Slaves of Sif

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Sif was impressed. She'd seen the witch achieve some truly remarkable things, but this was really something. And by such a tiny girl, no less. Not to mention inexperienced. And yet her young slave had successfully teleported her halfway across the galaxy and onto the ship of one of her favourite former slaves, giving her a chance to retake what Odin had stolen from her. Sif would definitely have to reward Wanda for this. But Wanda's pleasure could wait, as now Sif was going to need her full concentration if she was going to reacquire one of her favourite pets, Sif's entire body tingling with anticipation with every step she took.

Slowly Sif made her way through the spacecraft, her years of training serving her well. Although truth be told Sif was surprised she continued to go completely undetected, the warrior deciding that fate must be smiling on her today. That was proven more right then she could have imagined when she not only found Gamora in her sleeping quarters, practically begging to be taken, but her dear sister Nebula as well. Not that there embrace was particularly sisterly, then again they weren't related by blood, or even the same species, so Sif felt nothing but lust watching their naked bodies grinding against each other as if they were warming up for her.

For maybe a minute Sif watched the enchanting sight, then Gamora spotted her and froze, "Mistress?"

"Gamora." Sif beamed, stepping into the room, "I am so glad to see you, I have missed you. And you have already helped me acquire another slave from my collection. How thoughtful of you."

Nebula jumped off of her 'sister', took a defensive stance and growled, "Do not be so sure, I have killed many arrogant Asgardians just like you."

"I assure you, you have never encountered someone like me." Sif softly purred, before her eyes narrowed, "And I'm very aware of your body count, which is why I will feel no remorse for enslaving you. You are a rabid dog which needs to be tamed by a gentle master, and I assure you, you will find serving me a lot more pleasurable than Thanos."

Not understanding why Gamora remained on the bed instead of joining her, not that she needed her, Nebula call to her, "Sister, do you cower from the presence of this lower being?"

There was a moment of silence and then Gamora softly said, "Mistress, please forgive my sister's arrogance and permit her to become yours. I promise she will be useful to you, and please you well."

"Sister?" Nebula murmured in disbelief as she turned her head to see Gamora kneeling before the Asgardian.

"Do not make the same mistake I did sister." Gamora softly pleated while never taking her eyes off of her Mistress, "Do not resist, or attempt to fight her. You are hers now, your mind will just need time to fully realise it."

"Sister, stop this madness. I... I will..." Nebula trailed off, unable to hide her shock at watching the mighty Gamora bend down and begin kissing Sif's feet."

"Please Mistress, forgive my sister. And me." Gamora pleaded in between kisses, "She is arrogant. And I-"

"Shhhhhh, It's okay my pet. I do not blame you for what happened." Sif reassured her slave, before returning to her latest conquest and smiling, "As you can see, the rumours are true. The deadliest woman in the galaxy kneels at my feet. She, and every other female in the galaxy, are rightfully mine, and in time you will see it as a privilege to be one of my official slaves."

There was a moment of silence, this one much longer than the first, which Sif was grateful for because it meant she could enjoy the feeling of the deadliest woman in the galaxy grovelling at her feet. She also got to enjoy the look of indecision on Nebula's face, the other daughter of Thanos looking equal parts aroused and frightened by the sight before her. And then her eyes narrowed and she looked forwards, but her mind had to be so clouded by Sif's magical influence that she couldn't think straight, because she telegraphed her attack incredibly badly. It was embarrassing how easy Sif dodged Nebula's attack, the Asgardian chuckling as she proceeded to play with her prey like a cat with a mouse.

That was until Nebula landed a blow, at which point Sif proceeded to trap Nebula's arms behind her back. As a general rule Sif did not enjoy taking women against their will, but there was something thrilling about holding Nebula tightly to her and feeling her influence over her opponent increase. Besides, she already knew from Gamora's confessions about her many nights with her adopted sibling that Nebula enjoyed the female form, although Sif could have realised that from the way Nebula first looked at her. And of course from the way she had been grinding against Gamora when she arrived.

Nebula was nearly blinded by rage, both at her sister's Mistress and at herself. Here she was flailing around like a dumb beast caught in a trap, unable to free herself no matter what she tried. She knew several ways to get out of this hold, but she didn't remember them until was already too late, the sexual magic first clouding her judgement and then enticing her to give in, that enticement became increasingly tempting as she continued to tried to use her legs to escape to no avail. Asgardians were naturally strong, but this one was stronger than any Nebula had faced before. And more beautiful.

"You cannot win, sister." Gamora said softly, "Do not let your pride turn you into a fool. Recognise you are beaten and join me in serving the great and powerful Mistress Sif."

"I promise you, you will be rewarded." Sif grinned, sliding a hand cautiously down to Nebula's exposed pussy, delighted to find it was already wet and ready to be rubbed.

Nebula moaned and allowed herself to become limp. It was all just for show, to lure her opponent into a full sense of security, although the urge to give up was almost overwhelming. And really, why should she? She was already a slave to Thanos, and most of her existence Nebula had wished for a kinder master. Or at least one that showed her the slightest bit of respect, or gratitude for her service. But as powerful as Sif had become she was no match for Thanos, and Nebula feared if she didn't bring her sister to her senses he would kill them both, and while she did not fear that fate the idea of that happening to Gamora had become unbearable.

So Nebula waited until Sif slid first one and then two fingers inside her, allowing herself to moan in pleasure each time, then she told her would-be Mistress, "I must thank you. I have longed to fuck Gamora's ass, but she would never let me. Not until she became your anal slut, then when the two of you were separated by Odin she came to me and begged me to take her ass. So I did. I took her ass over, and over, and over again. Thanks to you I have been fulfilling my greatest fantasy at least three times a day since we have been reunited, and every time I stretched Gamora's butt and left her gaping open she would scream in pleasure and tell me how much better I am at ass fucking her than you."

As Nebula anticipated this caused Sif to pause, clearly upset by those words. Nebula immediately capitalise by slamming her head back against her opponent's, Sif letting go of her and pulling her fingers out of her before stumbling back. This allowed Nebula to whirl around and land one satisfying blow on the Asgardian, just about avoiding the urge to land any more in favour of grabbing Gamora and strategically retreating to one of the escape pods. It would have worked too, if only Gamora had been willing to leave with her.

To her surprise though Gamora refused to budge, and Nebula could not force her to go with her with just one arm. Of course she couldn't leave without her, so Nebula continued to struggle with her lover as Sif recovered quicker than she anticipated. In what felt like only seconds Sif was on her again, Nebula trying but she was soon caught up in the same hold she had been before, her body's soon going limp so she could save her strength and hopefully catch Sif by surprise. But still perhaps she could allow herself to be pleasured by this powerful warrior and her beloved Gamora, at least long enough for one of them to lick her aching for satisfaction pussy.

