The Hellfire Gala

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Piotr Rasputin felt a little lost. He stood in the middle of the quickly growing orgy that was the Hellfire gala. He'd never been somewhere like this before. So much sex and debauchery in one place. But he had come here with the intent of participating and he planned to follow through. He just had no idea where to begin. He looked around the room and saw people engaging in all kinds of carnal activities.


He saw Jetstream and Catseye from the hellions together on one of the beds. Jetstream sat on the side of the bed with Catseye on her knees, her head between his legs. Her mouth bobbing up and down on his cock. Her tail slowly flitted back and forth as she went.


On a couch he saw Neal Shaara and Lifeguard together. The pair were each only half dressed at this point as they made out passionately. Lifeguards golden skin shining brightly. Neal pulled down a cup of her bra to reveal one of her tits, quickly taking it onto his mouth making the young woman moan.


Then Piotr saw them. Kitty, his Katya. With not only Kurt, one of his best friends, but also his sister Illyana. Kurt and Illyana both going down on Katya at once. Kurt licking her pussy while Illyana ate her ass.


Piotr quickly turned away, the sight making him feel sick to his stomach. He stumbled away from where he had been, trying to get as far from the scene as he could, making his way into a side hall. He had known when he decided to come to the gala that he might see Katya with other people. After all, they weren't together anymore. She had every right to be with others.


But his best friend and his sister?! And at once!


It was more than he could handle. He made his way through a door and entered a bedroom. He couldn't get the image of the three of them out of his head. He started seeing red. Getting angry at all three of them. He felt betrayed by the people he trusted most in the world. On instinct he shifted to his metal form, the stitching in his tuxedo tearing open along just about every seam. He smashed his hand down in anger, shattering a solid wood desk that sat along one of the walls of the room, splinters spraying out from the impact. 


He looked down at what he had done and realised he'd lost control, he turned back to his natural form and went to sit on the bed, his head in his hands. Sadness, anger, and confusion overtaking him. He lost track of time as he sat there




Emma Frost was looking into a mirror, held by one of the male hellfire employees. She was fixing her hair and readjusting some makeup that got smeared during her encounter with Scott. It wouldn't do for her as the host to look anything less than perfect. She put the makeup down, onto a silver tray that was held by another of the staff, a woman this time. She'd already given her the gloves and boots that she'd still been wearing as well, leaving Emma now fully naked.


"That will be all." She said to the two of them.


"Yes my queen." They both said in unison before heading off to find some other work to do.


Emma surveyed the room, things seemed to be in full swing now. Everyone was giving in to their base human instincts. She gave a quick psychic scan of the complex. She was bombarded with thoughts and feelings of euphoria, just as she'd hoped. But then she sensed a single dark spot. A pit of negativity.


'Oh Peter' she thought to herself. 'I should have known you'd be a difficult one tonight.'


Emma wouldn't stand to have such  a strong negative psychic footprint on the gala. It was only a matter of time before other psychics started picking it up, and then possibly passing it on to others.


She had to be a good hostess. She began heading towards the room she sensed him in. She couldn't help but think she was lucky that it was Piotr that she had to deal with and not one of the far less attractive men here tonight.




Piotr sat alone on the bed. His suit was in ruins from his earlier transformation, several patches barely hanging off him. His emotions were still swirling inside him. But the longer he sat here he found his anger to be the one taking over. He'd always been the one people took advantage of, the one they knew wouldn't get angry. He was the gentle giant of the team, at least amongst his friends. But after seeing what he saw, he wanted to get back at them, show them he wasn't so gentle. 


Maybe he'd go and sleep with Rachel he thought, she had dated Kurt and was one of Katya's best friends. Give them a taste of what they had exposed him to. Yes, that was a good idea. They'd see him with her, making love, no, not making love. He would fuck her, better then Kurt ever had, better then he'd ever had sex with Katya. That would make them feel as he had when he saw them.


He stood and headed to the door of the room. He opened it and to his surprise someone was standing there, as if waiting for him.


"Hello Peter." Emma said, using the english version of his name as she  stepped towards him. Piotr instinctively stepped back giving her access to the room. Emma closed the door once she had entered.


"Emma," He said, surprised to see her. "What are you doing here?"


