The Hellfire Gala

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Jean sighed as she felt the warm water cascading over her body. She'd found some showers while exploring the new Hellfire building after her time with Bishop. It was a large tiled room, pretty plain compared to most of the complex. One wall was lined with sinks and a long mirror, there were a few hooks by the door where you could hang a towel for later use. The other three walls had evenly dispersed shower heads, each with a floor drain underneath. There was a small ledge that ran along these three walls but no dividers amongst the showers, meaning anyone using one would have no privacy from anyone else in the room. Jean however was currently the only one here.


There had been another shower area with private stalls but Jean figured that the communal one seemed more in the spirit of the Gala, and besides she wasn't exactly insecure about her body. There had been a closet just outside the showers where she found large soft towels and an assortment of scented soaps, shampoos, lotions, anything you could want. She picked out a body lotion that smelled like some of the unique flowers that grew on Krakoa that she liked the scent of. For now though she was just letting the water wash over her.


Jean heard the door to the room open and looked over to see Warren Worthington, the Angel peeking his head in.


"Oh, sorry." He said after seeing her there "I can find another room."


"Warren, wait." Jean called to him before he left. "You can come in, it's fine."


"Are you sure?" He asked, opening the door and hesitantly started to step in.


"Of course." Jean said. "I mean I saw you having sex earlier, I'm pretty sure we can handle seeing each other shower."


"Fair point." He admitted and walked more comfortably into the room.


Warren, like Jean, was completely naked. She watched as he turned to hang his towel next to hers, Jean couldn't help but admire his toned ass and muscular back, his large angelic wings sprouting from his shoulder blades. He made his way over to the shower head directly across from hers and turned the water on, testing the temperature with his hand.


"So," Jean started. "Didn't want to use the private showers?"


"The stalls feel pretty cramped with the wings." Warren said, accentuating his point by spreading his feathered appendages to their full span, before relaxing them again as he stepped under the water. 


"Hmmm I see." Jean said.


"Plus you know, the view is much better here." Warren said as he let his eyes rove over Jean's body.


"Well I have to agree with you there." Jean said, looking him over as well. Her eyes were drawn to his semi hard cock hanging between his legs. He had a very impressive size considering he wasn't fully erect.


"So I have to ask you something." Warren said to her.


"What's that?" Jean replied.


"Way back at the start of all this, when it was just the original group, you could have had any one of the guys you wanted." He explained. "Obviously you chose Scott and things worked out great, I'm really happy for the two of you. But was anyone else ever in the running?"


Jean laughed a bit at his question, Warren was right, all four guys from the original team had at least flirted with her when she first arrived at the institute. Even Bobby, though she supposed it was good she hadn't explored that further.


"I'd be lying if I said the thought never crossed my mind. I've wondered about how things could have turned out if I went for you instead of Scott." She admitted to him. It was true, Warren was good looking, witty, and smart. There wasn't much to not like about him. She was definitely happy with Scott but her mind had been curious of other possibilities.


"Well you would have ended up with the most handsome X-men if you'd picked me." Warren said with a grin.


"No, I got the most handsome one already." She said with a smile of her own.


"You wound me." Warren said, jokingly grabbing at his chest as if he'd been shot. "Without my looks what am I?"


"Well you do have that vast family fortune." Jean answered.


"Hmm good point." He said laughing.


"See, I missed my chance to go after you for your money." As she spoke Jean poured some of the liquid soap into her hands and began to rub it along her arms and shoulders.


Warren found himself staring as Jean started soaping her body.


"Oh I wouldn't say you've fully missed your shot." He said as he stared at her, his tone losing the humor it had earlier.


Jean quickly noticed his more serious words and saw him staring as she washed her body. She turned herself more towards him, giving him a better view as she started to lather her chest, rubbing her slick hands over the large orbs.


"Oh is that so?" She asked him in a seductive voice. She noticed his cock growing harder as he watched her, getting to a very nice size. She could feel herself getting wet at the sight, and not from the shower.


Warren gulped as he watched her, her large tits getting covered in suds as she took her time there.


"I'd say you still have a shot." He managed to answer.


"Well lucky me." Jean said, she tilted her head back to let the water wash over her chest, carrying the suds away.


Things were getting quite steamy both figuratively as the two of them found their breath coming heavier as they ogled each other, and literally as the warm water of their showers was creating a thick fog in the room. 


Warren found the steam beginning to obstruct his view of Jean. Without thinking much, just wanting to see her more clearly he gave his wings a couple of flaps in her direction. The movement caused the mist in the room to swirl and clear away from her, the last wisps floating off to fully reveal her form. Jean let out a small yelp in surprise at the sudden breeze but it quickly turned to a laugh as she realised what he was doing. She turned around pointing her ass towards him, bending over a little to accentuate her rear as she started to lather her round cheeks. She looked over her shoulder, staring directly back at him and biting her lower lip, giving him a bit of a show.


