The Hellfire Gala

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Scott stood by the table of refreshments as he drank some water, rehydrating himself after his romp with Emma. His encounter with his former lover had really helped relax him and after he had a drink he planned to go back out and rejoin the festivities. He stood naked, aside from his visor, as almost everyone at the gala currently was. He noticed that many people seemed to be moving on to their second partners, or groups, for the night. Looking at the room everyone still seemed just as eager as they had at the start.


On one bed he saw Stacy X and Mentallo. Stacy on top and riding him with everything she had. Her body was bouncing up and down as he laid back, his face a mask of pure bliss. Scott couldn't help but admire her tits as she moved.


On another bed he saw Nekra and the morlock Erg together. Nekra on her back with her legs pinned against her body while Erg thrust his cock in and out of her pussy. Both of them grunting and moaning with every movement.


A bang a few feet to Scott's side brought his attention that way and he saw Risque bent over the table, several dishes knocked out of the way and onto the floor. Shinobi Shaw fucking her from behind. His hand on the back of her neck, roughly pinning her to the table. Her moans made it quite clear how much she was loving every moment of it.


"Enjoying the show?" A woman's voice asked him. Scott turned to see Joanna Cargill, Frenzy, had asked the question. As he saw her he couldn't help but let his eyes rove over her naked form. Her body was all toned muscle, trained from her years of fighting, mostly as an enemy to the X-men but more recently as an ally and even sometimes a member. He admired her large breast, topped with dark nipples, her six pack abs, and down to her pussy with a trimmed patch of hair. He realised he'd been staring longer than he probably should have.


"Oh, hey Frenzy." He said to her, collecting himself.


"Please Scott, you can call me Joanna." She told him. "After all we did kind of have a relationship." She continued, referring to the false memories they had from an alternate life created by Legion.


"I guess so." Scott agreed. To this day Scott still wasn't sure how he felt about those memories, they hadn't been real, but they felt real, even now looking at Joanna he could feel the old emotions rising.


"So you're back to just watching huh?" She asked him. Joanna was entirely sure about how she felt in terms of their prior relationship. She'd had feelings for Scott ever since but he had rebuffed her when she had initially tried to reignite their love.


"Just taking a quick break." He explained.


"Well I noticed you watching earlier too." She said moving closer to him "you were watching me." As she spoke she reached her hand out and rubbed it on Scott's semi hard cock, making it spring to life. "Did you like what you saw?" Joanna had accepted that Scott would probably never want to be with her for real. But maybe tonight, even for just a few moments he could be hers again, and she didn't plan on wasting that opportunity.


"Absolutely." Scott affirmed looking into her eyes. Doing his best to keep his composure as Joanna massaged his dick until it was fully hard.


"Well I liked you watching. I came so hard when I saw you looking at me." She told him leaning in closer, her lips near his ear. "You know Exodus wasn't bad but you always fucked me so much better. Do you want to fuck me now?" She whispered.


"God yes." He said, the feeling of her hand on his cock and her hot breath in his ear driving him wild. His reaction made her smile as she continued to rub him.


"That's what I thought." She took his hand and let him through the crowd.


Scott admired Joanna's ass as she walked in front of him. Her round butt looked absolutely perfect. She led him into one of the side corridors and then into one of the private bedrooms, Joanna wanted him all to herself.


As soon as they were inside she slammed the door and spun to face Scott. Not one to waste time she pressed her lips to his, and her body against him, pushing him back against the wall. They kissed deeply as Scott wrapped his arms around her, his hand quickly traveling down to her toned ass. His touch made her moan as they kissed, her tongue working as deep into his mouth as she could manage.


"Fuck, you make me so wet." She said to him pulling away from him. She took his hand and moved it between her own legs so he could feel just how wet she was. Joanna gasped as he pressed a finger inside of her. Having any part of him inside her again felt so good.


Scott began moving his finger in and out of her pussy, his other hand moving to fondle one of her large tits, caressing and squeezing the orb of flesh.


Suddenly Joanna took hold of Scott and using her impressive strength spun and tossed him across the room to the bed. Scott was surprised for a moment before remembering that Joanna had never been a gentle lover in their false past together. But he was sure he could handle her. She swiftly crossed the room herself and climbed onto the bed as well. She stood over top of him, one foot on each side of his body and looked down on him. Scott admired the way she looked in that moment, powerful and sexy.


"I'm going to make you mine again." She said before diving down towards him and kissing him deeply as she laid her body on top of his. Scott kissed her back but Joanna was definitely dominating this moment. One of her hands went to hold his. She moved it up above his head then before Scott knew what happened he felt something close around his wrist.


"What?" He said breaking the kiss and looking up to see a leather cuff strapped around his wrist and connected to the bed's headboard.


