The Hellfire Gala

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"Make more mutants!" Emma yelled at the end of her speech. The room erupted in cheers from the gala's attendants.


Rogue and Gambit standing side by side cheered along with the crowd. Both of them were very excited for the festivities to begin.


"Are you sure you want to do this, Remy?" Rogue asked her husband once the roar of the crowd started dying down.


"Absolument Chère." He told her. "We were going to do this anyway, right? So why not tonight?" 


"Alright then Cajun. Let's do it." Rogue wrapped her arms around Remy and kissed him deeply.


The two of them had been exploring their sexual fabtasies ever since Rogue had gotten a power dampening collar that allowed them to touch. They'd been trying out anything that either of them had even the slightest interest in. Anal, bondage, hair pulling, spanking, even sex in public places, luckily they hadn't been caught anywhere yet. There was another fantasy they'd been wanting to try and tonight seemed like the perfect opportunity. Remy had a bit of a voyeuristic interest. He wanted to watch Rogue fuck another man, ideally from somewhere out of sight.


Remy broke their kiss.


"Damn Chère. You're making it hard on old Remy not to take you right here, right now." He told her. He looked at her dress, an elegant green gown that hugged her curves so nicely.


"Mmm that would be good but you're just gonna have to wait." Rogue told him with a smirk. She wanted to jump Remy right there as well. He had a more casual look than a lot of the men here tonight. He was in a more casual black suit as opposed to a full tuxedo. He had a dark purple dress shirt underneath and hadn't bothered with a tie. He looked good. "You'll get your turn later. But now Ah need to go find me a stud to play with." She finished. She kissed Remy on the cheek one last time then started to head off.


"Have fun." He told her. Remy watched his wife walk away. The sway of her hips in that dress made her ass look fantastic. He let her go off for a few seconds then started to follow her. Rogue knew he'd be tailing her but pretending she didn't was part of the fun.


Rogue glanced over her shoulder and smiled as she saw Remy start to follow her. She started thinking about who would be the best choice of partner. 


She knew she wanted someone that was going to fuck her good and hard. She wanted someone passionate, maybe even a little animalistic. So of course Logan was the first name that came to her mind. But unfortunately she saw he was already with Ororo. The two of them were already completely naked. Logan was grinding against Ororo as he sucked one of her nipples. Two of his fingers quickly moved in and out of her pussy, much to Ororo's pleasure as far as Rogue could tell.


Who else she thought to herself. Maybe Bishop? Not as animalistic as Logan but she had always found him to be really hot. Again though it seemed she was too late for that one. She saw Jean and Bishop making out. The red haired woman stripped down to her bra and panties while she worked on removing Bishop's clothes as well. Rogue admired his muscular form as Jean removed his shirt. Too late for right now but she would definitely be back for him later Rogue thought to herself.


It seemed her choices were diminishing. Colossus? He was big and muscular, very sexy for sure. But he seemed like he'd be more of the tender type of lover. Not what she was looking for right now. 


While she was thinking she saw Quentin Quire coming over to her. He was walking with a swagger like he was the coolest guy in the room. He was eyeing her up with a big grin on his face.


"Not in this lifetime Quire." Rogue said, rolling her eyes as she walked past him, not even giving him the chance to speak.


She continued to wander around the room, at this point she figured she'd just explore until she found someone that caught her eye. She saw an open doorway on one of the walls and her curiosity took her to it. Before heading through she looked back to make sure she hadn't lost Remy. But to her surprise she saw him making out with Laura, his hand up the back of her short dress. Really Remy? She thought to herself shaking her head. Of course he would get distracted by the first girl to show him attention. Well she wasn't going to wait for him. 


She entered what turned out to be a hallway. A few feet in she saw Tarot from the original Hellions with Triage. They were both naked. Triage had Tarot pinned against the wall, he was holding up one of her legs and thrusting his cock into her pussy. Tarot's other foot was up on her tippy toes to help give him easier access. Rogue admired the sight as she walked past the two of them. She glanced back to get one more look and saw Remy entering the hallway, apparently He'd managed to pull himself away from Laura. Rogue smiled, happy that their game was back on.


