Slaves of Sif

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"I think it's safe to say I have won our little bet." Sif announced gleefully, "Wouldn't you agree Commander Hill?"

Maria Hill would have loved to disagree, but Wanda had clearly cum first and any argument would be quickly shut down through the use of instant replay, which Wanda would be able to quickly and easily provide for her Mistress. It would maybe by her another minute before her inevitable humiliation, but she would come across as whiny in the process, so Maria reluctantly concluded that her best course of action was to submit to Sif and use every ounce of her willpower to avoid becoming just another mindless slave of Sif. And there was some hope to doing that, as Natasha had been able to resist. So Maria gave a little nod of her head, causing Sif to beam happily at her agreement.

"Excellent." Sif grinned, pushing Wanda away, "Shall we begin with a nice hard spanking?"

Even though it was phrased as a question the way Sif pushed off her harness, sat on Maria's desk and patted her lap made it clear that the alien wasn't asking, so even as she moved to comply Maria firmly said, "You'll pay for this."

"Oh Maria, I really shall miss your stubborn defiance when you're a mindless slut." Sif smiled wickedly.

After giving Sif another glare Maria sighed and then bent herself over the other woman's knee. Up until now she had been able to avoid humiliation, probably for a record amount of time given who she was dealing with, and she had hoped there would be some sort of rescue attempt by now, but there had been no sign of any other SHIELD agents since Sif had managed to break her way into her office, meaning that the ranking officers directly below her were still probably arguing with each other about the best course of action, so it was hard not to lose hope. Still, she tried to put on a brave face as for the first time tonight Maria Hill subjected herself to humiliation.

Of course Sif just had to make it worse by savouring her victory instead of just getting on with it, leaving Maria hanging there with her ass exposed, which the cameras were of course focusing on. Then Sif reached down and started fondling her ass like a butcher with a piece of meat, which was something Maria had done to Natasha a lot to emphasise their roles, and honestly because she just had the best butt in the entire universe. Maria's ass paled in comparison, and yet Sif still treated it like something special, which was actually a little flattering. But mostly it was humiliating, and Maria was almost relieved when the first strike came.

It was hard and rough, but luckily Maria had been anticipating something like that and thanks to her teeth being tightly clenched she barely let out a sound. The same could be said for the next half a dozen blows, although they were much easier to take as they were not only softer and more teasing but there was plenty of time in between the strikes. Sif spent the entire time groping her ass, which was just as humiliating as when she had originally done it, but it also soothed the pain away, so honestly Maria didn't hate it. Which wasn't the case for the later spanking, Maria having to grit her teeth incredibly hard to prevent from embarrassing herself any further, and even then a few cries escaped her lips, and tears escaped her eyes.

Sif had been in no hurry to get to that hard butt beating as she had been having so much fun humiliating The Director of SHIELD. She loved doing these things to her sluts, but there was definitely something to be said for forcing this upon a woman who still had some dignity. And upon further inspection Sif wasn't sure she'd ever taken down a more dignified woman than Maria Hill, which just made every moment of this more satisfying. Especially the moment she forced a little cry out of her lips with the first series of hard spanks, concentrating on one area and making the already pink flesh go red under that spot, before resuming her groping to massaged it better.

Using these techniques even the weakest of her slaves could survive a spanking for quite a while, and for someone headstrong like Maria it insured not only with the spanking last longer but the humiliation of it would be more devastating. It was also just incredibly enjoyable to savour her favourite part of a woman's body, in this case knowing that she was about to added to her ever-growing collection of female butts she could spank and fuck whenever Sif wanted. And sure, Maria's rump wasn't quite as well-rounded as Natasha's, but it did possess a pleasing roundness, and the fact that she was dealing with a virgin ass hole would make what to come even better. And for now she was more than happy to just spank this ass until the mighty Maria Hill wept for her.

It took an impressively long time for that to happen, and Sif didn't have too slowly increase the force of her blows quite a bit, but this stubborn woman was just fighting the inevitable. Sure enough Maria's body relaxed in defeat and The Director of SHIELD began openly weeping like a naughty child being punished. Which of course only pushed Sif to increase the force and power of her strikes even more until she was practically using every ounce of her strength, or at least as much of it as she dared with the human, resulting in Maria's initial soft weeping turn into hysterical bawling, her cheeks to jiggle violently and become dark red and bruised from the onslaught.

Even by Sif's standards this was a brutal spanking, one she would not normally inflict on a human slave. At least not when she was in such a good mood. But Maria had forced her by her being stubborn. Sure, she liked that stubbornness, but she was sending a message to the women of this world what any kind of resistance would get them, and it would be so far more pleasurable for them if they just drop to their knees and pledged loyalty to her the second they were given such an opportunity. Sif was also doing this to hurt Natasha, and thanks to Wanda she was able to get a good look at the mighty Black Widow's face and see the subtle traces of pain on it without having to look away from Maria's brutalised butt.

Natasha hated seeing Maria like this. Partly because she loved her and she didn't want to see her in pain, but also partly because Maria was such an awesome top that it would be tragic if Sif actually succeeded in breaking her. Natasha tried to tell herself that it was mostly the former, but the truth was she had fallen in love with Maria because despite having no powers and being physically weaker than her she had conquered her, and the prospect of her conqueror being conquered was both upsetting, and incredibly arousing. At this moment it looked inevitable, Natasha half expecting Maria to beg for mercy and then break completely, promising to become just another slave of Sif if it would end her pain. Which at this point Natasha couldn't blame her.