As if reading Nebula's mind Sif called out to her obedient pet, "Gamora, be a good girl and show me what you used to enjoy doing behind closed doors."

Gamora did not need to be asked twice, quickly crawling forward until she was in between Nebula's legs. Despite knowing various different ways to kill her, or at least knock her out, in that position Nebula did nothing. She might have even spread her legs wider for Gamora. Honestly Gamora was so focused on completing her task she didn't really consider the possibility of Nebula negatively retaliating until she was gently licking her adopted sibling's pussy. Even then, it was unlikely given how Nebula felt about her. Not that she had ever said it.

Another reason that Gamora had nothing to fear from Nebula right now was that she knew just how much her sister loved her tongue. Nebula loved it in several different places, but naturally her favourite was in her pussy, Gamora only too happy to give her lover that now. Well, more accurately on her pussy, Gamora gently licking Nebula's downstairs lips until she was told otherwise by her Mistress. Unsurprisingly she was left waiting in long time, Gamora torturing Nebula with a gentle cunt lapping for what felt like hours until finally the stubborn warrior just couldn't take it anymore.

"Please..." Nebula whimpered softly.

"Please what?" Sif questioned sternly, "Answer me!"

"Make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, please sister, make me cum!" Nebula cried out angrily.

"Ask my permission." Sif softly but firmly demanded.

It was another few long minutes of agonising pleasure before Nebula grumbled through gritted teeth, "Please... please, may I cum? Please, I... I need to cum. I beg of you... let me cum."

"I suppose that will do for now." Sif said dryly, before whispering into Nebula's ear, "But it is I who shall be tasting your cum, and your so-called sister who will be tasting mine."

After that promise Sif pulled Nebula upwards like a rag doll, positioning her so that she was sitting with her thighs literally resting on top of Sif's shoulders with her pussy in the other woman's face. As a result of this Nebula bumped her head on the ceiling, however the ceiling was pretty high and she'd had a lot worse. Hell, Gamora had personally given her worse while they were training AND fucking, and from the moans Nebula quickly started letting out Gamora was pretty sure that her adopted sister's main complaint was that Mistress Sif wasn't immediately making her cum. Meanwhile Gamora's main complaint was that she had indirect permission to eat her Mistress's pussy, but not direct, and she was unsure whether she should wait for it or not.

Whether she knew this or grew impatient from the waiting Sif called out from in between Nebula's thighs, "Eat me Gamora. I want to cum in your pretty face, shortly after your sister cums in mine."

Not needing any further encouragement Gamora darted forward, licked her lips one final time to get the remnants of Nebula before sampling this tasty treat. One she had missed so much and literally moaned in pleasure upon tasting again. Although again Gamora was unsure what to do. Should she go straight to tongue fucking after Sif just told her she wanted to cum shortly after Nebula? Because Nebula was ready to go over the edge, but what if Sif wasn't ready to let her? What of her Mistress spent another hour or two teasing Nebula until the other daughter of Thanos was literally begging to be enslaved if she could cum? Oh God, how long was Gamora going to have to wait to taste Mistress Sif's cum again?

Sif was tempted to drag this out, ideally by using her fingers to gently rub Nebula's clit and/or slip a digit into the blue skinned girl's cunt and lazily finger fuck her while continuing to taunt both of the sisters. However what she wanted even more was to cum in Gamora's talented little mouth and all over her beautiful face. She also wanted Nebula to cum in her mouth and face, Sif honestly unsure which she wanted more. Luckily she didn't have to choose.

Sif had always loved being pleasured while pleasuring someone else. Actually, that wasn't true. Before she had been cursed with this version of her enemy's power she had never had more than one lover at a time, which had been a grave mistake on her part. Not one she liked to think of often. Of course now she frequently got to indulge in this pleasure, and her favourite of all the positions to do this was this one. After all, what better way was there to show off her superior strength then to hold one lover up so she was resting on her shoulders, Sif effortlessly keeping her in the air while her pussy was skilfully pleasured.

It wasn't even a challenge for her when Nebula started squirting her cum in her face and down her throat, and more importantly began grinding and trembling against her face. For a moment Sif was amused by the fact that Nebula was struggling far more when she had been reluctant to succumb to Sif's will, however she was probably occupied with swallowing as much as of her latest conquest's cum as possible, and then when Nebula's climax started to subside Sif went straight back to tongue fucking the other woman, using the same brutal force she'd used to make Nebula cum the first time.

Before Sif could make Nebula cum Gamora shoved her tongue inside her and then immediately started fucking her with it, starting out hard but quickly getting harder until she gave Sif a wonderfully powerful climax. Gamora swallowed at least the majority of the liquid Sif squirted into her mouth/face before going right back to the tongue fucking, the three women working together for the next few minutes to make sure that Nebula and Sif both had several powerful orgasms, although Sif got the best part of the deal because she also got to swallow girl cum too. Then she lowered Nebula down until they were face to face and encourage the other girl to wrap her legs around her.

Nebula was so weak from her orgasms not only did she obey without question but when Sif leaned forward Nebula welcomed the brunette's lips with her own, even massaging Sif's tongue with hers about a minute later when the warrior woman pushed her tongue into her mouth. To her shame Nebula actually found herself whimpering at the forces the kiss, Sif taking total control of her and making her feel weak and helpless. Which of course made Nebula growl into the kiss and struggle in Sif's arms, but the second she did she was dropped down to her knees and faced with Sif's wet cunt, still glistening from cum and Gamora's saliva.

Sif then firmly grabbed Nebula by the back of the head, shoved her forwards and firmly ordered, "Lick me! Lick my pussy just as your sister did! Ohhhhhhh yes, that's it Nebula, lick my pussy just like you lick your precious sister's pussy. Show me what you two little dykes like to do to each other when you're alone at night."

Nebula knew she should bite down on Sif's pussy lips, or grab the other warrior's hand and use it to bring her opponent to the ground, but Sif's pussy cream just smelt so appetising and she was just too horny to resist. So Nebula submissively stuck out her tongue and began lapping away at the other woman's cunt, instantly moaning with pleasure as Sif's sweet flavour made her tastebuds feel like they were on fire. It was by far the best thing she'd ever tasted, even better than Gamora. Which was no doubt a result of the magic oozing from Sif, but in truth Nebula didn't care about why she enjoyed it so much. She just wanted to get as much of that sweet honey as she could.

So Nebula rapidly increase the force of her licking until she was pretty much lapping as fast as she could, then after a few minutes of that she shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into Sif's cunt. She then began fucking the other woman with her tongue, starting reasonably slow but quickly picking up the pace, stopping only to swallow a mouthful of pussy juice. Nebula did not have to do that often as her mouth was firmly wrapped around Sif's entrance and most of the Asgardian's girl cream flowed directly down her throat, although especially towards the end there was just so much of it swallowing became increasingly necessary.

