Slaves of Sif

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Maria Hill had promised herself, and sworn to anyone who would listen, that she wouldn't run and she certainly wouldn't hide from the psychotic alien known as Sif. It was mostly because she refused to show how afraid she truly was, but she also wanted to inspire the people who worked for her, especially the women. After all, she was The Director of SHIELD dammit, a seasoned veteran of war, covert affairs, and worst of all politics. She wasn't some noob! She had fought and defeated aliens before, both from behind her desk and out in the field. And if, or most likely when, Sif came for Maria would go down fighting. To her shame she broke both those promises, but only when it was too late.

To make matters worse Sif didn't have the decency of snatching her in her sleep, or teleporting into her office, or any number of the ways that Maria had imagined she would try and take her. No, Sif walked into the most highly fortified base that SHIELD had, brushing off the most skilled agents like they were nothing and not even blinking as Maria frantically ordered everyone to hit Sif with everything they had. Yet even as Sif walked through the base like some kind of monster from a slasher film, albeit where no one is killed, Maria refused to leave her post as she frantically thought of a way she could get out of this, only retreating to her office when Sif was nearly at the command centre.

Despite having seen Sif brush off bullets like they were nothing Maria still pulled her pistol from out of its holster and pointed towards the door. Partly out of habit, and partly because it was just weirdly comforting. Although she didn't even bother firing it when the door to her office was torn off its hinges, revealing Sif's smiling face. For a second Maria considered turning the gun on herself, just as a 'fuck you' to Sif, and to avoid the humiliation that was coming. But she didn't want that to be how her tenure as Director ended. She'd thought too long and hard to get this job to go out like that within the first week of finally getting it. So whatever it took she would simply resist Sif's influence, Maria stubbornly told herself. Or maybe that was the influence taking hold.

Either way Maria dropped her gun and grumbled, "Sif."

"Please, all the women of this world should refer to me as Mistress Sif." Sif grinned as she entered the office, "Or did you not see my broadcast?"

"I saw it, and I'm afraid I have news for you..." Maria said boldly, "You will never win. No matter what happens next, SHIELD will find a way to defeat you."

"How?" Sif questioned, genuinely sounding curious, "The old men who run this world already threw their missiles at me, and my beloved Wanda caught them, through them back and just before they were about to hit I had her sent them to space. All of them. Now they have no idea what to do. I don't need my mindreader to tell me that. I have single-handedly defeated The Avengers, and now SHIELD-"

"You haven't." Maria interrupted, "This is just one base. We have lots more."

"Yes, all with beautiful women for me to enslave." Sif chuckled with delight, "Mmmmm, I look forward to it. Yes, it will take me a while to enslave you all, but what's that phrase? Ah yes, cut off the head of the snake. And what a lovely little head you are. Do you think that's why you have this position, Maria? Because I do. Mmmmm yes, I think the old men who run this world knew I wouldn't get the same satisfaction from inevitably defeating SHIELD if Nick Fury was still in charge, so they replaced him with you as a sign they're willing to cooperate with me and hand over the most beautiful and strong women they have to me on a silver platter, just like you."

Unable to hide the fact that she was shaking with rage Maria growled, "You're wrong."

"Am I?" Sif grinned, "I suppose even when you are broken the stronger SHIELD agents will still have some fight left in them, but most of the women in your organisation, and indeed all over the world, will accept their fate once they have witnessed the strong, and stubborn The Director of SHIELD Maria Hill be broken and turned into what she was always meant to be, just another slave of Sif."

"That. Will. Never. Happen." Maria growled through gritted teeth, "I will never be your slave. I-"

"Wanda!" Sif suddenly yelled, the girl in question appearing in a flash, eyes and hands glowing red as she began to work her magic, "As I said your breaking will be seen by all of SHIELD, but in a few moments we shall go live on every channel on every television set around the world, just so that everybody knows that this is the moment the women of this world fall to me. But as I said in my first public broadcast, I shall leave the human race their old, their young, and just enough women to survive. I shall however take every last woman like you Maria, and in time you will see it as an honour, and blushed at the thought that you ever resisted me. Now, to start the show, how about we show the world what has become of the only female Avenger, the deadly Black Widow Natasha Romanoff."