"Come on." Joanna said before giving him another quick kiss. "I saw some of these beds had restraints and we always liked that kinky shit before. It'll be fun." She didn't say it out loud but she also liked that he couldn't leave her. He really was all hers.


Scott wasn't sure at first but Joanna reached down and started stroking his cock again. At that moment he probably would have agreed to anything.


"Yeah, alright." He said.


Joanna smiled as she fastened a strap around his other wrist, and then two more around his ankles. Scott was now fully tied down, his extremities pulled towards the fours corners of the bed.


"See," Joanna started as she climbed back on top of him. "Now you can lay back and let me take charge."


"Hard to argue with that." He responded as he watched her kissing her way down his chest, every now and then adding a bite, just hard enough to make him wince a bit.


Soon her head was between his legs. On one motion she engulfed his cock, wrapping it in her warm mouth. Scott moaned as the sensation enveloped his member. She started moving her soft lips up and down his length while her tongue wriggled along his shaft. He watched as her head bobbed up and down. Joanna looked back up at him, not breaking eye contact the whole time, turning him on even more. 


She popped him out of her mouth and took a deep breath as one of her hands slid along his length, slick with her saliva. She held her tongue out of her mouth and tapped his cock head on it a few times before taking him back into her mouth. She was suckimg on him so hard that her cheeks appeared sunken in.


Scott was amazed at how good it felt. Her warm wet mouth on his hard cock. Her lips and tongue sliding all over it. She looked so sexy staring back up at him, a fierce intensity in her eyes.


"God you're so good at that." He groaned out.


"Mmmm I know." She said, removing her lips from his dick. "Now how about you show me how good you are."


Joanna began to move up Scott's body and then turned herself around so they were in a 69 position. She dropped her pussy directly on Scott's mouth which he eagerly began to lick while she went back to sucking him at the same time.


With his wrists restrained Scott was limited in the movements he could make but he didn't let that deter him. He ran his tongue along her slit, tasting her for the first time. Joanna let out a moan while blowing him that vibrated through his cock. He pressed his tongue inside her, licking every inch he could reach, her juices running freely down his chin. 


Joanna started grinding her pussy against his face. It felt so good having him eating her out again. His tongue inside her made her feel good all over. She took the head of his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it while stroking his shaft with her hand. Scott started licking her clit now, causing her to gasp with pleasure. The little bundle of nerves radiating pleasure through her body.


"Holy fuck that's good!" She exclaimed. "I need more, I need you inside me."


Once again she started to move, pulling her pussy from his lips, Scott wanted to follow it with his tongue but his restraints prevented it. Joanna moved down so she was straddling him in a reverse cowgirl position and swiftly impaled herself on his cock.


"Fuck yes!" She exclaimed as she started to ride him. She felt overcome with emotions as she felt him deep inside her again, she never wanted this moment to end. Never wanted to let him go. She focused on how every contour of his cock felt inside her, savoring every second of it.


Scott wanted so badly to reach out and take hold of Joanna's hips, or her perfect round ass but he couldn't. All he could do was watch as the round cheeks bounced up and down. Watch as her pussy lips swallowed his cock over and over. He listened to her moans of pleasure and was soon adding moans of his own to the chorus. 


"Tell me how good I feel," Joanna said.


"You feel amazing," Scott replied. "You ride my cock so good."


Hearing him say those words spurred her on. Him telling her he wanted her, fulfilling her desire to be with him. She slammed her hips down on him with every bounce, trying as hard as she could to take him as deep as possible. Scott's moans spurring her on, she wanted to please him as much as she wanted to have him again.


Joanna started grinding against him, rocking her hips back and forth. Scott's dick massaging her inner walls. His hard member felt so perfect inside of her.


"Oh fuck! Your cock is going to make me cum!" Joanna said through gritted teeth. 


She grinding back and forth until the feeling finally overcame her. Every muscle in her body tensed and grew rigid as her orgasm spread through her. Scott felt her pussy grow tighter as she tensed.


Joanna let out a long deep sigh as her body finally relaxed. Her whole being felt flushed with pleasure. She needed a moment to recover, that had been one of the best orgasms of her life. Just being with Scott again had made it so much better than normal. She leaned forward and put her hands on the bed beneath her as she caught her breath.


"Holy shit… that was perfect." She said between breaths. "But we still need to get you off now don't we?" She continued looking over her shoulder at Scott.


"I would definitely appreciate that." Scott agreed with her.


Joanna pulled herself off of his dick and turned around.


"Well I do remember how much you liked fucking my ass." She said as she sat on his lap, now facing towards him. Scott's hard cock was resting between her butt cheeks. "Do you want to fuck my ass?" She asked as she started sliding herself back and forth along his length, letting him slide between her cheeks.


"Yes." Scott said through a moan.


