Slaves of Sif

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Pepper Potts sighed as she put out yet another fire in Stark Industries. At least it wasn't a literal fire this time, and amazingly not actually caused by Tony Stark, her boss/boyfriend who she loved deeply despite often making her life a living hell. And to be fair as stressful as this job was there was a lot to love about it, it was just it was a particularly long and stressful day and she longed for a break. Of course she should have been careful what she wished for, because while she might be imagining Tony dropping by and insisting she could clock out early so they could go to dinner something very different happened, starting with a few weird sounds and then two women stepping into her office.

Frowning Pepper asked, "Erm, excuse me, do you have an appointment?"

The taller of the two brunettes smiled, "We do now."

The other brunette closed her eyes briefly and then opened them again, "She has been with a woman before. A very dangerous woman."

"Oh, I like her already." The tall brunette smiled, before stepping closer and introducing herself, "Where are my manners? My name is Lady Sif, and this is my slave Wanda. And you are Pepper Potts, are you not?"

Feeling a little taken aback Pepper hesitantly replied, "What do you want?"

Sif smirked at the insolence of this woman, and then stepped even closer to her so she was standing right in front of her desk, "Mr Stark and his new friends pose a threat to me and my harem. If they do come after me, I wish to have a psychological advantage."

"Is that so?" Pepper raised an eyebrow, trying to act as calm as possible while hammering the button under her desk.

"Oh don't worry Ms Potts, we're not going to hurt you. Exactly the opposite in fact." Sif grinned as she slowly circled the desk, "And I assure you we will not be disturbed, as your security, and your secretary, are very much unconscious. Wanda made sure of that. Although I promise you, they did not suffer. Isn't that right Wanda?"

"Yes Mistress." Wanda quickly replied.

Grinning wickedly Sif further explained, "My Wanda is a very talented witch, one who can send people into a deep sleep with a click of her fingers. And they will not wake up again until she clicks her fingers again."

Internally Pepper was freaking out, and yet it wasn't exactly obvious on the outside as she couldn't take her eyes off of Sif. She was easily one of the most beautiful women Pepper had ever seen, maybe only second best to The Black Widow Natasha Romanoff, the woman who had seduced her a few years ago, and given her her first experience with a woman. Even though it was incredibly inappropriate she suddenly found herself wanting to have her second, inappropriate thoughts flooding her mind with such a force she wondered if it had something to do with this 'witch'.

"Oh, and how does she do that?" Pepper asked, genuinely curious, but mostly she just wanted to stall.

"Magic." Sif said simply.

"There's no such thing." Pepper scoffed.

"Oh, I assure you Ms Potts, there is." Sif insisted, as she stepped even closer, "I would offer a demonstration, if my magic wasn't already having it's wicked way with you."

"What, what do you mean?" Pepper stammered, unable to hide her nervousness anymore as she stumbled out of her chair and started moving backwards.

"Surely you can feel it?" Sif practically purred as she slowly made her way around the desk, "The sexual desire you normally do so well to keep in check, rushing to the surface. Slowly becoming overwhelming, untill all you can think about is pleasing me. Loving me. Licking me. Don't fight it. I assure you, you can't."

"Please-" Pepper whimpered as her back hit the wall behind her.

"Oh, I'm sorry, that came out more forceful than I intended." Sif apologised while coming to stand in front of the other woman, "It's still hard for me, even after all this time, finding the right balance. No woman can resist me you see, but I do not enjoy taking women who have no interest in women. That's why I wish I had met Wanda sooner. She reads minds, so she can tell me these things. But even if she wasn't here. I would have no hesitation in taking you. Not because you are an enemy's lover, but it is obvious you have at lease some interesting women. My magic would not be working so quickly if you didn't."

"I, I won't cheat on Tony." Pepper said softly, although she wasn't sure even she believed it at this point.

"Ah, monogamy." Sif laughed, "I am beyond such primitive concepts. And as a slave, you will not have to trouble yourself with such outdated thoughts, or have to slave away in such a small space. From now on, all you shall know is pleasure, and the joys of serving a superior woman."

Pepper opened her mouth to protest, but no sound came out. Mostly because Sif slowly step forward, reached out and cupped her face while leaning in for a kiss. But also because she had nothing to say. She knew this was wrong, that she shouldn't cheat on her boyfriend, but she didn't care. She didn't even care that this woman was promising to enslave her. In fact becoming a full-time lesbian sex slave to this total stranger and becoming a member of her 'harem' sounded amazing, which proved to Pepper that something was indeed effecting her body. It might not be magic, she still didn't believe in that, but she must've been drugged or something. Maybe something in her drink, or... something.

It didn't matter now. Nothing mattered when Sif's lips pressed against her own, Pepper's mind melting from the simple feeling of those lips and she found herself unable to do anything but press back. To kiss back. To kiss this total stranger intent on enslaving her just so that she could mess with the man she loved, Pepper wrapping her arms around Sif and pulling her firmly against her body. Or more accurately the other way around, as Pepper wasn't strong enough to move the impressively built woman and simply pulled herself against Sif's strong body, the blonde whimpering into the kiss as she felt how surprisingly muscular the brunette was.