Throughout this process Nebula was dully aware of Sif continuing to 'encourage' her, although she was sure most of it was meant to be insulting, this giving Nebula more motivation to make Sif pay for this. Ideally by turning the tables on her and smothering her pretty face with her cunt, before brutalising all of Sif's fuck holes with a strap-on or a fist. Although no matter how hard she tried Nebula just couldn't focus on revenge right now. She couldn't concentrate on anything other than Sif's delicious cum, not even what was happening with her beloved Gamora. Which Nebula would later learn was a shame.

It was a shame because shortly after Nebula started eating her pussy Sif ordered, "Mmmmmmmmmm, Gamora, stick your tongue up my ass. Ooooooooooh yes, join your sister in worshipping my body, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!"

Not needing any further encouragement Gamora quickly scooted around behind Sif and pressed her lips to the pale skinned beauty's butt cheeks. Technically she had been ordered to stick her tongue up Sif's ass, and she would, she learned from previous experience that her Mistress loved a little foreplay in this area. That her Mistress enjoyed the mental high of literally having another female warrior kiss her ass, especially when it was Gamora literally kissing her ass. After all, what better way to show off her dominance and superiority than by making her former opponent perform such a humiliating act?

In turn Gamora was eager to humiliate herself in this way, the deadliest woman in the galaxy taking great joy in performing this ultimate act of submission to the woman who had conquered her. It was such an unbelievable turn on for Gamora, especially as she was proving she would literally do anything for her Mistress. Not that the act was particularly unpleasant. Sif's butt was a little sweaty, but the warrior was always nice enough to keep herself clean and smooth back there and this was no exception, Gamora physically as well as mentally enjoying the privilege of covering Sif's ass in kisses.

Of course, it was not long before Gamora buried her face in between Mistress Sif's butt cheeks and began eagerly licking up and down the crack of the superior woman, soon concentrating on Sif's puckered rosebud. She licked that little hole for several minutes, swirling her tongue around it as well as simply licking up and down. Then finally she pushed her tongue up Sif's ass, unknowingly penetrating her with her tongue shortly after Nebula did the same to Sif's pussy. Although thanks to Sif's words Gamora quickly became aware of it.

"Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, tongue fuck me you little dyke bitches!" Sif cried out joyfully as she pushed both the heads of her slaves deeper into her pussy and ass, "Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, tongue fuck my holes! Mmmmmmmmm, fuck my pussy, tongue my ass, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, that feel sooooooooooo gooooooooooooooodddddddddddd mmmmmmmmm fuck! You both make such great sex slaves. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss, you make such great additions to my collection. Mmmmmmmmmm, such great little pussy licking, ass eating sluts! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yes, deeper you beautiful little bitches! Mmmmmmmmmmm, Get to know your place!"

Hearing that thrilled Gamora. She had feared when her two lovers came face to face it would end only one-way, with one of them dead. Now she believed Sif's magic would be strong enough to enslave Nebula and then she and her precious sister could serve her Mistress together. So far the magic certainly seemed to work, Gamora remembering how eagerly Nebula had licked Sif's pussy during the few minutes she had been pushed aside to make room for her Mistress's latest conquest, and for them both to be kneeling now before Sif and giving her the respect she deserved was incredibly thrilling to the broken warrior.

Sif's eyes drooped with pleasure. She kind of wished she could close them completely, but she couldn't take the risk. Not when Nebula clearly still needed training. Not that she was showing any reluctance now, but Sif couldn't take the deadly warrior lightly. At least not until she inflicted upon her the ultimate act of humiliation and fucked her up the ass. Sif always loved sodomising women, but to ass fuck a warrior such as Nebula would be a real treat, especially because she was 90% sure she would be taking the deadly assassin's anal cherry, and that fact would only help her break Nebula completely.

The idea of that had Sif smiling wickedly and then pushed her closer to orgasm. Which was going to leave her vulnerable, so no matter how intense the pleasure became Sif made sure to keep an eye on both her slaves, even her previously loyal Gamora as she couldn't dismiss the possibility of Gamora's feelings for Nebula leading her to do something stupid. Thankfully it didn't come to that, her sex slaves obediently fucking her with their tongues relentlessly until Sif came in Nebula's mouth, the new addition to her collection making her proud by not only swallowing as much cum as she could but then going back to the tongue fucking afterwards.

Sif allowed her slaves to make her cum a few more times, then she pulled their faces from her pussy and ass, moved out of the way and then crashed their faces together while practically growling, "Kiss! Share my flavours you perverted little dyke sluts!"

Unsurprisingly the two 'sisters' didn't hesitate, Sif watching with glee for several minutes as her slaves as passionately kissed each other, tasting Sif's pussy and ass on each other's lips and tongue. Then while doing her best to continue to watch them making out session, and keep an eye on the deadly assassins, Sif retrieved a tiny device from her clothing and activated it. In seconds Sif was holding a fully formed strap-on dildo, which she stepped into and then tightened around her waist before walking back to stand menacingly over her sex slave.

"Gamora." Sif called out after allowing the kissing to continue for a few more seconds, Gamora instantly pulled away from Nebula and turned to her Mistress, her eyes lighting up when she saw the large dildo now around the dominant brunette's waist, which in turn made Sif smirk as she added, "Do you know where this is going?"

Gulping softly Gamora glanced at her sister, and then murmured, "Up Nebula's ass?"

"Yes, but it's also going up yours." Sif explained before addressing both of them, "I shall be enjoying both your asses tonight, so I suggest one or both of you properly prepare it."

Again Gamora briefly glanced at Nebula before quickly leaning forward, opening her mouth wide and swallowing the head of the cock. Sif then chuckled as Gamora began bobbing her head up and down, the Asgardian unsure what she enjoyed more, the sight of the deadliest woman in the galaxy submissively sucking her cock, or Nebula watching it happen with a look of jealousy on her face. Whether she was jealous of Sif or Gamora remained to be seen, although the dominant brunette suspected it was both, part of Nebula yearning to have Gamora kneeling before her and being her good little cock sucker, while another part of her, a new submissive part, wanted to be in Gamora's place and be Sif's good little cock sucker.

After allowing a few minutes for Nebula to enjoy those warring feelings, and for Gamora to enjoy being her cock sucker, Sif reached down and gently tangled her fingers in Gamora's hair. She then suddenly tighten her grip, pulled Gamora off her cock and while holding her head in place roughly slapped her in the face a few times while growling, "Did I tell you to suck my cock?"

"No Mistress Sif! I'm sorry Mistress Sif!" Gamora whimpered pathetically, the slaps more insulting than painful, at least for her.

