The Hellfire Gala

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Hope Summers moved silently but purposefully through the main room of the gala. She sought out her target and in minutes had his position in sight. Years of training under the greatest soldier she'd ever met had her mind racing as she looked at him. She noted his strengths and weaknesses. She considered which way to approach to avoid detection. Which ways could he attempt to run from her, or which way could she retreat if she needed too. She scanned the area around him to check for anything he could use as a weapon. Every direction her mind went was about how to fight and likely kill this man. But she had to remind herself that she wasn't looking to fight him today. She was looking to fuck him.


Lucas Bishop. Just the sight of him still made her heart pump faster, adrenaline coursing through her body. She'd spent almost her entire life either fighting or running from him. They had made peace a couple of years back when Bishop returned to the present, an uneasy peace at least. Since then though they had pretty much done everything they could to avoid each other. But now with Hope's role in the five and Bishop's position as one of the great captains of Krakoa she found that they were more and more often ending up in the same place at the same time. After all, the captains all took the safety of the five very seriously. She knew the two of them needed to make a real peace between them. One where she didn't always feel like she had to watch her back anytime he was nearby. So why not tonight? If there was ever going to be a time for the two of them to do something that would bond them in more than their old rivalry then tonight was the night.


She approached him even though her mind was telling her to run, to get away from him at any cost. She tried to put that thought away from her mind. She decided to try to focus on something positive he had that she couldn't deny. His body. Bishop was definitely an attractive man. He was covered in big hard muscles, one muscle in particular drawing her attention. She saw his thick cock dangling between his legs, the size of it enticed her. 


Hope was naked herself as well but she wasn't bothered by it at all. Growing up in an apocalyptic wasteland, modesty had never been a high priority. Besides, she was proud of her body. She had a slim athletic build, small but perky breasts with little pink nipples, a butt that was a round mass of toned muscle, and at the advice of Tempus she had cleanly waxed her pussy for tonight. She strode confidently in her body, even with many eyes constantly turning towards her due to the fame her current role in Krakoa gave her. One set of eyes in particular had not seen her yet and as she approached Bishop she cleared her throat to draw his attention.


"Hope!" Bishop said as he turned and looked at her. "Uh… nice to see you." He said, clearly uncomfortable. He was surprised that she had approached him at all, they rarely spoke and usually only when absolutely necessary. "Is there some sort of security issue?" He asked, doing his best to avoid staring at her naked body.


"No." She said matter of factly. "I was looking for you." She had no qualms about staring at his body, her eyes roving him, more often than not drawn between his legs.


"What for?" He asked, still unsure what she wanted.


"I think we should fuck." She told him. Hope had never been one for subtlety and figured it was better to just say what she wanted.


"What?!" Bishop almost shouted in shock. "Why would you want that?"


"Look, we're clearly going to be around each other now. We can't avoid it. I figure why not replace our memories of trying to kill each other with something a little more fun." She explained to him.


"I'm not so sure it works like that." Bishop said. "One action doesn't erase the other."


"Maybe not, but Krakoa is about a clean slate right? I mean Apocalypse, Sinister, Mystique, Exodus, they all sit on the council let alone the dozens of other former enemies the X-men invited in with open arms. So why not us? Lets wipe our slate clean and start new with something better."


"Look I appreciate the sentiment but I'm not so sure that sex is the right way to go." He answered her, still very apprehensive of what she was proposing. But he couldn't help starting to look at her more. His head filled with images of the two of them together. 


"Are you sure because it looks like you're interested?" She said, pointing toward his now erect cock.


"I… uh…" Bishop stammered in a rare moment of him losing his composure. After all it was hard to deny the physical response the thought of following through with Hope's suggestion was giving him.


"Look, this is it." Hope told him. "We can't keep going with the way things are now. Every time I see you I get angry, scared or both. I know you're uncomfortable too. I can see it in your body language."


Bishop nodded, not able to deny what she was saying. There was always a palpable uncomfortable energy between them.


"Maybe if we do this we'll feel horny around each other instead. That would definitely be a step in the right direction." Hope finished explaining to him.


"What you're saying does make some sense." He admitted.


"Good." She said as she walked up close to him, her body only a few inches from his. "Then let's do this."


Hope didn't give Bishop a chance to say anything else. She dropped to her knees and immediately started sucking his cock. She figured once his dick was in her mouth he wouldn't want to stop, and she was right.


"Oh shit." He said as he felt her tongue running along the length of his cock. Any reservations he may have had quickly evaporated.


She held him steady by the base with her hand as she licked him up and down. She swirled her tongue around the head then slid him between her lips. She had to stretch her mouth around his girthy shaft. She slowly started to move her head along his length.


Bishop moaned as the warmth of her mouth enveloped him. Her lips made a tight seal around his dick as she sucked him. Her soft wet tongue massaging his meat as she went. He put one hand on top of her head, his fingers entwined in her long red hair as she bobbed.