Just as Maria seemed like she was about to break Sif unceremoniously threw her to the floor and ordered, "Eat my cunt!"

Proving that there was at least some fight left in her Maria didn't instantly obey, causing a tiny flutter of hope to reignite in Natasha's heart. Although that could have been because of emotional and physical exhaustion, or maybe Maria was overwhelmed by how humble she now felt. Either way Maria looked up at Sif timidly, then lowered her gaze to her cunt, licked her lips, and then got to her knees and slowly shuffled forwards. When she was close enough Sif grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face deep into her pussy, Maria not hesitating to obey and starting to lick that tasty treat. Which again Natasha couldn't blame her, partly because Maria would want to avoid another butt beating when her ass was so sore, and partly because The Widow knew just how yummy Sif's pussy was.

Sif remained uncharacteristically silent for the first few licks to her pussy, then a wide smile crossed her face as she reached down to stroke Maria's hair, before giving her new pet more traditional encouragement, "Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, that's it Maria, lick my pussy. Mmmmmm, lick my pussy like you lick Natasha's. Oh yes, accept your place is my new pussy licker. Yessssss, mmmmm, you better get used to this Maria, because from now on you'll be doing it a lot. A lot more than you used to eat Natasha's cunt. Or anyone else for that matter. Oooooooh fuck yes, it tastes better than Natasha's, doesn't it? Yeahhhh, I'll make an eager little cunt lapper out of you yet Maria Hill. Mmmmmm, fuck, that's it! Eat me! Eat my cunt! Oh fuck!"

During their battle of dominance Maria had eaten her pussy plenty, but once she had made Natasha her bitch Maria mostly ignored her pussy. They both liked it that way, because Natasha had always seen eating pussy as a submissive thing, so as the bottom it was only right that she did the majority of the cunt lapping. Besides, Maria had a tasty little twat, and the lack of attention to her pussy was more than made up for by Maria's obsession with fucking her big fat ass. But now it was Maria forced into the role of the bottom, Sif constantly taunting them both quickly and switching from staring down at Maria and looking over at Natasha.

"Yessss, that's it you little dyke, eat that pussy!" Sif moaned gleefully, "Eat it! Mmmmm, eat it while your girlfriend watches. Ooooh, don't worry Maria, soon you'll be fighting over the honour of eating my pussy. Oh yeah, you'll both be my little lesbian sex slaves, squabbling over who gets the privilege of eating my pussy, mmmmm, and my ass, ohhhhh, and giving up your asses to me. Yeahhhhh, you'll totally stab each other in the back for the chance of worshipping your Mistress Sif. But for now, just concentrate on licking that little cunt of mine while Natasha wishes it was her. Don't you Natasha? Mmmmm, you wish it could be you instead of your girlfriend on your knees feasting on my yummy little pussy?"

"No." Natasha lied.

"Liar." Sif chuckled, calling her out.

Gritting her teeth and glaring Natasha decided to say something which was absolutely true, "I'd rather eat Maria's pussy."

"Really?" Sif grinned, "Well, maybe if you asked nicely enough, I'll let you."

"Please, may I eat her pussy?" Natasha asked after initially glaring at the other woman. Then when Sif looked at her expectantly Natasha pleaded with more sincerity, "Please, Mistress Sif, allow me the privilege of eating Maria Hill's pussy. I can just about see it where I'm standing, and it looks so good. So tasty. So full of yummy girl cum from butt fucking me. Please Sif? At least let me lick her ass hole. Anything so I can say thank you to her for the deep, hard ass pounding she just gave me. If this is the end of my girlfriend as I know her please allow me the chance to kiss her ass goodbye before you destroy it, and maybe her forever."

"Oh don't worry bitch, you'll get your chance to kiss her ass goodbye. But for now you can kiss mine hello. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, as your precious girlfriend eagerly licks my cunt you can kneel down opposite her and start tonguing my ass hole like the pathetic little bottom you are." Sif ordered, then after a pause push things further, "Now what do you say?"

"Yes Mistress." Natasha said through gritted teeth.

While she definitely didn't want to say that, and she would much rather have been making Maria feel good, Natasha supposed it was better then being left out entirely, like poor little Wanda, and slowly but surely obeyed, walking round behind Sif, dropping to her knees and pressing her lips to her left butt cheek. It annoyed her that the other woman didn't even bother looking over her shoulder, so sure was she that Natasha wouldn't try anything, and while it wouldn't do her any good Natasha was tempted to attack, even if it meant Maria would suffer the consequences. But no, she just obediently started kissing Sif's ass, much to Sif's clear delight.

"Yeahhhhhh, kiss my ass bitch! Mmmmmm, I love it when the mighty Black Widow kisses my ass." Sif taunted happily as she began to get double teamed, "Ooooooh yeahhhhh, kiss my ass while your girlfriend eats my pussy Natasha. Yeahhhhhh, that's it, go from cheek to cheek. Do a really good job of eating my ass out. There's no hurry. I want to enjoy this. Mmmmm fuck yes, I want to enjoy having the infamous Black Widow tossing my salad while The Director of SHIELD munches my muffin. Goooooddddddd yesssssss, mmmmmm, I want to savour this. Savour both of you worshipping me. Oh yes, I want to take my time having Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill eating my pussy and ass like the dyke whores they are!"

