The Hellfire Gala

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Remy found himself wandering around the Hellfire compound. After he and Rogue had some fun in the hallway they had decided they should split up for a while. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to keep their hands off each other, and tonight was about exploration.


Making his way down one of the halls Remy realised he was surprised at just how big this place was. Most people were still concentrated in the main room but he just kept finding more hallways and more different rooms.


He'd walked in on Lila Cheney and Longshot together in one room. The two of them on top of a pool table, Lila riding Lonshot's cock, her tits bouncing beautifully. Remy quickly apologized and left them. He couldn't help laughing at the thought that apparently Longshot's type was pop stars.


A little ways down the hall from him Gambit saw Quentin Quire walking out of a door yelling behind himself.


"Whatever, it's your loss!" He slammed the door then started walking towards Remy. Remy gave the young man a quizzical look to which Quentin said "Don't bother, she's in some sort of mood."


"Who?" Remy asked?


"Storm," Quire answered as he walked past Remy.


Remy figured he'd check in on her and see what just happened. He opened the door Quire had just come out of. Rather than leading into a room the door actually led outside into a large courtyard. Remy felt the warm summer night air on his naked body. The clear sky and full moon lit the court yard well enough for him to see. Like the rest of Krakoa the courtyard was filled with lush vegetation, all kinds of plants that didn't exist anywhere else in the world. He saw a large pond as well, it had a small waterfall spouting from a rocky outcropping that jutted out from one of the building's walls. The running water poured into the pond filling the area with the sound of running water. 


That's where he found Ororo, her head poking out of the water as she leisurely swam around. Remy started moving towards her, not making any effort to hide the sound of his approach. Ororo, even while relaxing, easily heard him coming. 


"Quire I told you-" she started in an annoyed tone before looking over and seeing Gambit instead. "Oh Remy, I'm sorry. I thought you were Quire coming back for more."


"Yeah passed him in the hallway, what did you say to him Ro?" He asked her.


"I simply told him if he came anywhere near me I'd use his genitals as a lightning rod." She answered. 


"Ooph little harsh don't you think?" Remy said, wincing at the thought.


"Not really. Considering he had just asked me if I wanted to in his words 'suck a cock that would change my life'." She explained.


"Well then maybe he was asking for it a little." Remy agreed with her. "Boy needs to work on his approach." He added. "But at least he has good taste." He gave Ororo a smile with the last words.


"Impeccable taste." Ororo answered with a grin of her own.


"I mean it Ro. Aside from Rogue, you're the most beautiful woman on all of Krakoa." Remy meant the words as he said them. The X-men was full of women that could pass for supermodels but there had always been something special about Ororo that made her stand out.


"That trademark charm of yours." She said as she swam over towards him. 


Remy was standing on some rocks at the side of the pond, he knelt down as Ororo approached him, getting his face closer to the same level as hers. In the last few feet of her approach the water grew more shallow and she started walking rather than swimming. Her upper body slowly emerged from the water. He couldn't help but stare at her exposed breasts. He'd seen Ororo naked before, she'd never been shy about her body, often walking around the mansion completely naked. But every time he saw her was just as amazing as the last. When she was right up to the rocks he stood on, the water still reached the middle of her torso.


"You know this seems quite familiar." She was talking of a mission they had gone on together in the past. The two of them in Texas spying on a gathering of world leaders. It led to Ororo swimming naked in a lake while Remy stood by.


"That was a long time ago." Remy responded. He thought about that night. About the kiss they had shared until they'd be interrupted. "I've always wondered if we would have stopped if we hadn't been interrupted that night." As he spoke their faces inched closer and closer together.


"Well no one's going to stop us tonight." She responded, barely more than a whisper, their lips only a hair apart.


Remy didn't speak any more. He kissed her, an act of passion and lust. His arms reached down to her in the water while at the same time hers reached up to him. They're lips and tongues continued to work for several moments before Remy felt Ororo tug at the back of his neck. The normally dexterous man was caught off guard and Ororo easily pulled him down into the water with a splash.


Remy was shocked as he crashed into the cool water. As his head broke the surface he heard Ororo laughing and saw her swimming away.


"Think you can keep up?" She called back to him playfully.


