Slaves of Sif

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"Are you sure you're okay with this plan?" Daisy asked again.

"I told you, I'm fine." Jemma reassured.

There was a brief pause and then Daisy pushed, "It's just, you seem nervous?"

Smiling softly Jemma asked, "Do you blame me?"

"No." Daisy smiled back, "But this will work Jem. I know it."

"It's not just that." Jemma admitted after another brief pause, "I'm, I'm worried I'll like it too much."

"Me too." Daisy smiled, moving closer and gently taking Jemma into her arms, "But as long as we have each other, maybe will have a chance to maintain our sanity. And, you know."

"I know." Jemma smiled softly, resting her head against Daisy's forehead, "I love you."

"I love you too." Daisy smiled softly.

Daisy caressed Jemma's face before pulling her in for a gentle kiss. That kiss lasted for several long seconds, before they took a deep breath, held hands and slowly walked round the corner and into what used to be Maria Hill's office. Now it was Sif's throne room, the Asgardian truly looking like a goddess as she sat on the throne wearing her battle armour surrounded by the naked women she had already conquered. The former Director of SHIELD Maria Hill was now her foot stool, the mighty Black Widow Natasha Romanoff was serving wine, and her favourite pet The Scarlet Witch a.k.a. Wanda Maximoff was standing guard, complete with clipboard and cute little glasses.

Ever since the world leaders had agreed to Sif's demands every female member of SHIELD had been forced to queue up to be evaluated by Sif and her minions. To everyone's surprise she did let a few go, allegedly only the truly straight ones, but for the most part one by one they were broken. Those who had been most eager had been conquered in days, and all that were left were the ones who had ran, an girls like Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons who had their reasons for not actually queueing up. But now here they were, walking arm in arm together into the lions den, and the hungry lion looked like she was about to devour them both on the spot.

"Sorry, was Mistress Sif not clear?" Wanda questioned mockingly, "New slaves come in one by one for assessment."

Swallowing her pride Daisy ignored the Witch and addressed the alien, "Please Mistress Sif, we both want to be yours, I swear. We are just nervous. Especially little Jemma here."

"Come now, you need not fear me. You must know that." Sif smiled wickedly.

"We know, but please, will you conquer us together?" Daisy asked submissively as possible, "It would mean so much to us."

There was a brief pause, and then Sif smiled wickedly, "Of course. Wanda, let them through, and introduce me to these little sluts."

Wanda glared at the newcomers, then consulted her clipboard before smirking, "This is... Daisy Johnson, a.k.a. Quake. An Inhuman with the ability to control the Earth... or at least, that's what's in her file. I can tell she's a lot more powerful than that. Yes, she can control the atoms in everything, and with her power... she could destroy the world."

"Sounds a lot like you, my dear sweet Wanda." Sif teased.

"Perhaps a little, Mistress Sif." Wanda grumbled, not wanting to admit that was true, and quickly adding, "She's not on my level, but she would make a valuable member of your team."

"Interesting." Sif purred, before raising an eyebrow, "And why did you not think it prudent to mention her before? It sounds like she is the most powerful member of SHIELD."

"Perhaps my Mistress, but she is a relatively new member, so conquering her sooner would have done nothing for morale." Wanda explained, "It would have been a defeat that SHIELD could publicly shrug off. And knowing her, desires, I expected her to be amongst the first to sign up when we began our little open door recruitment. It seems she was too busy with her girlfriend."

"Ah yes, the girlfriend." Sif grinned wickedly, "Does she have powers too?"

"No Mistress." Wanda said, double checking her notes before explaining, "Her name is Jemma Simmons. She is quite an impressive biochemist, but can provide very little to your cause, except her body."

"Well, it would be a shame to break up such a beautiful matching set." Sif licked her lips, "And speaking of what Jemma has to offer me, why don't both of you little lesbian sluts strip for me? Mmmmm yes, I want to see what you both have to offer."

Knowing that was a command, not a request, Daisy took a deep breath, briefly glanced at Jemma and gave her a reassuring smile, before stripping off her jacket. Her top came next, Daisy reaching for her pants when she noticed Jemma was still standing there nervously, not making a move to undress. Deciding to use this to her advantage she closed the distance between them and pressed herself firmly against Jemma's back, her girl letting out a cute little gasp before relaxing into Daisy's touch. Daisy then briefly glanced at Sif for approval, and upon seeing that she was grinning wickedly Daisy reached around and slowly undid the buttons to Jemma's shirt before opening it to reveal Jemma's perky little boobs encased in her bra. Then she did the same to her bra.

Once Jemma was standing there topless Daisy took a few moments to cup those perky little titties with both hands while kissing Jemma's neck, and whispering in encouragement. Then she slowly turned Jemma around so that her back was to their audience, providing them with the perfect view of Jemma's bottom as Daisy slowly dropped to her knees, grabbing hold of her girlfriend's pants and panties and pulling them down in the process. She then briefly played with Jemma's ass while the scientist was stepping out of her pants and panties, and awkwardly kicking her shoes and socks off with a little help from Daisy. Only then did Daisy straighten up, quickly pull off her bra and then turn around and slowly pull down her own pants and panties while showing off her ass.

"Excellent." Sif purred, "Now, line up for me."

Daisy and Jemma quickly did as they were told, causing Wanda to glare, "What do you say?"

"Yes Mistress Sif." Daisy quickly grumbled.

"Ye, yes Mistress Sif." Jemma stammered shortly afterwards.

"Ooooooh, a little rebellion in this one. I like that." Sif grinned as she stepped forward to admire her prizes, sliding her hands all over them, especially Daisy, as she casually explained to the Inhuman, "Whenever I'm conquering a female warrior I like to start with a little spanking. Really show them who's boss right from the start. You’re a warrior, aren't you Daisy? Huh? All that power at your fingertips? Perhaps even enough to kill me with a thought. Of course, you wouldn't be planning such a vile thing, would you?"

"No Mistress Sif." Daisy lied, nervously glancing at Wanda to see if she could read her expression. But she couldn't.

"Because if you did, I might have to take it out on poor Jemma here." Sif said almost casually, squeezing Jemma's rump as she did so which made the scientist squeak in embarrassment, fear and perhaps anticipation.

"I understand." Daisy gulped.

"Do you?" Sif questioned, "Perhaps I should destroy your asses, inside and out, right now, just to make sure you both get the message."

"No, please Mistress Sif." Daisy whimpered, "Take me. Not Jemma. She is just a civilian. She's not like us. Beat my butt twice as hard if you have too, just leave Jemma out of it."

"Interesting..." Sif purred, "You would take Jemma spanking as well as your own? Ah, it must be true love. Very well. I will accept your terms. Come, lay down across my lap, and I shall show you your place."