Sif taunted the two women she would soon fully enslave pretty much throughout the combination of the pussy and ass licking. There were times, like when Maria first started lingering on her clit, and when Natasha tried to literally shove her tongue up her ass, and particularly towards the end when Sif became mostly incoherent, but mostly she kept up the verbal humiliation. Not that Sif really paid that much attention to what she was actually saying. For the most part it didn't actually matter, what was important was she was humiliating two of the Earth's mightiest female warriors, in front of most of it's population, heightening her enjoyment in the process.

Pretty much everything about this gave Sif an incredible high, one which may have even challenged her impressive stamina, if it wasn't for the heart-breaking look on Wanda's face. Of all her slut Sif was almost becoming attached to the little Witch, and was tempted to let her join the party, even at the expense of pushing Maria or Natasha away from her. But no, it was important that Natasha and especially Maria pleasure her holes right now, and while it was tempting to pull Wanda up to sit on her face, or just let the girl grovel at her feet, the focus now needed to be on the mighty Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill submitting to the warrior goddess. Besides, she spoiled Wanda enough already.

Obviously reading that thought Wanda slipped into her mind, apologised for her greediness and then allowed Sif a perfect view of what she, and some of the cameras, were seeing. Namely Sif's tall and powerful body standing strong while two women kneel before her and worshipped her most sensitive holes. Of course Sif was still getting a wonderful view of that without Wanda's help, but she still very much appreciated it. The only problem was it pushed her towards orgasm faster than she originally intended, Sif having to really use all of her willpower to hold back from ordering her sluts to push her over the edge. Then again she was eager to get to the butt fucking and completely destroy Maria's will power, so Sif may have given her new slaves the privilege of making her cum sooner than usual.

"Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, lick my clit! Lick my clit just like that, just like that, ooooooooh fuck!" Sif moaned happily, pushing the faces of Maria and Natasha deeper into her pussy and ass, "Mmmmm, get that little tongue of yours up my butt Natasha. Yeahhhhhhh, deep up my butt! Mmmmm, give my butt a good cleaning before I take your girlfriend's butt cherry. Oh yeah Maria, mmmmmm, I'm about to wreck your ass. I'm about to destroy it and every ounce of your willpower and leave you a completely submissive lesbian sex slave! Yeahhhhhhh, I'm about to break you. But before I do, I'm going to allow you the privilege of making me cum. Yesssssss, shove your tongue deep inside me and make me cum! Make me cum in your hot little dyke mouth and all over your little lezzie face! Make me cum, I ordered both of you to make meeeeeeee aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, tongue fuck me, I want both of you to tongue fuck me, oh shit, come on sluts, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, oh fuck yes, ah fuck, ah fuck, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

In a move which both frustrated and impressed Sif when she did finally give the order Maria lingered on her clit for a little longer, just enough to keep her on the edge without pushing her over it. Then, just as it reach the point that Sif could no longer let such rebelliousness slide Maria pressed her tongue to the entrance of her superior and then slammed it as deep as it would go into Sif's cunt, causing the warrior goddess to cry out loudly in pure delight. Sif almost came just from that, and Natasha continuing to rim her. Thankfully she was able to hold back a bit before some hard tongue thrusting finally pushed her over the edge of a really satisfying climax, which much to her delight was quickly followed by more without prompting.

Maria hated to admit it, but Sif tasted good. Like, really good. Like she couldn't get enough of it good. And not after a few licks, but immediately, the proud top having to fight the urge to become completely lost in the joys of eating pussy. Which was a new experience for her. Not that she didn't like eating pussy, as Maria prided herself on being a top which actually returned the favour sometimes. But she saw pussy eating as mostly a submissive thing, and she wasn't a bottom. She was a top, although that became harder and harder to remember with every lick, and bizarrely even with every complement she received from Mistress Sif.

Then Mistress Sif came and... Sif! Maria had to remind herself of that. This was Sif, not Mistress Sif. Not to her. But that became harder than ever to remember as pure liquid heaven squirted directly into her mouth and down her throat. Of course Maria had thought Mistress Sif's regular cunt cream had been liquid heaven, but she had to redefine that meaning after the powerful woman came in her mouth and all over her face. Just like she had promised. Because wow, this was really something special, and Maria just couldn't swallow enough. Literally. She tried, God knows she tried, but Maria just couldn't swallow all of Mistress Sif's cum.

As soon as Mistress Sif's climax was done Maria shoved her tongue back inside the goddess and rapidly fucked her with it until she made the other woman cum again, at which point she pulled her tongue out as quickly as she could and then swallowed as much as Mistress Sif's heavenly cream as she could. This process was then repeated over and over again, her girlfriend helping her to get more of that yummy liquid, and more importantly to please the dominant woman. Unfortunately Mistress Sif started grinding against their faces, making it harder for Maria to swallow, but that was okay, as long as Mistress Sif was enjoying herself.