"Well darling I could sense your bad mood from across the building." She started explaining. "We can't have that tonight." She looked around the room and saw the smashed desk and looked from it to Piotr raising an eyebrow at him.


"Uh… sorry about that." He said sheepishly, feeling embarrassed by his loss of control. He was also actively trying not to stare at her naked form. Thinking it would be impolite.


"Oh don't worry about it. It's hardly the first piece of furniture broken at a Hellfire event. Some breakage is expected. We even built it into the budget." She told him. "Also you can stop averting your eyes. If I didn't want people to admire my body I wouldn't have wasted so much time having the five sculpt it to perfection."


Peter did stop looking away once she said that and took a moment to admire Emma's naked form. Her large breasts that seemed far perkier than they should at their size. Her round perfectly toned ass. Her bare pussy. She looked amazing.


"See you seem to be feeling better already." She told him.


"I'm fine." Piotr said, trying to deny anything was wrong. 


"Peter, the negativity is radiating from you like a stench radiates from Toad." She told him. "I'm assuming you saw our little Kitten with Kurt and Illyana and that upset you."


"No I-" Piotr started.


"Psychic." Emma reminded him, pointing to her own head.


"Fine." Piotr admitted with a long sigh. "Just… did it have to be them?"


"Peter she's her woman and can do what she likes with who she likes." Emma told him.


"I know. It's still hard to see it." The frustration was clear in Piotr's voice.


"Well get over it." Emma told him.


"How?" He asked.


"Well what you were thinking before I walked in here would be a good start." Emma said. "Go out there and fuck as many women as you can. But don't do it out of spite. Do it for yourself."


Piotr thought about what she was saying. He knew she was right, but he still had the anger in him.


"I can't have you out there bringing that negative energy to my gala. So how about this," Emma started, sensing the inner conflict in the large man. "You take all that anger out on me."


"What?" Piotr asked.


"Fuck me." She said plainly. "Fuck me hard. Use me until you forget all about Kate."


"I'm not so sure." He said.


"Look, I can handle it." She told him. "And I promise it will be the best fuck of your life." She said with a cocky grin on her face.


Piotr found himself staring at her body again. Imagining all the things he would like to do with her.


"That's the spirit." Emma said, picking up the images he was picturing in his head. "Now seeing as you've ruined that tuxedo let's get you out of it."


Emma moved closer to him and started to try to remove the tattered remains of his clothing. Piotr pulled away, still unsure of the whole situation.


"Come now Peter." She said looking into his eyes. "What's the worst that happens here? You get to fuck the most beautiful woman you've ever seen? That seems like an obvious choice." Emma wasn't used to having to convince men to have sex with her. But she understood Piotr was dealing with some deep emotions here.


She moved in again, this time he didn't move away. Emma removed what remained of his jacket and then his shirt. She ran her hands over the large muscles of his chest and arms. Her soft hands on his skin made Piotr start to think this wasn't a bad idea after all. 


Emma stood up on her tiptoes to go in for a kiss but Piotr was so tall he still had to lean his head down towards her. As soon as their lips touched and doubt he had left about Emma's proposal disappeared. He wrapped his strong arms around her and pulled the much smaller woman against himself. Emma let out a moan at the sudden movement. She found herself becoming quite turned on by Piotr's large muscular body.


Piotr hand traveled down Emma's back to hold her round ass, cupping one of the large cheeks. Emma's own hands made quick work of what remained of his pants, letting the tatters fall to the ground. She took hold of his dick and realised his size matched the rest of his body, the meaty cock feeling heavy in her hand. She started rubbing him, using both hands, his dick growing bigger and harder by the moment.


Once he was fully erect Emma broke their kiss. She sank down to her knees in front of him and took a look at the task in front of her. He really was big, though considering he stood at over six and a half feet she wasn't surprised. Emma started running her tongue along his shaft, licking her way up and down his hard cock.


Piotr moaned as he felt her warm tongue move around his member. She took her time, making sure she had licked every bit of his dick, then she made her way down to his balls and did the same thing, slowly running her tongue over each orb.


Piotr liked the way this felt but the longer Emma spent just licking him the more he wanted her to suck him. To take him into her mouth.


'If you want it Peter then take it.' He heard Emma's voice in his head. Her mouth never stopped its current work. 'I told you to take out that anger on me. You can take control, or you can let me keep teasing you.'