"I didn't think so." Sif said coldly, "I was going to allow you to cover my cock in lube, but now I'm not sure you sluts deserve it."

"Please Mistress, please let me use the lube." Gamora pleaded, understanding what was expected of her, "Let me make it up to you and lube up your cock good so it's nice and easy for you to slide into my sister's virgin ass hole."

Sif smirked, "Well, I suppose since it will make it easier for me, I'll allow you to lube my dick."

Nebula watched with disbelief as the mighty Gamora going to retrieve their jar of lubricant and started lathering the clear liquid all over the monster dildo between the Asgardian's legs. Even after months of reaping the benefit Nebula still couldn't believe how drastically Sif had changed Gamora. Sex between them had always been a constant battle, and now the deadliest woman in the galaxy was the most submissive bottom Nebula had ever encountered. It made her wonder, and fear, if the same fate was about to befall her. Then again Nebula couldn't let that enormous dildo anywhere near her tiny ass hole. Could she? No, she couldn't. She wouldn't. She was a dominant top dammit, not some Asgardian's ass whore.

So, after about a minute or two of watching Gamora lovingly stroke Sif's cock, Nebula said as boldly as she could, "I will not allow you to ass fuck me."

SIf smirked at her, but before she could respond Gamora butted in, "Nebula, do not embarrass me. Or yourself. You know in your heart you desire submission. The freedom which can only come from being owned. It was what we were born for. Trained for. And in Mistress Sif we have finally found a owner worthy of us."

"But-" Nebula murmured.

"Sister! Just look at her." Gamora interrupted Nebula, "Is she not a superior woman? An Alpha female? A goddess? Who else could we ever submit too? Who else is worthy of our love and devotion? Who else deserves to have us kneeling at their feet?"

"No one." Nebula said breathlessly, knowing it was true.

"Then come sister, join me and let us be slaves of Sif." Gamora pleaded.

Sensing Nebula was on the edge Sif leaned down and caressed her new slave's face, "I do not wish to destroy you, but I have seen the devastation you leave in your wake, both under the command of your father and simply because it amuses you. So I will not let you go unchecked, but I dearly wish to add you to my collection. There you will be treasured and loved, and pleasured beyond your wildest dreams. I shall even give you Gamora, as long as you understand that she won't be truly yours. That nothing will be truly yours, because you will be nothing but my property. Cherished and valued property, but property nevertheless. You shall never be my equal, but if I'm feeling generous I will let you fight at my side and shed the blood of those who deserve it. Mostly though you will simply be my fuck toy. Now bend over and give me your sweet ass."

With that Sif slapped her across the face, leaned back up and awaited Nebula's decision, the poor blue skinned woman remaining kneeling there for a few long minutes as her mind raced. Of course there should have been no debate, Nebula jumping to her feet immediately and tearing Sif apart for the unbearable humiliation she had already inflicted upon her. But Nebula couldn't stand the idea of harming this beautiful creature, and her words and the words of her sister sounded so good that to her horror she found herself bending over, crawling onto the bed and jutting her ass out in the clear invitation.

An invitation which delighted Sif, the beautiful pale skinned creature laughing and telling her other slave, "Gamora, lick and finger your sister's ass. Make it nice and ready for my cock."

In what felt like seconds Gamora was kneeling behind Nebula burying her face into her ass cheeks and frantically licking her ass hole. Unable stop herself Nebula moaned in pleasure at this. Not that it was a big deal, she had really enjoyed making Gamora rim her over the last few months to prove her dominance, but now this was a frightening preview of what was to come. After all, giving up her ass was unthinkable, but if Nebula actually enjoy getting sodomised it would absolutely destroy her and make her unrecognisable. And yet with every skilful swipe of Gamora's tongue against her tightest hole Nebula feared she was about to lose every ounce of her dignity and self-respect.

That became more and more likely as the rim job continued and Nebula found herself unable to stop moaning in pleasure. It was the same story when Gamora covered her fingers in lubricant and shoved them into Nebula's previously unviolated butt hole, which was even worse, Nebula absolutely hating herself as she enjoyed getting her ass finger fucked. Yet she hated Gamora even more. No, she could never hate anyone as much as herself right now. And she could never truly hate Gamora, although she came close as her 'sister' skilfully loosened her ass for Sif, and then told the dominant woman about the tightness of her ass.

"Oh Mistress Sif, she's so tight." Gamora confessed with delight, while still pumping her fingers in and out of Nebula's butt hole, "Mmmmmmmmm, her tiny little virgin hole is so tight around my fingers. Ooooooooooooh, you're going to love taking her cherry. And I'm going to love watching you do it."

"I'm sure that's true." Sif grinned with delight, "And since you've done a good job of preparing that ass I will allow you a close up view as I pop your sister's cherry."

Gamora beamed, "You mean-"

"Yes, like those other times you assisted me taking a slut's ass." Sif nodded with an evil smile, "I wish for you to take your fingers out of Nebula's new fuck hole and spread those cheeks for me. Yessssssss, give us both a good view of your sister's ass hole becoming the fuck hole it was always meant to be, and the mighty Nebula becoming just another of my anal loving slaves."

Sif then licked her lips as she pressed her strap-on against the prize Gamora was so generously offering her. Each time she took an anal cherry it was special, but there was nothing quite like violating the ass of a fellow warrior, and Nebula was almost Gamora's equal, so this was an extra special treat for her, one she would savour for the rest of her days. Sif considered pointing that out, but decided against it. At least for now. Nebula had not yet succumb to her magic completely. When the blue skinned woman accepted she was now one of Sif's slaves, she would realise what an honour this was, and be delighted she had pleased her Mistress so much. But for now Nebula would mistake it as an insult, and Sif didn't want to encourage her pray to rebel, not when she was so close to breaking her completely.

So Sif stayed silent and slowly pushed forward, savouring every moment of making Nebula's virgin ass hole stretch for her. The beginning of her violation unsurprisingly forced a tiny grunt out of Nebula, but after that the blue skinned warrior stayed mostly silent during the anal penetration, with the only real exception being a cry of pain as she was officially robbed of her back door virginity. Her 'sister' also stayed mostly silent with the same exceptions, Gamora's mouth wordlessly opening as Nebula's butt hole began to open and then let out a tiny gasp of amazement as she watched her dangerous lover lose her anal cherry.

That was followed by verbal encouragement, Gamora murmured in disbelief while staring dumbfounded at Nebula's ass hole stretching around Sif's strap-on, "You did it Mistress."

"You doubted me?" Sif teased.

"No Mistress." Gamora quickly backtracked as she looked up at her Mistress, "It's just that... Nebula is so stubborn, and-"

"Relax my pretty little slave." Sif smiled, "I know you did not mean any disrespect. Now, stay silent as I finish breaking your sister in and adding her to my collection."

