The Hellfire Gala

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Jamie Madrox was taking in the many sights of the Gala. Mutants were going at it all over the place and it made for quite the show. He was thinking about joining but unfortunately felt like he should wait. His wife Layla Miller was running late and he didn't know if it would be wrong of him to start before she got there. They had both agreed to embrace the night and have fun but as they were leaving their place their son Davey had started crying and Layla didn't want to leave until he stopped. Jamie tried to convince her to just go, after all they had left one of his dupes to take care of Davey but Layla just told him to go on without her and she'd get there when she could. Now Jamie was here but wasn't sure about the etiquette of waiting for her. Maybe he could just send some dupes out to get started? Would that be ok?


"Hey Jamie." He heard from behind him. He turned and saw Danielle Moonstar there.


"Oh hey." He responded. He took in the sight of the gorgeous young woman. She was wearing a halter top dress that was white on top but faded to black as it made it's way down a diagonal cut skirt. The lower end of the dress went down to her right knee and the higher end to nearly the top of her left thigh. She had her hair in her signature braids but they were far more intricate and ornate then the more simple ones that she normally wore.


"So I was hoping you might come with me somewhere a little more private to talk." Dani said


"Uh… you know that's a very tempting offer, it's just I'm kind of waiting for Layla." Jamie responded.


"Oh you guys are going to spend the night together?" Dani asked him.


"Well no… but she got held up and told me to come without her and that she'd be here later. I wasn't sure if I should start without her." He explained.


"She sent you to an orgy." Dani said with a small laugh. "I highly doubt she was expecting you to just sit and watch until she got here."


"That… does seem like a good point." Jamie answered.


"Exactly." Dani agreed. "So what do you say? Want to come with me?" She added with a seductive smile.


"Yeah absolutely." He said, already feeling himself getting excited just from the look she gave him.


"Perfect." She said and started walking off, Jamie following behind like a puppy dog.


Dani made quick work crossing the room heading towards one of the side hallways. She looked back at one point and saw Jaime had stopped moving and was staring at something.


He was looking off to the side where Dani saw another couple going at it right on the floor. Feral was down on all fours, behind her Primal was thrusting his cock in and out of her as hard and fast as he could. Feral's eyes were rolled back in her head and her face was contorted in a look of bliss as the young man pounded away at her.


"MATE! MATE! MATE!" Primal continued to yell over and over again at the top of his lungs.


Jamie was staring at the pair, wide eyed like he was watching some sort of nature documentary on the two animalistic mutants.


"Jamie!" Dani said, pulling his focus back to her. "Are you coming?" She asked once he was looking at her.


"Yeah sorry," he said, catching up to her. "The uh, yelling was a little distracting."


"Well you should be focused on me." She said moving closer to him and planting her lips on his. She let the kiss linger, then just as Jamie put his hands on her hips she pulled away. "Hopefully that will keep your attention." She said before quickly heading off towards the hallway again with a laugh, Jamie immediately behind her.


Soon they passed through the open doorway into the hall and made their way to the first door. Jamie followed Dani as she stepped into the room and found it to be a private bedroom, decorated in a Victorian style with a large four poster bed. Once they were both inside Dani closed the door behind them.


"So the reason I brought you here is because there's this fantasy I've always had." She started explaining. "I never really thought I'd get to do it but tonight just seemed…"


"You want to be with more than one guy at once." Jamie interrupted her.


"Uh… yes." She said, a little surprised that he had cut in and perfectly guessed it. "How did you know?"


"Well you came to me." Jaime said laughing. "I mean maybe if we were friends or something you might be after me specifically but we barely know each other. Any time a woman I don't know well propositions the Multiple Man it's because she wants multiple men."


"I suppose that makes sense." Dani said.


"If anything I'm curious as to why you wanted the private room, you don't seem like the shy type." He told her as he looked around at the details of the decor.