All too quickly for Warren's taste the steam started to reform between the two of them. He wasn't content to just watch her anymore anyways. With a single leaping step, strengthened by another flap of his wings, he crossed the room towards her. Jean saw him coming and spun around to meet him.


Their bodies crashed together as Warren's feet returned to the ground. Their arms wrapped around each other as they immediately met in a deep passionate kiss. They were standing just outside the stream of water from Jean’s shower, she could feel the occasional stray droplet landing on her back. Soon though that sensation was replaced by a slight tickle of feathers as Warren wrapped his wings around them encasing the pair. It provided a unique bit of intimacy that Jean had never experienced before, Warren's body fully enveloping her.


Their kiss continued, and as their tongues explored each other's mouths their hands began to explore each other's bodies. Warren cupped his hands on Jean's firm ass, his fingers kneading at the muscle. Meanwhile Jean's soft fingers ran across his hard abs. 


Her hand traveled down to his groin where it wrapped around his hard cock and started to stroke him. At the same time one of Warren's own hands slid from her ass cheek towards the centre of her rear, sliding between her legs and one of his fingers started to probe her wet pussy from behind. Their kiss broke as they both began to moan, and their breaths became more labored from the sensation. They stared deeply into each other's eyes as their movements grew more urgent. Jean's hand gripping his cock harder and rubbing faster, Warren's finger delving deeper and swirling inside of her.


Finally Jean couldn't take it any more. She needed to have him now.


"Fuck me Warren." She said to him, never breaking eye contact.


Those words empowered him, Warren pushed her back towards the wall behind her. They passed below and out the other end of the shower, both of them ignoring the water that rained down on them. Warren opened his wings from her body as Jean, backstepping, felt the edge of the small ledge that ran along the walls of the room. Warren lifted her ass as Jean gave a little hop so she was sitting on the ridge, it was just big enough to accommodate her. Her back was pressed against the tiled wall. She held him close to her body. He gripped her thighs, his strong hands turning her on.


Warren kissed her deeply again and in the same moment thrust his hips forward. His hard cock penetrated deep into her wet waiting pussy. Jean let out a moan that was smothered by his lips.


Warren's knees almost buckled as he felt Jean’s pussy wrapped around his cock for the first time. Her warm depths embracing his manhood felt so amazing. He began moving his hips, thrusting in and out of her, he could feel her inner muscles massaging his cock, gripping him as if she didn't want him to pull out. He moved his lips to her neck and kissed her there, allowing his teeth to occasionally give her a bite. Jean's moans and gasps were right in his ear spurring on his every movement. 


"Warren, your cock feels so good inside me." She whispered to him.


"You're so beautiful, so sexy." He whispered back to her.


The room echoed with their moans and the sound of flesh meeting flesh from Warren's thrusts. Jean wrapped her legs around his body in an attempt to pull him deeper inside her. Her fingers scratched down his back, leaving red streaks across his skin. Warren let out a hiss at the slight sensation of pain from the scratches but never slowed his movements.


Eventually Warren pulled himself away from Jean, separating their bodies for the first time since their initial embrace. He stood her up and turned her around. Jean quickly realised what he was doing and bent over, planting her hands on the ledge where her ass had just been. She arched her back a bit to stick her butt out towards him more.


Warren took a moment to admire the view he had. Jean's round ass pointing right at him. He could see her pussy peeking out from between her legs, looking so inviting. He took hold of her hips and once again thrust himself inside of her. Without realising he was doing it Warren spread his wings out while he fucked Jean. He let the appendages flap lightly a few times along with his rhythm.


Jean gasped as she found those thrusts that were accompanied by one of his flaps came more powerfully, his wings helping propel his body forward. The wind from his motions caused the steam to swirl and dance around them again but Jean didn't see it as her eyes were tightly closed in her pleasure. Her mouth hung open as if she were screaming but no sound seemed to come out. The amazing power behind his thrust quickly sent her over the edge.


Jean's legs shook and she almost lost her footing on the wet floor, but she managed to stay upright. She threw her head back and arched her back as she was rocked by her orgasm. The waves of pleasure washed over her body, making her body feel warm even in the already hot and steamy room.


Warren admired the way Jean's body moved as she came. Seeing her so overcome with pleasure turning him on even more than he already was. He continued fucking her through her climax, his wing powered thrusts still shuttering through her body. He could feel her pussy contracting around his cock and it felt absolutely amazing.


Jean's body relaxed as the orgasm passed leaving her in a state of bliss. Warren was still fucking her and it felt so very good.


