Slaves of Sif

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Sif licked her lips as she admired the beautiful sight before her of her five conquered slaves, all completely naked and leaning against a wall while sticking out their asses for her to inspect. She stared at them for quite a while before reaching out and beginning to caress those glorious globes of flesh, squeezing and pinching them like a butcher with a piece of meat while her now fully housebroken slaves let her humiliate them in this way. Even the fierce warriors Gamora and Nebula said nothing as Sif played with their bottoms, Sif eventually paying extra attention to her latest conquest before addressing her.

"You've been a bad girl Nebula." Sif told her slave, "Running away with my sweet Gamora. Trying to keep her tight little green ass all to yourself. Fucking that green bottom, even though you knew it was mine. And worst of all, you attempted to resist when I made you mine, instead of just surrendering to me like I know you wanted too."

"I am sorry Mistress." Nebula said softly.

"Not as sorry as you're going to be." Sif growled menacingly in her ear, before moving to Gamora. Or more accurately moving her mouth to Gamora's ear and one of her hands to Gamora's ass so she was groping both the proud warriors, "And as for you Gamora... you should have known better."

"I am sorry Mistress." Gamora softly parroted her sister.

"Oh, I promise you, you will be." Sif threatened softly, before using both hands to spread Gamora's butt cheeks and spit on the other woman's butt hole before doing the same with Nebula's ass. She then told them, "For the first part of your punishment, that is the only lube you will get."

With those words Sif pulled away, collected a couple of butt-plugs, and quickly returned. She was pleased to see that her fellow warriors were forcing themselves to relax, accepting they were both about to be anally penetrated. In fairness the plugs were small, at least by Sif's standards, and considering the horrors that had been inflicted upon them, and they had inflicted upon others, Sif felt little sympathy as she rammed those butt-plugs into the waiting ass holes of Gamora and Nebula. Of course, those plugs slipped inside those asses like keys into well-oiled locks thanks to the relentless anal sex Sif had inflicted upon them throughout their journey back to Earth, which was the main reason Sif felt no sympathy for her sluts, especially as they mostly cried out in pleasure.

Once those plugs were firmly inserted into those bottom Sif stepped back to admire her handiwork before calling out, "Wanda, bind Gamora and Nebula to the wall."

Only taking one hand off the wall Wanda held it out and then as it and her eyes glowed red Gamora and Nebula were raised off the ground, and then gently flew to the opposite wall. They were gently pressed up against it as rope came from as if out of nowhere to tie firmly around their bodies, leaving them helpless. Or at least as helpless as they could be. Sif knew they could probably get out of those ropes, but instead they just squirmed and looked incredibly disappointed and pleadingly at their owner.

Ignoring them Sif announced, "For the second part of your punishment, you will spend the rest of the night watching, unable to touch yourselves, and each other."

"No Mistress, please-" Gamora began.

"Silence!" Sif snapped, pleased to see a pair of ball-gags appear from out of nowhere and immediately get shoved into the mouths of her fellow warriors, "Thank you Wanda. Now as I was saying, you will have to just watch this time, but if you're good I may let you top your fellow slaves. Maybe even fuck their asses."

That immediately caused Nebula and Gamora to become silent and stay still, which made Sif chuckle, before she turned her attention to the witch, "That's better... Wanda, my dear sweet Wanda... you get plenty of lube."

With that Sif dropped to her knees and after briefly teasing her pet with a few gentle kisses to her pale behind the stronger brunette pulled apart the ass cheeks of the physically weaker brunette and buried her face in between those cheeks. She then started eagerly lapping away at Wanda's rosebud, causing the other girl to moan softly as she began giving her a long drawn-out rim job, Sif gleefully spending several minutes just gently licking Wanda's ass hole before trying to push her way inside of it. She didn't get that far at first, but with a little persistence, and going back to spit on that tiny back door, Sif was able to force her way inside, and in the process press her face as deep in between Wanda's butt cheeks as it could go.

Wanda let out a soft series of gasps as Mistress Sif kissed and then licked her ass. Although she didn't gasp when Mistress Sif's tongue entered her butt. No, she cried out loudly in pure pleasure and pushed her slutty ass back against her Mistress's face. Then for a horrible moment Wanda thought she was about to be punished for her insolence, but thankfully Mistress Sif seemed to like it from the way she smiled against the younger girl's butt, Wanda blushing slightly as she could feel it against her cheeks. Then she cried out again as Mistress Sif began to butt fuck her with her tongue.

Before Wanda became a slave of Sif she had no doubt that her ass hole would have been too tight for a tongue to enter it. Or at least for a tongue to penetrate her ass this deep. But for the past month or so she had been relentlessly ass fucked by the far stronger woman, Wanda lucky, or unlucky, if she only took three butt fuckings a day because then her back hole might have the chance to close up properly. This was one of those days, but thanks to all the previous butt sex she'd been having with her Mistress Wanda's ass hole took everything Mistress Sif had to give her.

Now completely addicted to getting her ass fucked Wanda hoped that this was a prelude to Mistress Sif pounding her butt, and it almost certainly was, but while Wanda would happily take anything her Mistress gave her she couldn't help be a little disappointed. She loved the taste of Mistress Sif's pussy, and the pussies of her fellow sex slaves, and it would be a shame if her owner was skipping that part in favour of going straight to ass fucking. Not that it was Wanda's place to complain, of course, but she couldn't help briefly feeling disappointment. At least until she felt her ass hole begin to stretch.

For a moment Wanda was confused. She was vaguely aware of Mistress Sif pulling away from her ass, but that was seconds before the penetration, not giving the taller woman sufficient time to retrieve a strap-on cock. And the toy that entered her butt didn't feel quite as big as the ass-wreckers Mistress Sif normally favoured. Which was because Mistress Sif was shoving a butt-plug up her ass, Wanda realised just before she entered the mind of her Mistress and saw what she saw. That was of course a butt-plug slipping past her anal ring and then deep inside her, Wanda finding both the penetration of her own ass, and how it looked with that plug sticking out of it, hot in a very, very perverted way.

"Well done Wanda, you took that like a good girl." Sif mumbled, mostly to herself.

Even though she could tell that those words were rhetorical without reading the superior woman's mind Wanda softly replied, "Thank you Mistress."

Sif grinned at this level of submission and then slowly got off of her knees while continuing to stare at Wanda's plug stuffed behind. Then she turned her attention to the tight little booty of Jane Foster and the big fat ass of Darcy Lewis, and licked her lips. Then Sif debated whether to plug them too or not. Honestly she wasn't sure she could resist, but then she wasn't sure she could resist fucking those amazing asses right away before giving them the privilege of eating her pussy, and more importantly give Wanda a reward for helping her to recapture Gamora and enslave Nebula. On the other hand, it might be nice for Wanda to know the joy of penetrating Jane's little ass hole when it was all cute and tight.

After going back and forth for almost a full minute Sif ordered, "Wanda stand-up."

Timidly her pet obeyed her command, at first Wanda keeping her back to her so Sif could admire that beautifully plugged behind. Then Wanda cautiously turned around and nervously looked at her owner. Sif rewarded her with a smile and then pulled the smaller girl against her strong body, lent down and gave Wanda a long, passionate kiss. Initially Sif kept it gentle as a way to encourage the nervous Wanda, but ultimately she just couldn't resist turning up the heat a bit, especially when she pushed her tongue into her sex slave's mouth. By then her plan had clearly worked as Wanda was nice and relaxed in her arms, allowing Sif to feel confident as she made her intentions clear.

"I am very pleased with you Wanda." Sif revealed when she broke the kiss.

"Thank you Mistress." Wanda softly replied while staring lovingly at her owner.

"I would not have my precious Gamora back, or her sister Nebula, if it wasn't for you." Sif said softly, adding before Wanda could repeat herself, "When I was first... given my gift Gamora was one of my first conquests, and soon proved herself to be the most valuable addition to my collection, because she helped me keep my slaves, and helped me enslave new ones. For that, she was frequently rewarded. Now it seems to be you who is the most valuable addition to my collection, so it is you I wish to reward. Would you like to know how I intend to reward you?"

After briefly thinking about it, Wanda replied, "Yes Mistress Sif, although I welcome any reward you give me."

"Good girl." Sif grinned, before turning Wanda around in her arms to face the succulent asses of Jane and Darcy, "You see these two beautiful bitch asses?"

"Yes Mistress." Wanda murmured in confusion.

"I wish for you to help me fuck them." Sif grinned, before adding somewhat more forcefully, "You will help me fuck them!"

"Yes Mistress." Wanda replied nervously.

"But I shall give you the choice in how they are prepared." Sif murmured into Wanda's ear before pressing herself more firmly against the smaller girl's back and pressing a few kisses to her neck, making Wanda moan softly. After almost a minute of that Sif elaborated on Wanda's choice, "You can know the joy of penetrating a nice tight ass hole, or we can plug Darcy and Jane, so their ass holes will be nice and easy to fill with cock."

There was a pause in which Sif kissed Wanda's neck some more and slid her hands over her slave's body, squeezing more moans out of the younger girl, and then Wanda stammered, "I, I think their asses would look good plugged."

"Are you sure?" Sif asked softly, "Because if I ask you to assist me in the future with sodomising my dyke pets you will mostly be left with my sloppy seconds. Ass hole already gaped wide open, the anal whore already quivering in pleasure. This is your opportunity to know the joy of stretching a slut's most intimate hole. Although I confess, plugging these bitches will be easier for your first time topping."

Wanda nodded softly in understanding, closed her eyes and moaned as her Mistress went back to work on her neck, then after a few seconds of that she said as firmly as she could, "I am sure Mistress. I wish it to be as easy as possible. And I really do wish to see those asses plugged."

