Slaves of Sif

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Jane Foster didn't like women. More accurately women didn't like her, called her names and gossiped about her behind her back, but she was getting off topic. The point was she wasn't sexually attracted to women... or at least she hadn't been until Darcy Lewis bulldozed her way into her life. Then Jane started having these thoughts, but she thought if she was gay or bisexual she would have known before now, so it must be some kind of fluke. Then her van crashed into a woman only to become scrap metal upon impact, the mysterious woman effortlessly carrying herself and her assistant out of the wreckage and giving them some weird herbs to eat before picking them up again and carrying them to their crappy apartment building.

"I'm sorry we hit you." Jane whispered lamely as the woman carried her to her bed.

Sif smiled, "Like I said, it is I who owe you the apology Lady Jane. My timing was unfortunate, but I think I know how I can make it up to you."

"How?" Jane asked out of curiosity, still confused what was going on.

Then Jane blushed furiously as Sif cupped her cheek and softly spoke again, "Some time ago an enchantress named Lorelai cast a spell on me. It was meant as a punishment, revenge for imprisoning her for her crimes, by turning me into an abomination like her, but worse. See, she is irresistible to men, while she made me equally irresistible to women. Such a thing in my world is often considered deviant behaviour, and at first I was furious. But, over time, I came to adore the effect I have on my gender, and have become highly efficient at pleasing the women who flock to me. I now wish to please you, Lady Jane."

Jane's head was spinning. Sif had been talking about 'her world' for the better part of an hour, which was all the time it took for this exotic creature to get them out of the desert and safely back home, yet despite the impossible incident with the van Jane still wasn't sure what to believe. She never liked jumping to conclusions, even when there was significant evidence placed in front of her that suggested there was no other conclusion, and yet she couldn't deny Sif's words. To do so seem disrespectful to this... this goddess. Besides, Jane could barely stop herself from reaching up and pressing her lips to the other woman's, and not in the casual way she had felt when she had first met Darcy, but the way she felt being around her assistant now she'd had time to fall for the curvaceous woman.

Her desire was such that Jane closed her eyes the second Sif lowered her head downwards, however instead of simply kissing her the stronger woman whispered, "Before we start, it may comfort you to know that if I am convinced a woman is only interested in me thanks to Lorelai's magic I'll let her go. That is very rare as most of the women I meet have at least a passing desire for their own gender, and I'd wager you have much more than a little curiosity given the way you look at Lady Darcy, and the way she looks at you. Tell me Lady Jane, are the two of you together, or are you resisting your desires as so many women do?"

Taken aback at the question Jane blushed, and then stammered, "D, Darcy is my intern, and my friend, I... I could never..."

"As I suspected." Sif smiled softly, stroking Jane's face, "Don't worry my lady, I will ensure that the two of you become lovers. But first, I would have you both."

Jane opened her mouth to protest, or at least she thought she did. Honestly when Sif pressed her lips to hers things became a little foggy, her brilliant mind clouded and she became overwhelmed by being kissed by another woman. Overwhelmed how soft it was, how good it felt, how despite the opening Sif didn't try sticking her tongue down her throat like so many of the men she had dated or at least gone on a one-off date with. This was so much better than that. This was better than almost anything Jane had ever experienced before, and it only got better when Sif finally added her tongue to the mix.

As Sif gently brushed the astrophysicist's lips with her tongue and then pushed it inside the other brunette's mouth Jane found herself wondering if all women kissed this way. If Darcy kissed this way. Actually, after getting to know the girl Jane guessed that Darcy would be more like her ex-boyfriends. Forceful right from the start, and so very sloppy. Somehow that appealed more when Jane thought of Darcy doing it. Then Jane was awoken from her thoughts by Sif breaking the kiss, the brilliant brunette letting out an embarrassing whimper as she wondered what she could have done to displease this goddess of a woman.

