The Hellfire Gala

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Laura Kinney, the new Wolverine, was scanning the room as the Hellfire gala began. Everyone around her was starting to pair of, the sounds of sex and debauchery beginning to fill the air.


On one bed she saw Firefist living up to the second half of his name. He was working his entire hand in and out of Beautiful Dreamer. The woman was laying back on a bed with her legs spread open. She screamed and moaned as he fisted her pussy.


At another spot she saw Amelia Voght. The red head was down on all fours screaming and moaning just like Beautiful dreamer was. Random was kneeling behind her, eating her out. His tongue started at her clit then went up along her lips and continued up even further to lick her ass hole as well. His hands holding her ass cheeks apart to give him easy access.


Laura still wasn't sure how she felt about all of this. She had accepted her invitation to the Gala knowing full well what it was going to be, and Laura was far from a prude. She enjoyed sex. But in this moment, so surrounded by it she was reminded of her time as a prostitute. A time she truly wished she could forget. She had been hoping that participating here might help overwrite those memories.


But she had decided to come for a particular reason. There was one person she knew would be here that she had wanted to sleep with for some time and this seemed like her best shot at getting what she wanted.


She saw Rogue walk past her. The Southern bell was dressed in a very beautiful gown, something she wore with such grace that it reminded Laura of how uncomfortable she was in her own dress. It was a dark blue affair with a halter top and a short skirt, going down only to about the middle of her thighs. She had on leather boots going up to her thighs, almost meeting the bottom of her dress but falling a few inches short. Laura had always felt out of place in dresses. They just weren't very tactically sound. She had to admit she looked good in it though, and she was hoping it would help seduce the man she was here for. Then she saw him, following not too far behind Rogue just as Laura figured he would be.


"Remy." She said, stepping in front of him, cutting the Cajun off from following his wife.


"Oh hey there petit." Remy said, though Laura could see he was still glancing past her, making sure not to lose sight of Rogue. "How you be-" he started to say before being cut off by Laura planting her lips on his, wrapping her arms around him. Gambit was shocked at first but soon found himself accepting and then returning the kiss.


Laura had had a crush on Gambit for quite a while now. It really wasn't that shocking, he was after all famous for being smooth and seductive. And even though he had never used these skills on Laura directly she had seen them applied many times before, and she liked it. His suave, nonchalant attitude was so different from what she was used to. Between their age difference and now Gambit being married she had never thought anything would come of it.


But now with their lips pressed together she thought she might finally get what she wanted. She felt Remy's hand going down her back. He elicited a small moan from her as his hand went under the hem of her dress to grab her firm ass. Laura had for gone wearing any underwear as it seemed pointless based on the purpose of the party. Remy's hand travelled around the curve of her ass and between her legs where he began teasing her pussy from behind. Laura kissed him harder as she felt the tip of Remy's finger sliding along her slit. She could feel herself getting wet at his touch.


Just then Remy opened his eyes and saw Rogue step through a door at the other end of the large room. He remembered what he had been doing a moment ago and abruptly broke their kiss. He pulled away from her and started off quickly towards the door.


"Sorry petit but I really have to go." He told her as he started off.


"What? " Laura said, stunned. "Why?"


"No time to explain but find me later ok." He told her, having to raise his voice as he got further away. "I promise I'll make it up to you." He said, almost yelling at this point before making his way quickly to follow Rogue through the door.


Laura stood there, staring at the door in shock. She couldn't believe he had just left her like that, shocked and sexually frustrated. What an asshole, she thought to herself.


"Uh… hi." Laura heard a voice from behind her. She turned around and saw Synch standing there. She didn't say anything, just stared at him until he continued talking.


"I was looking for you." He continued. "I wasn't going to interrupt when I saw you with Gambit but he seems to have left on his own." He explained to her. "Look I know I've tried talking to you since the Vault stuff." He continued.


Laura found herself only half listening to what Everett was saying as he continued to talk. It wasn't like this was the first time she'd heard him go on about this. Ever since their resurrection after their mission in the Vault he'd been telling her the same thing. About how they had spent lifetimes together, and fallen in love, how he wanted to be with her again. But Laura had no memories of the Vault, and though she didn't think he was lying, at least not as far as her enhanced senses could tell, she didn't have any of the feelings that he did.


But after having been so rejected by Remy a moment ago, having a man so interested in her definitely felt nice. And Everett was certainly attractive. It couldn't hurt to have some fun with him, she figured.


"- and I just thought maybe if we were together tonight it might help awaken something in you. I just have to believe the woman I loved is still inside of you Laure." Everett finished. His stomach was in knots waiting for her to reply. It had been incredibly hard having the memories of all their years together, knowing how happy they had been but Laura having forgotten every moment of it. He wanted more than anything for her to remember their time together. 