Piotr heard what she was saying and it resonated in his mind. He was always the one to be teased and taken advantage of. But he was ready to change that. He took hold of Emma's head with both hands and lined his cock head up with her mouth. Then he thrust about half of his length between her lips.


'That's it Peter. Fuck my mouth." She encouraged him psychically.


Piotr moaned as he started moving himself in and out of her. His cock head soon hit the back of her throat.


'Go deeper. I can take it.' She told him.


So he did. On his next thrust Piotr didn't stop when he felt her throat, instead he pushed harder, forcing his entire length into her mouth. Piotr gasped, no one had ever deepthroated his cock before, his partners had always said he was too big, but Emma's throat felt so good. He continued moving himself back and forth, in and out of her mouth.


Emma for her part wasn't entirely passive either. Most women wouldn't have been able to handle the face fucking Piotr was giving her but she was the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. This wasn't even the biggest cock she'd had in her throat. Emma kept her lips tightly sealed around his shaft as he thrust back and forth. She moved her tongue along the underside of his cock, adding to his pleasure. She also kept her throat relaxed, allowing him access and keeping herself from gagging.


Piotr found himself pumping harder and faster as he realized that Emma was right, she could take it. He roughly pounded his cock in and out of her throat. He pulled out every so often to allow her to take a few deep breaths, strings of her saliva always stretched from her lips to his cock. He'd let her take two or three breaths then shove his dick back in her mouth. Emma never once seemed to struggle with this, she even started to touch herself. One hand playing with her tits, pinching her sensitive nipples while she used the fingers of her other hand to rub her clit. 


Piotr wanted more, he soon realised. He pulled himself out of Emma's mouth and pulled her up to her feet. He moved her over to the bed and he bent her over the side of it. He lined himself up with her opening and rammed his big cock deep inside her, forcing his full length into her in one motion. Her warm wet pussy taking his cock felt so good.


"Oh fuck yes!" Emma screamed as he entered her. She was surprised at how much Piotr had actually taken to her suggestion that he use her but she was liking it. She liked how he was manhandling her, and his cock was hitting all the right spots inside of her.


Piotr took hold of her hips and started thrusting in and out her, fast and hard. Rocking not only Emma's body but causing the bed to slide across the floor a little with every pump. The clapping sounds of their bodies meeting mixed with the sounds of their moans. Both of them becoming lost in the rhythmic carnal fucking he was giving her.


Piotr moved his hands up to Emma's shoulders, pulling her body up off the bed. Soon she was standing, Piotr still fucking her from behind as his hands wrapped around her and started feeling her body. He took hold of her big tits, squeezing them, making her moan deeper. 


Emme moved her hands on top of Piotr's. She loved the way he fondled her breasts, mauling the mounds of flesh. She panted through her breaths as each thrust he made resounded through her body. She gasped as he bit her neck from behind, his teeth digging in enough that she was sure it would leave a mark, but she liked it.


"Yes Peter, fuck me! Use me! Take what you want!." She continued to tell him. 


Piotr still wanted more, and he knew what else he could take. He bent Emma forward and onto the bed again. He looked down and admired her ass. Like every other part of her it was perfect, big and round but still tight and toned, sculpted to perfection. He saw her ass hole. Just like deep throating he had never experienced anal before, and being the gentleman that he was he had never even asked. But like Emma had said he was going to take what he wanted. 


He moved his cock from her pussy and pressed the head up to her other hole. Even against the tightness there he forced himself in. Emma let out a scream at the suddenness of it but didn't try to stop him. She bit down on the sheets of the bed as she felt his girth stretching her tight little hole. She was glad Scott had already fucked and loosened her ass up tonight or Piotr mìght have crossed into being more painfull then pleasurable. Right now he rode the line in a way that just made her want him more.


Piotr couldn't believe how tight Emma's ass was. It was like nothing he'd ever experienced before. She tightly gripped his cock as he thrust in and out of her. He watched as her round cheeks bounced and jiggled every time he entered her. Hearing Emma gasp with every pump was such a turn on. He was truly embracing his inner wants, getting exactly what he needed.


Slowly Emma's ass loosened and adjusted to having Piotr's thick cock in it and she found herself rocking back to meet his cock. She loved the way he felt deep inside her, stretching her to near her limits.


"Oh god yes! Fuck my little ass! Deeper! Harder!" She screamed out.


