"I have no objections either." Jullian said from below, enjoying the sight of the two young women kissing.


"Yeah, really shocking." Nori said sarcastically, breaking the kiss. She started kissing Sophie's neck instead, making the blonde moan.




Unlike her sisters Irma had found a small area of the room to herself. She was sitting on a soft chair just beside a wall. She had a small table in front of her covered im various sex toys. Dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps. A few types of each to give herself options. 


Celeste had been right earlier when she said Irma struggled to get off a lot of the time. Especially with other people. She could do it by herself but it took a lot of stimulation. So she had decided in order to sync up her orgasm with the others she would simply take care of it herself. Besides she would still be able to experience everything the others were, and she didn't have to worry about pleasing anyone else.


She was already stripped nude since she wasn't trying to impress anyone. She closed her eyes and took a moment and allowed herself to feel what her sisters were. She could feel Jullian's hands on her ass and Nori's on her breasts. Not just nories she realized, but Cable's as well. Nori's palms were rubbing across her nipples while at the same time Cable was pinching and twisting them lightly. The combination of sensations felt amazing. She could feel herself kissing enough people that she had a hard time keeping track of who was who. Some of them soft and sensual, at least one hard and passionate, a tongue deep in her mouth.


Irma decided she would get started without any toys. She'd get to those soon enough. One of her hands started to rub and play with one of her tits adding to the various feelings already there. Her other hand made its way to her cleanly shaved pussy. She ran a finger along her wet slit and heard not only herself but the other cuckoos all moan in her head. 


They had all masturbated at the same time before, enhancing the experience exponentially but they'd never had sex like this before. Even just in these early stages of foreplay it was very intense. Irma could feel hands all over her body, rubbing, caressing, some of them overlapping.


She inserted one of her fingers into her pussy. It was the first penetration any of the cuckoos had that night and they all reacted to it. Irma started working the digit in and out. Her finger slid easily into her, lubricated by her juices. Her other hand was busy rubbing one of her nipples. The little pink nub was as hard as it had ever been. 


Soon she moved away from her nipples though, still being stimulated there by her sister's partners. Her second hand instead moved to her clit. Her fingers circled it. She moaned loudly from the sensation.


"You need a hand." She heard from a nearby voice.


Irma opened her eyes and looked over to see Wildside standing nearby. Internally she scoffed at the idea that she would ever let someone as low class as him touch her.


"No." She simply said. "But you can watch." She added with a smile. She did like the idea of being watched.


"Sure why not." Wildside answered.


Irma quickly got back to work, fingering herself infront of her audience. While her breathing started to get more labored she realised she could taste someone in her mouth.




Phoebe was down on her knees in front of both Quentin and Cable. The two of them standing over her. Their hard cocks in front of her. She held one of them in each hand, slowly rubbing up and down as she alternated between sucking them.


She took Quentin's head into her mouth. Holding the base of his cock with her left hand as she swirled her tongue around it. At the same time her right hand was pumping along Cable's length. She slid her lips up and down on Quentin's dick eliciting a moan from him. She then switched her mouth over, repeating the process.


As she made her way back and forth her hands started gliding easier along their saliva slicked cocks. She would lick them from the base to the tip then suck them as deep as she could. Both of the young men were moaning from her impressive oral skills. 


Whenever Phoebe went to Quentin his hand instinctively went to the back of her head, pushing her lightly, more encouraging her to go deeper then trying to force her down. Cable on the other hand was more than happy to let her decide her own pace. Phoebe appreciated both approaches and thought it reflected what she liked about dating each of them. Quentin was passionate and eager, while Cable was more calm and respectful. They both turned her on.


She took her lips off Cable's cock and looked up at the two of them.


"So," she started. "Who's going to fuck me first?"




Celeste, Alani, and Cessily were all fully naked. Their bodies formed a sort of triangle as Celeste was licking Cessily's pussy, who was in turn licking Alani, who then finished the triangle licking Celeste. The three young women formed a closed loop of pleasure.


Celeste loved the taste of Cessily on her tongue. She tasted sweet with a hint of metallic flavour. The taste was made all the more unique since Celeste could also taste her sister's partners in her mouth at the same time. Feel the various cocks in her mouth while she lapped away at Cessily's bald lips and clit. The young redhead's body squirming and pressing her pussy against Celeste's mouth.