Of course that wasn't the case, Sif gently caressing her face and softly telling her, "If we have sex, I guarantee you it will be the most satisfying experience of your life. However, you will be mine forever. Even if I leave you here you will ache for me, and if I allow you to become part of my collection then the days I don't touch you will be even worse. You will become a slave to your innermost desires, and in time you will beg to be collared and branded, your body becoming nothing but a toy for me to play with whenever I want. Is that what you truly want Jane Foster? Do you wish to become my slave?"

It was absurd. On some level Jane understood it was absurd, but in that moment she couldn't bear to say anything but, "Yes."

Sif smiled, "Let me know if you change your mind. In the meantime, you will refer to me as Mistress. Anything else, or forgetting to do so, will result in punishment. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress." Jane replied without hesitation.

"Good. Very good my little pet." Sif smiled softly before closing the gap between them once again.

As this was Jane's first time with a woman Sif kissed her for a very long time, the warrior woman gently resting herself on top of her prey as they both clearly enjoyed this sign of affection. Then again, Sif had always enjoyed kissing, and she had quickly grown to prefer kissing women to men. Lorelai's sorcery no doubt had a hand in that, but as she felt Jane's soft lips, and soft body in general, pressed against her own Sif wondered why it had taken a spell to make her realise that, at least for her, women made superior mates.

It was not the first time she had thought such a thing, nor would it likely be the last, but this was not the time to wonder such a mystery. This was the time to concentrate on her latest conquest, the perfect porcelain doll which was Jane Foster, the little human who was now kissing her back without any of the nervousness of the initial kiss. True, Jane was not the greatest kisser, but she did a pretty good job at massaging Sif's tongue with both her mouth and her own tongue, and she helpfully lifted herself up when necessary to make it easy for Sif to remove her clothing. Sif had found in the past if a first timer was nervous, like Jane clearly was, leaving their underwear on was a good way to relax them, which Sif did. Partly.

Jane's panties stayed where they were, but Sif removed everything else, including the other brunette's bra, allowing the warrior woman to gently play with the cute little handful Jane had to offer while moving her lips to the scientist's neck. To Sif's delight Jane immediately started moaning and whimpering at her touch, which in turn pushed Sif to begin sucking as well as kissing her neck while she cupped those perky little boobs, her fingers teasing Jane's nipples to hardness before her mouth even got anywhere near them. Not that Sif was able to resist them for very long after that.

Sure enough Sif soon began the inevitable descent on her prey's body, kissing her way down Jane's chest until she could slide her lips up the scientist's right boob and take one of her nipples into her mouth. Sif sucked gently at first, but she couldn't resist swiping her tongue over it before she kissed her way down that breast, kissed her way up the other and gave Jane's left nipple the same treatment. She then went back and forth between those tits, Jane clutching the sheets and whimpering adorably as Sif enjoyed her prize. Although if she was truthful with herself the entire time Sif was mindful of the real prize waiting for her between Jane's legs.

Jane couldn't believe this was happening. She wasn't the kind of girl who would just sleep with a man the moment after she met him. She'd only had sex with three guys, all of which she had dated for a long time before finally allowing them to flop around on top of her. This was nothing like that though. This was literally something out of this world. A woman from another world, and if her sexy accent was any indication, from another time too. Or at least from a world somehow more advanced than Jane's yet with some very primitive thinking, which was fascinating, although Jane was far too preoccupied with what Sif was doing to her to dwell on it. Too overwhelmed by the fact that she was having sex with an alien.

Even though she would never admit it under any circumstances Jane had fantasised about being slowly seduced by a humanoid lifeform. Some musclebound creature who slowly romanced her and then took her hard and rough when she was ready. Somehow she had never combined that with her occasional fantasies of being with another woman, and now it was happening Jane couldn't believe she hadn't considered it. Then again maybe it was better that she hadn't, because while she had an active imagination she could have never done justice to this image.

It only got better when Sif finally moved away from her breasts and started kissing her way down to her stomach, lingering there for a few long minutes before finally moving lower. Then she spent a few long minutes kissing Jane's thighs before slowly removing the astrophysicist's panties, pressing several kisses to Jane's legs as she went. When Jane's last item of clothing was finally tossed aside Sif returned to kissing Jane's legs, making her way upwards agonisingly slowly and then pressing her lips to the area around the trembling woman's cunt without ever touching it.

