The Hellfire Gala

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As the cheers in the room signaled the start of the Hellfire Gala David Alleyne, the mutant known as Prodigy began to quickly make his way through the crowd. He knew exactly who he was planning to approach first and luckily for him, even in a crowd of mutants her green hair made her easy to pick out. Though he did briefly start heading towards Abigail Brand before correcting himself. Soon he set his eyes on Polaris, Lorna Dane. David had known he was going to make a move on Lorna since he had first heard about the gala. 


They'd been working together on the newly reformed X-Factor team, and living at the team's headquarters, the Boneyard, together as well. Obviously David had known Lorna was beautiful since he first saw her back when he was a student at the Xavier school but now working alongside her he had been getting to know her better. She was smart, brave, powerful, all around amazing. He had just grown more and more attracted to her as time passed. Now David was quite happy dating Tommy Shepherd, the young avenger Speed, but he had talked to Tommy about the gala and what it meant for the mutants and Tommy had agreed to let David participate. So there was no way David was going to pass up the opportunity to act on his attraction tonight.


He saw her now and she looked absolutely stunning. She was in a form fitting black dress. It hugged and accented her curves perfectly, going down to about her mid thigh, her long smooth legs on display. Her green hair cascading down her open back. David admired her beauty for a moment but quickly started making his way over to her again, not wanting someone else to beat him to her. 


"Hey Lorna." He said as he approached. The green haired woman turned to look at him.


"Oh, hi David." She said with a smile. 


"You look amazing." He said, his hand gesturing to her dress.


"Thank you." She replied, her cheeks blushing just a bit at the compliment. Lorna quickly realised why David must be talking to her. She was a little surprised, she had never really thought of him that way. After all she had already been an adult when he had first arrived at the institute. But looking at him now and thinking about the past weeks working alongside him she realised he had really grown into an impressive young man. Thinking about him in this new light she realised just how attractive he was, he was still a little young for her but not too young, especially if they were just going to have a bit of fun.


"I'm a pretty direct person." David started "So I'm just going to be straightforward with you. I find you very attractive and I was hoping maybe you'd want to celebrate the gala together?"


Lorna almost laughed at how up front he was. But that was definitely the David she had gotten to know. He wasn't one for subtlety. Of course they were at an orgy, she thought to herself, not exactly the place for subtlety. She considered his request for just a second.


"You know what? I'd love to." She said to him and watched a broad smile spread across his face. 


David put his arm out and Lorna wrapped her own arm around it. The two of them walked arm in arm to find an open bed. Lorna was a bit surprised, David had made his proposition to her pretty quickly and yet there were already multiple couples filling up the beds and having fun.


They passed by Sabra stradling Micromax. She was rolling her hips back and forth, riding his cock. Micromax had his hands on Sabra's breast, his fingers mauling them. Both of them were moaning and seeming to be having a great time.


On another bed they passed they saw Bling with Gwenpool. Gwen was reclined on her back, her legs spread open. Bling had her head buried between those legs, her tongue licking along Gwen's pussy lips. The blonde girl had her eyes closed tightly as she breathed in short gasps.


Once they finally found an open bed David decided to simply dive right in. He pulled Loran towards him and took her in a deep kiss. She was surprised at the quick movements for just a moment before she started kissing him back. Their tongues intertwined and played in each other's mouths as their hands started to roam. David took hold of Lorna's shapely ass with both hands, rubbing and squeezing her toned butt. Lorna's own hands were inside his tuxedo's jacket, running along his abs and chest through his shirt.


Their groping and kissing continued to grow more and more heated. Soon they were frantically working to get each other's clothes off. David unzipped and peeled Lorna's tight dress down, revealing her breast clad only in a strapless bra. Lorna used her powers to unto the hooks of her bra and let it fall off as David kept pulling her dress further down. At the same time she worked her fingers quickly undoing the buttons of his shirt and stripping it off him, her fingers then going to his belt.


