The Hellfire Gala

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The water hissed as it turned to steam from Sam Guthrie pouring it over the hot stones of the brazier. The sauna filled with the warm vapor as he started making his way back to his seat. He took in the room as he walked, it was a square room, every surface made of some kind of wood that he couldn't quite identify. Three of the walls had two tiers of bench seating, looking like large stairs. The final wall had the door to the room as well as the brazier filled with hot rocks and a bucket of water beside it. Sam reached his spot and sat on the first tier of seating on a corner, his arms resting on the second tier of seating, stretching out along the two walls that sprouted from the corner. 


Once he sat down his wife Izzy cuddled up against him. Unlike him she wasn't a mutant, she was a human but also a member of the Shi'ar imperial guard as the latest Smasher. She'd received a special invitation to the gala since the two of them were married. He was glad she had agreed to come considering how crazy this whole night was. But she had told him that if he could move to space for her then she could attend an orgy for him. He smiled contently as her naked body laid against him, her head resting on his chest. Even in the heat of the sauna her touch always made him feel warmer inside. 


He glanced around the room at the other occupants of the room, many of his closest friends and like himself former members of the original new mutants. Each of them just as naked as Sam and Izzy were, the group having done away with any modesty. Across the room from him sat Xi'an "Karma", like him she sat on the lower tier, her prosthetic leg crossed over top of the other as she leaned against the wood paneling behind her. On the second tier of the wall between Sam and Xi'an, Amara "Magma" had laid down a towel and was laying on her stomach, her head resting on her folded arms, eyes closed as she relaxed. Sitting just below Amara was Roberto "Sunspot" He was the only other guy in the room and he was spending his time looking around at the various women, enjoying the sights of their bodies. The final member of the group was Rahne "Wolfsbane", she sat on the upper tier behind and to the right of Sam. Her back was against the wall and she had her knees pulled up against her chest, her arms wrapped around her legs.


"Ah gotta say Xi'an, you were right." Sam spoke. "This is just as good as if we'd gone to the showers."


"Aye." Rahne agreed. Even if her body language was a little less relaxed then the others she was still enjoying the sauna.


"I still don't know why we couldn't have just gone into the showers" Roberto protested.


"Jean and Warren were having a moment." Xi'an said.


"Yeah, but they didn't seem to mind." He countered.


"They were so preoccupied I'm not even sure they knew we were there." Amara chimed in, her eyes still closed.


"Besides, aren't there enough women here for ye to gawk at?" Rahne asked him.


"There could always be more." Roberto answered with a smile. "In fact there was supposed to be." He added.


"Yeah, are you sure it's ok we didn't wait for your other friends?" Izzy asked Sam, looking up at him.


"Nah it's fine. There's so many of us that it's hard enough to find a time we're all not busy on a regular night, let alone a night like this." Sam answered her.


"Besides they were all preoccupied." Amara added with a grin.


"Illyana was with Kitty and Kurt, Dani went off somewhere with Madrox, and Doug was with Betsy." Xi'an added.


"No way!" Roberto said. "Good for him."


"Did anyone else happen to notice what Doug had between his legs?" Amara asked, opening her eyes for the first time.


"Aye" Rahne started. "Lad's got a monster." She said, holding her hands apart to indicate the size.


"Really?" Izzy asked.


"Oh yeah" Amara said, pumping her eyebrows up and down.


"Still," Roberto cut in. "If we'd managed to all be here there'd be a better ration."


"What Berto? You're not happy with two women for each of us?" Sam asked with a laugh.


"Well you can't count Xi'an." Roberto said, referring to Xi'an being a lesbian. "Unless…"


"Nope!" Xi'an cut him off.


"Hey I'm just saying maybe tonight-" he started before being cut off again.


"Roberto you finish that thought and I'm going to jump in her head and make sure the only person you sleep with the rest of the night is that brazier full of rocks." Shan said matter of factly, drawing laughs from the rest of the room.


"Ok fine," Roberto said, accepting her response. "But that just proves my point. Xi'an is out, plus I assume she's hoping to get one of the other women here, so that just leaves two others for me and you Sam."


"Oh poor Roberto, he only gets to have sex with one woman at a time." Rahne said, mocking him.


"I'm just saying the ratio could have been better with Dani and Illyana here."


"Yeah but if Doug was here with his third leg maybe you'd be left with no women at all." Amara said jokingly.