Piotr did as she asked, fucking her harder, pounding as fast as he could. Emma's voice quickly turned into incoherent sounds, her mind and mouth unable to form proper words. She was overcome by the feeling of his cock. Then her whole body exploded in pleasure as a strong orgasm rocked through her. She lifted her head from the bed, arching her back as she let out her loudest scream yet. A sound filled with bliss as her body shook.


Piotr felt Emma's ass clamp down on his cock but he never slowed for a moment. He relentlessly continued to pound into her until she collapsed down onto the bed. Only then did he stop, pulling away to give her at least a moment to recover.


Emma was out of breath. She could feel her ass hole twitching from the hard fucking it had just received. She was amazed at how Piotr had used her but she could still sense some anger in him, and she wanted it all gone. She stood up on wobbly legs, still weak from her orgasm. She turned to face him.


"I think you're just about over what you saw." She said, "But let's really make sure, shall we?" Emma shifted to her diamond form as she spoke. "You can give it to me as hard as you want, you definitely won't break me now."


Piotr looked at Emma, her skin shining and sparkling in a uniquely beautiful way. He shifted to his own organic steel form and picked her up. Emma instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her over to the nearest wall and pressed her up against it. He forced his steel cock inside her Diamond pussy and stared fucking her.


The feeling was new to both of them. Neither had ever had sex in these forms before as there weren't many others who could have handled it. They were both made of hard materials and yet still organic and pliable. It made for a whole new kind of pleasure.


Emma quickly realised that just like the rest of him Piotr's cock grew larger in his metal form, even now as a diamond she could feel herself stretching around him. 


The walls of this building had been grown by Krakoa itself. They had a solid stone interior with a layer of wood on the outside. Piotr was fucking Emma so hard that they had broken clean through the wood layer and they were starting to crack into the stone. Small chips of rock and dust falling to the floor beneath them.


Piotr had never used this much strength on someone that he wasn't trying to hurt before. It felt freeing to be able to let go and really give it everything he had. Each of them moaned and grunted as he fucked her. Emma's legs were still wrapped tightly around him but her arms were against the wall behind her spreading the impact of his thrusts a bit.


Emma gave Piotr's mind a quick scan and found he was exactly where she wanted him. His anger and frustration were gone. He was in this moment with her and only her. She knew his orgasm would seal it and she wouldn't have to worry about him the rest of the night.


"Cum Peter. Cum wherever you want. In me, on me. I'm yours." She said seductively in his ear.


Piotr had already been close, her diamond pussy feeling amazingly tight but those words were enough to send him over the edge. He pulled his cock from inside her and let her drop to the floor. He reverted to his flesh form and gave his cock a few quick strokes before it started blasting Emma in the face. 


Still in her diamond form she smiled as Piotr came on her, his copious amounts of cum covered the lower half of her face. Her cheeks, chin, lips, even the bridge of her nose. The last few drops dripped into her ample cleavage. She returned to her normal form half way through, his white seed standing out more on her natural skin.


Once he finished orgasming Piotr leaned against the wall for support. Emma stood up and made her way over to the bed, using the sheets to start cleaning the cum from her face.


"Now don't you feel better?" She asked him.


"Yes" Piotr said through panting breaths. "Truly."


"Good." Emma told him. "And I must admit I quite enjoyed that." She said, meaning every word. 


"It was amazing." He agreed.


"I told you it would be the best fuck of your life." She said with a smirk. Piotr couldn't disagree with her.


"Now I've sent a mental command to a girl in my employ named Ecstasy. She will meet you by the entrance to the main room and make sure you're ready to go have as much sex as you want." She told him.


"Thank you Emma." Piotr said to her. "I really needed this."


"Just being a good host darling." She said, a content smile on her face.


Piotr nodded and then left the room, heading off to meet with Ecstasy.


Emma looked into a mirror hanging on one of the walls and saw all the effort she'd put into fixing her hair and make-up had been undone. She sighed to herself thinking how her work is never finished.


'Please meet me in room 14 for another adjustment.' She psychically called to the Hellfire worker with her make-up. While she waited she did another scan of the gala and let out another sigh at something she found. 'And sent someone to room 22 as well.' She added to her mental command. 'It seems Scott has gotten himself into a bit of a predicament.'


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