In seconds they were both fully nude. They took a moment to admire the sight of each other's bodies. Lorna loved David's muscular frame, and of course his hard cock pointing right at her. David looked over her naked form as well, her big tits topped with hard pointed pink nipples, her flat toned stomach, the trimmed patch of green hair just above her pussy. 


They quickly pressed their bodies back together and started kissing once again. Lorna could feel David's hard cock pressing against her hip as he lightly grinded his body against her. His muscled chest was rubbing against her own hard nipples and it felt quite nice. She was getting wetter by the second. She wanted to feel his tongue on her and she started pressing downwards on his shoulders.


David knew what she was indicating and was more than happy to comply. He started kissing down her neck, making his way past her collar bone. He stopped at her tits for a few moments. Taking time to kiss and suck on her nipples making Lorna moan. He then continued down until he was on his knees in front of her.


Lorna widened her legs to give David access to her pussy. He started licking his tongue along her opening, tasting her sweet juices. He held her firm ass to keep her tight against his lips. Her green pubic hair was tickling his nose as he worked.


Lorna started to breathe heavier as she felt David's warm tongue delve inside of her. She had her hands on the top of his head to help steady herself as he continued to eat her out. 


David's attention soon moved to her clit. He flicked his tongue up and down across the little bundle of nerves. He could feel Lorna's body shutter with his licks as jolts of pleasure shot through her. 


Lorna started rocking her hips back and forth, grinding her clit on his lips and tongue. She could feel the warmth between her legs growing.


"Oh David I'm so close!" She said between moans that sounded almost like whinging. David kept his same pace. His tongue still flicked over her clit, his hands still held and squeezed her ass. 


Lorna held her breath as her legs started shaking uncontrollably. She struggled to stay standing as her orgasm washed over her. She let out a long breath as she was overcome with pleasure, the exhale quickly turning into a deep moan.


David kept licking her clit but as she came he was surprised by a sudden rush of fluids shooting out of Lorna's pussy. The clear liquid rushed into his mouth and coating his chin.


Once her climax subsided Lorna lost all strength in her legs and collapsed backwards onto the bed. She took long deep breaths, her chest heaving. Her skin was flushed a deep red.


"Wow." David said in amazement at what had just happened.


"Sorry, I probably should have warned you." Lorna started looking down towards him. "I'm a squirter. Hope you don't mind."


"Not at all. That was really hot." David told her.


"Glad you enjoyed it." Lorna said with a smile. "Now come here." She told him, holding her arms out to indicate for him to join her on the bed.


David climbed up so his body was on top of hers and the two of them started to kiss again. Lorna pushed her tongue deep into his mouth and licked around his lips, tasting the remnants of her own cum. She always loved tasting her own cum, for some reason it got her so hot.


Lorna's legs were spread open with David between them, his hard cock was on top of her pussy but he hadn't entered her yet. He did start moving his hips back and forth though, rubbing his length along her lower lips. They both moaned at the sensation. Once his dick was coated in her juices he lined the head up with her opening and thrust in. She was so wet he easily slid inside of her.


Lorna had a sharp intake of breath as she felt him penetrate her, his cock filling her up. She let out a little whimper as she felt him start to pull out but gasped as he thrust back in. He quickly started to pick up speed, going faster and faster until he was fucking her at a nice pace. David admired the way her tits bounced with every thrust, their movements almost hypnotic. They moved up and down, bouncing off each other making them go in opposing circles.


Lorna wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper inside her. David pressed his body down on top of hers as they kissed deeply again. He then moved his lips to kiss and nibble from the bottom of her neck up to her ear. Lorna's moans encouraged him to keep going.


Her wet pussy felt so nice on his hard cock as he pounded it into her over and over. Her legs tight around his waist and her breathy moans in his ear were so sexy. Her nails dragged across his back, he was sure she must be leaving a mark by how much it stung but the slight pain just added to the overall experience.


Eventually Lorna unwrapped herself from David's body. She was ready for a new position and the two of them started to rearrange themselves. She laid down on her side and had David get behind her in a spooning position. She lifted one of her legs a bit and let him slide back inside of her pussy from behind.