Sif delighted in feeling another woman surrendering to her for the first time. Thanks to her magic Pepper was already hers. She could tell from the way the weaker woman kissed back, and from previous experience, but Sif wouldn't be satisfied with the mere kiss. She would never be satisfied with the mere kiss. No, if Pepper Potts was to be one of the lucky women to become one of her sex slaves, and it had already been decided she was going to be, then Sif was going to break her in properly. Which meant she was about to give this lucky woman the fucking of a lifetime.

To do that first Sif needed to get them both naked, and while Wanda could do it with a click of her fingers Sif like to do it herself, especially with a first timer. It was like unwrapping a birthday present, and while sometimes Sif took her time and savoured every moment of it this time she was like a greedy child, partly because she was excited but mostly because it was not out of the realm of possibility that they would be discovered by security. Or even possibly by Ironman visiting his girlfriend. Either way Sif was confident that any attempt to 'save' Pepper would fall to herself and Wanda, but if the metal man summoned his friends they might actually stand a chance of stopping her.

Sif certainly didn't want to risk it, so she took of her own clothes at almost a speed that she tore away Pepper's before using one hand to sweep everything off the blonde's desk and lay her down on top of it. She did most of this while still kissing Pepper, including lowering her down so that Sif was laying on top of her, although obviously not resting her considerable weight on top of her. Instead she kneeled over her, soon moving her lips down to the other woman's neck and eventually tits, licking, sucking and even nipping the soft flesh she found there, all of which got a very positive response out of Pepper.

Her target continued not to offer up any complaint as Sif headed further south. Briefly she felt guilty about not spending more time on Pepper's tits, but again she was in a hurry. Perhaps if Pepper possessed the amazingly big tits of her precious and loyal sub Darcy Lewis then Sif would have taken the risk, but she didn't and Sif was eager to get to the real fun. Speaking of which, once she was in between Pepper's legs Sif paused for a moment to look back at Wanda. To her delight Wanda was also naked, just as Sif had planned it. Not that she needed to be right away, but it certainly provided Sif with some nice eye candy.

"Wanda, get over here and eat my ass." Sif ordered, before turning her attention back to Pepper.

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda squeaked shyly.

Then Wanda quickly scurried over and kneeled behind Mistress Sif, so her face was directly in front of that glorious ass of hers. Because it never occurred to her not too. Sure, Wanda could just about remember a time kneeling in front of another woman and licking her pussy or ass would have been nothing more than a taboo fantasy for her, but now it was like second nature, Wanda now very familiar with giving a rim job. More importantly she knew just how her Mistress Sif liked to have her ass worshipped, Wanda desperately trying to recall every step before she even leaned forward to start.

Confident that she had guessed rightly Wanda pressed her lips to Mistress Sif's right ass cheek, then her left, and then so on. She repeated this process over and over again, literally covering Mistress Sif's ass in kisses as a sign she knew the other woman was superior. She then gently spread those cheeks, stuck out her tongue and slid it up and down Sif's ass crack for several long seconds. Then and only then did she concentrate on licking Mistress Sif's ass hole itself, the sounds of pleasure from her Mistress Sif telling Wanda that she had remembered rightly, which made her submissive heart flutter with joy.

What was even better was when Mistress Sif paused from pleasuring Pepper long enough to moan, "Ohhhhhhhhh, that's it Wanda, lick my ass hole! Lick your Mistress's ass hole you dirty little girl. Mmmmmmmmmm fuck, tongue that little butt hole of mine, oooooooooooh yes, you're getting so good at that. Oh yes, you're getting so good at licking my ass and proving to me you understand your place."

Again Wanda's submissive heart fluttered at this encouragement and she licked Mistress Sif's ass hole with even more passion and enthusiasm than before. As she did so she thought how lucky she was just to get the honour of licking this incredible creature's ass hole and show the goddess known as Sif she understood she was superior. But Wanda didn't have to be satisfied with just being Sif's personal butt licker. No, she was a slave of Sif, one of the ever-growing number of women lucky enough to be this goddess's fuck toy, and a privilege Pepper sounded like she was going to very much enjoy. Not that it was that surprising.

Another thing that wasn't surprising was eventually Mistress Sif ordered, "Now shove your tongue up my butt. Mmmmmmmm, come on Wanda, you're slacking. I know you're excited from witnessing me breaking in another woman, but that's no excuse for a lacklustre rim job. Now stop day dreaming and get that tongue in my ass. I want to feel you clean the inside of my rectum you nasty little dyke. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, that's it Wanda, get that tongue in me deep. Mmmmmmmm, that's it, lick the inside of my butt you perverted little bitch! Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddddd yesssssssssssssss!"

Wanda was ashamed of herself for getting lost in her thoughts and quickly pushed her tongue into Mistress Sif's butt. Unlike her fellow slaves Mistress Sif wasn't ass fucked on a daily basis, so Wanda wasn't able to get her tongue in that deep, especially compared to the last time she had given a rim job which had been to Darcy Lewis after Mistress Sif had thoroughly wrecked her big fat ass, leaving her ass hole gaping wide open. Wanda quivered with delight at the memory, as her own butt hole had been just as thoroughly stretched open after a brutal pounding, but she concentrated on the most important thing in her life, pleasing Mistress Sif. Which thankfully it sounded like she succeeded at doing. With Pepper's help, of course.