Cessily and Alani hadn't been dating for too long but they had made the most of that time together so Cessily knew exactly how her girlfriend liked to be eaten. She would run her tongue up and down the slit before circling it around her clit. Then using her control over the shape of her body she would plunge her tongue far deeper into Alani's warm, wet opening far deeper than it should have been able to go. She could tell how much Alani was enjoying it by how tight the other girl had her thighs pressing against Cessily's head.


Alani moaned as she felt her girlfriend's tongue deep inside her. The feeling always amazed her. The firm yet soft tongue, warm and wet, filling her up. Her moans sent vibrations into Celeste's pussy causing the Cuckoo to moan as well which caused a cascading effect through all three women, each receiving and giving the vibrations to one of the others. Alani had to remind herself to focus on what she was doing as well. She had sucked Celeste's clit into her mouth and flicked and circled her tongue on the little nub continuously. The feeling of Celeste's juices on her lips and tongue encouraged her that she was doing a good job. She had a firm grip on Celeste's ass, allowing her to massage the toned flesh there as well as hold the blonde tightly to her lips. 




Sophie let out a small moan from the feeling of Irma's fingers and Alani's mouth. On her own bed Jullian was laying back having what could only be described as the best moment of his life. Sophie and Nori were both between his legs, their tongues running all along his dick. The two young beauties licked and kissed him, as well as kissing each other.


Nori took him into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down. Sophie then moved down a bit and took one of his balls into her mouth, licking and sucking the orb before moving to the next one. The combined oral skill of these girls was like nothing he had experienced before.


Sophie felt a hand sliding down her back and it took her a moment to realise it wasn't a phantom touch from one of her sisters but Nori's hand. She slid it down Sophie's back and around her ass. She then slid two of her fingers into the blonde's pussy. Sophie and the other Cuckoos all gasped at the feeling as Nori started to swirl her fingers inside of Sophie.


Sophie moved her own fingers to Nori's pussy to return the favor. She rubbed along the other girl's slit, up to the little patch of black hair above the opening. She then inserted two of her own digits inside of Nori. Sophie took her lips from Jullian's balls and instead started to kiss and nibble at Nori's neck. The blue haired girl responded with moans of her own.


The two young women continued to alternate. One of them sucking Jullian's cock, while the other kissed and nibbled at each other's necks and ears. All the while the two of them were fingering each other.




Esme had taken Gabriel over to one of the beds and helped him from his clothes. The two of them had been kissing deeply, tongues intertwining. Esme pushed Gabriel down so he was sitting on the edge of the bed and she sank down to her knees in front of him.


She stroked his hardening cock a few times, feeling it grow longer and harder in her hand. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on the head and then started kissing her way up and down the length, occasionally letting her tongue come through her lips to give it a lick. She licked a small bead of precum from the tip. The salty taste of it mingled with the sweet taste of Cessily's pussy in her mouth.


Esme was more than happy to let Gabriel sit back and enjoy himself. She was getting plenty of pleasure from her sister's activities. Though it also felt like she was giving a lot of pleasure to her sister's partners as well.


She started sucking on him, taking his cock all the way to the back of her throat. Gabriel let his head fall back, his eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of Esme's mouth. Her tongue moved constantly on his hard shaft, the warm wetness feeling so good. 


Esme could feel her pussy growing hotter, the pleasure she felt between her legs was getting intense. She realised she was feeling herself build towards an orgasm.


'Celeste not yet!' She screamed into her sister's mind.


'I'm not even close!' Sophie added.


'Us either' both Irma and Phoebe added in unison.


'I'm trying,' Celeste said. Her voice sounded laboured even in their heads. 'It just… her tongue feels sooooo good.'


'Then make her stop!'


'You're going to ruin it!' Her sisters chastised Celeste.


'I… I can't… I'm going to… aaaahhhhhh' Celeste screamed out not only in their minds but out loud as well.


The other four Cuckoos felt the orgasm wash over them as well. Each of the moaning and writhing in pleasure. Their  muscles contracting.


Esme pulled her mouth from Gabriel's cock and let out a scream of her own. Her legs trembled as she felt her own juices leaking onto her thighs. Her whole body tingled with lingering orgasmic bliss. Gabriel stared at her with a look of confusion.


