The Hellfire Gala

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Megan Gwynn, the mutant better known as Pixie was walking through the Hellfire gala taking in the spectacle of it all. Perhaps walking wasn't the right word. The young woman twirled and danced, her pink hair spinning around her. Her naked body was on full display from her perky tits, to her round ass, and the little patch of pink hair just above her pussy. But she was hardly drawing any attention in the room full of nudity and sex. She smiled and laughed as she spun, she flapped her fairy-like wings and released clouds of her hallucinogenic dust, the effects of which were leaving those in her wake in an even more happy state than they had already been. 


Then she suddenly came to a stop as she saw a pair of women walking towards her. Regan and Martinique Wyngarde. She had only a few years ago learned that Mastermind was her real father, and that these two were in fact her half sisters. Megan was less than happy about being from a family of supervillains, and her new sisters weren't exactly friendly. She saw them approaching her, Regan was wiping something from her lips and then licked it from her finger.


"Hey there little sister." Martinique said as they neared her, her words seeming kind enough but her tone projecting sarcasm and venom.


Megan glared at them in response.


"What's wrong?" Regan asked. "Can't find anyone willing to settle for your tiny little titties?" The two women laughed as they passed around Mega, one on either side her.


Megan fumed, the comment angered her but also struck a bit of a chord. Megan did have small breasts, she was petite over all. She knew she was attractive but cute always seemed to be the word others used to describe her. Her half sisters on the other hand were both stereotypical sex bombs with huge boobs. Sometimes she found herself wishing she had their body type. Maybe then she wouldn't be so shy with guys. She hated that she wasn't afraid of fighting the Juggernaut one on one if she had to but hitting on a guy seemed an impossible task.


"Cunts." Megan said quietly to herself as the other women walked away, she could still hear them laughing. She would have said it louder so they could hear her but she really didn't want to start a fight in the middle of the Gala. After all she was hoping she might get elected to the X-men and causing a scene like that definitely wouldn't win her any popularity points.


She looked to where the Wyngarde sisters had come from and saw there wasn't anyone there, it was just a side wall of the room. She noted a few holes in the wall at about waist height, three holes to be exact spaced not too far apart. Emma was going to be pissed if someone had punched a hole in her new wall Megan thought before quickly realising the holes were far too uniform to have been put there by accident. They must have been intentional. But why would Emma have holes built into the wall? Then she quickly found out why. There was some movement behind the leftmost hole, then a hard dick came through it.


Megan's mouth fell open as the long thick cock appeared. It quickly dawned on her that these were glory holes. And her sisters had just been here. She looked back at the two women but they were already gone. She then looked back to the new cock protruding from the wall. It just sat there waiting. Her mind quickly filled with all kinds of dirty thoughts. She could feel her face growing warm as she blushed thinking about getting on her knees and sucking it. 


Megan didn't really have a lot of sexual experience. She wasn't a virgin or anything but especially since the founding of Krakoa most of the mutants her age had been fucking like bunnies. Megan on the other hand still hadn't quite hit her stride sexually. Even tonight Megan hadn't been able to muster up the courage to approach anyone. She'd been having fun dancing and spreading her dust, enhancing the experience for everyone else but she wanted to do more than just watch. Maybe this could be her chance.


She glanced around the room, as far as she could tell everyone else was too preoccupied to notice the dick there. She slowly started approaching. She could feel her heart pumping harder and faster with every step, until she was standing right infront of it. She nervously chewed on her lower lip as she stared at the cock. It stood straight up, the white skin pulled tight, she could see it pulse like a heartbeat.


Her hand trembled slightly as she reached out and touched it, just tracing her fingertips along the shaft. The cock jumped at her touch making her pull pack and let out a squeak of surprise. The shock quickly turned to a giggle and she reached out again. This time grasping it fully in her hand. She could feel herself growing wet as she started to rub her hand up and down on the hard dick. 