It was hard for Pepper to imagine wanting to please someone so much she would lick an ass hole. Then again now she thought about it rimming another woman didn't seem so bad as long as it was the beautiful and amazing Sif, Pepper even feeling jealous of Wanda for getting to prove her submission to Sif so thoroughly. Pepper couldn't imagine anything more submissive/degrading then licking someone's ass hole, and if there was something more submissive/degrading she didn't want to find out about it. But even then the submissive/degrading would be worth it to thank Sif for this amazing experience.

Pepper had thought Natasha had been an amazing pussy licker, and she had been, but Sif was just on another level. Even if she was using magic or something to do it. Pepper didn't know, and she didn't care. She didn't even care that she was cheating on her boyfriend, in the middle of his company, in the middle of the day where he could easily walk in at any moment. At least if he bothered to come into work today, which admittedly was unlikely, but it was definitely a possibility, and if he did she wasn't sure if she could stop having sex with Sif. Or that she be even sorry that she had cheated on him.

Everything Sif was doing was just so wonderful, especially when the goddess concentrated on her clit, driving Pepper to the edge of orgasm in what felt like seconds. She then kept her there for what felt like hours, only to then pull away to give Wanda instructions, allowing Pepper to come down from her high in the process. Which of course made Pepper whimper, and then again when Sif finally returned to her cunt, only to go back to slowly and gently licking her pussy lips when Pepper wanted so much more. But what could she do? Well, maybe there was one thing, but Pepper wasn't sure that she could actually do it. After all, she certainly hadn't done it for Tony. But this was different. Now she needed to cum, and eventually she became so desperate that Pepper really would do anything to get what she wanted.

So with an extra needy whimper Pepper began begging, "Please, oooooooooh please, fuck me. Mmmmmmmmm, fuck me and make me cum. I need to cum, ohhhhhhhhhhhh please, make me cum. Make me fucking cum! Oh God, please just do it. Use your tongue, your fingers, whatever, just make me cum. Please? I need it so bad! Please, please, please, please, please fuck me and make me cum! I'll do anything if you just make me cum! I... I'll aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss!"

After that Pepper became incoherent, just screaming her head off so much she was surprised that the guards outside didn't wake up and rush in here to try and 'save' her. She was very glad they didn't, because Sif shoved her tongue inside her pussy, making Pepper cum on the spot. Then after swallowing her cum Sif pushed her tongue back inside her and began fucking her with it, soon making Pepper cum over and over again. And these orgasms was so much more powerful than anything she'd ever experienced before, Pepper burying both hands in Sif's hair to push her head downwards and try to prevent her from ever, ever stopping.

Sif was really amused by this, it wasn't like the human could hold her down if she wanted too, but luckily for Pepper she had no intention of going anywhere. At least not for the next few minutes, Sif trying to find a balance between outdoing Pepper's previous female lover, and male lovers, but not rendering her unconscious. At least not until she got the chance to complete Pepper's submission to her by taking her ass. Perhaps most importantly Sif wanted to get a decent amount of cum into her belly, which was proving difficult as Pepper's cream wasn't quite as plentiful as her other sluts, Sif finding it relatively easy to swallow everything Pepper had to give her and yet aching for more.

In an attempt to get more Sif replaced her tongue with her fingers, pushing one and then two into Pepper's cunt while she went back to licking the weaker woman's clit. Which actually kind of backfired on Sif, because while she did succeed in making Pepper cum more it still couldn't give her the amount of cum she was hoping for, and drove Pepper closer to unconsciousness in the process. Luckily Sif soon thought of an alternative, one in which she could move onto the next stage and reward Wanda for giving another thorough rim job, and secure another sex slave for her collection. Pulling up and back Sif reached down, grabbed Pepper's hair and then sat up, pulling the other woman with her into a passionate kiss so Pepper could taste her own cum on Sif's tongue and lips.

Then after a few minutes of that Sif broke the kiss and reminded Pepper, "You said you would do anything to cum?"

Pepper blushed, but nodded and answered weakly, "Yes."

"Then you may have the privilege of eating my pussy like the dyke slut you now are." Sif grinned, slowly but forcefully pushing down Pepper's head so she got down on her knees in front of her.

At the same time Sif reached behind her and grabbed hold of Wanda's hair, pulling her face out of her ass and encouraging her to stand up and move around so she was facing her owner. Sif then flashed her a smile, causing Wanda to blush adorably. Then Sif kissed her, tasting her own ass on Wanda's lips. About the same time Pepper took the first cautious lick of Sif's pussy, causing the tall brunette to moan into the shorter brunette's mouth. She then continued the kiss for a few long moments, lovingly stroking the hair of her lesbian sluts, then Sif broke the kiss and smiled at Wanda.

"You have done well Wanda, and I think you deserve a reward." Sif told her.

"Thank you Mistress." Wanda replied just before being lifted into the air.

For a moment the girl seemed to panic, then relaxed into Sif's arms as the bigger brunette gently positioned the smaller brunette onto her shoulders, taking great care to make sure that Wanda's head didn't hit the ceiling too hard. Wanda had crouched down a bit because the ceiling wasn't as high as Sif would have wanted it to be, but she was too busy moaning in pleasure to complain as Sif began to eagerly lick her pussy, the goddess delighted to find that her lezzie bitch was already dripping wet from eating her ass, and probably from the anticipation of all the fun they were going to have with Pepper, although Sif did her best to make sure her slave's mind was on the present.