Sif smacked Daisy's cute ass to emphasise her final words before strolling over to her throne and sitting down upon it to wait patiently for the arrival of her new slave. She wasn't waiting long before Daisy turned around, marched over to her and lent her naked body down over her knee, perhaps showing more dignity in the process than anyone else who had suffered this fate before, which was really saying something considering the slaves surrounding them. It somewhat made Sif a little uneasy, like Daisy knew something she didn't, which further pushed her to go ahead with this spanking, even though on the surface it kind of felt unnecessary. After all, SHIELD was hers. That meant whether they knew it or not these girls were hers already. Besides, her abilities had never failed her before, and Sif doubted this would be the first time.

Once Daisy lay down across her lap Sif immediately received proof of that, the goddess grinning wickedly as she could feel the younger woman's wet pussy pressed against her thigh. Okay, that could have been because of Daisy already being a lesbian slut who was looking forward to being used by Sif, or even that she was getting off on the humiliation of being made to strip and then bend over for a spanking, but it didn't really matter because the result was the same, a.k.a. Sif was once again being handed an easy win. So with that grin still on her face Sif reach down and spent a few long seconds caressing the inviting flesh beneath her, squeezing and groping Daisy's butt like the piece of meat it was. Then the real fun began.

Just as Daisy somewhat relaxed, believing she would be here for a while as Sif teased her, the goddess quickly raised her hand high into the air and brought it down onto the cute little butt in front of her, causing the mighty Quake to cry out in anguish. Sif then repeated that for a couple of brutal blows, even using a significant amount of her strength to make sure Daisy knew she meant business. Then just as suddenly as the spanking had started it stopped, Sif going right back to the gentle caressing she had been doing before. Then she repeated the process, albeit with more gentle and playful spanks and waiting even longer between each series of strikes. Or sometimes just a single strike.

Even with that gentle spanking Daisy's ass turned a cute little pink. It wasn't as red as it soon would be, but still made the already cute behind even cuter, and Sif delighted in that sight almost as much as the occasional cry she forced out of her latest victim. Especially as Daisy did a rather impressive job keeping herself relatively quiet, especially considering the action of some of the SHIELD agents that Sif had been conquering lately. Sure, the first few had put up a decent fight, but lately she was struggling to find a challenge. So maybe it was for the best that she saved these sluts until the end, as she was already having more fun.

Daisy certainly wasn't having fun. She couldn't deny that on some twisted levels she was enjoying it, and deep down she knew it had more to do with her kinky side then Sif's magic, but fun would have definitely been the wrong word to describe what she was feeling. Horny, yes. Humiliated, most definitely. But having fun? No way. Especially as this was happening in front of women she used to idolise like Maria Hill and Natasha Romanoff, both of whom were now clearly mindless sluts, which was very scary. But more to the point this was happening in front of her precious Jemma, and God, Daisy really, really hated to have her girlfriend see her like this.

She wished she could offer up some comforting words, but Daisy had to be very careful about everything she said, did, and even thought considering what she was planning to do. After all, her powers weren't a secret, and clearly you didn't even have to be a mind reader to guess what was on her mind. Which was why she needed to play along with this twisted game, right up to the point that she was about to be conquered. That would be the only way this would work. Because at that point Sif wouldn't see it coming. And then, it was only a maybe, and not just because Sif and her slaves were perhaps too powerful at this point to be stopped. No, the really shameful part, the part she hadn't told Jemma, was a part of her wanted to become a slave of Sif after witnessing first hand what kind of pleasure those slaves received.

Feeling this kind of pain would surely be a small price to pay for the eventual pleasure she would soon receive? And more importantly, it would more price to pay for her chance to save the world? More loudly and publicly than she had ever known it before. Daisy just hoped nothing bad would happen to Jemma in the process. Jemma was right, it was the only way for her to have a moment where Sif wouldn't see her coming, but Daisy hated to put her girlfriend's life in danger like this. And she especially hated the pain she was now feeling, which got significantly worse before the spanking finally came to a merciful end.

The humiliation of having Sif treating her backside like a lump of meat was bad enough, but Daisy found herself quickly missing it as Sif gradually phased it out in favour of a constant ass smacking. Especially when each blow felt stronger than the last. To the point where no amount of training could keep Daisy from not only crying out in pure anguish, but literally crying. And she could only imagine what her butt looked like in that moment. Whatever it was it definitely wasn't pretty, given the extremely apprehensive look that Jemma was giving her. But as long as Jemma wouldn't have to go through this it would be worth it, Daisy telling herself that over and over again as the butt beating became truly brutal.

Sif kept an eye on Jemma throughout the spanking. It was so satisfying, seeing the apprehension and fear on her face. Perhaps even hatred for Sif. Which of course would be fleeting. Soon enough these two sluts would just be a couple more mindless sex slaves in Sif's ever-growing collection, but for now she enjoyed the rare negative feelings towards her. Especially, unsurprisingly, from Daisy, who's ass was now a beautiful bright red and becoming an even darker shade now Sif was putting every ounce of her strength into the spanking. Or at least every ounce of strength that she'd dare to give a poor feeble human.

Which was why she unfortunately had to stop pretty soon. She didn't want to, not now that she had really found her stride, and Daisy's discoloured butt cheeks were jiggling so invitingly with every powerful blow she was giving them, but Sif didn't want to do any damage. Because sure, Wanda could fix the problem for her in seconds, but such sloppiness was beneath her, and was no way to welcome a valuable chess piece like Quake to her ranks. No, Sif showed the kind of restraint and leadership she was famous for by simply beating Daisy to the point of breaking, then ease off and caress at least some of the pain away before moving onto the real fun.

"That was fun." Sif announced, before unceremoniously pushing Daisy off of her, "You may now have the privilege of eating my ass while your girlfriend worships my cunt."

Daisy yelped as she was pushed onto her already sore ass, rolled over and rubbed it before noticing her girlfriend's apprehension and asking her, "Is that okay Jem?"

"Ye, yes." Jemma squeaked.

"Okay?" Wanda mocked, "You should spank them both for their insolence."

"Oh, you presume to tell me what I should do, do you?" Sif raised an eyebrow.

"No Mistress, of course not." Wanda quickly apologised, diving down to her knees and kissing her Mistress's feet, "I'm so sorry I spoke out of turn. Please forgive me."

"I'll think about it while I'm spanking you later." Sif said dismissively, "For now just move out of the way and strip me of my clothes so my latest conquests can please me."

"Yes Mistress." Wanda said submissively.

Lifting herself up onto her knees Wanda looked up at Sif nervously as she tried to decide whether she should strip her with magic or with her bare hands. As usual Sif had left it intentionally vague so she could pretend she was displeased with Wanda's choice later in order to have an excuse to spank her. Not that she ever needed one, but it added to the fun. She also didn't need to bother with spanking Wanda as she was easily the loyalist of all her slaves, however Wanda was also the most powerful, so it only seemed right to constantly remind her of her place. It was also one of the reasons Wanda's ass hole was one of Sif's favourite fuck holes, which she would fuck again soon. But first she had other business to attend too.