The hallway was filled with doors that rogue peaked in as she passed. There were bathrooms, single bedrooms for those that wanted more privacy, showers, saunas, even a pool. She was impressed with how much work had apparently been put into this place for the gala. 


Rogue came to one wooden door that had a small diamond shaped window in the center. Looking in it appeared to be some sort of lounge. The decor was very Victorian, classic Hellfire club stuff. There was a large plush couch at one end of the room. At the other end was a bar with a few stools. On the stools she saw a few old Brotherhood members gathered drinking and talking. Blob, Avalanche and Pyro. None of them really caught her eye so she figured she'd keep looking.but just as she was about to leave a fourth body popped up from behind the bar. Daken stood, reading the label of a bottle of alcohol he was holding.


Daken! She realised he would be perfect. After all her first thought had been Logan. If she couldn't have the father then the son should do nicely.


Rogue opened the door and walked in, drawing the attention of the four men.


"What are y'all doing back here?" She asked. "You know there's an orgy out there?"


"Just enjoying a few brews before we get started. Right boys?" Blob said. Avalanche and Pyro giving a small cheer to agree and clinking their bottles of beer together.


"Wouldn't have thought you were one to need liquid courage Daken." Rogue said, somewhat ignoring the other three. Daken laughed at her words.


"I definitely don't need any help." He started walking around the bar still holding the bottle he had pulled up. "But all the whisky they have out there is the cheap stuff. You want a good bottle you have to come back here. And I appreciate a full bodied drink." He eyed Rogue's body with his last words before taking a long swig directly from the bottle.


"Is that so?" She asked.


"That's right. Why don't you give it a try?" Daken had moved up close to Rogue now, offering her the bottle. 


She took it from his hands and took a swallow. She felt the alcohol burn its way down her throat.


"Wooo." She said at the sensation. "That is good." Daken had been moving closer to her, standing only inches away now. The other three men were staring at them silently, waiting to see where this sexual tension would lead.


"I think I need another taste to be sure." He said taking the bottle back from her. Instead of bringing it to his own mouth though he pressed the bottle to Rogue's lips again. The southern beauty took another mouthful but as soon as Daken took the bottle from her lips he took her into a deep kiss, his tongue entering her mouth to taste the whisky. "Oh yes. That is good." He said once the kiss ended, one of his arms still wrapped around her body holding her against him. They stared into each other's eyes.


"What do you say we take this somewhere a little more private?" She asked. She wanted Remy to watch her and Daken but she was less sure about the other three. 


"What's wrong with right here? You're not shy are you?" Daken began kissing her neck as soon as he finished the words.


Rogue's breaths were coming heavier as she felt his lips on her. Fuck it. She thought to herself, this had been exactly what she was after. Someone to take charge and fuck her nice and hard. She grabbed the sides of Daken's face and pulled him into another kiss. This one lasted much longer, their tongues wrestling. Daken tossed the bottle away towards a corner of the room where the glass could be heard shattering, but not a single set of eyes looked towards it.


"Holy shit, this is awesome!" Pyro yeah.


"Fuck yeah!" Avalanche agreed with him.


Daken's now free hand started pulling on Rogue's dress, hiking it up until he could get his hand underneath. His fingers quickly made their way into her panties and to her pussy, rubbing her lips and clit. He could feel she was already getting wet. He moved his hands to take hold of her ample ass and lift her off the ground. Rogue instinctively wrapped her legs around him, never breaking their kiss. He carried her over to the couch and dropped her onto it. Rogue bounced a bit on the soft cushions.


Daken began pulling at her dress again until he pulled it right over her head, leaving her in her underwear. He started kissing her again as Rogue made quick work removing her own bra and tossing the garment aside. She heard a cheer from the watching Brotherhood members when her tits were released. Daken started kissing down her neck until he reached her chest. He started sucking hard on one of her nipples. Rogue gasped when she felt his teeth biting the pink nub, not quite hard enough to hurt. His other hand was mauling her other breast, squeezing the flesh there. Rogue moaned and writhed from the sensation.




Outside the room Remy watched through the small window in the door. He was surprised Rogue had just gone for it with Daken with the others in the room. When he and his wife had discussed this before the plan was for her to find as private a place as possible. The fantasy was more exciting for Remy if he was the only one watching.