Izzy burst out laughing at the thought.


"Hey you weren't laughing at me when Sam and I double teamed you earlier." Roberto told Izzy. He then reached his hand out towards Sam for a high five.


Sam almost reached out to reciprocate but from the look his wife gave him he decided it was better not to.


"You poor girl." Xi'an said to Izzy. "I mean Sam's a nice guy and I don't even like men but having to deal with Roberto just seems rough." 


"Oh yeah?" Roberto said to her. "And who exactly had to deal with you so far tonight?" 


"I did." Amara cut in.


"You did?" Rahne asked her.


"Yep." Amara confirmed as Xi'an nodded her agreement.


"How was it?" Rahne continued.


"Great!" Amara said emphatically. "She ate my pussy way better than any guy ever has."


"Really?" Izzy now asked, finding herself very intrigued.


"Without a doubt." Amara said.


"It's no big deal." Xi'an said. "I just know how a woman's body feels from both sides."


"She's being modest." Amara said. "I lost count of how many times I came."


"Wow." Izzy said as her mind started to wander. She'd never really considered being with another woman before. But if the past few years since she'd found the Exospex on her family farm and gained her powers had taught her anything it was that she could do a lot of things she never thought she would. She'd joined the Imperial guard, the Avengers, gotten married and had a kid. Why couldn't she have sex with a woman?


"I could show you if you want." Xi'an said while also giving her a sultry look.


Izzy thought for a second, she looked at Xi'an and realised she really was quite attractive. Her slim frame and beautiful Vietnamese features. Izzy then realised the room had gone silent and everyone seemed to be watching her to wait for her response. She thought to look to Sam for approval but remembered they'd agreed earlier that they could both do whatever they wanted tonight, no questions asked.


"Sure." She finally answered, trying her best to hide the nervousness in the word but not quite succeeding.


Xi'an didn't speak but simply used one of her fingers to beckon Izzy over to her. Izzy responded to the silent summons, standing up and walking over towards the other woman. Xi'an took in the sight of Izzy's body. She was muscular but still curvy in all the right places. 


Izzy sat on the bench next to Xi'an. And the mutant woman could tell her human counterpart was nervous. She saw Izzy's eyes darting around the room, looking at all the others who were intently watching the two women.


"Don't worry about them." Xi'an told her. "Right now it's just you and me." With those words she leaned in and gave Izzy a kiss, nothing too intense but more than a peck for sure.


Izzy for the first time felt another woman's lips on her own. They felt soft and inviting. Soon there was a second kiss that lasted longer and then a third that went longer still. Izzy felt Xi'an's hands on her waist then and the other woman slowly guided her down until she was laying on the bench, Xi'an on top of her as they continued to kiss. 


Izzy let out a soft moan as Xi'an's tongue entered her mouth. Her own tongue responded in kind, wrestling with the other woman's. She felt one of Xi'an's hands travel up her torso and take hold of one of her tits, cupping the large orb. Izzy's own hands started to explore Xi'an's body as well, though for now she just ran her fingers along the other woman's hips and back, still feeling too nervous to do much else.


Xi'an started kissing Izzy's neck. The sensation made her body shiver. At the same time Izzy felt Xi'an's thumb start to circle around her nipple, making it grow hard. It felt amazing, Xi'an's touch was so perfect. She kept kissing down Izzy's neck, over her collarbone, until she came to Izzy's other nipple which she took into her mouth. Izzy moaned as she felt the pressure of Xi'an starting to suck on the little pink dot, her tongue swirling around it in the same motion her thumb made on its partner. Xian swapped her mouth and thumb, not wanting to favor one breast over the other. 


Izzy's breaths were short, not just with the pleasure from Xi'an's actions but from the excitement of the moment. She could feel a warmth growing between her legs as she got more and more excited. 


Xi'an moved back and forth several times, sucking one nipple while rubbing the other before she finally started moving further down again. She ran her tongue across Izzy's toned abs, tasting the sweat that being in the sauna had created. She then kissed her way across the patch of brown hair between Izzy's legs.


Izzy could feel Xi'an getting closer and closer to her pussy. She wanted the other woman to lick her there. She wanted to feel her tongue, but just as Xi'an reached her lower lips she skipped over them and instead started kissing down Izzy's left thigh. Izzy let out a small whimper. Wanting desperately for Xi'an to eat her pussy but the other woman seemed content to make her wait. Xi'an kissed down and then up Izzy's left thigh, then repeated the process on the other leg. Finally her head was between Izzy's legs, she could feel Xi'an's hot breath but it still felt like ages passed. Then finally Xi'an ran her tongue in long slow movement along Izzy's slit and up to her clit. Izzy let out a content moan at the feeling.


