Slaves of Sif

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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own Thor, The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America 2 or Agent Carter or anything to do with Marvel. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Thor, The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, or Ant-Man And The Wasp or anything to do with Marvel. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


Hope Van Dyne a.k.a. The Wasp knew she was taking a big risk. One she didn't really want to take, even though she had been thinking about it ever since a woman enslaving alien had used magic to construct herself a palace outside of New York. She wanted to avenge The Avengers, SHIELD and the countless women who had been enslaved, and ideally save them from the debauchery they were going through, but honestly, she had been afraid. She hadn't wanted to deprived the world of superheroes, so she had stolen her father's technology and started fighting crime while remaining tiny and out of sight so she wouldn't get the attention of Sif and her slaves, but it had been no use.

Somehow Sif had found out and sent Natasha Romanoff, a.k.a. The Black Widow, to capture her, perhaps assuming that she would be too proud to run. It was certainly the hardest thing she'd ever done, but Hope managed to do it. She should have probably run to the other side the world, or find a way to get off world, but it felt there was no way she could truly go to escape Sif, so the only option left to her was trying to infiltrate her base and to land an attack before she was discovered. Luckily for someone who could shrink themselves infiltration was easy, especially as in this case Sif didn't even have any guards, or locked doors. Unfortunately Hope wasn't prepared for what she found in that palace.

Of course she had seen plenty of footage on her TV, and had even used the website one of Sif's slaves had set up to scope out the place, and prepare herself for what she may find there, but seeing it on screen and witnessing it first hand was completely different. Especially as her heart was racing from the risk she was taking, and Sif's magic had to be affecting her already, as she found herself staring at all the writhing body she found. Like the woman who had almost captured her, The Black Widow, getting her big juicy ass eaten by her girlfriend Maria Hill. And Jane Foster and her assistant in a 69. And the aliens strap-on fucking two former Agents of SHIELD, while they licked the pussies of two other Agents.

Most of all though Hope found herself watching Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a. The Scarlet Witch, bouncing up and down Sif's lap. After a few long minutes of just staring Hope moved in for a closer look, and sure enough her initial thought/fear had been right, the little Witch wasn't simply riding the alien with her pussy, but with her ass hole. Maybe the most powerful human alive was eagerly impaling her most private hole on Sif's dick, which Hope had always found ridiculously hot, even when she had been watching on that website. And she didn't even like women. Did she? She had been telling herself she didn't over and over again ever since Sif showed up, but she'd never been sure, and right now she was unsure as she watched a woman anally ride a dildo to orgasm.

"Oh Mistress Sif, please can I cum." Wanda whimpered, "Please can I cum on your big cock like the dirty little anal whore I am! Please? Oooooooh please, I need it, I need it sooooooo bad! Fuck me! Mmmmmm, fuck my ass hard and deep and make me cum. Please Mistress, ohhhhhhhh, ass fuck me, oh God! Oh Mistress! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

"You may cum." Sif interrupted her slave's rambling, "Cum now, on my big cock, you beautiful little slut. Yes, that's it. Good girl. Mmmmm, good little slave of Sif."

As soon as she had permission Wanda started frantically hammering herself up and down her Mistress's dick, almost instantly having the hardest orgasm Hope had ever seen in person. The way she screamed, shook and squirted all over Sif's stomach was truly out of this world. Of course it was nothing Hope hadn't seen, or touched herself too, on the website, but again to see it in person was something else, and weirdly made her feel jealous of the girl so totally humiliating herself in that moment. Especially when Sif effortlessly stood up and started bouncing Wanda up and down on her lap as if she was weightless, practically using another woman's most private hole to masturbate the dildo strapped around her waist.

Surely it was impossible, but as she did that Sif seemed to look directly at Hope. The most likely explanation was she was just looking into the distance and concentrating on not cumming so she could continue butt fucking her sex slave, as Hope was way too tiny for her to notice at that point. But if Sif could see her, then Hope was screwed. Literally. Her plan rested on the element of surprise, and a combination of her own curiosity and Sif being more powerful than she thought had perhaps ruined that. Her only real chance now was to do something while Sif was distracted, but the second she started advancing the taller brunette smirked, as if daring her to do something about it, which froze Hope to the spot.

For a few long seconds Hope was frozen in fear, and admittedly lust, as she watched Wanda's butt being brutalised, then suddenly Sif let go of her precious Witch and let the exhausted woman fall to the floor. Wanda cried out with pain as she landed on her sore ass, but she barely hesitated before lifting herself up onto her knees and wrapping her lips around the dildo which had just pummelled the deepest part of her bowels. Wanda then moaned shamelessly as she tasted her own ass, and then began eagerly cleaning it, and again Hope couldn't take her eyes off this obscene sight. Just as Sif couldn't seem to take her eyes off of the tiny superhero.

"Well..." Sif purred, "Aren't you going to introduce yourself?"

Again Hope froze, before looking behind her in the vague hope there was someone behind her, but nope. Sif was referring to her. Sif knew she was there, and now she was truly screwed. And about to get screwed. Luckily for her Hope had managed to come up with a back-up plan in case she was caught, which was now surely her only option. But could she really go through with it? Especially now she actually wanted to do it? Well, she wouldn't have thought of it in the first place if some part of her hadn't wanted to do it, but still, it was quite the adjustment to her original plan. But since she had no other option she returned herself to full-size, and then got down on her knees in front of the terrifying woman.

"My, my name is Hope Van Dyne..." Hope introduced herself nervously.

"Huh... do you have a superhero name?" Sif asked out of curiosity with a raised eyebrow.

"She's, she's The Wasp." Wanda weakly informed her, pausing the blow job momentarily.

"Wasp? So, a little bug? That's cute." Sif grinned wickedly, "What can I do for you, my little bug?"

Hope gulped, and then nervously revealed, "I, I'm here... I'm here to surrender myself to you, but only on one condition."

"Oooooh, how very intriguing." Sif grinned, "What is your condition?"

