The Hellfire Gala

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Doug Ramsey scanned the area around him. He was amazed at the sights and sounds that filled the room. People had really taken to the idea of the Hellfire Gala it seemed, jumping in without hesitation.


One one bed he saw Unuscion naked on her back. Her legs were up in the air over Riptide's shoulders. The man was thrusting his cock in and out of Unuscion. She was grabbing her own tits, squeezing them while she got fucked.


On another bed he saw Trance giving a very energetic and sloppy blowjob to Tag. Tag watched with a look of pleasure on his face as Trance bobbed her head up and down, one of her hands sliding up and down his cock along with her lips. His dick was glistening from her saliva.


Seeing all these people going at it so enthusiastically made Doug wonder why he was feeling so nervous. Sure he had always been kind of shy. But that was in the past. He held an important role in Krakoa, being the only one who could actually talk with the island. He would have thought he'd be more confident now. Maybe it was that he was here alone. Truly alone for the first time in a while. Since he had first arrived on Krakoa he had been in near constant contact with the island. Not to mention Warlock had been with him the whole time as well. But Doug had explained to the two of them that this was more something he wanted to do by himself so Warlock had decided to stay with Krakoa to keep it company for the night. 


While pondering on this Doug saw someone approaching him out of the corner of his eye. He turned and saw Aurora walking straight towards him. He felt his heart pumping as he thought she might be approaching him to take part in the festivities. He quickly realised that wasn't the case though by reading her body language. Her eyes continued to scan the room as she walked over to him, looking back at him from time to time but just for a moment before they darted off again. It was as clear to him that she was looking for someone else as if she had said it out loud. Her eyes only looked at him to ensure that he was still in the same spot. Once she got to him his read of her was confirmed.


"Hey, have you seen Daken around?" She asked, her eyes still scanning the room.


"Uh no, sorry." He told her.


"Alright, well thanks anyways." She said before heading off to continue her search.


Doug couldn't help feeling a little dejected after that interaction.




Elsewhere Betsy Braddock was also surveying the room. Unlike Doug though she knew exactly who she was looking for. She'd long had a thing for Cyclops and planned to finally get her chance with him tonight. But once her eyes finally found him she couldn't help being disappointed. There he was with his cock balls deep in Emma's mouth.


Betsy rolled her eyes. Of course Emma would make sure she got Scott first. Marking her territory. Not like Emma hadn't already gotten to fuck him god knows how many times.


Betsy was annoyed but figured she'd just have to make sure she got a turn with Scott later. But that still left her with a decision to make now. She returned to scanning the room and to her dismay she found most people were already paired off.


Eventually her eyes landed on Doug. He was standing alone, maybe looking a little awkward but she thought about it. She remembered when they first met. He had saved her from Spiral and Mojo, and even though he'd been this scrawny, goofy kid she had kind of thought of him as her guardian angel. And she had always known that he had had a crush on her back then. Of course the fact that he had seen her naked that day was probably a pretty strong factor in him being interested in her. Though even back then he'd been a gentleman and averted his gaze pretty quickly. Looking at him now, she was proud of him for how far he had come. He wasn't some kid anymore but a handsome man who held a very important role in the mutant world. He looked good in his tux, his slim but muscular frame filled it out well. She'd never really thought about him sexually before, but today…




Doug saw Betsy looking at him. He could see her eyes roaming his body, her face making micro expressions that might as well have been her screaming at him. She was admiring his looks but she was still conflicted. Doug had had a huge crush on Betsy when she first came to the institute. And she looked even more gorgeous now then ever. She was wearing a dark purple gown that went with the lighter purple of her hair. The dress went down to her ankles but had a slit up the side exposing her right leg. The neckline plunged down almost to her belly button showing off her very generous cleavage. Her hair was mostly straight but had several small intricate braids running through it. Doug was amazed at how beautiful she looked.


He could tell she still wasn't sure if she was interested in him or not. So he figured maybe he could give her a push. He took a deep breath and gathered his courage and started heading towards her. He could feel his heart beating faster as he approached her. How could he be this nervous going to talk to a woman yet feel completely calm going into a fight with some villain. He wasn't a kid anymore, he reminded himself as he neared Betsy.