At that sound Xi'an eagerly went to work on the gorgeous woman laid out in front of her. She worked her tongue over every inch of Izzy's pussy, licking and probing her. She paid special attention to the other woman's clit, sucking it between her lips and flicking her tongue across it. The way it made Izzy moan and writhe telling her just how much the other woman was enjoying it. 


Izzy felt pleasure radiating from between her legs. Xi'an's tongue explored her pussy with a skill and enthusiasm that amazed her. Amara was right, Izzy thought to herself. No man had ever gone down on her like this. Xi'an seemed to know just what to do to make her feel good. The way her tongue flicked and dragged across her, the way her lips kissed and sucked. It was all expertly done.


It wasn't long before Xi'an could sense the other woman was nearing her first orgasm. She could hear Izzy's breath becoming more laboured while the muscles of her thighs flexed and tightened. Xi'an felt Izzy's hands on the back of her head, holding her in place. Xi'an didn't change anything about what she was doing. She kept the exact pace and pressure she'd been using on Izzy's clit, and just like that she heard Izzy scream out in pleasure.


Izzy's back arched up off the wooden panel below her as she was overtaken by one of the best orgasms of her life. A whole new warmth spread through her body. She had never cum that fast from being eaten out before. She couldn't believe the intensity of it. Once her climax subsided and her body relaxed she expected Xi'an to stop but she didn't. In fact Xi'an wrapped her arms around Izzy's legs and pulled her in closer as she plunged her tongue inside her pussy, reaching as deep into her wet openong as she could.


Through all this the other occupants of the sauna had been watching quite intently. 


Sam couldn't believe how sexy his wife looked with another woman between her legs. He glanced at Xi'an from time to time and of course she was quite sexy in her own right but he just couldn't take his eyes off Izzy as she moaned and writhed in pleasure. Her face contorted in a beautiful expression of bliss. He wanted to go over and join them so badly but he decided to let them have this moment to themselves.


Roberto couldn't decide which of the two women he wanted to stare at and was constantly darting his eyes between them. He looked at Xi'an's perky ass up in the air as she buried her face in Izzy's pussy. He looked at Izzy's big tits, heaving with her heavy breaths. Both of them looked so hot, they had him rock hard and he had no shame about stroking himself as he watched the show.


Up in her seat Rahne watched them as well. Like Izzy she had never thought of being with another woman until now. Perhaps part of that was her very strict catholic upbringing. But now watching these two women together, the pure eroticism of their actions, she found herself getting quite aroused. She bit her lower lip as she felt her own wetness growing. In fact subconsciously she had moved one of her hands between her legs and was lightly rubbing her fingers in circles on her clit.


Just like the others Amara was staring as well. She smiled to herself as she remembered being in Izzy's position just earlier that same night, discovering just how skilled Xi'an was at eating pussy. She wondered if she had looked the same as Izzy did now, her face a mask of joy but with a clear bit of shock mixed in. Amara was getting more excited and turned on by the moment, and she wasn't content to just watch any more.


"Hayseed." She said to Sam, referring to him by one of his nicknames. Sam looked over at her, as did Roberto and Rahne, though Xi'an and Izzy were too wrapped up in each other to notice. "Are you going to let your wife have all the fun?" As she spoke she got up and walked over to Sam. She planted one of her feet on either side of his lap, standing over him in his seated position so her pussy was right in his face as she looked down at him with a grin.


"No ma'am." He said, looking up and admiring her body, from her clean shaved pussy, up her flat stomach to her large and seemingly gravity defying chest.


"Right answer." Amara said as she took hold of the back of his head and pulled him forward between her legs.


Sam quickly started licking at the pussy that had been shoved in his face, more than happy to oblige Amara with what she wanted. His hands took hold of her thighs but quickly moved up to her round ass. He rubbed and squeezed her butt cheeks while eating her out, both actions causing her quite a bit of pleasure.