Hope took a calming breath and then pointed out, "You already have so many slaves living here. More than you could possibly need. Permit me to continue living in the real world, to show women they can still be heroes in this new world without becoming a permanent resident of your slaves, and I will come whenever you call. Do whatever you require of me. Be yours in every way possible."

There was a long silence and then Sif smirked, "First of all, I can never have too many slaves, and I quite enjoy having all my slaves under one roof. But I quite like challenges and deals, so I have one for you... if when I'm done with you, you still want an ounce of freedom, you shall have it. But if you break completely, you become just another slave under my roof."

Hope gulped, but with no other option she softly agreed, "Deal."

"Excellent." Sif beamed, pushing Wanda away from her now thoroughly cleaned dick, "Then let's get started, shall we?"

"Can I eat your pussy first?" Hope blurted out, quickly adding, "I've always been curious."

"Have you now?" Sif grinned wickedly, her only reply being her prey blushing and lowering her head, "Well do not worry, you shall have your chance. But first, I think you deserve a spanking for breaking in to my home, and spying on me."

"But, but I came to offer myself to you." Hope protested.

"Did you now?" Sif questioned, truly becoming stern, before chuckling, "Relax my little fuck toy. I do not care what your original intentions were. Just that you submit to me now. Which I suggest you do without any further hesitation, otherwise things will get worse for you."

There was a brief hesitation and then Hope lowered her head, "Okay."

"What was that?" Sif pushed.

Another hesitation as Hope blushed before softly murmuring, "Yes Mistress Sif."

"Good little bug." Sif beamed, removing her strap-on, sitting down on the bed and patting her knee, "Now, take off your clothes, and bend over my knee."

Initially Hope move to do what she was told without replying, but a cold look from the intimidating alien prompted her to mumble, "Yes Mistress Sif."

Sif watched in delight as her new little fuck toy slowly and quickly stripped off her clothes, including the device which allowed her to change size, eliminating what little threat she was to her and all but guaranteeing Sif was about to add another hot little bitch to her collection. Oh yes, Sif had no doubt the next time that The Wasp stripped in front of her she would be trying to please her, teasing her with her body more than this, but there was definitely something to be said for the nervous first timer revealing herself to Sif's hungry eyes. Besides, either way the result was the same, another woman naked in front of her, willing to do whatever she wanted. Which in this case, was positioning herself for a spanking.

Once Hope was in position Sif took a few long seconds to admire the prize in front of her, before reaching down and beginning to slide her hand over Hope's butt and squeezing it, making the superheroine whimper pathetically. Sif partly did this to tease Hope, but mostly just to savour the moment, and inspecting her catch like a butcher with a piece of meat. The Wasp might not have the best ass she had ever seen, or be on the same level of beauty as some of her other sex slaves, but she was still a truly gorgeous woman with a cute little bottom which was just begging Sif to make it hers. Which Sif was only too happy to oblige, the goddess raising her hand to truly begin their fun.

Unable to resist teasing a little further Sif kept it in the air for a few long seconds, giving Hope time to flinch and then relax, before finally bringing that hand back down upon the ass of her latest conquest, making Hope cry out loudly. As Hope was human that blow wasn't close to Sif's full strength, but it was close to the amount she would dare to give this woman once the spanking reached a crescendo, making this a tease of things to come. After that Sif settled into a more slow and steady rhythm, spending plenty of time massaging the pain away by groping Hope's cute little ass in between blows and cooing softly. Which still got the most wonderful cries out of her new bitch, except now they were noticeably softer.

Whenever she was breaking in a bitch almost nothing could distract Sif from it, especially not when her favourite part of a woman's body was being presented to her. Admittedly there was one thing which regularly distracted her from this, namely her beloved Scarlet Witch, who after only a few long seconds of regaining her strength while lying on the floor to submissively kneel before her Mistress like the well-trained pet she had become. Although Sif was aware that Wanda's hand was sneaking towards her pussy without permission, which was really disobedient for her. As she had been good Sif was tempted to let Wanda get away with it, but she had a better idea.

"Wanda, show me my handiwork." Sif ordered while groping Hope's ass.

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda immediately replied and quickly did as she was told.

Hope didn't want to look, she had to believe that, but she just couldn't help it. After all, it was maybe the most powerful human on earth, The Scarlet Witch, getting onto her feet, turning around and then slowly bending over and spreading her cheeks to reveal that her ass hole was still gaping obscenely wide, allowing both Sif and Hope to see deep into her bowels. Which was likely the fate of Hope's butt hole in only a few minutes, the idea of which should terrify and disgust Hope to her very core, just like it had done before. Or at least, Hope thought she remembered feeling that way. But after seeing the perverted lesbian sex in action, it was hard to remember.

It was likely that Sif's magic played a role in this, which was just science which Hope didn't understand yet, and ironically The Wasp had thought it wouldn't affect her because she had always been sure of her sexuality, even if she had fingered herself a few times to the video footage of The Black Widow sexually submitting. Then again, who hadn't at this point? It was only natural. The slaves of Sif were just so hot, and all of a sudden it felt like an honour to be invited to join their ranks, even if the price was her dignity. And her ass hole, Hope reminded herself with another worried glance at Wanda's gaping butt hole. Thankfully she then received a distraction from that, in the form of an increasingly hard spanking.

When that first hard strike came, rather suddenly, Hope was taken off guard, but she also cried out with gratitude as the feeling of relief flooded her. It was quickly followed up by cries of pain, but she still felt relief given that pain took her attention away from Wanda's well opened back hole. Then Sif increased the force of her blows even more, and began gradually phase out the pausing between strikes, and more importantly the caressing. Hope didn't think she would miss having her ass groped, as it was incredibly humiliating to be treated like a piece of meat, but it now seemed like a worthy trade if it meant she wouldn't receive this kind of pain, especially considering the humiliation that came with receiving it from this act.