Clearly unsure whether she should verbally reply or not Gamora froze for a couple of seconds, then nodded her head and turned her attention back to where her beloved Nebula was getting her ass stretched. Sif may use that excuse to punish Gamora, but it wasn't like she needed one and she certainly wasn't mad at Gamora, who was also partly responsible for her receiving this brand-new sex slave. Concentrating on that soon-to-be slave Sif again slowly pushed forwards, savouring every moment of this latest anal violation, the whole time Gamora providing her with the perfect view of her sister's shit hole taking her cock.

All too soon Sif's hips came to rest against Nebula's ass cheeks, and Gamora's hands, meaning that Sif had completed the penetration and now every inch of her dildo was buried in the other female warrior's bottom. Again she felt the urge to draw attention to this, but again Sif chose to show Nebula mercy. Mercy that Nebula had no doubt rarely if ever given to her victims. That thought prompted Sif to officially begin the butt fucking sooner than she had with other acquisitions, and she thrusted back and forth a little harder and faster than usual, in the process making the proud blue skinned warrior cry out in mostly pain, with more than a hint of pleasure mixed in.

Gamora had seen Nebula wipe-out cities without a care, beat countless warriors in hand-to-hand combat, anally taken many, many women for sport and not even her Mistress had sodomised her as hard and rough as her sister. And yet ultimately the mighty Nebula suffered the same fate as her sister, bent over with her most intimate hole stretched open for the strap-on dildo of another woman. Nebula was suffering the ultimate humiliation, her forbidden hole turned into a fuck hole, the proud warrior becoming nothing but an orifice for a superior woman's pleasure. And Gamora was granted a close personal look at the obscene sight of Nebula's now formally virgin butt hole stretching for Sif's cock, making Gamora's own butt hole quiver with jealousy.

From her own experience Gamora could remember the worst part was the pleasure. Dull at first, but then slowly becoming overwhelming as Sif effortlessly stretched her latest victim's back passage and turned her into just another notch on her belt. More importantly she made her love being just another notch on her belt, Gamora finding herself actually jealous of her sister as the night she had been broken by Sif had become one of her most treasured memories. It had just been so easy for Sif, Nebula proving to be no more a challenge for her than Gamora had been as her cries of pain and pleasure quickly turned to those of pure pleasure.

It was now just a matter of time before she was broke completely, but first Sif made it clear she intended to further humiliate both sisters and at the same time give one a reward, namely Gamora who soon found an ass flavoured cock pressed against her lips, quickly followed by Sif telling her to, "Suck it. Mmmmmmmm, suck my cock Gamora! Clean it of your sister's ass juice."

Only too eager to obey Gamora opened her mouth and then quickly closed it around the head of the dildo which had been plundering the deepest part of Nebula's bowels. Ever since they were reunited Gamora had spent a lot of time with her face in between Nebula's ass cheeks, Nebula delighting in the opportunity to humiliate the now submissive Gamora. However no matter how hard she tried Gamora hadn't been able to get her tongue very far into Nebula's tight little butt, the deadliest woman in the galaxy grateful to her Mistress for giving her the chance to taste the deepest part of Nebula's ass.

Eager to show her gratitude Gamora quickly began bobbing her head up and down the ass flavoured cock, noisily slurping up every drop of butt cream she could get. That involved pushing herself lower so the dildo entered and then invaded her throat, Gamora gagging and choking a little but eventually taking every inch down her throat. Shortly after this Sif tightened the gentle grip she originally took at the beginning of the blow job and then begin to gently, then not so gently, fuck Gamora's face, the deadliest woman in the galaxy getting her mouth used like a whore's cunt and loving it.

"Yes, take it slut! Mmmmmmmm, let me fuck your cute little mouth like I just fucked your sister's tight little ass! Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, the daughters of Thanos are now nothing but my fuck holes! Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, if only your 'father' could see you both now. One of you face down and patiently waiting for my cock to return to your now stretched back hole, while the other sucks my cock clean of her sister's ass while still spreading that sister's ass cheeks so I can have the perfect view of my handiwork! Mmmmmmmmm, what wonderful little dyke whores you are! Such good little fuck toys. Two exquisite additions to my collection of slaves!" Sif taunted, before ultimately switching back to butt fucking her latest prize.

Nebula had never known such humiliation then she did during that agonisingly painful ass fucking. She had known many indignities before, mostly involving being unfavourably compared to Gamora, but none of it could compare to the indignity of being anally violated and forced to like it. At first it wasn't so bad, merely a weird thrill to having the tables turned on her and suffering the same fate she had delighted in forcing on many of her victims. But then the initial pain, which Nebula had found quite comforting, turned to merely discomfort and then pleasure, that pleasure becoming increasingly overwhelming as the butt fucking continued.

To her shame Nebula found her treacherous body was again aching to cum, Sif denying her again and again in favour of making the mighty Gamora go ass to mouth, which didn't help matters. Partly because it added to Nebula's shame as Sif so easily took what Nebula considered to be hers, yet at the same time it was an incredible turn on to witness the feared Gamora being reduced to a ATM whore, and to her horror Nebula found part of herself getting off on having at the other woman warrior taking what was hers. And by that Nebula of course meant Gamora's mouth and her own ass hole which was lefted gaping open like a common whore's hole each time Sif fed Gamora the ass of her 'sister'.

As the minutes ticked by and Sif didn't seem to tire of degrading the sisters of Thanos Nebula was left with a truly unique dilemma. Did she attempt to cling onto what small amount of dignity she had left and continued allowing Sif to use her ass hole as her personal fuck hole? Or did she surrender her last shred of dignity in exchange for the orgasm she so desperately needed? Nebula had survived worse tortures than this, and yet this torture was unique, and while she could suffer through the humiliation and the pain of the constant pleasure without satisfaction Sif seemed in no hurry to stop, and the constant pleasure was maddening.

So after what felt like hours Nebula whimpered, "Fuck me."

Sif grinned, "I'm sorry, what was that?"

Nebula fumed, and then screamed at top of her lungs, "FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME YOU BITCH!"

There was a long silence and then Sif softly asked, "Care to try again?"

More silence and then Nebula whimpered, "Fuck me... please... please fuck me."

"You're going to have to do better than that." Sif said firmly.

Yet more silence and then Nebula lowered her head and begged, "Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Please... Mistress Sif fuck my ass. Mmmmmmmm fuck, ass fuck me, fuck me in the ass, ohhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddddd, fuck me like a whore, please, please, please, please, please fuck my fucking ass! Fuck my ass and make me your anal slave, if you can! Ram my shit hole like a fucking whore! Ohhhhhhhh, butt fuck me you bitch! Please? Just fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Sif chuckled with delight and then ordered, "Gamora, move back a little so you can watch your precious Nebula being broken and turned into my anal loving lesbian slave."