"Hey Betsy." He said upon his arrival.


"Hello Doug." She said, her accent sounding beautiful to him. Many people liked accents he knew but they were a big turn on for him. He figured it had to do with his power. He could admire the beauty and uniqueness of any accent.


"So I couldn't help noticing you staring at me." He told her trying to sound confident.


"Oh was I staring?" She asked coyly. Betsy was a little surprised Doug had approached her first, but she liked that he was taking the initiative.


"You were." He said back, his confidence growing the longer he spoke. "A room full of naked people and you're staring at me. I must be something special."


"Hmmm maybe. Of course for you to see me staring at you, you would have to be staring back at me. So does that mean I'm special too?" She asked playfully. 


"Oh Betsy I've always known you were something special."


Betsy blushed at his words. She'd still been a little unsure about what she wanted when Doug had walked over, but his words here now made up her mind.


"Well then why don't you take me to one of these beds and show me how special I am." Her voice had lost it's playfulness now. Sounding instead very sexy.


Doug swallowed hard hearing her say that. But he wasn't about to let his nerves get the best of him now.


"Absolutely." He answered. He took Betsy by the hand and led her to the nearest unoccupied bed he could find. Once there he turned to her and looked into her eyes. She really was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. And considering he was a member of the X-men, that was saying a lot.


"You're so gorgeous." He told her, moving himself closer to her.


"Such a sweet talker." Betsy replied, moving in as well. Their lips separated but just a few inches.


Doug summoned all his courage one last time and leaned in the final distance. Their lips met and all at once his nerves evaporated. He felt her soft lips on his own as they kissed. They pressed their bodies together. His hands wrapped around her, one resting on the small of her back, the other just a little higher. Betsy wrapped her own arms around his neck, pulling him in closer. Their bodies started to grind together as their kissing intensified. Their tongues were coming into play now. Penetrating and exploring each other's mouths.


They both became very aware of the layers of clothing between them. Betsy's hands started making huried work of the buttons to Doug's jacket and shirt. Undoing them both before she slid them off his shoulders. She started running her hands over his chest and abs, he'd never been as big as many of his teammates but he kept himself in good shape.


Doug's hands found a zipper on the back of Betsy's dress and undid it. He then took hold of the straps at her shoulder and slid them down, soon her dress fell and pooled at her feet. Doug pulled back from her for just a moment to admire her body. He had gotten a brief look once before by accident but now he could really appreciate it. Betsy hadn't been wearing a bra so her big perfect breasts were on display, topped with large dark pink nipples that were clearly hard. He looked down at her flat stomach, down to her toned legs. She had a sexy little black thong on but Betsy quickly slid that down her legs as well to reveal a cleanly shaved pussy. Doug took in the amazing sight of her body before he began to quickly undo his belt and pants, then he too was soon fully naked. 


Betsy took her turn to admire his body as well. She was pleased with his toned muscles. Once he removed his pants Betsy's eyes popped open a bit. He had one of the biggest dicks she had ever seen in real life. He must have been at least eight inches long, maybe even closer to nine, and quite girthy.


"I'm sorry, how is it that you've always been the shy, nervous one when you have that between your legs?" She asked, pointing at his hard cock.


Doug just sort of shrugged and laughed a bit. He knew he was above average, he had known since the first time he was with a woman, but for some reason it had never given him the confidence people would have expected it too. But seeing Betsy admire it like this made him feel great.


"Well bring it here." Betsy said going in to kiss him again. She felt his hard cock poking her in the stomach as she pushed Doug towards the bed until his legs pressed against it and then he fell into a sitting position on the edge. Betsy leaned over him and continued to kiss him while one of her hands started stroking his length. 


Doug moaned at the feeling of her soft hand on his dick. Her fingers barely wrapped around the whole thing. His own hands went to Betsy's tits, feeling and kneading at the mounds of flesh.


Betsy soon made her way down to her knees between Doug's legs. She looked at his huge cock, now right in front of her face. It looked almost intimidating. But Betsy wasn't one to back down from a challenge. She started stroking him with her hand while her mouth went to lick and suck his balls.