"Tell me how bad you want it." She said, giving him a wicked grin. She loved teasing him. She'd wanted to tease him more earlier but her own desires got the best of her. Her post orgasm clarity gave her the chance now though.


"I want it so bad." He told her. "I want to fuck your ass right now."


"Then do it" she said, still grinning.


Scott tried to buck his hips and thrust up into her but with the limited range of motion he had he couldn't seem to manage it. 


"What's wrong?" Joanna asked with a bit of a giggle. "Can't do it on your own?"


"Please." Scott said, remembering these were exactly the types of games Joanna had liked to play in their fake past. 


"Well I suppose you've earned it." She said, reaching down to take hold of his cock. "...but maybe not yet." She said laughing a bit as she let him go. She could see from the expression on his face how much he wanted it. It turned her on so much knowing he desired her like that. She leaned forward and put one of her tits in his face. "You can occupy yourself with these for a bit first." She told him.


Scott didn't argue. He would have rather been fucking her but he was still quite happy to start sucking on her tits. His lips and tongue devoured her flesh.


Joanna moaned as she felt his tongue flicking across her nipple. His teeth lightly nibbled at the sensitive nub. She moved her other breast to his mouth and had him repeat the process on the other nipple. She went back and forth a few times, enjoying the sensations before deciding he had waited long enough.


She leaned her body back and lined her ass up right above his cock. She took hold of his shaft and held him steady as she slowly lowered herself down onto him. She let out a hiss as his head penetrated her ass and inch by inch she took him deeper. Scott at the same time let out a moan, her tight little hole wrapping around his cock felt amazing.


Finally her butt came to rest on his pelvis, his entire length buried inside her ass hole. She started working her body up and down, gaining speed with each bounce as she adjusted to him stretching her out. Scott admired the view off Joanna fucking herself on his dick. He could see his cock sliding in and out of the tight little hole, he watched as her tits bounced up and down almost hypnotically, and he couldn't take his eyes off her as she started rubbing her clit with one of her hands.


Joanna rode Scott with everything she had, bouncing herself up and down on his cock as fast as she could take it. Her pussy was dripping wet as she looked at his face, a mask of pleasure and desire. She loved making him feel this way, even if she did like teasing him first. She plunged two of her own fingers into her wet opening. She felt so full having both holes penetrated at once. 


"Fuck your big cock feels so good in my tight little ass hole." She told him.


"God yes, you're amazing." He said back to her.


Scott was bucking his hips up to meet her movements as much as he could. He strained his arms and legs pulling at the restraints, he wanted so badly to touch her, feel her, throw her down and fuck her but he couldn't break free.


Joanna smiled as she saw him straining against his bondage.


"Come on Scott, don't you want to touch me?" She goaded him. "Don't you want to finger my pussy? Or grab my big tits?" She continued.


"Untie me and find out." Scott told her.


"I don't think so." She said smiling again. "I'm calling the shots today."


They continued like this. Scott watched as Joanna teased him, touching and playing with herself while still riding him. Of course he was still getting to fuck her so he couldn't be to upset. But he really wanted to touch her.


"I'm… I'm almost there." He told her after a while.


"Do it Scott! Fill my ass with your cum!" She said as she started riding just a little bit faster. Clenching her ass hole even tighter on his cock. She wanted him to finish inside of her. 


"Oh fuuuuuucccccckkkk." He moaned as he came. He started shooting spurt after spurt deep inside her. The pleasure running through him and finally making him stop pulling at his restraints.


Joanna never stopped riding. She wanted to milk every drop out of him that she could. Feeling his seed inside her, even if it was in her ass, was exactly what she wanted. Eventually his body went limp beneath her. She looked down at his handsome face and his muscular chest, rising and falling with his exhausted breaths. She wanted them to stay this way forever. But she had accepted even before approaching tonight him that this would be it. One last romp, and she had made it a good one.


"Thanks for the fuck." She said as she climbed off of him. She could feel his cum start leaking out of her and down her leg.


"That was fantastic." He told her.


"You never did disappoint in the bedroom." She told him. "Now I need to go get cleaned up." She added as she started walking away.


"Uh don't you think you're forgetting something?" He asked her, giving the cuffs a bit of a shake.


"Oh I'm sure someone will find you and let you out soon enough. Besides, until they do, I technically get to keep you as mine." She said looking back at him with her wicked grin again.


"Joanna, you can't be serious." He said to her, a bit of worry coming to his voice.


"See you around." She said as she opened the door and left.


"JOANNA! FRENZY!" He yelled after her. "Damn it." He said to himself when she didn't answer. "IS ANYONE THERE?" He called out to the open door but heard no response.


He tried to stretch his hand down to his visor, thinking he could blast one of his hands free. But try as he might he couldn't reach. God damn it, he thought to himself. He started calling out the door again. Stuck here exactly where she left him until someone found him.


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