As Sif spoke television cameras appeared out of nowhere all over the room, followed by the woman that Maria love, causing the usually stoic SHIELD director to softly cry out, "Nat."

After a moment's hesitation Maria ran to her lover and cupped her face, causing Sif to grin and taunt, "From what Wanda tells me you would be very proud of her. She's the most stubborn woman I've ever met, clinging onto her free will even after days of brutal butt fucking. Mmmmm, oh yes, I butt fucked her, spanked her, and made her eat my pussy for hour after hour, day after day, and still she won't submit. Truly a marvel. Breaking her will be my greatest triumph. Perhaps I shall even achieve it today, as I break you in front of her."

Maria barely listened to this taunting as she was too busy examining Natasha, bound to a BDSM device she looked half dead at first glance. Which seemed to be true on further examination, but not because she had been poorly treated, but because as Sif boasted she had been just so relentlessly fucked that she was completely exhausted. Which Maria didn't think was possible, as no matter how hard she had tried she had never truly been able to completely exhausted The Black Widow. It filled her with a bizarre jealousy, which only got worse when Wanda used her magic to turn Natasha around and pull her cheeks apart, displaying the most obscene gape Maria had ever seen, and she remembered the line of women displaying their ruined holes before Sif's first broadcast. That sight, like the one in front of her now, made Maria's ass hole quiver with fear.

"I promise you Maria, that's exactly how your ass hole will look before this day is done." Sif promised, voicing Maria's fear, "But I don't like to get too ahead of myself when I break women in, so let's start off with a nice little bare bottom spanking, shall we? If you're good and remove your own clothes I'll even go easy on you."

Taking a deep calming breath Maria set up, looked her tormentor directly in the eye and told her, "Fuck you."

"She wants to be taken Mistress Sif." Wanda piped up, "I can see it plain as day in her mind. Oh yes, she dreams of being forcefully taken, and she wants you to abuse her butt."

"Thank you Wanda." Sif smirked, "But I don't need to be a mind reader to know that. I just have to look into her eyes."

Sif continued smirking as for what felt like an eternity she and this stubborn woman kept staring at each other. It was tempting to just tear off her clothes, force her over her knee and brutally beat her butt with every ounce of her strength until The Director of SHIELD was a sobbing mess, but such a display of strength was unnecessary given Sif's successful assault on the SHIELD base. Besides, Sif hadn't needed to stoop to that level of forcefulness before now, and she was determined that she would not need to do so now. So she was willing to wait, and defend herself and Wanda as necessary, even if it wouldn't necessarily make good television.

Given everything she knew about this powerful woman Sif was fully expecting it to be necessary for her to block, or just take, a punch or two as Maria worked out her frustrations before ultimately submitting. Perhaps she would even try and run, which would be comical as as per her instructions Wanda had now blocked the open doorway with an invisible force field, meaning that the SHIELD agents could bear witness directly to the fall of their commander but they would not be able to interfere, and indeed no one would enter or leave this room until Sif had what she came for. So it was disappointing, and impressive, that Maria chose a smarter option of saving her strength and simply beginning to strip off her clothes.

"You're hot." Maria admitted as she stripped, "And I don't doubt I'll enjoy this physically. I'm super gay, and I like the battle of dominance which comes from fucking another top. But you won't break me. You'll never break me. And maybe, I'll be the one to break you."

Tossing her head back Sif let out the loudest and longest laugh she'd let out a quite some time, reminding her of her adventures with the Warriors Three, which depressed her for a second, before she smiled widely and told the insolent woman, "Wanda was right, your people have you all wrong. You're not some humourless robot. You're hilarious."

"Natasha seemed to think so, before I made her my bitch." Maria pointed out dryly, which wiped the smirk off of Sif's face. Which put one on Maria's face in turn, "Oh, I bet you hate that, don't you? That I got to her first. I bet that little mind reader of yours told you all about it. Or maybe even Natasha did, just to get under your skin. How she had women and men all over the world willing to do everything for her if she just asked. That most of them would still willingly submit to her, and has no idea that I topped her so hard she now considers herself a pure bottom, unwilling and perhaps even unable to top anyone ever again. And I didn't even made magic to do it. Guess that makes me a better top than the mighty and feared Mistress Sif."