"Did you… just cum?" He asked her.


"Technically, Celeste did." She said through panting breaths. "When one of us cums we all feel it." She explained.


"Well that seems pretty amazing." He said.


"It is." Esme confirmed with him as she started to rub his dick again. "Though we were trying to sync up and she came too early." 


"Oh." Gabriel said though she could tell he was already starting to lose focus as she continued to jerk him off. 


'I'm sorry but I just couldn't stop her. It felt so good.' Celeste explained in their minds.


'Well you've ruined it.' Phoebe said annoyed.


'No. I can get another one. I can control myself better now that I got off once." She countered.


'Fine, just get the timing right on the next one.' The other four answered in unison. They wanted to sound more stern but it was hard while they were all still in post orgasmic bliss.


Esme stopped stroking Gabriel and stood up. She took off her bra, revealing her perky tits to him. Gabriel starred, entranced by them. She slid off her panties but left her garter and stockings on. She sat on his lap, straddling him. Their naked forms pressed together.


"Ready for more?" She asked with a sly grin.




Irma's audience was growing. Now in addition to Wildside, his old teammates Reaper and Samurai were watching as well. Irma was a little disappointed that she only seemed to be attracting the D list mutants but she did still find them watching her to be a turn on. The three of them had their dicks out and were stroking them as they watched the young woman play.


She had taken a large suction cup dildo and stuck it to the wall beside her. She was now bent over in front of it, holding onto the chair she'd been sitting in for support as she rocked her body back and forth on the rubber cock. She was letting out little grunts from the effort she was putting in to take it all the way inside her. It felt so nice stretching her out.


This was the position she had been in when Celeste had cum. Her audience cheered while she orgasmed on the dildo. It had felt good but she was worried that having cum once already was going to make it even harder for herself to get to her own physical orgasm.


She kept fucking the dildo but reached to the table of toys she had assembled. She found a pair of nipple clamps and attached them to her little pink nubs. The two clamps were connected by a small chain which now swung back and forth with the motion of her body. Irma felt Celeste grimace a bit as she attached them, and she felt a bit of satisfaction at that.


Irma could feel her ass slapping against the wall with every thrust she made on the dildo. Her pussy was taking it deep inside her every time. Now with the added stimulation of the clamps on top of everything her sisters were experiencing she started to feel confident she could get herself there in time.




Phoebe was down on all fours. Cable behind her, thrusting his hard cock into her pussy. His hands held her hips as her round ass jiggled with every pump. Cable loved the feeling of her tight wet pussy on his cock. It's velvety warmth wrapped around him like a glove. Gripping him tightly as he fucked her.


Quentin was in front of her at the same time, thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. He had been annoyed that Cable got to fuck her first but he really couldn't complain. Phoebe used her mouth expertly even when he was providing the motion. Her lips kept a tight suction on his cock and her tongue flicked and danced constantly on his hard member.


The two guys had gotten into a nice rhythm of rocking her back and forth. As her body moved back to meet Cable's thrusts, Quentin would be pulling out of her mouth. Then she would bounce off Cable and go forward onto Quentin.


Phoebe was loving the feeling. Taking them both at the same time. Cable's big cock deep inside her, massaging the walls of her pussy. Sucking hard on Quentin's dick, her saliva coating it as it slid between her lips. 


Quentin's cock was going deep enough that it was causing her to gag a little every now and then.


'Have him slow down.' Celeste said. 'I'm fighting not to gag myself and I'm not even sucking a cock.'


'I like it.' Phoebe told her. It was true she found it made her feel very desirable. She liked Quentin's rough edges.


'We're not saying make him stop entirely, just ease up.' Sophie added her voice to Celeste's.


'Fine you don't want to gag anymore?' She said to her sister telepathically before pushing Quentin away and looking up to him. "Do you want to put it in my ass?" She asked him out loud.


"Fuck yes." He responded eagerly 


'Oh fuck you. You know i don't like anal.' Sophie complained.


'Well I do.' Phoebe answered smuggly. 'And I'm just doing what you asked.' She said as she started to maneuver herself and the two men into a new position. Laying Cable down and mounting him so Quentin could get behind her. She moaned deeply as she felt him penetrate her ass slowly.