Remy smiled as he started swimming after her. He watched and followed her as she made her way over towards the small waterfall. Once she was beside it Ororo pulled herself up and out of the water, Remy watching as her round butt popped out, droplets of water running off it . She quickly moved behind the pouring water, obscuring his view.


Remy reached the side of the pond and climbed out himself. He saw a space between the waterfall and the rocks behind it where Ororo had entered and he followed her through. There he found her in a small cave, three walls of uneven stone and one of water. There was an opening in one side of the roof letting the moon shine in to illuminate the space. The cave floor was covered in a thick soft moss. Ororo was reclined in the middle of the cave, laying on her back and propped up on her elbows.


"Took you long enough." She said, the seduction in her voice very clear.


"Couldn't help but stop to admire the view in front of me." He answered.


"Well, are you just going to stare?" She asked him, "Or are you going to join me?"


"You know me. I've always been one to take what I want." He said closing the distance between them. 


No more words were exchanged as he laid down on top of her.  Their naked bodies pressed together as their lips once again met. Their tongues embraced and explored each other's mouths. Ororo let out a small moan as she felt Remy's hard cock rubbing against her thigh.


Their hands began to roam each other's bodies, Ororo running her fingers over Remy's muscled shoulders and back. At the same time he moved one of his own hands from her waist up to one of her large tits, his palm caressing the orb of flesh. Soon his hand traveled down between her legs where he began to manipulate her folds with his skilled fingers.


Ororo broke their kiss to let out a gasp as one of Remy's fingers entered her. The long thin digit delving deep inside her already wet pussy. She felt him expertly rub his finger tip on her G spot while simultaneously using his palm to rub against her clit. Each point of contact sent jolts of pleasure through her body. She was quite happy with the level of skill he was showing at fingering her.


"Goddess that feels good!" She exclaimed.


"You ain't seen nothing yet Stormy." He told her as he started kissing her neck. His lips started traveling down her body. He kissed, licked and nibbled his way down to her collarbone, through her ample cleavage and across her flat stomach. Soon his face arrived at her pussy, a patch of stark white hair stood out from her dark skin, her wet lips parted by his finger, her clit staring right back at him. 


He leaned in and licked the small point of pleasure. The gasp elicited by Ororo spurred him on. He started thrusting his finger in and out of her opening and even added a second digit as well. He licked and sucked her clit, running his tongue around the little nub continuously.


Ororo moaned as she lifted her hips, pressing herself harder against Remy's mouth. Her hands were in his hair, gripping tightly and holding him in place. Not wanting him to stop for even a moment. She felt his fingers wriggling inside of her, while his warm wet tongue continued its work. She had to admit to herself, no man had ever eaten her pussy this well before.


Remy felt pride in hearing Ororo's gasping breath, and feeling the way her body reacted to his touch. Like everything else he devoted his life to, Remy was an expert in the carnal arts. Years of card tricks and picking locks had given him amazing control of his fingers and he was golden tongued in more than just seduction. Every tiny movement he made was meant to increase his partner's pleasure, and they did just that.


Ororo's chest heaved as her breaths grew more laboured. Her body writhed as she felt her pleasure rising. She was amazed at how quickly Remy had gotten her here.


"Just like that! Yes!" She told him through gritted teeth, her body on the verge of exploding. "GODDESSSSSS YESSSSS!" She finally screamed as she was overpowered by her orgasm. Her body and face contorting as she was filled with physical bliss.


Remy diligently continued his movements, his fingers pumping and his tongue licking, making sure Ororo got as much joy from the moment as possible.


As her climax finally subsided Ororo collapsed back onto the soft cave moss, an air of euphoria about her as she let out one last content moan.


"Remy, that was absolutely amazing." She told him, her eyes closed and a smile on her face.


"Ain't nothing worth doing if you ain't gonna do it right." He told her, just now letting his mouth leave her pussy. Her juices coating his lips and chin.


"I couldn't agree more." She said, raising herself up with a coy grin. "Now let's see what else you can do right."


Ororo climbed up to her knees and pushed Remy back into a seated position on the ground. She then sat in his lap facing towards him. She took him into a deep kiss, her big tits pressed firmly against his muscled chest as she tasted her own cum on his tongue. That same cum had left her pussy well lubricated and she lowered herself down onto his hard cock. Taking him inch by inch until her ass was pressed against his thighs. Both of them moaning into the other's mouth from the feeling.