But seeing her now he had no intention of complaining. Rogue looked so sexy as she threw her head back in pleasure with Daken sucking in her absolutely perfect tits. Remy could feel himself getting hard and started rubbing his dick through his pants as he enjoyed the show.




Back inside the room Daken roughly pulled Rogue's panties off. The additional nudity received another cheer from their audience as all three of them stared at her exposed pussy with its trimmed patch of hair above her clit. Daken immediately moved his face to Rogue's wet pussy. He loved her scent, he could smell how horny she was. He started lapping his tongue at her opening making her moan and writhe on the couch.


Rogue's hands went to Daken's head, holding him between her legs as she started grinding herself against his face. She could feel him holding his tongue out as she moved herself on it. The soft, wetness of it felt so good on her clit. Eventually she let go of his head and let him start doing the work himself again.


Daken ran his tongue along Rogue's lips, tasting her juices which seemed to be flowing freely at this point. He started swirling his tongue around her clit and heard her moan loudly at the sensation.


Rogue was squeezing her own tits while Daken ate her out. He certainly was showing quite a bit of skill in the area. She pinched her sensitive nipples, sending little jolts of pleasure through her body. She had been so excited for tonight that she could already feel an orgasm coming on. She pinched her nipples harder and gritted her teeth while Daken continued licking her clit.


Rogue's muscles tightened and her back arched, lifting her ass off the couch as she came. Daken managed to keep his mouth planted firmly on her pussy, licking her the whole time. She felt waves of pleasure washing over her body, making her feel good all over.


Blob, Pyro, and Avalanche were going nuts, yelling and cheering as Rogue came. 


"Atta boy Daken!" Avalanche yelled, while Blob and Pyro high fived.




Outside the room Remy had his eyes fixed on his wife. Her perfect body and gorgeous face contorted in pure bliss. She looked sexier than ever to him right now. He was stroking his cock that he had pulled from his pants, enjoying every second of the show through the window.




Inside Rogue was coming down from her orgasm. Her body relaxing and falling back onto the couch. Daken stood up and quickly started removing his clothes. In seconds he was standing naked in front of her. Rogue looked up and admired his form. Every bit of him was covered in defined muscle. In particular she admired the hard muscle standing between his legs. 


She reached out and started stroking his hard cock. His firm member felt warm in her hand as she rubbed it up and down. She leaned her head forward and flicked her tongue across Daken's cock head. He made a sound somewhere between a moan and a growl that she took to mean he liked it. She continued licking and teasing the head with her tongue while moving her hand. Her other hand made its way up to rub his balls at the same time. Soon she took his cock into her mouth, running her tongue along the underside of it as she bobbed her head up and down, sucking hard in it.


"Hell yeah." Blob said from the sideline.


"Fuck her face!" Pyro cheered.


Daken took Pyro's advice. He took hold of the top of Rogue's head to hold it in place and started thrusting his hips back and forth. Rogue moved her hands out of the way and let Daken take control. She kept her lips tight on his cock as he moved. She found this animal side of him to be very hot and she started rubbing her clit while he face fucked her.


Daken felt his cock sliding between Rogue's lips, along her wet tongue. Her mouth felt so good but he wanted more. He pulled his dick from her mouth and pushed her back onto the couch, pulling her ass and pussy to the very edge and then immediately thrust himself inside of her. He bagan roughly fucking her, her body boucing with his movements.


Rogue had been surprised at Daken's sudden movements but she quickly found herself enjoying it. His cock felt so good inside of her as he leaned over her body. He started sucking on her tits as he fucked her. Rogue sharply inhaled as one of her nipples entered his mouth. He sucked and nibbled on her, Rogue bit her lower lip and moaned in pleasure.


"Hey Blob." Daken said, glancing back at the large man. "Bring me a drink would you."


Blob at first went to get the whiskey Daken had been drinking earlier but quickly remembered the bottle had been broken. Instead he just grabbed a bottle of beer out of a nearby fridge and brought it over. As he neared the couple Blob stared at Rogue, particularly at her big tits bouncing back and forth with Daken's thrusts.


"You like my tits?" Rogue asked after catching him staring. She pressed the large orbs together as she asked.


"Fuck yeah. They're So hot. You're So hot." Blob said, mesmerized by them.


