Slaves of Sif

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Ever since she had been cursed Sif had been blessed with a number of sex slaves with phenomenal blow job skills, but none of them showed as much skill and enthusiasm as Darcy Lewis. Of course, Darcy wasn't her sex slave, yet, Sif desperately trying to remember to give this girl a chance to escape before she enslaved her completely, but it was just so hard. Darcy was so beautiful, and clearly a twisted little slut without any training necessary, Sif having no doubt that one of the reasons Darcy was so enthusiastic about sucking her strap-on was it had just pounded the deepest depths of Jane Foster's ass, the curvaceous woman only too happy to clean the dildo which Sif had used to take the anal cherry of her boss/friend/obvious crush.

Sif wasn't sure how long she just stood there getting her cock thoroughly cleaned, but it was much longer than necessary. Although in that moment Sif struggled to believe anyone could blame her, as even the straightest woman in the galaxy would be fascinated by the way Darcy took such a massive dildo down her throat with what seemed like relative ease, while only a few feet away Jane's most likely unconscious body was still shaking and her ass hole was still gaped from the hellacious pounding it had taken. Sif was certainly fascinated by the sight, however there was a lot more she wanted to do to Darcy Lewis so at some point she found the strength to bend down, grab the other brunette's head and gently yet firmly pulled her mouth away from her cock.

Briefly Darcy tried to resist, but she barely opened her mouth before Sif gave a passionate kiss before breaking it into and telling her, "Listen to me very carefully Lady Darcy. You're under a spell, and the more we touch the more you become consumed by it. It may already be too late, and for that I am sorry, but I saw the way you looked at me and Lady Jane and thought you would not object to becoming one of my slaves."

"I don't." Darcy quickly replied, "Oh my God, you're so beautiful. I want to be yours, please? I promise I'll be a good slave and do anything you want!"

"Are you sure?" Sif grinned, believing she already knew the answer, "I will collar you. Brand you. Require you to have sex with many, many beautiful women, including your boss. And above all else, I will butt fuck you. Oh yes, I will take your big fat glorious ass and pound it day and night. Do you understand?"

"God yes, please, please make me your slut!" Darcy pleaded, "I love women! I love anal! I love you! I mean, I want to love you. I, I'll do anything you want. Please let me be your anal loving lesbian whore!"

From the way Darcy was speaking Sif doubted that the little servant understood exactly what she was signing up for, and she did feel a little guilty about that. However the enthusiasm of Darcy's confession, the lack of hesitation, the way she had shamelessly watched and even fingered herself to the sight of Sif enslaving Jane made it was clear to Sif that Darcy would love becoming her slave, the girl's last confession not merely a product of Lorelai's sorcery but a reflection of how the busty brunette really felt, albeit perhaps with the volume turned up. So Sif felt no hesitance about kissing the other girl and then pulling her strap-on down to her knees, straightening up and then pulling Darcy by the hair into her cunt.

While doing that Sif told her latest conquest, "In that case, allow me to welcome you into my collection by giving you a gift ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss!"

Sif plan to say more but she completely lost her train of thought when Darcy started eagerly lapping away at her cunt the second she was in position, the other brunette's lack of hesitation yet further proof that Darcy was an excellent candidate for Sif's collection. In fact just from those first few licks Darcy Lewis proved that she just might have been born to be a slave of Sif, the busty Midgardian already racing to the top of the Asgardian's list of favourite cunt lappers.

Darcy had wanted to fall to her knees and eat this woman's pussy the second she saw her. She loved dominant women, and this woman seemed just to ooz dominance. Sif claimed some species considered her people to be Gods, and in Darcy's mind there was no mistake. Sif had to be a goddess. She had thought that the moment she saw her, and the moment she tasted her pussy Darcy knew she would violently disagree with anyone who tried to argue otherwise. For now of course she would ignore thoughts of blasphemers in favour of concentrating on what was important, namely worshipping her new goddess.

Luckily Darcy had made an early start in her college experimentation phase, fucking her best friend in high school so by the time she got to college she was fucking practically every hot person insight. If she hadn't known she was bisexual by the end of that then meeting Jane Foster confirmed it, although Sif may just turn her into a total lesbo, because damn, this woman was beautiful. And her taste, oh Darcy could write thousands of papers on this taste, get each and every one of them published, and yet still not be able to do justice to it.