Hope tasted Bishop's precum as it leaked from his cock head. She worked to try to take his full length but was already struggling at just half. His thick dick pushed against her throat and caused her to gag. She kept pushing, trying to force herself deeper. Then suddenly on one attempt just as his cock hit her throat again Bishop pushed down on her head forcing his cock deeper. Hope's eyes shot open in surprise as suddenly her throat stretched to accommodate his cock.


Bishop had felt her struggling to take him and had decided to help her along. He held her head down for a moment enjoying the feel of her tight throat wrapped around his cock. When he finally let go of her head she quickly pulled back and took in a deep breath. He saw her look up at him. There was a fire in her eyes and for a moment he wondered if he had pushed things too far. But then she said something that quite surprised him.


"Do it again."


She quickly wrapped her lips around him and started to slide down his cock. Bishop was more than happy to do as she asked. He took hold of her head with both hands and pushed her down his full length, once again forcing his cock into her throat. He'd hold her down for a second or two then let her up to breath. They did this over and over, soon he was not only pushing her down but thrusting his hips into her mouth as well, face fucking her. She gagged on almost every time but neither of them showed any interest in stopping.


Hope was surprised at how much she was enjoying this. The first time he had pushed her down and stretched her throat her pussy had practically gushed with how wet it made her. She immediately knew she wanted more. Now with him thrusting in and out of her mouth she could feel her juices running down her thighs. She couldn't believe how turned on it was making her. She needed more. He was letting her up for a breath and she looked up at him again. Strings of saliva still connected her lips and his cock.


"Fuck me!" She said, the words clearly a demand and not a suggestion.


Bishop could see the same passion in her eyes as before and knew she wanted it. She had started standing but he took hold of her hips and lifted her small athletic frame up off the ground. He moved and pinned her up against a nearby wall. Hope wrapped her legs around his waist and he thrust himself up and into her waiting pussy. Hope let out a scream of pleasure as she felt his thick cock fill her wet opening. The sound was quickly muffled though as Bishop pressed his lips against hers. Their kiss was as frenzied and animalistic as their fucking was. Each of them forcing their tongues into each other's mouths, exploring and devouring one another. He started thrusting himself in and out of her, Hope's entire body bouncing with each motion. 


Hope felt her back pressed tightly to the wall behind her as his muscled body crashed into her over and over again. The way he pounded into her pussy, stretching her out, felt like he was going to split her in half but she loved every single thrust. She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck as her legs tried to pull him in deeper. Everything they did was pure instinct, every movement about pure pleasure. It was primal and it was the best sex she'd ever had. She even found the way he grunted as he thrust into her incredibly hot. She pulled her mouth from his and roughly bit into his shoulder, not quite hard enough to break the skin.


Bishop let out a guttural sound at the feeling of her teeth digging into him but it just spurred him to thrust into her harder. He wasn't used to sex like this either. He'd been passionate, sure but this was animalistic. Hope's pussy felt so incredibly wet and tight on him as he fucked her. He was going at her as hard as he felt he could without crushing her against the wall. His hands held her thighs to help keep her up, his fingers digging into the muscles there. 


Hope took her arms from around his neck and pressed them to the wall behind her. She tried to push off but found he was so much larger and stronger than she was that she couldn't move him. She reached out with her powers to the room full of mutants around them and mimicked someone's strength, she wasn't even sure who's, and pushed off again. This time she easily moved them away from the wall and Bishop fell backwards, landing on the floor. Hope took the opportunity of being on top to start riding him. Bouncing herself up and down on his cock, taking control of motions.


Bishop didn't seem to care at all that he had fallen. He watched Hope for a moment as she rode his cock. Her body glistened with sweat, her pale skin almost glowing. He reached up and started groping at her perky tits, grabbing and squeezing the little mounds of flesh. She tossed her head back and moaned as he did. Her moans grew even louder as he started focusing on her little pink nipples, pinching and pulling at the hard nubs.


Hope bit her lower lip as she kept riding him. Her hips moving in a slightly circular motion as she went, letting his cock hit every inch inside of her. Bishop started bucking his own hips up to meet her thrusts, the slapping of their bodies meeting growing louder with the added force. The feeling of his rough hands on the soft skin of her tits felt amazing as well. His palms rubbed against her nipples as he squeezed her chest. Her body was getting overwhelmed. She felt herself losing control.


"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!!!!!!!!" She screamed as she was hit with the strongest orgasm she'd ever had. 


Her whole body shook and trembled. She exploded with euphoric pleasure. She couldn't even hold herself upright and fell forward onto Bishop's chest. Through it all he never stopped thrusting himself up into her pussy and every thrust seemed to send another pulse of orgasmic bliss through her.


Bishop could feel Hope's body quiver on top of him as he continued to fuck her. Her pussy was dripping all over him, letting him glide in and out of her as fast as he could go. He thought she'd stopped cumming a few times but then she would seem to go into some sort of aftershock, her body shaking again as she moaned.


Hope couldn't even understand how she had cum so hard. She'd never experienced anything so intense before, she'd lost all control of her body. She was slowly regaining her strength and got herself upright again. She pulled herself up and off his thick dick, her pussy feeling very empty as she moved herself down onto all fours.