"Well Ah'm glad you're enjoying the show shugah." Rogue winked at him as she finished her words.


"The drink." Daken said, holding his hand towards Blob. Blob was pulled from staring at Rogue and handed the beer over.


Daken took the bottle and quickly popped one of his claws to open the lid. He poured some of the amber coloured liquid out onto Rogue's chest. The woman let out a small sound of surprise as the cold beer hit her tits. Daken then leaned in and started licking the liquid from her skin. The taste of the beer and Rogue's skin mixing into an intoxicating flavour. Daken licked up every drop and then repeated the process.


Once the beer was gone Daken tossed the bottle away, it clanged and bounced across the floor. He then briefly pulled his dick out of Rogue and flipped her over. He bent her over the arm of the couch and quickly impaled her with his cock again.


Rogue began to move her body back to meet Daken's thrusts. His hard cock felt so good deep inside of her. Massaging her pussy walls. She arched her back and tossed her hair from her face as she moaned. She saw the three former Brotherhood members staring at her and blew them a kiss followed by another wink. Turns out she found it kind of hot having them watch her. Of course it was even hotter that she knew Gambit was watching them too, even if no one else knew it. She snuck a quick look towards the window and she caught a glimpse of him watching. She just hoped he was enjoying watching her get fucked as much as she was enjoying being fucked.




Remy certainly was enjoying the show. Rogue looked so good getting pounded by Daken. The look of ecstasy on her face was so beautiful. He was rubbing his cock furiously, focused directly on Rogue.


"Well hey there." He heard from behind himself, making him jump.


Remy turned and saw Aurora behind him. 


"Oh Jeanne-Marie. I didn't hear you coming." Remy said at the sight of the beautiful woman. He eyed her body as she was only wearing a lacy dark blue bra and matching panties.


"What are you looking at?" She asked, peeking over his shoulder and through the window. "Well they look like they're having fun." She said as she saw Rogue bent over the couch being fucked by her own boyfriend Daken.


"You're not gonna get jealous now are you?" Remy asked her. Not wanting the woman to interrupt Rogue.


"How could I be jealous?" She answered with a bit of a laugh. "Especially seeing as I'm about to suck your cock." A smirk crossed her face.


"Wait really?" Gambit's surprise was clear in his voice.


"Sure." She answered him. "I was looking for Daken but seeing as he's preoccupied I have to do something while I wait my turn." She went down to her knees as she spoke. "Feel free to keep watching the show." She told him as she leaned in and started sucking him.


Gambit's body shuddered as he felt her warm mouth envelope his cock. She started putting her tongue and lips to work on him. It felt so good. He turned his attention back to Rogue. Admiring her as Daken took her from behind. Only now Remy didn't have to rub his own dick while he watched.



Daken watched Rogue's pale round ass as it bounced back and forth against him. The mound of flesh jiggling with every thrust he made. His hands traveled from her slim waist up to the tops of her shoulders. He held her there pulling her into arching her back more as he increased his speed. Jackhammering his cock in and out of her.


Rogue's moan turned into something closer to a scream as Daken kept going faster and harder. His cock hitting her deep inside felt so good. His strong hands holding her shoulders made her feel so hot. With one final strong thrust he let go of her and her body fell forward, bending over the arm of the couch again. Rogue gasped at the thrust. 


She pushed him away from herself and turned around. She sat Daken down on the couch and she climbed on top of him. She lowered herself down and straddled his cock, taking him into her wet pussy once more. Rogue started eagerly bouncing herself up and down on him.


Daken's hands grabbed Rogue's ass, holding it while she rode him. She tossed her head back in pleasure, pressing her chest out in the same action. He eagerly started sucking on her tits once again. Her hands came down to hold the back of his head. Keeping his mouth on her nipples.


Rogue was getting lost in the euphoria of the moment. Her body felt like it was moving on it's own. Bouncing up and down on Daken's cock. Her wet pussy took him as deep inside of her as it could. His strong hands gripped her ass the entire time. His lips, tongue and teeth felt amazing on her nipples, each giving a different sensation to her pink nubs. Her eyes were closed, just enjoying the pure physical bliss.