Like the broken bitch she was Gamora scampered away, leaving Nebula's poor ass hole to take everything Sif wanted to give it, which was more than Nebula could have ever imagined. Thankfully it didn't happen immediately, Sif slowly increasing the speed of the ass fucking so there was barely any pain, but when she reached her full speed she didn't stop, ruthlessly pounding Nebula's butt through incredible climax after incredible climax, robbing Nebula of every ounce of her dignity. All that remained was a total anal whore, screaming and quivering under the force of her Mistress's rectum wrecking thrusts, Nebula's last coherent thought being that it must be so wonderful to be this Alpha female's bitch.

Sif was more determined than ever to make Nebula her bitch, the powerful warrior pounding into the deepest depths of her defeated opponent's rectum in hopes of making it clear to Nebula that in this moment that she was nothing but an orifice for a more powerful female. That from now on she was going to be one of the many slaves of Sif, a fuck toy Sif would play with whenever she wanted, each and every hole and orifice on her body for Sif's pleasure.

When she was completely broken Sif would reveal to Nebula that she would be more than just a slave. That her skills in combat, and lust for battle, would not be wasted. No, Nebula and her sister Gamora were going to help Sif keep what was now rightfully hers, and conquer other females so they could know the joy of being her slaves. Perhaps most importantly of all she would allow Gamora and Nebula to use their extensive experience topping other women to help keep their fellow slaves well fucked, Sif very much looking forward to DP'ing the likes of Darcy Lewis and Jane Foster with the two other strong warriors. And spit roasting them. Oh, and making them air tight, Sif smiling wickedly at the very pleasant thoughts.

But for now Sif mainly concentrated on simply anally pounding Nebula through as many climaxes as she could, Sif delighting in the fact that for once she didn't need to hold back. That like Gamora before her, and soon to be after her, Nebula could take everything Sif had to give her, the Asgardian using every ounce of her impressive strength to brutalise the butt hole of her latest conquest. In the process she came many times herself, the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising another warrior woman so roughly ensuring that she enjoyed this to its fullest, however as always it was her latest victim's pleasure she concentrated on.

To Sif's delight, she found it incredibly easy to make Nebula cum ones she really got going, the blue skinned warrior's cum squirting forcefully out of her cunt with every climax Sif gave her, and there were many. Which in turn made Sif very proud of herself, and cum harder. And of course fuck Nebula's ass even harder, for a while the sound of her thighs smacking into Nebula's poor little ass cheeks sounding like thunder as she perhaps literally ruined the other woman's rectum. Then Nebula fainted, leaving Sif to pull out, spread the other warrior's butt cheeks and admire her handiwork with a wicked grin on her face.

Gamora had watched all this with a mixture of awe and jealousy. She had never seriously thought that she would ever see Nebula getting ass fucked, but there she was, on her hands and knees taking it like a bitch, her formerly ironclad will being broken by a truly dominant woman, even the mighty Nebula no match for Sif as the Asgardian pounded that blue butt and made it hers. She also made the once proud Nebula cum so hard she squirted, proving that Sif could take any woman and turn her into a bottom. And speaking of bottoms, Sif gaped Nebula's wide open, Gamora moving so she could get a good look at that stretched open hole, only for her Mistress to suddenly move her body so she was presenting Gamora with Nebula's butt hole like Gamora had presented it to Sif earlier.

"What do you think my pet?" Sif asked with a wicked grin.

"That, that's an ass hole well gaped Mistress." Gamora hesitantly replied, desperately wanting to say the right thing, "You really know how to show stubborn warrior women who's boss."

"Ah, but do you think your sister now understands her place?" Sif asked.

Gamora hesitated, then answered honestly, "I hope so Mistress, but if not I'm sure you'll eventually get it through her thick head."

"I'm sure I will." Sif grinned, letting go of Nebula and allowing her to fall to the bed in exhaustion, "But I think I know the perfect way to solidify my dominance over you two."

"Oh, and what's that Mistress?" Gamora asked flirtatiously.

"Well, I'm in the mood for more ass, and yours desperately needs to be fucked by a real top." Sif explained, moving closer, "Perhaps if your sister sees me destroying your slutty little ass hole she'll realise it would be foolish to challenge me."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea Mistress." Gamora quickly replied.

"I thought you'd like it." Sif grinned.

"Mistress, may I please clean your cock first?" Gamora asked, "I dearly wish to taste my sister's ass again."

"No." Sif shook her head after briefly debating it, "You've already tasted your sister's ass, and I wish to taste yours. Now bend over and give me that dyke ass of yours."

"Yes Mistress." Gamora quickly obeyed, "Thank you Mistress."

Making sure to position herself in the centre of the bed Gamora wasn't waiting long until Sif was kneeling behind her, her warrior hands, which were large for a woman, gleefully grabbing and then groping her butt in a way she would let no one else in the universe do. Well, except her precious Nebula, who was lying next to her, gently whimpering and shaking from the force of her orgasms, her butt hole still gaping wide thanks to the pounding it had taken. If she craned her head Gamora could just about see that ruined hole, and quiver with delight at the thought of her own butt hole being stretched like that.

It was almost comic now to think that Gamora had considered herself a pure top, but back in the days she and Nebula had been battling for dominance they had spent many nights destroying the asses of lesser women. If only Gamora had known the ecstasy those women had been receiving she would have given up her own ass hole long ago. Then again, she couldn't bear the thought of being butt fuck by anyone less than the likes of her beloved Nebula and the ultimate Alpha female Sif. And to think, that wonderful goddess still lowered herself to licking Gamora's slutty dyke butt hole, because she actually liked it. Which was very, very good for Gamora who moaned loudly at the first touch of Sif's tongue against her slutty ass hole.

Gamora then continued to moan as Sif spent the next few minutes giving her a thorough rim job, at first just lazily licking the hole before swirling her tongue around it and then pushing her tongue as deep inside it, as it would go and ramming her with it. It was far from the most thorough rim job Gamora had ever received, Sif especially having spent a lot more time on licking her butt hole in the past, but she understood the goddess was eager to get on to the main event, and prove to both Gamora and more importantly Nebula who the true owner of Gamora's ass was.

In the name of that Sif eventually pulled her face from Gamora's cheeks, slapped that ass, and ordered, "Spread your cheeks. Mmmmmmm yes, present me with one of my favourite fuck holes, once again mine to use whenever I want."

"It's yours Mistress Sif! All yours." Gamora whimpered and she eagerly did as she was told, "My ass hole is your fuck hole, and I'm nothing but your lesbian sex slave."