Sif just stared at the insolent woman for a few seconds, before smirking, "We shall see. For now-"

"I hear you love taking anal cherries." Maria interrupted boldly, "That you love pussy, but you're addicted to ass and your favourite thing in the world is taking a woman's untouched butt hole and being the first to use it as a fuck hole. Well, me too. I have probably robbed you of a lot of anal cherries, but best of all I took that ass cherry. Mmmmm yesssss, I took The Black Widow's butt cherry! Me! Not some overpowered wannabe goddess from a Viking dimension, or any other superpowered freak. Me! Plain old Maria Hill. That bothers you, doesn't it? Which is the only thing about all this which makes a damn bit of sense to me, because look at that fucking ass! God, it's just perfect, isn't it? Oh yeah, I bet there isn't another ass in the entire universe which comes close. I mean, just look at it. It's so big and round, but not too much, you know? Just the perfect size to jiggle against your thighs, or your hand, as you abuse it. And that hole! Mmmmmm, FUCK! You're a God, have you seen anything which was more made for fucking? And it's mine. It's all mine. She bent over and gave it to me willingly. I was the first to spank and fuck The Black Widow's fat ass, making it mine forever. Mmmmm, and it will be always mine no matter what you do to her, or to me."

"I'LL SEE IF YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY WHEN YOUR ASS HOLE IS COMPLETELY WRECKED OPEN AND YOU'RE KISSING MY FEET!" Sif screamed in Maria's face, briefly losing her cool before calming herself and telling the other woman, who impressively and infuriatingly hadn't flinched, "You may have denied me the ass cherry of Natasha Romanoff, but yours is ripe for the taking. And take it I shall. Mmmmmm, I shall rip open your fucking ass hole and make sure it never truly closes again. That after today being a top will be a frightening nightmare for you, and the only way you can make it go away is by worshipping your Mistress Sif's dick with your ass hole. And, just for that, we shall end this session with you spreading your cheeks to expose your gaping butt hole to the cameras before declaring yourself Maria challenged. as just another slave of Sif. Now finish getting undressed. I'm looking forward to spanking you almost as much as I am violating your little shit hole and forever turning it into my personal fuck hole."

"Wow, sounds like you really want to make an example out of me." Maria said softly, feeling like she was doing a good job of keeping any trace of fear out of her voice, even though she felt plenty of it.

"You have no idea." Sif confessed with a smile.

"Well, how about a wager?" Maria offered, "If I take a spanking from you and don't enjoy it, you let me spank you."

There was a brief pause and then Sif chuckled, "So we're back to funny?"

"What's the matter, don't think you can win?" Maria challenged.

"Oh Maria, I may actually miss this version of you when you're a mindless sex slave." Sif chuckled, "Although I must confess, in my current mood I'm not sure I would have the patience and the self restraint to give you a spanking that you would actually enjoy. But I am impressed by your fighting spirit, so I will offer you a counter offer. I shall permit you to use your girlfriend's ass hole to show what you can do as a top, but when I make my sweet Wanda cum first you will submit to me willingly."

"You can both use magic." Maria pointed out, "How do I know you won't cheat?"

"You'll have my word." Sif simply stated, and then Maria gave her a look she followed up with, "And Wanda's eyes and hands glow red every time she uses magic, so you shall be able to tell with her, while my magic simply makes me irresistible to women. For some, like yourself, it takes longer than others, but ultimately all shall submit. I am told it does not enhance my abilities to make women cum, I have merely become very, very good at it."

Maria scoffed at this, but after a few long seconds of thinking about it she grumbled, "Turn the cameras off, and you have a deal."

Grinning evilly Sif took another step forward in softly threatened, "I'm indulging you for now because it amuses me, and I do not wish to take you too forcefully with the whole world watching. But make no mistake Maria, you have no real leverage here. You will accept my terms or I will take you now."

Maria grit her teeth, but knowing she wasn't going to get a better offer grumbled, "Okay, deal."

