The Hellfire Gala

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Coming off of her fun with Daken, not to mention the other former brotherhood men plus a quicky with Remy in the hallway, Rogue was making her way back to the main room of the Gala. Earlier in the night she had gone looking for Bishop but he was already fucking Jean by the time she had found him. Well she was heading back to find him again and take her turn.


She walked into the large main hall and scanned the room in front of her. Every inch of the place seemed to be filled with sex and debauchery. She smiled to herself thinking that she never would have predicted joining the X-men would lead her to something like this.


She saw Forge with not one but three former Morlock women. He stood beside a bed as Callisto, Marrow, and Scaleface (in her human form) all writhed naked in front of him. Rogue could see each of them had a wire of some kind leading from between their legs to a remote held by the man. He smiled as he played with some dials and the three women all responded with loud moans. Rogue saw a few discarded electronic parts around Forge's feet and she figured he must have taken apart some of the vibrators the Hellfire club had provided to create whatever new device he was using to please the women.


Rogue went back to scanning the room but her eyes soon fell on another interesting sight. She saw the former Marauder Prism, his crystalline body shining as Chimera was bent over in front of him. She rocked herself back and forth on his glass like shaft. Rogue found herself intrigued by the fact that he even had a dick. In all the times she fought him he was always just smooth like a Ken doll. Did it pop out? She shrugged it off not wanting to devote too much time to thinking of Prism's dick.


She returned to scanning the room for Bishop. There he was! Damn it! He was already talking with Hope. They weren't actually doing anything though. Could she steal him away from her? No, she thought. It would probably look bad for her to cock block a member of the five. She'd just have to try again later to take another shot at him.


Rogue sighed and started walking around the room, trying to decide who she should go after now. While exploring she did find something interesting that she hadn't seen earlier in the night. In one of the corners of the room she saw the Wyngarde sisters, Martinique and Regan both on their knees facing towards the wall. As Rogue approached them she realised what exactly was happening. They were at glory holes. 


Each of them was bobbing their heads up and down on a cock poking through an opening in the wall. Martinique sucked a long black dick. Her red lips sliding up and down its impressive length with ease. The cock in her sister Regan's mouth was shorter but quite thick, and it was a distinct blue colour. Regan held the dick in her hand and flicked her tongue along its head.


Rogue found the sight of the two women to be quite sexy. The idea that they had no idea who was on the other side turning her on more then she would have expected. Each of them slobbering all over a random dick. There was a third hole that sat empty between the two sisters and Rogue wondered if there had been a cock there if she would have joined them on her knees, tasting and sucking until it exploded in her mouth.


"Quite the show, isn't it." A voice whispered in her ear in a french accent. At the same moment she felt someone's arms wrap around her. A naked body pressed against her back and she felt a hard dick poking one of her ass cheeks. 


Rogue heard the voice and knew right away who it was. After all, he had made a career of ripping off her husband.


"Fantomex." She said, turning her head to look at him. She noticed this was one of the very rare times he wasn't wearing his mask. "How'd you get in here? You ain't a mutant."


"Oh I got a special invitation." He explained to her as his hands started roving her body. "A thank you for all the work I've done for mutant kind." He started to fondle her tits.


"Guess the guest list wasn't quite so exclusive after all." She said, letting him continue to fondle her. She was actually quite enjoying his hands on her body, his fingers tracing circles on her hard nipples. She was still watching the other women suck the cocks in front of them. 


"Oh come now." He said, his voice filled with faux insult. "I would have thought you'd be happy to see me." He started to kiss her neck.


"And why would Ah be happy about that?" She asked him, tilting her head back to give him easier access. 


"Well I'm exactly your type." He explained "A suave French thief who wears a trench coat." He pinched and lightly pulled on her nipples as he spoke.


"First of all, French? That accent ain't fooling anyone. Second of all, you're not my type. You're just a bad copy." She let her own hands reach behind her and feel Fantomex's hard abs.


"A bad copy?" He asked, whispering into her ear. "One night with me and you'd forget that husband of yours." One of his hands started slowly making its way down her flat stomach.


"Sugah you could give me the best fuck you'd ever given a woman and you'd still pale in comparison to my Remy." She told him.


"Why don't we find out." He said as his hand reached her pussy, Rogue gasped as he thrust one of his fingers up inside of her. He easily slid in since she was incredibly wet from the way he'd been teasing her. "Or I suppose I could stop." He said as his finger penetrated her.


"Well Ah suppose there's nothing wrong with you giving it your best shot." Rogue said through breaths that were steadily growing more laboured.


"That's what I thought." He said with a smile.


Rogue turned her head towards him and kissed him deeply while he moved his finger in and out of her, his other hand still fondling her tits. Rogue took hold of his cock and started to rub against her soft butt.