Sophie grimaced as she could feel Quentin cock stretching her ass. She cursed Phoebe silently. She didn't like anal but since all her sisters seemed to she had gotten somewhat used to it. She was more annoyed because she felt like Phoebe was just being spiteful. She tried to just focus on what she was experiencing in person.


She was reclined on her bed. Nori had her head buried between Sophie's legs, eagerly lapping at her pussy. Sophie was a little surprised at how good Nori was at this. As far as she knew Nori had never expressed interest in any other women before but by the way she ate pussy you'd think she'd been with plenty.


Nori was circling her tongue around Sophie's clit. Paying very close attention to the little bundle of nerves. At the same time she still had two of her fingers inside of the blond's pussy. Nori was curling her fingers upwards making the tips rub against Sophie's g-spot driving the Cuckoo wild.


Nori had her ass up in the air, Sophie admiring the pale round cheeks as Julian fucked her from behind. Julian was still in amazement at what he was doing. Going balls deep inside Nori while getting to watch her go down on another girl. He had to constantly remind himself that he wasn't dreaming. Since he had of course had many dreams just like this.


Nori was loving it all. Julian felt so good inside her. She loved getting fucked doggy like this. Her face down and her ass up. On top of that she was really enjoying playing with Sophie. Nori had always had a curiosity about other women but had never explored it. The gala had given her the perfect opportunity. She loved how soft Sophie's skin was, the taste of her pussy. And the blonde really seemed to be enjoying what Nori was doing to her. Arching her back and running her fingers through Nori's hair. All of this just encouraged her and made her more enthusiastic.


All three of them basked in the pleasure of the moment enjoying each other's bodies to their fullest extent.




Celeste's fingers worked at tightening and adjusting the straps around her legs and waist. Her breaths were coming heavy and laboured as if the work she were doing were tiring her out. But it was really what her sisters were doing. She could feel people inside her. In her pussy, in her ass. Stretching her out. There were hands on her body. A tongue on her clit. Making her feel tingly all over. Once she finished with the straps she looked down satisfied at the blue cock sticking out between her legs. The straps left her ass and pussy exposed, the dildo just above her slit. She pressed a little button at the waistband which turned on a small vibrator sewn into the base of the harness. It sat right on her clit and she heard Irma eek out a moan in her mind from the feeling. Irma always liked Vibrators the most out of the Cuckoos. 


Celeste looked at the sight in front of her and took it in for a moment. Alani was laying on her back. Her toned body looked so sexy. Her perky tits pointing up to the ceiling topped by hard nipples. Her legs were spread and Celeste admired the visually wet pussy there, a thin strip of brown hair just above the clit.


Cessily was sitting on Alani's face. Her body facing towards her girlfriend's. Her metallic skin was shining beautifully. She rocked her hips back and forth, grinding her pussy on Alani's mouth. Cessily's hand was grabbing and squeezing one of her own tits.


Celeste moved down between Alani's legs. She lined up the tip of her fake cock with the other woman's pussy and thrusted forward, entering her all at once. She heard Alani moaning, even though it was being muffled by Cessily's pussy. Celeste started moving her hips back and forth and she saw Alani bucking her own hips up to meet the thrusts. The two of them worked into a nice smooth rhythm. 


Celeste leaned forward and took Cessily's lips into a deep kiss. Their tongues entered each other's mouths. Their hands started groping each other's bodies, mainly focusing on each other's breasts. Caressing and squeezing the orbs. Pinching and rubbing the nipples. Celeste saw Cessily use her shape changing to her advantage, growing a second pair of arms that went down to play with Alani's tits as well.


Alani moaned as she felt Cessily pinch her nipples hard just like she liked. She was holding her girlfriend's thighs as Cessily slid her pussy back and forth across Alani's mouth. Alani of course loved the taste. She let her tongue stray away from Cessily's pussy though. She let it explore further back to lick the redhead's ass instead. Cessily immediately adjusted herself to give Alani easier access to the little puckered hole. Alani regularly gave Cessily rim jobs much to the pleasure of them both. Cessily loved the feeling and Alani loved how taboo it felt. All the while Alany continued to buck her hips up and down, taking the rubber cock strapped to Celeste as deep inside her as she could. 