Wanda was certainly concentrating on the present when she almost banged her head against the ceiling and during the first few licks to her pussy. Her mind then wander to Pepper, but not because she was anticipating future events. Well, maybe a little, but mostly she was incredibly jealous that her Mistress's new slut was getting the privilege of tasting Mistress Sif's yummy cunt. Which she knew was silly of her, because of course all of Mistress Sif's conquests got to taste her cunt, and Wanda knew she would get plenty of chances in the future, but in that moment she couldn't help irrational jealousy because she wanted to be the one eating that heavenly pussy.

Before being enslaved Wanda hadn't exactly been experienced, but it was hard to imagine being so devoted to someone that she would prefer to give them pleasure than to receive it. But here she was, an incredibly talented and experienced tongue massaging her pussy, the tongue of her Mistress no less, which was a rare treat indeed, and Wanda couldn't stop thinking about Mistress Sif's pussy. She even closed her eyes and pretended she was the one eating it, which was easy given not only did she have vivid memories of it but thanks to her powers she could hear, see and feel what both Pepper and their Mistress Sif were experiencing.

This of course pushed her closer to orgasm, and although Mistress Sif made sure she didn't cum too quickly it was also clear she was in no mood for long drawn-out teasing and soon she was burying her tongue as deep as it would go into Wanda's pussy. She then left it there so they could both savour the feeling, before she started hammering that tongue in and out of her, making Wanda cum in what felt like seconds. She then continued relentlessly tongue fucking her through climax after climax, only stopping to replace her tongue with two fingers while still effortlessly keeping Wanda in the air, reminding the Witch that her owner was literally a goddess.

That thought had Wanda whimpering pathetically and trying to acknowledge it. To tell Mistress Sif how much she appreciated her. How much she loved being her lesbian slave. That she was hers forever. However all that came out was deafening screams and the occasional swear word. Fortunately Wanda was confident that her magic would keep anyone outside this room from hearing her. Unfortunately she felt like she was failing her Mistress by not being able to provide commentary while Mistress Sif's mouth was busy sucking on Wanda's clit. So it was a good thing Pepper was there to pick up the slack, if not in the cometary department then in pleasing their Mistress Sif, which was what mattered most in this world after all.

Pepper had become just as obsessed with pleasing Sif as Wanda. Or almost as much. It was hard for Pepper to imagine wanting to please someone she would lick an ass hole. Then again now she thought about it rimming another woman wouldn't be so bad as longer as it was the beautiful and amazing Sif, Pepper even feeling jealous of Wanda for getting to prove her submission to Sif so thoroughly. Pepper couldn't imagine anything more submissive/degrading then licking someone's ass hole, and if there was something more submissive/degrading she didn't want to find out about it.

She definitely thought she got the better part of the deal, because she could never imagine anything tasting better than Sif's pussy. Because wow, Pepper had thought that Natasha Romanoff's pussy tasted good, but she really did have no idea, as this time instead of the flavour slowly growing on her Pepper was addicted to Sif's taste the second it hit her taste-buds. She then eagerly licked the other woman's pussy as Sif gently stroked her hair and grinned down at her, Pepper blushing as she looked up to observe the latter thing and then returning her full attention to her licking, wanting to do more but guessing from the way she ordered Wanda around that Sif would prefer to give her permission.

It sounded like she guessed right, Sif eventually pulling her mouth away from Wanda's cunt long enough to moan, "Mmmmmmm, nice job Pepper. Ooooooooooooh, quick and eager, and getting my clit each time your dyke tongue licks me. Mmmmmmm, but now I want more. I want you to shove your tongue inside me and fuck me with it like the lezzie bitch you've always secretly wanted to be. Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, do it Pepper. Tongue fuck me like a lezzie bitch! Oh yes, tongue fuck my pussy and accept your new role is my pussy licking lezzie bitch! Oh yeah, I want you to aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Pepper!"

Despite having done just that once before, and literally thinking of little else for the past few minutes, Pepper was actually hesitant to do it she was told. Mostly because she was nervous that she wouldn't do a good job, as although she had made Natasha cum it hadn't been anywhere near as hard as she had cum and she had always wondered whether it had been good enough. Also part of her like the obscene things that Sif was saying. Of course ultimately Pepper did as she was told, pushing her tongue as deep as it would go into Sif's cunt and being instantly rewarded by more delicious pussy cream and more importantly the incoherent cries of her would-be Mistress.

Most importantly of all Pepper was soon rewarded with Sif's cum, which redefined her understanding of what delicious was. Instantly she became like a mad woman, desperately trying to swallow every drop of that precious liquid, although unfortunately she had to just settle for the majority of it. Then when it was over she reinserted her tongue back into Sif's pussy and started fucking it at least twice as frantically as before, Pepper now desperate for more of that heavenly cream. Fortunately she wouldn't be denied, Sif's grip on her head tightening so the by far stronger woman could push the weaker woman's face deeper into her cunt.

Sif was in lesbian heaven right now. One girl swallowing her cum in between tongue fucking her to orgasm after orgasm, and another cumming in her mouth/on her face. Surely, nothing could be better than this. It was certainly one of the main reasons why she went around collecting hot women and adding them to her ever-growing number of slaves. As such she was never in a hurry to end it, even if she should be. Now for example she couldn't afford to wait around in case Ironman showed up, but Sif just couldn't resist milking this for all that it was worth, fucking Wanda until the poor thing was almost unconscious before finally letting her down gently on the table to recover.