"I'm not shy. But even in the middle of an orgy the girl getting gangbanged is going to draw attention." She explained. "Maybe if it was just people I like I would be ok with that but half the people out there have tried to kill me and all my friends at one point or another. I mean the MLF, the Hellions, the Brotherhood. Just because I accept that they're here doesn't mean I have to like them, and I'd rather not put on a show for them."


"Fair point." Jamie agreed.


"So are you into this?" She asked him.


"Absolutely, I mean have you seen you." Jamie said with a big grin, he noticed a small smile from Dani as well. "So how many guys are we talking here? Two? Three?" 


"I was thinking more like five." Dani answered.


"Five! Going for the full gangbang huh?" Jamie replied a little surprised at the number.


"What can I say, I like a challenge." She said with a grin.


"Alright then." Jamie said as he stomped his foot on the ground. The impact caused an exact duplicate of him to separate from his body. He then repeated the process three more times until there were a total of five Jamie's in the room. "Alright boys, are you all up for this?" Jamie asked his dupes, they started agreeing pretty enthusiastically.


"Well…" One of them started, raising his hand a bit. "I'm not actually into women."


"Alright, this one's probably not for you." Jamie prime said. "But you know what? It's a special night so why don't you go out there and find some guys to enjoy yourself with."


"Really?" The dupe asked.


"Sure, have fun." He answered.


The dupe made his way out of the room and out into the larger chamber where he was sure he could find some fun of his own. Jamie prime then stomped his foot again creating another duplicate.


"How about you?" He asked the dupe.


"Oh fuck yeah!" The duplicate answered, throwing his hands up in the air "Woooo! We're all getting laid!" He then held one hand out to another dupe prompting a high five, which the other Jamie did not reciprocate.


"What's this one? Your inner frat bro?" Dani asked.


"I guess something like that." Jamie prime answered her. "Is that ok?"


"Yeah it's fine." Dani said. Normally she would have found this dupe insufferable but she figured this might be the one situation that he could excel at. "Now let's have some fun."


With those words Dani reached behind her neck and undid the halter of her dress, then quickly slid the piece of clothing down and off her body, revealing that she'd decided to forgo wearing underwear and was completely naked underneath. The five Jamie's took in the sight, their eyes filled with lust. They admired her smooth skin, her big tits and hard nipples, her toned stomach, the trimmed patch of hair above her pussy, her shapely thighs and legs. 


"Woooo! Fuck yeah she's hot." Frat bro Jamie yelled before he started removing his clothes. This prompted the other Jamies to start stripping as well. As they each got naked they started making their way over to her.


The first of the Jamies reached Dani and started kissing her deeply. She happily reciprocated and their tongues intertwined. Dani wasn't sure if this was a dupe of Jamie prime. She couldn't tell any of them apart and she found that made it somewhat hotter. Soon another Jamie was behind her. His body pressed to hers as he started kissing her neck. Then there were more hands and lips on her, kissing her, fondling her. She broke her kiss with the first Jamie and her breaths were already getting more laboured as she found herself incredibly turned on. All five men wanting her, touching her. It was so hot, it was making her incredibly wet.


Dani just let the men fondle and grope her, taking in the many sensations. She felt hands on her chest, playing with her ample tits, one squeezing the whole breast while the other pinched her nipple. Someone was rubbing her inner thigh while another hand cupped her ass. One of them ran his fingers along her pussy lips making her moan as they ran across her clit.


One of the Jamies took her hand and guided it to his cock, she grasped it and started stroking. Dani then reached out with her other hand and found a second hard shaft and started rubbing that one as well. She kept her hands moving, going from one cock to another, stroking and jerking them all as the men kept touching her. There was always one of them kissing her and usually another's lips somewhere on her neck. It was hard to keep track of all the hands on her but she knew it felt good.