Esme was straddling Gabriel, riding his cock with great enthusiasm. Alternating between bouncing up and down and grinding her hips back and forth. Gabriel's hand gripped her thighs tightly as she moved. She moaned and gasped from the feeling of him inside of her, as well as all the other cocks she could feel inside her. Cable in her pussy, along with Irma's dildo, Quentin in her ass.All their different shapes and sizes at once made for a very unique and amazing sensation. Not to mention Nori's fingers and tongue, and the vibrator on Celeste's clit. And the hands. Esme could feel hands everywhere.


Gabriel watched her tits bounce hypnotically above him. The round orbs going up and down, her little pink nipples enticing him. He reached out and grabbed them, squeezing them in his palms. Esme leaned into him forcing him to move his hands away. They're bodies pressed together and she started kissing his neck. Her lips and tongue worked their way from his collar bone up to his ear. She licked his ear lobe then lightly bit it before whispering into his ear.


"Spank me." She told him. More of an instruction than a request.


Gabriel moved his hands to her ass. Once there he slapped one of her round cheeks as it continued bouncing on his cock.


"Mmmm harder." She whispered again.


Gabriel brought his other hand down on the other cheek, harder this time, making a loud slapping noise.


"Just like that." She told him between her quick breaths.


Gabriel continued to motion. Spanking Esme while she eagerly rode him. She bit into his shoulder. Just enough that the pain felt good.


Esme got a little jolt of pain and pleasure mixed with each spank. It enticed her to move her hips faster and harder. Slamming herself down on his cock. Filling her wet pussy over and over. Her juices leaked down to cover his lap. Her hands gripping his muscular arms, nails digging in just a bit. His moans filling her ears and turning her on. She almost forgot about her sisters and their partners. Embracing the passion of the moment.




Irma was kicking things into high gear. She could feel the other Cuckoos all progressing towards their orgasms and she didn't want to fall behind. She was sitting in the chair again. She had replaced her nipple clamps with new vibrating ones. Her nipples felt hard enough to cut glass with them on. She had also inserted a vibrating butt plug since Phoebe had opened the door to anal play. Then in one hand she had the seven inch vibrator that she was plunging in and out of her pussy while her other hand rubbed yet another vibrator against her clit.


It might have seemed like overkill but Irma was determined to cum at the same time as her sisters. And she loved vibrations. The constant stimulation had always been the best way to get her off. And now she had a vibrator on every part of her that felt good. Add in the sensations her sisters were getting and she felt amazing.


Her audience cheered with every toy she had added to herself. The three men all leering at her young naked form and she writhed and moaned. Their attention continued to be a big turn on. Who would have known she would like being watched so much.


Irma bit her lip as she kept moving her toys. The one in her pussy gliding easily with how wet she was. The vibrations from them all sent a warm tingling sensation throughout her whole body. She realised she could cum any time. She'd been so worried that she wouldn't get there on time but she was the first one ready.


'Just waiting on you ladies.' She said in her mind proudly. Her sisters had often teased her for her difficulties so she wasn't going to waste the opportunity to say she was ready first.


Irma smiled to herself as she felt her sisters redoubling their efforts. Moving just a little faster and harder to catch up to her. She took the chance to just relax and enjoy the wonderful vibrations.




Phoebe had her eyes closed tightly. Her breath seethed through gritted teeth. She had never had two men in her at once like this before. It felt amazing but she felt so unbelievably full at the same time. Cable's thick cock continued to fill her pussy though now she was straddled on top of him. Quentin was behind her. His cock stretching her tight little ass hole as he anally fucked her.


The two of them had their thrusts going at the same time. Each of them pulled out until just their heads were inside her and then they would both slam back in at the same time. She found herself screaming the first few times. Not from pain just from the almost overwhelming sensation. 


Then Cable started to kiss her. It was passionate and loving. Their lips and tongues interplaying. It helped her relax a bit, adjusting to the new feeling of taking them both at once. Allowing her to really enjoy it.


It was still intense but there started to be more and more pleasure the longer it went. Her pussy being fucked felt perfect as always. Cable definitely had skill in that department, and Phoebe had always enjoyed anal the most out of her sisters. She loved feeling stretched and taking them both at once was like the pinnacle of that. She definitely knew she would be getting double penetrated again in the future. 