"Excellent." Sif grinned, before turning her attention to her slaves, "Natasha, prepare to be butt fucked by your girlfriend for the last time. Wanda, turn Natasha around and then bend over the other side of her. Oh, and equip myself and Maria."

"Yes Mistress." Wanda eagerly replied, her eyes and hands glowing red as she turned Natasha around and then teleported two big strap-on dildos from Mistress Sif's collection to around the waist of her beloved Mistress, and this wannabe Dom.

Even as she did this Wanda was moving to the table, and once she had worked her magic she eagerly bent over, pulled up her skirt, pulled down her little panties and spread her cheeks wide apart, offering up her most private hole to the woman who rightfully owned it. Despite this giving Maria very clear head start The Director of SHIELD waited for Sif to move into position to do the same, and even waited for Sif to penetrate her girl first. Sif wasn't sure if she was being honourable, or if she was just hesitant to do this, but either way she would pay dearly for it. And so would the whole of SHIELD. Sif would make sure of that.

Breaking the staring match she had going with her next victim Sif lowered her gaze to the prize in front of her and smirked. She deliberately let Maria think she had an advantage, and she did, just not as much as she thought, because while Natasha's slutty little ass hole was gaping wide open Wanda's slutty little butt hole was almost equally stretched open by a large butt-plug. Maria realised her error when Sif pulled out the plug and stuffed it into Wanda's mouth, however it was not soon enough and her advantage became even less as she and her opponent spat on their hands and virtually the same time, briefly rubbed that spit into their dildo before lining those toys up with their targets.

Natasha moaned softly with pleasure as Maria slowly pushed the head of her cock inside her, and a few long seconds later Wanda let out a similar moan, meaning there could be no doubt that she was receiving the same treatment from her precious Mistress Sif. The younger sub then gave Natasha a disturbing little smile, much like the one that Sif regularly gave her, as if Wanda was telling her that Maria was making a mistake. That Sif just couldn't be beaten, and she was sealing her own fate. But it was unnecessary, which is why Wanda probably didn't psychically tell her or say it out loud. Natasha knew that, and she had no doubt Maria knew it too.

The best Maria could hope to do was buy some time so the rest of SHIELD, and/or what was left of The Avengers, and/or whoever they could find to try to rescue them. Or at the very least they could avoid giving Sif the satisfaction of breaking them too quickly. Then again it seemed that they were both inadvertently giving her more satisfaction by providing her a challenge, which was clear given the way that Sif had been grinning at her for the past few weeks, and was grinning at Maria now. Still, Natasha fought the urge to submit completely, stubbornly determined to avoid becoming just another slave of Sif, and she hoped Maria would do the same.

So far she was impressed with Maria's bravery in the facing certain humiliation, in the process her girlfriend managing to find herself stuffing her fat ass again, much to Natasha's delight. God, she hoped that this would not be the last time Maria Hill would be pushing a big strap-on up her butt, because there really was nothing Natasha had ever enjoyed more. If it was, at least she got the chance to savour it as Sif and Maria anally penetrated the two bottoms in front of them as slowly as they possibly could, leaving Natasha and Wanda to shamelessly moan, groan and whimper as their slutty asses were stuffed with strap-on.

After what felt like an eternity Maria's thighs came to rest against her meaty cheeks, announcing every inch of that dildo was buried in the infamous Black Widow's bowels. At the exact same time the soft, satisfied moan combined with the look on her face told Natasha that Wanda's slutty little butt had just been stuffed with every inch of her Mistress Sif's strap-on. There was then a long pause, Natasha wondering if Maria and Sif had become so lost in a staring match they had forgotten what they were doing. Then Maria pulled her hips back and then pushed forwards, causing the cock to pump in and out of Natasha's ass hole which announced an official start to the sodomy. And again, Wanda's reaction told her she was experiencing the exact same thing.

Sif felt like she had a grin on her face through every single moment of this butt fucking. Which might have been true for every single butt fucking she dished out, but this one was particularly special. Not quite as special as fucking Maria's butt, however she would be violating that sweet virgin hole soon enough, something which Sif felt she made pretty clear through her eyes, face and body language given the response she was getting from Maria. Still, it was tempting to have Wanda plant that thought in her head, along with the feeling of what it would be like to be ass fucked by a warrior goddess. But no, that would be cheating, and Sif promised she wouldn't. More importantly she wanted her conquest of Maria to be simply because she was the superior Dom, and it was important she proved that to the entire world.