Fantomex's tongue began to explore Rogue's mouth as his finger explored her pussy. She let out a soft moan as he swirled his finger around inside of her. His other hand squeezed one of her large tits, kneading the soft flesh. He felt her grasp on his dick tighten as she started pumping her fist up and down his length. His cock head was still rubbing against her ass, smearing it with his precum.


Rogue broke their kiss just long enough to turn and face him. She planted her lips on his again and started pushing him back towards an unoccupied bed. Fantomex backpedalled until his legs hit the side of the bed and he fell onto it, Rogue smoothly moving on top of him. They continued to kiss and grope each other for several minutes until Rogue moved and inverted her body on his so they were in a 69 position.


She sat her pussy right on his face and he happily started licking her. His tongue tracing along her folds and delving inside to taste her juices. She returned the favour by swallowing his entire cock in one fluid motion. Her soft lips wrapped tightly around his shaft as she slid him in and out of her warm mouth. Her wet tongue danced along the sides of his dick and flicked across his head. 


Fantomex grabbed Rogues ass as he continued to lick her. He dug his fingers into the mound of her round butt, squeezing and rubbing it. He used his hands to spread her pussy open and then drove his tongue as deep into her as it could reach. She must have liked it because she pressed herself down harder on his face. She was almost smothering him but he had no complaints. 


Rogue used one of her hands to rub and massage Fantomex's balls. She played with them lightly while sucking his cock. She released her lips and started catching her breath but continued to run her tongue up and down his length. She tapped his head against her tongue a few times before swallowing him again, letting him slide into her throat. She bobbed her head up and down, the tight muscles of her throat gripping his head with every thrust. His shaft grew more and more slick with her saliva, it even dripped down and lubed her hand massaging his balls.


Fantomex was amazed by Rogue's head game. It was easily one of the best blowjobs he'd ever had. Not one to be outdone, he tried to focus on his own oral skills. He moved his tongue down and began to lick and suck on her clit. He circled his tongue around the bundle of nerves and he felt Rogue's body quiver. He continued rubbing her ass as he licked her, pulling her in closer.


Eventually Rogue needed more than just his tongue. She pulled her mouth from his cock and began to slide her body down his. Fantomex gave her one last lick as her pussy lifted off his mouth. She moved along him until her slit was lined up with his hard dick. She slammed herself down on him. His cock going balls deep inside her on the first thrust, each of them moaning deeply at the feeling of the penetration. Rogue quickly began rocking her hips back and forth, grinding herself against him.


Fantomex loved the way Rogue's pussy felt on his cock. Her warm velvety embrace gripping his length. He watched her perfectly round ass as she moved on his dick. The enticing orbs jiggled as she started to bounce herself up and down on his shaft. He reached out and held her butt as she moved. He gave one of her cheeks a playful smack, Rogue letting out a soft moan as he did. He repeated the action, going back and forth lightly spanking each side of her ass.


Rogue liked the little slaps he was giving her. Each one sending small jolts of excitement through her body. Plus his cock felt so good inside her. The way she moved on him, thrusting herself up and down was making the head of his dick rub right on her G spot and it was driving her wild. She was moving herself as hard and fast as she could, slamming herself down over and over again. Her tits had been bouncing freely but she took them in her own hands and squeezed her nipples. The added stimulation managed to push her to the point of no return. She slammed herself down one last time and was overcome by her orgasm. Her body tensed and her back arched. She wrenched her eyes shut and tossed her head back as she let out a primal scream. Waves of pleasure cascaded through her as she came. 


Fantomex held Rogue's hips as her body went rigid and she screamed out in pleasure. Her already tight pussy taking an even tighter hold of his cock. He could feel her inner muscles convulsing as she came and it felt absolutely amazing.


As her orgasm subsided Rogue began to slowly rock her hips back and forth again with a bit of a circular motion. She could feel Fantomex's dick moving inside her, rubbing against her inner walls. She soon lifted herself off of him, his cock popping out of her pussy. Rogue moved herself over to the side of the bed, put her feet on the floor and bent herself over. Her upper body pressed against the bed sheets.


At the same time Fantomex was moving himself into position behind her. Her next desired position was quite obvious. He took hold of her hips and lined himself up behind her and thrust his cock back into her waiting opening. Rogue let out a small grunt and then a soft moan as she felt him fill her up again. He started to move his hips back and forth, fucking her from behind, the slapping sound of theyir bodies meeting setting a rhythmic pace.


Rogue's hands gripped the sheets of the bed below her. She could feel him going further inside of her from this position and she started to rock herself back to meet his thrusts in an attempt to take him even deeper, wanting to get every possible bit of his cock that she could. She could feel her own juices leaking down her thighs.


Fantomex was once again admiring Rogue's ass. He watched as a shockwave ran through it every time he thrust into her. The cheeks bouncing and clapping together. With every thrust he saw them part enough to reveal her puckered little ass hole, the sight of which was just too tempting to not do something. He moved his thumb to the hole and pressed against it. There was no complaint from her so he took that as a green light. He pushed his thumb forward until it popped inside of her tight little butt.