Jane wasn't fond of using bad language, and she was constantly scolding Darcy for her foul mouth, but now the astrophysicist wanted to use every bad word she knew. She wanted to scream these words in frustration at Sif, and demand the warrior woman just touch her already. And if that didn't work she wanted to beg for mercy. Promised that she would do anything if Sif just touched her where Jane needed her the most. However Jane couldn't. She just couldn't. Not because her modesty wouldn't allow her too, but because she was so overwhelmed with sexual need that she couldn't form words. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't speak, something which was terrifying for the brainy brunette. So it was something of a relief when she was able to form something coherent when Sif finally gave her what she wanted, even if it was a bad word.

"FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" Jane screamed long and loudly as she received her first lick from another woman's tongue to her vagina, the astrophysicist following it up with mindless whimpers and whines until it was time for her second lick, quickly followed by her third, fourth and fifth, "OHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD! OOOOOOOOOOOH GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH GAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDDD!"

After that Sif settled into a steady pussy licking rhythm which once again rendered Jane completely incoherent, but she continued screaming which Sif took as a positive sign. After all, unless there was some kind of enchantment on the walls, Jane's servant was most likely hearing her mistress's cries, the Lady Darcy seeming the loyal type who would check on her mistress's well-being. Darcy also seemed the curious type, making it even more likely that they would be discovered as Sif intended, something the warrior woman was greatly looking forward too.

As much as Sif was eager to be discovered enslaving Jane so she could begin enslaving Darcy it was Jane who Sif needed to concentrate on. Luckily that was no hard task, Sif's latest conquest proving even more delicious than she looked, a primal part of the warrior woman regretting not simply burying her face in between Jane's thighs the moment she laid eyes upon the delicious looking thing. Of course that would be giving in completely to Lorelai's evil magic, and while Sif no longer saw anything wrong with indulging in these taboo desires she had promised herself she would never truly force herself upon another woman, hence why she tried her best to give Jane the chance to resist.

The moment of hesitance had passed though, Sif nevermore sure that she had stumbled across a woman who shared her taboo desires as Jane's delicious juices flowed like a river down her throat, the taste like the sweetest wine the warrior had ever known. Jane even had the nerve to grab onto her hair and pushed downwards while thrusting her hips upwards, acting like one of the most wanton lesbian sluts Sif had ever met. Oh how the Asgardian loved it. She loved everything about the situation, from the Midgardian's enthusiasm, at the way her body trembled beneath her, to the way her honey-like juices flowed down Sif's throat.

Perhaps most of all Sif loved the way that Jane screamed for her. Sif loved screaming. She didn't do it often herself of course, but she took sadistic joy in making her enemies scream in agony, and more importantly Sif revelled in being able to make her sexual conquests scream in pleasure. The only downside in this case was that nothing out of Jane's mouth was coherent except the occasional swear word, meaning that the weaker woman didn't beg for her. Maybe she couldn't physically beg for her, and that made Sif sad. She did so love begging. Oh well, from the way Jane was becoming more frantic Sif could tell that her lover needed more from her, and she was only too happy to give it.

Jane felt like her eyes went so wide they almost fell out of their sockets like one of those ridiculous cartoons Darcy insisted on watching when Sif's tongue first slid across her pussy. When Sif's tongue slowly pushed its way inside her cunt Jane thought that her eyes were literally leaving her sockets. Like they were going to shoot out of her skull and she would be blind forever from the force of this intrusion. It was certainly making her vision blurry, although that could have just been because she was so overwhelmed with pleasure.

She also let out the loudest scream of the night so far, Jane too far gone to remember why she had ever wanted to stay quiet as she frantically face fucked the Amazon in between her legs. Which really wasn't a good idea, but Jane would gladly risk her life for the type of ecstasy she was currently receiving. Would gladly give anything to feel this way again. Would gladly become this woman's sex slave, something which was still so absurd to her, and that was before Sif had even finished burying her tongue inside her.