"I don't know about that. It may have been me in the vault with you but it might as well have been a different person." She told him. She could see the disappointment on his face as he looked to the ground. "But…" she added. "You are good looking, and tonight is about fun. So if you want to have sex with me then I'm game."


Synch looked up at her. "Really?" He asked her. Laura nodded her head. Everett considered her words. He wanted more then just sex with her, but the chance to be with her again, even if just for tonight still sounded amazing.


Laura was growing tired of waiting for a response so she decided to take it up a notch. She reached up and undid the halter top of her dress and shimmied it down her body. She now stood naked in front of Everett except for her boots. She figured if this wasn't enough to get him to agree to fuck her then she'd move one. "So are we going to do this?"


Everett stared at the sight of Laura's body. He'd seen her naked more times then he could count but it always amazed him. Plus they'd spent hundreds of years together in the vault. He had watched her age, slowly certainly but still. Her hair had grayed, the first wrinkles had formed, her skin had lost some of its youthful tightness. None of that had ever bothered him. He'd always found her beautiful and sexy. But now, seeing her in her prime was jaw dropping. Her body was all toned muscle, he admired her breasts, full and perky, topped with little pink nipples he knew to be quite sensitive. She had a small trimmed tuft of hair above her pussy. Everett needed her.


He never actually answered her question, just stepped forward and took her into a passionate kiss. His hand instinctively went to Laura's ass, squeezing and caressing it. Their lips and tongues wrestled as if vying for dominance.


Both of them were becoming lost in the passion of the moment. Laura forgetting all about Remy, and Everett forgetting about trying to remind Laura of their time together. They both simply let their bodies take over.


Laura began to pull at Everett's clothing. Literally tearing off more than one article until he stood as nude as she was. Her hands roamed his body as they continued to kiss until one of her hands wrapped around his hard cock. She began stroking him up and down, making him moan.


They stumbled their way over to a nearby bed, never stopping kissing or fondling each other. Everett pushed Laura down on her back before climbing on top of her. He started kissing and biting his neck. Laura writhed her body beneath him, her breaths coming heavier and faster.


Everett's lips soon found their way to Laura's breasts. He took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked hard on it, his tongue tracing circles around it. He then kissed and licked his way across her cleavage to repeat the process on the other nipple. Everett relished in hearing Laura moan as he sucked on her tits. He knew how sensitive her nipples were and how much she liked having them played with. He continued his actions, alternating from one nipple to the other. Whatever one he wasn't sucking and licking he would use his fingers to pinch and rub.


Eventually his lips moved from her tits, making their way down her body, kissing down her abs and across the little tuft of hair until he reached her pussy. Laura was already wet from the foreplay and Everett went right to work, knowing exactly what she licked. He started by licking along her lips, tasting her sweet juices. His tongue went up to her clit where he started flicking it up and down on the little bundle of nerves. At the same time he worked two of his fingers inside of her, twisting them slightly when they went in and out.


Laura moaned as Everett ate her pussy. She was amazed at how good he was at it. Like he could read her body perfectly adjusting to what she wanted exactly when she wanted it. His fingers twisting inside of her felt amazing and his tongue moved perfectly. She found herself clutching the bed sheets tightly in her hands while she panted through her breaths. His other hand reached up and started neadking at her tits. He was so good that she was ready to cum after only a few minutes of him going down on her. Laura's hands moved to the top Everett's bald head, holding it in place while her thighs clamped down on the sides.


"Oh fuck I'm going to cuuuummmmm!" Her words turned into a deep moan at the end as her back arched up off the bed. Everett's fingers and tongue never stopped working. Laura's toes curled inside her leather boots as she came on his face.


Everett felt great pride in making Laura cum so quickly. He always got so turned on by getting her off that over the years he had gotten quite efficient at it. He continued to eagerly lap at her folds tasting her cum.


As her orgasm subsided Laura pulled Everett back up to her face and kissed him again. Her tongue invading his mouth, she could taste herself on him and it made her so hot.


Everett moved so his cock was against her pussy. He moved himself so his dick slid along her opening but didn't enter her yet. She was so wet he easily glided along her lips, his cock head going up to rub against her clit. Both of them moaned from the pleasure.  Then he adjusted himself slightly and on the next movement his cock entered her. Slowly he penetrated her pussy, inch by inch.


Laura's eyes closed as she felt him inside her. He filled her so nicely, his cock rubbing against her g spot as it entered. Once he was all the way in Everett started kissing her. He began moving back and forth slowly. His lips on hers. Laura wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close. Her legs went around him as well so her ankles were resting on the backs of his thighs.


Laura wasn't used to sex like this. It was tender and slow. Sex had always been either animalistic or utilitarian for her in the past. But something about this felt amazing. The two of them felt alone in a room of people. Their bodies entwined into one. Everett wasn't just fucking her. He was making love to her. She felt herself being overcome with emotions. She pulled him in tighter against her, their bodies pressed together. They kissed deeply as her fingers dug into his back.