Just when Hope didn't think it could get any worse she felt the tell-tale signs of herself getting wet, meaning she was actually getting off on being spanked like a naughty child. No! Hope refused to accept that. This indignity had to be 100% the result of Sif's magic. Or maybe The Scarlet Witch was doing something to help her Mistress. Or more accurately, this was just some kind of science which Hope just didn't understand. Whatever the case it wasn't her fault that she was having this unfortunate reaction. Hope had to believe that. She just had too. They didn't make the experience any less humiliating, especially when she cried hysterically from getting her ass beat, literally.

Sif smirked with triumph at this reaction. It was very rare for her not to receive it, especially given her magic, but superheroes particularly seem to enjoy this. Something about being dominated by a stronger woman obviously appealed to them, just as Sif loved this stimulating symbol of enforcing her dominance upon another warrior. Sure, in this case Hope wasn't much of a physical threat, but her technology was truly extraordinary, and a lesser woman would have been caught completely off-guard by her ability to shrink herself down and perform a quick surprise attack. But as Hope was now learning Sif was a true Alpha female, and would not be tricked so easily. As a result Hope was getting exactly what she deserved, being put in her place by her new Mistress.

Perhaps Sif got a little bit carried away, given just how red and bruised Hope's butt was by the end of the spanking, but she would live, and she had undoubtedly got the message now that she shouldn't mess with Sif. More importantly she had been thoroughly humiliated, and was now primed to be conquered, which Sif was eager to do, and she was in no rush. So when the spanking finally ended Sif took a few long minutes to admire her handiwork, and was even nice enough to show some mercy and start massaging some of the pain away again. But then Sif abruptly pushed Hope off of her, and smirked as the other woman cried out pathetically as she landed on her ass, then rolled over and massaged it while looking up at Sif with a whimper.

"Now my little bug, kiss my feet and beg for the privilege of eating my pussy." Sif ordered.

"Please... please can I eat your pussy?" Hope whimpered, then she heard Wanda's voice in her head giving her some tips, "Please... Mistress Sif, may I have the privilege of eating your pussy. Please? I want to taste it so bad. I have yearned for it ever since I saw you in the flesh. Before that, even. Oh yes, for too long I have denied my craving for cunt, please allow me to make up for that mistake now by tasting the finest cunt in all the 9 realms. Please allow me the honour of worshipping your body. Your feet taste so good, and I know I'm not worthy of this, I'm nothing but a filthy little bug, but I'm a greedy lesbian slut, and I desperately want more. Please my Mistress, give your latest conquest more."

While Hope wasn't as quick to obey as Sif was used too, or generally liked, there was always something endearing about the first timer who was slowly learning her rightful place. Besides, even if it was with a little help from Wanda using her mental link to tell Hope what Sif would want to hear, and for more than a few words Hope was actually having to force them out, the point was that she said them, and more importantly she did as she was told. Oh yes, she covered Sif's feet in kisses, grovelling before her like the servant she would soon be. Which was more than enough to get Sif in the mood to get her pussy licked again. Especially from an inexperienced but eager to learn tongue.

"Very well little bug, I shall allow you to eat my pussy." Sif eventually gave the permission that Hope had been waiting to hear, although quickly added, "But start by kissing your way slowly up my legs. Mmmmm yes, I want you to tease me like a good little slut. Show me just how bad you want my pussy."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Hope replied, again with a little prompting from Wanda.

Again Hope's hesitance was endearing, although soon enough she was kissing her way up her new Mistress as long legs just as she had been ordered too. Well, perhaps she was a little faster than Sif would have liked, so much so that she silently ordered her to slow down, and thanks to Wanda her new pet clearly got the message. Oh yes, Hope slowed her role and lingered on the inner part of Sif's thigh, and even paused just in front of Sif's pussy so she could take a moment to smell the tasty treat, and more importantly for both of them to savour this precious moment. Then Hope took a calming breath, lean forward, and slid her tongue over Sif's pussy, causing the goddess to cry out joyfully.

Hope moaned the second she tasted pussy for the first time in her life. It was drowned out by the cry of pleasure that Sif let out, but she had no doubt that thanks to some combination of their evil magic Wanda and Sif knew exactly what she'd just done, which made Hope blush furiously, but there wasn't much else she could do. Well, briefly she considered defiantly biting Sif's cunt, but she was too physically and emotionally exhausted to fight back against the consequences of that. And there was no guarantee that Sif wouldn't like that. Or that it wouldn't hurt her teeth more than Sif's pussy, given this woman's extraordinary abilities. Besides, as was made very clear by that moan more than anything Hope just wanted to follow through on eating pussy, so that was exactly what she did.

At first Hope just had to do what came naturally to her, which meant slowly sliding her tongue from the bottom of Sif's pussy up to the top and then repeating the process, albeit after initially savouring that heavenly taste. She even made sure to linger on Sif's clit at the end of each lick, which got an extra loud cry of pleasure out of her new Mistress, which in turn made Hope feel very proud of herself. At least until she heard Wanda's voice in her head warning her that 'Mistress Sif' wanted her to slow down so they could both enjoy this. Which to be fair could be Wanda trying to sabotage her so that the evil Witch could be the one licking this tasty treat, but somehow Hope doubted it, so she chose to trust her.

That was quickly proven to be the right call as Sif reached down and began stroking her hair affectionately, which made Hope's stupid heart flutter with delight at pleasing her Mistress, quickly followed by a sense of shame and embarrassment for feeling that way. Hope then comforted herself with the fact that it was likely she was only feeling this way thanks to the powers of Sif and/or Wanda, and even though there was doubt in her mind about that it didn't matter, because she soon became too busy licking pussy to care. Hell, she even earned some encouraging words from her Mistress Sif, which really caused Hope's heart to flutter, and for her to forget about all her troubles.

"Mmmmm yessssss, lick my pussy just like that, oh fuck!" Sif moaned while still stroking Hope's hair, "Ohhhhhh yessssss, nice and slow, nice and slow, mmmmm, I want you to savour this, my little bug. Mmmmm, savour the first time you tongue my twat! Oooooooh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhh, but don't worry slut, you'll soon get my cum. Especially at the rate you're going. Oooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssss, fuck me, oh shit!"

