The Hellfire Gala

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“So my friends” Emma Frost said to the room of gathered mutants. “Please drink our wine and dine on our food. Allow our well trained staff to serve your every need, both mundane and more carnal if you so desire. Make use of our beds and of our toys. Tonight what’s ours is yours.” Her voice continued to build in volume as she went, coming now to its peak. “Let us make this a night to remember! And don’t forget the first law of Krakoa, make more mutants!”


The room filled with cheers and with that the First annual Hellfire Gala was on.


“Have fun Scott.” Jean said, kissing the man’s cheek. “I love you, and hopefully I’ll see you a little later.” She continued, looking into his eyes, or at least his visor.


“I love you too.” Scott said. 


Jean could tell he still seemed nervous. She wanted to stay with him and help him relax but the two of them had discussed this before. They had decided that they should split up at the start of the night as others may look to them for guidance on whether or not to embrace the gala. So Jean gave Scott one last smile and then turned and walked away. 


She walked through the room taking in the sight of the festivities beginning. People started to break off into pairs or even groups and began to act on their carnal instincts. On one of the beds she saw Monet laying on her back with Angel on top of her, the two of them kissing deeply. Not far away on another bed she saw Sebastian Shaw and Selene, both of them already fully naked, Selene sitting on Sebastian's face.


Jean took a look back towards Scott and saw that Emma had approached him. Jean felt a moment of jealousy but quickly let it go reminding herself of why they were doing this. To embrace a new world without the hang ups and shames of human society.


Jean went back to scanning the room looking for a partner for herself. Then she saw him. Bishop was standing on his own towards the door of the room. He was wearing a red suit, denoting his current position as the red bishop of the hellfire club. Jean still found it a little funny tha Bishop held the position of Bishop. She quickly made her way over to the man.


“Hello Lucas.” She said once she got close.


“Hey Jean.” Bishop replied. He seemed to remain calm but Jean felt a bit of pride as she saw his eyes moving up and down her body. She was sure if she read his mind she would see a few interesting images of what he was picturing.


“So still alone?” She asked him.


“Well I am a Captain of Krakoa, and a member of the Hellfire club. Figured I should maybe make sure things remain secure.” He told her.


“Always the cop.” Jean said with a giggle. “But isn’t the point of all this to have some fun, not to work?”


“Maybe, but what can I say? It's my nature.” Bishop replied.


“Well…” Jean started. “This is also about embracing the new mutant Nature. So how about it Bishop? Should we embrace our nature?” She emphasized the question with a sultry smile.


Bishop’s eyes widened at the question as he looked at the amazingly sexy redhead in front of him. He had of course thought about Jean sexually before, it was basically a right of passage for any male X-man to be attracted to Jean. He still felt a bit conflicted, this was all still a little strange to him, but how could he turn down this opportunity.


“What the hell, let’s do it.” He answered her.


Jean’s smile widened.


“Why don’t you start by helping me with this?” Jean asked as she turned around, flipping her hair out of the way to show the zipper running down the back of her dress.


Bishops’ fingers took hold of the metal tab and began to pull it down. Every inch exposing more of Jean's soft skin until he came to the bottom of the zipper at the small of the woman’s back. Jean shrugged her shoulders letting the dress fall to the floor, pooling around her feet. Bishop admired Jean’s lacy black panties hugging her perfectly toned ass. She turned around and gave him a view of her matching bra holding in her ample breasts. The valley of cleavage between them holding his gaze.


Jean leaned into the man and kissed him deeply, her body pressing against his as their lips pressed together. Her hands reached into his suit jacket then made their way to his shoulders and helped him remove the first layer of his clothes. She began to undo the buttons on his shirt, stopping half way up to reach her hands in and feel his muscled stomach. She let out a happy sigh as they continued to kiss, quite happy with what she felt. Soon she finished undoing his shirt and Bishop shed that layer as well. Next Jean’s fingers made quick work of Bishop’s belt and pants zipper, his pants falling away. Jean began to run her fingers up and down the hard length of Bishop’s cock from outside his boxers. She slipped her hands into the waistband and took hold of him, making Bishop groan. Her soft fingers gripping and rubbing up and down, she could hear his breath quickening with every stroke.


After a few more strokes Bishop grabbed Jean’s ass and picked her up off the ground. Jean letting out a small squeak at the movement followed quickly by a giggle. Bishop carried her over to one of the beds where he dropped her down onto her back. Her body bounced with the drop, the sway of her bra clad tits catching Bishop's eyes. Bishop kneeled down next to the bed and took hold of Jean’s thighs pulling her over towards him. He then pulled her panties off revealing her pussy. He could see how wet she was, the moisture glistening between her pink lips, a small tuft of red hair above her opening. Jean was quick to remove her bra, tossing the garment aside. Bishop marveled at her perfect tits. Large and round yet somehow almost gravity defying perky. Each breast topped with large pink nipples, both hard with her excitement.