Everett felt amazing. Being with the woman he loved again. Every inch of them pressed together. Her warm pussy contracting on his cock, her tongue massaging his own. He felt her ankles pressing against his thighs to pull him in deeper. He was so happy to be with her like this again. He started kissing and licking her neck, making his way up to her ear where he started nibbling on her ear lobe.


Laura gasped at the sensation. She loved when someone nibbled her ear lobe like that. Everett continued to read her body perfectly. He had started speeding up his thrusts. Laura could feel herself growing towards a second orgasm already.


"You're… You're going to make me cum again." She said between laboured breaths.


"Do it." He whispered in her ear. "Cum for me Laura." After the last word he went back to nibbling on her ear.


Laura's nails dug into Everett's back as she came for a second time. She moaned and writhed beneath him. Her pussy clamping down on his cock. He continued to fuck her as she rode her high.


Once her body finally relaxed Laura couldn't believe he had already made her cum twice. He seemed to know exactly what she wanted. She wanted to return the favour. 


She wrapped her legs around his waist and twisted their bodies so she was now on top of him, his cock never leaving her pussy. She put her hands on his muscled chest for support and then started bouncing up and down. Everett admired how the way she placed her arms had pressed her tits together, making them look even bigger than normal. He loved watching them bounce as she rode him. He reached up and took hold of her breasts, massaging the flesh there. He could feel her hard nipples against his palms. 


Laura stopped bouncing and instead started rotating and gyrating her hips, grinding them on his lap. She moaned at the feeling of his cock moving inside of her. Laura took one of Everett's hands and brought it to her mouth where she started to suck on his index finger.


Everett moaned as she slid the digit in and out of her wet mouth. Her tongue and lips worked like it was his cock. His other hand made its way to her ass, caressing her round butt.


Laura let go of Everett's hand and started bouncing up and down on his cock again. She leaned forward and took hold of his head and brought it to her chest. He eagerly began to suck on one of her nipples. His tongue flicking against the hard pink nub. Laura threw her head back and moaned. She was slamming her hips up and down on him the whole time.


"Oh god Laura you're going to make he cum." He told her.


"Cum inside me." She said, she wanted to feel him cum in her. To fill her with his seed.


Everett tried to hold out even though she had asked for it. He didn't want this moment to end. But the feeling of her warm wet pussy slamming down in his cock over and over was just too much for him. Everett let out a guttural moan and started to cum.


Laura could feel him going off inside of her. She kept moving her hips up and down and started to contract her inner muscles, milking every drop from him  that she could. Feeling him fill her up was so hot, she wanted as much as she could get.


Once Everett finished cumming his body collapsed onto the bed. Laura let her own body relax and laid down on top of him, her head resting on his chest. Their naked forms pressed together as they both breathed heavily. A light sheen of sweat on their bodies. Everett's dick began to soften and soon fell out of Laura's pussy, a small dribble of his cum leaking out of her.


Everett kissed the top of her head and started lightly stroking her hair. Laura felt a warmth come over her from how nice it felt. They laid there like that for several minutes. Neither of them really wanted to end the moment. Eventually though Laura moved herself off of Everett and laid beside him on the bed. She looked at him and saw he was gazing into her eyes.


"Look," she started. "I really don't remember our time in the vault. But this felt…" she paused trying to find the right word. "Special. You seem special." She continued. "If you want to get together sometime, give me a chance to get to know you. I would be open to that.


Everett's eyes lit up at her words. He couldn't believe what she was saying. It was setting off fireworks in his head.


"Yes Laura!" He said enthusiastically. "I would love that!"


"But we have to take it slow." Laura said. "I can't deal with you jumping right into a relationship."


"I completely understand." He answered her, trying to appear calm. 


"Like tonight. I still want to enjoy the rest of the Gala, and I don't want you acting all jealous because I plan of fucking some other guys tonight." She told him, setting her expectations.


"I totally agree." He told her. "I believe in Krakoa, in what we're doing here. Creating something new. Leaving the hang ups of the human world behind us. I think we should absolutely embrace a night like tonight."


"Good." Laura said, relieved at his answer. "So maybe I'll see you again later tonight, but if not I'll find you tomorrow." She started getting up from the bed, she took a towel from a hellfire employee, who then swiftly left.


"I'll be looking forward to it." Everett said, trying not to sound too excited. He stood up beside her and Laura gave him a short kiss.


"Have fun." She told him before walking off into the orgy going on around them.


Everett watched her leave. He could feel the excitement welling up inside him. Looking forward to getting a chance to be with her again. And of course he couldn't help admiring her ass as she walked away.


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