"Oh Betsy." Doug moaned her name, encouraging her.


Betsy ran her tongue up his cock, starting at the base and going to the very tip, where she flicked her tongue back and forth across his glands. She then took his cock head into her mouth, having to stretch her lips around his thickness, and started sucking on it. She started working her lips down his length, then pulling her head back up, taking a bit more of him each time. She worked herself into a comfortable rhythm, taking about six inches of his cock into her mouth and rubbing the last two or so with one of her hands. She continued moving her tongue along the underside of his cock the whole time. Doug's continued moans told her he was enjoying himself.


But Betsy wasn't content yet. She wanted to take his whole cock in her mouth. She started trying to take him deeper with each bob of her head. She only got another half inch or so before she felt his head pressing on her throat. She tried to force it in but only made herself gag. She had to pull his cock from her mouth and gasp in a breath. Her lips and his cock still connected by long lines of her saliva.


"You don't have to take it all." Doug told her, concerned at her gagging.


"Oh no." She said, "I'm not letting this monster get the best of me."


"Really, no one has ever taken it all like that." He told her.


"Oh well now I definitely have to." She said "so just sit back and enjoy it."


With the final words she dived back onto his cock taking it to her throat again and trying to force it in, only to end up gagging. She repeated this process a few times. She knew she was close to getting it and had no intention of giving up. Doug's cock was coated in so much of her spit that it was running down to his balls. It was covering Betsy's chin too, and even starting to drip onto her tits. She took another attempt to take him into her throat. She felt herself about to gag again but pushed through it. Finally her throat seemed to give up and allowed his head to enter it.


Doug gasped as he felt the tightness of her throat on the top few inches of his dick. Betsy started bobbing her head up and down again, now taking his full length. Something none of his previous partners had ever managed to do.


Betsy was pleased with herself as she felt Doug enter her throat over and over again now. Happy that she had managed it. It turned her on knowing she was the first one to do so. Her pussy was getting so wet, and she had definitely earned the right to get some pleasure of her own.


Betsy pulled Doug's dick from her mouth and stood up. She started kissing him again and guided back until he was laying on the bed. She moved her body up and swung one of her legs over his head so she was straddling his face, she laid her body on top of his in a 69 position. As she took his cock into her hand and started sucking it again she felt Doug start to return to favour.


Doug inhaled the scent of Betsy's pussy as she planted it on his face. His hands came around to grip her ass and pull her pussy onto his lips as he started to lick her. His tongue moved over every inch of her. Doug paid close attention to how her body reacted to every thing he did, every twitch or muscle spasm, every moan and gasp from her was like a language to him, and it was teaching him what she liked. Soon he had his tongue plunging as deep into her as he could, her pussy juices flowing onto his face as he tongue fucked her. He would do this for a few strokes then switch to circling his tongue around her clit, then going back to tonguing her opening.


Betsy was amazed at how quickly Doug seemed to zero in on what she wanted. He was eating her pussy as well as anyone else ever had if not better. She had his cock in her mouth but she could barely focus on sucking him with what he was doing to her. She didn't even try to take his full length again, worried it would distract her from the amazing feeling of his tongue. She just moved her lips up and down the top six inches or so of his cock while gripping the rest in her fist.


Doug then changed his movements. He took her clit into his mouth and sucked on it while flicking his tongue across it as fast as he could. Betsy's head shot up as her back arched from the sensation.


"Oh fucccckkkk!!!" She screamed as she suddenly came. She felt the warm tingle spread through her as she rode the high. Doug continued to suck her clit the whole time tasting her sweet cum, until finally her body relaxed.


"Holy shit, that was amazing." She said with laboured breaths.


"Glad you liked it." Doug replied, his voice muffled by the fact that her pussy was still resting on his mouth.


Betsy needed to feel him inside her. She crawled her body across his until her wet opening lined up with his hard cock, in a reverse cowgirl position. Her body now upright she reached down and held his cock in place as she started lowering herself onto him. She felt him stretching her out as she slowly took him deeper and deeper.