Business which got underway right after her clothes vanished in seconds, Sif smirking as that was actually what she preferred given how horny she was after spanking the infamous Quake. Not that it would stop her from pretending otherwise later, even if Wanda would know she was lying. Honestly that made it even sweeter. But not quite as sweet as when another woman licked her pussy for the very first time, or ate her ass, two tremendous pleasures Sif was about to receive at the same time as the two Agents of SHIELD cautiously got onto their knees and crawled into position. Sif particularly taking a shin to the innocent looking Jemma Simmons, who was easier to watch given she was about to lick her cunt.

Jemma had always liked women, and men, and made no secret of that fact. She'd come out as bi in her teens, confident that her friends and family would support her, and sure enough they did. Afterward she had meaningful relationships with both men and women, especially Daisy, who she had fallen for hard and quickly back when she was still calling herself Skye. So of course she enjoyed eating pussy, meaning she shouldn't feel ashamed for enjoying this, despite the circumstances. And yet, as she lowered herself down to her knees and crawled in between the legs of this terrifying creature she was bombarded with almost as much shame as she was lust.

Thankfully that change once she'd tasted Sif's cunt, Jemma whimpering as the amazing flavour of Sif's pussy juices hit her taste-buds and then immediately following up the first slow, cautious lick with much quicker and much more eager one. Of course she knew from experience this wasn't the best thing to do at the start of a pussy licking, and even when Daisy talked her into a little public activity it was good to start off slow, but she just couldn't help it. Sif's twat was just so tasty. So much so she ignored the voice in her head warning her to slow down, Jemma honestly unsure if the voice was hers or Wanda's. Then she heard a voice she couldn't ignore.

"Ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, that feels good! Sooooooo goooooodddddddd, mmmmmm fuck! Too good! Oh yes, I appreciate your enthusiasm Jemma, but slow down. Really savour your first time eating my cunt." Sif ordered firmly in between moans, then added with a delighted chuckle, "Oooooooh, that's it, nice and slow. Yesssssss, that's it, good girl. Mmmmmm fuck, Wanda told me you were good. That you licked your little girlfriend's pussy every single night like a good little dyke whore, oooooooh shit, it seems she was right. Ooooooooh yes Jemma, lick me as if I was your precious girlfriend! Lick me just like that, oh fuck!"

Given the circumstances the last thing Jemma wanted to do was displease Sif, so as soon as she gave her very clear instructions she slow down the speed of her licking and just tried her best to concentrate on swallowing as much of that precious liquid as she could. Which was actually easier now she was going slower, but the entire time Jemma desperately wanted more. And oh, how she wanted to taste Sif's cum, because if her regular cream tasted this good Jemma could only imagine how good Sif's cum would taste. But her Mistress... Sif, just Sif, Jemma reminded herself, was very clear what she wanted, and Jemma had to give it to her.

"Yessssss, lick me like I'm your girlfriend you little dyke slut." Sif continue taunting, "Mmmmmm yes, your little girlfriend who's doing such a great job at eating my ass! Oh yes Daisy, mmmmm,  kiss my ass after I spanked yours! Oooooooh, that feel so good. Now lick the hole. Lick my fucking shit hole you perverted bitch! Yessssssss, that's it, mmmmmm fuck, rim me! Rim my ass you bitch! Rim that nasty hole of mine while your precious girlfriend Jemma eats my other hole! Ohhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssssss, you Agents of SHIELD make such good muff divers and butt munchers! Oh fuck yeah, eat those holes you little dyke whores! Please your Mistress Sif! Please me and become just another couple of sex slaves in my collection."

Somehow to her shame Jemma had completely forgotten about Daisy as she had become so consumed with licking the tasty treat in front of her. After Sif mentioned her girlfriend Jemma wanted to block out her words so she wouldn't have to think about what Daisy was doing, or the increasingly insulting words from Sif. But she couldn't risk upsetting the dominant brunette by missing an order. Also Jemma felt hypnotised by those words, and no matter how insulting they got she just couldn't get enough of them, a clear sign that Sif's influence was beginning to work on her. Or maybe she just deep down like this too much. Either way she did her best to forget about Daisy as much as possible as she continued licking pussy exactly how Sif wanted her too.

Daisy had also more or less forgotten about Jemma as she was equally consumed with pleasing Mistress Sif, albeit in a far more perverted way. Yes, she had to kneel behind this dominant woman in literally kiss her ass, Daisy spending several long minutes going from cheek to cheek in the beginning, worshipping that ass and giving her Mistress the proper respect she deserves. Only then did she pull apart those ass cheeks after briefly staring at that cute little pucker before sliding her tongue over it. She then did that over and over again for a few long minutes, before switching back to the ass kissing, and then back and forth between those two things.

Then Mistress Sif had started taunting Jemma, reminding Daisy that this wasn't her Mistress. Not yet. Not ever, if the plan ever came to be. The thought of not becoming a slave of Sif was suddenly a horrible one, but Daisy knew that was just the magic talking and she had to fight it. Only, it wasn't. She wanted to be Sif's bitch. Daisy wanted that so bad it scared her. But this wasn't about her. This was about saving the human race, and Jemma. Her dear sweet Jemma who right now was being verbally abused by Sif, and then the alien was quick to turn her attention to Daisy, stroking her hair as she encouraged her to rim her.

Just before that Daisy had wondered if she should choose this moment to strike as Sif had seemed to be distracted, but the hand on the back of her head told her otherwise. Besides, when she opened her eyes and looked around she spoted Wanda staring at her with a warning look on her face. So she closed her eyes again, just like she had at the start of licking Sif's ass hole, and went back to putting everything into the rim job, albeit while trying to maintain her sanity. Which was hard, because she did hear whispers in her head that this was right. That this was where she belonged. That she was nothing but a series of holes, and tongue, for her Mistress Sif to use for her pleasure. But no, she had to resist those thoughts. She had too. If not for herself then for Jemma, and everyone else.

For better or worse 'Mistress Sif' actually kind of helped out by shoving her face as deep as it would go into her butt. Sure, it suffocated Daisy for a few long seconds, and then longer as Sif repeated the process, but the humiliation was enough to temporarily awake Daisy from her daze again, and concentrate on getting this over with. So whenever she got the chance she frantically licked Sif's butt hole, swirling her tongue around it as well as simply lapping up and down. Then sometime later when she got the permission she had been waiting for Daisy tried pushing her tongue into Sif's ass, and even though she didn't get very far she took great satisfaction in the reaction she got out of the bitch.