Sif certainly was, but it was not long before she pulled Maria and Natasha away from her, stepped out from between them, and then shoved their faces together while ordering, "Now kiss! Mmmmm yeahhhh, share my juices you filthy little sluts! Show the whole world what kind of whores The Black Widow and The Director of SHIELD truly are."

Not hesitating for a second Maria eagerly kissed Natasha. Maria always loved kissing Natasha, but this time she was rewarded with the taste of Sif's ass while she in turn gave the redhead a taste of the brunette's cum and pussy cream. It wasn't quite a fair exchange, as Natasha definitely got the better part of the deal, but there was something to be said for the kinkiness of tasting Sif's butt on her girlfriend's lips. Besides, Maria was used to tasting ass on Natasha's lips. Only it normally was Natasha's after she made the mighty Black Widow go ass to mouth. Only this was more enjoyable, because they were sharing the juices of the dominant brunette, and getting to kiss each other, which no matter what happened would always be one of Maria's favourite things.

As she watched the two powerful SHIELD members make out Sif murmured, "Wanda, strap my cock to me and suck it again."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda quickly obeyed, impatiently using her magic to secure the harness around Sif's waist before shoving it into her mouth and greedily beginning to suck on it.

Sif smirked at her bitch's obedience, and gently cupped Wanda's head lovingly while continuing to watch the show in front of her for a few more minutes, before ordering, "Maria, bend over! Time to lose your back door cherry. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, I want you to bend over your own desk like a good little bitch, so I can take your most intimate virginity and forever make you my anal loving slave! And your girlfriend is going to help. Oh yes, that's right Natasha, I want you to kneel down behind your precious Maria and bury your face in her butt. Rim her good. Make her first time easy on her. And make it easier for me to break her and make her mine. Come on Natasha, you don't want Maria to suffer do you?"

"No." Natasha grumbled hoarsely.

Natasha didn't think that was going to be an issue given just how eagerly Wanda was sucking Sif's cock, The Scarlet Witch already pretty much having the entire length shoved down her throat as she looked up lovingly at her Mistress. Hopefully Natasha, and more importantly Maria, would never become such a shameless slut, but it was becoming harder and harder to resist the dominant goddess known as Sif and her powerful magic. And Natasha was really worried for Maria. She hadn't offered up a sarcastic comment, or given her an apologetic look, or even hesitated. No, the mighty Maria Hill just lowered her head and immediately did as she was told, even crawling over to her desk before bending over it.

On the bright side it gave her a great view of Maria's ass, Natasha having a lot of fun memories of being 'forced' to literally kiss her boss's butt as a sign of her submission to her girlfriend. Sometimes Maria would even sit on her face and smother her with those firm little cheeks, Natasha tried to remind her that as she literally obeyed Sif's command by burying her face into her girlfriend's butt. At first she pushed so deep she could barely breathe, then she rubbed her face in that ass before covering her cheeks in kisses, just in case this really was the last time she would be able to worship this backside while Maria was still a top.

Finally she pulled those cheeks apart with her hands and started sliding her tongue up and down Maria's ass crack, gradually narrowing in on Maria's ass hole until Natasha was solely focused on that. Over and over again she licked that little virgin butt hole, not just up and down but swirling her tongue around it, and eventually trying to push her tongue into it. She didn't get very far, but enough to at least prepare Maria a little for the ultimate humiliation, Natasha confident that this combined with the blow job that Wanda was still lovingly giving to Sif would be enough to at least somewhat minimise the pain. It was certainly enough to maximise the pleasure Maria was currently feeling, given the constant moans, whimpers and cries coming from The Director of SHIELD. Or maybe she was just anticipating what was to come.

Sif was certainly enjoying the show, and while beginning to lazily fuck Wanda's throat she called out, "That's it Natasha, eat that yummy little ass! Mmmmm, make it nice and wet for me to fuck! Bury your face inside that ass and slobber all over it! Yeahhhhh, shove your tongue up where my cock is about to go! Right up your girlfriend's virgin ass! Oooooooh, it's going to be so sweet to take the anal cherry of The Director of SHIELD Maria Hill and turn her into my submissive little lesbian sex slave in front of you, and the whole world. And just think, we're kind of doing it together. Yessssss, you're making Maria's virgin butt hole nice and wet for me to take it and make it mine. Ohhhhhh, I know, why don't you shove a finger up there? Really make it ready for me to use as the fuck hole it will be from now on."

As Natasha knew that was an order and not a suggestion she reluctantly pulled her face out of Maria's butt, glared at the grinning Sif, then slid a couple of fingers into Maria's cunt, making her girlfriend cry out extra loudly. After a minute or two of pumping those fingers in and out Natasha switched holes, slowly pressing her now wet index finger against Maria's virgin ass hole and slowly pushing forwards until she was knuckle deep. In a way this was taking Maria's anal cherry, although she knew Maria and Sif wouldn't see it that way. And no matter how much she tried too neither could Natasha. But it was so thrilling to slide first her index finger in and out of that forbidden hole, and then make her middle finger join it. It was also worrying as although she tried to hide it Maria clearly enjoyed being anally violated, making it look even more like she was about to become just another slave of Sif.