When she was finished, when that long, long tongue was inside Jane's pussy, Sif left it there for a few seconds, then began pumping in and out, driving Jane to the edge of climax in what seemed like seconds. Sif then left her there on the edge for what felt like an eternity, which in reality was only a few minutes, but it was long enough for Jane to start whimpering and trying to beg for her release. Again she couldn't get out anything coherent, but again she didn't need to, this goddess of a woman increasing the pace of her tongue thrusts until Jane had what she truly wanted, the astrophysicist's brilliant mind exploding as she came in Sif's face.

Jane was cumming in another woman's face, her cum literally squirting out of her and onto her lover in a way she didn't think was possible. At least not for her. Then Sif's hand became vice-like, the taller brunette holding Jane in place with the greatest of ease while sealing her mouth tightly over Jane's cunt. Jane didn't need to see it, she didn't need to feel it. She just needed to hear it. The obscene gulping sounds, somehow audible through her screams, an undeniable sign that Sif was literally swallowing her cum. Then the clearly stronger woman returned to tongue fucking her and Jane's precious mind was lost again.

It was a manipulation of the highest order but this was when Sif pulled up her skirt, moved her underwear to the side and slowly moved herself round so she was lying in a 69 with Jane. This was the most effective way of getting a new conquest to lick her, most of them so grateful to her for what she was doing they didn't even hesitate. Jane wasn't one of them, but after half a dozen orgasms the scientist clearly felt obligated to return the favour. Her licks were nervous and awkward, but there was a certain appeal to them, and Sif was already so turned on from her latest conquest/the taste of a new pussy/Lorelai's wicked magic that it wasn't long before she felt a very familiar urge rising in her loins.

To Sif's delight Jane was smart enough to concentrate her mouth/tongue work on her clit while reaching a hand around so she could slip a finger and then two inside the bigger brunette's cunt. This granted Sif a very pleasant release, her cum practically drowning the woman beneath her who struggled to swallow as much as she could, even if it might have been out of self-preservation. Although given the way Jane immediately return to the task of making her cum once her first orgasm was done Sif guessed the scientist was at least partly enjoying herself. Either that or the desire to return the favour had become great indeed.

It was about this time Sif noticed they weren't alone. Her first instinct was of course to remind herself were she had hidden her weapons, Sif relieved to see they were still there as she focused on the door which had briefly opened slightly before closing again. And riding Jane's face of course. Sif wouldn't remove her cunt from Jane's face until it was absolutely necessary. Fortunately when the door opened again she swiftly realised it was the Lady Darcy, so not only did she have nothing to fear but her plan was working perfectly. Unless this was some kind of magic trick, which Sif doubted.

Of course there was a chance she was wrong, a thought which weighed heavily on her for the next few minutes as Sif debated whether to end the 69. As there was much she planned to do tonight this seemed like a great way to speed things up, although she had to admit to being reluctant to tear Jane's eager mouth away from her cunt and her mouth away from Jane's tasty twat. Jane was just so yummy, and had really improved on her cunt licking in a very short time. However there was something Sif desired far more, and ultimately she did not regret her decision to move away, even if Jane whimpered in disappointment and looked up at her with desperate eyes.

"No, don't stop." Jane croaked.

"I'm not, my lady." Sif promised with a grin, "Just, moving on."

"Moving on to what?" Jane asked breathlessly, her eyes becoming wider again as Sif grabbed a seemingly inhuman device from her clothing which attached itself to her crotch and then produced a long smooth dildo seemingly out of nowhere, causing Jane to panic, "What, what-"

"Don't worry Lady Jane, I'm going to make you feel like no man has ever made you feel before." Sif promised as she quickly returned to the bed.

"I, I, I... I... oh God." Jane stammered as Sif mounted her.