"Very well." Sif said, moving away from Wanda.

This made Wanda disappointed for a moment, then a thought popped into her head, "Mistress, please can we eat their pussies first?"

"No." Sif said, grinning at Wanda, "They can eat ours. After we plug their asses. Now get some nice big butt-plugs for these slutty little asses!"

"Yes Mistress." Wanda quickly replied, quickly retrieving two plugs which were laid out on a nearby table and then joining her owner behind Darcy and Jane.

"Good slut." Sif purred, "Now, join me in eating these dyke asses. I want their bitch holes nice and wet for these plugs."

With that Sif pulled apart Darcy's meaty cheeks and began hungrily licking her voluptuous slave's forbidden hole. Sif closed her eyes as she leaned in and for a few long seconds, her whole world became sliding her tongue over Darcy's ass hole and getting it nice and ready for the abuse to come, and of course the happy moans from Darcy which came quickly and frequently. Sif was vaguely aware of movement beside her and grinned against Darcy's butt hole before opening her eyes again and looked over to where Wanda was nervously kneeling down behind Jane, her eyes clearly locked on that cute little behind.

"No need to be nervous Wanda." Sif reassured her pet as she momentarily pulled away from Darcy's back door, "It's just like eating out my ass, except I expect you to get your tongue much further up Jane's tight little ass. Remember, you're going to help me dildo these fuck holes. The least we can do is give them a nice sloppy wet rim job first. So do as I do."

Sif then salivated so her mouth would be nice and full of saliva and then spat as much of it as she could directly onto Darcy's butt hole. She then dived her head back down to rub that saliva into that forbidden hole before repeating the process, making Darcy gasp and even squeal a little in delight. After the second time she spat onto Darcy's butt hole Wanda finally did the same with Jane's back hole, although truth be told Sif was so focused on Darcy's fat ass she wouldn't have noticed if Jane hadn't cried out loudly as she was touched in such a lewd way. Which of course made Sif grin with delight into Darcy's ass hole again.

Wanda was still nervous, but there was no level of lesbian depravity that she wasn't willing to try in the name of pleasing her Mistress. Although Wanda was increasingly liking the idea of eating one of her fellow slaves' asses, and she definitely loved the idea of ass fucking them. She had experience in receiving both, although in the latter's case Mistress Sif was the only one who'd ever fucked her ass. She had however the wonderful experiences of Darcy, and later Jane giving her a thorough rim job to prepare her for another butt fucking from Mistress Sif, and as they had done such a good job the least she could do was return the favour.

Even though Wanda was sure Mistress Sif's magic had something to do with just how eager she was to slide her tongue over another girl's ass hole in preparation to fuck it, but she didn't care. All she cared about was doing a good job of rimming Jane, so she lapped away at the other small brunette's butt hole for what felt like an eternity before literally trying to shove her tongue up Jane's ass. Wanda succeeded more than she thought she would, not only penetrating that ring of flesh with her soft muscle but getting it pretty far into Jane's rectum before she began to thrust it in and out of the other girl's back hole, and thus beginning to literally butt fuck Jane with her tongue.

Sif did the same as before and after a few minutes of eagerly tongue fucking those asses Sif pulled back and instructed, "Now take your butt-plug, pop it into your mouth for a brief sucking like so... and then shove it into your anal slut's butt hole!"

Wanda watched her Mistress do as she was instructing, The Scarlet Witch which taking great interest in how quickly and easily Mistress Sif push the butt-plug she had been holding into Darcy's ass hole, that little opening quickly stretching to accommodate the toy as Darcy cried out with pure delight. Wanda then got a similar cry out of Jane as she copied the actions of her owner's, the only differences being that Jane's cry also had a hint of pain and a lot of embarrassment with it, the poor astrophysicist clearly still adjusting to becoming a sex slave. Wanda could somewhat relate, but any uneasiness she felt at performing such a perverted act was negated by the lust she felt as she watched Jane's back hole swallow the butt-plug.

It was also interesting to see how those plugs stay in place, Wanda staring at them for a few long seconds before Mistress Sif got her attention, "Mmmmmm, isn't that pretty?"

"Oh yes Mistress." Wanda agreed although she didn't look away from the plugged butts in front of her.

Sif smirked at this, and after allowing Wanda and herself to admire the view for a few more seconds roughly pulled Wanda into a heated kiss. When she broke it about a minute later Sif grinned wickedly and told Wanda, "Now we're going to further relax these butt sluts by allowing them to eat our pussies like the little rug munching dykes they are. That should get us all in the mood for some ass pounding, and give the butt-plugs a chance to do their job and stretch out these anal whores."

Wanda smiled, "I love that idea Mistress."

"Me too Mistress Sif." Darcy butted in with a grin.

"And, and me." Jane stammered not wanting to be punished for not being eager. Then she realised something and quickly added, "I'd love to eat your pussy Mistress Sif. Yours or Wanda's."

"I know." Sif grinned, before standing up and then leaning against a nearby bed, "Wanda, do as I do... good, now listen up sluts. I want you to get on your knees in front of us, thank us for bothering to plug your slutty little ass holes, then asked nicely to lick our pussies. It is a privilege, after all."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Darcy acknowledged, quickly turning around, dropping onto her knees and then shuffling over to her owner, at which point she practically purred, "Thanks for shoving a butt-plug up my big fat slutty ass. It feels so good inside my rear fuck hole. I love it. Mmmmmm, I can't wait for you to fuck my ass, but until you do may I please have the privilege of eating your cunt?"

"I suppose, since you asked so nicely." Sif grinned, grabbing Darcy's hair and pushing her face into her cunt.

Jane wasn't quite as quick off the mark, but she parroted 'yes Mistress Sif' right after Darcy and followed her former assistant's lead in dropping to her knees. The difference was that she crawled on her hands and knees over to Wanda, then while kneeling in front of her timidly looked up and timidly murmured, "Thank you for stretching my ass Wanda. Mistress Wanda? What should I call you?"

Wanda bit her lip, and then looked over for Sif for instructions, who was only too happy to give it, "Wanda is more than fine. Remember Jane, even when one of your fellow slaves is dominating you she still just that. A slave of Sif, who only has power over you because I command it."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Jane quickly acknowledged while looking over at her owner, then down to where Darcy was eagerly lapping away already at the goddess's cunt, before finally she turned back to Wanda and softly but firmly asked, "Wanda, may I please eat your pussy."

"Of course." Wanda replied softly, and lustfully.

Jane waited a few seconds for Wanda to grab her hair and shove her face into her cunt like Mistress Sif had done to Darcy, but Wanda seemed content for Jane to go at her own pace. For that Jane was grateful, and rewarded Wanda with a little smile before leaning forward, sticking out her tongue and pressing it against the bottom of the other girl's pussy. She then slowly slid it up all the way Wanda's pussy lips until she reached the younger woman's clit, choosing to linger on it for that first lick but not the many, many licks which followed straight after it as Jane settled into giving Wanda a long drawn-out pussy licking.

While Jane might not have been so outwardly enthusiastic as Darcy she was still eager to lick Wanda's pussy. Partly because she did genuinely want to reward the girl for choosing to stretch her ass hole, something which would no doubt help later when Mistress Sif and/or this girl were inevitably fucking her in the butt, and partly because despite how some sort of science she didn't understand yet had turned her completely gay Jane loved being a lesbian and licking pussy. Which could be part of her Mistress's 'magic', but Jane had been 100% gay for Darcy before she'd even met Mistress Sif so just because she had never eaten pussy before being enslaved didn't mean she hadn't fantasised before she met Darcy, and like 24/7 afterwards.

Luckily she had been enslaved by this amazing creature from another world and as a result Jane had not only cross the line she promised herself she never would and fucked her assistant, but she had been practically living with her face buried in Darcy's pussy for the last few weeks while Mistress Sif and Wanda were away retrieving Gamora and Nebula. She also did other things she'd never imagined herself actually doing, but that wasn't the point right now. The point was that she had always wanted to eat pussy, and as much as she loved the tasty treats that Darcy and Mistress Sif had to offer it was wonderful to be finally able to get in between Wanda's legs and sample this much younger girl's twat.

Of course while Jane wanted to savour this she worried she was going too slow, at least until she had Mistress Sif scolding her former assistant, "Not so fast Lady Darcy! I wish to enjoy your talented little tongue."

"I'm sorry." Darcy quickly said, only pulling her face away from her Mistress's cunt to say that before going right back to licking it.

Despite herself Jane couldn't help smiling smugly into Wanda's pussy at this proof that she had made the right decision. Then her butt quivered with second-hand fear as she realised that Darcy had forgotten to use their Mistress's proper title, and would likely be spanked as a result. Of course she had gotten away with something similar earlier... or had she? Mistress Sif was well within her rights to spank them both later for their disobedience, which was very likely given the dominant brunette liked to find any excuse to spank her slaves. So now Jane thought about it perhaps it was almost inevitable that she and her beloved former assistant would be spanked for these minor mistakes, to her shame part of her even looked forward to such a thing.

Sif was certainly planning to spank those asses in the near future. She was even considering ordering Darcy and Jane to stop eating pussy, bend over and present their cute little bottoms to her, and who could blame her? Those asses were just so spank-able, and with their disobedience it was like Jane and Darcy were begging to have their wonderful little butts beaten. And oh how their pale flesh would quickly colour for her, turning a cute pink and then an angry red under the force of her strikes. Oh, and they would jiggle too. Especially Darcy's big fat ass. And denying them the sweet cream they craved would be an added bonus. However it would be an unfair punishment for Wanda, and herself for that matter, so Sif decided to wait for later.