Knowing that full well a grinning Sif gently pushed Wanda away from her and walked over to the desk while ordering, "Okay Natasha, that should be enough preparation for Maria's ass. Now I want you to spread Maria's cheeks for me. Mmmmm, show me that little cherry I'm about to pop. Yessssss, offer it up to me. Offer up your girlfriend's virgin ass hole to me as a gift. As a sign that you're both mine now. That you're nothing now but slaves of Sif."

"Fuck you." Natasha grumbled, wishing it was Maria who had done that while doing as she was told.

Sif let out a soft gasp of delight and lust as Natasha slowly and reluctantly spread Maria's cheeks for her, exposing that cute little virgin rosebud glistening with the redhead's saliva. For a few long minutes Sif just stared at that wonderful sight, before taking a firm grasp of the dildo she was wearing, and then press the head against Maria's virgin ass hole. She then paused again, partly to savour the moment of her victory, but also because Sif could practically taste the despair coming from the two women in front of her. Despair, overwhelming lust, and most importantly stubbornness from Maria. Stubbornness she would rob from her, just as she was about to rob her of her anal cherry.

To further stretch that out when she did finally move forward Sif did it as slowly as possible, for the same reasons as before, and she just loved the sight of a virgin back door opening for a cock for the very first time. Ultimately though Maria's virgin butt hole stretched wide enough for the head of that cock to slide through it and into Maria's rectum, officially meaning that the ass cherry of the Director of SHIELD Maria Hill would forever belong to Sif. And the whole world knew it. More importantly they saw it, Wanda still making sure that Sif knew exactly what was being broadcast all over the world, even though Sif's mind was very much focused on this precious moment she had been working to for so long.

Revelling in her victory Sif took the longest pause yet, so much so Wanda actually reminded her through their mental link that a certain amount of showmanship was appropriate for the situation. Which made Sif smile widely, spare her wonderful Wanda a glance and a nod, before focusing on the perfect sight before her, and making it even more perfect by beginning to slowly slide the rest of her strap-on cock deep into Maria's rectum. This caused Maria to let out a sound like a fish being gutted, maybe proving that she didn't have the kind of slutty ass that was made for fucking, like her girlfriend. But it mattered not, Sif would turn this forbidden hole into an eager cock depository, and she would do it in the most humiliating way possible.

"Oh Natasha, Maria's ass hole is so tight." Sif moaned with delight, sparing the mighty Black Widow a glance, "Mmmmm, your girlfriend's virgin ass hole is nice and tight. Tighter than your ass ever was I wager. Ohhhhh yes, Maria Hill's ass hole is so wonderfully tight. It's going to make the perfect little fuck hole for me."

Unsurprisingly Natasha, or Maria for that matter, didn't respond. However it wasn't just that they didn't try any backtalk, it was the fact that they barely made a sound at all, even during the anal penetration itself. Also Natasha kept eye contact with her, which Sif found adorable. Especially as she got the feeling that Natasha had counted the fact that Sif looked away first to be a victory, at least until she realised she only did it because she couldn't bare to miss a moment of penetrating Maria's butt. Sif even stopping during her brief time looking at Natasha because she didn't want to miss a single inch of that big dildo disappearing into Maria's widely stretched ass hole.

Natasha didn't either, which was why she was grateful that for the fact that Mistress Sif, no! Just Sif, she reminded herself, looked away first, giving her the chance to look at that wonderful and horrible sight once again. After all, given her many years of being obsessed with both giving, and then receiving, anal sex Natasha would never not find the stretching of a beautiful woman's butt hole wonderful. However this was the woman she loved, and the perfect top, being anally violated right in front of her eyes, and thanks to Sif she had a front row seat to seeing her girlfriend receiving the ultimate humiliation, their only hope now was that Maria would be able to resist the urge to break completely and prove to the world that Sif wasn't unstoppable.

So far Maria was doing very well, at least as far as Natasha could tell. Controlled responses, relaxing but not giving in, neither giving Sif the satisfaction of hearing her cry out in pain or moan in pleasure, etc. The only downside was that Natasha didn't know what Maria was actually feeling right now, and even if she could see her face she had no doubt that her stubborn girlfriend would hide how much the ultimate humiliation of a dick up her ass was affecting her. Although she couldn't help let out a cry when Sif's thighs finally came to rest against her ass cheeks, announcing that the warrior goddess had succeeded in stuffing every inch of her cock deep within Maria's back passage.

"You see Natasha? You see how Maria's butt hole surrenders to me?" Sif smirked wickedly, "Mmmmmm, it's mine now. Just like every other part of her soon will be."

Neither Natasha or Maria could really offer up any response as Sif began pumping her hips back and forth, causing the dildo to slowly slide out of Maria's now formally virgin ass hole and officially begin Maria Hill's first ever butt fucking. Despite herself Natasha couldn't help but find it hot, especially as she had an up-close look at the penetration, which she couldn't take her eyes off of. Also there was the sounds of pleasure coming out of Maria's no doubt quite tightly closed mouth, her stubborn girlfriend desperately trying to hide the fact she was enjoying herself, although she should know better than anyone it was only a matter of time, especially with such a skilled lover as Sif.

All of a sudden Sif pulled her strap-on out of Maria's ass, pressed it against Natasha's lips and ordered, “Suck it slut! Suck the taste of your girlfriend's virgin ass off my dick!"