She spent even longer letting Pepper eat her out, Sif showing off her impressive stamina as she remains standing despite what was clearly this woman's best work. Which didn't quite compare to her fully trained slaves, but it was still fairly impressive. Sif especially loved the enthusiasm that Pepper showed, even if it was normal for even a complete newcomer to eating pussy to become ravenous for her cunt once they were in between her thighs. Just another wonderful side-effect of Lorelai's magic which Sif had come to adore, especially when she was cumming in the mouth of her latest conquest.

Unfortunately while her stamina was impressive it was not unlimited, and eventually she was faced with the choice of allowing this woman to sap the last ounce of strength and then continuing this once they had recovered, most likely back at her headquarters, or go through with her initial plans. Truth be told it was tempting to just succumb, even if it meant that she would have to deal with that silly man and his toys, and possibly his friends, when she woke up. But she would not risk losing Wanda in the potential chaos, or lose the chance to bend Pepper Potts over her own desk and take her hot little ass. Besides, she was no animal that couldn't control itself. She was the Lady Sif, the most powerful woman in the universe.

Seeking to prove that Sif roughly pulled Pepper by her hair and then when the other woman was on her feet almost literally shoved her tongue down her throat, thoroughly tasting her own cum in the process. Then she fulfilled her main objective for the day, namely bending Pepper Potts over her desk. Of course it would mean nothing if Sif didn't follow up by fucking Pepper into submission, and with a little help from Wanda that was exactly what she was going to do. Hell, she didn't even have to promp the Witch to summon a strap-on around her waist, the device appearing as if from nowhere and securing itself firmly. Of course Sif would not penetrate Pepper's ass without properly preparing it, but luckily she had an easy way to do that.

"You have a sexy little ass Ms Potts. I greatly look forward to fucking it." Sif announced, causing Pepper to whimper in fear and anticipation. Then Sif turned to the other brunette and ordered, "Wanda, get over here and make sure Pepper's ass hole is nice and ready for my cock."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda nodded.

Wanda then rushed to get into position, a.k.a. kneel down behind Pepper so she could give her a nice long rim job. Knowing that her Mistress would want a show Wanda took a moment just to admire the prize in front of her, before leaning forward and pressing a soft kiss to Pepper's ass. She then briefly peppered that ass in kisses, long enough to tease the other woman without making Mistress Sif feel like she was worshipping a lowly slaves ass when she regularly worshipped the amazing booty of the goddess Sif, before gently spreading those ass cheeks and beginning to lick Pepper's ass hole, even moaning softly from that first lick.

Although the moan was mostly for show Wanda had come to genuinely love rimming her fellow slaves, especially just before they were about to know the joy of Mistress Sif's cock in their asses. Of course she didn't love it as much as rimming Mistress Sif. No, it couldn't compare to that wonderful chance to show her submission, but it was still a type of showing her submission and thanks to her Mistress's training Wanda had become quite the little anal whore in every sense of the word, adoring both the taste of her own ass and the asses of her fellow slaves almost as much as the taste of Mistress Sif's ass. And when she got to bury her face in Darcy's big booty it was almost close to being as good as being butt fucked. Almost.

Pulling back so she could spit onto Pepper's butt hole Wanda couldn't help notice out of the corner of her eye Mistress Sif stroking lubricant into her strap-on, and she was quickly reminded about just how amazing it was to be ass fucked by her Mistress. The memory was so powerful Wanda literally trembled as she desperately hoped that once Mistress Sif was done breaking in her latest bitch she would completely destroy Wanda's ass hole. Not for the first time Wanda was overwhelmed with jealousy as she wished it was her losing her anal cherry to Mistress Sif again. Thanks to her powers she had experienced the feeling multiple times, but nothing beat the real thing. Except maybe having her well loosened ass hole wrecked by Mistress Sif.

For now Wanda would have to settle for experiencing it second hand, but before that she need to complete giving Pepper a thorough rim job, which was why Wanda literally buried her face in between Pepper's butt cheeks, letting go of them with her hands so she was practically suffocating herself while literally trying to jam her tongue into the other woman's ass hole. Which wasn't as good, or as bad, as when she was struggling to breathe properly with her face literally enclosed by Darcy's meaty globes, and she didn't get her tongue quite as deep as when she was using it on the slutty butt holes of her fellow slaves, but with a slight assist from her Mistress Wanda was able to go pretty deep, and her heart fluttered as Mistress Sif encouraged her.

"That's it my pet, get deep into that ass!" Sif ordered with a wicked grin as she grabbed the back of Wanda's head and shoved her slave's face as deep as it would go into her soon to be slave's ass, "Yesssss, eat that ass! Eat that fucking dyke ass! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, that's it you lesbian butt licker, make that little fuck hole nice and wet for me to use. Oh Wanda, you're doing such a good job at pleasing me. I'm very proud of you. Ooooooooh, and you've definitely earned yourself a reward, after I get mine! Yes Wanda, back off so I can get to Pepper's virgin ass hole. It's time to make Ironman's girlfriend my dyke bitch."

While she was talking Mistress Sif pulled Wanda's face out of Pepper's ass and let go of her, causing the overwhelmed Witch to fall to the ground and gasp for breath for a few long seconds, then she scurried to obey with a soft murmur of, "Yes Mistress."

Ignoring her slave Sif stepped forward, pulled apart one of Pepper's cheeks and then pressed her dildo to her target, prompting Pepper to whimper, "Please, be gentle."