Sif also took great satisfaction in the reaction she was getting from her bitches, both the ones worshipping her and the others. Oh yes, the once proud and mighty Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill were both on their knees waiting for further instruction, and clearly both hopeful their Mistress would invite them to join the party soon. She wouldn't. No, Sif had played with them enough recently, and she didn't need to dominate them any further as a way to show off her power to Daisy and Jemma. No, these two sluts clearly got the message, and it was fun to just direct the abuse. Besides, she had spoilt Natasha and Maria with all the recent attention she had been giving them. She might even leave her precious Wanda out of the mix.

Certainly at this moment Sif was very satisfied with just Daisy and Jemma working her over, especially Jemma. Yes, she had fully intended to keep her anyway, because as she said, it would be a shame to break up a matching set, but it was wonderful that she had good excuse to keep her now on her own merits. Because sure, Sif and her slaves could have taught Jemma the art of eating pussy, but not only was she fully trained in that art but she showed a genuine skill for the act which was intoxicating. Still, none of this stopped Sif from pretending she wasn't going to keep her. In fact, she thought it would be rather fun to tease Jemma about it.

"Ooooooh yessssss, that's it Jemma, earn your keep." Sif gleefully taunted while pushing Jemma's face deeper into her cunt, "Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, show me why I should keep you. Oh yes, your girlfriend is the infamous Quake, so I have to have her, and like I said, it would be such a shame to break up a matching set. But it wouldn't be fair if you weren't good at eating pussy. Mmmmm yes, it wouldn't be fair. All my other sluts are good at it, and I can't just have a pillow princess in my ranks. No, I want all my sex slaves to be cunt craving dyke whores so they can properly please each other, and most importantly me. Ohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssssss, that's it Jem, prove your worth. Oh yes, ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh, fuck me!"

Unsurprisingly this caused Daisy to frown against Sif's butt cheeks, and more importantly for Jemma to be even more eager to please her, both things causing Sif to chuckle wickedly. It also became increasingly hard for her to resist bringing this glorious heaven to an end as the pleasure became torturous. Oh yes, Sif's body ached to cum, but she was having so much fun it was hard to give the order to push her over the edge and end this. On the other hand Sif needed to save some energy for pounding ass, especially as she had fresh butts to break in, which was ultimately the deciding factor in all of this. Still, Sif made sure she waited an appropriate amount of time before giving in to that temptation.

"Mmmmm, more." Sif eventually ordered, pushing both girls faces into her needy holes, "Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkk yeahhhhhhh, tongue those holes! Tongue fuck those fucking fuck holes of mine, yessssssss, oh fuck! Oh fuck! Mmmmm, fuck yeah, fuck me with your little dyke tongues until I cum! Oh yes, slam fuck me with those little queer tongues and make me cum like a dyke whore! Like you! Yessssssss, make me cum! Make me cum! Make me cum you little bitches! Oooooooooh yeeeeeeeessssssss, aaaaaaahhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, make me cum just like that! Oh fuck! Oh shit! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddd!"

It was quite surprising, and annoying, just how long Sif had to wait after giving the initial order before she finally came. Although it did make the eventual climax that much more satisfying, and Sif couldn't help finding it endearing the way that Daisy and Jemma pushed both their tongues inside her pussy and ass at the same time. Well, Jemma more than Daisy, as Sif wasn't an anal whore like her slaves, so Daisy's tongue didn't get very far, whereas Jemma's was able to go deep inside her. It was still endearing though. Not that it would stop her from punishing them later. Of course Sif couldn't really think about that, or anything else, when she was in the middle of cumming nice and hard into another girl's mouth, Jemma very much earning her keep throughout the next few minutes.

Jemma felt that goal was more important to her right now than breathing. God, she desperately wanted to be this goddess's sex slave, a slave of Sif, and please her. Please Mistress Sif. Her Mistress. Fuck, the need was practically painful, although Jemma did have a selfish reason for it, that being wanting to swallow as much of that heavenly cream as possible. Because wow, she had expected Mistress Sif's cum to be exquisite, but just... WOW! Jemma couldn't have imagined anything could be better than Mistress Sif's regular pussy juice, or liking anything more than Daisy's cum, but this was better than those two things combined, and she desperately needed to swallow every drop of it.

For maybe the first orgasm that she gave to this goddess Jemma achieved that goal, but no matter how much she tried she just couldn't get everything for the following climaxes. There was just too much liquid to swallow, and more to the point Mistress Sif started grinding against her face, or just rubbing her face against her cunt, or both. The point was it became impossible for Jemma to swallow every drop, which was heart-breaking. But on the bright side it meant her face was thoroughly coated in Mistress Sif's cum, making Jemma feel like she had been marked as a slave of Sif, a mark she would wear proudly for what came next.

Before she had been afraid, but in that moment Jemma was very much looking forward to it, as it meant she'd be officially a slave of Sif, which again she desperately wanted to be. Only what actually came next was in a way even better. And in some ways not. Jemma wanted her Mistress to immediately bend her over and shove her biggest cock up her arse, making the scientist the property of the mighty Sif forever. However her ass hole would need some preparation first, and Jemma certainly couldn't hate what happened given it was Mistress Sif pushing both their faces away from her, stepping away and then shoving their faces together, meaning Jemma got to kiss her girlfriend under the orders of her Mistress.

"Mmmmm, that was fun... now, kiss!" Sif panted as she moved out of the way then pushed the two agents faces together, "Oh yes, share the taste of my pussy and ass you little sluts! Yessssss, share those flavours while you kiss! Ohhhhhh yesssssss, I love to watch a couple of lesbian bitches kissing and sharing the taste of my holes. Ooooooh yeahhhhh, it really helps get me in the mood for an ass wrecking."

Those words of course only convinced Jemma to kiss Daisy more eagerly, along with the fact that she was genuinely thrilled to be tasting Mistress Sif's ass on her girlfriend's lips and tongue while Daisy was tasting Mistress Sif's pussy on hers. And Daisy was clearly just as eager. Although during the kiss it was clear both of them woke up from their haze, at least a little, and realise just how into the twisted sex they had become. Or at least Jemma had. God, she had been referring to Sif as Mistress Sif in her head, and even now it was hard not to think of her as the latter title. And she wanted to submit completely so bad, but she had to remain strong. She just had too, otherwise she would be leaving Daisy alone to fight for their freedom.

"Ooooooh yesssssss, that definitely puts me in the mood for an ass wrecking." Sif murmured after a few long minutes of enjoying the sight in front of her, then she clicked her fingers and ordered, "Wanda equipped me for an ass wrecking."

"Yes Mistress." Wanda said submissively and did as she was told.

Seconds later Sif was fully equipped, and ready to reward her little helper, "Good girl, now help me prepare these bitch asses. Oh yeah, bend over bitches and give us your sweet little butts. Wanda, you eat Jemma's ass, and the mighty Quake can have the privilege of my tongue caressing her ass hole, before I bust it open and take her anal cherry."