She slowly lowered herself down until her face was level with it. She admired it and found her mind wandering, trying to think who could be behind the wall. Was it one of her former classmates? Having a package this big would certainly explain why Julian had always been so confident. Or maybe an old teacher? Megan had always had a crush on Cyclops. She could definitely picture him having a nice cock like this.  It could be a former villain, she thought. What if it was someone like Sebastion Shaw on the other side of the wall. After all, he had helped design this place. Maybe he was the one that decided to put the holes in. Of course it could also be someone she didn't know at all. A complete stranger. Each possibility turned her on in its own unique way, and the thought that she would never know was the biggest turn on of all. 


She focused back on the cock in her hand and noticed a bead of precum forming on the head. She rubbed her thumb over the drop and spread it around the glands. She then decided to take things a step further. She leaned in and ran her tongue across the head, tasting the freshly smeared liquid. She continued licking around the head and then down the shaft, kissing it a few times as she went. In one long slow motion she ran her tongue from the base all the way up to the tip. She then wrapped her lips around it and took it into her mouth. It was definitely the largest cock she had ever sucked. As her head started moving back and forth she ran her tongue along the underside of the shaft, tasting tlhis skin. She continued to pump her hand on the lower half of the cock as she sucked on the top half.


Subconsciously her other hand had reached down and grabbed at one of her perky tits. She pinched and lightly pulled on the puffy pink nipple there, causing her to make a sound halfway between a moan and a whine, though it was muffled by the meat in her mouth. Her tits may not have been very big but her nipples were incredibly sensitive. Her light pinches sent little sparks of pleasure through her body.


Megan briefly pulled the cock from her mouth to take a few deep breaths. She saw how it glistened with her saliva. She lifted it up and started licking the balls, the orbs just poking through the bottom of the hole. She sucked one into her mouth and rolled it on her tongue. Her fingers were still wrapped around and jerking off the dick.


She moved back up and started sucking him again. She kept her lips tight around him as she started moving them up and down, her tongue constantly working as she went. She felt it begin to spasm in her mouth, and she heard some muffled grunts from behind the wall. 


Megan pulled her mouth back, keeping the head between her lips and swirled her tongue around it. She pumped her hand along the shaft as she heard the grunting intensify. Then she felt the first shot of cum erupt from the cock head. She moaned as she felt the thick liquid begin to fill her mouth. She could taste its saltiness as it spread across her tongue. She started swallowing it as the shots grew smaller and weaker. She tightly gripped the base of the cock and pulled her hand up, milking every last drop out of it. She swallowed the last bit as the dick was pulled back through the hole and disappeared.


She fell back onto her butt and sat there on the floor looking into the now empty opening in the wall. She was slightly out of breath from sucking him and her breaths were just a little heavy. That was so hot, she thought to herself. But she was soon disappointed it was over so fast.


Then she noticed some movement to her right. Another dick popped out of the center hole. This one had dark black skin, it was a similar size to the first one but had a very thick head and large balls that hung down below the rim of the hole. 


Megan didn't hesitate this time. She quickly moved herself to this new cock and eagerly took it into her mouth. As she started sucking him she used her hand to rub and massage his big balls, they were large enough that she felt a weight to them. Her mind once again ran away with possibilities of who she might be giving this blowjob to. Manifold? Tag? Gentle? She could picture herself sucking any one of them. She imagined their faces as she ran her tongue along their cocks. In the end she didn't care who it was, she was just happy to be there. 


The hand she wasn't using on his balls had made its way down between her own legs. She rubbed and played with her clit as she worked her mouth up and down. She soon started fingering herself, working her middle and ring finger up inside of herself. She was so wet that the digits easily slid in. She moaned, sending vibrations through the cock in her mouth causing it to twitch. She flicked her fingers back and forth inside her pussy, repeatedly tapping them against her g-spot.


She pulled herself back to catch her breath and just like with the last cock she noticed how this one was covered in her spit, making it shine in the light. It looked so enticing and she knew it would feel so much better than her fingers. 


She stood up and tried to figure out the logistics of how to do this. She turned around, facing away from the wall and back up towards him. Megan was short and had to stand up on her tiptoes. It was a little difficult at first but she managed to get the cock lined up with her opening. She slowly pushed herself back until the thick head popped inside of her.