Sif grinned and softly told her latest victim, "Oh Pepper, I'm nearly always gentle with anal virgins. At least at first. But soon you'll be begging for more, and even if your boyfriend shows up I'll just continue gentle fucking your ass until he begs me to show you mercy. Oh yes, I'll be gentle with you Pepper, but it won't be long before you're begging me not to be."

Sif then grinned wickedly as she slid the tip of her strap-on up and down Pepper's ass crack, making her latest conquest whimper with a mixture of fear and anticipation which just made this precious moment even more intoxicating. She did that for what had to be a full minute before she pressed the head of the dildo against Pepper's virgin ass hole and firmly pushed forwards, causing the other woman to let out another whimper of fear and anticipation before crying out in pain as her anal ring slowly stretched to allow Sif's strap-on to slide through it and into Pepper's virgin ass, adding yet another anal cherry to Sif's collection.

Officially losing her anal virginity made Pepper let out an adorable cry, practically forcing Sif to groan, "Truly, there is nothing better than a virgin ass."

The only response Sif got was another adorable cry, followed by another whimper, and a lustful look from Wanda. For a moment Sif turned her attention to her other slave, and flashed her a wicked grin to show her gratitude to Wanda for continuing to spread Pepper's butt cheeks, giving Sif the perfect view of Pepper's deflowered little butt hole stretching around the head of her strap-on cock. Which naturally caused Wanda to blush adorably, Sif enjoying the look on her face for a few seconds before her eyes inevitably wandered back to Pepper's dildo stretched ass hole.

After a few more seconds of enjoying that sight the way it was Sif began pushing inch after inch of strap-on dildo into Pepper's now formally virgin butt, Sif going as slowly as she possibly could, partly to make it easy on her new slave and partly to enjoy every second of anally violating the other woman. Oh who was she kidding? She was mostly doing this to savour sliding her strap-on into that beautiful little butt hole, Pepper squirming, whimpering and crying throughout her anal invasion, and yet not daring to utter a word of complaint.

That continued to be the case when Sif's thighs came to rest against Pepper's ass cheeks, announcing that she had fully skewered Pepper's ass on her cock, and when Sif started slowly pumping her hips back and forth, officially beginning to butt fuck the other woman. Sif also remained quiet so she could just enjoy this precious moment. Wanda was a different story. Sure, she stayed silent to begin with, perhaps because she was just as wrapped up in watching Sif's dildo pumping in and out of Pepper's most private hole, but it wasn't that long before she provided some commentary. Commentary that Sif had no intention of punishing her for, because she found it quite delightful.

"Oh God, that's so hot! Mmmmmm, fuck her." Wanda moaned, "Fuck her ass. Fuck it just like that, oh Mistress Sif, I love watching your big cock sliding in and out of another one of your bitches' ass holes. Mmmmm, that's sooooo sexy."

Wanda wasn't really paying much attention to what she was saying, but the few times she pulled her eyes away from Pepper's butt hole stretching around Mistress Sif's cock to nervously look up at her goddess of an owner Mistress Sif had a delighted look on her face. No doubt that was mostly due with taking another woman's anal virginity, something that Wanda knew for a fact was Mistress Sif's favourite thing to do ever, but Wanda also knew that Mistress Sif loved dirty talk so she continued to allow dirty words to slip from her lips. Truth be told she had become quite fond of dirty talk herself, and quite enjoyed dishing it out. Although nowhere near as much as what happened next.

"Wanda, as much as I enjoy hearing such things, I think we can find a better use for your pretty little mouth." Sif suddenly announced, suddenly yanking her cock out of Pepper's ass and then pushing it into Wanda's mouth.

Not needing any further encouragement Wanda eagerly began sucking her Mistress's dick, moaning happily as she savoured the deepest part of another woman's butt. Then when the head of the dildo was clean Wanda started bobbing her head up and down, which caused Mistress Sif to let out a beautiful laugh and then slipped her hand into her hair for some further encouragement. Of course it wasn't long before Mistress Sif started providing the verbal variety, although Wanda didn't really pay much attention to her words as she was too busy stuffing the ass flavoured cock into her throat so she could get every precious drop of that anal cream.

"Mmmmmm, that's it Wanda, suck my cock!" Sif gleefully encouraged, "Suck Pepper's ass cream off that big dick. Ohhhhhhh yes, suck it. Make sure you get every fucking drop. That's it, deep throat that big dildo you dirty little ass to mouth whore! Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, suck it! Suck it like a good little cock sucker. Fuck, that's so hot. But not as hot as fucking some ass, and since that's now nice and clean let's see if we can get it dirty again shall we?"

With that Mistress Sif pulled her strap-on from Wanda's mouth and stuffed it back into Pepper's ass hole. As that now formally virgin hole had been nicely loosened up Pepper moaned in pure pleasure during the anal penetration, although the fact that Mistress Sif was slow and gentle about it obviously helped. That continued as she began sodomising the blonde again, Wanda once again captivated by the sight, if a little jealous. Then Mistress Sif made her go ass to mouth again. And then again, and then again, and then again, for a few wonderful moments even fucking Wanda's mouth at the same pace she had been fucking Pepper's butt. Then just when Wanda didn't think it could get any better it did.

"Wanda, would you like a turn ass fucking this slut?" Mistress Sif asked casually.