Honestly Hope was a little worried about that, because if this was the effect tasting pussy cream was having on her, what would actually tasting girl cum do? Briefly she tried to comfort herself with the thought that it might actually make her snap out of whatever was turning her into a lesbian slut, but it seemed impossible that Mistress Sif's cum would taste anything other than heavenly. Which Wanda was only too happy to reassure her was the case, making Hope blush as she continued eating Mistress Sif's pussy. Mistress Sif? Why was she calling her that? Oh no, tasting pussy, and this whole thing, was having more of an effect on then she realised. Hope had to snap out of this. She just had too. But... just not as badly as she needed to give this heavenly pussy a proper licking.

Wanda was so jealous of Hope right now. Sure, her magic allowed her to experience what Hope was experiencing, and even what Mistress Sif was experiencing, but it just wasn't the same. Especially as Hope was tasting that pussy for the very first time in her life, waking something inside of her which she had been aware of. Which to be fair was bringing back the most wonderful memories for Wanda, but she was still being relegated to just watching for now, and as beautiful as it was to see and feel it, but it wasn't the same as actually participating. Luckily she had no doubt that it was only a matter of time before she'd be pleasing her Mistress Sif again, and she suspected she knew just what it would be.

Sure enough Mistress Sif suddenly turned to her and ordered, "Wanda, mmmmm, eat my ass! Oh yes, tongue my ass hole you little slut! I want both my holes lick by a couple of dyke whores! oh fuck!"

"Fuck yes Mistress Sif." Wanda replied eagerly, hurrying to do as she was told.

Having been expecting something like this given all the other times Mistress Sif had broken in a new slave Wanda had even been inching towards her Mistress's beautiful behind just before she receive that order, making it even easier for her to get down on her knees behind this goddess and press her lips to her backside. This caused a brief giggle of delight to escape Mistress Sif's lips, before she returned to her normal moaning, but Wanda was very proud of herself for getting that reaction. She was even more proud of contributing to those moans as she began moving from cheek to cheek, proving herself as the shameless ass kisser she literally and figuratively was. Although that also got some giggles out of her precious Mistress.

Eventually though Wanda was pulling apart those cheeks so she could slide her tongue up and down Mistress Sif's butt crack a few times before concentrating on her tasty back hole, just like the dominant women had made clear that she wanted from the beginning. Just like Wanda wanted. Oh yes, teasing was fun, especially proving she was literally Mistress Sif's ass kissing bitch. But it just couldn't quite compare to licking Mistress Sif's ass hole. Okay, it wasn't quite as fun as eating pussy, and she certainly wouldn't get the same reward later, but Wanda had quickly learned to love the taste of ass, and at least she was getting to please her precious Mistress, and more than anything else that was what was important to her.

So Wanda settled into giving her Mistress Sif a long, drawn-out rim job like she had done so many times before an increasing the pleasure this goddess was receiving. Which she became so lost in she almost didn't realise when she was being asked to give more, which caused the powerful Witch to blush with shame before increasing the force and speed of her licks. She also began swirling her tongue around the butt hole instead of just up and down, and eventually even tried to push her tongue into Mistress Sif's butt and fuck it. Of course Mistress Sif wasn't the anal whore her slaves were so Wanda didn't get that far, but she got far enough to make a difference.

Sif was very grateful for that, especially towards the end and the beginning of the rim job. It was a little more taxing in the middle as she was holding herself back from cumming. Of course she should have ordered Wanda to stop or just slow down at any time, or hell, not put her in this position in the first place, but Sif had a reputation to uphold, and besides, as torturous as it became she loved the added benefit. Especially when Hope was proving herself to be just another in a long line of eager little rug munchers once her tongue touched a twat for the first time. Oh yes, both her little human sluts were doing a wonderful job licking her holes, and Sif was only too happy to offer them encouragement for it.

Initially that came in the form of moans, groans, gasps, cries and even whimpers of pure pleasure, but inevitably Sif gave them words. At first that was just because of the mental link, Sif unconsciously giving orders to them to give her more. It was a struggle not to take it further, but she made it very clear to wait for her verbal command before they made her cum. And she wanted to give it to them very badly, but Sif was determined to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of this, and not just for her benefit. No, even though this was Sif's usual MO, it was never more important to squeeze every bit of pleasure out of an act than it was when breaking in a new bitch.

So Sif waited as long as she possibly could before ordering, "Make me cum, mmmmm yessssss, oh you beautiful little sluts, eat me! Tongue my holes, ooooooh, tongue them good! Tongue fuck them, tongue fuck me, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yessssss, oh fuck! That's it bitches, fuck me with your little dyke tongues, ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd!"

Predictably Wanda wasted no time in doing as she was told, pushing her tongue as deep as it would go into Sif's tight ass hole like the well-trained bitch she was. Just as predictably Hope was a little more cautious, but once she finally pushed her tongue inside her she quickly got into it, that tongue sliding all the way into Sif's cunt and then pumping it in and out of her, making Sif smirk. Oh yes, Hope had just taken another step towards becoming a slave of Sif, making it harder for Sif to resist the urge to cum. Which she wanted just to allow herself sooner, but again Sif had a reputation to uphold, and it was important that Hope had to work for her reward.

At the same time it would be seen as discouraging of Sif ever chose to hold off indefinitely, or made one of her other sluts do it, not that Sif could imagine being that cruel, especially to a first timer. Yes, despite what some absurd lies from the humans might claim Sif was a loving and generous Mistress, who kept her cum sluts well fed. Something which Sif felt like she proved by eventually cumming in Hope's mouth, and when she did Hope made Sif proud by scrambling to swallow as much as she possibly could. Which was enough to make Sif chuckle with delight, in between her cries and moans of pleasure, and then again when she took a more active role in the oral sex.