The point to all this was that Darcy had plenty of experience being on her knees eating pussy and she used every trick she knew to try and please this goddess of a woman. At first that just meant lingering on Sif's clit with every swipe of her tongue, but soon the lingering included several flicks of her tongue and even taking that sensitive bundle of nerves into her mouth for a gentle sucking. Then she was teasing Sif's entrance, then as that earned her the clearly stronger brunette's hand stroking her hair Darcy pushed her tongue deep as it would go into Sif's pussy and began fucking her with it.

Darcy also made sure to wrap her lips around Sif's entrance as firmly as she could to ensure at least the majority of the wonderful liquid flowing out of the taller woman's body ended up in her stomach where it belonged, although a lot ended up covering her face. That was ok though, Darcy liked being given a facial, especially when it felt like her Mistress was marking her as her property. She felt even more like that a few minutes later when Sif came, not that Darcy's mind was capable of much thought as she became lost in swallowing as much of the goddess's cum as possible, Sif's regular cream somehow being surpassed by this even more addictively wonderful liquid.

Sif continued to be impressed by Darcy's abilities as a cunt lapper. In her experience women like Darcy Lewis were so beautiful they didn't normally try very hard in bed to please their lover. Luckily Lorelai's magic prevented Sif from suffering that fate as even the most selfish of women instantly turned into eager to please pets shortly after they got their first taste of Sif's pussy, however then their lack of experience was normally obvious. With Darcy on the other hand, it was very obvious that she had experience, the girl clearly not afraid to lick pussy, and Sif liked that. She liked that a lot.

Although to be fair there was another possibility, that being Darcy was just naturally gifted at eating pussy. Then again it was probably a combination of both, Sif thought with a wicked smile. Then she was crying out as Darcy's tongue entered her cunt without permission, Sif opening her mouth to order her to take it out, but it just felt so good. Still, she couldn't positively reinforce such behaviour, so as difficult as it was Sif remain silent, at least as much as possible, as the other girl tongue fucked her to orgasm.

Seeing as she was obviously still pretty wired from fucking Jane it wasn't long before Sif was cumming into Darcy's mouth and all over her pretty face, the Asgardian practically drowning the Midgardian in her cream as Darcy eagerly swallowed as much as she could. Then Darcy restarted the tongue fucking without needing to be asked, pushing Sif to a couple more climaxes, each wonderful in their own right, until Sif reached down, pulled Darcy up to her feet with ease, tore open her shirt and bra before wrapping her lips around one of Darcy's nipples

"Hey! My shirt!" Darcy exclaimed as her shirt was destroyed, although she was more bothered with being denied Sif's pussy. Then she struggled to care about anything as Sif began sucking her tits.

After a few long seconds of boob worship Sif removed her mouth just long enough, "Unless you want to rest your clothes to suffer the same fate you will remove the rest of your clothing quickly."

Taking her words to heart Darcy stripped herself best she could and then just stood there moaning, groaning and whimpering as Sif went to town on Darcy's big tits, eventually lifting the smaller brunette so it was easier for her to go back and forth between these mountains of flesh. Oh it was glorious, Sif promising herself one day soon she would lay Darcy out on a bed, or perhaps more appropriately a table, and then turn her into an all-you-can-eat buffet, Sif kissing, licking and sucking Darcy's lips, tits and pussy for hours until the tiny but curvy brunette was begging her for mercy. However her strength was waning after already conquering the more reluctant of the two women, and she wanted to save as much energy for that enormous ass that she desperately wanted to fuck.

So after who knows how long sucking Darcy's big boobs Sif gently lowered her to the ground, slapped her big bottom and firmly said, "I told you I would require you to give up your big fat glorious ass to me, so if you truly wish to be my slave you must give it to me now."

There was a second of silence, then Darcy turned and just as Sif feared she would run and deny her that big fat glorious ass Darcy jumped on the bed, landed on all fours and smacked her enormous ass, "You want it? Come take it."

Darcy tried adding wiggling her ass to the equation but Sif was on her less than a second after she had finished issuing the challenge. Somehow the warrior woman had found the time to pull up her harness and firmly secure it, Darcy taking a calming breath and relaxing as she half expected to be instantly anally penetrated. Which shouldn't be too bad, the dildo should still be covered with saliva, and while it was about as tight as it had been in years as lately Darcy hadn't been in the mood to fuck anyone not named Jane Foster after years of giving up her ass to anyone who asked Darcy's back hole didn't need that much preparation.