Besides, it seemed a shame to stop things completely now that Darcy had settled into giving her a nice, slow pussy licking. Well maybe she lingered on Sif's clit longer than the warrior wanted her to given her current mood, but as it was a nice little tease Sif didn't actually mind. Especially as it was another reason to give Darcy's big booty a beating later. So Sif closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sweet pleasure of Darcy's tongue, and Wanda's moans as Jane pleasured her beside herself and Darcy. Then Sif got a wicked idea of how she could punish Darcy and Jane for their behaviour right now without having to punish herself or Wanda too severely.

"Swap." Sif commanded out of the blue, before quickly clarifying, "Mmmmmmmm, that feels so good, but now I want you two to swap over so Jane is licking my pussy and Darcy is eating Wanda's cunt. Oooooooooh yes, swap over sluts. Now! Oh yes, that's it, good girls. But don't take this as an invitation to be disobedient. I am watching you, Darcy."

Unsurprisingly Darcy and Jane were reluctant to pull away from the tasty treats in front of them, but did so pretty quickly when Sif put her foot down. Then Darcy gave her an adorable 'who me' expression, the type of which most of her slaves wouldn't dare give her, which Sif couldn't help finding endearing. However if Darcy continued to be cheeky, or even disobedient, she would give Sif no choice but to stop the pussy licking fun in favour of throwing Darcy over her knee and beating her big butt bright red, Sif again tempted to just do it anyway as the memory of Lady Darcy's fat ass slowly turning red as it jiggled from the force of her hand slapping it over and over again was almost too tempting to resist.

Then Jane started licking her pussy, and Sif quickly became content to let it go for now, and hope that Darcy was able to remain obedient for the rest of the night. Or at least enough so that she wouldn't force Sif's hand. And to her credit that seemed to be the case, both Jane and Darcy settling into giving Sif and Wanda a long, slow pussy licking. But Sif kept at least one eye on Darcy the entire time, although that had a lot to do with the beautiful sight of two women having sex in front of her while a third tended to her needs, Sif making sure to give the woman pleasing her plenty of attention. Which was not only loving looks, but smiles too, and the occasional stroke or pat on the head to let her know she was being a good pet. It was a message Sif also sent Wanda through flirtatious, and proud, smiles.

Wanda blushed happily every time she caught one of those smiles, which was positive wasn't every time. Which she wasn't entirely her fault, Darcy's tongue was just so distracting. Especially when it lingered on her clit. Not enough to truly make a difference, but enough so that she was approaching 'disobedience' without ever actually making Wanda feel like she was close to cumming. Wanda considered informing Mistress Sif about this, but she didn't want to be too much of a kiss ass, metaphorically speaking of course. She loved being a literal ass kisser, but that wasn't the point. The point was that Wanda didn't want to upset her fellow slaves, especially when it was unnecessary as Wanda was almost 100% sure that Mistress Sif was going to spank Darcy's big bottom, and Wanda just hoped she would be permitted to help.

For a moment Wanda became lost in the idea of spanking Darcy's big bottom, and then her Mistress awoke her from her thoughts, "Mmmmmmm yessssssssss, both so good! You're both soooooooo gooooooooodddddddd at eating pussy, mmmmmmmmm, oh yes, you're the perfect little cunt craving lezzie slaves. Oooooooooh, I could happily have you eat me out all night long Jane, mmmmmmmm, but now I want you to swap. Oh yes, I want you to swap over again so that I may feel Darcy's talented little tongue on my cunt again while Wanda gets to enjoy Jane's skilled mouth. Yes, that's it, swap over sluts! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, mmmmmmmm, I want both of you to get a good sample of our pussies."

Obediently Darcy and Jane swapped over again. And then again, and then again, and then again, Sif swapping them over so frequently that it made Wanda's head spin, and she didn't have to constantly crawl back and forth on her knees. Although she had been when she was involved in something like this, Wanda almost cumming as she remembered how on the day before Sif left to recapture Gamora and enslave Nebula she had made Darcy, Jane and Wanda all kneel before her and take it in turns crawling in between her legs. Oh that had been a glorious day, especially as it ended with all three of them in between the legs of Mistress Sif as she squirted her cum onto their faces. Well, that was how that act ended. The day had ended with all three of them face down and displaying their freshly gaped ass holes to the grinning woman who had stretched them so obscenely.

That memory made Wanda's whole body quiver with delight, but particularly her cunt and ass hole, which in turn got her closer than ever to cumming in one of her fellow slave's mouths. If it had been Jane at the time she probably would have, but Darcy was able to counteract it by slowing down her licking just enough so that Wanda still felt torturously good pleasure, but not enough to actually make her cum. After that it was all Wanda could do not to beg to cum, and although she tried her very best for the sake of her wonderful Mistress Sif she could only hold back for so long. She could only hope her Mistress would understand. And there was a chance she would, as she knew first-hand how good Jane was becoming, and how good Darcy had always been, at eating pussy. Then again, if she didn't no biggy, as Wanda was beginning to enjoy her regular spankings.

But ultimately after a few more swaps Wanda whimpered, "Please Mistress Sif, oooooooooh, please let me cum. Please? Ohhhhhhhhh God, please allow these two pussy loving lesbos to make us cum. Please Mistress Sif, I need it sooooooooo bad!"

Sif briefly considered letting Wanda 'suffer' for a little longer, then said, "Very well, Wanda... you may cum. Darcy and Jane, you may make us cum.  Oooooooooh yesssssssssssss, fuck us with your little dyke tongues and make us cum. Fuck, ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, oh yes, fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Oh shit, tongue fuck me, tongue fuck me and make me cum you little dyke! Slam fuck my cunt with that little gay girl tongue of yours, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, fuck me, fuck my pussy, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Wanda was dully aware of the fact that Mistress Sif said a lot more than that, but then again Mistress Sif wasn't cumming so wonderfully hard. At least not yet. But Mistress Sif was a battle hardened warrior with the stamina to match, while Wanda still felt like just a silly little girl. Perhaps more importantly Mistress Sif was being frantically tongue fucked by Jane while Wanda received a far more skilled fucking from Darcy's experienced tongue. Because both herself and her Mistress had been getting plenty of attention from Darcy's tongue, but the fact that Wanda had Darcy in between her legs and at this crucial moment it almost seemed strategic. Not that she cared.

Darcy didn't care either. Actually she kind of did, but only so far that she would need to personally thank Mistress Sif if this was planned as instead of getting stuck with the warrior goddess who could seemingly hold of her orgasm indefinitely. Darcy was left with this delicious twenty-something who just couldn't stop cumming in her mouth. And oh did Darcy take advantage of that, the former assistant eagerly swallowing at least the majority of The Scarlet Witch's cum in between rapidly tongue fucking the other girl. Meanwhile poor Jane was left trying to break the mighty Sif, which made Darcy feel sorry for her girlfriend.

Then Mistress Sif uttered words Darcy dreaded, "Swap! Mmmmmmmmm, I want you two to swap over so the Lady Jane can taste the Lady Wanda's cum."

Mistress Sif probably said more, home girl loved to talk, but Darcy was too busy whimpering into Wanda's pussy and then reluctantly pulling away from it so her place could be taken by Jane. She then watched longingly as Jane moaned happily and started frantically tongue fucking The Scarlet Witch's cum out of her, then Darcy quickly crawled over to her Mistress who didn't look pleased with her. To try and make it up to her Darcy quickly buried her face in Mistress Sif's pussy and gave it her all, but it was no use. She couldn't make her Mistress cum if Mistress Sif didn't want too, and while Mistress Sif's pussy cream was easily the best she'd tasted it couldn't quite compare with girl cum.

Over and over again Mistress Sif insisted they swap, making Darcy worried that she wouldn't get the chance to taste the precious cum of her owner. Fortunately for her Mistress Sif took pity on her, and after maybe the third attempt to make her Mistress cum Darcy was allowed to succeed and her mouth was filled with the most heavenly liquid she had ever known, which she greedily gulped down. Unfortunately that was all she got, Mistress Sif ordering them to swap again right after so Jane's belly could also be filled with goddess cum. Probably more than her fair share, Darcy grumbled internally, for the first time in her life hating Jane Foster as Mistress Sif allowed her to make her cum more than once.

Although that was forgotten when Mistress Sif ordered, "Now kiss! Oh yes, stop munching our muffins and share our cum you little dyke sluts! Yessssssss, that's it, kiss!"

Again Darcy was sure that Sif said more, and she thought that Wanda might have contributed, but she was way too busy kissing Jane to listen to such things. The second she got the order she pulled away from Wanda's cunt, turned to Jane who was obediently turning to her and then grabbed her fellow slave's face and roughly pulled her forwards into a passionate kiss. Instantly Darcy pushed her tongue into Jane's mouth in search of more girl cum. She founded easily into next few minutes herself and Jane exchanged that precious liquid before swallowing and then licking each other's faces for more cum. Then they kissed again so they could share that.

Sif chuckled with delight, then firmly told them, "Alright, that's enough. Enough! Go and get some strap-ons and lube. I want you to equip us and prepare us for your slutty asses."

Wanda was deeply disappointed that she didn't get the chance to kiss one of her fellow slaves and taste her own cum, and/or more importantly Mistress Sif's cum, but she quite enjoyed the show. She also enjoyed watching Darcy and Jane scramble to recover the requested items and then hold out the harnesses so she and Mistress Sif could step into them. Then as the devices were pulled up their thighs and then tightened around their waists Wanda was almost completely overwhelmed by nervousness. That feeling and became more intense when Darcy stroked lubricant into her newly acquired cock.