Hope thought she was prepared for Mistress Sif cumming in her mouth, but she wasn't. Just like she wasn't ready for licking it in the first place, or hell, just meeting this goddess, because they all left her completely humbled. Mostly by how much she loved them, and needed more of them. But especially Mistress Sif's cum. Oh yes, Hope had thought that Mistress Sif's regular pussy cream had been good, but actually tasting girl cum for the first time left her dumbfounded. She wasn't sure it was because it was from this goddess or not, but it didn't matter, because her shock caused so much of that precious liquid to escape her mouth and instead cover her face.

By the time Hope properly removed her tongue from her Mistress's entrance and wrapped her lips around it the orgasm was almost over, and so much time and precious liquid had been lost, and even though she tried to make up for it by swallowing every drop after that it wasn't enough. It was nowhere near enough. But Hope desperately tried to make it up to her wonderful owner, who proved just how wonderful she was by allowing Hope an undeserved shot to make it up to her. Sadly she failed again, as there was just too much of it, and she was just too inexperienced to get all of it, the fact that she tried her best doing little to quell Hope's disappointment with herself, and she could only imagine what Wanda and Mistress Sif must be thinking of her.

Thankfully Mistress Sif took over things from there and began grinding her cunt into Hope's face, using her to get her off after The Wasp had proven herself to be unreliable. Wanda was even nice enough to whisper some advice into Hope's mind to please their owner. Namely to stick out her tongue so Mistress Sif could bash her pussy, and more importantly her clit, against that tongue so she could more easily get herself off. Which was obviously successful, which made Hope's heart flutter with happiness, even if it did make it a bit difficult to breathe. It also meant that because her mouth was open the entire time a decent amount of cum was squirted directly down her throat and into her belly where she wanted it most.

Just as she was feeling faint Hope could feel something taking over her body and giving her strength, presumably a spell from Wanda. The Scarlet Witch happily confirmed that, and use their mental link to tell Hope something else which made her heart flutter, namely that their Mistress was marking her as hers. Oh yes, Mistress Sif was marking her territory by covering Hope's face in her juices, which meant Hope would have been happy if she'd been used in this way by the superior woman until one or both of them was unconscious. Instead Mistress Sif abruptly stopped and pulled her into a kiss, tasting herself on her lips and tongue, before pushing her away and giving her a few seconds to recover, by the end of which Hope blushed as she realised what she had just done, and thought.

"Little bug, bend over and give me your ass!" Sif ordered firmly, after giving Wanda a turn with her lips and then addressing her Witch, "Wanda, prepare her ass for me."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda eagerly replied and obeyed.

Then with a little prompting from the Witch Hope in turn did as she was told while softly murmuring, "Yes Mistress Sif."

Wanda had to wait until Hope crawled onto the bed, which took longer than she would have liked, but eventually the other girl was in position which gave Wanda the opportunity to kneel behind her and after a few long seconds of admiring the tasty treat in front of her the Scarlet Witch lean forward and began to lick it. Wanda grabbed hold of Hope's butt cheeks and spread them as wide apart as possible so she could have all the access she could possibly want, and yet she didn't concentrate on the other brunette's back hole, at least not at first. No, instead she pressed her tongue directly to Hope's clit and slid it up her cunt, causing Hope to cry out loudly with pleasure. Hope then whimpered as that tongue slid all the way up her ass crack, lingering on her back door in the process.

That brief taste of Hope's cunt had Wanda hungry for more, but she wouldn't be so disobedient as to start licking it without permission. Besides, she had the utmost faith in Mistress Sif being able to break this newcomer in and turn her into just another slave of Sif, which meant that Wanda would definitely get a chance to taste Hope's pussy. Plus it had been nice to tease her pray, and actually taste the proof of what she'd already learned, that Hope was enjoying being Mistress Sif's sex slave, just like all women should, and would. Although while her cunt had tasted better there was definitely something to be said for the taste of Hope's ass hole, especially as it reinforced Wanda's submission.

It was particularly enjoyable because again Wanda was experiencing everything Hope was experiencing because of their mental link, meaning that she was kind of licking her own ass hole. Or at least it felt like it, which bizarrely motivated her to get serious about the rim job. That, and of course it was what Mistress Sif wanted. So after a few long seconds of teasing Hope by licking her butt crack Wanda finally focused on the other girl's ass hole. To make up for lost time she swirled her tongue around that puckered hole, and even tried pushing her tongue inside it. The fact that she wasn't very successful prove that this was a virgin ass, but not for much longer, and Wanda grinned wickedly at the thought that next time it would be easier to get her tongue into Hope's back entrance, because by then it would be a well-trained fuck hole.

After just enjoying the show for a few long minutes Sif spoke up, "Yesssssss, eat that ass Wanda! Eat it good, mmmmm, good girl. Get your face deep into that bitch ass so I can fuck it, like I just fucked yours. Oooooooh yesssssss, that's what I like to see, one slave munching another's butt and getting it nice and ready for me to fuck. Ohhhhhh yessssss, you like that, huh? You like the taste of my little bug's butt?"

Pulling her face out of Hope's ass Wanda quickly and submissively replied, "Yes Mistress Sif, mmmmm, this bug butt tastes yummy. Oh yes, I love preparing anal sluts for you to fuck."

"Then you know what I want next, don't you Wanda?" Sif grinned.

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda replied, pushing a finger into her mouth and sucking on it.

"Yes, that's it. Mmmmm, get your finger nice and ready for that whore hole. Stretch it out for me, like a good slut. Come on Wanda, shove it up her ass!" Sif encouraged, and then demanded.

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda whimpered, then cried out in pure pleasure along with Hope as she invaded the other  girl's ass.

"Virgin?" Sif correctly guessed.

"Virgin." Wanda confirmed with a wicked grin, before quickly correcting herself, "Mmmmm, yes Mistress Sif, this is a virgin ass, ripe and ready for your dick."

"Then you'll have to properly prepare it for me then, won't you?" Sif smirked.

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda grinned sadistically as she did as she was told.