Normally when taking another woman's ass Sif couldn't take her eyes off the stretching shit hole, especially during the anal penetration, but this time she just couldn't take her eyes off of Maria's. It was just so fascinating to her to see such defiance in the face of insurmountable odds, not out of ignorance but out of pure bravery and stubborn force of will. Honestly it was almost more of a turn on than a woman's ass hole stretching for her cock, something Sif got to see regularly and thanks to her beloved Witch was able to enjoy even as she stared deeply into the eyes of arguably her most important conquest ever Maria Hill.

While Sif was staring into Maria's eyes Wanda's brain had asked hers whether she wanted to witness the penetration without having to break the eye contact. Sif had eagerly agreed, with the condition that Maria's eyes remained her main focus, and her wonderful Wanda obeyed this command perfectly. It was like there was a television screen in front of her showing her Maria's eyes, and a few more screens surrounding it showing her not just the anal penetration of Wanda, but Natasha too. Occasionally it was switched to their faces where it was clear just how much the two anal sluts were enjoying this, or a far away shot capturing every inch of the four women's bodies as the indulged in this forbidden act.

That this was what the rest of the world was witnessing was incredibly thrilling to Sif. She wondered just how many were still trying unsuccessfully to turn off this view, or change the channel, and how many were averting their eyes, and most importantly just how many were staring fascination at the fate of all women on this planet. At the most powerful woman on this planet. At the two the most powerful and dangerous women on this planet being fucked in the ass by the most powerful female in the universe, and this human which was somehow providing competition for her, which Sif found as fascinating as the sight of Maria's and her own cocks pumping in and out of the ass holes of Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff.

Wanda was certainly enjoying the sight of Natasha's ass hole and her own stretching for the big cocks of Maria and Mistress Sif, and she didn't even need to use her mind reading powers to tell how much Natasha was loving the feeling of being ass fucked. No, she could see it on her face, which was almost as enjoyable as the look of worry on Maria's face. Of course nothing quite compared to the feeling of Mistress Sif's big dick pumping in and out of her butt hole. Because nothing could truly compare to that. It was the ultimate submission, and there was nothing Wanda loved more than being 'forced' into it by her wonderful owner.

For the past few weeks Wanda had been living under the sad realisation that no matter how amazing anal sex with her Mistress was it would never quite compare to the first time she had the privilege of taking Mistress Sif's dick up her ass. That would always be special, so special nothing could surely top it, right? But this, this just might top it. After all while it might be considered an afterthought to the sight of The Black Widow being butt fucked on live TV Wanda was being sodomised just as publicly, meaning that pretty much everyone in the world could see, or would see, what a depraved whore she had been turned into by Mistress Sif. That Wanda would literally do anything for her owner. That Wanda was truly owned by this goddess.

Through her magic she knew most women on Earth were horrified by these revelations, but in time they would all see it as the incredible honour Wanda knew it to be. After all, she was pleasing her goddess with her butt hole. What better way to prove her loyalty and devotion? Or better way to prove that she should be the envy of bottoms everywhere as the most dominant top in the universe chose Wanda to be one of the lucky women who frequently took her big cock in their asses, something that would surely soon be the envy of every woman everywhere? So Wanda considered herself to be very lucky, which helped her perform her duty and remain a good silent fuck hole for as long as she could.

Of course ultimately Wanda couldn't help begging, "Wreck my ass! Tear it open! Please? Oooooooh, ruin my little butt hole. Gape it wide open for all to see! Please Mistress Sif, ruin my little ass hole and show the whole world it belongs to you. That I belong to you. That I am your anal loving sex slave and soon women everywhere will submit to you! Ohhhhhhhh, and they should rejoice at that fact, because you're a merciful Mistress who allows her slaves to cum when they really need it. Ah fuck, and I really need it now Mistress Sif. Please give it to me. Yessssssss, give it to me and show everyone in this world, and any other, that they should be excited at the chance of being owned by you."