Rogue clenched her teeth as she felt him penetrate her ass. She was already loosened up from the ass fucking she had taken earlier in the night so she didn't need any time to adjust. His thumb just felt good inside her. He started moving it in and out, complimenting how his cock thrusted in and out of her pussy.


Fantomex felt the tightness of her ass gripping his thumb. He pushed it all the way in and the way she pushed back against it was so hot. The contrast he could feel between her two holes was amazing. Her pussy was warm and wet, practically gushing as his cock moved in and out. While her ass was so incredibly tight, gripping and holding him, like it didn't want him to pull out.


Rogue liked having both of her holes being used at once. It wasn't as good as the actual double penetration she'd gotten earlier but it was still quite enjoyable. Fantomex was working his thumb in circles inside of her, stretching her ass a bit and the feeling was amazing. She desperately wanted to push herself back harder on him, to try to take him deeper but he was already all the way inside. She wanted more. She needed more.


"How about you get on with it and fuck my ass properly?" She asked him while still bouncing herself to meet his thrusts, getting the last few puddings to her pussy before he moved on.


"I thought you'd never ask" He answered quickly and enthusiastically.


He pulled himself out of both her ass and pussy and Rogue rolled over onto her back. Her butt hanging off the end of the bed. She put her legs up and onto Fantomex's shoulders, letting his cock line up perfectly with her ass. His dick was well lubed with her pussy juice so he went ahead and thrust himself into her butt. She let out a hiss through her teeth as her ass opened to accommodate his length and girth. It felt wonderful as he stretched her out.


Fantomex held her legs and started moving back and forth, in and out of her tight ass. It felt amazing on his cock, gripping his shaft as he fucked her. In this position he could see her big boobs bounce and shake with his motions, and Rogue's face as she moaned and panted in pleasure. Her moans driving him to fuck harder and faster, and she moaned louder with each pump.


This was exactly what Rogue had wanted, she could feel him delving much deeper into her ass now. Really giving her little hole a work out. She moved to grab her own tits. First rubbing and pinching her pink nipples. She then fully took one into each hand. She tightly squeezed the orbs, her fingers pressing into the soft flesh.


Famtomex tightly gripped Rogue's smooth thighs as he watched her. The way she played with her tits, fondling and groping them, he couldn't take his eyes off her. He then watched one of her hands move between her legs and started rubbing her clit. He saw her bite her lower lip and let out another moan as she worked her fingers in circles around the point of pleasure. He felt her ass clench sporadically as she touched herself, her muscles spasming in her pleasure.


Rogue moved her fingers furiously on her clit. She pinched and tugged at one of her nipples. She clenched her ass on Fantomex's cock. She was doing everything she could to send herself into overdrive. She desperately wanted to cum again. Her body writhed and squirmed with the need for release, craving that feeling of euphoria. She could feel it coming, almost there.


"Fuck Ah'm gonna cum again!" She half screamed and half moaned.


"God me too." He replied to her.


Almost at the same moment they both reached their climax. Fantomex pulled his cock from her ass and started to shoot his load onto her body. His thick cum sprayed up across Rogue's stomach and up to her tits. Leaving streaks of white goo across her body. It made her look even sexier as she writhed as it landed on her.


Rogue never stopped playing with her clit. Her fingers remained a blur of motion even as they were coated with a blast of his cum. Her orgasm spread a pleasurable warmth through her body as her muscles tightened. She felt Fantomex spraying and covering her body. The thought of it making her own climax just a little more intense. Once the waves of bliss subsided she let out a small happy sigh and continued to slowly touch and play with herself.


"Fuck that was hot." Fantomex said as he looked at Rogue, covered in his seed and seeming very content. He sat on the bed beside her to rest for a minute.


"Not bad." Rogue agreed with him, giving a small nod.


"Not bad? You came twice." He said to her, shocked that she could act like it was just mediocre.


"Remy would have gotten me there at least five times by now." She told him as a grin spread across her face. She wasn't lying either. The man knew how to get her off almost better than she could herself.


"Come on. You're exaggerating." He accused her.


"You tell yourself whatever you need to sugah. But I told you before, you can't hold a candle to my husband." Rogue responded. As she spoke a Hellfire employee came by and handed her a towel "why thank you." She said as she took it and started to wipe up the sticky mess Fantomex had left on her chest and stomach.


"There's no way he would have gotten you off five times." He continued.


"At least five." Rogue countered. "Now if you'll excuse me Ah'm going to go take a shower before I miss my chance with Bishop again." She got off the bed and started walking off.


"Bishop?" Fantomex said to her confused.


"You may have been my back up after he was busy." Rogue answered shrugging and smiling. She then headed off before he could say anything else.


Fantomex actually was a pretty good fuck, Rogue thought to herself. But definitely not as good as Remy.

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