Seeing Sam and Amara start going at it made Roberto want to get in on the action. He looked over at Rahne and saw she was now looking at him too. He made an expression, raising his eyebrows to silently ask her if she was interested. She nodded then stood up and made her way over to where he was sitting. She stood on the floor in front of him. She was the most petite of the women here. Barely over five feet and a hundred pounds. Roberto stared at her small perky tits, his eyes roved over her body to her pussy where she had a full bush of hair.


"To ye mind if I…" Rahne started but rather than finishing the words she simply pointed to his hard cock.


"You want to suck my dick?" He asked her.


"Aye." She confirmed. 


"I'm never going to say no to a hot woman going down on me." He said with a big smile.


Rahne smiled as well at him calling her sexy. She had come a long way from the shy, nervous teen she had been when she first joined the team, but she was still far less sexually confident than most of the other women in the X-men. Even though she had had her fair share of sex by this point. But it was always nice to hear something like that, especially in a room of other women she thought looked much better than her.


She sank down to her knees in front of him. Roberto spread his legs so she could get right up to the bench he sat on. Rahne reached out and took hold of his cock, stroking it a few times before leaning her head in and taking him into her mouth. 


With that everyone in the room started going at it. Each of them enwrapped in their own partners, though also often enjoying the sights of the others as well.


Xi'an had flipped Izzy over and was now eating her out from behind. She'd started licking Izzy's ass now, swirling her tongue around the puckered hole. She used her fingers to rub Izzy's clit at the same time. Xi'an was more than happy with how the brunette responded to her touch. She got so hot listening to the other woman moan and gasp, and she loved having her face buried in Izzy's round beautiful ass. Izzy meanwhile was still amazed at Xi'an's skill. Even the rimjob she was giving her felt amazing. 


Amara wasn't disappointed with Sam's oral abilities either. Definitely above average. She could see why Izzy married him. Though he still wasn't as good as Xi'an she thought to herself. But he was doing a great job at getting her warmed up. His tongue eagerly lapped at her folds, drinking in her juices. He put his hands to good work rubbing her ass as well. 


Sam was more than happy in his position as well. Amara's pussy was soaking and she tasted amazing. He felt her legs tremble a bit as he seemed to hit a particularly good spot and she used her hands on his head to help steady herself. He continued to hit that spot making Amara shake more until she couldn't take it any more and her legs buckled. It surprised them both a bit as she fell and ended up sitting in his lap. They both laughed a bit once they realised neither were hurt. Amara then leaned in and took Sam into a deep kiss, tasting herself on his lips and tongue.


At the same time Rahne was putting her own lips and tongue to work. She moved her head up and down Roberto's shaft, feeling his meaty cock on her lips. Her cheeks sunken in as she sucked hard on his length. She flicked and danced her tongue across his member, tasting him as she went. She used one of her hands to reach up and rub his muscled chest and abs, the feeling of his hard body turning her on. 


Roberto ran one of his hands through Rahne's hair as he watched her head bob up and down. The soft warmth of her mouth enveloping his cock over and over again.


"That feels so fucking good." He told her. His words seemed to spur her on and make her suck with even more enthusiasm. 


As Amara and Sam continued to kiss and make out she shifted herself in his lap. She had her pussy up against his cock, he wasn't inside her yet but she started moving herself against him. His dick sliding along her wet lips, his head rubbing against her clit. Then she lifted herself, letting him line up with her opening. But before she lowered herself down Sam thrusted his hips up, slamming his full length into her. Amara broke their kiss to gasp at the sudden penetration. His cock filling her up. They both started moving their bodies in tandem, Sam thrusting up while Amara bounced on him. The sound of her ass slapping against his thighs growing with speed and intensity as they fucked each.


Roberto saw Sam and Amara, and as good as Rahne's mouth felt he wanted to be in her pussy. He tapped her on the shoulder. Rahne pulled his cock from her mouth, several lines of saliva still connecting her lips to his shaft as she looked up at him. She looked so sexy in that moment and it made Roberto want to be inside her all the more. He stood up and Rahne quickly understood what he wanted. She bent herself over where he had just been sitting, her feet still on the floor and her elbows on the bench. Roberto got behind her and admired her pert little ass as he lined himself up. He rubbed the head of his cock along her pussy and felt how wet she was. Then he pressed himself forward and into her.


Rahne grunted as she felt Roberto enter her. His cock was thick and she felt him stretching her out. The sensation felt wonderful as he started to thrust in and out. She felt him reach around and take one of her small tits in each of his hands. His strong fingers kneaded at the flesh as his palms rubbed against her sensitive nipples. She rocked herself back to meet his thrusts, trying to take him as deep as she could. She let out little whimpers but bit her lip to keep herself from screaming in pleasure.