"How about you Natasha?" Maria interrupted, "Do you want to cum like a bitch with a dick in your ass?"

"Yeeeeeeeessssssss, please Maria, allow me the privilege of cumming for you." Natasha quickly pleaded, "Ooooooooh shit, please allow me the privilege of cumming like the bitch I am with your big dick up my ass! Mmmmmmm, I love your big dick! I love it! Ohhhhhhhh, I love it, oh fuck, oh yes, pound my fucking ass hole! Pound it hard and deep and show this alien we aren't going down without a fight! Oh God, fuck me Maria! Fuck me better than the self-proclaimed Mistress Sif ever could. Oooooooohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, fuck me like only you can baby. Fuck my ass. Fuck me in my big fat ass! Oh fuck! Fuck the ass you own! You, and no one else. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, Maria Hill popped my ass cherry, which means no matter what happens it will be always hers, and now I want to destroy it. Yeahhhhhh, wreck it so good that Sif never truly enjoys fucking it again."

"I'd like to see you try." Sif admitted.

"Would you?" Maria raised an eyebrow.

"Oh yes. I'm sure it would be adorable." Sif grinned wickedly, before offering, "On the count of three?"

"Three." Maria said dryly, starting to really go to town on Natasha's butt hole, causing Sif to laugh do the same to Wanda's most intimate hole.

As both Maria and Mistress Sif had seemed content with their little stalemate it was very possible that they would have continued for hours like this without Wanda breaking, and Mistress Sif was gracious enough to tell Wanda through their psychic link that she wasn't mad at her. Still Wanda hope she would be punished later with a nice hard spanking, which should be also ideally broadcast to the rest of the world. For now though Wanda welcomed the harder and faster sodomy, Mistress Sif slowly building up her paces until Wanda was receiving the type of wonderful powerful climaxes she could only receive through butt sex with her owner, as Maria did the same with Natasha almost simultaneously. Almost, but not quite.

Maria tried, but she had known it was hopeless from the beginning. For maybe about a second or two she thought she would actually do it, although from the wicked grin which was still on Mistress Sif's face she couldn't help think the other tall brunette had simply let her get close to make a defeat that much more gutwrenching. But it happened, and there was nothing Maria could truly do about it. It was obvious that Wanda came first by about 10 seconds, which might as well been 10 hours given how it felt before Natasha followed suit and that out an orgasm just as powerful as her cum squirted out of her cunt, just as Wanda's was.

Honestly Maria had thought that would be the end of it, Sif immediately stopping to claim her prize, but she didn't. Perhaps as a reward to Wanda, or just to add insult to injury to Maria, or just to show off Sif continued brutally pounding Wanda's ass to climax after climax, and if anything those thrusts became more violent and powerful, as did Wanda's climaxes. Which definitely had the effect of rewarding Wanda, showing what Sif was capable of, and caused Maria's ass hole to quiver in fear. And much to her shame, a little excitement, as now more than ever she was curious to find out what it was like to be a bottom. Something she wouldn't have to wait too much longer to find out.

Determined to be enjoy being a top for as long as she could, and not want to be completely outclassed, and because she just wanted to show how much she loved Natasha, and loved topping her like this, and just because she might not get another chance Maria followed suit and pounded Natasha through orgasm after orgasm. As she did so Maria savoured all the things she might miss of this really was the last time. Natasha screams of pleasure, the way the other woman's cum was squirting out of her with every climax, and most of all the sight and the feeling of the big meaty cheeks of The Black Widow jiggling like jelly as the sound of flesh meeting flesh echoing throughout the room, fuck, it was also wonderful and Maria could never imagine getting enough. Which made the idea she may never do it again so emotionally painful she could have cried.

However in this ultra-perverted moment Maria was determined to block out all sad thoughts, along with Wanda being equally anal wrecked and Sif staring at her, and just focus on everything she loved about butt fucking The Black Widow. That, combined with the stimulator bashing against her clit, would ultimately guaranteed Maria a few powerful orgasms of her own, although she held back for as long as possible so she could savour her favourite thing in the whole wide world, and to postpone her own humiliation. Of course, apparently unlike Mistress Sif, Maria didn't have infinite stamina, and ultimately she experienced several hard climaxes, and then ultimately had to stop. Although not out of choice.