Not that she wouldn't be happy to get some, which seemed to be the case as Sif began playing with her ass, "Mmmmmmmm, this is such a wonderful treat. Asgard is my home and I adore it, but there are not many there with asses as round and juicy as this one. It seems you were made to be ass fucked Lady Darcy, and ass fuck you I shall, but first since receiving such a wonderful gift I in turn wish to present you with a rare treat. One I do not give lightly, but to show you that your big fat glorious ass will be a most treasured jewel in my collection, and something I intend to treat with the utmost respect. At least for a dyke fuck hole."

With that Sif pulled apart her meaty cheeks and started frantically lapping away at Darcy's butt hole, the smaller of the two brunettes moaning loudly and happily as the bigger one began tossing her salad. Darcy moaned so loudly she was surprised the sound didn't wake Jane up. Then again it was kind of a positive sign, Darcy looking over to her boss was still unconscious and smiling at the thought that in a matter of moments that would be her. Naked and unconscious with her butt hole gaped open thanks to being brutalised by a goddess, Darcy biting her lip to prevent herself from begging for the fucking she knew was coming as she wanted to enjoy this fantastic rim job.

At first there hadn't been much behind it, Sif simply licking her ass hole like a woman possessed, but then she settled into a really long slow ass licking which practically sent Darcy to the edge of orgasm all by itself. Although to be fair she was kind of wound tight from eating the most delicious pussy she had ever had the honour of tasting, and it wasn't like fingering herself while watching Jane get introduced to the joys of lesbian sex have really done anything to quell her aching desires, so if Sif kept this up she was sure she would cum. However after witnessing how hard Jane came from being butt fucked by the tall brunette, and the raw power Sif had displayed, Darcy definitely wanted to cum next from being anally pounded by this goddess.

Despite this growing desire she resisted the temptation to beg for quite a while as Sif really seem to be enjoying herself, and Darcy was overwhelmed by the need to please this dominant woman. If pleasing her meant bending over and letting Sif eat her ass all the better, especially if she slammed it right after with a big strap-on dildo. Of course Darcy was not a patient woman, and while she was just about able to survive a ass licking when Sif's tongue pushed into her butt hole and she started being sodomised by a goddess's tongue she quickly found she could no longer hold back. She no longer wanted more, she needed it.

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd mmmmmmmmmm fuck, fuck me, oh Sif please fuck me!" Darcy pleaded, "Ooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, fuck me like a whore. Fuck me like an anal whore! Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, fuck my fucking fat ass and make me your anal whore! Please Sif, mmmmmmmmmm, your tongue feels sooooooooooooo gooooooooooddddddddddd in my ass, mmmmmmmmmm, but I want more. I need more! Please Sif, please, please, please, please, please fuck my ass! Fuck my big fat ass with your big fat cock! Pound me deep and hard and make me your slave!"

"As you wish." Sif grinned after she pulled her tongue out of Darcy's ass, then she licked her lips as she noticed Jane finally beginning to stir and then called out, "Jane, come spread Darcy's cheeks for me. It is time for your servant to become my slave, and I wish for you to have an up close and personal look at Darcy's ass hole becoming my fuck hole. Oh yes, I wish for you to witness exactly what happened to your ass hole as I officially make both of you my little dyke pets, you and your servant becoming nothing but a series of fuck holes for me to use whenever I want. Do you hear me Jane! Get over here now and give me Darcy's ass hole!"

Sif's strong, confident voice awoke Jane from her dreamlike state, the astrophysicist blinking as she tried to focus on the words before blushing furiously. She opened her mouth to try and protest, but one look at Sif, at that towering warrior woman staring down at her, Jane could only hurry to comply, the astrophysicist spreading her assistant's meaty butt cheeks for their new Mistress. And perhaps the most perverted thing about it was it felt like an honour. It felt like an honour to present Sif with Darcy's ass hole as if it was some gift that Jane was giving her, like Darcy was her slave and Sif was now acquiring both of them, taking Jane's slave and Jane herself as lesbian sex slaves, the idea far more compelling than it had any right to be.

After admiring her prize for several long seconds Sif gleefully called out, "Welcome to my Harem Darcy Lewis."