Jean and Warren both heard the door to the room open but neither of them turned to look. They were so enwrapped in the current moment that nothing could have pulled them away.


"Oh shoot! sorry!" Jean heard a male voice say. "This room's occupied y'all"


"What?! Let me see!" A second male voice said.


There was a slight smacking sound followed by a female voice this time.


"Leave them alone, let's just go to the sauna instead."


"Aye, that should be just as fun." Another woman's voice added.


"Fine ok." The second male voice said, sounding a little disappointed, before the door closed again.


Jean was sure she recognized the voices but in her current hazy post orgasm state she couldn't focus enough to put a face to any of them. Just as soon as they'd left it seemed she'd forgotten about them anyways.


With every powerful thrust from Warren Jean could feel her legs shaking a little more and she started to feel like she was going to slip. She pulled herself away and off his cock as she turned towards him.


"Hang on." She said to him, "You're making my legs weak with those wings. Let's move to the floor."


"Yeah whatever works for you." Warren said, just wanting to get back into the warm embrace of her pussy.


Jean laid down on the floor with her legs spread open. Warren moved to lay on top of her. She took hold of the back of his neck and pulled him into a kiss. Warren rubbed his hard dick along her opening a few times as their tongues wrestled. His cock was slick with her juices and slid easily along her slit. Jean let out a moan as she felt his cock head rubbing against her clit. 


"Put it in me." She said, her voice almost pleading to feel his cock inside her again.


Warren was quick to do as she said. He impaled her on his dick eliciting a moan from each of them. His thrusts rocked their bodies back and forth on the smooth tile floor.


Jean once again wrapped her legs around Warren's waist. Her ankles resting on the backs of his thighs. She kissed and bit at his neck and up to his ear lobe, her actions making him increase his pace.


Warren lifted himself up and admired how sexy she was as he fucked her. Her wet hair was splayed out on the floor around her head, framing her beautiful face. A face that was contorted in an expression of pleasure. He watched her tits swaying up and down in rhythm with his thrusts. He reached his hands out and took hold of the large mounds of flesh, his fingers squeezing and rubbing them. As he started circling his thumbs around her hard nipples Jean gasped. Next he pinched them and received an even louder response, spurring him on.


Jean's own hands moved to her head, her fingers in her wet hair as Warren took her. She felt his cock deep inside her, over and over again. His strong hands groping her tits and nipples. She soon found herself cumming for a second time. Her body writhed and her muscles clenched beneath his strong thrusts.


"I'm cummimg again!" She screamed as her body erupted with pleasure. Like last time Warren continued to fuck her through her orgasm, not slowing at all.


Jean felt amazing as she came down from her peak. Warren had proven to be quite the sexual partner. She wanted to make him feel as good as she did. Jean started clenching her pussy down on his dick as hard as she could, her inner muscles massaging his cock.


Warren could feel her gripping his member, her already tight pussy growing even tighter. He knew he wouldn't last much longer inside of her.


"I… I'm going to cum soon." He said through gritted teeth.


"Do it Warren." Jean encouraged him. "Cum for me. Cum on my big tits." With the last words she moved to hold her own breasts, pressing them together for him to admire.


"Oh fuck!" Warren managed to say. Jean's last words had pushed him over the edge. He managed to pull out just in time to move himself up to do exactly what she had said.


His cock started to spray his thick cum, the white liquid landing on the large targets she had provided for him.


Jean giggled and gave her tits a shake as spurt after spurt continued to land across her chest. She was impressed by the size of his load as by the time Warren was finished both of her large breasts were covered in the thick liquid as well as a few of the final shots ending up on her stomach.


With his orgasm finished Warren climbed off Jean and laid on his side beside her, looking at her beautiful face, she looked even better in the afterglow of their sex. They took a moment to rest, each of them catching their breath, Jean absentmindedly playing with the cum on her stomach with one of her fingers.


"Well," she eventually said, breaking the silence. "I guess we at least know that if I'd ended up with you the sex would have been good." This caused them both to laugh.


"And that was just the first time." Warren said through his laughter. "Imagine what it could be like after we got to know each other's bodies."


"I've made a horrible mistake." Jean said in a feigned distressed voice.  


"Like I said earlier, it's not too late to change your mind." He said playfully.


"Hmm let me think about it for a while." Jean said as she got up from the floor, making her way over to her still running shower. "I mean there's still plenty of guys for me to have sex with tonight, maybe one of them will be better than you. Wouldn't want to make the same mistake twice."


"Good luck with that." He told her as he stood up as well. His words made Jean laugh again. "As Logan always says I'm the best there is at what I do."


"Sure you are." Jean said with just a hint of sarcasm. "Want to help me wash off?" She asked him with a sly smirk.


"Oh absolutely." Warren said as he moved and joined her under the running water.


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