Izzy however had no qualms with screaming, which is exactly what she was doing as her body shook with her third orgasm. Or was it her fourth? She couldn't focus enough to remember. Xi'an was still licking her ass but now had two of her fingers inside Izzy's pussy, the combination of sensations making her cum yet again. Izzy was exhausted after this climax and let her body just collapse down.


Xi'an could recognize that Izzy probably needed a break. She pulled her fingers out of the other woman but gave her pussy one last lick, an action that made Izzy's body tremble. Izzy rolled over onto her back as Xi'an climbed up her body and laid on top of her. The two of them shared a deep kiss.


"So how was that?" Xi'an asked with a grin, already knowing the answer.


"Are you serious? That was amazing!" Izzy said.


"So…" Xi'an started. "Do you think you want to give it a try?"


"Oh you mean… me go down on you?" Izzy asked.


"Only if you want to." Xi'an answered. 


"I do…" Izzy said. After the way Xi'an made her feel, Izzy really did want to reciprocate. "I've just never done it before."


"Trust me, you'll do great." Xi'an encouraged her. "I've never met a woman who wasn't." She added with a little laugh. 


"Alright." Izzy agreed, still feeling nervous.


Xi'an got off Izzy and the two women switched places. Xi'an now laying on her back, she opened her legs and Izzy moved down between them.


"Just do whatever you would want someone to do to you." Xi'an told her.


Izzy nodded. She figured she might as well just go for it. She leaned forward and licked Xi'an's pussy, or any pussy, for the first time. Xi'an let out a content sigh. Izzy then licked her again, tasting the other woman and finding herself quickly becoming intoxicated by the flavour. Before she knew it she was licking vigorously, lapping at Xi'an's fold.


"Oooooo yessssss." Xi'an moaned. "Just like that." She knew Izzy would be a natural.


Roberto found himself watching these two women again while he continued to fuck Rahne from behind.


"Berto." Rahne's voice said, pulling his attention back solely to her. "Would ye… spank me?" She asked sheepishly.


"Really?" He asked, surprised to hear that from Rahne. Amara wouldn't have shocked him but he definitely wasn't expecting it from Rahne.


"Aye." She said looking back at him and confirming. "I like it."


"Then fuck yes." He said excitedly. He continued to thrust in and out of her as he brought his hand down on one of her cheeks, emitting a light slapping sound.


"Harder." She told him. So Roberto spanked her again, harder this time. His hand left a bit of a pink mark. "Yes!" She told him.


So he kept going, with every few thrusts of his cock into her pussy he would spank her ass, each slap making her moan louder.


Rahne didn't know why but she really did love being spanked. The feeling of his strong hand connecting with her ass over and over again, the slight burning sensation it left behind. It all enhanced the already amazing feeling of his cock going in and out of her pussy. 


Sam and Amara had switched positions. She was now sitting on the bench with her ass at the edge. Sam standing in front of her and pumping his cock into her waiting pussy. Sam watched her beautiful tits bounce and jiggle as he fucked her.


Amara saw him staring and took her own breasts into her hands. She started playing with them, putting on a show for Sam. She felt his hand squeeze a little harder on her thighs where he held her. She'd press her tits together, rub and pinch her nippples, shake them up and down. Sam couldn't take his eyes off them so she figured he must be liking it.


She wrapped her legs around Sam's waist and pulled him in deeper with every thrust. He felt so good inside of her, his hard dick rubbing her inner walls, reaching into her over and over. 


Rahne's attempts to silence her screams had failed. The feeling of Roberto's cock stretching her pussy and his hands slapping her ass, the pale white skin now a bright pink, had sent her over the edge. Her legs trembled as her body exploded in orgasmic bliss. 


Roberto could feel her pussy tighten on him, gripping his dick as he continued to slide in and out of her. The sound of her screaming while she came made him thrust even faster.


Rahne wasn't the only one screaming. Not too far away, Xi'an was being hit with her first orgasm as well. Izzy may not have been the most experienced pussy eater but she more than made up for it with her enthusiasm. Xi'an had her hands in Izzy's hair and was lifting her hips to grind her clit against Izzy's face as she came hard.


"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" She yelled out as she was overcome with pleasure.