The next thing Jane knew her legs were being gently pulled apart and the head of that alien strap-on was pressing against her entrance. She felt she should protest, if only because she had no idea what the device was made of, where it had been and most importantly Jane had no idea whether she could take the monstrous looking dick inside her. However she found being mounted by a warrior goddess with a strap-on incredibly erotic, and Sif was nice enough to rub the tip up and down Jane's pussy lips, thoroughly coating it in cunt cream.

Jane was pretty sure that she was so horny that her body would do the rest, which luckily for her prove to be the case as Sif slowly pushed into her, the astrophysicist letting out a series of cries followed by long moans as inch by inch the warrior's weapon entered her. In what felt like hours, yet at the same time seconds, Sif had stuffed every inch of the weird dildo into Jane's cunt, the brainy brunette feeling stretched to her limit but somehow not beyond, Jane wondering if the device was 'magic' or Sif was just ridiculously good at taking another woman. She suspected both given Sif's confident smirk.

"Now Lady Jane, I truly start to make you mine." Sif told her latest conquest after savouring the moment and before the real fun started.

Jane could only whimper in reply, that whimper mostly of disappointment as Sif slowly pulled her strap-on out of the astrophysicist's pussy, leaving Jane with the most horrible feeling of emptiness. Which was ridiculous, because Sif only pulled a few inches out before pushing them back in just as slowly and repeating the process, but Jane couldn't help it. With every thrust she mourned the loss of the cock and then welcomed it's return, her whimpers quickly turning to moans, groans, gasps and cries of pleasure as this goddess began to officially fuck her as if she was a bride on her wedding night.

Having never been a girly girl Jane hadn't spent a lot of time thinking about her wedding day, or her wedding night, and she certainly hadn't been saving herself or anything, but now she truly felt like a virgin again as her pussy was stretched and filled like never before. To be fair the stretching was still a little uncomfortable, but it was easily dwarfed by the wonderful pleasure she was feeling. Hell, Jane would put up with a comfortableness just for the incredible mental high for taking such a big cock, from such a beautiful woman no less, Jane feeling so proud of herself that she closed her eyes and just savoured the moment.

Sif was also savouring the moment. She almost always did when she was enjoying a new conquest. Even if she was in a hurry, because what was the point of not savouring the finer things in life like beginning to fuck another woman with her strap-on. Especially as she got to enjoy the expression on Jane's face, the little scientist looking adorable as she closed her eyes and let her mouth full open as she became lost in the pleasure Sif gave her. Not that she didn't look adorable all the time, but in Sif's admittedly biased opinion another woman never looked better than when she was impaled on her cock.

Just when it seemed that it couldn't get any better, at least without increasing her speed, Jane's arms and legs wrapped around Sif in a sign that her latest conquest understood her place. Or at least that Jane's body understood it's place as Sif's plaything. Perhaps even just Jane's cunt understanding it was now Sif's fuck hole to use as she pleased. Whatever the case it made Sif grin again and reward whatever part of Jane had caused this sign of her submission, that slight increase in pace all it taking for Jane to start begging for more like every other woman Sif had ever taken.

"Oh fuck me! Please fuck me, fuck me please, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, harder, harder, HARDER!" Jane cried out, not even caring she was blushing and using bad language, "Fuck me harder! Fuck, fuck my pussy harder! Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh please Sif, pound my pussy, slam my cunt, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH FUCK MEEEEEEEEE AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!"

Never one to deny a beautiful woman anything Sif began hammering Jane's cunt, not hindered in the slightest by the scientist clinging onto her like a lifeline. The mere mortal's strength was nothing compared to Sif's and soon all Jane could do was scream in pleasure as she thoroughly coated the goddess's strap-on cock in her cum. Which actually disappointed Sif a little bit. After all, she had been using a fraction of her strength, and it felt like she had just got going. She really didn't want to stop, but if she didn't surely Jane would pass out before long.

Luckily for Sif she knew plenty of ways to bring Jane down from her high so they could continue their fun, the most enjoyable of which involve taking the weaker woman's tightest of holes. Of course that involved pulling out of Jane's pussy, and Sif was somewhat reluctant to do so now she had found her stride. So she fucked Jane through a few more powerful climaxes which left the other woman trembling underneath her, then she did what she had to in the name of truly conquering her prize.