As David started thrusting back and forth again Lorna turned her head back and reached behind herself with one hand to take hold of the side of his face. She turned him towards her and they started kissing again, tongues moving freely between each other's mouths.


David reached one of his own hands over her body and down between her legs where he started to circle his fingers around her clit. His other hand snaked underneath Lorna's body to then come up and take hold of one of her large tits, squeezing the mound of flesh. Lorna's free hand soon started to play with her other breast. Each of them rubbing and pinching the nipples in their own way.


Lorna was loving every moment of this. She was quite impressed with David's skills. He kissed her, touched her, and fucked her so well. His cock was hitting the inside of her pussy just right, rubbing against her g spot over and over. The rhythmic sounds of his hips slapping against her round ass mixed with hearing him grunt and moan was so erotic. Lorna was so wet already but knew she would soon be adding to it.


"Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! I'm going to cum again!" She egged him on through a few more thrusts before just as she had said a second orgasm rocked her body.


David felt Lorna shaking and convulsing again as she started to cum. Just like the first time she started squirting from her pussy, this time the liquid was coating his cock as well as his fingers rubbing her clit. A significant amount also shot out in front of her making a wet spot on the bed.


Once her climax subsided David kept fucking Lorna but he slowed his pace. Taking it nice and slow, kissing her neck as she caught her breath. She took hold of his hand rubbing her clit and brought it to her mouth and took his fingers into her mouth. She sucked and licked her juices from them. Letting out a slight moan as she tasted it.


"I have an idea." Lorna said. "There's a position I've always wanted to try and if not tonight then when am I ever going to do it."


"I'm game." David answered her, pulling his cock from her pussy and allowing her to re position again.


Lorna took one of the pillows and put it on the floor next to the bed. She then slid herself off the side upside down, so her head was resting on the pillow and her back was leaned against the side of the bed. She had her hands palms down pressed against the floor to relieve the pressure on her neck. Her were legs spread to the sides and a little forward.


"Oh I see what you're doing." David said as he looked at her. 


He admired Lorna's big round ass and her soaking wet pussy pointing up to the sky for a moment before moving toward her. He stood with his legs on either side of her and bent himself forward a bit while also pushing his cock down towards her. He bent his knees and let his hard dick slide into her.


"Oh fuck yes! Fuck me! Piledrive me!" She yelled, excited to be finally trying this out.


David was more than happy to oblige. He started moving up and down, his cock driving deep inside of her with every thrust. He looked down at her and admired the sight. Her big tits bounced as he fucked her. Her green hair pooled around her head and framed her face. Her features were contorted in an expression of pleasure as her face started turning red from the blood rushing to her head. Her body glowed with a sheen of sweat.


Lorna loved the way this position felt, and the fact that she'd been wanting to try it for so long just made it even better. One of her hands reached down, or up in this position, to play with her clit while she got fucked. Her fingers rubbing it in a circle. David ran his hands along her smooth thighs which felt quite nice as well.


"Fuck this feels so good." She told him.


"It feels fantastic." He agreed between grunts. 


It really was a unique experience for David as well. He'd never had sex with his cock at this angle before, creating a whole new sensation. The view of Lorna was also quite different from what he was used to during sex. He definitely liked it.


"Oh my god!" Lorna moaned as she felt a familiar sensation growing between her legs. "Fuck! You're going to make me cum again! Holy fuck!" She yelled. She was amazed she was already about to cum a third time. She had hoped she would though, and that was exactly why she had wanted to try this position. David kept fucking her, his thick cock going in and out of her pussy. Her fingers moved so quickly on her clit that they looked like a blur. She felt herself build that last little bit, until just as her orgasm hit she pulled her hand away.