Doug moaned as inch by inch he watched his cock disappearing inside of Betsy, her amazing round ass slowly descending on his lap. He had his hands on her hips but didn't push her down at all, he let her take it at her own pace. She felt so wonderfully warm and tight on his cock.


Betsy kept moving down, amazed that there was still more cock to take inside her. Finally she felt her ass come to rest on Doug's waist. She stayed there unmoving for a minute, letting herself adjust to his cock stretching her out.


"Fuck your cock is big." She told him.


"Thanks." Doug said, unable to think of anything more articulate to say at the moment. Focusing instead on the amazing feeling of being inside of her.


Betsy began gyrating her hips in a circular motion, gasping as he felt his cock moving inside her, massaging her pussy walls. She reached down with one of her hands and started to rub Doug's balls while she continued to grind on him. She felt his hands gripping her hips tighter. She started moving up and down on his cock, slow at first but steadily gaining speed. Soon she was riding him at a good pace. Her tits bouncing freely as she moved. 


Doug's hands had moved to Betsy's ass now, gripping it as he started to move his hips up and down, meeting Betsy's motions. She let out a little grunt every time they're bodies slapped together but Doug easily heard that it was a grunt of enjoyment and not pain. Well maybe a hint of pain but not to the point that anything about the sound or her body language told him she wanted him to stop or slow down so he just kept fucking her.


Betsy leaned forward and put her hands on Doug's thighs to help support herself as she started grinding and gyrating again. Doug couldn't take his eyes off her amazing ass. He watched the pale cheeks writhe and move with her motions. It was one of the best sights he had ever seen in his life. He was almost sad when she lifted herself off his dick, ending the erotic display.


Betsy moved her body, laying on her back. Doug started to move to get on top of her but before he got there Betsy grabbed her own thighs and pulled them up toward her head, nearly folding herself in half. Doug then got on top, pinning her legs up like that. He moved his hips and thrust himself inside her. Betsy gasped at the sudden fullness she felt.


Doug started thrusting in and out of her wet pussy, rocking her body as he went. He admired her big tits moving with her body. He leaned down and started kissing her again. Their bodies pressed together, Betsy almost completely bent in half but she was more than flexible enough to handle it. They kissed deeply, their tongues intertwining.


Betsy felt her pussy stretching even more in this position than the last. He felt so big inside her, like she could barely contain him. It was such a turn on for her to be taking him. His passionate kiss just added to the moment. She moaned into his mouth, her hands on the side of his face. She continued to be amazed at how well he seemed to read her body. Going faster when she wanted it, harder when she wanted it. He knew exactly what she wanted without her ever having to tell him.


But as far as Doug was concerned she was telling him. Every time she moaned, or gasped, every movement of her body was just another language for him to decipher. The language of sex, and just like any other language Doug was fluent.


He knew Betsy was nearing another orgasm and he knew just how to get her there. He moved himself into a more upright position, her legs moving up to rest on his shoulders. Doug reached one of his hands down between her legs and using just his thumb started rubbing her clit while he continued to fuck her. His big cock sliding in and out, over and over.


He watched as Betsy's face contorted into an expression of pure orgasmic bliss as he felt her body tense up. She moaned and screamed as she came for a second time. Her pussy grabbing his cock like a vice, becoming even tighter than it already had been. Her hands gripped and pulled at the sheets of the bed.


Betsy finally came down from her orgasm. Still in a haze of pleasure. She didn't speak but pushed her legs against Doug, a signal he quickly understood and he pulled his cock from her. Betsy rolled herself over and got up on all fours, she gave her ass a little wiggle inviting him back into her. Doug moved himself behind her and started to line himself up.


"Wait!" Betsy said suddenly, turning her head to look at him.


"What?" Doug asked her. He saw Betsy chewing on her lower lip as she took a moment to respond. From the pause and her expression he could tell she was wrestling with something. Trying to make a decision. Finally she spoke.


"Put it in my ass." She told him.


"Are… you sure?" He asked her.


"Yes. Do it." She told him. "Just go slow." Doug could tell that she meant what she said. She really wanted this but she was definitely nervous as well.