Quentin was ecstatic to be in Phoebe's ass. It wasn't the first time he'd fucked her there but he always loved it. She was so incredibly tight. It gripped his cock like no other sensation he had ever experienced.


Phoebe heard Irma tell her in her head that she was ready to cum any time the others were. Not being one to make the others wait, Phoebe planted her hands beside Cable and began to rock her own body along with the guy's thrusts. Taking them harder and deeper than before. She had no doubt she'd be ready to go on time.




Sophie was laying on top of Nori now. The two young women making out. Their tits and nipples pressed together. Both of them grinding their bodies together. Jullian was between their legs, his cock currently sliding in and out of Sophie's bald pussy, but from this position he could easily alternate between which girl he was fucking.


Julian was taking full advantage of this situation. He'd thrust into Sophie a few times, hearing her moan from his actions only to move his cock and start fucking Nori. The blue haired girl moaned just as much. He loved feeling the differences in their pussys. Each of them feeling unique and absolutely amazing. He admired the sights in front of him as well. Nori and Sophie were making out like crazy. Their hands all over each other. He could look down and see his cock disappearing into one or the other, and Sophie's round ass pointing up at him looked perfect.


Nori was enjoying the weight of Sophie's body on top of her. The sexy blond grinding against her as Jullian fucked them. She loved the feeling of Sophie's soft full lips on her own as their tongues played.


Sophie's body was bouncing from Jullian thrusting into her until he pulled out fully again to switch to Nori. Sophie found herself aching to have him inside of her again every time he pulled out of her but the way he switched back and forth seemed to make it feel even better when he would thrust into her again. Like he was teasing her by fucking Nori but then giving her relief when he came back. It was was all very erotic.


All three of them were glistening with a light sheen of sweat. Sophie thought it made Nori's skin glow in a very sexy way. She found herself licking up the asian woman's neck, Nori closing her eyes and gasping at the sensation. 




Celeste was still fuckimg Alani. Pumping her fake cock in and out of the young Hawaiian woman while the vibrator played on her clit. Celeste had her head thrown back and chest stuck out. Cessily leaned forward sucking on Celeste's tits. Her lips wrapped around one of the nipples as her tongue circled the pink dot.


Alani was still on her back, licking her girlfriend's ass. Almost being smothered by Cessily. She could feel the dildo going in and out of her. Her pussy feeling wetter with every thrust, her hips bucking.


"You're really good with that." Cessily said as she pulled her mouth from Celeste's chest. "Alani really seems to be liking it."


"God yes!" Alani said, taking her tongue from Cessily's ass just long enough to make the statement before diving back in.


"Thanks." Celeste said with a giggle.


"Alani always loves when I fuck her like that." Cessily continued.


"You use a strap on?" Celeste asked her, her hips still pumping.


"Not exactly." She said and looked down to her pussy. Celeste followed her eyes and saw a metallic shaft grow there.


"Oh now that seems amazing." Celeste said in amazement.


"It is. I can move my nerve endings into it and everything." Cessily explained to her. "I can show you how it feels." She added with a grin.


"Absolutely." Celeste said.


Cessily got up off Alani's face. The other girl letting out a small whimper at the loss of the ass on her tongue but her whimper soon returned to moans as Celeste kept fucking her. Cessily moved so she was behind the Cuckoo. Celeste felt the tip of Cessily's phallus press against the opening of her pussy.


"Do you want it smooth or ribbed?" The redhead asked.


"Oh definitely ribbed." Celeste told her without even having to think about it.


Cessily smiled and added ridges to her shaft. She then pressed it forward, entering Celeste, making them both moan. Celeste felt all her sisters react to the penetration. It felt so unique. Cessily's skin was hard but still malleable. It made her shaft very firm but still feel alive. 


Cessily enjoyed the feeling just as much as Celeste. She had moved her nerve endings into the shaft so she could feel everything. Celeste's soft warmth enveloping her. Every contour of the shaft was being gripped tightly. 


Cessily started pumping in and out of Celeste. The ridges felt amazing inside her. Rubbing along her pussy walls. When Cessily would thrust forward it would push Celeste deeper inside Alani. The motion of her fucking running through all three women. Pleasing them all at once.