Being one of Mistress Sif's favourite slaves, and perhaps even the favourite, gave Wanda some privileges, but her favourite by far was the honour of taking a virgin ass along with her Mistress. Some would even argue that because she was technically first Hope's anal cherry was hers, which was a twisted thought which delighted Wanda. Of course she would never admit it, because she knew how much being the first to take a   hole meant to Mistress Sif, and she much preferred the thought of helping her take it. Which was a thought Wanda focused on as she slowly pushed that finger up to the knuckle inside of Hope's butt before spending a few long minutes pumping it in and out, and then even getting up to adding a second finger before Mistress Sif took what was rightfully hers.

"Good job Wanda, but now stand aside. Mmmmm yes, it's time for me to take that virgin butt." Sif commanded.

"As you wish my Mistress." Wanda nodded in submission, and then moved aside after she pulled her fingers out of Hope's ass and pushed them straight into her own mouth.

This pleased Sif, who took a few seconds to appreciate it, before giving another order, "Now, spread your cheeks for me little bug. Yes, show me your virgin hole, and beg me to take it. Mmmm yes, beg me to make you mine."

There was a brief pause and then Hope obediently whimpered, "Fuck me. Fuck my virgin ass. Please Mistress Sif, make my ass yours."

Sif savoured the precious sight of yet another female superhero spreading her cheeks for her and begging to be butt fucked for several long seconds before pressing the tip of her cock against Hope's virgin ass hole and pushing forwards to violate that tight little ring. Which caused Hope to gasp and whimper, but to her credit The Wasp continued her begging right up until her butt hole stretched wide enough for the head of Sif's strap-on to slide inside it, officially adding another anal cherry to her collection. It was also arguably adding another powerful female to her collection of lesbian sex slaves, but of course Sif wouldn't be satisfied with arguably. No, this didn't end until every ounce of Hope's dignity and self-respect was gone and she was just another slave of Sif.

Of course Sif paused again to savour the moment, but it wasn't long before she began pushing forwards again, causing inch after inch of cock to slide deep into the other woman's rectum. Which as far as Sif was concerned was one of the most beautiful sights in all the nine realms, and once again it was on perfect display for her thanks to her latest conquest lewdly pulling her cheeks open and exposing her most intimate hole being stretched. Although it was more than that, and they both knew it. Wanda didn't need to tell her that. Oh yes, they all knew that this was The Wasp offering up her most private hole to Sif to use for her pleasure, sacrificing it so that she might avoid the fate of becoming a full-time slave.

It was rather surprising Sif had not convinced her that this was a foolish endeavour yet, but it mattered not, for this was the largest weapon in her arsenal. Yes, nothing made another female more submissive to her than to fuck her in the ass, and thanks to her beloved Wanda Sif already knew just how humiliated and degraded Hope was feeling. Especially because the superhero was feeling pleasure from this obscene act, just like all the others who had taken pleasure in this ultimate act of surrender. And this was while Hope was still feeling pain from having her ass stuffed, Sif having no doubt that when she started feeling pure pleasure from it this woman would be hers, just like all the rest. In the meantime Sif was more than satisfied savouring every additional in she pushed into Hope's bottom.

However as much as she tried to savour it ultimately the penetration was completed, and when it was Sif chuckled and taunted, "Mmmmm, every inch. That's every single inch of my big dick inside your ass, my little bug. Oh yes, my conquest of you is almost complete, so savour these moments little one. Because soon you won't know anything but an overwhelming desire to please me."

"She is almost there already Mistress Sif." Wanda chuckled.

While it certainly wasn't necessary for Wanda to point that out Sif appreciated it, because it was taunting her new pet even more. The new pet who could offer up no form of comeback, other than to whimper pathetically, desperately trying to get use to the feeling of that huge dick stuffed into her back passage. To show that she was not beyond mercy Sif gave her a few more minutes to get used to that feeling, and admittedly so she could savour the feeling of conquest which came from having her thighs pressed against another woman's butt cheeks, announcing every inch of her cock was buried in that other woman's bowels. Then she began pumping her hips back and forth, causing the dildo to slide in and out of Hope's ass hole and thus officially beginning the sodomy.

Wanda was always jealous of Mistress Sif's other slaves whenever they received attention from her, but especially whenever their asses knew the joy of their Mistress inside them. It would just make her own ass feel so empty and unloved it was almost unbearable. Thankfully Wanda was one of Mistress Sif's favourites, which meant she got to know the joy of being butt fucked even more than the other slaves, and there was even a likelihood that her Mistress would take her back door as the desert to the main course of Hope's anal cherry. But there was one thing Wanda could never have again, knowing the joy of Mistress Sif inside her most intimate hole for the first time again. The best she could experience was the second hand experience of what The Wasp was now experiencing, which of course just couldn't compare.

"Wanda, take over spreading those cheeks for me." Sif suddenly ordered.

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda obeyed without even thinking about it.

Once she did think about it Wanda grinned wickedly. She might not have the honour of Mistress Sif's cock in her ass, or be able to truly live her first time again, but she was still being offered the privilege of pleasing this wonderful goddess, and she was even rewarded along the way. Wanda was unworthy of such a privilege after being internally upset with her Mistress, but she gladly received the reward without complaint, the first of which was a closer look at Hope's butt hole stretching around the dildo pumping in and out of it. Which made Wanda's mouth water as she anticipated her next reward, which sure enough she soon received.

Sif abruptly pulled her cock out of Wanda's ass and ordered her, "Suck it! Suck this whore's ass juices off of my big beautiful cock you little ATM slut! Oh yes, go ass to mouth for me. Ohhhhhh Wanda, you look so good with an ass flavoured dick in your mouth. I've always thought that."

As soon as that ass flavoured dildo had been pressed against her lips Wanda had opened her mouth, wrapped it around the head of Mistress Sif's dick and then moaned shamelessly at the taste of another woman's ass. She then preened as Mistress Sif complemented her and began stroking her hair, prompting Wanda to start bobbing her head up and down the dick. If this was after Mistress Sif had been finished breaking in Hope, and The Wasp was unable to perform her duty as a slave of Sif afterwards, Wanda would have gladly given their Mistress a long drawn-out blow job. As that obviously wasn't the case Wanda instead was soon shoving that cock deep into her throat so she clean it of every drop of Hope's butt cream.