Greedy little ass to mouth slut that she was, or at least had been turned into, Natasha wrapped her lips around that toy almost immediately. Hopefully Maria would understand that, and not see this as a betrayal. In a way it wasn't, because Natasha was taking the focus off of her and revelling in her own humiliation, spending most of the blow job boldly looking Sif in the eye. Which of course just made Sif laughed wickedly and continue to taunt her as Natasha slowly but surely took inch after inch of that strap-on into her mouth and down her throat, thoroughly cleaning it of all the yummy ass cream that had been covering it.

Wanda had been watching with interest at every little nasty thing that was happening. She had too, after all she was the camera guy. But this part particularly got her attention. Mistress Sif had gently explained that her focus needed to be Natasha and Maria, and as much as that made Wanda extremely jealous right now it made sense. But whenever Mistress Sif started making her sluts go ass to mouth she usually shared the love, and Wanda's mouth was watering right now at the thought of being allowed to taste the ass of The Director of SHIELD. And sure enough after feeding Natasha her girlfriend's butt juices a few times Mistress Sif pulled her cock out of Maria's ass and pointed it in Wanda's direction.

Just to make it crystal clear Sif then called out, "Wanda, get your sexy, and thoroughly ruined, ass over here so you can taste Maria Hill's dyke butt."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda eagerly replied.

In a flash Wanda was kneeling down beside Mistress Sif and opening her mouth wide, allowing her owner to shove her cock inside it. Wanda then moaned with pure joy at tasting the deepest part of Maria's bowels, savouring that wonderfully new but familiar flavour for a few long seconds before beginning to bob her head up and down the dildo. Slowly but surely Wanda took every inch into her mouth and down her throat, thoroughly cleaning Mistress Sif's strap-on of every drop of Director Hill's anal cream. Of course then Mistress Sif pulled her cock out of her mouth and rammed it back into Maria's ass, but as she wasn't told otherwise Wanda stayed where she was, and was rewarded for it with another batch of ass cream.

For the next few minutes Mistress Sif went back and forth between the mouths of Wanda and Natasha, and Maria's ass hole, and as much as Wanda definitely preferred being the slut going ass to mouth there was something to be said for being this close to the action. Her powers allowed her any view she wanted, but to truly have her face inches away from the other woman's gaping butt hole was something special, especially as in this case when that woman's girlfriend was greedily sucking the flavour of her ass off their Mistress Sif's dick. It was a joy that Wanda received regularly, thanks to the likes of Darcy and Jane, and even the aliens, but it was super thrilling now as these were not only dangerous women but women who hadn't been fully conquered. At least not yet.

It looked like Mistress Sif was fairly close to achieving that though, which she happily pointed out, "Mmmmm yessss, that's it. Suck it! Ohhhhhh fuck, you look good with a cock in your mouth Natasha. I've always thought that. I bet the entire world has imagined it. The Black Widow on her knees, sucking a big juicy cock. Perhaps they have even imagined you sucking their cocks, or their dildos. But I bet none of them imagine seeing you sucking your own girlfriend's ass off of a strap-on dick, but here you are, slurpping that dildo like a little ass to mouth whore. Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, suck it whore! Take it deep down your throat. Get every drop of your girlfriend's ass cream off that big dick of mine."

As she continued taunting them Mistress Sif firmly grabbed the back of Natasha's head and then began thrusting her hips back and forth. At first she did this fairly gently, giving Natasha plenty of chances to get used to it, but it wasn't that long before she was roughly pounding Natasha's throat, her thighs smacking off Natasha's face so hard that it would almost certainly bruise. Then she did the same to Wanda, the only difference being that while Natasha whimpered in humiliation Wanda whimpered enjoy that her mouth was an acceptable cunt, or ass hole, for Mistress Sif to fuck, Wanda staring up at her owner the entire time she was face fucked with pure love and devotion, and making sure that the cameras saw that.

"Ohhhhhh yesssss, that's it Wanda, take it! Take it! Take that cock down your pretty little throat!" Sif growled with delight while fucking Wanda's face, before eventually switching holes again "Yessssss, your mouth make such a good little cunt. Or ass hole. Just like Natasha's. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff are nothing but fuck holes on legs, their every orifice mine to use however I want! Mmmmmm, mine to fuck. And so are you Maria. You're just a fuck hole now. Yeahhhhhh, you're nothing but a little bitch who loves it up the ass! Admit it. Admit it Maria, and I will introduce you to pleasure you could have never imagined. The ecstasy of being a bottom that your precious Natasha has learned with you, and more importantly with me. Just as she's learned that I am a true Alpha female, and no one can fuck her like Mistress Sif. Isn't that right Natasha? Oh yes, you love it when I fuck you, don't you? Especially when it's your fat ass I'm fucking, but you also love it when I ram your throat, especially when my cock is flavoured with whore butt! Mmmmm yessssss, especially now it's your whore girlfriend's butt! Ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssssss, suck it, suck Maria Hill's whore butt off of my cock, oh fuck!"