"I thought I told you to fuck me." She said goading him on. Wanting Bishop to come at her with the same power and lust he'd been giving her so far. 


He didn't disappoint her. Every fiber of his being was screaming at him to fuck her more. He moved behind her and took hold of her hips and slammed himself forward and right back into her waiting pussy. Hope let out a yelp at the suddenness of it but as he started pounding into her again she was quite content. Bishop moaned as he entered her again. Her warm embrace pulled him in, its tightness feeling like it was trying to hold him in place. He watched her round ass bounce and jiggle as he fucked her, the flesh rippling with he thrusts. 


"Come on! Is that all you've got?" Hope said to him, her words really a plea for him to fuck her harder.


"I got plenty more." He told her as he reached up and took hold of her shoulders. He started thrusting harder and faster, actions that made Hope moan even more. He kept pulling back on her shoulders, bringing her more and more upright until her body was pressed against his and he could reach his arms around her. One of his hands went back to her tits, groping and playing with them. The other moved down between her legs where he started rubbing her clit. He pushed down firmly as his fingers moved quickly back and forth over the cluster of nerves.


Hope gasped as she felt him touch her clit. His strong fingers felt so good there. Manipulating her most sensitive spot. She found her breathing getting more and more laboured the longer he fucked her. She was climbing to her peak again if it was going to be anything like the last time she wanted it desperately. She pressed her body back against him as if it would let his cock go deeper inside her but he was already going as far as he could with each thrust. 


"HARDER!" She screamed at him, all pretence in her words gone now.


He gave her what she asked for. His last few thrusts had enough force that if his mind had been more clear he might have worried he'd hurt her. But as he was now he just wanted to hear her scream in pleasure again. Which is just what she did.


Hope let out a scream of orgasmic bliss as she came even harder than she had earlier. Her body trembled and shook beyond her control again. Without Bishop's arms wrapped around her, she would have fallen right to the floor. She almost felt like she was floating as every nerve ending in her body was alight with pleasure. She nearly passed out but managed to keep herself conscious and loved every moment of her climax. She wanted to live in this moment forever.


Once her orgasm finally subsided and he was confident that she wouldn't fall over, Bishop let go of Hope. Even with being on her knees she still seemed pretty wobbly as he moved around to stand in front of her.


"My turn." He told her, looking down into her eyes.


She looked at him standing over her and she knew what he meant. He wanted to cum. She admired his strong muscular form again. His thick cock glistened, coated in her own cum. She reached up and took it in her hand and felt his dick twitch at her touch. She started to jerk him off, her fingers slid easily along the length of his well lubed shaft. She reached up with her other hand and cupped his balls, rubbing the orbs, as she increased the pace on his cock.


After all the fucking it didn't take long before Bishop could feel a familiar churning in his balls. He let out a long low grunt as he went over the edge.


As Hope heard him make the sound she pointed his cock towards her face and opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue. She was just in time as the first blast of his cum shot right into her waiting mouth. She kept pumping his shaft as rope after rope of his jizz blasted her face. He filled her mouth and covered her lips, cheeks and chin. A few weaker shots even landed on her tits. 


Once no more cum seemed to be firing out of him she swallowed the large amount of it in her mouth, the gooey fluid sliding down her throat. She then leaned in and licked up a few beads that had stuck to the head of his cock. Soon she was sucking hard on his tip, trying to pull every drop from him that she could. 


Bishop spasmed as he felt her lips suction onto his dick again. His cock head was extremely sensitive after his orgasm, and the feeling was very intense. Once she finished and pulled her mouth from him, he sat on the floor next to her. For a minute or two neither of them spoke, they just sat as they both breathed heavily until eventually Hope broke the silence.


"Well, honestly I think that should do the trick." She said "Next time I see you the only thing I'm going to be thinking of his how fucking amazing your cock felt inside of me."


"Yeah," He agreed "I don't imagine the image of your face covered in my cum is going to be going anywhere anytime soon."


Hope gave him a coy smile, her face still covered in his jizz.


"Well if the bad memories ever do come back we'll just have to do this again." She told him.


"You want to do this again?" He said, the very idea exciting him.


"Fuck yes. I've never cum that hard in my life." She told him. "I mean I don't really ever see us being friends but I would let you fuck me anytime."


"You're not going to hear any complaints from me." He said.


"Good. Then let this be the fresh start that we needed." She said and reached out a hand towards him.


"Agreed" He said as he reached out his own hand and clasped hers, and they shook on it. The idea that they had to shake hands after what they had just done seemed kind of funny but neither of them mentioned it.


By now a couple of Hellfire employees had come by with some towels that they each took. They started to clean themselves off in silence. They still didn't really feel like they had anything to say to one another but the uncomfortable energy that they had always shared actually did seem to be gone. Once they were done they simply nodded to each other and went their separate ways. Each of them thought that they had really accomplished something tonight and just hoped it would last into the future. And if it didn't they were both quite excited to try again.

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