This meant that Mistress Sif soon returned her cock to Hope's butt hole, presumably only giving it a few thrusts before making Wanda go ass to mouth again. Which couldn't compare to the feeling of Mistress Sif using her cock on one of Wanda's other holes, but it still meant she got the constant supply of anal cream which she was gleefully sucking from her owner's strap-on. That was more than enough for Wanda right now, especially considering Mistress Sif continued her wonderful commentary throughout, making Wanda quiver with delight. Unfortunately sooner than she would have expected Hope interrupted their conqueror to completely surrender to her fate.

"Yessssss Wanda, take that cock deep! Take it deep down your throat you little whore and clean it of every drop of that slut butt!" Sif gleefully encouraged while stroking the hair of her sweet Witch, "Get all that slut cream from it like the greedy little ass to mouth bitch you are! Mmmmm, I love seeing one of my slaves with a cock in her mouth. Especially when it's flavoured with another slut's butt. Oh yes, and you love it too, don't you Wanda? Yessssss, show my latest conquest what a greedy little ATM whore you are! Show her the future. Yessssss, show what the future has in store for her, when she becomes my full-time slave. Ohhhhhh yes my little bug, you're about to become a deep throating whore, just like the rest."

Hope had wanted to keep her face buried in the bed sheets even after she had taken her hands off of her cheeks, just like so many other women that Mistress Sif had conquered. But she just couldn't resist lifting herself up onto all fours so she could get the best possible view of The Scarlet Witch shamelessly going ass to mouth. It would have been twisted and perverted watching anyone do that, but this was Wanda Maximoff, maybe the most powerful human thanks to her psychic abilities, and yet she was completely humiliating herself for her Mistress. Which Hope shouldn't have enjoyed watching so much, but she did. Just like she shouldn't be referring to Mistress Sif as Mistress Sif in her head, but it just felt so right.

It was over, and Mistress Sif had already won, Hope realised. She was just another notch on this woman's belt. Hell, she had become a notch the moment she had decided to go after Mistress Sif, her arrogance costing Hope her anal cherry, and perhaps every fibre of her being. All she could do now was avoid becoming a full-time slave, which was the hardest thing she'd ever have to do. And if she was going to have any hope of doing it, she was going to need a rough butt fucking now. Oh yes, she needed to beg for it right now, and cum, and then maybe buy some small miracle her wonderful Mistress Sif would allow her the privilege of holding onto a shred of her dignity.

"Harder! Please fuck me harder!" Hope found herself whimpering over and over again, before she desperately tried to think what her Mistress wanted to hear, "Please... Mistress Sif, mmmmm, fuck me hard and make me cum. Please? I need it! I need to cum, ohhhhhhh, please make me cum for you Mistress Sif. I swear, mmmmm, I'll be your slave forever, just please make me cum. Just please, pound fuck me hard and make me cum. Please, oooooooh please, mmmmm, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me like the anal loving little bitch I am! Ooooohhhhhh Mistress Sif, oh fuck! Make me cum Mistress Sif! Please? I'll... I'll do anything!"

"Anything?" Sif pushed.

There was a brief pause and then Hope whimpered and tried to push her luck, "Anything, but giving up being The Wasp. Please Mistress Sif, I'll do anything you want, mmmmm, just let me patrol, sometimes."

"I suppose that would be acceptable." Sif said thoughtfully, "It would improve my standing with your people. But I would require for you to live here of course, and become branded and collared, come whenever I call you, and obey all of my other rules. Is that acceptable?"

"Yes!" Hope exclaimed excitedly. "Yes please Mistress Sif."

"Very well, it seems we've come to an agreement, my little bug." Sif chuckled, "As long as you can prove how badly you want to be mine."

"Oh I do. Mmmmm, I want that more than anything." Hope whimpered, before going back to shamelessly begging, "I want to be yours soooooo bad Mistress Sif! Please make me yours. Destroy my little ass hole and make it your loose and easy to access fuck hole. Tattoo and brand me just like the rest, ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, show the world I'm yours. Show them all that my ass literally belongs to you! Oh fuck! Yesssssssss, oh fuck, ruin my butt! Gape it as wide as the fucking Grand Canyon! Treat it like it's Wanda's whore hole! Oooooooh yessssssss, just fuck me! Fuck me hard and make me yours! And make me cum! Please? Oh please Mistress Sif, oh pleaseeeeeeeeeee, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeessssssss, I'm yours, oooooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd!"

Finally Mistress Sif started increasing her pace, which was enough to make it impossible for Hope to speak coherently, and she soon gave up in favour of just slamming her ass back and forth as hard as she could back against her new owner, both were working together to make sure the ass sex was literally as hard as possible. Even when she came Hope pushed herself through it to ensure that she would cum over and over again, as she was determined to squeeze every little bit of ecstasy out of this that she could. She just had to make her defeat worth it. To justify her surrender. To make herself feel better about becoming just another Slave of Sif. And most of all, she just wanted the pleasure only her new Mistress could give her.

Unsurprisingly shortly after she started cumming Hope lost the ability to think coherently, but just before she did she comforted herself with the knowledge that her wonderful Mistress Sif had promised that she could still go out and patrol. That she may have given up every other bit of freedom that she possessed, but she still got to be a superhero. In fact it was the best of both worlds, as she still got to be The Wasp, and regularly receive incredible pleasure like this. No, best of all she got the privilege of pleasing Mistress Sif, Hope ashamed of the fact that she had denied this goddess her body for so long, and worse actually came here to kill her. Well, at least now she got to make up for it by devoting her life to pleasing Mistress Sif, which was Hope's last coherent thought for quite some time.