Izzy couldn't believe she had actually made another woman cum. She could feel the sudden rush of Xi'an's juices coating her lips, her tongue and her chin. It tasted so sweet and she wanted to lick up every drop of it. Even once Xi'an seemed to come down from her orgasm Izzy just kept going, wanting to get her off again and again.


Amara saw that all the other women had orgasmed and she wanted to as well. Sam was fucking her amazingly well, his cock feeling great inside her, but she wanted more.


"Hey Rahne, you think I could steal Roberto from you? I really want to get double stuffed." Her words made both Sam and Roberto stop their thrusting.


"And what am I supposed to do?" The Scottish girl asked. "Just watch?"


"Well you could go find out just how good Xi'an is at eating pussy." Amara told her with a smile.


"Mmmmm yes please." Xi'an said before Rahne had a chance to answer. "I would love mmmmmm for you to sit that mmmmm cute little ass of yours mmmmm right on my face." Her words were frequently broken up by moans of pleasure caused by Izzy's tongue.


Rahne looked back and forth between Xi'an and Amara a few times before speaking. "Alright." She finally said. Remembering how turned on she'd been watching Xi'an go down on Izzy earlier.


Sam and Roberto stepped back, pulling out of their respective partners. Amara immediately took control of the two men. She had Roberto lay on his back on the bench and then climbed up on top of him. She lowered herself down, impaling his cock into her pussy. She grinded her hips on him a few times, feeling him stretch her out.


"Alright Sam, now go in my ass." She said, to which Sam was quick to listen.


He got up behind her and lined the head of his dick up with her puckered ass hole. He slowly started moving forward and his head popped in. Amara let out a hiss as slowly he slid further and further into her ass until he was fully inside her. Amara revelled at the feeling of both her holes being filled. Soon the two men started to pump their cocks in and out and the sensation multiplied.


"That feels so good." She said, the double penetration driving her wild. 


"Fuck yeah it does." Roberto agreed, as he thrust into her hot, wet pussy.


"Absolutely." Sam agreed, marveling at the tightness of her ass hole.


Meanwhile Rahne had done exactly as Xi'an had said and gone and sat on her face. Rahne quickly realised Amara had been right, Xi'an was amazing at this. Rahne found herself moving her hips back and forth as she straddled Xi'an's mouth, gliding herself along the other woman's skilled tongue. She started to pinch her own nipples as well, adding to her level of pleasure.


For her part, Xi'an was pretty much in heaven. There wasn't anything better that she could think of then having one sexy woman going down on her while another sat on her face. Being smothered by Rahne's sweet, wet pussy while Izzy continued to lick and suck her clit was just perfect.


Much like the other women Izzy was really enjoying the moment, even if she was the only one of the three that didn't have a tongue between her legs. She had put one of her hands to work, plunging two of her fingers deep inside her own pussy. She never slowed or lost any enthusiasm for licking Xi'an, and now she was looking up at Rahen as well. The way the other two women moaned and writhed their bodies was incredibly erotic.


In the position she was in Amara couldn't really move much, being sandwiched between Roberto and Sam. So she had to pretty much leave the motion up to the two of them, and they were doing a very good job. They both pistoned in and out of her hard and fast. They were in sync so that as one of them was pulling out the other was thrusting in. It felt amazing, she never had a single moment of feeling empty, there was always one of their cocks filling her up.


Sam and Roberto had known and worked beside each other for so long that they managed to work together like this on instinct. And it helped that this was the second time tonight that they had double penetrated a woman together. Roberto's hand were on Amara's hips while Sam's were on her shoulders, each of them using their hands to hold her in place as they fucked her.


Amara was quickly building towards the orgasm she'd been craving. The way the two cocks filled her up, hitting all the right spots inside of her, was pushing her closer by the second. Finally she reached her peak.


"God yes I'm cumminnnggggg!!!!!!" She yelled. Sam amd Roberto kept fucking her through her orgasm and that just made it more intense. She felt electricity coursing through her body, every nerve ending exploding.


Once again Xi'an's screams of pleasure joined in, or they would have if they weren't being muffled by Rahne's pussy. Izzy had started to finger Xi'an along with using her tongue and it had quickly made Xi'an cum again. Her screams of pleasure were sending vibrations into Rahne's clit, causing a reaction in the small woman.