"Oh god Ah'm gonna cum again!" She yelled. Her body tightened as she climaxed for the second time. Her muscles spasmed. She ran her hand through her own hair as she felt the orgasm over taking her. Her pussy gripped Daken's cock so tight she could feel every little ridge. The man below her kept bucking his hips up to fuck her as she came. She felt absolutely amazing as she moaned and screamed.


Rogue felt the couch shifting on either side of her as she came down from her high. When she opened her eyes she saw Avalanche standing on the left and Pyro on her right. Their dicks out of their pants and in front of her face. Both of them looked down at her expectantly. Why not? She thought to herself. She reached out and took one of them in each and started stroking them both. She leaned to her left and took Avalanche's dick into her mouth, sucking the tip for a few seconds before turning and doing the same to Pyro. She started alternating giving the two men blowjobs while being sure to jack off whichever one wasn't in her mouth. The two men high fived as she went down on them. Rogue rolled her eyes at the sound of the slap but just kept going.


Rogue had Pyro's whole cock in her mouth when she felt a pressure on her ass hole. Before she could react she felt something thick force its way inside. She screamed in surprise but the sound was muffled by Pyro's dick, the vibrations of her screams must have felt good on his cock because Pyro moaned.


"What the fuck!" She yelled once she got her mouth free. She looked behind herself to see that Blob was standing there with a scared look on his face. His cock shoved in her ass.


"Ah… sorry." He said, seeming scared of her response. "I put lube on it. Do you want me to stop?"


Rogue thought about what he said for a moment. She had been more surprised by Blob entering her ass then anything. She did like anal after all, but she would have prefered to ease into it more. All four men had gone still, all waiting to see how she reacted.


"No it's ok, keep going. Just give a girl a warning next time." Once Rogue finished speaking she went back to sucking the cocks in front of her as well as moving her pussy up and down on Daken. The movement now also made her ass hole slide along Blob's cock. 


The sense of relief from the four men was palpable in the room. They all returned to fucking her.




Outside the room Remy was in shock. He knew he was going to see Rogue getting fucked but he hadn't been expecting to see her get gangbanged. He wasn't sure how he felt about it at first but the more he watched the more he liked it.


It probably helped having Jeanne-Marie giving him one of the most enthusiastic blowjobs of his life. The woman's lips made a tight seal around his member as they slid up and down. Her tongue felt like it was on every inch of his cock at once. Her hands kept busy as well, rubbing his balls and any part of his dick that wasn't currently in her mouth. Her saliva was working as a lube for her hands.


As good as it felt Remy couldn't take his eyes off Rogue though. She looked so good getting fucked like a porn star.




Rogue was amazed at what was happening to her. She had never been with two guys at once let alone four. The experience was a little overwhelming but amazing at the same time. Going between sucking both Avalanche and Pyro at once, each of them feeling and tasting different in her mouth. The two men would reach down to hold her head or play with her tits. The feeling of being double penetrated by Daken and Blob was fantastic. She had kind of tried it with Remy before, him fucking her while she had a butt plug in, but the the feeling if two real cocks in her at once was so much better. Blob had a thick member that was really stretching her ass. She was glad anal was a regular thing between her and Remy or she felt like Blob might be ripping her open. Instead he was stretching her just enough to feel good. Daken of course was still fucking her pussy perfectly just like he had been this whole time. He was thrusting up to meet her bounces. His hands were now on her hips helping to lift her up.


Daken was mostly focused on Rogue's tits bouncing in front of his face. He would look up from time to time and admire the sight of Rogue sucking off the other men. Her pussy was getting wetter the longer they all fucked her. Her warm velvet like opening feeling so good wrapped around his cock.


Blob stared at Rogue's ass as it moved along his dick. Seeing her tight little hole stretched around him, feeling how tight she was. He couldn't believe how hot she was, and the fact that he was fucking her ass. Him! She was so tight! It wasn't long before he felt a familiar sensation growing.


"I… I think I'm going to cum." He said through panting breaths.


"No!" Rogue said, pushing him away and out of her ass. She got up from Daken's lap and moved onto her knees on the floor. "I want all four of you to cum on my face." She told them before biting her lower lip, making a very sexy face.


The four men seemed more than happy to oblige her and gathered around, standing over her, stroking their cocks. Rogue looked up at them, desire in her eyes. She would reach out and stroke one of them or lick their cocks while she waited for them to cum.