Jane whimpered loudly as Sif suddenly pulled the huge cock from her cunt. She then opened her mouth to protest her loss and to beg for a return of that wonderful shaft, but the only thing that came out of her mouth was a deafening scream as she got what she wanted in a way she could have never imagined. Namely by Sif pushing her legs onto her shoulders while slightly shifting her own hips downwards and grabbing the dildo in one swift movement before aiming the head of that weapon at Jane's virgin ass hole and ramming forwards. That poor anal ring didn't stand a chance against Sif's supernatural strength and in the blink of an eye Jane's anal virginity belonged to the warrior woman.

"Ah, surely there is nothing quite like a virgin ass hole." Sif smiled dreamily, her smile becoming wicked as she focused on Jane and added, "Relax Lady Jane. Relax and you'll start to enjoy it, I promise. All my pets do. Besides, we're almost done with your initiation. Soon you will be broken in, then we will truly be able to begin your training."

With that Sif gave another hard thrust, shoving a couple inches of dildo into Jane's virgin butt hole, the astrophysicist crying out as her anal walls were forced to stretch wider than ever before. Then the goddess began to show her mercy again, Sif pumping those inches in and out of Jane's obscenely stretched anal ring, dramatically decreasing the pain although the weaker brunette remained humiliated. She would have never allowed any man to even touch her ass hole, and here was a strange woman she barely knew forcefully taking her anal virginity without even asking, Jane furious with herself for not stopping this madness, or at least not protesting.

Of course she couldn't do either of these things because it would risk upsetting her mistress, and that was the last thing in the world Jane wanted to do. And on some level she knew that was because of some outside force Sif had explained to her, although she refused to call it magic, but she also knew that after the amazing pleasure Sif had given her Jane wasn't so sure she could muster up the willpower to refuse this woman anything. She also wasn't so sure she could say anything her throat was so sore from screaming in pleasure, so with a whimper Jane found herself doing as she was told and relaxing. Or at least trying too.

It was really hard to relax with the biggest cock she had ever seen pumping in and out of her virgin ass hole. Or more accurately formally virgin ass hole, Jane still having problems wrapping her mind around the fact that another woman had robbed her of her anal cherry. After all, she would have expected this type of behaviour from a man, but what did Sif get out of this? Did she get off on humiliating other women by turning their most intimate holes into fuck holes... or was that toy actually providing Sif with physical pleasure? Was that even possible? Probably, although it wasn't Jane's area of expertise it was hard to deny that theory given the look on Sif's face.

The amount of physical pleasure Sif received in reality was much different than simple masturbation, the inside of the harness rubbing against her pussy in a very pleasant but unspectacular way. Yet that pleasant feeling was dwarfed by the mental pleasure of violating another woman in this way. Of stretching another woman's most private hole and turning it into her personal fuck hole. Of solidifying her dominance over her latest conquest, that poor conquest's ass hole being stretched, filled and fucked for Sif's amusement.

Not that Sif was trying to make Jane or anyone else hate the experience. On the contrary, Sif prided herself on turning all her previous conquests into anal sluts, and she would do the same with Jane. Oh yes, this prim and proper scientist would be her personal anal slut, Sif confident that before the end of this ass fucking she would have Jane begging for more, and after a few days of training Jane would shamelessly ask for her ass to be fucked, even if they were in public at the time. Jane was even halfway there already, the embarrassed brunette blushing, shutting her eyes tightly and gritting her teeth to try and prevent moans of pleasure escaping her lips. She failed miserably.

Sif grinned in triumph, then added another inch of strap-on dildo into the other woman's rectum, causing Jane to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as her ass was invaded even deeper. Then Sif went back to gently pumping her cock in and out of Jane's ass hole for a few minutes before repeating the process, sometimes taking longer pauses, sometimes adding more than a single inch at a time, yet ultimately she completed the penetration. Oh yes, she buried every inch of that huge cock in her latest victim's bowels, Jane whimpering as she was forced to accept the reality that her bottom had taken every single inch of Sif's big dick.