"Yes Mistress." Wanda again said submissively and did as she was told.

Wanda then glared at Daisy and Jemma, and psychically told them to do the same, but the disrespectful bitches stayed silent. Although they at least had the decency of getting on all fours and sticking their cute butts into the air for licking, Mistress Sif apparently feeling this made up for their lack of respect. At least for now. Wanda quickly learned that Mistress Sif had plans to punish them both later, but for now she just was eager to get on with the breaking in, especially as it meant butt fucking these two Agents of SHIELD. Something which Wanda was very much looking forward to watching, and thanks to her abilities, would experience for herself.

Just before her hesitance could be seen as disrespectful Wanda crawled over to where Jemma was kneeling and buried her face in between her cheeks. If this was her precious Mistress then Wanda may have spent some time kissing the cheeks so she could literally be Mistress Sif's ass kissing bitch. Perhaps she would do so later to enhance her own feelings of submission, and perhaps to strengthen the bond between her and their recruit. But for now Wanda just went straight for a deep and passionate ass munching which had Jemma crying out in surprise and pleasure, the same time as the mighty Quake, the only difference being that Mistress Sif took the time to spread Daisy's cheeks so she could get all the access she wanted easily right from the beginning.

After several minutes of ass eating Wanda sensed Mistress Sif briefly rubbing her fingers against Daisy's wet cunt before replacing her tongue with a finger. Of course it was a lot easier for her to penetrate Daisy's virgin ass hole with her finger, both the dominant brunette and the submissive one crying out at this sensation. Wanda cried out too, as thanks to her powers she got to feel what both Daisy and Mistress Sif felt. She then got to experience that with herself and Jemma, once she had Mistress Sif's permission of course, Wanda honoured that she got to help her owner conquer another woman. Which she had been doing before, but there was something so intimate about getting to shove a finger up a virgin butt just before Mistress Sif took it for the first time.

"Wanda, get over here and lubricate my cock, with your hand." Sif suddenly ordered.

"Yes Mistress." Wanda once again said submissively and did as she was told.

It was disappointing she wouldn't be able to use her mouth, and that Mistress Sif wouldn't be using her mouth like a cunt, or an ass hole, to give these Agents of SHIELD a little preview of what their asses were about to take. But of course Wanda pushed herself through that disappointment and crawled over to Mistress Sif while summoning a tube of lubricant. Wanda then proceeded to rub that liquid into the shaft of Mistress Sif as the goddess pushed another finger into Daisy's bottom and then began pumping it in and out, making sure that the bitch was as ready as possible for her anal violation. God, Wanda was so jealous of Daisy right now.

"Okay, that should be more than enough." Sif dismissed Wanda, before turning her attention to her latest conquests, "Jemma, get over here and spread your girlfriend's cheeks. Mmmmm yessssss, give up your girlfriend's most private hole to me. As for you Daisy, beg. Oh yes, I want the mighty Quake to begged to be butt fucked."

Daisy didn't want to give this bitch the satisfaction, but with little other choice she waited until Jemma's trembling hands pulled her butt cheeks apart and then she began to beg while trying to think what Sif wanted to hear, "Fuck me. Please fuck my butt. I wanna be butt fucked by you... Mistress Sif. Please take my anal cherry and make me yours. Make my ass yours. Please? My fucking shit hole is a gift for you. Please use it for your pleasure. Mmmmm, oh yes, I know how much you loved pounding butt Mistress Sif, so pound mine. Make my butt hole your fucking property! Oh fuck! Oh God! Fuck my butt, take my ass, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck!"

Sif press the tip of her cock against Daisy's virgin butt hole as she listened to the other woman begged to be taken. Then after a few long seconds of wonderful words she pushed forwards, stretching that anal ring and causing Daisy to gasp. Then Daisy continued her begging, albeit with a lot more whimpers thrown in, until she cried out loudly as her previously untouched ass hole stretched wide enough for Sif's dick to slip through it and into her virgin butt, meaning Sif had officially taken another anal cherry. And the anal cherry of another powerful woman at that, which meant Sif smiled widely and even chuckled a little in this triumphant moment.

Normally nothing could distract Sif from taking a back door cherry, but Jemma's cute little expression of concern was just so wonderful, and when Sif officially took Daisy's anal virginity, oh the expression Jemma made was just adorable. Especially as within the hour Jemma would be an insatiable ass whore. Sif promised herself that. After all, it was an easy promise to make given her magic and skill insured every single one of her conquests became addicted to anal sex, and soon enough Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons would be very much added to that list, Sif taking another important step towards that as she began to push forwards again, getting more wonderfully distressing expressions out of the scientist as Sif continued to anally violate her girlfriend.

As distracting as those expressions were Sif's main focus remained the heaven that was another woman's forbidden hole slowly swallowing her cock for the very first time, as for Sif there was truly nothing more beautiful in all the nine realms than this. This was pure domination. This was pure conquest. This was perfect. Oh yes, Sif was invading the most intimate part of another woman and destroying her self-respect and leaving her nothing but a wanton whore. A slave for Sif to add to her collection. That this was another powerful warrior in her own right, and her cheeks were being spread by her girlfriend, who was giving Sif the best possible view of the violation and in a way giving her girlfriend's ass hole to her, just to make this truly wonderful experience that much more satisfying.

There was nothing better in this world then the moment that Sif truly broke another woman, but the precious moment she popped her anal cherry came pretty close, as did the equally precious moment her thighs came to rest against the other woman's cheeks, announcing that she had buried every inch of her dick into that woman's bowels. As always Sif savoured the precious moment, and the adorable expression on Jemma's face, before she slowly pulled her hips back, causing Daisy to cry out as inch after inch of dildo slowly left her rectum. Daisy then cried out again as Sif pushed those inches back in after she got about halfway and then repeated the process, officially starting to sodomise her latest conquest. While that conquest's girlfriend watched, no less.

Jemma's back hole had been quivering in fear just from seeing Sif's weapon of ass destruction, but to actually see it stretching Daisy's shit hole, God Jemma thought she was going to faint from the sheer perversion of it. Or from the fact that part of her had found it erotic. Oh God, she hadn't wanted to admit it, even to herself, but she had fantasised about watching Daisy be sodomised in front of her like this, and now that it was actually happening she found it hotter than she could have ever imagined. Although at least she had the decency to be truly horrified about just how widely that forbidden hole was forced to stretch by the time Sif's strap-on slid through it and into Daisy's virgin bottom.

The rest of the anal penetration had been equally horrific and yet erotic, Jemma feeling like her face was constantly in a state of horror and amazement of what was happening. And that Daisy was able to take such abuse. Or take it without begging for mercy, like Jemma was sure she would do when it was her turn. Although she was also worried her face was also betraying how much she was enjoying this, which was way too much for her liking. Then, somehow, Daisy took it all up her arse, and Sif started to bum her, making sure the full length of her cock ended up in Daisy's rectum on every thrust, a sadistic smile glued to Sif's face the entire time. And was that a moan Jemma heard coming from Daisy? No, it couldn't be. Could it?