Sif inevitably came too, although not before she anally pounded Hope to multiple climaxes, enough that she heard Wanda's voice in her mind telling her she had once again successfully conquered another woman completely. Still, it never hurt to solidify that conquest by giving her latest prize as many orgasms as she could possibly receive, which in this case was easy because Hope didn't have a hope of matching her stamina. It was adorable that she even tried, but inevitably The Wasp collapsed face down on the bed, truly becoming nothing but an orifice for her Mistress Sif. Something which Sif savoured for a few long minutes, especially the part where her thighs crashed against Hope's ass cheeks, creating such wonderful sounds which were now very audible over the sound of the broken woman's whimpers.

While it would have been more than satisfying to finish the job in that position Sif just couldn't resist picking Hope up and turning her around while keeping her dildo in the weaker woman's ass, meaning they were now face to face while Sif was standing next to the bed. This was a wonderful little bit of insult to injury which Sif adored giving her slaves, especially during their first time as she got to stare deep into their freshly broken eyes and see the amazement in them. The devotion to her. Sometimes, even the love. And in most cases the slaves wrap their arms and legs around her, clinging to her like she was their lifeline. This was definitely one of those times, Hope even managing to focus her attention on Sif, even though she was beyond words firmly telling her she was hers.

That look alone pushed Sif over the edge of a particularly powerful orgasm. Well, the other end of the dildo having been bashed against her clit relentlessly since the sodomy began, and the sheer joy of butt fucking another female warrior also had a lot to do with it, but it was definitely the look which pushed her over the edge. After that the floodgates were open, Sif cumming over and over again as she hammered Hope's ass up and down her cock, treating her latest conquest as if she was a ragdoll. Although she didn't cum nearly as hard as Hope, who's girl cream was constantly being squirted against Sif's stomach, causing Sif to grin with satisfaction.

She was in such a good mood she even allowed Wanda to finger herself to an orgasm, which really didn't take much considering the Witch had been inside both Hope's mind and hers the entire time, meaning she got the satisfaction of both topping and bottoming during anal sex. Sif almost wished it was a power she possessed sometimes, except who knows what submissive thoughts might do to her. It was a terrifying thought for her, one which almost put her off sodomising Hope. Almost. But no, Sif had a reputation to uphold, so she continued brutalising Hope's butt until the poor girl was almost unconscious, and then unceremoniously dropped her down onto her incredibly sore and well fucked ass, causing Hope to adorably yelp in pain and clutch her ruined bottom.

Which caused Sif to chuckle, before she growled, "What are you?"

"Yours Mistress." Hope whimpered pathetically, quickly crouching down so she could kiss her new owner's feet, "I'm your slave. Or at least I want to be, if you'll have me."

"Don't worry pet, I do." Sif reassured her, before pointing out, "But we need to finish breaking you in first, and you know what I want next, don't you slut?"

"Yes Mistress Sif." Hope nodded and whimpered.

"Then do it." Sif pushed.

"Yes Mistress Sif." Hope said again, before doing as she was told.

Hope also whimpered again, because it hurt to move even a muscle as her body was so sore, especially the part of it she was now required to show off. But more than anything she wanted to prove herself, so Hope pushed through the pain to be able to position herself face down and ass up, then slowly reached back to spread her cheeks as wide apart as she could, just to expose how gaped her poor ass hole was. Which was almost unbearably humiliating given just how wide her previously virgin butt hole was, but it put a big smile on her Mistress's face, and that was all that mattered. Oh yes, this clearly pleased Mistress Sif, so much so she spent a few long seconds, or maybe even a minute staring deep into Hope's bowels via that gaping crater before speaking again.

"Very good, my little bug." Sif praised, before further pushing, "Now for the last part."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Hope whimpered and blushed.

She had been dreading this part, as Hope couldn't imagine anything more disgusting than going ass to mouth, and yet she had been so fascinated by watching Wanda do it, and even jealous of her, and rimming the other sub had been surprisingly enjoyable, so maybe it wouldn't be that bad. At least that was what Hope was hoping. But it didn't matter because either way she would do it to please her Mistress. So Hope slowly turned around and lifted herself up until she was kneeling in front of her owner, the big cock which had just pummelled her ass right in her face, and then with a calming breath she closed her eyes, wrapped her lips around it and officially tasted her own butt for the first of what would probably be many times.

Instantly she hoped it would be many times, because Hope found she loved the flavour as soon as it hit her taste-buds. Which was probably because of magic and/or technology, but Hope didn't care, as all that mattered was that pleasing her wonderful Mistress Sif in this incredibly twisted way would be even easier than she thought. Which she concentrated on doing, albeit out of savouring the flavour for a few long seconds. Namely by beginning to loudly and passionately suck that cock, thoroughly cleaning the head before beginning to bob her mouth up and down it, which of course caused Mistress Sif to chuckle with delight. She also reached down to reward Hope by stroking her hair, and inevitably offer up some verbal encouragement.

"That's it my little bug, mmmmm, suck my cock." Sif gleefully encouraged as she stroked Hope's hair, "Be a good little cock sucker, just like the rest. Ohhhhhh, it seems you're in need of more training for this then eating pussy. But that's okay, mmmmm, I've had plenty of closeted lesbo sluts just like you, and I'll be happy to train you to please me in every way. But come on, you're not even trying. Yessssss, that's better. Take it into your throat you whore! Oh yes, if you're going to be one of my sex slaves you're going to have to suck strap-on better than this. Ooooooh mmmmm, you sure do look cute though, in your rightful place kneeling before me and pleasing me like a good slut should."

Obediently Hope forced as much of the ass flavoured dildo into her throat as she possibly could. Which certainly wasn't as much as she would have liked, or Mistress Sif would have liked, but to her credit Hope endured a lot of choking and gagging to get most of it into her windpipe. Then, loving and generous owner that she was, Mistress Sif allowed her to lick the last few inches clean, before Hope went right back to kissing her feet again and promising to be the best slutty little lesbian slave she could possibly be. Which was now more important to The Wasp than anything, including being a superhero and saving the world, which couldn't compare with the joy of pleasing Mistress Sif.

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