Ororo began moving her body up and down, her muscled legs as the two continued to kiss. Remy started bucking his hips up to meet her. He let his hand wander down her back and hold her round ass as it bounced up and down on his hard dick. He rubbed and kneaded at her cheeks making her bounce a little faster.


Ororo loved the feeling of his hard cock deep inside her pussy. Her upward motion sliding all but his head out only for her to slam back down on him, his dick filling her over and over again. Her pussy was so wet her juices flowed freely down onto Remy's balls. She dug her nails into his back, a move that made the Cajun groan in pleasure.


Remy slowly moved one of his hands down and let a finger press against her puckered ass hole, he started rubbing his finger around it. Another moan from Ororo encouraged him to go farther. He pressed his first knuckle into her ass, feeling the tightness of it on the digit, he kept going until his finger was fully buried in her rear.


Ororo broke their kiss to let out a gasp as he penetrated her ass, tossing her head back. She stopped her motions as she felt his finger stretching the little hole. After taking a moment to adjust to the feeling she started bouncing again, her head still thrown back in moans and screams of pleasure. The combined feelings of his cock in her pussy and his finger up her ass felt amazing.


Remy was thinking it felt amazing as well. Ororo's warm wet pussy sliding up and down his dick, her inner muscles massaging his shaft with every bounce. The tightness of her ass on his finger was so exciting and sexy as well. Plus now that her head was thrown back her perfect tits were bouncing freely right in his face. It didn't get any better than this he thought to himself.


"I want your cock in my ass." Ororo said to him, making him instantly realise he'd thought wrong, it could absolutely get better.


Ororo lifted herself up and off of his cock, his finger popping out of her ass at the same time. She felt so empty but knew she was about to feel quite full again. She bent over on all fours, her ass pointed toward him.


Remy took a second to admire the sight in front of him. Ororo's ass looked absolutely perfect, a round well toned mound of flesh. He could see her pussy peeking out, her juices running down her thighs from all their activities thus far. Ororo looked over her shoulder and into his eyes. The sultry look on her face was a clear invitation for him to enter her again. 


Remy moved behind her and lined the head of his cock up with her ass. He felt her twitch as he started to press forward. He pushed harder and suddenly his cock, lubed only by her fluids, popped inside of her. Just the head at first but he slowly pushed himself forward, inch by inch penetrating deeper.


"Goddess." Ororo whispered through gritted teeth as she felt herself being willfully invaded. She had never been repressed in anything sexual and had had anal many times but she was always amazed at how tight it felt at first. As Remy's pelvis pressed against her butt she knew he was all the way in, he didn't move letting her take the lead when she was ready. And before long she started to rock her body back and forth. Feeling him go in and out.


Remy took hold of her waist and began to move his hips as well now. The two of them both increasing their pace with every thrust until soon he was passionately and powerfully fucking her ass. The sound of their bodies meeting filled the small cave, ringing out even against the thunder of the waterfall. He watched her round butt jiggle with every thrusts, its movements almost hypnotic.


Ororo felt Remy reach around her body and start to use one of his hands to play with her clit, circling his fingers around it. At the same time she moved one of her own hands to her chest where she began to rub and squeeze her tits. She roughly pinched one of her nipples. She felt like she was being overwhelmed by stimulation in the best possible way. Her ass being stretched by his cock, his skilled fingers manipulated her clit, and her own fingers on her nipples. She just felt so good all over.


Remy loved the way Ororo's ass griped his cock as he fucked her. It was so tightly wrapped around his shaft, holding him with so much force it was like it didn't want him to be able to pull out. He could feel the wet lips of her pussy on his fingers. He leaned his body down onto her back, he brushed her long white hair to one side and began to kiss and nibble on the back of her neck. The beautiful woman whimpered beneath him, a sound pleasure. 


Ororo could feel a second orgasm building within her. Like the first, the speed at which she reached this one was really a testament to Remy's skills. Everything he did just felt so good and all worked perfectly in concert together.


"GODDESS! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!" She screamed out, her fingers clamped down on her nipple one last time as her body went rigid. Every muscle contracted as she screamed out in orgasmic bliss.