Suddenly Sif pulled her cock out of Daisy's most private hole, pressed it against Jemma's lips and ordered simply, "Suck it."

"Ewww." Jemma grimaced, before correcting herself, "I mean, yes Mistress Sif."

Even though she had known it was coming, and this was something she'd have to do, Jemma still wasn't really prepared for this. Anal was bad enough, but actually having to go ass to mouth like some kind of prostitute, or more accurately a porn star, was almost more humiliation than she could bear. Still, it was all part of the plan, so Jemma closed her eyes, scrunched up her nose and wrapped her lips around the head of that big dick. To her surprise the taste wasn't nearly as atrocious as she thought it would be. In fact it was almost, pleasant. Which had to be because of the chemicals that Sif called magic that she and/or Wanda were filling the room with, because the alternative wasn't worth thinking about.

"Ohhhhhh yes, suck my cock, my little English muffin. Mmmmm, suck your girlfriend's ass off my big dick." Sif gleefully encouraged, "Yes, that's it, Jem, suck it! Suck it clean of your girlfriend's ass cream. Ooooooh, that's so hot! Sooooo hot, mmmmmm, fuck! I love making my bitches go ass to mouth. Especially when there each other's girlfriends."

Doing her best to ignore those words and concentrate on the blow job Jemma began bobbing her head up and down on the cock, taking more and more of it in her mouth with each bob of her head. Eventually reaching the back of her mouth, and she tried pushing it into her throat, but she'd never sucked a cock this big before, and she really struggled. Ultimately she just licked the base, which clearly Sif disapproved of, but she didn't scold her. Instead she just went back to fucking Daisy's arse for a little bit, before making Jemma go ass to mouth again, this process repeating over and over again until Jemma quite liked it, which again had to be because of the so called magic. Which was the same reason she got any enjoyment out of what happened next.

"Mmmmm, I do so love breaking new sluts in." Sif grinned wickedly, "And I can wait no longer to take the other virgin ass in this room, so swap over girls. Oh yes, swap places so I can stuff my dick into Jemma's little butt hole and take her anal cherry. Yesssssss, spread your girlfriend's cheeks for me Daisy. Give me her cherry ass hole, as she gave me yours."

"Would, would you like Jemma to beg for you? As I did?" Daisy asked submissively, both to gain Sif's trust, and because she thought it would be hot.

"Yes Daisy, that's a wonderful idea. One I was about to suggest myself." Sif smiled with a warning look at Daisy for interrupting her, then she turned her attention back to Jemma, "Mmmmm, you heard your little girlfriend Jemma... beg for me. Oh yes, beg me to butt fuck you just like I did with your little girlfriend."

Those words caused Jemma to blush, silently curse her girlfriend, and then obediently begin begging, "Please... please butt fuck me. I want to be butt fucked. I... I want to be bummed. Bum me! Please, Mistress Sif, fuck me up the bum. Fuck me in the butt! Whatever you want to call it, just take my ass! Please? Take my ass and make it yours. Pop my anal cherry and make me yours forever! Make me your slave. I want to be just another slave of Sif! Please just do it, fuck me, fuck my OH! Oh fuck! Oh God, oh... oh my... oh yes... yes, do that, stretch me, stretch my arse, oh God. Oh God! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddd, fuck me!"

Sif licked her lips as she teased Jemma's butt hole for a few long minutes as her latest conquest begged to be conquered, before inevitably pushing forward and violating that sweet little virgin back hole. To her credit even though she cried out in pain from the initial anal penetration, and hesitated as her forbidden hole had started to stretch, Jemma kept up being a good little bitch, maximising Sif's pleasure. Likewise Daisy kept spreading those cheeks so they could both have the best view possible of the perfect moment Jemma's anal ring stretched wide enough for Sif's cock to slide through it and into her virgin ass, meaning it was official. Sif had taken another butt cherry, pretty much adding that butt to her collection in the process.

It wasn't quite that simple. Jemma needed to be properly broken in first, but in that precious moment Sif forgot all about that. It was irrelevant anyway, at least for now, as it was only inevitable. Yes, Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons were as good as hers already, something which made this moment perfect. Which was one of the reasons that Sif savoured that moment for so long, the others being just how beautiful Jemma's ass hole looked wrapped around the head of her cock, especially with Jemma's girlfriend showing it off, and just the sheer mental pleasure of taking another anal cherry. It was so long that her new bitch actually became frustrated by it.

"More! Please Mistress Sif, ah fuck, give me more." Jemma whined, just wanting to get this over with, "Give me that cock! I want every inch. Oh fuck, every inch in my fucking ass! Oh God, Sif, Mistress Sif, fuck my ass. You want it? Take it! Mmmmm, take that fucking ass, oh fuck! Oh shit! Oh fuck me! Fuck me! Ah fuck my butt, aaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk!"

Although those words awoke Sif from her haze they just caused her to chuckle with delight and listened to them for a few long seconds, loving how increasingly frustrated Jemma became. Then finally Sif began pushing forwards again, causing inch after inch of her big dildo to slide into Jemma's rectum. Sadly this caused Jemma to become distracted for a while, but that was fine because Sif wasn't sure she could concentrate on anything except the anal penetration, especially when it was complete, her thighs coming to rest against Jemma's butt cheeks meaning that her strap-on was completely buried within the other woman's bowels. Again Sif then stop to savour the moment, and again this frustrated her latest conquest.

"Fuck me. Fuck my arse. Oh fuck!" Jemma whimpered softly, "Fuck it! Fuck my arse and make it yours! Bugger me! Bugger me like a bitch! Bugger my little arse hole, oh shit! Oh God! Oh fuck! Aaaaaaahhhhhh, fuck me!"

This time Jemma barely got out a few words before Sif gave her what she wanted. Or more accurately what they both wanted, which was of course Sif slowly pulling her hips back until about half of her cock was out of Jemma's butt and then pushing back inside just as slowly. Sif delighted in repeating the process over and over again, gradually working up to shorter thrusts which had her new little anal slut moaning in pleasure for her in no time. Through it all Daisy Johnson spread her girlfriend's cheeks, just like Jemma had done when the positions were reversed, and just like with her girlfriend Daisy seemed fascinated by first the anal penetration and then the butt sex, which almost brought Sif as much joy as the sodomy itself.