For about a minute or two Sif just savoured this wonderful moment, leaving Jane to try to relax with that entire dildo resting in her rectum. Then Sif restarted the sodomy, slowly pumping her hips back and forth, causing Jane to cry out, whimper and even moan as that dildo moved through her bowels and once again meant she was being butt fucked by the superior woman. Oh yes, Sif had been taught to treat others with respect, but the truth was she was superior to this woman in every way and now this lowly mortal was her plaything, even Jane's butt hole an orifice for Sif to fuck.

That fact was not lost on Jane who whimpered helplessly as she was used by the stronger woman, the worst part of it being that her body gradually got used to the abuse and the unnatural use of her ass hole actually started to feel good. Then it started to feel amazing, even the discomfort which followed the initial pain a distant memory as Jane became overwhelmed by the pleasure coming from deep inside her ass. At first she tried to fight it, digging her fingernails into her hand, gritting her teeth as hard as she could, etc. But it was no use, Sif would not be denied. Jane's ass hole now belong to this woman, it and every other part of her body nothing but Sif's to use.

Jane tried to tell herself it was Sif's evil magic, or whatever was making her attracted to the other woman in the first place, but she'd heard Darcy talk about the joys of anal sex and even though Jane had been sure she would never try it herself there had been part of her which had been curious. She had definitely been curious about lesbian sex, that curiosity now coming back to bite her in the ass as Jane found it impossible not to moan at the intense pleasure she was receiving, Jane eventually feeling an overwhelming need for more. Just like Darcy had predicted, her assistants swearing that if she ever tried it Jane would be begging for more.

As that would mean giving up whatever shred of dignity she had left Jane tried to prevent herself from doing that as long as possible, but eventually she just had to whimper, "Harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck, ooooooooooh mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck my ass, oooooooooh fuck it harder! Oh please Sif, Mistress, OH GOD! OH FUCK! FUCKKKKKKKKKK AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

With that Sif began slam fucking her ass with what had to be every ounce of her strength, that dildo hammering in and out of that obscenely stretched back hole at what felt like light speed, stimulating places inside Jane she had no idea were this sensitive. For a moment it felt like pure heaven, then Jane had an orgasm like none before and then she truly understood what heaven was. Heaven was being butt fucked by a warrior goddess, in this moment Jane not doubting that was exactly what Sif was as the stronger woman effortlessly sodomised her through that amazing orgasm and onto another just as powerful.

As those orgasms seemed to melt together, giving Jane the greatest ecstasy she had ever known, the astrophysicist briefly thought about how her assistant had utterly failed to do justice to the joys of anal sex. Then again Darcy had been ass fucked by mere mortal men who couldn't hope to compete with a goddess, so it's unlikely what she'd received was as powerful. So briefly Jane gave Darcy a break, until she saw her assistant/the woman who was supposed to be her friend standing in the doorway with her hands down her skirt, Darcy obviously masturbating to Sif taking Jane's virgin ass. Oh Darcy was so fired.

Despite what Jane, and Darcy, might have been thinking Sif wasn't using her full strength. Not even close, and it was a constant battle for Sif not to get carried away with the fragile body of her latest conquest. Jane's ass certainly would never be the same after Sif was done with it, that once exit only hole forever now a loosened fuck passage aching to be filled. And if the empty feeling in her loosened bowels wasn't enough the orgasms Sif was effortlessly giving her new anal slave would definitely turn Jane into a massive butt slut, which would make things easier for both of them as Sif planned on ass fucking the weaker brunette a lot during her stay on Midgard.

In fact Sif just might live inside Jane's ass, choosing to mostly or even entirely ignore the other woman's tasty pussy, in favour of wrecking Jane's rectum over and over again in every position possible until the smaller brunette's butt was literally ruined. Oh yes, Sif would destroy this tight little bottom, Jane only being allowed a break when the Asgardian switch to her other walking fuck hole Darcy Lewis, the poor little Midgardian who was now standing only a few feet away patiently awaiting her turn to get her ass stretched, words not able to do justice to how much Sif was looking forward to taking that big fat ass and making it hers.