"Oh! That's nice." The Scottish girl said at the new feeling. Xi'an's scream almost made it feel like she was using a vibrator. Little tingles resonating through her pussy. The feeling caused her body to fall forward and lay on top of Xi'an's in a 69 position.


Izzy noticed Rahne's head was now beside hers and lifted her mouth from between Xi'an's legs for the first time since it got there. She saw a look of euphoria ok Rahne's face as she stared at Xi'an's pussy.


"Did you want a taste?" Izzy asked her.


Rahne didn't say anything, she just dove in and started lapping at Xi'an's folds. Surprising herself as much as anyone else with how quickly she reacted. She'd never gone down on a woman before but watching her now you'd think she was an expert.


So now Xi'an and Rahne were both going down on the other. Each of them moaning and writhing as they went. Izzy admired the sight, their beautiful bodies intertwined, but she quickly felt left out. She looked over to the others and saw Roberto and Sam double teaming Amara, much like they had done to her earlier in the night. 


Izzy had been worried that seeing Sam with another woman would make her jealous but now that it was here before her it was such a turn on. Sam looked so hot, his muscled body glistening with sweat as his cock pounded in and out of Amara's ass. She saw the way Amara's face was contorted in pleasure and knowing that her husband was the one causing that pleasure made Izzy's pussy ache. She wanted that feeling for herself.


Izzy made her way over to the three of them. She took Sam's face into her hands and turned his head, taking him into a deep kiss. She pressed her tongue deep into her husband's mouth.


Sam was surprised at first when Izzy grabbed him but he quickly responded and kissed her back. He could taste Xi'an on Izzy's tongue and just the thought of that drove him wild. Without really thinking about it he pulled himself out of Amara's butt and quickly laid Izzy down and immediately started fucking her. His cock easily slid into her well lubricated pussy.


"Hey I was still using him." Amara said as she suddenly felt Sam's cock leave her ass.


"He's my husband. I was just letting you borrow him." Izzy said with a grin.


"Fine, fair enough." Amara said.


"You know now that Sam's gone, how about you give me a turn in the back door?" Roberto asked her.


"Alright, show me what you got." Amara said as she climbed off him. She moved to another part of the bench on all fours. Where she was now, her face was right above Izzy's. The other woman was laying on her back while her husband fucked her. Amara started to kiss Izzy, the human woman responding in turn and they started making out passionately, even with their faces upside down to each other.


Roberto swiftly made his way behind Amara and shoved his cock into her rear. The fucking Sam had given her earlier had loosened her up enough thay he was able to start pounding in and out of her right away. He couldn't believe how good her ass hole felt as it tightly gripped his shaft. He watched as her round ass bounced and jiggled every time he thrust into her. Then he looked around the room. He saw Amara and Izzy making out while they each got fucked. He saw Rahne and Xi'an going at it just a few feet away, each of their faces buried in the other's pussy.


"I think this is the best moment of my life." He said.


"Can't argue with you there." Sam said as he also scanned the room. "And you didn't think there were enough women." Sam added.


"There could always be more." Roberto said with a grin before the two of them laughed a bit while never stopping their thrusting.


Unlike Sam and Roberto, Rahne and Xi'an were only focused on each other. Each of them devouring the other. Xi'an used her experience and skill, focusing her tongue movement on the areas Rahne responded to most. Licking up and down her slit and swirling around her clit. Rahne had her mouth over Xi'an's entire pussy and lightly sucked on it as she delved her tongue inside, tasting as much of the sweet juice as she could.


"Rahne," Xi'an said, briefly letting her lips leave Rahne's cunt. "Put a finger in my ass." As soon as the words left her mouth she went back to licking.


Rahne, not one to deny her lover, took one of her fingers and quickly sucked it into her mouth. She coated it as best she could with her saliva before moving it to Xi'an ass. She slowly pressed it in, one knuckle at a time. Xi'an let out a deep moan as the digit invaded her. A moan that Rahne happily felt vibrating through her own clit.


Back at the other group Amara and Izzy were still making out quite passionately. Izzy had both of her hands up fondling Amara's tits, rubbing and squeezing them. The large orbs were swaying with the motion of the blonde being fucked. Amara had to keep using one of her hands to support herself in her doggy position but was using the other to play with Izzy's tits as well. Roughly pinching and pulling on Izzy's pink nipples.


Sam had started using his thumb to rub circles around Izzy's clit while he fucked her. He knew that drove her wild and just like he expected she was soon cumming all over his cock. He could feel her growing wetter and her inner walls convulsing.