"Oh fuck." She whispered under her breath. She heard a moan come from behind the wall as well indicating her anonymous partner seemed to be enjoying himself too.


She kept pushing herself back, inch by inch until her round butt was pressed against the wall. She sat for a moment, letting her little pussy adjust to the big cock that was now inside her. Soon she started slowly rocking herself back and forth along his length. She was surprised how quickly she managed to get up to a steady pace on such a large cock but it just felt so good inside her. 


As she really got going, fucking herself on the dick, she started to touch and feel her tits again. She grabbed and pulled at jer hard nipples making herself gasp. It all felt amazing. Every so often her wings would flutter, a physical reaction to her pleasure. Her head fell forward and her long pink hair draped over her face. Every time she pushed herself back her ass would bounce off the solid wall behind her. Part of her wanted to break through the wall, tear it down and see whose cock was buried inside her. Another part of her though wanted it to stay up. She'd fuck this guy and never know for sure who it was, and neither would he. It would be a moment that they could each remember forever and the partner could always be whoever they wanted.


Megan tossed her head back to move her hair out of her eyes. When she did she noticed back at the first hole she had been at a new cock had appeared. This one was a little shorter but quite thick. She looked around and no one else seemed to be heading over. Not wanting to leave this newcomer out of the fun, she reached over. The holes were close enough together that she managed to reach it and wrapped her hand around the thick meaty dick. She jerked and rubbed it while still fucking herself on the center cock.


The idea that she was now getting two guys off at once was very exciting. She'd never been with more than one man at a time before. She was just disappointed that the positioning of the holes made it impossible for her to suck this new cock while still fucking the first. But he'd just have to be happy with her hand she accepted. After all she was still getting quite a bit of pleasure from her own hand as well.


The hand not rubbing the second cock was still at her nipples. As she got more excited the fingers began pinching and pulling harder. She started twisting the pink nubs a bit between her fingers. The sensation added quite a lot of pleasure. Much faster than normal she found herself building towards an orgasm.


"Oh fuck, I'm close." She said quietly to herself. She started moving faster on the cock inside her, slamming her ass back into the wall. Her fingers tightly pinched down on one of her nipples. She had to concentrate a bit not to squeeze too hard with her other hand, instead she just kept a good grip and continued pumping along the second shaft. 


After a few more backwards thrusts she was sent over the edge. She pushed herself against the wall one last time and held herself there. Her body filled with a warm feeling of ecstasy. A tingling pleasure spreading through her like a wildfire. She let out a long high pitched moan. Her legs grew weak and shook beneath her but she was held up by her wings which began flapping fast and hard enough that she almost lifted herself off the ground. 


Once her climax passed she knew she couldn't keep herself standing. At least not perched on her tiptoes like this. So she pulled herself slightly forward off the cock. She went down to the soles of her feet, the hard dick now resting between the cheeks of her ass. 


She realised then that from the height she was at now the cock was actually lined up perfect with her ass. She chewed on her lip again as she thought about the prospect. She'd never done anal before. She'd tried a finger a couple times and had liked it but the idea of going all the way had always scared her. Right now though it was more exciting than scary. Fuck it, she thought. If not tonight then when would she ever try it.


She continued pumping the second cock. She almost felt bad that she'd only been rubbing it but this first dick was the one that got her off, she figured he'd earned a shot at taking her anal virginity. She did quickly bend over and give the second cock a few quick sucks, lubing it with her saliva to let her hand glide easier.


She then moved her butt back to the middle hole. She reached back with her free hand to hold him in place as she moved herself into position. She felt the head press against her little virgin ass. She was glad that he seemed well lubed from how wet her pussy had been, her own juices coating him well. She took a couple of deep breaths and reminded herself to relax. Then she started pushing back.


She had to push much harder than she had expected, but she remembered he had a big head. She tried harder, wanting desperately to have him inside her again.