Sif was sure to tip Darcy off about her inevitable fate by grinning wickedly at her as she continued sodomising the busty woman's boss, Darcy now no longer bothering to pretend she didn't know she had been caught and even staggering into the room while still frantically fingering herself all so she could get a better look at her employer being fucked up the ass. To improve on that view, and to finish in style, Sif pushed Jane's legs off her shoulders, placed them loosely around her waist, buried the dildo as deep as it would go into the other woman's butt and then stood up and casually walked over to the clearly afraid yet impressed Darcy, waiting until they were practically inches apart before beginning to bounce Jane on her lap.

Up and down, up and down, up and down, Jane barely conscious at this point as she was used to make a point, Sif showing off her impressive strength by not only keeping the other brunette in the air but rapidly thrusting the younger brunette's ass hole up and down her shaft so hard and brutally that she made her victim and herself cum several times. As each one of those wonderful orgasms crashed through her body Sif's eyes remained locked with Darcy's, the Asgardian licking her lips as she silently told her next victim this was exactly what was going to happen to her, Sif enjoying the look on the Lady Darcy's face so much she wished it could last longer. Alas Jane fainted in her arms, and sex was no fun when the other person was unconscious. Oh well, time to enslave the Lady Darcy.

At first Darcy had been unable to believe her ears but she had been so glad to learn her first guess was right on the money and Jane was finally indulging in a little lesbian loving. Then she couldn't believe her eyes as that loving got increasingly extreme until Sif was obviously shoving her strap-on up Jane's ass. Darcy would like to have claimed she rushed in to try and stop it, or called someone to help, as Jane obviously didn't ask to be sodomised, but somehow that just made it hotter, Darcy unable to stop herself from slipping a hand down her skirt and fingering her own cunt to a damn fine climax considering she was just touching herself.

The entire time she watched this intimate moment like some kind of creeper Darcy wasn't sure who she was more jealous of, Jane or Sif. To have her slutty ass fucked by a strong, dominant woman who clearly knew what she was doing was literally a dream come true, but she had fallen hard for Jane the moment she met her. Before that even, Darcy's heart fluttering as she remembered seeing Jane for the first time. So gun to her head she was just a touch more jealous of Sif, but she was currently praying to any God who would listen to somehow let this be like one of those pornos she watched so she could be the meat in a scorching hot lesbian sandwich, ideally with Jane's cunt in her face and Sif's strap-on up her big fat butt.

It seemed like a dream, it had to be a dream, but when she was discovered she wasn't told to GTFO. No, Sif fucking walked up to her while bouncing Jane up and down like she weighed nothing before the astrophysicist fainted in her arms. Then Sif grinned and pulled Jane upwards, the dildo coming out of her ass with an obscene sound, Darcy speechless as the supernaturally strong brunette gave her the best possible look at her boss's completely destroyed butt hole, Darcy's own butt hole clenching in fear and yet tingling with anticipation as she stared deep into Jane's bowels via the gaping crater which used to be the scientist's virgin ass hole.

Sif then slowly lowered Jane to the ground, straightened back up and softly commanded, "On your knees."

Without a moments hesitation Darcy slammed herself down onto her knees and before Sif could say another word grabbed hold of the dildo and guided it into her mouth. Once her lips were tightly around it Darcy moaned, instantly loving the taste of the deepest part of her boss's butt. She then greedily sucked, slurped and eventually deep throated the entire length of the cock with practised ease, Darcy desperately trying to get every drop of Jane's anal cream as Sif gently stroked her hair like she was some kind of pet. Little did Darcy know that was pretty much what Sif had in mind.

"Oh Lady Darcy, I have such plans for you." Sif revealed as she watched as Darcy continued to give her one of the best blow jobs she'd ever received while Darcy thought to herself, I can't wait.

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