Sif pressed the head of her strap-on against Darcy's butt hole while saying those words, and once she had said them she rammed forwards, burying almost half of the dildo inside Darcy's big booty in that first hard thrust. It was enough to make Jane's still incredibly sore and loose ass hole wince, and it made Darcy squeal so violently it felt like it would almost deafen them all. However the two humans offered up no formal complaint, Darcy's squeal actually sounding more of pleasure than pain, as did the following sound out of her mouth as Sif pushed the rest of her dildo into Darcy's ass like a knife through butter and then started sodomising her with the same amount of ease.

"Relax Lady Jane." Sif said when she noticed the expression on her skinny slave's face, "The Lady Darcy is an anal whore of the highest order. I would not violate her fat ass so, if that was not the case. As it is I am merely using this large rump for it's intended purpose, pleasing dominant women. Is that not so, Lady Darcy?"

"Yesssssssssssss, oh my God fuck me! Ass fuck me like an anal whore! Butt fuck me like the anal whore I am!" Darcy squealed, "Oh fuck, my fat ass was made to be fucked, mmmmmmm, I was made to be fucked by dominant women like you Sif. Please use me and my big dyke ass for it's intended purpose!"

Jane can't believe her ears, or her eyes for that matter, the brilliant brunette dumbfounded by both what her assistant was saying and the sight of Sif's massive dildo pumping in and out of Darcy's butt hole. Both things were so obscene, but they turned her on so much, especially the sight of the anal sex. It was the most sick and twisted thing Jane had ever seen, and just watching it was one of the most perverted things she had ever done, however she couldn't look away, completely fascinated by the sight and yet somehow jealous. Her ass felt it would never recover after the way Sif had abused it, and now Jane was craving more? What the hell was wrong with her? Why did her sore body still crave Sif's attention like nothing else she had ever known? And why was this one of the times she seemed to get what she wanted.

"Fear not Lady Jane, you shall soon know the joy of my dick in your tight little ass once again." Sif promised the blushing scientist as she pulled her strap-on dildo out of Darcy's already gaping butt hole and pressed it against Jane's lips, "For now, as Darcy was gracious enough to clean my cock once it has been inside your ass I must insist you return the favour."

Jane's mouth fell open but to Sif's credit she didn't try to ram the dildo inside. Perhaps because Jane's mouth wasn't quite wide enough to take it, although Jane was sure that Sif could make it fit. And sure enough, despite her disgust at the idea and the fact that she would never have even considered doing this before today, Jane stretched her lips even wider and slipped them over the head, tasting the part of the dildo which had pounded the deepest depths of Darcy's bowels. And just when Jane thought she couldn't stoop any lower she found the taste not nearly as unpleasant as she predicted, even sucking greedily at the toy in an attempt to please her mistress, something Sif was more now than ever before.

Sif was indeed greatly pleased by Jane's progress. Lorelai's magic was always fast working, but it sometimes still surprised Sif just how quickly women turned into the most perverted of sluts for her. Then again the magic was more effective when the woman in question had a hidden dark side, and from the way Jane had been staring longingly at Darcy's big tits and fat ass earlier it was perhaps not that surprising that once again acquired mousy woman yearned to be a dirty little whore, Sif taking great pleasure in unlocking the little slut in all of her conquests. And indeed, she made Jane go ass to mouth for a better part of an hour, constantly switching from Darcy's ass to Jane's mouth with the latter becoming increasingly eager as the minutes ticked by.

Truthfully Jane's blow jobs weren't up to Darcy's standard. Not even close, Jane unable to take every inch down her throat like Darcy had done, the scientists struggling to even take some of the toy cock into her windpipe. Jane never gave up trying though, and it was intoxicating the way she initially looked horrified and disgusted by the act but in the end was slurping on the cock with just as much enthusiasm as Darcy had shown for the perverted act, with the only downside being it naturally frustrated Darcy, Sif impressed how long the clearly impatient assistant held herself back before letting her displeasure be known.

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard and make me cum!" Darcy finally wined, "Please Mistress, I understand it's really hot making Jane go ass to mouth, and I really love watching it, but I really need to cum. Please pound my fat ass and make me cum like a total whore with a dick up my butt! Please Mistress, fuck me like a whore. Fuck my ass and make me your whore! Make me your anal whore!"