"Bend over sluts!" Mistress Sif ordered, Wanda almost joining Jane and Darcy as they scrambled to obey. Then her Mistress turned to her and said, "You take Darcy. She is a total ass whore so you won't hurt her too badly if you're rough with her. And don't worry, I'll make sure you sample Jane's tight little ass too. Just concentrate on taking Darcy's big rump for now. And remember she's your bitch, and I want you to make that clear to her."

Nodding nervously Wanda took a deep breath and turned to her fellow slaves, "Spread your cheeks bitch! Yes, both of you. Make it nice and easy for me and our Mistress to wreck your slutty little butt holes!"

Unsurprisingly both broken bitches were quick to obey, Wanda and Mistress Sif briefly playing with their butt-plugs a little like before and then pulling them out and replacing them with their cocks. It wasn't quite in stereo, as Mistress Sif pulled Jane's butt-plug out first and then slowly but surely stuffed her strap-on into that loosened butt hole. Meanwhile Wanda couldn't have admired the way Darcy's ass hole was ready gaping from the plug, before she inevitably copied her Mistress and slowly but steadily pushed her dick into Darcy's rectum, her fellow sub moaning with pleasure during the entire penetration. Well, Jane did too, but as always Darcy was louder.

"Good, now stuff that big fat ass full of cock!" Sif ordered, "Come on, don't be shy. I told you, Darcy is the biggest ass whore I have in my collection. You don't need to be so gentle with her. Isn't that right, Darcy?"

"Yes Mistress." Darcy quickly replied, before looking over her shoulder at Wanda, "You don't need to be gentle with me. Fuck me ! Fuck me harder, mmmmmmmm fuck, please Wanda fuck my ass. Fuck my big fat slutty ass! Shove every single inch of that big dildo up my butt and fuck me like the anal whore I am!"

Since Darcy was so convincing, and her words made Wanda so hot, The Scarlet Witch decided to oblige her and rammed forwards, pushing almost half of the strap-on into Darcy's big bottom  with a powerful thrust. Like with the initial anal penetration Darcy cried out in pure pleasure, which amazed Wanda. Just how slutty was this woman? Perhaps more accurately, just how slutty was this woman's ass? Deciding to find out Wanda let go of the dildo to she could spread both of the other brunette's butt cheeks and then gave a series of hard thrusts, which buried the rest of the rubber cock in Darcy's big butt, which again made this shameless anal whore cry out in pleasure.

For a few long seconds Wanda just stared in disbelief down at where her thighs were pressed against Darcy's meaty cheeks as she marvelled at just how slutty this woman's ass was, then she heard a cry beside her. Turning her head Wanda found herself watching Sif slowly but surely slid her strap-on into Jane's ass hole. Like Wanda before her Sif made sure that at least one of Jane's butt cheeks were spread, first one and then two when the dildo was far enough up Jane's butt, providing both herself and the other strap-on wearer with a perfect view of the dildos disappearing into those cute little butt holes.

When Sif finished anally penetrating Jane she turned her attention back to Wanda and explained, "I'm still training Jane to take cock up her ass, so if you want to use this fuck hole make sure you be gentle. Although don't worry, she'll be as slutty as Darcy soon enough. For now, you just concentrate on enjoying your reward, and giving Darcy the kind of butt pounding she craves."

"Oh yes, please Wanda, fuck me! Fuck my big fat ass! Pound my butt deep and hard!" Darcy pleaded shamelessly, "Butt fuck me like a whore! Pound that big booty and make my cheeks jiggle for you. Make my big fat ass jiggle like fucking jelly as you fuck me up the ass hard and deep like the ass whore I am and make me your ass slut!"

"You heard the lady." Sif grinned, "Let us take these ass sluts together."

"Yes Mistress." Wanda replied as she took a firm grip of Darcy's hips and began slowly pulling her strap-on out of the other girl's bottom.

Darcy moaned happily as the cock left her slutty ass hole. Even if it left part of her rectum feeling empty and unloved Darcy knew that the dildo would shortly return and the butt fucking would officially get underway, even though Wanda pulled further out of her then she might have guessed. But sure enough when just over half of the dick had been pulled out of her butt hole Wanda started reinserting it just as slowly, causing another happy moan to escape Darcy's lips, followed by yet another as the Witch's thighs came to rest against her meaty cheeks again, signifying the full length of the strap-on was back where it belonged, a.k.a. buried in her butt.

Over and over again Wanda repeated this process, sodomising Darcy as slowly and gently as possible which in some ways was infuriating for the proud anal whore. Darcy was no blushing virg and she certainly didn't need this kind of treatment, and yet the fact that she was getting it signified that Wanda was in charge here, and she was just an orifice for the other woman's pleasure, which Darcy's submissive heart absolutely loved. Also the slow butt fuck was an agonisingly wonderful tease, Wanda expertly giving Darcy a taste of the ecstasy to come but taking her sweet time in giving her that ecstasy that Darcy crave 24/7.

No doubt this mind-reader had, well, read her mind, and knew what it took to drive Darcy crazy. God, Darcy wished she was a mind-reader. That would make so many things so much more simple. Like she would have been able to find out for sure that Jane liked her way before Mistress Sif fell from the sky and entered their lives, meaning they wouldn't have had to waste all that time not having sex. True, the wait had made them grow closer, but Jane was so amazing that Darcy was confident that she would have fallen in love with her even if they had started banging from day one. Not that Darcy could complain how things turned out, as she wouldn't trade being a slave of Sif for anything. Not even Jane, although she was beyond grateful they could both be slaves of Sif together.

Looking over to her girlfriend, who was bent over beside her and getting ass fucked by their wonderful Mistress, Darcy was happy to see that Mistress Sif was choosing to take Wanda's lead and give Jane a long, slow butt pumping, at least to start with. This was a very good thing, as unlike herself Jane hadn't been a proud anal slut before they met their Mistress. No, Jane Foster had been a sexually repressed anal virgin, and even though that was a very long time ago now it still took much longer for Jane's rectum to relax than it did for Darcy's. Which was why Darcy was relieved to see nothing but pleasure on Jane's beautiful face as she was anally taken slow and deep, while gasps, whimpers, moans and cries of pure pleasure consistently escaped from her lips.

Then to Darcy's surprise, and delight, Jane whimpered, "Harder! Fuck me harder! Oh Mistress Sif, please pound my ass! Pound it like the anal slut I am!"

Jane never thought she'd miss getting ass fucked. Of course she'd never thought she would actually get ass fucked, but then she had met the unstoppable force of nature that was The Lady Sif and before Jane could even think about protesting there was a huge cock up her butt and her anal cherry belonged to this goddess. And after that she had been anally pounded over and over again until Jane thought it would never stop. But then it did, and for a few long weeks her ass wasn't fucked. She still had her wonderful Darcy to eat her pussy and ass, and to let her return the favour, but to her surprise she had missed being butt fucked. So as soon as she thought she was ready for a hard pounding Jane beg for it, confident that after receiving the same slow butt stretching her self-proclaimed anal slut of a girlfriend would be more than ready for it.

To Jane's surprise instead of laughing at her sluttiness in granting it, or forcing her to beg some more, Sif pulled her dildo completely out of her ass and said, "Not yet. I've barely started having fun with you two."

With that Mistress Sif shuffled around until she was kneeling in front of Darcy's head, and without a word needing to be spoken Darcy eagerly lifted her head up so she was in perfect position, and then eagerly opened her mouth like a baby bird eager to get fed. Mistress Sif grinned wickedly at this, and briefly teased Darcy by holding the ass flavoured dildo just out of reach, before inevitably pushing it into Darcy's mouth. Instantly Darcy moaned in pleasure and eagerly started sucking the taste of Jane's ass off the toy cock while Wanda continued fucking her ass and Jane just had to kneel there with her ass hole already slightly gaping and craving more attention from her owner.

It was insane considering how disgusted Jane had been when she first heard that ass to mouth was a thing, but at that moment she had never been more jealous of Darcy. Not only because Jane had developed a taste for ass, especially her own and Darcy's, but her former assistant was still getting butt fucked too, meaning that while Darcy was getting spit roasted poor Jane was left completely untouched. Luckily Darcy was an amazing cock sucker, and was able to deep throat and completely clean Mistress Sif's strap-on in what felt like a matter of seconds, and shortly then after that Mistress Sif moved back around and slowly pushed her cock back into Jane's butt hole, making the once prudish brunette moan in pure pleasure.

Which in turn made Sif giggle, and then after fully penetrating Jane again she gave her a few long slow thrusts, and then turned to her favourite slave, "Wanda, feed Jane her former assistant's ass like I just fed Darcy her former boss's butt."

"Yes Mistress." Wanda nodded obediently.

Hearing that made Jane's mouth water. She then blushed because of it, and the smug feeling of hearing Darcy whimpering in disappointment as like Jane a few minutes ago she had to patiently wait with an empty ass as one of their tops shuffled around their bodies for some ATM action. Of course Jane didn't have time to be embarrassed as she was too busy wrapping her lips around Wanda's cock and moaning happily as she tasted the deepest part of Darcy's butt on the head of the fake dick. She then tried to suck it off just as eagerly as Darcy had done when the roles were reversed, which wasn't easy considering she didn't have as much experience sucking cock as Darcy did. Also Sif's cock was still in her ass, which was very distracting.