Bishop pulled her in closer and threw her legs over his shoulders. He leaned in and ran his tongue along her pussy. Jean moaned as she felt little jolts of pleasure emanating from his tongue. Her body writhed on the bed as she felt Bishop lick her clit. His tongue began to swirl around the little bud of pleasure. She gasped and gripped the silk sheets in her hands as she felt one of Bishop's large fingers probe inside her.


Bishop took in the moment, all of his senses engaged by this beautiful woman. He could look up her body, across her toned stomach to her large breasts heaving with her labored breaths. He could hear her moans of pleasure spurring him on. Her intoxicating aroma filled his nose. The taste of her juices spread across his tongue as he continued to lick her. His finger felt the softness, warmth, and wetness inside her.


Jean felt Bishop's finger begin to make a come hither motion inside of her. This caused his finger tip to rub her G spot, making Jean moan all the lowder. She knew between the skilled work of his finger and his tongue it wouldn't be long before he pushed her over the edge.


"Oh fuuuuuccckkkkk!!!!" She screamed out as she felt herself nearing her peak. Her muscles tightened, her back arching up off the bed, her toes curled, she held her breath. Then finally her body was washed over by waves of pleasure. Every inch of her in pure bliss, a warmness radiating throughout her body. Bishop's tongue and fingers never stopped their amazing work. All at once her body relaxed. She collapsed down onto the bed with a sigh of satisfaction.


Bishop removed his finger and lips from Jean’s pussy and moved his body up hers.


"Well that seemed to work." He said with a cocky grin.


"Mmm hmm." Jean agreed, taking hold of the sides of Bishop’s face and pulling him in for a deep kiss. She then moved her lips to his ear and whispered in a sultry voice. "Now fuck me."


Bishop was more than happy to comply. He quickly removed his boxers. He took hold of Jean's thighs and pulled her towards the edge of the bed where he was standing. Jean was positioned so her ass was just at the edge of the bed. Still holding Jean’s legs Bishop lined the head of his cock up with her pussy. He began to slowly thrust forward, each inch of movement taking him deeper into her warm wet opening.


Jean felt Bishop stretching her pussy. His hard cock penetrating her felt so good. She wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him in deeper.


Bishop watched Jean’s body rock with each thrust. Her big tits swayed with the motion. Her long red hair was draped on the bed around her beautiful face. Now that Jean’s legs were wrapped around him, his hands were free. He took hold of the orbs of flesh. He rubbed and squeezed them. He felt her hard nipples on his palms. He began to circle his thumbs around the little pink nubs, Jean gasping at the movement. Her legs pulling him deeper, her hips bucking up to meet his thrusts.


Jean reached her arms up and pulled Bishop’s body down towards her until they were pressed together. His muscled chest against her soft tits. One of her hands was on the back of his neck as her other hand dragged it's nails along his back making him moan. Jean loved the sound of Bishop’s pleasure. She began to kiss his neck, all the while his thrust continued. His hard cock going in and out of her pussy over and over again, massaging her inner muscles made her feel so good.


Bishop's hands moved down the sides of Jean's body, sliding underneath her to take hold of her round ass. In one quick motion he lifted Jean up so he was standing, holding her up by her ass and her legs still wrapped around him, her arms quickly holding onto his shoulders. Jean let out a squeal of surprise from the movement but Bishop quickly began to pump his legs, continuing to fuck her and Jean returned to her moans of pleasure.


Jean had never been fucked like this before. Her whole body being bounced up and down, the display of Bishop’s pure strength excited her even more than she already was.


Jean found the sounds of sex and passion all around them to be quite enticing. She looked over Bishop's shoulder and saw another woman in a similar position to her own. Cannonball's wife Smasher (a human but since she was married to a mutant she got an invite) The gorgeous brunette woman was being held up in the air as well, but she was between two men. She had her husband in front of her, the two of them kissing deeply as he thrust up into her pussy. While at the same time Sunspot was behind her, his cock going in and out of her round ass. Jean found the sight of the other woman being double penetrated so sexy.


On another bed she saw Kitty, no Kate now she reminded herself, down on all fours. Nightcrawler was behind her, his hands on her hips as he fucked her from behind. At the same time Kate's head was buried between Magik's legs, the young Russian woman's hands in Kate's hair, her head lolled back in ecstasy. Jean smiled to herself thinking that Kate had now slept with two out of three of the Rasputin siblings. If only Mikhail had accepted the open invitation to Krakoa she could have completed the set tonight. Anyways Kate definitely seemed to be taking to her role as the Red Queen of the gala well.