Lorna's body shook again, and just like the other times she started to squirt. But in this position her cum rained down over her own body. The clear liquid spraying across her stomach, tits, face and hair. Lorna opened her mouth tasting her cum directly from the source. She couldn't believe how sexy she felt in that moment, her body writhed as she covered herself in her own cum. Her hands started rubbing her tits and abs, smearing it around. She let out a long moan.


David watched the show in amazement. Lorna looked so hot covered in her juices, and the way she reacted was just amazing. Far too soon her body stopped convulsing and the stream coming from between her legs diminished and then stopped all together. 


Lorna's body slumped down, pulling her pussy off his dick, David thought about thrusting back in but decided to give her a moment to rest as her chest heaved in deep breaths. Her whole body was slick in her juices and her hands still made slow circles around nipples as she caught her breath.


After a minute or so David moved to put his cock back inside her, but as his head touched her opening Lorna reached up and put a hand on his abs.


"No, no." She said between pants. "After three orgasms I'm way too sensitive. I need a break."


"Oh… uh… ok." David answered, some disappointment coming through in his voice even though he was trying to hide it.


"Oh don't worry." Lorna said, rolling her legs over her head. in what appeared like a reverse somersault and popping up on her knees. "I'm not going to leave you with blue balls." She added with a smile. She moved towards him and sucked his cock into her mouth. David gasped as she engulfed him.


Lorna ran her lips down his length, her tongue sliding all over his cock as she sucked hard. She licked up every bit of her cum on his shaft, coveting the sweet liquid. Once she'd gotten every drop of it off him she pulled him from her mouth. She adjusted her body and taking one of her tits in each hand she wrapped the soft orbs around his dick and started moving them up and down.


David moaned as his cock slid between her breasts. Her tits and cleavage were slick with her own cum and let him glide between them easily. He started thrusting his hips along with her movements, the soft warm flesh of her breasts felt so good on his shaft. Lorna would give a quick lick or suck on his head every time it popped out from between her tits. The extra attention to his glands just made him thrust faster.


Soon David felt himself on the verge of his own orgasm. He let out a low guttural moan and kept thrusting his hips as he started shooting his load. His thick white cum sprayed across Lorna's neck and the tops of her tits. His continued motions causing some to shoot into her cleavage as well. His seed mixed with her own cum still covering her body. Once he stopped cumming David dropped down into a seated position on the edge of the bed.


He looked at Lorna and admired her current state. She looked worn out but still had a haze of bliss over her face. A face that was still drenched in her own fluids. Her hair, wet and matted, stuck to her skin. Her neck and chest covered in a mix of their cum, his thick white jizz dripping down her body.


"That was awesome." He said.


"It really was." Lorna said, climbing up to sit beside him.


Before they knew it there was a Hellfire employee there offering them towels which they each took.


"Thank you." Lorna said to the woman.


"Thanks," David said as well.


The woman gave them a small nod and then headed off. David quickly started wiping himself off but Lorna didn't start cleaning off right away. She liked the idea of being covered in her own cum, it turned her on, but she quickly figured she'd have plenty of more chances before the night was over and started wiping up the combination of hers and David's juices, as well as her sweat.


Once they were both mostly clean another woman in Hellfire attire was approaching them.


"Oh we're good we already got…" Lorna started saying, holding up her towel. But as she spoke the young woman reached out and touched her shoulder. "...oh." she finished as suddenly she felt a warmth spread through her body. She 8nstantly felt rejuvenated, full of energy and ready for more sex.


"What was…" David started before he too was touched and reinvigorated. "...Wow."


"Miss Frost hopes you'll both have a wonderful night." The girl said before walking away just as quickly as she appeared.


Lorna and David sat there for a moment, both of them amazed at how good they suddenly felt. 


"Well that was great." Lorna said. "But I'm ready to get out there and find someone for round two."


"Yeah me too." David agreed as they both stood up.


"See you back at the boneyard later?" She asked him. 


"Yeah I'll be there." David answered.


With that they gave each other a small wave and headed off in different directions. Both of them happy, with the sex they had just had and happy that they could both be so casual about it.


Now they were both eager for more.

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