"I prefer the term slave. And make no mistake, from now on you are my anal slave." Sif said firmly, "But I cannot reward your impatience, so therefore I will instead reward the Lady Jane for being such a good little cock sucker by reuniting her gorgeous ass hole with the weapon she has so thoroughly polished."

Taking the weapon out of her mouth Jane protested, "Mistress, please just give Darcy what she wants. I want to please you, but my ass hole is so sore."

Sif turned her full attention to Jane, "If you truly wish to please me you shall get on your hands and knees next to your fellow slave and allow me to use your most private hole for my pleasure. And make no mistake, you will do this for me, as every part of your body is now mine, especially the hole I enjoy abusing the most. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Mistress." Jane whimpered as she slowly got into the required position, adding timidly, "My ass is yours. Please use it."

Darcy looked back over her shoulder best she could as Sif slowly began sliding every inch of her strap-on back inside Jane's butt, Jane grimacing and crying out as her already ravaged insides were invaded while Darcy continued to complain, "Oh come on, no fair. You made Jane cum already. Lots of times. Please Mistress, Jane doesn't even want it, and it's my turn."

"I will decide whose turn it is." Sif said as she slowly loosened Jane's bowels and made her super smart new pet begin moaning in pleasure again from her second of many ass fuckings, "I promise in a very short time I will be deep inside your bottom and you will be cumming like never before, but until then be quiet as I enjoy your fellow slave's ass. Or do you truly wish to deny me my pleasure?"

Those words hung in the air for a moment, and then Darcy grumbled, "Just please hurry up. I need to cum so bad, and I love Jane but she shouldn't get you all to herself."

"Don't worry Slave Darcy, there is plenty of me to go around." Sif promised as she began butt fucking Jane harder, making the poor girl squeal with delight.

Part of Sif loathed punishing her latest conquest, especially when they were not yet fully conquered, but she couldn't resist having two slaves side-by-side, their asses gaping open and ready for her cock. It had been far too long since she'd had such a pleasure, Sif briefly thinking back to the time her Harem had been filled with hundreds of women and she would have dozens of them lined awaiting their turn to be sodomised, Sif going back and forth between those wonderfully tight holes until her now legendary anal lust was satisfied. Two was not quite as fun as two dozen, but in the mood Sif was in it was more than satisfactory.

Since it had been so long in some ways it felt like the first time, Sif taking tremendous pleasure in fucking Jane's ass while next to them Darcy waited patiently for her turn. As Sif could sense Darcy's frustration the assistant wasn't waiting long, Sif merely ass fucking Jane long enough to loosen the other woman's rectum enough so that Jane's whimpers were of pure pleasure. Well, there may have been a little embarrassment in there, but it was mostly a pleasure, and Jane definitely whined with disappointment when Sif once again removed her dildo from that tight little ass.

Darcy wondered if she'd be further punished for her insolence by being made to go ass to mouth. Or if Jane would be made to taste her own ass. She was so desperate to get her ass fucked again Darcy hopes not, but if there was going to be some more ATM she definitely wanted to be involved in the equation as she knew from previous experience she loved the taste of her own ass and Jane's ass tasted like heaven. However to Darcy's relief Sif slammed her strap-on back up her butt and continued the butt fucking, despite the pain of the initial thrust Darcy crying out in mostly pleasure as she was once again anally violated by a freaking goddess.

Hopefully there would be some ATM later, Darcy salivating at the thought of sucking that strap-on after it had been ploughing Jane's ass and her own, however Darcy was more than ready for some serious butt pounding. Unfortunately she would have to wait longer as Sif began to go back and forth between the asses of the other two brunettes, Darcy and Jane becoming nothing but fuck holes as they were used for Sif's pleasure. Which was still incredibly hot, however Darcy needed to cum so badly it hurt, and despite what she was sure would be the outcome of actions after half a dozen ass to ass switches she could no longer stay silent.


Darcy practically cried with frustration as Sif predictably chose Jane to butt fuck to orgasm first. Actually she had been banking on receiving a spanking first, and perhaps hopefully that would be on the cards for her, but for now she would have to dig her fingernails into the bed sheets to prevent herself from frantically masturbating to a climax no where near as powerful as the type Sif would give her. If she needed a reminder of that she just had to watch Jane, who seemed to cum in seconds and then receive orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, Darcy hating the woman she had been crushing on for months in that moment because she desperately wanted to be the one being anally pounded.