Sif understood how distracting that could be. Well, not first-hand, as she had never been ass fucked, but she had seen how it could distract some of her less experienced sex slaves. Like Jane. So to show some small mercy she stopped pumping Jane's butt for a while so the little astrophysicist could concentrate on cleaning Wanda's cock. Of course this got a pathetic yet adorable whimper from Jane, but that just made Sif smile with delight, especially as shortly after that whimper Jane redoubled her cock sucking efforts, even managing to deep throat the entire length, although she choked and gagged fiercely as she did so.

A short time later Sif instructed Wanda to return to fucking Darcy's ass, the voluptuous brunette letting out a very happy sound both at that command and as Wanda slid her strap-on back into that slutty little shit hole of hers. Then Wanda restarted the slow and steady rhythm she had been using before, except this time keeping her thrusts shorter. Sif followed suit and they gently butt fucked Darcy and Jane for a few long minutes before making them taste each other's asses again. Then their own. Then both at the same time while neither of them was getting fucked, which was everybody's least favourite position.

Then Sif commanded, "Wanda, let's swap fuck holes. You fuck Jane's tight little ass and I'll take Darcy's big fat booty."

"Yes Mistress." Wanda said, briefly hesitating before asking, "Should we increase the pace? I think there more than ready for it."

"That they are, but don't give them what they want just yet." Sif grinned wickedly, "I have something extra special in mind for making them cum."

Keeping what that was to herself for now Sif switched places with Wanda and eagerly slammed her strap-on up Darcy's big booty in one hard thrust, that slutty little shit hole easily taking everything Sif had to offer while Darcy whimpered with pleasure. Unsurprisingly Wanda was more gentle with Jane, something that Sif was sure the scientist was very grateful for. Although she was a little busy enjoying the feeling of Darcy's meaty cheeks jiggling against her thighs with every thrust to pay that much attention, but she was fairly certain Wanda slipped her strap-on slowly inside Jane's ass with one very long slow thrust, which mostly made Jane whimper with pleasure.

They then swapped back-and-forth a few times before Sif ordered, "Wanda, lay down on your back. We should not do all the work. Mmmmmmmm yes, I want to see these two hot little sluts ride our cocks. And I want you two to ride us face to face so we can see how much you're enjoying it. And we can see just how much Darcy's big tits bounce for us."

There was a chorus of 'Yes Mistress' as the sex slaves scrambled to get in position. Sif did the same more slowly, partly because at this point even she was beginning to feel tired, but mostly because she adored the view of Jane standing around awkwardly while Darcy practically jumped directly onto Wanda's dick and immediately started bouncing up and down so hard her huge tits were pretty much hitting her in the face. Which caused Sif to chuckle wickedly, and enjoy the show, before grabbing a firm hold of Jane's waist and helping to guide her down the dildo. Slowly at first, although Sif just couldn't resist grabbing Jane's waist with both hands once she was halfway down and roughly slamming her the rest of the way down.

Sif took a moment to enjoy how Jane cried out from this penetration, then she reached over to slap Darcy's ass as hard as she possibly could and scolded her, "No Darcy! You don't get to cum yet. I told you, I have something special in mind for you and your beloved girlfriend, Jane Foster."

Sif added that last part for the benefit of both Darcy and Jane, because she knew how much reminding them of their still relatively new relationship help them relax and made the sex even more intense for them. More importantly it reminded them how they should be grateful to her for making them finally admit how they truly felt about each other. It also was normally quite the distraction, but not in this case, Darcy whimpering and then begging to be allowed to cum. Not that Sif really heard a word she said. No, she was too busy concentrating on Jane.

Tightening her grip on Jane's hips Sif lifted her slave up, slammed her back down and then repeated the process, picking up the pace until Jane's ass was being fucked maybe just a little harder than before and then leaving it up to Jane to continue that pace. The astrophysicist struggled adorably for a little while, then Sif grabbed her by the waist again and started thrusting her up and down like Jane was nothing but a sex toy. Because that's what she was now. All her degrees, all her time studying, all that intelligence within her little head was all for nothing, and now she was just a piece of ass. Something Sif could use for her pleasure whenever she wanted, and however she wanted.

Making that crystal clear Sif again constantly swapped over between butt fucking Jane and Darcy, the difference being this time it was not her and Wanda who moved but the scientist and her assistant, Jane in particular struggling with all the additional energy/adrenaline she used, while to her credit Darcy seemed to revel in it. Then again Darcy had always had more stamina than Jane, and had happily embraced the life of a sex slave faster than any of Sif's other conquests, who could all learn a lesson from Darcy. For that Sif intended to reward the voluptuous slave, and hopefully turn Jane into a mindless fuck pet using the same technique.

Little did everyone else know this was the first part of that, something Sif made clear when after half a dozen swaps she gently rolled Darcy off her, crouched behind Jane and pressed her cock against the astrophysicist's already cock stuffed ass hole, causing Jane to whimper, "What, what are you doing? AH FUCK! NO, please-"

"Relax." Sif ordered softly, "Your assistant has done this before, isn't that right Darcy?"

"Oh fuck yeah!" Darcy beamed, "You're gonna love it Jane, I swear. Mmmmmmm, you're gonna love it because you're an anal whore, just like me. Oh yeah baby, and in a second your ass hole is going to be stretched even wider than my slutty little butt hole ever has. Oh fuck Jane, I think I'm going to cum just from watching you get your tight little ass double stuffed!"

"See?" Sif grinned wickedly, "Nothing to worry about."

"But-" Jane began.

"Do you deny me your ass?" Sif glared.

"Well... no..." Jane admitted hesitantly.

"Then relax and enjoy." Sif insisted.

There was a second or two more of hesitation from Jane, then she whimpered and nervously made her body as relaxed as it could be under the circumstances, leaving Sif to push forwards slowly but forcefully, Jane's feeble little ass hole no match for her supernatural strength. Which caused more adorable whimpers, and the cutest little cry, to escape Jane's lips as her back hole stretched wider than ever before, eventually permitting Sif's dildo to slide inside Jane's ass alongside Wanda's strap-on. Sif then paused to admire the sight before her of Jane's ass hole stretched so obscenely wide, and savoured the moment she popped Jane's double anal cherry. And gave Jane a chance to relax a bit.

Jane felt like her ass hole was being literally ripped apart. She desperately tried to relax, but even when the pain somewhat subsided Jane saw no other outcome than a embarrassing trip to the hospital to try and repair her poor butt hole. What other outcome could it possibly be? Sure, she had thought it was possible for her to like anal sex, but surely the human body had it's limits, right? It continued feeling that way as Mistress Sif stuffed her already cock filled ass with a second cock, the only saving grace/reason she wasn't torn apartment being that her Mistress went even slower than when she had taken her anal cherry.

Once Mistress Sif's strap-on was about halfway into Jane's rectum the taller woman took an extra-long pause and then started pulling her cock out of the shorter woman's ass, giving Jane a brief moment of relief. Then Mistress Sif push the dildo back to where it was before, and then repeated the process, officially starting the double ass fucking. Jane Foster was officially being double ass fucked, the thrusts much faster than the initial penetration, causing her to cry pathetically in a mixture of pain and humiliation as her back passage continued to struggle to take this kind of obscene abuse.

Seeing that Jane was struggling Darcy reluctantly tore her eyes away from her girlfriend's ass hole stretching for two dildos and moved around so she could stroke her face and tell her, "That's it Jane, you're doing so well baby. Mmmmmmmm, you look so good taking two cocks in your ass. I swear, you're going to love it. Just give it a chance and you're going to cum so fucking hard. Oh that's it, let Mistress Sif and Wanda take that ass! Let them turn you into the type of anal dyke whore that loves getting two cocks stuffed up her ass at once. Oooooooh yeah, let them turn you into me. Oh yeah, I wanna see my girlfriend get turned into a double anal loving dyke bitch, just like me. Fuck Jane, I love you so fucking much. Take it baby, take it!"

Jane struggled to believe that she was going to love this, or cum hard, but after a few long minutes of discomfort things did get easy for her. Of course, a big reason for that was that she had Darcy stroking her face, cheering her on and reminding her their relationship. And most importantly of all telling her she loved her. Oh yes, that cause Jane to smile dreamily and relax, the scientist not even noticing Mistress Sif was pushing more dildo into her ass at first. Even when she did thanks to Darcy's encouragement all Jane did was whimper pathetically as the last few inches were buried within her bowels.

When her thighs came to rest against Jane's cheeks Sif smiled wickedly, then reached down to grab Jane's hair and gently but firmly pulled the younger woman upwards so she could whisper in her ear, "You. Are. Ass. Lady Jane. Whatever you were before, now you're just a piece of ass I can use however I want. If that means I want you to take two dildos up your tight little dyke ass you will take them, because I own your ass! I own you. Body, mind, and soul. The Lady Darcy can have your heart, but I own everything else, including this brilliant little mind of yours, which is just something else I can fuck with while I'm doing what I like to your body. Perhaps you'll finally learn that as I take your bitch ass like never before."

As she spoke about Jane's mind Mistress Sif caressed the tiny girl's head in a way which actually made Jane nervous as she knew Mistress Sif could crush it with ease if she wanted too. Although it was mostly Mistress Sif's words which made her whimper. She also whimpered when Mistress Sif unceremoniously pushed her back down, grabbed hold of her hips again so she could slowly slide some of her strap-on from the astrophysicist's stretched wide open ass hole and then pushed it back in, officially starting to double butt fuck Jane with the full length of her strap-on while Wanda thankfully just lay still, and along with Darcy witnessed Jane being obscenely humiliated.