Dani went down to her knees with the five guys all around her, their cocks now at the same height as her face. She continued working two with her hands while also taking a third in her mouth. She ran her lips down the meaty shaft, working her tongue along it the whole way. She bobbed her head up and down several times before moving to another cock. This time she took the head onto her mouth and sucked hard on it while flicking her tongue across the glands. She went to a third and upon taking it into her mouth she felt a hand on the top of her head, holding her in place as the Jamie started thrusting his hips, fucking her mouth. At the fourth she decided to focus on his balls, taking them into her mouth and rolling them with her tongue, sucking on them then letting them pop out of her lips. At the last one she never actually took him into her mouth, instead she just used her tongue to lick up and down his shaft. All the while her hands moved between whichever dicks she wasn't sucking. Various moans, grunts and words of encouragement from the Jamie's kept her going.


"One of you lay on the floor." Dani said as she took a cock out of her mouth.


One of the Jamie's went to get down but was stopped by another.


"Hey, you know the rules. Prime gets to go first." The second one said before he then laid down as the first looked disappointed.


Dani climbed on top of him, straddling his waist in a cowgirl position. She reached down to hold his cock steady as she lowered herself down, impaling herself on his length. Both Dani and Jamie prime moaned as he entered her. The feeling of her wet pussy sliding along his hard dick felt wonderful, Jamie prime held her waist as she started rocking her hips back and forth, grinding herself on him.


Dani quickly resumed sucking and Jerking off the other four Jamies as she started riding the prime, keeping them all more than happy. But soon one of them moved behind her and she felt him lining himself up with her ass hole.


"Wait." She said, turning and putting a hand on the dupe's chest. 


Dani then took one of her own fingers into her mouth, getting it as wet as she could. She then moved the digit down to her ass hole and pressed it in, lubing and stretching the hole a bit. She thrust it in and out a few times before pulling it free then nodding to the Jamie behind her.


He once again lined himself up with her little puckered hole, now slick with her saliva. He placed his hands on her shoulders and then thrust himself in slowly.


"Holy fuck her ass is tight boys." He said, making Dani assume it was frat bro Jamie in her ass. A thought that was confirmed when he then asked for a high five again. This time one of the others did oblige.


Dani had never been double penetrated before and she found the experience to feel amazing but very intense. She'd never felt so full all at once. She had stopped sucking and jerking off the other three and was just focusing on the two inside of her. She gritted her teeth and seethed out a breath as they both were moving in and out of her. Prime thrusting up to fill her pussy while frat bro pulled most of the way out, and then they alternated. One going in as the other went out. 


As they continued fucking her she got more used to it and could focus more on the pleasure that came from it. Soon she found herself moving her own body to meet their thrusts. One of the other Jamie's stood in front of her, took hold of the sides of her head and presented his shaft right in front of her face. Dani opened her mouth and he thrust himself in and started fucking her mouth as well. Her eyes were closed as she gagged on his cock, but she reached out with her hands and found the remaining two dicks and took hold of them both.


This was exactly the moment Dani had pictured when she had decided she wanted five men. Having one in her mouth, pussy and ass while jerking off two others. Knowing that she was pleasing them all and that they all wanted her was turning her on so much. The way her pussy and tight little ass were being stretched out all at once, it felt absolutely amazing. She felt one or maybe two of them start fondling her tits again, playing with her sensitive nipples.


Dani felt like she was being overwhelmed with sensation. She knew she was about to cum. She tried to scream out in pleasure but the cock in her mouth made it come out a garbled mess. Her back arched and she went rigid as every muscle in her body tightened. She felt her orgasm hit her in one of the most intense ways it ever had. Every inch of her body felt on fire but in the best way. Her pussy and ass both tightened significantly on the Jamies inside of her, making them both moan along with her. When her climax finally subsided her body relaxed, if it hadn't been for all the guys holding and fondling her she probably would have collapsed forward.


Dani wanted to change up the position a bit so she pushed her way free of the Jamies surrounding her and inside of her.


"One of you, get on the bed." She instructed.


One of the Jamie's that she'd been giving a hand job to was quick to follow her instruction. Dani then climbed on the bed as well and got on top of him in the opposite direction she had just been so she was lowering her ass down onto him. The dupe groaned as her ass engulfed his cock. He had his hand on her back helping to hold her up as another dupe mounted her and entered her pussy. The two of them began to fuck her at the same time. They're cocks going deep inside her simultaneously. She let out a sharp gasp at the first thrust, taking them both at once.