Betsy dropped her face down to the bed but left her ass up in the air. Doug looked at her puckered little ass hole as he lined the head of his cock up with it, his shaft lubed by Betsy's own cum. He'd never fucked a girl in the ass before. He felt his heart pounding with excitement.


Slowly he pushed against the tight hole. At first it didn't seem like it was going to work but then suddenly his head popped in.


"Fuck!" Betsy yelled as she felt herself stretched out by just the head. Doug had stopped pushing "Keep going, I'll Tell you if I need to stop." She told him. Betsy wanted this. If she took him in her ass then she would have conquered his huge cock with every one of her holes. She couldn't deny it hurt but it also really turned her on and that made it feel amazing at the same time.


Slowly Doug continued to penetrate her ass. He couldn't believe how tight she felt. Her little hole gripped every bit of him that was inside her.


Betsy had her eye's squeezed shut. She bit into the sheets and started pounding one of her fists on the bed as he slowly impaled her. She felt like he must be all the way in by now.


"Is that all of it?" She asked through gritted teeth.


"Almost, maybe two more inches." Doug told her.


How could there be two more inches she thought to herself. He felt absolutely huge in her ass.


"Fuck it." Betsy said. With those words she pushed herself back as hard as she could, her ass slapping against Doug's thighs as she took the rest of his cock. She screamed but at the same time felt a huge amount of pride. She had done it. Taken him fully in her mouth, pussy, and now ass. She felt like a sexual goddess in that moment. "Now fuck my ass." She told him.


Doug started moving his hips back and forth, taking it slow at first. He heard Betsy moan and gasp as he moved but steadily he saw her body starting to react more positively. Her own hips moving a bit to meet her thrusts. Her moans sounded more pleasurable than painful. He started picking up his pace bit by bit and before he knew it he was fucking her ass just as fast as he'd been fucking her pussy. With every slap of his hips to her butt he watched her ass cheeks jiggle, the motion entrancing him.


Betsy had been unsure about taking Doug in her ass at first but now she was happy she had. She loved having his big cock taking her anally. She thrust her ass back to meet it every time. She could feel her own juices running down her thighs due to how turned on she was. She never came from anal but it always made her so hot.


Doug couldn't believe the moment he was in. He was not only fucking one of his first crushes who happened to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but he was fucking her ass. Her tightness felt so good and watching her body respond, seeing how much she liked it was just too much for him.


"God Betsy I'm going to cum." He told her.


"Wait." She told him. She pulled herself off his cock. Her ass feeling so empty without him inside it. She quickly spun herself around and held the undersides of her breasts. Holding the round orbs up and pressing them together. "Cum on my tits." She told him.


Doug looked at the sight in front of him. Betsy displaying her tits for him and asking for his cum. He only had to stroke himself twice before he gave her what she asked for. 


He shot stream after stream of thick white cum across her chest. Betsy quickly realised he had a load to match the size of his cock. He just kept going and soon both of her tits and the field of cleavage between them were absolutely covered. Once Doug finally finished, the last few drops dripping onto her she let her breasts go. She could feel his cum dripping down her body onto her stomach. Practically a stream of it flowing between her tits.


"Holy shit." She said in amazement at the amount.


"That was amazing." Doug said, collapsing down beside her.


Betsy saw a towel sitting on the side of the bed. One of the Hellfire employees must have left it at some point while they were having sex, though they had both been to distracted to notice. She picked it up and started the process of cleaning herself up, almost unsure where to start.


"It really was." She agreed with him. Once she had finished wiping herself off she laid down beside him, resting her head on his chest. "I mean it. Between the size of your dick and your skill in using it, you should be way more confident with women."


"Really?." He asked her.


"Fuck yes. That was legitimately one of the best sexual experieces of my life." She said looking up at him. Doug could tell she was being honest and it definitely helped him feel confident in the moment.


"Alright, I'll be sure to keep that in mind." He said as he started lightly stroking her hair.


Betsy let out a small sigh at his fingers in her hair. The two of them just laid there for a while. They both knew they would be returning to the Gala soon enough but for now they chose to just enjoy the moment being together.


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