Wanda found what Jane was experiencing very intoxicating. She had been dipping in and out of her mind since this whole thing began, but after the initial penetration she couldn't help but focus on what Jane was feeling, especially as Mistress Sif officially started the double butt fucking. It was out of this world. Not in the same way that Mistress Sif, or the two aliens chained up in watching them, were but that was the point. The point was this was like nothing that Wanda had ever experienced before, or could ever even imagine before becoming a slave of Sif, despite the pain she felt when she entered Jane's head, and the fact that she felt like her own ass was being that obscenely abused, Wanda couldn't 'look away', so to speak.

The only times that she wasn't focusing on Jane didn't really count as 'looking away' as if anything she was getting a better look. A direct look. A front row seat. This was when Mistress Sif made her intentions clear, and Wanda struggled to believe she was serious, briefly search Darcy's mind to find that it was in fact possible, and then watch through the eyes of her Mistress as the warrior goddess pushed her big dildo into Jane's already widely stretched ass hole and then continued to add inch after inch until the entire length of the strap-on was buried within the poor astrophysicist's bottom.

For what felt like hours after that Wanda went back and forth in between the minds of Jane and their Mistress, spending most of her time in Jane's mind and experiencing what she was experiencing, although she couldn't resist dropping in on Mistress Sif's mind from time to time. Then Darcy made her presence known again, and after a brief moment of confusion Wanda focused on Darcy's mind, blushing as she saw the image of herself with two women laying on top of her/herself and Mistress Sif sandwiching poor little Jane Foster between them. Then she focused on what Darcy was saying, and blushed even more.

"Fuck yeah, take it Jane!" Darcy moaned as she frantically rubbed herself a few feet away from the all girl sandwich in front of her, "Take those two big girl cocks up your dyke ass! Ooooooooh fuck, that's so hot. You're so hot baby. I love watching you get fucked! Mmmmmm, I love watching you getting double ass fucked by our Mistress and her little assistant. Oh fuck, I wish it was me helping destroy your ass. But then I wouldn't be getting such a good view, would I? No, I wouldn't be able to move around to see your butt hole stretching for two cocks, or moved back to get a good view of you sandwiched in between two hot chicks, or round to see your face as you take it. Oh yeahhhhhhh, it's starting to feel good, isn't it Jane? Yes, you're starting to like being butt fucked by two big cocks, huh? Well, just you wait baby, as in a second it's going to start feeling amazing... Mistress Sif, please fuck my girlfriend harder! Mmmmmmm, pound her ass hard and deep while there's another cock up her butt and make her cum like never before."

"When I'm good and ready." Sif said dismissively, before offering, "Oh okay, I'll fuck her ass a little harder, but I won't make her cum. Not just yet. She needs to ask nicely for that."

Those words had Jane blushing furiously. Then again she had been blushing furiously throughout this extreme sodomy, and to her shame Wanda was enjoying this even more because of it. Jane was too, but it wasn't quite the same. Jane was enjoying this more because she used to consider herself a traditional girl, and now she was having double anal sex, and the old  and proper version of her was horrified, when the embarrassment and shame she was feeling was only adding to her enjoyment, which was considerable as Mistress Sif's slow butt pumping relaxed her rectum enough to take a hard double ass fucking. Wanda was enjoying this more because she was not only experiencing emotions Jane was feeling, but she could see them on her face, the constant blushes both adorable and erotic.

Then after a long pause Jane whimpered, "Please..."

"Please what?" Sif grinned wickedly.

"Please... please... please Mistress Sif make me cum!" Jane whimpered, rushing that last part.

"Oh Jane..." Sif grinned again, "You should know by now, you need to do better than that..."

Jane whimpered pathetically again and then after a long pause wept, "Fuck my ass! Please Mistress Sif, fuck my ass! Fuck me in the ass and make me cum! Oooooooooh aaaaaaah, fuck me! Fuck my butt! Ohhhhhhhhh, please for the love of God make me cum! I, I... I... I wanna get fucked in the ass by two dildos. Oh God, I want both of you to fuck my ass hole at the same time. Please? Please just do it. I don't care if you ruin my ass hole forever, I just want to cum. I NEED to cum. Please Mistress Sif, have mercy on your slave. I, I accept that I'm nothing but ass. I, Jane Foster, am nothing but a piece of ass in your collection of asses. Myself and Darcy are nothing but your walking fuck holes. Yours to use whenever, wherever, and however you want. We're just your slaves. I understand that, I swear. My education, my intelligence... my work... it's meaningless. All that matters to me is pleasing you. I swear. Now please make me cum. Make me cum like a total anal whore from getting double ass fucked. Please I, oh God, I... I'm, oh, oh, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooddddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Sif grinned wickedly as she savoured every word out of Jane's mouth. Jane had been subservient to her before, and clearly loved being a sex slave, but it seemed part of her still wanted to prioritise work/science over serving Sif. After this Sif was confident there would be no more conflict within Jane, that like countless women before her a nice hard double ass fucking would completely break the tiny girl and make her a mindless fuck toy. Or at least become a mindless fuck toy whenever she saw her Mistress, which was good enough for Sif. Of course Sif enjoyed a little reluctance at first, but it was high time Jane Foster learned her place.

It sounded like she had, but words weren't good enough. Sif needed to destroy the other woman's ass hole, both to complete Jane's transformation and for her own selfish pleasure. Because right now Sif needed to destroy some ass, that perverted desire so overwhelming that when she started increasing the pace she almost forgot the gradual build-up, instead thrusting her dick so hard into Jane's rectum she almost tore it apart. The following half a dozen thrusts were slightly more gentle, but it wasn't that long before Sif was fucking Jane's little ass as hard as she dared, the sound of her thighs smacking against the other brunette's butt cheeks almost as deafening as Jane's screams of pleasure.

Although Jane had been screaming ever since the first hard thrust, Sif making sure her slave remained completely incoherent as she rewarded her for her earlier words with multiple orgasms, each one exploding all over Wanda's stomach and even her boobs. The first time this happened Wanda looked adorably surprised, the sight so amusing that Sif spared her a glance. Mostly though she concentrated on the woman she was now brutally double ass fucking. And concentrating on not cumming herself of course, as that would be the beginning of the end of this delightfully perverted act. Which was why eventually she even closed her eyes to dull the pleasure she was experiencing.

Of course as Sif was doing one of her favourite things in the world it was inevitable that she would cum, and when she could no longer resist Sif opened her eyes again and focused on her dildo slamming in and out of Jane's ass hole, pulling Wanda's dildo in and out in the process. She then immediately received a powerful climax, followed by another, and another, and another as she gleefully wrecked Jane Foster's rectum, if possible making the tiny girl scream even louder. Which of course made Sif chuckle evilly and brutalise the butt hole in front of her just a touch harder, just to make sure at least herself and Jane would cum that much harder.

Darcy had pretty much continued to touch herself throughout Jane getting double ass fucked. She tried to avoid the temptation to make herself cum, but when both Mistress Sif and Wanda started brutally pounding Jane's poor little ass hole Darcy just couldn't help herself. Although she felt she deserved points for holding off until Jane came, especially as it almost felt romantic to cum together. It would have been better if there had been at least one dildo up her ass, and inevitably she didn't cum as hard and/or as frequently as Jane, but Darcy didn't feel she could complain given she got the once in a lifetime chance to see Jane Foster get her butt slammed by two strap-ons for the first time of what was probably many times.

For a while Darcy was lost in her lust, then just as she was beginning to worry about Jane's long-term health Mistress Sif pulled her strap-on out of Jane's ass hole, the force pulling Wanda's strap-on out too, leaving behind a monster of a gape. Like, remaining stretched open wider and longer than ever before kind of gape, Darcy able to see deep into Jane's battered rectum thanks to Wanda and Mistress Sif. Then, when Darcy was finally able to pull her eyes away from Jane's gaping butt hole, the former assistant's eyes locked onto Mistress Sif's big dildo and her mouth watered, Darcy practically being able to taste her girlfriend's ass already. But when she shuffled towards it Mistress Sif stopped her with a firm hand on her head.

"No Darcy. I want Jane to suck my cock clean of her ass cream to further prove she knows her place." Sif explained, before adding with a grin, "You may clean Wanda's dick."

Not needing any further encouragement Darcy quickly pulled away, turned her attention to Wanda and quickly wrapped her lips around the other girl's cock like it was the only thing that could keep her alive. She then automatically started sucking with the same desperation, only to force herself to slow down so she could try and savour the taste of Jane's ass. Or at least the deepest part of it, Darcy finding after that she just couldn't resist bobbing her head increasingly until she was deep throating the entire length of Wanda's dildo. Which weirdly she wasn't told off for. Or encouraged, which was weird because Darcy thought it would be one or the other.

Then when Darcy had got every drop of Jane's butt juice from that dildo Mistress Sif called out, "Darcy, come give Jane a rim job. Mmmmmmm yeah, wake your girlfriend up so she can give me a blow job and put a proper end to the last part of her training."

Unlike before Darcy wasn't in a hurry to obey this order. Not because she was feeling cheeky, and certainly not because she didn't want too, but she just wanted a few extra seconds to make sure every drop of ass cream was off of Mistress Sif's cock. Fortunately Mistress Sif was clearly feeling generous, and allowed her to keep sucking her cock with only a few mild insults before insisting she move on. Even when Darcy finally did Mistress Sif didn't criticise her decision to slowly crawl over to Jane, so she could get a nice long look at that gaping crater which used to be her girlfriend's butt hole, before sticking her tongue in that well-fucked bottom and eagerly massaging Jane's brutally battered anal walls and stretched open back door.