Alani reached her hands up and started fondling Celeste's tits. The Cuckoo did the same, her own hands going to Alani's chest where she pinched the nipples like she had seen Cessily doing earlier.


Cessily kept going harder and faster. The force of her fucking rocking the bodies of the other two women. All of them groaned with pleasure from the movements. 


Celeste couldn't have been happier in that moment being anywhere other than in the middle of these two women.




Esme and Gabriel had shifted their position. Esme was on her back, her legs pinned up against her body with Gabriel on top of her. This position allowed his cock to go that little bit deeper inside her as he thrust back and forth.


Esme was holding her own legs up, opened in a V to give Gabriel easy access to her pussy. One of his hands was on her tits, kneading at the flesh there. With his other hand he was using his thumb to rub Esme' clit, giving her, and ultimately the other Cuckoos, even more pleasure.


Esme could feel his hard cock deep inside her. Plunging inside of her over and over. His thumb was sending jolts of pleasure through her clit. His other hand felt wonderful on her tits.


She could feel she was very close to cumming. Not just herself but her sisters too. They were all ready.


'Now?' She asked her sisters in her mind.


'Yes!" They all answered simultaneously. An urgency in their telepathic voice. With the confirmation from them all the Cuckoos all allowed themselves cum.




The feeling was euphoric. Their minds melding and multiplying the sensation. They felt like a single individual at that moment. One mind with five bodies. They felt their bodies overtaken with pleasure. A warmth washing over every inch of them. They shook and convulsed with pleasure. Their muscles contorted and contracted. They screamed in their minds and out loud. Their synchronized yells drawing attention from various people in the large room. It felt like it was lasting forever. The Cuckoos had never known a pleasure like this.


As they continued to ride their high they realised they had sent out a psychic pulse as well. Causing all of their partners to cum at the same time.


The three men watching Irma play with the toys and jacking off all started cumming, spraying the floor.


The Cuckoos felt Cable and Quentin tense up and heard them groan as both men came inside Phoebe's body. Cable filling their pussy and Quentin filling their ass. Both of them continued to pump into Phoebe's body. Each of the sisters felt like they were getting filled by the cum themselves.


They felt Nori shaking as she came beneath them, even though Julian wasn't even fucking her at that moment. The Cuckoos felt Julian pull out of Sophie's pussy and cum her ass, coating her round butt.


They felt Cessily thrust her metal shaft deep inside of them, throwing her head back and screaming through her orgasm along with the Cuckoos. Alani's body writhed as she opened her mouth as if to scream but no sound came out, her face contorted in pleasure.


They felt Gabriel pull his cock from Esme as he started cumming with so much power that the first shot sprayed all the way up to hit her in the chin. The next shot landed across her right breast. The rest continued to coat her stomach.


The Cuckoos experienced this all as one being. Reaching levels or bliss they couldn't have even imagined.


Eventually though the orgasm subsided. They became five separate beings again, at least as separate as the Cuckoos ever got. They all collapsed into the piles of bodies of their various partners. All of them were completely exhausted. Heavy breathing surrounding them all.


'That was…' Sophie started.


'Indescribable.' The other four said in unison.


Throughout the room each of them was approached by one of the Hellfire employees, offering them and those with them towels to clean up with. One young woman in particular made her way between each of the Cuckoos. They recognized Ms. Frost's employee Ecstasy. The girl made her way to touch each of the Cuckoos one by one, as well as the others that were with them. Each of them felt rejuvenated from the touch, their exhaustion gone.


The girls made some small talk with their partners. Light flirting, a few more kisses here and there but they were paying more attention to the conversation amongst themselves then with the others.


'So now that we're ready for more should we try to do that again?' Phoebe asked her sister telepathically.


'We should definitely do that again.' Esme responded.


'But maybe not right away.' Celeste added. 'That was intense.'


'I agree.' Irma said. ' we should just have some fun for a bit. No pressure.'


'Absolutely, and between the five of us we should still be able to keep ourselves cumming all night.'  Sophie finished.


The Cuckoos all agreed. They said goodbye to their various partners and started making their ways through the room. Looking for their next conquests.


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