"Oh yes Mistress Sif." Wanda replied eagerly, "Please may I have a turn ass fucking your new slut."

Pulling out of Pepper's ass once again Mistress Sif stood proudly beside the blonde and told her fellow brunette, "Then I offer her bitch hole as a gift for you my loyal pet. Just don't forget who the true owner of that hole is. Or yours."

"Never Mistress Sif, thank you Mistress Sif." Wanda promised, although she couldn't tear her eyes away from Pepper's already slightly gaping ass hole.

Luckily she wasn't punished for this. At least not right now. Wanda truly believe she should be, and even looked forward to it, but was very grateful for her shot at Pepper's ass. Ever since Mistress Sif had started training her to be a top Wanda had been sodomising her fellow sex slaves Darcy Lewis and Jane Foster almost as much as Mistress Sif sodomise them, or her Mistress sodomised her, so this was quite the treat for her. One which Wanda savoured as she let go of Pepper's cheeks, summoned her own personal strap-on dildo to appear around her waist, covered it with lubricant which she also summoned, and then slowly pushed her newly acquired cock deep into the rectum of Mistress Sif's latest conquest.

Pepper blushed every time she was anally penetrated. Partly because she spent most of it moaning like a shameless whore, but especially this time as it wasn't the same woman doing it. Because it was bad enough that she was giving up her anal cherry to some strange woman who had bursted into her office and announced that she was going to be her sex slave, but now she was being passed around like a piece of meat. The most private hole on her body was getting passed around like it was nothing but a fuck hole to these women, and it was. She was nothing but a fuck hole to them, and if that wasn't humiliating enough the woman who called herself Mistress Sif had given Pepper's ass to one of her slaves, meaning right now Pepper was a bitch's bitch.

This incredible humiliation should have reduced her to tears. It was the same story for the anal itself. But for better or worse Pepper moaned in pure pleasure as her ass was slowly filled with dildo again, and then she had to bite her lip to prevent herself from begging for more as this tiny girl, who had to be at least 10 years her junior, started to sodomise her. Pepper Potts was no longer getting ass fucked by another woman, she was getting butt pounded by women. Women were sharing her most private hole like a cheap whore's cunt, and all she could do was try to cling onto one last shred of dignity as she was once again overwhelmed by pleasure. Then when she didn't think it could get any more humiliating, it did.

Crawling onto the desk Sif positioned herself right in front of Pepper, pressed her dildo to her lips and ordered, "Suck it. Mmmmmmm yes, suck my cock clean while my dear sweet Wanda pounds your dyke ass."

Automatically Pepper's nose scrunched up in disgust, but she was too lost in her submission to offer up any more protest than that. She then opened her mouth and took the head of the fake cock inside it and started sucking it just like Mistress Sif ordered, Pepper equal parts horrified and turned on by this submission. It then became more the latter than the former as she found herself immediately liking the taste of her own ass. To her shame she even kind of loved it, eagerly beginning to bob her head up and down on the shaft, taking about half of it into her mouth and even a little down her throat while the enchanting and tall brunette chuckled with delight and offered her some verbal encouragement.

"Yesssssss, suck it! Mmmmmm, suck my cock. Become an ass to mouth slut, just like all my other bitches!" Sif commanded with a wicked smile on her face, "Yes, all my slaves go ass to mouth all the time, mmmmm, and soon you will too. Oh yes Pepper, you're going to crave the taste of ass. It won't matter if it's your own, or one of my other sluts, you'll beg me for the privilege of cleaning my cock so you can gobble up some of that yummy anal cream. And it's already started, hasn't it? Yes, I can tell. I can always tell when a whore realises she loves the taste of her own butt juice and realises she'll be addicted to it forever. Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh, you're a little ATM whore now Pepper. My little ATM whore. Suck it whore, ohhhhhh yes, take that cock deep down your throat. Get every single drop of your own ass cream you perverted little bitch! Oh fuck yeah!"

With that the two women swapped places and Pepper was presented with a freshly coated cock glistening with anal cream was the one covered in her saliva shoved roughly up her ass by Sif. This caused her to cry out loudly, thankfully in pleasure for the most part, giving Wanda the perfect opportunity to shove her dildo directly down her throat. Despite this rough treatment Pepper quickly recovered and started greedily sucking her own ass cream off of Wanda's cock and moaning around it as Sif began fucking her butt much harder than before. Almost hard enough to make her cum. Almost. And while that would be almost unbearably humiliating, Pepper was too horny to really care right now, especially when she was totally focused on cleaning cock.

Sif wasn't sure how many times she arranged herself and Wanda to switch positions. It felt like several hundred, although it was more likely around ten. Whatever the number Pepper Potts spent plenty of time tasting her own ass, the degrading act furthering her submission so wonderfully. Sif had successfully broken women for less, but to her delight the CEO was proving to be something of a challenge, even now clutching to the last shreds of her dignity regardless of the humiliation she was put through, reminding Sif of sweet Jane Foster. But like Jane before her Sif was confident that Pepper would eventually break, perhaps even during what she decided would be the final act of this little session.

"Lay down Wanda, I wish to DP my new slut." Sif announced.