Jane spent several minutes whimpering pathetically after Mistress Sif pulled her strap-on, and Wanda's, out of her ass. She was only dully aware of the obscene sound and feeling that caused, and the fact she was discarded like a used piece of meat, her carcass unceremoniously dumped next to Wanda. She was then left there, lying on her front on the bed, just whimpering and occasionally groaning as life continued around her. Then her eyes went wide, her head shot up and she let out a loud cry, followed by an embarrassed whimper as she felt something soft and wet invading her battered butt.

Not that she was embarrassed because she was obviously receiving a rim job, especially considering one quick look back told her it was Darcy who was eating her ass, as she and Darcy had been constantly rimming each other since they were first enslaved. Hell, she had spent most of the last few weeks with her face buried in between Darcy's meaty cheeks, only allowing Darcy to return the favour as a special treat, so the rim job itself definitely wasn't embarrassing. What was embarrassing was that she quickly became aware of just how stretched her back hole, and her back passage, was. And how much it hurt. Then her Mistress added to that embarrassment, although truth be told Jane loved what came next.

Kneeling down in front of Jane with a smirk on her face Sif pressed her cock against Jane's lips and told her, "Suck it slut! Suck your own ass off this cock you nasty little whore. Ooooooooh yes, just like that, you love the taste of your own ass, don't you my little slave?"

"Yes Mistress Sif." Jane took her mouth briefly off the cock to eagerly reply.

"Shut up and suck it." Sif scolded, her slightly angry tone quickly replaced with a joyful one as Jane went back to work cleaning her strap-on cock, "Mmmmmmm, that's it, suck it. Suck that ass flavoured cock like the little ass to mouth slut you are! Oh yes, you're becoming such a great cock sucker Jane. I'm so proud of you."

Those words made Jane flush with happiness. The most important thing in the universe to her was pleasing her Mistress Sif, and she was ashamed of the fact that she had ever thought otherwise. She was nothing but a fuck toy for this superior woman. This goddess. This butt busting Alpha female who owned her and rightfully owned every other woman on this planet, including her precious girlfriend Darcy. They were the lucky ones who got to worship Mistress Sif on a regular basis, and showed that they knew their place.

Desperately wanting to prove that Jane gave her owner the most passionate and loving blow job she had ever given. Okay, she may have been a little selfish and savoured the deepest part of her butt, but even then lingering on the head like that was good for most BJs, and Mistress Sif certainly didn't complain. No, she encouraged Jane throughout the cock cleaning, but especially when the astrophysicist transitioned into first bobbing her head up and down on that dildo and when Jane finally began stuffing Mistress Sif's strap-on down her throat for a really thorough cleaning.

"Yessssssss, clean that cock! Ooooooh, you look so good with a cock in your mouth." Sif grinned happily, stroking Jane's hair as she continued sucking, "So good. Oh Jane, I love having you sucking my cock. You really are getting so good at it. Soon you'll be the perfect cock sucker, just like your little girlfriend Darcy."

Darcy moaned happily into Jane's ass at that last remark, delighting in the fact that Jane did the same around Mistress Sif's shaft. Or Jane had just been reacting to the rim job Darcy was gleefully giving to her. Most likely it was a combination of both, which made Darcy very proud of Jane. She had taken great strides into becoming a perverted lesbian slut, and if the way she was sucking their Mistress's cock was any indication Jane Foster had truly accepted the role that Darcy now believed they had been born for. Oh yes, they were always meant to be slaves of Sif, and even if Jane needed to be broken to truly accept that Darcy was glad that it had finally happened, because it meant they could be together while getting the constant domination they both clearly needed.

Shoving her face in between Jane's little cheeks was a great way to celebrate anything, especially this, but now Jane's ass hole was so loose and open it was even more nasty. Darcy was able to get her tongue deeper than ever before into that forbidden hole and lick the battered and stretched anal walls, making Jane let out the most adorable sounds in the process. Then to make this increasingly nasty Darcy momentarily pulled back slightly and spat directly into Jane's gaping butt hole and then watch that spit drop down and disappearing to that exposed tunnel before shoving her tongue right back up Jane's ass.

Just when Darcy didn't think it could get any better she heard her Mistress order, "Wanda, shove your cock up Darcy's fat ass. Mmmmmm yeah, loosen up your fellow slave and get her ready for her double ass fucking."

"Yes Mistress." Wanda said softly as she scrambled to get into position.

Briefly Darcy pondered whether she should thank her Mistress, both for the rare treat of a double butt fucking and/or making sure her slutty ass was nice and stretched out for what was the most wonderfully perverted act she'd ever been a part of. However that would have involved removing her tongue from Jane's gaping ass hole, and Darcy was in no hurry to do that. She remained silently giddy as Wanda lined up her strap-on with Darcy's gaping butt hole and slowly penetrated it once again. Too slowly for Darcy's liking. Because sure, her back hole was nowhere near as gaped as Jane's butt was currently gaped, but her ass was a lot more slutty.

On the bright side in just less than a minute her slutty ass had taken every single inch of Wanda's strap-on, Darcy moaning with delight into Jane's ass as her own ass suddenly had a little weight against it, signifying that the other girl's thighs were against her cheeks and the entire length of her cock was buried within her big booty. Darcy then moaned happily again when Wanda started to butt fuck her. Sure, it was nowhere near as hard as she would have liked, but considering Darcy knew what was to come this was a nice appetiser to the main course that would soon follow, and Darcy definitely appreciated being 'prepared' for that main course.

After enjoying the show for a little longer Sif pulled her cock away from Jane's mouth and ordered, "Jane, pull away from Darcy so Wanda can concentrate on loosening your precious girlfriend's fat ass. Wanda, stop taking it easy on that slut. I want you to really pound that butt. Mmmmm yes, get it nice and ready for a hard double fucking."

Wanda was a little hesitant to obey as instinctively she didn't want to hurt Darcy. Then she remembered just how hard their Mistress had pounded her butt, Darcy squealing with pleasure the entire time, and could sense everyone's annoyance at her not immediately getting on with it, especially Darcy's. So just as Darcy was opening her mouth to complain Wanda tightened her already firm grip on the older brunette's hips and began to increase the pace, soon beginning to pound her cock in and out of Darcy's ass hole with every ounce of her strength. Or at least with every ounce of her human strength, because she was confident that if she was using her magic Darcy would have cum instantly.

As it was Darcy just screamed in pleasure, her previous complaints completely forgotten as Wanda gave her exactly what she wanted, namely a brutal butt wrecking. Which Wanda knew for a fact as she carefully studied Darcy's mind for the slightest sense of discomfort and finding none, only overwhelming enjoyment which made Wanda more than a little jealous. Because Wanda really liked being the butt fucker, especially when she was pounding Darcy's big booty and making her meaty cheeks jiggle for her with the force of every hard thrust, but for her it couldn't compete with the sensation of getting her ass fucked by her wonderful Mistress Sif.

"Very good Wanda, mmmmmm, you're becoming such a good little ass fucker." Sif grinned, causing Wanda to blush adorably, "Now get on your back so Darcy can get on top of you."

"Yes Mistress." Wanda quickly replied and did as she was told.

Although there was a brief moment were Wanda admired her handiwork and just stared at Darcy's gaping back hole, impressed with herself that the hole remained easily as stretched wide open as she'd ever seen it. Then Wanda drop down onto her back and held one hand on her dildo to make sure it would be easy for Darcy to skewer herself. The grin on Darcy's face could have told Wanda that the other girl appreciated it even if she hadn't been able to read her mind. As it was Wanda knew just how happy Darcy was at this turn of events, although her kindness was only just part of it.

Quicker than Wanda would have guessed Darcy crawled onto her and dropped her fat ass down on the dildo, pretty much skewering her large rump in one hard thrust. She then started bouncing up and down on the cock, reasonably slowly at first but then harder and faster until the speed was pretty much identical to what it was before. Darcy's big ass was certainly jiggling as much as before, and she was squealing almost just as loudly, two things which clearly delighted Mistress Sif, and to a slightly lesser extent Darcy's girlfriend Jane, both of whom watched Darcy's fat ass jiggle like jelly for a few long minutes, allowing Darcy to make extra sure her rectum was ready for the assault it was about to receive.

"Wanda, spread Darcy's cheeks for me." Sif eventually ordered, "Darcy, tell me how badly you want to get your fat ass double stuffed."

"Yes Mistress." Wanda said softly, doing as she was told.

"Oh please Mistress, double stuffed my ass." Darcy pleaded shamelessly, ceasing her thrusts over Darcy could spread her cheeks and more importantly so that Mistress Sif could get that second cock inside her ass, "Double stuff my big fat ass like the total anal whore I am! Please? Just give it to me. I'm not a beginner like Jane, I can take it. Oh yes, I can take it as hard and as roughly as you want to give it to me. Wreck my ass! Fucking wreck my slutty little dyke ass hole with your big hard girl cock! Please Mistress Sif, I want it soooooooooo bad. Please give it to me. Please double stuff my whore ass and prove I'm the biggest anal whore in your collection of whores."

Sif admired the wicked sight in front of her for a few long seconds, then she pressed the tip of her cock against that already cock stuffed butt hole and slowly pushed forwards. Darcy's poor little ass hole was no match for her incredible strength and Sif was easily able to make the other brunette's anal ring stretch wide for the head of that second dildo to slide into it along with the first dildo, however even though Sif was going as slowly as she possibly could Darcy loudly cried out in pure pain as her fat ass was double penetrated. Which wasn't really surprising, but Sif had been hoping for at least a hint of pleasure. Oh well, if Darcy wasn't a total whore for double anal yet she soon would be, Sif would make sure of that.

"Mother fucker!" Darcy swore after crying out in pain, and then after a few seconds of forcing herself to relax croaked, "Fuck me! Oh God please, fuck my ass."