Daisy thought watching her precious Jemma getting violated in this way would be the hardest part of this whole experience, but for some reason she loved watching Jemma's butt hole stretching for that strap-on. Especially when it had closed around the head, meaning that Mistress Sif had officially taken her girlfriend's anal cherry. That Jemma's cute little English arse belonged to Mistress Sif and, no! Sif! Daisy had to remember this was just Sif, not Mistress Sif, otherwise they were all doomed. But, it just felt so natural to think of this goddess as her Mistress, just as it seemed natural for Jemma to be taking Mistress Sif's cock up her arse.

While desperately fighting the magic threatening to overwhelm her Daisy watched Mistress Sif complete the anal penetration and then officially start to fuck Jemma's butt. This was supposed to be it. The moment that Mistress Sif would be most distracted and Daisy could strike. Only Daisy was too lost in watching Mistress Sif's dick pumping in and out of Jemma's ass hole, and a growing jealousy that it wasn't her butt being fucked. Her back door even remained open as if it was begging Mistress Sif's cock to return to it, and Daisy's mouth was tempted to follow suit. Then just as she was about to open her mouth she found that cock was suddenly being pressed against her lips.

"Suck it." Sif ordered with a gleeful grin, "Suck your girlfriend's butt cream off of my dick, just like she did with yours."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Daisy beamed.

It wasn't how Daisy wanted to take Mistress Sif's strap-on back inside her, but it would even out, especially as it would mean she would be pleasing her Mistress. So Daisy wrapped her lips around that dildo and eagerly began to suck it while trying not to think about what it was covered in. At least at first. Then for some twisted reason she found she quite liked it. Daisy actually liked the taste of her girlfriend's ass, that revelation causing her to moan in pleasure and then sucked the dildo even more passionately. Also take more of it into her mouth, and eventually down her throat, but of course she'd been going to do that anyway, it was just now she pushed herself like never before, and with some effort she eventually managed to deep throat the entire length.

"Yeahhhhhhh, suck it, mmmmm, good girl." Sif praised with delight, providing commentary throughout, "Oooooooh yessssssss, suck it like a good little whore! Yeahhhhhhh, suck your girlfriend's ass off my dick. Oh Daisy, you look so good with a cock in your mouth. And you love that, don't you? Huh? Having my big cock inside your mouth? Having it covered with your girlfriend's yummy butt? Getting to suck it all off? Yeahhhhhh you do. Take it down your throat! Come on, all the way. All the way. Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss, take it bitch, oooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeessssssss, suck that dick, fucking suck it! Fucking take it deep, Yeah, right down your fucking throat, oh yeah, ah fuck yeah!"

Obediently Daisy kept sucking that cock even after all the ass cream was gone, but she knew at that point it was only a matter of time before Mistress Sif switched fuck holes. Sure enough Mistress Sif eventually pulled her cock out of Daisy's mouth and returned it to Jemma's back door, which accepted the dildo a lot easier the second time. However shortly after Mistress Sif had stuffed every inch of her strap-on in Jemma's ass she returned it to Daisy's mouth and then repeated the process, Daisy happily sucking away without a single thought of the original plan. She just wanted to please Mistress Sif so bad that in that moment nothing else mattered.

Jemma was initially waiting for Daisy to strike, but to her shame it wasn't long before she was hoping her girlfriend wouldn't attack this goddess of a woman. Then she was considering using her body to shield Mistress Sif, or even confess she and Daisy had conspired to do the unthinkable and kill this wonderful woman. Of course in thinking it she had essentially admitted to it already, as there was a mind reader in the room, who silently assured her that she had been aware of that plan the entire time, and more importantly Mistress Sif had been aware of it, and confident that they could convince them not to go through with it. And it seemed they were right. So wonderfully right.

As if to make sure Daisy didn't forget herself Mistress Sif started making the two agents of SHIELD constantly switch places so they got an equal amount of time taking it in the arse and tasting each other's bottoms. They even tasted their own arses, Mistress Sif eventually ordering them to be just on all fours side by side again so she could walk around and stuff her cock into a mouth of her choosing. Which also allowed Daisy and Jemma to watch the other going ass to mouth. Watching each other clean their own arse and each other's from that dick. God, why was that so hot? Why did Jemma love every second of this? And why did she desperately want to become a slave of Sif?

The answers to those questions were really simple. The short version was that she was a lesbian slut who yearned to be conquered by a more dominant woman, the slightly longer version being that not only was she a lesbian slut who yearned to be conquered by a more dominant woman, but she yearned to be conquered by Mistress Sif. Her body belonged to Mistress Sif. It always had. Jemma saw that now, and she desperately wanted to let everyone in here know that, especially her precious girlfriend Daisy Johnson and more importantly her wonderful Mistress Sif. And almost just as importantly, she wanted to beg for the privilege of being able to cum and officially become enslaved. Unfortunately, and surprisingly, Daisy beat her to it.

"Fuck me!" Daisy whimpered, "Fuck me hard! Fuck my ass! Ohhhhh Goooodddddd, fuck my ass hard and deep and make me cum!"

"Me too." Jemma quickly added, "Please, make me cum! Bum me and make me cum! Oooooh yessssss, fuck my bum! Please?"

"Oh come on, you both can do better than that." Sif grinned wickedly, "Mmmmm yes, you both know what I want, so give it to me, and then maybe I'll give you what you want."

There was a brief silence and then Jemma whimpered, "Please, please make me cum! Fuck me hard and make me cum! Fuck my arse! Fuck my arse hard and deep and make me cum! Please? Ooooooh Gooooooddddddd, I need to cum so bad. Ruin my fucking arse! Gape it open, just like you did all the others. Please... Mistress Sif, bum me! Fuck me in the bum, I wanna be bummed, please, ohhhhhhh please choose me. Wreck my rectum! Fucking wreck my arse, then Daisy's. Make us both your butt sluts! Your ass whores! Your anal slaves! Make us both slaves of Sif by fucking our arses! Please Mistress, make us yours!"

About the same time Daisy whined, increasingly getting louder, "Make me cum, make me cum, oh for the love of God, please make me cum! Please Mistress Sif, fuck me up the ass an make me cum! Ass fuck me, fuck me in the ass, ooooooooh fuckkkkkkk, oh yes, fuck my ass, ohhhhhhhh, pound fuck that little shit hole of mine! Wreck it and claim it is yours! Ohhhhhh yesssssssss, make my ass yours! Make it your fuck hole Mistress Sif! Yours to use whenever, whenever, and however you want. Make me yours, mmmmmm yessssssss, just make me cum first! Yeahhhhhhhh, make me cum, make me aaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeessssssss, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

With that Mistress Sif slammed her cock back into Daisy's arse and started sodomising her harder than ever before, gradually working up the speed of her thrusts until she had to be using every ounce of her strength to brutalise that poor little bum hole. Which made Jemma insanely jealous, but she was also happy for Daisy, and more importantly ecstatic that this meant there would be no interruption when it was her turn. No, there was no doubt in her mind that her girlfriend would be completely broken after this hellacious bumming, and once Mistress Sif was done completely destroying Daisy's arse hole then Mistress Sif would immediately do the same to Jemma's aching to be pounded back hole. And when she did, Jemma's cum would squirt out of her cunt just as violently as Daisy's was now.