It certainly wasn't a question or up for debate, and Wanda knew that, which was why she was quick to obey, pulling her dick out of Pepper's mouth and laying on top of the desk. Meanwhile Pepper offered up no form of protest, and indeed moaned in pure pleasure as her new Mistress effortlessly lifted her up and placed her down on top of Wanda's dildo before slowly sliding her downwards so her pussy became impaled. Sif generously gave Pepper a minute or so to recover from the sensation of having two cocks inside her, for what Sif assumed was the first time ever, before gently beginning to pump her hips back and forth, officially starting the DP. Well, technically that had began during the second penetration, but it only really felt like it began when they started fucking again.

Unsurprisingly given Pepper's previous reactions she spent the first few minutes of the DP moaning like the shameless whore that she would be from now on. But what was a little bit surprising, but not very, was that she finally began begging for more. Very subtly at first, simple words falling out of her mouth between her moans like 'fuck me', 'God', 'harder' and simply 'more'. Eventually though she got much more coherent, partly because Sif slowed down her thrusts to allow her too, Sif quickly rewarded for her cunning tactics by an extra pathetic whimper and Pepper beginning to beg shamelessly, a clear sign that she had taken another step towards her inevitable full submission.

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Pepper whimpered, following that up by moaning, "Mmmmmm, fuck me hard and make me your slut. Make me your lesbian slut. Oh God, I just don't care anymore. Fuck me Mistress Sif and make me your bitch. Ohhhhhhhh, I want to be your little dyke bitch. Just make me cum! Please? Please make me cum, mmmmmm, I need to fucking cum. I swear I'll do anything. Anything. Oooooooh, I'll be your God damn slave, just make me cum! Oooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssssss, make me cum make me cum make me cum make me cum make me cum aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

For a while Sif just laughed cruelly at those words and continue to slowly sodomise her latest conquest. But she was pleased with her, and aching to cum herself, so it wasn't long before Sif began slowly but surely increasing the pace. Sadly this caused Pepper to quickly become incoherent, but her screams of pleasure easily made up for it, especially when she started to cum, Sif effortlessly pounding her ass to climax after climax as she caused Pepper's cunt to be impaled on Wanda's cock over and over again. And that was before Sif decided to make this extra special, and perhaps push Pepper to her breaking point. Although if not she'd be happy to give her the same treatment she recently gave her sweet Darcy and Jane.

"Help me fuck her!" Sif commanded loudly over Pepper's screams, "Come on Wanda, pound upwards into that hot little cunt of hers. Let us show Pepper Potts just how good it can be to be a slave of Sif."

"Yes Mistress." Wanda replied immediately.

Wanda also immediately started doing as she was told, thrusting up into Pepper's pussy and making the other woman cum even harder than she was before, which was really saying something as once again Wanda was both inside the minds of her Mistress and the sub they were sharing. And oh, was it glorious. Perhaps the most wonderful thing Wanda had ever encountered. Knowing the pleasure of total dominance and total submission at the same time couldn't be accurately described, as even words like ecstasy and paradise couldn't do it justice, those feelings alone easily enough to make her cum in the process.

To be fair the stimulator on her clit was definitely part of it, and part of the reason Mistress Sif came multiple times during the powerful double penetration, but for both brunettes it was mostly what they were feeling which pushed them to so many climaxes. It was just Mistress Sif was completely lost in her dominance, while Wanda got to enjoy those feelings, Pepper's feeling of submission and her own, which surprisingly were closer to a blissfully happy medium than simple dominance, because no matter how hard she tried to add to the fucking it was very much Mistress Sif who was in total control here and responsible for the DP being so hard and effective.

Of course there was only so much any woman could take from a goddess, especially a human woman, and ultimately Pepper passed out from overwhelming pleasure. Shortly afterwards Mistress Sif pulled her cock out of Pepper's ass, admired the gaping crater she left in her wake for a few long seconds, and then told her still conscious slave, "Wanda, as Pepper is feeling too overwhelmed at the moment you may have the privilege of cleaning my cock."

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress." Wanda softly croaked before gently rolling Pepper off of her and getting down on her knees in front of her owner.

She then closed her eyes, opened her mouth and then wrapped her lips around the head of the dildo which had just finished pummelling the deepest part of another woman's ass. Then, of course, Wanda moaned loudly as she tasted that perverted flavour she had become so addicted to as a slave of Sif, Wanda savouring that flavour for a few long seconds before greedily sucking the head of the strap-on clean. She then started slowly bobbing her head up and down the shaft, taking more and more each time as she lovingly looked up at the goddess who had introduced her to this perverted act in the first place.

Instead of offering up her usual verbal encouragement Mistress Sif just smiled down at her lovingly and gently placed a hand on the back of Wanda's head. She kept it there for quite a while, just letting Wanda go at her own pace while her eyes darted back and forth between Pepper's gaping ass hole, which The Scarlet Witch had made sure to display when she plays the corporate executive face down, and Wanda's bobbing head. Then, shortly after Wanda reached the base of the cock, Mistress Sif began to lazily fuck Wanda's throat. Now that the dick was clean Wanda fully expected Mistress Sif to fuck her mouth harder to amuse herself, but instead she pushed her back and away from the dildo and gave her a few seconds to recover before giving her another order.

"Wanda take that dildo from around your waist and begin to clean it with your pretty mouth. Then teleport all 3 of us back home."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda said as she scrambled to obey. Moments later there was another cock in her mouth which she was greedily sucking the cum and pussy cream from as she lifted her hands into the air, making the room fill with red light.

Then they were gone.

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