It sounded really weak compared to how eagerly Darcy had been begging for it earlier, but was enough to reaffirm Darcy's status as a total anal whore, giving Sif the confidence to proceed with a little less care than she had used with Jane. She was rewarded for taking the risk by some noticeable cries of pleasure from Darcy, mixed in with the understandable cries of pain, as Sif slowly sent the entire length of her strap-on into Darcy's big gay ass alongside Wanda's, The Scarlet Witch continuing to spread Darcy's butt cheeks to provide Sif with the best possible look of that extremely stretched open back door.

Eventually Sif succeeded in burying the entire length of her strap-on cock in that obscenely stretched shit hole, Darcy letting out the cutest little whimpers as her rectum struggled to adjust to being stuffed with so much dildo. Merciful Mistress that she was Sif allowed Darcy several minutes to get used to the sensation before beginning to sodomise her again, with the obvious difference being that this time each time she pumped her dildo in and out of Darcy's ass hole it caused Wanda's dildo to move slowly in and out as well. With that and how wide her butt hole was stretching it wasn't surprising that she continued to cry out in mostly pain.

Although again just as Sif was doubting how much of a butt slut Darcy really was the former assistant began moaning pleasure, making it clear that even the pain was getting her off. Shortly after that she started begging again, but Sif didn't pay much attention to what she was actually saying. No, Sif was far too preoccupied with the beautiful sight before her. Or more accurately sights, because when she could barely tear her eyes away from Darcy's obscenely stretched butt hole she got to enjoy the almost equally delightful sight of Darcy's girlfriend Jane watching her double fuck this big fat ass with a little help from The Scarlet Witch.


Darcy continued begging shamelessly for what felt like an eternity. At first it was just to outdo Jane and prove she was in fact the biggest anal whore in Sif's collection of anal loving sex slaves and she was grateful to be ignored, because if Mistress Sif and/or Wanda had started pounding her ass with even half of the strength they were capable of, even through magic or physical strength, Darcy was sure that her poor little back hole and back passage would be torn apart. Although at least if that happened Wanda's magic could probably fix it. Probably. And because of it there was a sadistic part of Darcy which wanted Mistress Sif and Wanda to do their worst, because she was sure as agonising and humiliating as some of the consequences could be it would be worth it for the pleasure.

Of course this wasn't the first time Darcy had been double ass fucked, and she knew that her slutty ass would eventually relax and accept this obscene abuse. Not that this had been a regular thing for her before being enslaved by Sif, but she had indulged in it once before and knew there was nothing her whore ass couldn't take. This was no exception, and sure enough her rectum relaxed enough so that the pain faded away to just a discomfort, and then eventually pure pleasure. At which point her begging became more desperate, and genuine, as Darcy couldn't wait to find out what it was like to be double butt fucked by a powerful witch and a warrior goddess.


After what felt like an eternity Darcy finally got what she wanted, namely Mistress Sif slowly but surely increasing the pace until she had to be pounding her ass with every ounce of her strength. It was certainly making Darcy's big butt jiggle like jelly in a earthquake and the sound of Mistress Sif's thighs smacking against her meaty cheeks to become deafening. Even louder than her now hysterical screams, Darcy so lost in ecstasy that she completely gave up on even trying to sound coherent. And through all that hard pounding she focused on the love of her life Jane Foster, the moment that the expression on Jane's face went from concerned to lustful pushing Darcy over the edge of orgasm.

Then Darcy struggled to focus on anything, her vision becoming blurry as she experienced the most powerful climaxes of her life. That was really saying something considering how hard Mistress Sif always made her cum, and she had spent the last few weeks pretty much having non-stop sex with Jane Foster a.k.a. her greatest fantasy come true. But what could she say, she was an anal whore at heart. The biggest anal whore in Mistress Sif's collection of anal whores, something she felt she proved given how hard she came. Probably even harder than Jane. Hopefully Jane wouldn't be jealous. And if she was, maybe Darcy could talk their Mistress into letting her be the bottom piece of bread in a Jane Foster sandwich.That would definitely make Jane cum even harder. Oh, and then Mistress Sif and Jane could double ass fuck Darcy, because as impossible as it was to imagine she could cum harder than this adding Jane to the mix would definitely do the trick.

Wanda couldn't help smiling as she read the minds of the other women, concentrating on Darcy for now as she dissolved into a mindless anal whore. The things she thought of before she lost the ability to think coherently were actually quite sweet and romantic, Wanda hoping that she would find someone she would want to double ass fuck her with Mistress Sif in the same way that Darcy was imagining herself getting double butt stuffed by Jane and their Mistress. Especially if it felt half as good as what Darcy was experiencing now, Wanda almost considering begging to be the next piggy in the middle. Of course right now she was incredibly tired, and nervous at the idea of getting her ass abused like Darcy's fat butt was now being brutalised.

All Wanda needed to do was briefly look inside the head of her Mistress to tell that her ass's fate was sealed and she would inevitably get double ass fucked. Thankfully she also learned that wouldn't happen tonight and that Mistress Sif was using most of the rest of her energy to give Darcy a rectum wrecking the not only would she never forget, but would never be forgotten by all of her watching slaves, and even the one participating in this obscene act. Wanda suspected that from the other women's thoughts their Mistress was easily succeeding, and The Scarlet Witch was certainly never going to forget this, nor would she want too.

This was incredible and Wanda very much looked forward to doing this with her fellow slaves in the future. Maybe even Gamora and Nebula, the idea of anally abusing those warriors thrilling to the wicked witch. Although for now Wanda was very much focused on the present, especially when Mistress Sif's mind told her to start joining in and she began thrusting her hips up and down, physically moving her own dildo in and out of Darcy's poor little ass hole. To the biggest anal whore's credit she squealed in ecstasy and came even harder, her cum squirting violently out of her and onto Wanda's stomach as she and Mistress Sif became lost in literally breaking Darcy's rectum.

Along the way Wanda and Mistress Sif came multiple times because of the stimulators on their clits, and more importantly the sheer joy of double ass fucking this ridiculously beautiful and insanely voluptuous woman. They might have not cum quite as hard and as frequently as Darcy, but despite what she read in the other sub's mind Wanda refused to believe that Darcy was enjoying this more than herself and their owner. Despite this she was grateful when the butt sex finally came to an end because she was so physically exhausted and her magic was so depleted that it almost physically hurt to continue, and she was only doing so to please Mistress Sif.

Sif used almost every ounce of her supernatural strength and yet still Darcy came and screamed hysterically for more, which prompted her to become so carried away she almost passed out from exhaustion. Luckily she was able to pull her cock, and Wanda's with it, out of Darcy's ass with an obscene sound, and the sight of her handiwork gave her enough adrenaline to continue. Although she had to stand there for several minutes getting her breath back, although part of that was to properly admire Darcy's gaped butt, Sif even spitting into that hole which was widely stretched as she'd ever seen a fuck hole stretch before and watched as her saliva disappeared deep into the guts of her sex slave.

"Jane... release my other slaves." Sif commanded, deliberately pausing so that Jane would move forward and then be disappointed to be denied the joy of sucking her cock. Then Jane slowly and hesitantly released Gamora and Nebula from their restraints and then watched as the two aliens came to kneel before their Mistress after she gave them an expectant look, Sif struggling not to grin as she asked, "Nebula, are you sorry for using what is mine?"

"Yes Mistress." Nebula said softly.

"Good, then you may go and suck Darcy's ass off Wanda's dick." Sif said almost dismissively before turning to her favourite 'daughter' of Thanos, "Gamora, are you sorry for not returning to my side and seeking out a lesser Mistress?"

"Yes Mistress." Gamora replied softly.

""Very good, then suck my dick." Sif ordered gleefully, "Mmmmmmm yes, that's it, suck Darcy's slutty little ass off my dick you perverted little whore! Once again become my ATM cock sucker, and maybe next time I'll fuck your ass too. Oh, or maybe I'll let you and your sister help me destroy Darcy's fat ass. I know you'd like that."

There was a moan of agreement from Nebula, but especially from Gamora. Or maybe it was just because Gamora was closer to her at the moment. Either way Sif couldn't help but grin wickedly again, and reached down to stroke Gamora's long dark locks as she sucked her cock like the good little cock sucker she was. Unsurprisingly Gamora didn't hesitate to immediately lean forward and wrapped her lips around Sif's dick the second she got permission too. Nebula wasn't quite as keen, but obeyed Sif's command and slowly shuffled over to where Wanda was lying on her back, kneeled in between her legs and took her cock into her mouth.

While one 'sister' might have been more eager than the other they both savoured the deepest part of Darcy's butt before beginning to bob their heads up and down those dildos with well-trained ease, eventually even taking them into their throats for an extra thorough cleaning. It was a sight that Sif almost enjoyed as much as Darcy's gaping ass hole, which was still on display thanks to the assistant continuing to lie on her front on the bed where she had collapsed after the end of the sodomy. Surprisingly she was still conscious, which was clear from her whimpers and the way she snuggled into Jane who was holding her tightly and cooing.

Sif smiled with blissful happiness at all of this. After all, this was her collection of slaves, and while it wasn't quite as impressive as it had been before her imprisonment on her home world she had made quite a decent start rebuilding her collection. But she had still only just begun, as this world alone was full of beautiful women just waiting to be conquered. But at first she needed to destroy, or at least cripple, those who would seek to rob her of what was rightfully hers. Luckily she had learned there was an easy way to mentally break so-called heroes before she ever met them in battle, and that was to enslave their girlfriends/wives/etc. That is what she would do to the hero known as Ironman. Or more accurately, his girlfriend Pepper Potts.

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