Then it happened. His head finally went in. She almost screamed at the way her tiny hole stretched around him. For a moment she thought about pulling away but she wanted to see it through. She clenched her teeth and pushed herself further along him, almost agonizingly slow. Then finally she felt her ass come into contact with the wall. She had never felt so full and stretched out. She felt like the cock had doubled in size from when it had just been in her pussy. She thought she should start moving but couldn't bring herself to, the feeling was just so intense.


She needed to relax more. She reached her free hand down to her clit again, hoping the sensation would help her loosen up a bit. As her fingers circled the cluster of nerves she realised she was right. Her asshole was getting used to being stretched and soon she was able to start moving along his dick. She gave long slow thrusts, and with each movement she felt more and more comfortable.


Suddenly she felt the cock in the hand start to spasm. She looked over and saw it start spurting cum. She watched as it sprayed long white globs of jizz. She wished it had been cumming in her mouth but it was still really hot watching it go off like this. Once he had finished, whoever it was pulled his cock back through the hole. Megan's hand was covered in his cum. She brought it to her mouth and licked it from her fingers, sucking each one of them clean. His jizz was much thicker than the load she had swallowed earlier but she swallowed it all just the same.


She realised while she'd been focused on this sudden cum shot she'd worked herself up to fucking her ass at quite a fast pace. Almost as fast as she'd taken it in her pussy, and it was actually feeling quite nice. He was still stretching her to her limits but now she was starting to like that feeling. She kept her fingers furiously rubbing her clit the entire time as well, the added stimulation making it all the better. She moved her other hand down between her legs but kept reaching until she found his balls. She started rubbing and massaging the large orbs again. 


Apparently that had been the last straw for the guy. She heard him let out a deep moan, muffled again by the wall but it was clear what the sound indicated. She felt him start to go off inside her. No one had ever cum inside any part of her except her mouth. The feeling was new but it excited her so much. The thought of his cum filling her ass, the fact that she could feel it as it happened. It was more than she could take, she started cumming too. 


She screamed this time. She felt her ass tighten on the cock exploding inside of her. Her legs trembled as once again she felt the warm tingle wash over her. She felt pure euphoria. 


As her orgasm passed she realised the guy had stopped cumming in her ass as well. She felt him pull away and out of her. She was shocked at how empty she felt now. Like she was missing something that was supposed to be inside her. She stayed there for a moment, her butt still pressed against the wall as she caught her breath. Then on either side of her she saw another cock pop out of each hole. 


She looked back and forth between them. She was feeling quite tired at this point but she wasn't going to just leave them hanging. She realised her arms were just long enough to reach out and grab them both at once. She quickly brought her hands to her mouth and licked along her palms and up her fingers, coating them in as much saliva as possible. Then she went to work.


She grasped each of them firmly and started moving her hands. She kept turning her head from one cock to the other. She watched as her hands slid along them. 


She chewed her lip again as she realised how disappointed she felt that there was no way she could reach both of these dicks at once except to have her arms spread out. She was instead imagining how good it would have felt if they had been spit roasting her. One of them stuffed in her pussy while she sucked the other. Or now that she'd taken a cock in her ass maybe she should try double penetration. She imagined herself sandwiched between two men as they fucked both her holes at once. The thoughts were getting her excited again.


She was pulled out of her imagination as the dick in her right hand started to cum. She thought to quickly move over and swallow the load but just as she was about to, the one in her left hand started going as well. She couldn't exactly stop jerking off either of them now. She kept pumping her hands, her head swiveling between them, watching as they blew their loads, spraying all over the floor. They both finished at about the same time and like all the cock before them they quickly pulled themselves back through the holes and disappeared.


Megan brought her hands to her mouth and once again licked them clean, comparing the taste and consistency of the two. The one on her right hand was thick and salty while her left was thinner but almost had a sweet taste to it. Once she had gotten it all, she looked between the three holes again but for the first time since she got there, no new cocks popped out. 


She couldn't believe everything she had just done. She'd gotten five guys off without ever even seeing them. Including one of them in her ass. If she could do all that then she could definitely proposition a guy out here. 


With her confidence boosted she went off to get herself cleaned up then head back for another round. Now she just needed to decide which of the many hot guys she wanted to go for.

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