"Here it comes!" Blob said being the first to reach his peak.


Rogue turned her face towards him and opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out. Blob let out a deep moan as he started shooting his load. His first shot hit Rogue on the forehead, streaking down diagonally across her nose. The next stream hit her mostly on her tongue, some of it landing on her chin. His final big shot went right into her mouth. He let out a few smaller shots, sprinkling drops across her neck and chest. Once he finished Blob stumbled over and sat at one of the bar stools.


"Me next." Pyro said, sounding like he was trying to hold it back. Rogue quickly turned her face to him just in time to take the first shot across her right cheek. Most of the rest of his load managed to make it in her mouth or at least on her tongue and lips. Before he had quite finished Avalanche started cumming as well hitting her on the left side of her face. Blasting her cheek there. He missed her mouth almost entirely but ended up covering that side of her face and into her hair. The two men went over and joined Blob at the bar. The three of them cheering and celebrating having fucked one of the X-men.


Now it was just Daken in front of Rogue. She was jerking him off herself, her hand moving up and down his cock in a blur. She still had her mouth open. The cum from the others was still there, as well as all over her beautiful face. Finally Daken started to cum, rogue directed the first 2 shots into her mouth before Daken took hold of his cock and sprayed the rest across her tits. His big load covered the orbs in white streaks. 


Once he finished Rogue finally swallowed all the cum she had gathered in her mouth. Tasting the mixed flavours of the men, savoring the experience. She licked her lips collecting the sperm that had landed there.




Outside the window Remy watched his wife taking cum shot after cum shot. Her face and chest were covered in the thick white fluid. He couldn't believe how sexy she looked as it was dripping down her body. He watched as Rogue started gathering the jizz with her fingers and then licked them clean. As he watched her licking her fingers he couldn't hold back any longer.


Remy took hold of Jeanne-Marie's head and pushed his cock all the way in her mouth. With a long moan he started to cum. The woman swallowed shot after shot, the suction of her mouth pulling out every last drop. He released her head and let out a long breath as his orgasm ended. Jeanne-Marie sucked him hard once more making sure she wasn't missing any cum. The sensation on his now extra sensitive dick made him shudder. Jeanne-Marie stood up and looked at Remy as she wiped her lips with one hand.


"Thanks for the appetizer." She told him. "But I think I'm about ready for my main course." She added looking into the window with him.




Daken had found some paper towel behind the bar that he gave to Rogue. She used them to clean off the rest of the cum from her face, hair and chest. Even after she had licked up most of it they had still left her quite a mess. But eventually she got herself clean and Daken helped her to her feet. He gave her a final deep kiss.


"That was fun." He told her. "We should do it again sometime."


"Ah'd love that." Rogue said with a smile.


"And maybe next time Gambit can actually join in." He said with a grin.


Rogue looked at him with a bit of a smirk. Had he realised Remy was watching them? Daken didn't wait for a response but instead headed back to the bar to look for another drink. The other three were all already reminiscing and comparing their experiences with her. Rogue considered getting dressed but decided not to bother. She'd be having a lot more sex tonight anyways, why waste time putting her clothes back on just to keep taking them off. She headed towards the door but before she got there it opened and Rogue saw Aurora walk in. The other woman smiled at her as they passed each other.


Rogue walked out the door, closing it behind herself. She found Remy out in the hall.


"That was amazing!" He said to her, taking her into his arms. "You were so sexy Chère."


"Oh yeah? Didn't get distracted out here with some fun of your own?" She said in a teasing voice.


"Nothing could have distracted me from you." He responded.


"Your dick is still wet Cajun." She said, grabbing his semi hard cock in her hand, it was slick with Aurora's spit.


"Alright maybe I got a little head but I was watching you the whole time." Remy answered, trying to look innocent.


"You better have been." She said jokingly as she leaned in and kissed him. Remy pressed her up against the wall as the kiss grew more passionate. "You ready to go again?" She asked him. "Ah hear Emma's got some girl around here that can get you ready to go right away."


"Chère there ain't never gonna come a day that I need help getting it up for you." Remy said before he started kissing her neck.


"Mmmmm good answer." Rogue told him.


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