Thankfully Jane was already exhausted and soon collapsed face down, Sif immediately yanking her cock out of Darcy's boss's ass and shoving it into Darcy's ass, the assistant crying out as every inch of the monster dildo was shoved up her butt in one go. Thankfully she was gaped wider and deeper than she'd ever been, Sif immediately starting to slam that loosened rectum with what had to be all her strength, Darcy reaching a climax just as fast as Jane had, although 'climax' didn't seem appropriate as the sensation was repeated until she passed out, and each of those climaxes were far more powerful than anything she'd ever received before, Darcy never more sure that she wanted to be one of Sif's slaves as she received the best butt fucking of her anal sex loving life.

Sif was thrilled with her first night back on Earth. She already had two beautiful slaves, ones happy to subject themselves to the ultimate act of humiliation, their ass holes now stretched widely for her pleasure. She could, and she desperately wanted too, continue fucking their butts until they were literally ruined or her strength ran out. Whichever came first, although as it was more likely to be the former Sif eventually convinced herself to stop. She had no idea how many orgasms she had given the other women, or how many times she herself had cum, but when she finally pulled out of Darcy's bottom and stood back she was greeted with quite the sight.

Both the other brunettes were lying face down on the bed, Darcy slowly joining Jane in lying flat as it was only Sif's strength which had been keeping her lower half in the air. Their butt cheeks were a rosy red from where Sif's strong thighs had been slamming into them and their butt holes remained widely stretched, each of those holes gaping wide enough that Sif could see deep into the bowels of her latest conquests. As it always should be when she was done using asses for her pleasure, Sif smiling down with joyous celebration at the two thoroughly enslaved women.

Yes, these two would make fine editions to her collection, Sif thought to herself as she did when she first met them. And the night wasn't over quite yet, Sif planning to wake the weaker women up and fuck them over and over again. Luckily for her Lorelai's wicked magic caused her stamina to rub off on her pets, and both of them stirred shortly after Sif jumped on the bed so she was lying in front of them.

When Darcy finally lifted her head she stared at Sif for a few seconds, and then she whimpered, "I love you Mistress."

"Me too." Jane blushed, "I love you too Mistress Sif."

"And I love you Jane." Darcy said, turning to her boss, "I've loved you since the moment I saw you."

Jane blushed even more, "Really?"

"Really." Darcy grinned before looking up at Sif, "Mistress, can Jane be my girlfriend?"

Sif smiled, "I don't see why not, as long as you both continue submitting to me of course."

"Oh, that won't be a problem." Darcy leered.

"I'm, I'm good with that too." Jane murmured shyly.

"In that case..." Sif grinned, "Jane, do you take your fellow slave as your girlfriend?"

Again Jane blushed, but she nodded her consent, "Oh God yes."

"Then I pronounce you girlfriends. You may now kiss." Sif chuckled as Darcy grabbed Jane's face and practically smashed it against her own, the warrior enjoying the sight of her latest conquests passionately kissing for a few minutes before commanding, "Good, now I wish for you to further cement your relationship by sucking your Mistress's cock together. Oooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssss, that's it Darcy, wrap that big mouth of yours around the head of my cock. Taste the deepest part of your girlfriend's bottom, and your own of course. Don't be shy Jane, you will find this sort of thing is commonplace in my Harem. Soon you will be tasting the asses of many other different women, and various combinations of their flavours and your own. Mmmmmmmm, you two Darcy. Ooooooooooh, you girls are going to be tasting so much ass it'll practically become one of your food groups, mmmmmmmmm, but I think you will come to find the combination of your asses special, as it will remind you of how you became lovers and my slaves in the same night. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, suck it together, yeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, that looks so beautiful."

With Sif's loving encouragement Jane and Darcy began fighting for that dildo, desperately trying to get as much of the anal cream for themselves. And why not, it wasn't just their own ass juice they were sampling, it was each others, the mixture no doubt potent considering how much obvious love they had for each other. Something which became even more obvious as they settle down and tried working together, taking it in turns to deep throat Sif's monster length. Or tried to deep throat in Jane's case, Sif very much appreciating the effort as she lovingly stroked the heads in between her legs as she contemplated all the fun she was going to have with these women, and many others like them in this world.

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