At another spot, one one of the large plush chairs Jean saw another couple. Two former members of the Mutant Liberation Front. Forearm was sitting in the chair, and sitting on his lap moving up and down was Skids. Jean couldn't help but notice that Forearm was a very large man and he seemed to have a dick to match his size. But the small blonde woman sitting in his lap seemed to be bouncing up and down with glee, a big smile on her face as she took his big cock inside her. Forearm was putting his four arms to good use, he had two of his hands on Skids ass, holding it as she bounced up and down while his other two hands were playing with her tits. Jean was very impressed with Skids at that moment and wondered if she could take a cock so big. After all, Bishop was already above average and was filling her up quite nicely. Perhaps she would have to find Forearm later and find out.


Bishop had been holding Jean up for several minutes now, thrusting up into her the whole time, bouncing her body up and down. Jean could feel his thrusts beginning to slow a bit and figured he might be getting a little tired. 


"Let's try a new position." She suggested. 


"Sure." He answered her. Not letting on that he was a little thankful for the suggestion. He knew that position tended to impress women but it got tiring fast.


Bishop lifted Jean up off his cock and placed her down on the ground. She took hold of his face and kissed him deeply, their tongues exploring each other's mouths as she turned him around. Jean had Bishop lie down on the bed where she then climbed up on top of him. She straddled his waist, facing away from him, giving Bishop a nice view of her ass. Jean took a hold of his cock and lowered herself down onto it. Both of them moaned as he entered her again. 


"Fuck that feels good." Bishop said.


"God yes." She agreed with him.


Jean leaned forward and put her hands on Bishop's thighs for support and she began to move her hips up and down, once again bouncing on his hard cock again. Only this time it was under her own power. He felt so good inside of her, his hard length stretching her just the right amount. She started alternating between the bouncing and rocking her hips back and forth, both motions feeling amazing in their own way.


Bishop enjoyed the view of Jean's ass through every motion. The creamy white cheeks bouncing so enticingly in front of him. He watched his cock disappear inside of her over and over. He took hold of Jean’s hips while she rode him and started to match her movements. Thrusting his cock up every time her wet pussy started moving down again. She was so wet he could feel her juices running down his cock and onto his thighs. It was so amazingly sexy.


Jean moved one of her hands and reached down between Bishop's legs and started to play with his balls. Her soft fingers massaging the delicate orbs. She felt Bishop's hands tighten on her hips and took that as a sign that he was enjoying her touch. She could feel that his balls were slick with her own juices that had dripped down onto them.


Bishop was feeling amazing. Jean's pussy wrapped tightly around his cock and her fingers playing with his balls. He could feel himself building towards his climax. He took hold of Jean's hips and rolled the two of them over, his cock never leaving the warm embrace of her pussy. Jean ended up laying on her stomach, Bishop on top of her, from this position he had more control and her began fucking her hard and fast.


Jean could feel his weight on top of her. Putting just enough pressure on her body that it felt primal and exciting but not enough to be crushing her. She could feel his thrust coming hard and fast, pounding into her over and over and it felt so good.


It wasn't long in this position until Bishop felt himself reach his peak. He let out a deep moan in his last few thrusts before pulling out of Jean at the very last second. His cum began to spurt out of his cock. It sprayed onto Jean's round ass and up to her back. As soon as he started cumming Jean began to shake her butt back and forth as if enticing him to cum more.


After five strong blasts and a few smaller ones Jean's ass was nicely covered in his cum. Bishop was spent. He collapsed onto the bed beside Jean. The two of them laying there for a moment, their labored breaths the only motion either of them were making.


"That was amazing." Bishop stated once he'd finally caught his breath.


"Absolutely." Jean agreed with him. She moved her head over and caught Bishop's lips in another kiss. It was less passionate than before but still quite nice.


"Sir? Ma'am?" they heard from beside their bed, drawing their attention. They both looked over and saw one of the women employed by the hellfire club. She was wearing red lingerie denoting herself to be from Bishop's own branch of the club. She was holding out some towels which they both reached for.


"Oh thank you." Jean said to the young woman taking a towel and using it to wipe the cum from her back and ass. Bishop took the other towel and started cleaning himself as well.


"You're very welcome Ma'am." The woman said before walking off.


"Well I guess we're off to a good start." Jean said to Bishop once they had both finished wiping off.


"Yeah." Bishop responded "Thanks for giving me the nudge to indulge." He said with a bit of a laugh.


"Well thank you for indulging." Jean said with a laugh of her own. She leaned in and kissed him one last time. "I suppose we should get back out there. Really embrace the spirit of the gala."


"I guess so. Don't want to embarrass the Red Queen by not participating enough."


The two of them climbed up from the bed and began to scan the room. Each of them trying to decide where to go for their next bit of fun. 


Then finally they went off in separate directions, ready to embrace the rest of the night.


(Thank you all for reading. I hope everyone enjoyed. Sorry it took so long to get the second chapter out. I am trying to write more often so hopefully the next chapter won't take so long. Please rate and review and feel free to request characters for future chapters.)

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