Maria was whimpering and even crying in frustration at this point. The spanking and pussy eating had been bad enough but now she just needed to cum so badly it hurt. The relentless thrusts had loosened her rectum to the point where even when Sif started rapidly shoving every inch of that cock back up her ass all she felt was pleasure. In fact she almost came from it, and had to grit her teeth to stop herself from begging Mistress Sif to give her a few more of those thrusts that she could finally cum. She thought she could wait it out, that Sif would lose her patients with her, but unfortunately the other top seemed perfectly content with making her bitches go ass to mouth, first Natasha and then Wanda thoroughly cleaning that dildo until Maria just couldn't take it anymore and she finally snapped.

"FUCK ME! PLEASE FUCK ME!" Maria yelled at the top of her lungs, before whimpering, "Fuck me and make me cum!"

Sif smiled briefly in delight, and then smacked Maria's ass and demanded, "Not good enough. You want to cum, then you're going to swear to be my slave. Swearing loudly and proudly to the cameras. And to your girlfriend."

Maria let out a pathetic cry, gave Natasha an apologetic look which really broke the redhead's heart, and then went back and forth between looking at her girlfriend and the cameras as Maria broke down entirely, "I'm... I'm a slave of Sif. All I want to be is a slave of Sif. The only thing I ever want to be is a slave of Sif. Please, Mistress Sif, allow me the privilege of being your slave. Let me be your lesbian sex slave and I swear I'll spend my every waking moment trying to please you. You can have my mouth, cunt and ass whenever you want. They're yours to use, or giveaway. I'll be your whore Mistress Sif! Your anal whore. Your pussy whore. Your dyke whore. I swear I'll be whatever you want me to be, just fuck me and make me cum! Butt fuck me like a bitch and make me cum like a little slut! Mmmmm, a butt slut Your butt slut. I'm... I'm sorry Natasha, I need this. I need to become a slave of Sif. Please make me your slave Mistress Sif. I want that more than anything. Please? I NEED IT! PLEASE! PLEASE?"

"You want it? Show me." Sif challenged, pulling her dick out of Wanda's mouth and laying down on Maria's desk before ordering, "Ride my dick with your slutty little ass hole and prove just how bad you want to be my slave."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Maria whimpered weakly, causing her new Mistress to chuckle in delight.

Deliriously Maria did as she was told, scrambling up onto her desk, positioning herself over Mistress Sif's big dick and then slamming herself down on every inch of it as fast and as hard as she could. She use the same speed and force to start sodomising herself, the Director of SHIELD giving up every ounce of her dignity just so that she could finally cum. Before today Maria couldn't imagine anything worth that, but she was quickly proven wrong as the most powerful orgasm she'd ever received rocked her body. And it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as the proud and dignified Maria Hill literally wrecked her rectum with every ounce of her strength.

Just when Maria didn't think it could possibly get any better Mistress Sif grabbed her by the hips and started jack-hammering the dick in and out of her butt hole at what seemed to be lightning speed. At first Maria tried to keep up with this, try to keep contributing to her own sodomy, but it was just no use. Mistress Sif was in control now. Which was something the powerful and wonderful goddess made crystal clear as she jumped off of the desk and stood in the centre of the room while hammering Maria up and down her big cock, using Maria's body like a ragdoll with a fuck hole. Oh yes, that's all Maria was. She wasn't the Director of SHIELD. She was just a fuck hole, and that's all she ever wanted to be.

As she wrapped her legs and arms around the incredibly strong body of the warrior goddess and stared lovingly into her eyes Maria realised how silly she had been to think she could ever compare to such an Alpha female like this. She actually thought she had a chance to deny Mistress Sif what was rightfully hers. Worse, she had thought she had the right. She didn't. All she was, all she would ever be was a slutty little bottom aching for a real woman to fuck her, and Maria was just lucky that this incredible Dom had given her the wonderful privilege of becoming a slave of Sif. Maria just hoped that her bitch hole was pleasing her goddess, which was the last coherent thought that went through her head before she became completely mindless.

Sif loved taking other women like this. It so simply showed off her power and dominance, and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the woman she was taking was submissive to her. Which was always the case when it came to anal sex, but there was just something special about holding the other woman up with her strength alone, bouncing her up and down like the simple toy she was while staring into her eyes, allowing Sif to silently tell her latest conquest she was now nothing but an orifice for her pleasure. A walking fuck hole. Not that they should feel shame for this. No, they were fulfilling their purpose in life by becoming a slave of Sif.

From the look in her eye and on her face the mighty Maria Hill had finally accepted that being Sif's slave was her true purpose. It was almost disappointing, as Maria had put up quite a fight. Not quite as much as her girlfriend Natasha Romanoff, but it was still impressive, this feeble human proving more stubborn than creatures from other worlds who had been far more of a physical challenge. But in the end, the result was the same, and the Director of SHIELD became just another notch on Sif's belt. And the entire world was watching it. More importantly everyone in SHIELD was seeing it, including Maria's precious girlfriend who looked oh so deliciously disappointed in her, Sif silently thanking Wanda for providing her with that sight without having to look away from her freshly defeated opponent.

It was the addition of the look on Natasha's face which pushed Sif over the edge of her own climax. She had held back for a long time, and she was able to push through several wonderful orgasms, but even the stamina of a goddess had it's limits and Sif knew if she wanted to maintain her air of total dominance she was going to need to stop before she collapsed. Although she was having so much fun she was almost tempted. Oh well, there would be plenty of time for that when she got Maria, Natasha and Wanda back to her bace. There she could line them up and brutally pound their little butt holes until she collapsed into sleep, safe in the knowledge that Wanda, and perhaps Maria, would protect her.