"Stop! I do not wish for you to wear yourself out before I have a chance to break you in!" Sif commanded firmly, putting a stop to her own thrusting first before ultimately Maria did. Then Sif informed the other woman, "Good. Now, let us show the world our handiwork, and the futures of all the women on this planet."

Wanda whimpered pathetically as with those last few words Mistress Sif yanked her cock out of the Witch's ass hole in one swift movement, leaving Wanda feeling horribly empty. That feeling of course was inevitable, along with the incredible pain from her abused backside and the after-shocks to her orgasms, but sometimes if Wanda was really lucky she would have the chance to bask in the afterglow for a little bit before Mistress Sif removed her cock from her. However she didn't complain, not when she had the chance to further prove her submission in this precious moment, Wanda's hands shooting to her ass cheeks and spreading them wide apart so she could better expose her gaping ass hole.

That gape had been visible in the few long seconds it took Wanda to gather the energy to proudly show off Mistress Sif's handiwork, but that wasn't really the point. The handiwork in this case wasn't just the gape, it was how submissive Wanda was to Mistress Sif, and how thoroughly she had been broken by this goddess, especially compared to Natasha and her lesser Dom. Indeed Maria took almost an extra minute to slowly starting to pull her strap-on out of Natasha's butt, and while The Black Widow didn't exactly seem reluctant to humiliate herself she certainly didn't seem to do with it with the eagerness of Wanda. At least in Wanda's opinion.

It was tempting to short-change the other woman, or more accurately other women, but again that would be cheating, and Wanda knew that would displease her Mistress. So rather focusing the cameras on herself she made sure each gape got equal time, and a nice little close-up just to drive the point home. And Wanda had to admit, it was thrilling to see the mighty Black Widow's gaping butt hole being broadcast around the world. But course not as much as her, Wanda grinning happily as she sensed the disgust, the outrage and even the curiosity of all the different people throughout the world in that moment. Then Mistress Sif spoke, and Wanda forced herself to focus, and then grinned again as she realised her owner was once again giving her the chance to prove, and humiliate, herself.

"Wanda, what are you?" Sif smirked.

"I'm your slave Mistress Sif." Wanda answered quickly and proudly with the smile on her face, "I'm a slave of Sif, the powerful warrior Goddess, who owns my body, mind and soul. And clearly my ass hole, which she uses on a regular basis for her pleasure. Which is an honour Maria Hill, and the other women of this world, are about to find out."

That was more than required, but rather than complain Sif simply asked, "And you Natasha, what are you?"

There was a brief pause and then Natasha replied, "I'm Maria Hill's bitch."

"Ah, there's that fighting spirit I love to see." Sif grinned, "Well, all three of you shall soon be slaves of Sif. But for now, I think a couple of sluts have something to do, don't you Maria?"

"Yes." Maria replied hoarsely, although she was not sure exactly what Sif meant.

Happy to clarify Sif turned her attention to her fully broken in bitches and ordered, "Excellent. Wanda, get down on your knees and suck your ass off my cock you little slut!"

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda eagerly replied.

She turned around and dropped to her knees just as eagerly. Wanda then rewarded herself with a few seconds of staring lustfully at Mistress Sif's big dick, which she felt was forgivable as she was making sure to capture it on film. Then she wrapped her lips around the head of Mistress Sif's big dick and eagerly began sucking her own ass cream off of it, the entire time moaning at the taste that her Mistress had trained her to crave. Wanda concentrated on the first few inches at first, savouring the deepest part of her butt, although it wasn't that long until she started bobbing her head lower and lower until she was deep throating every inch of the dick as Mistress Sif gently, and surprisingly wordlessly, encouraged her by first stroking her hair, and then grabbing a firm hold of it to force it up and down.

"You too Natasha. Suck my cock." Maria ordered shortly after Sif had given her command, although for once she paid no attention to The Black Widow as she eagerly sucked her cock. No, she was far too busy staring defiantly at Sif's grinning face, the look in the other woman's eye telling her better than words ever could that she was next.

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