Amara soon found herself cumming as well. She was slamming her ass back to meet Roberto's thrusts, wanting to feel him as deep in herself as she could. Between his cock stretching her ass and the way Izzy played with her tits she went over the edge again. 


Izzy and Amara's kissing grew more intense as they were bothed rocked by their orgasms simultaneously. Each of them in a world of pure physical bliss.


They weren't the only ones in this state. Xi'an and Rahne were both still going at each other, both nearing a peak of their own. Rahne was still pistoning her finger in and out of Xi'an's ass, moving it as quickly as she was able to. Her tongue still dug as deep into the other woman's pussy as deep as it could as well. Rahne was rolling and grinding her hips on Xi'an's face as well.


Xi'an still ran her own tongue up and down Rahne's pussy, focusing particularly on her clit. Xi'an's hands were holding Rahne's little ass the whole time. Rubbing and kneading at the soft flesh. She then lifted one of her hands only to quickly bring it back down in a hard slap on Rahne's butt. The sudden impact combined with the stimulation she was already getting was enough to send Rahne over the edge.


Her petite body trembled as her orgasm spread throughout her. She let out a long deep moan which reverberated into Xi'an's pussy, which was apparently enough to set her off as well. The two women came together, simultaneously. Both of them were moaning and shaking through what felt like an eternity of joy. 


Soon though their orgasms subsided, leaving them both drained and exhausted. Rahne lost all control of her body and just collapsed, her head still between Xi'an's legs. Xi'an managed to roll the smaller woman off of her and sat her up on the bench. She sat beside her and the two of them caught their breath as they watched the other four, both of them too tired to do much else. Though Xi'an did allow her hand to drift between Rahne's legs where she gently continued to rub the other girl. Rahne's body twitched as Xi'an's fingers first touched her now very sensitive clit but quickly relaxed.


The actions of the other four couldn't be described as relaxed in any way. Frantic was a far better word. Izzy and Amara had moved down each other's bodies a bit and now rather than kissing they were instead liking and sucking on each other's tits. Sam and Roberto meanwhile were both pumping themselves in and out of the women as fast and hard as they could manage.


Sam was the first of the two guys to cum. Izzy's pussy was just so wet and warm. He couldn't really see Izzy beneath Amara but the view of Amara sucking on his wife's tits, the way her tongue flicked across the pink nipples was just too much for him. He pulled out of Izzy just as he started to cum, his thick white jizz spraying up across her stomach, coating her toned abs. One shot went all the way up to spray across one of her tits, a white streak landing over the orb. Sam let out a content sigh as he finished, then fell back to catch his breath.


Amara quickly moved to lick the cum off Izzy's breast. Her tongue dragged across the mound of flesh and collected the salty liquid which she then swallowed. She lapped up every drop she could reach, stretching herself to clean off the other woman's stomach as well, licking and kissing Izzy's body. her tongue even dipping into Izzy's belly button to get the cum that pooled there.


Amara's ass was so tight that Roberto was just about ready to cum as well. The sight of Amara eagerly licking up Sam's cum was the last straw. 


"OH FUCKKKKK!" He yelled as he pulled his cock from Amara's ass hole and sprayed his cum all over her butt. Her cheeks getting covered in his surprisingly large load. Shot after shot splattering on her until she was coated in it.


With that everyone was pretty much spent. The room was filled with the sounds of their heavy breathing. All of them shifted to a more relaxed seated position. Everyone except Amara at least, who didn't want to sit in the mess Roberto had made of her ass.


"Well I could definitely use a shower now." Amara said looking over her shoulder and towards her cum covered butt. The others all nodded and agreed with her as their bodies were covered in sweat and bodily fluids, both their own and others.


"Aye, a hot shower would feel wonderful." Rahne said as she stood on wobbly legs.


"Got that right." Sam agreed.


"Let's go see if Jean and Warren are done." Xi'an agreed and stood up.


"Let's make it interesting." Amara said with a grin. "Last one there has to lick the cum off my ass." The others all laughed at her statement before realising she was completely serious. "No powers." She simply added.


The other five all took off running for the door and racing down the hall. The sound of their laughter drifted behind them as Amara exited the sauna behind them, smiling to herself as she strolled down the hallway. She could feel the cum dripping down the back of her legs, and she was wondering which of her friends would soon be licking it off her.


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