Remy felt her ass become even tighter, like a vice on his cock. So tight that he had to stop thrusting in and out. His fingers though never stopped, still working to please her clit.


When Ororo's orgasm began to subside her body gave out on her. She collapsed forward, her upper body landing on the moss while Remy's arm wrapped around her waist kept her butt up in the air. She was panting to catch her breath as he slowly lowered her down to let her rest. His still hard cock sliding out of her ass.


"I've never came twice so close together before." She told him as her mind cleared from the fog of her climax.


"What can I say, I'm da best there is at what I do." He replied with a smirk. A little jab at the fact that he knew Ororo had been with Logan earlier in the night. The joke elicited a small laugh from the woman.


"Now how about I show you what I'm the best at." She told him as she lifted herself up from the ground.


"You'll get no complaints from me." He said, excited to see what she did next.


Ororo had him lay down then moved her head down between his legs. She came face to face with his throbbing cock. She eagerly took it into her mouth. In one move she easily swallowed his full length. Remy let out a deep moan.


Ororo really did love sucking cock, pleasing her partner had always been a huge turn on for her. So she did it as often as she could, and she'd never had a partner turn down an offered blowjob. 


She bobbed her head up and down, licking and sucking the cock that had just been in her ass. Her tongue swirling around his head as she went. One of her hands was holding the base of his shaft to keep it steady while her other hand started rubbing his balls, rolling and massaging the orbs with her fingers and palm.


Remy had to admit, she really wasn't lying about being the best. It felt like she was going to suck his soul out through his cock. Her mouth was so warm and her tongue was soft yet firm. He let his fingers run through her hair as her head moved up and down, but he didn't try to guide her movements at all. She didn't need any help.


She continued to work his shaft between her lips. Feeling him at the back of her throat and then sliding up to almost exit her lips before pushing him back to her throat again. She could hear his breathing grow faster and his muscles begin to tense up.


"Oh Stormy I'm almost there!" He said.


She looked up and made eye contact with him as she increased the pace of her head bobbing. Remy let out a deep moan and she felt him spray the first thick shot of cum directly into her throat. She kept sucking him, never letting her eyes leave his as he blasted glob after glob of his cum. She could feel it filling her mouth, the salty taste coating her tongue. She didn't let a single drop escape her lips, she swallowed every bit of it.


Remy couldn't believe how sexy Ororo looked, her eyes locked onto his as she swallowed his entire load. Once he finished cumming she kept going. Slowly and lightly continuing to suck him for several more moments. Finally she released him from her lips and planted one last kiss on his cock head.


"You really are the best at that." He said to her as they laid next to each other on the cave floor.


"I'm sure Rogue will be happy to hear you say that." She said, teasing him.


"Maybe we don't tell her." He answered, both of them laughing.


"To think if we hadn't been interrupted those years ago we could have experienced something like this far sooner." Ororo said.


"A missed opportunity." Remy had to agree.


"Well luckily Krakoa has opened a whole new world to us all then." She said,


"At least for tonight." Remy answered.


"For some it may be only tonight, for others I think it will be much more." She explained.


"You really think so?" He asked her.


"I hope so." She told him, looking him in the eyes again. "I hope our people can live in a world where they don't feel shame around sex, where they can choose to have one or one hundred partners and no one will bat an eye at either choice. I hope tonight is just the start of that and not simply a one time thing."


"I guess I never really thought about it that way." Remy said. It was true he and Rogue had thought of this as more of a single night for them to explore. But would this really change them? Change their views on monogamy?


"You shouldn't worry about it right now." Ororo said to him, seeing that the idea had him deep in thought. "Enjoy tonight for what it is and then figure out what it means to you tomorrow."


"I suppose you're right." He agreed, putting the thought out of his mind for now.


"Besides." She said as she stood up. "I think I'm ready for another swim." With those words she took a few running strides and dove through the waterfall.


Remy heard her splash into the pond behind the curtain of water and quickly started chasing after her. Afterall he couldn't focus on much of anything after watching her beautiful naked body diving through the water.



(AN: Sorry for not updating for a couple months. Life was busy and I didn't have a chance to write but with this update I hope to be back to a more consistent pace again. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.)

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