For a few long seconds Sif simply admired the beautiful sight of the deadliest woman in the galaxy submissively spreading her ass cheeks and offering up her tight little butt hole as a sacrifice to their mutual pleasure. Then Sif lined her dildo up with that cute little hole and slowly pushed forwards. Not as slowly as when she had taken Nebula's anal cherry, or Gamora's anal cherry for that matter, but she avoided the temptation of just ramming every inch of her cock up Gamora's tailpipe in one thrust. Gamora hadn't had sufficient time to prepare herself for that, and even though she could take the pain Sif unliked inflicting unnecessary cruelty.

More importantly she wanted her slaves to love taking it up the ass for her, and although it had taken a lot of training Sif was proud of the fact she had turned Gamora into a total anal slut, as proven by the way Gamora cried out in mostly pure pleasure as her ass hole stretched wide enough for Sif's strap-on to slip through it and into her rectum. Sif then savoured that moment before she began pushing inch after inch of dildo into Gamora's back passage, the greatest warrior female she had ever known continuing to spread her cheeks so Sif could get the best possible view of her cock disappearing into her green skinned slave's ass.

It was difficult to tear her eyes away from that beautiful sight, but sensing movement Sif forced herself to stop stuffing Gamora's shit pipe and look in the direction she had heard the noise. It was Nebula, finally fully conscious and looking so wonderfully embarrassed at her earlier behaviour. Sif flashed her a smile and then slammed the last few inches into Gamora's bowels, causing Nebula to cringe in memory of the abuse her ass had just taken. Meanwhile Gamora cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure and then shamelessly begged to be butt fucked like the anal whore Sif had turned her into.

"Fuck me! Fuck my ass!" Gamora desperately pleaded, "Please Mistress, fuck me up the ass. Ass fuck your anal slave. Mmmmmmmm, remind me I'm nothing but your ass whore. Oooooooooh yesssssssssss, I'm your whore who loves taking it in the ass for you. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, please remind me of my place by ass fucking me like the anal slut I am!"

Happily obliging Sif began pumping Gamora's pooper, making the other woman moan, groan, gasp, whimper and cry out in pleasure as she was sodomised by her Mistress. The woman who owned her ass hole, and every other part of her body, Sif taking back what she had made rightfully hers to the delight of herself and her green skinned slave. Even her blue skinned slave didn't seem to mind, all of Nebula's previous anger gone and replaced by wonder and lust as the powerful warrior watched her 'sister' be reminded of her place. And just in case Nebula needed a reminder too, Sif quickly came up with a planned to cement her dominance over her new slave.

Nebula still couldn't believe her eyes. The mighty Gamora, submitting to someone who wasn't her. And more than just submitting to someone, actually being on her hands and knees like a dumb beast, taking it in her forbidden hole for another warrior woman. A superior woman. A superior woman, who wasn't her. Someone else was using Gamora's butt hole as a fuck hole, and all Nebula could do was watch, her own thoroughly fucked ass quivering at the memory of what had just been through. And to her shame Nebula found that her ass also quivered with jealousy, her gaped ass hole wishing that it was she who was being sodomised. Again.

"Nebula, come here." Sif ordered firmly, a wicked smile crossing her face, "Come here and spread your sister's ass cheeks. Give us both the best look possible at your precious Gamora taking my cock up her ass."

Hearing her name startled Nebula and she almost lashed out. Instead she quivered before the mighty Sif, for the first time in her life feeling truly inferior next to this goddess of a woman. Then, like a slave, she did as she was told, cautiously approaching and parting Gamora's butt cheeks, giving both herself and Sif the best possible look at Gamora's butt hole stretching for Sif's strap-on. That strap-on sliding in and out, in and out, in and out of the deadliest woman in the galaxy's most private hole. That hole stretched open for a massive dildo in a sign of total dominance by the Asgardian. The mighty Gamora now truly nothing but Sif's ass whore.

After allowing Nebula just to enjoy the view of her sodomising her 'sister' for several long minutes Sif pulled her dildo from Gamora's bowels, pressed the tip to Nebula's lips and simply growled, "Suck it! Suck my cock clean of your sister's anal cream."

For a few long seconds Nebula just stared in disbelief at the audacity of this Asgardian, then without thinking she opened her mouth to threaten her tormentor, only for Sif to stuff the ass flavoured cock directly into her mouth. Nebula was briefly disgusted with herself for sinking this low, and for tasting the deepest part of Gamora's ass. Then, probably because she had become so broken, Nebula found the taste to be not nearly as unpleasant as it should be. To her shame she even moaned as she began sucking the cock, Nebula being introduced to an all new level of submission/humiliation.

Accepting this was her place, at least for now, Nebula slowly began bobbing her head up and down the dildo, slowly but surely cleaning it of all of Gamora's anal cream just as she had been instructed too. She didn't even stop when it hit the back of her mouth, instead choosing to push onwards and allow the shaft to enter her throat, causing her to choke and gag. Yet despite the discomfort nebula pushed herself onwards, not stopping until the full length of the dildo was buried within her throat. It was perverse, but she took pride in that. Then the cock was taking from her, Sif violating Gamora's butt and restarting the butt fucking, the Asgardian pumping that back door for several minutes before returning it to Nebula's throat, and then repeating the process over and over again.

Gamora was blissfully happy that Nebula was starting to accept her place. She had once been almost as stubborn to accept the fact that Sif was a superior woman, but when she had submitted to her Mistress Gamora quickly learned the value of submission. She had certainly never known such ecstasy like she was receiving now under the rule of Thanos, and Gamora had so missed her Mistress, and the advantages to being her little anal whore. Advantages Nebula had finally learned, and together they would no longer be daughters of Thanos. They would be daughters of Sif. They would be the slaves of Sif, proud warriors under her command while at the same time their bodies would be hers to play with.

Sif was certainly proving herself, or at least proving herself an expert at playing with Gamora's body now. More spacificly she had been proving it all night, and now Mistress Sif was proving that Gamora's ass hole was her plaything. Oh yes, even the most private hole on Gamora's body was an orifice for Sif's pleasure, Gamora proud of the fact that her forbidden hole was now providing her owner with so much pleasure. Yet selfishly she desired more pleasure for herself, because even though the slow gentle ass fucking gave her wonderful pleasure it didn't quite make her cum, and Gamora was no longer too stubborn to resist begging for what she wanted.

"Fuck my ass!" Gamora pleaded, "Fuck my dyke ass! Fuck me hard and make me cum-"

"Gamora, shut up." Sif ordered.

"Mistress?" Gamora frowned in confusion.

"You disappoint me Gamora." Sif explained, "You did not seek me out when I escaped from Asgard. You just stayed here, with your precious Nebula, and forgot about me."