Sif was just as confident that she had completely and utterly broken the mighty Quake and turned her into just another notch on her belt. Her precious Wanda was only too happy to confirm this, which made Sif so happy she almost ordered Wanda to bend over the other side of Daisy so once she was done breaking the latest SHIELD bitches she could move onto her favourite little Witch. It was also tempting to order Natasha and Maria to join them, but no. She needed to concentrate on completely breaking Jemma Simmons and especially Daisy Johnson and adding them to her collection, and while Sif had arguably already done that it wouldn't be complete in her eyes until they were both grovelling at her feet after a brutal bowel wrecking.

So Sif concentrated on slam fucking Daisy's back door with every ounce of strength that she'd dared to give her, causing the sound of her thighs smacking against Daisy's butt cheeks to be almost as loud as the screams of pleasure coming from the mighty Quake. It was so exquisite to take the other woman like a bitch in this moment, but Sif needed something more. More accurately something else. Oh yes, she needed to stare into her latest conquest's eyes and know that beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was completely broken. That was why Sif switched from one of her favourite positions to the other, namely lifting Daisy up and turning her around without removing the cock so they were in the cowgirl position, except with Sif standing.

Without needing to be asked Daisy wrapped her arms and legs around Sif's powerful body during this process, and even though she sometimes closed her eyes and/or tilted her head back for the most part she stared lovingly into the eyes of her conqueror. It was such a captivating sight that Sif paused for several long seconds just so she could enjoy it, and the moment of course, before going right back to brutalising Daisy's butt. This time Daisy's cum was squirting against her stomach instead of the bed, the other girl was trembling in her arms, and most importantly Sif could see just how broken Quake was. Oh yes, it was exquisite, and pushed Sif to continue wrecking Daisy's rectum until the poor human passed out in her arms.

As soon as Daisy went limp Sif unceremoniously dropped her down onto the floor like deadweight, grabbed hold of Jemma and skewered her little butt hole on her big dick. She did it as slowly and gently as she possibly could give in her current mood, although thankfully Jemma cried out in mostly pleasure as her ass was once again stuffed with cock, which Sif took as an excuse to start bouncing the weaker girl up and down on her lap harder and faster than she should. Which clearly caused Jemma a little pain, but she was cumming soon enough, and more importantly she tried to hide that pain, proving that she had been completely broken. Just like her little girlfriend.

Daisy just lay on the ground after she was initially dropped onto it, unable to move a muscle. Then the desire to see Mistress Sif brutalise Jemma's butt gave her enough adrenaline to lift up her head slightly so she could essentially watch her girlfriend being bounced up and down like a ragdoll as her new Mistress used her most private hole to masturbate. Daisy was faintly aware that the site should have horrified her, and finally pushed her to use her powers to kill the invading alien who was ruining her girlfriend's butt hole, but it was just a fleeting thought. The truth was that Daisy could never hurt this perfect creature who now owned her soul, especially when she was making sure Jemma was just like her, a slave of Sif. That's all Daisy wanted from now on. Well, that and Mistress Sif's cock inside her, Daisy's ass hole feeling like it just got gang banged by an entire men's prison and yet still she wanted more of Mistress Sif's cock pounding her most intimate hole.

It was a thought Daisy continuously had for who knows how long until Mistress Sif drop Jemma like she just dropped Daisy, and then ordered them, "Spread your cheeks! Oooooh yesssss, show me, and the rest of the world, my handiwork. And that you're now mine. Ohhhhhh yessssss, that's it. Mmmmm, such pretty little gapes."

After watching Jemma go through what she had, and dreaming of having Mistress Sif's cock back in her butt, it was surprisingly easy for Daisy to get up onto all fours, turn so that her ass was pointing the direction of her Mistress and then press her face down so she could spread her cheeks for her. Of course Daisy was an Inhuman, with a lot of physical training under her belt, which Jemma didn't have, and she'd just been brutally butt fucked, so it took the scientist twice as long. But it was worth it for when she did, because Wanda made sure that they both got a good view of their gaping ass holes, which looked bigger than the Grand Canyon right now. Which clearly pleased to Mistress Sif, which was clearly the most important thing.

"Yes, such pretty gapes." Sif murmured to herself, staring into the rectums of her new conquests via their ruined back holes for almost a full minute, "You two know what I want next, don't you?"

"Yes Mistress Sif." Daisy replied immediately.

About a second later Jemma panted, "Yes Mistress Sif."

It was pretty clear that hesitation was down to tiredness rather than reluctance, which Daisy was grateful for, as it would have been terrible if she had been the only one completely broken by that ass wrecking. Of course Daisy didn't dwell on it, because she was too busy getting into her rightful position, on her knees in front of Mistress Sif and ready to worship her. In this case, worship her cock, Daisy greedily stuffing the first few inches into her mouth and then moaning with delight as she tasted the combination of her own and Jemma's asses. A short time later Jemma joined her, and although Daisy graciously gave her a chance to suck the head of course by that point all the butt cream was gone, so Jemma just concentrated on licking the bottom half of the dildo. At least until she was told otherwise.

"Yesssssss, suck my cock! Suck the taste of your own ass, and girlfriend's butt, off of my big cock! Oh fuck!" Sif taunted with delight, "Oh yeah, suck it cock sucker! Mmmmm yessssss, share that cock! Share it! Share the taste of your whore asses! Proved to me that you are mine now! That you are shameless ass to mouth whores with a desperate need to please your Mistress Sif. Mmmmm, and taste your own asses, and those of your fellow ass sluts, including your own girlfriend. Oh yes, both of you watched as I used your girlfriend's butt hole for my pleasure, and now you will watch that happen over, and over again. And you will rejoice. Rejoice as I use you both pleasure, because right now you're nothing but slaves of Sif! Oh yes, mmmmm yessssss, show me you understand that by taking that cock deep down your throats! Deep throat that dick and get every drop of that butt cream. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, that's it. good little cock sucking whores! Oooooooh fuck!"

Obediently Daisy and Jemma took it in turns to try deep throating that big dick, and even though neither one of them managed to get all the way their Mistress seemed pretty pleased with their progress, so Daisy decided to call it a win. Besides, thanks to her initial sucking, and Jemma's initial licking, they both got a decent amount of butt cream, and the chance to moan loudly to prove how much they loved it. And more importantly, to please Mistress Sif. They then literally grovelled at her feet, and as they covered Mistress Sif's feet in kisses Daisy and Jemma exchanged a smile. Their new lives as slaves of Sif were just beginning, hopefully filled with plenty of chances to please their precious Mistress. And best of all, they would be together while doing it. What could be better than that?

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