Dani felt the bed shifting around her as the remaining Jamies got onto it as well. Suddenly she felt someone tugging on her braids, pulling her head back and down until her back was fully arched. Her tits were pointing straight up while her head dangled upside down. One of the dupes then entered her mouth from this angle. Dani eagerly sucked and licked the meaty shaft in her mouth. Another one of the guys then stood over her torso and pressed her tits together before sliding his dick between them. His cock was quite slick so she figured it was Jamie prime who had just been in her very wet pussy a minute ago. The last dupe took her hand and brought it to his cock which she started to rub.


"You know Jamie," she said once she managed to get her mouth free for a moment. "I still have one empty hand."


"Going to the record." She heard the one fucking her tits say, confirming he was the original. He snapped his fingers and then Dani felt another hard cock make its way into her other hand. She moaned as she started sucking the one in her face again. She was now pleasuring six of him all at once, and they were making her feel good all over.


After a while the Jamies started trading places and it kept up this way for quite a while. Each of them was in pure bliss, whether they were fucking her warm wet pussy, having her expertly stroke them with her hands, feeling the tightness of her ass, her tongue and lips sucking their lengths, or her big soft tits wrapped around their cocks, at one point one of them even pressed together and fucked the arches of her feet. Dani was proving to be a sexual goddess, never leaving any of them wanting. 


Dani lost count of how many times she came as the six Jamies fucked all of her holes. She was currently riding out one of these orgasms, her body being hit with waves of pleasure, her toes curling. Her scream once again being muffled by a cock in her mouth. Her climaxes had been getting more and more intense this being the biggest of all. Once it was finally done she felt like her body was just going to give out. 


"Alright that's all the fucking I can take." She told them through her gasping breaths. "Now I want you all to cover me in your cum."


The Jamies moved from under and on top of Dani and let the sexy young woman lay in the center of the bed as they surrounded her. Her skin was glowing with a sheen of sweat. As she laid in the middle of them they started stroking themselves, admiring the sight of her body in front of them. Dani kept her hands busy as well, whether she was reaching out to stroke a cock or rub one of their balls. She would play with herself too, squeezing her tits or rubbing her clit, always trying to look one of them in the eye. Sometimes one of them would reach out to touch her as well, pinching her nipples or fingering her pussy.


"Mmmmm come on boys cum all over me. Please, I need it so bad." Dani said, biting her lower lip. The dirty talk egging them all on.


Soon one of the Jamies let out a grunt and started cumming, then like dominos the others all joined in. Dani's body writhed and she moaned as she felt the thick liquid spraying across her body. There were so many of them that it rained down on her face, her hair, her tits, her stomach, her pussy and her thighs. She'd never been coated in so much cum at once and she loved it. She started smearing the white globs around her tits as the Jamies fell away from her, all of them exhausted.


Jamie prime blindly flopped his arms around until he found each dupe and reabsorbed them one by one until he was the only Jamie remaining. He laid beside Dani on the bed as they both took heavy breaths.


"Thank you." Dani said to him.


"Me?" He asked "You were the one just taking on six guys at once. No one has ever asked for six before."


"Like I told you, I'd been fantasizing about it for a long time." She explained, her fingers absentmindedly swirling and playing with some of the cum on her stomach. "Without you it probably never would have happened."


"Well you definitely excelled at it." He told her.


"Thanks." She said with a smile.


"You know I should probably go see if Layla is here yet." He said as he started getting up.


"You go ahead, I'm just going to rest her for a bit." Dani told him.


"Sure thing." Jamie answered, he went to gather his close then realised he had five sets laying on the floor. "Ah screw it." He said quietly to himself before just leaving it all there and heading out naked.


Dani laid on the bed smiling contently for a few minutes. She would have been happy if the night ended there but she was already imagining all the other things she could try for the first time. She then hopped up from the bed and eagerly left the room, still covered in cum.


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