Further proof of that came when Sif finally came to a stop, as although Maria whimpered in relief at having her sore butt no longer violated she also whimpered in disappointment, and then started sliding her ass up and down Sif's strap-on with what was left of her own strength. Which wasn't much, and it really was a pathetic attempt at continuing the sodomy, but that only made it more delightful, Sif literally bursting out laughing at Maria's efforts. Maria then gave her a kicked puppy expression, which Sif gently kissed away before roughly pulling Maria off her cock, causing the broken brunette to let out another pathetic cry and then collapsed to the ground once Sif let go of her.

Sif forced a disgusted look onto her face as she peered down at Maria, then asked her, "What are you?"

"Yours." Maria whimpered without moving.

"Look at your Mistress when she is talking to you!" Wanda snapped, her eyes glowing, "And address her properly."

"Sorry! Sorry... I'm sorry." Maria mumbled deliriously as she quickly got onto her knees, stumbling downwards unsteadily and playing it off by kissing her Mistress's feet a few times before looking up at her with wonder, "I'm yours Mistress Sif. I'm your bitch. I'm anything you want me to be. I'm, I'm a slave of Sif."

Sif took a few long seconds to enjoy her victory, smirking down at the defeated women and then at Natasha before grabbing hold of Maria's hair, pulling her and shoving her face into the news camera while ordering her latest conquest, "Say it again! Tell the whole world what you are!"

"I'm Mistress Sif's bitch!" Maria said loudly and proudly into the camera with a beaming smile, "I'm her ass whore, her butt slut, her little anal junkie! I'm her cunt muncher, her pussy licker, her pet dyke! I'm hers. All hers. I'm her slave! I am a slave of Sif."

"Now present your gaping butt hole to the cameras." Sif commanded.

Maria immediately scrambled up to her feet and turned around so that her butt was facing the camera her Mistress Sif had just shoved her face into. She almost bent over and spread her cheeks just as fast, but being a former top Maria cautiously guest that wasn't what Mistress Sif wanted. So instead she did it as slowly as possible, the smile on the face of her new owner telling Maria it was the right call, which made her heart flutter with submissive joy. She was so glad that the lessons she had learned in her former life would now make her a better slave, as there was nothing more she wanted than to please the woman who had now completely broken her and revealed what she was always meant to be, a filthy little anal loving bottom, just like her precious Natasha.

Sparing her now former bitch a glance Maria felt a faint flicker of embarrassment at the look on Natasha's face, but it quickly passed. Soon Natasha would be broken too, and then they could be slaves of Sif together. For now they were both given the opportunity to admire Mistress Sif's handiwork, because of course while Wanda had caused a camera to appear just to further humiliate Maria there were in fact cameras all around, allowing the two spies to see deep into her butt hole thanks to Maria shamelessly displaying her gape. The blissful happiness she felt was once again interrupted as Maria debated what to do next. Should she admit what she was again? It would be redundant, but it was what Mistress Sif had said she wanted earlier.

Ultimately deciding to go for it Maria cautiously whimpered, "I'm... I'm Mistress Sif's slave. I'm nothing but her personal fuck hole. I exist to be used. I-"

"Shut up and suck my cock." Sif suddenly ordered.

As she spoke Mistress Sif walked round so that her crotch was level with Maria's face and guided her strap-on to the lips of her latest conquest. Not hesitating to obey Maria parted her lips so that her Mistress could push the head of the dildo directly into her mouth. Instantly Maria was reminded that this was the dildo used to rob her of her anal virginity, and had been pounded deep into her bowels. Which would have been an unbearable humiliation for her old self. And it still was a humiliation, but now she welcomed it, as it was a chance to show her submission to her conqueror, and the entire world. And yes, even to her precious Natasha.

Given her current position it was a little hard, but Maria guessed that her Mistress wanted her to continue exposing her gape while sucking the ass flavoured cock, as it add to the humiliation. Luckily Mistress Sif found another way to add the humiliation by which the beginning to fuck Maria's mouth, slowly and gently at first to give The Director of SHIELD plenty of time to savour the flavour of her own butt. Then she started pushing more and more of the dildo into Maria's mouth while gradually picking up the pace, eventually began to throat fuck Maria and make her violently choke and gag. Yet still Maria spread her cheeks and did her best to suck the cock ravaging her throat, because it was what her Mistress wanted.

Through it all Sif was nice enough to provide commentary, "Yes, that's it Maria, suck my cock. Suck the cock which just popped your anal cherry. Mmmmm yes, you like that, don't you? You like the taste of your own ass? You like to taste it on your Mistress's big cock after she's fucked your ass with it? Yes you do don't you, that's okay, so do my other sluts. And your girlfriend certainly does, isn't that right Natasha? Mmmmm yesssss, The Black Widow loves nothing more than to taste her own ass after her Mistress has fucked it, and very soon she'll be on her knees and shamelessly sucking my cock after I have broken her and added her to my collection of hot little walking fuck holes!"

"We'll see." Natasha briefly spoke up, which just received a wicked smile from Mistress Sif.

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