"Mistress, no!" Gamora wept, "I-"

"Silence!" Sif snapped, "You will be punished for your insolence. The first part of that will be for me to literally fuck the insolence out of your ass. Now shut up and allow me to enjoy this fuck hole of yours."

That surprising turn of events had Gamora whimpering in disappointment, but it wasn't her place to complain. It was Sif's pleasure that was important here, she had to remember that. And she did, even as what felt like an hour ticked by and she patiently waited for the permission she so desperately craved, every so often begging for it and immediately stopping when she was told to do so. In the process the pleasure she was receiving became painful, Gamora desperate to cum but even more desperate to prove she was still her Mistress Sif's obedience lesbian sex slave who adored getting her butt fucked.

"Oh Mistress, please fuck me. I need it sooooooooo bad." Gamora wept, "I need you to fuck my ass hard and deep and make me cum! Please? I, I don't think I can survive if you don't wreck my ass right now. Mmmmmmmmmm fuck, I swear, I didn't know you were free. If I did I would have left Nebula for you instantly. She cannot compare to you my wonderful Mistress Sif. She was just the best I could do, ohhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddddd, she, ooooooooooooooh, she was the only person I knew who came close to matching your incredible power and dominance. Please, prove you're a better top than she ever will be by destroying my ass hole, like she never could. Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssss, please Mistress Sif, use my most private hole as a fuck hole and prove it is you who truly own my butt hole."

"I suppose, if only to prove who this ass truly belongs too." Sif said dryly, before turning to her new slave, "Nebula, back off and allow me to show you two ass sluts who's boss."

Tears of joy filled Gamora's eyes as her 'sister' moved away from her and her Mistress Sif finally began picking up the pace, making her cum in what felt like seconds, Gamora screaming at the top of her lungs as she went over the edge of what felt like the most powerful orgasm of her life. Perhaps that was because it was of all the build-up, perhaps Sif was feeling reinvigorated, or perhaps Gamora's memories weren't doing her Mistress justice, but whatever the reason Gamora didn't care. All that mattered was that she was enslaved to Sif again, her Mistress's cock hammering her rectum to climax after climax, making Gamora's mind melt from ecstasy, both from the climaxes and the simple fact she had taken her rightful place as Sif's ass slut, Gamora feeling complete again for the first time since she had been taken from her Mistress.

Sif was also grateful to be reunited with Gamora, and Gamora's cute little ass. Nebula's behind had been quite enjoyable, but she could not compare to the beauty of her sister, and especially not with the beauty of Gamora's butt. Most beings in the universe didn't talk about Gamora's body, but Sif had the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy that hot little body and she had quickly come to the conclusion that her favourite part of Gamora was by far her gorgeous ass. Of course Sif was biased. After all, she was a butt girl, but even if she wasn't Sif was sure she would lust after such a prize.

Right now Sif was enjoying that prize to its fullest, every so often smacking the cheeks of Gamora's ass while continuously pulling her hair back like the deadliest woman in the galaxy was nothing but a dumb beast of burden which Sif was riding for her convenience. Of course she didn't need to bother with her hands, her thighs were smacking against Gamora's butt cheeks so loudly that it was echoing throughout the room. Those cheeks were also jiggling so wonderfully that made up for not being to see the stretched hole in between them.

In the middle of that hard rectum wrecking Sif grabbed hold of Gamora's hair, pulled back on it and screamed, "WHO OWNS THIS DYKE ASS!"

"MISTRESS SIF" Gamora quickly screamed back.

"WHO OWNS YOU!" Sif yelled.

"MISTRESS SIF" Gamora screamed without hesitation.


Gamora looked at her sister, then after only a brief hesitation whimpered, "My ass belongs to Mistress Sif."

"LOUDER" Sif demanded.

"MY ASS BELONGS TO MISTRESS SIF." Gamora repeated while making sure she was looking Nebula in the eye, "MISTRESS SIF OWNS MY DYKE ASS!"



With that Sif went into overdrive, using every ounce of strength she possessed to brutalise Gamora's bowels. Gamora came so hard and frequently in the process she probably didn't care if her ass hole ever recovered from the abuse it was now receiving, and Sif figured it was only going to repair itself of she sought out professional help, but that was a small price to pay for the ecstasy they were both now receiving. In fact Sif looked forward to making Gamora bend over and expose her ass so some sorcerer, or better yet a sorceress, or whoever she could find to help her, could gasp and blush as they were confronted with the ruined ass hole of the deadliest woman in the galaxy.

That was the last coherent thought Sif had for a good long while, the powerful woman becoming a mindless animal pounding into her submissive mate, Gamora truly becoming nothing but an orifice to her as she used every ounce of her strength to squeeze as many orgasms out of them both as possible before collapsing down onto the bed. Even then she lazily pumped Gamora's butt, slowly bringing them both down from their highs while making sure her dominance was well and truly cemented. It was only then that Sif thought of Nebula and raised her head, more than half expecting the blue skinned warrior to be gone or worse brandishing a weapon. Instead she was staring in awe at the two other warriors, Sif grinning happily as she realised it was over and Nebula was hers.

Wanting to prove this Sif yanked her dildo out of Gamora's ass, slapped it and ordered her slave, "Gamora, spread your ass for Nebula. Show your sister how well I wrecked your ass. Good, now tell her what you are."

Gamora obeyed as quickly as she could, and when she was spreading her butt cheeks in Nebula's direction she whimpered, "I'm a slave of Sif."

"Good, now switch places." Sif ordered softly but clearly, "Gamora, you straighten up and turn around, so you can see your headstrong sister truly submit to me."

There was a long pause, and then Gamora hesitantly straightened up and turned to look at Nebula who seemed to be at war with herself, the last shred of her reluctance fighting to the bitter end, but Sif never doubted the outcome. Sure enough the mighty Nebula lowered her head bashfully, stood up, turned around, bent over and spread her ass cheeks, like Gamora before her Nebula exposing just how widely gaping her ass hole was.

Then in a timid voice Nebula admitted, "I'm, I'm also a slave of Sif."

"Excellent." Sif beamed, "Nebula, as a reward for your acceptance of your place you may suck my cock clean. When it is clean you will start kissing my feet to further show you understand your place. Gamora, go straight to kissing my feet."

Without a word of protest Gamora dropped to her knees in front of Sif, who had helpfully got off the bed and stood beside it, allowing Gamora to cover her feet in kisses. Nebula was slower to obey, a clear sign she would need further training, but she obeyed nevertheless, even deep throating every single inch of Sif's strap-on before joining Gamora in grovelling at the feet of her Mistress, Sif smiling proudly down at her latest conquest. She planned to thoroughly punished them both in the days to come, but mostly she was just going to fuck them. And her other slaves as soon as she got back to earth. And of course, there were plenty more women in the galaxy who would soon know the joy of being a slave of Sif.

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