Slaves of Sif

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Sif smiled happily to herself at the beautiful sight of Jane Foster resting her head against the large right breast of Darcy Lewis. Both of her slaves were completely naked, snuggled together after a night of passionate love making. Which had more or less been the case for the past week, except this time Sif was not snuggled with them. She hadn't even been a participant in the sex, instead choosing to finally give Darcy and Jane the first time together they should have had a long time ago, Sif taking great pleasure from being able to give them this and watching as they tasted each other over and over again until they were both exhausted and sated.

It had been such a struggle not to join them, but someone, or perhaps something, was coming. A woman, Sif was almost sure of it. She had felt her inside her head, a mind reader powerful enough to sense her from the other side of this planet, before beginning to seek her out. As she used human transport it had taken several days for her to get close, and Sif had been hoping she would arrive to see Darcy and Jane going at it, her mysterious new friend faced with the pleasure that Sif could so easily give her, hopefully convincing the stranger to submit to her. Assuming of course, Sif deemed her worthy. If not, they are in a highly populated area and it would not take Sif long to find a new pet, or she could wake up Darcy and/or Jane.

That wouldn't be necessary, Sif thought with a smile as she walked into what had been Darcy's room and spotted her prey out of the window. She was younger than Sif thought she would be. Of course, all beings on this planet were to her, but this girl was practically a child, barely in her 20s, if that. And yet she clenched her jaw, strolled through the front door Sif had purposefully left open, marched right up to Darcy's room and boldly walked in. Then after a few seconds of staring at Sif the new comer held her hand up to the door and then there was a spark of red and the door slammed shut.

There was a few long seconds of silence, and then the girl frowned, "Are you not afraid?"

"Are you?" Sif smiled, enjoying the way the girl flinched as she took a step forward, "I could feel you inside my head, reading my thoughts... is that why you've come child? Did you like what you saw?"

The new comer blushed and stared at her feet, "I, I-"

"There is no shame in it, you understand?" Sif interrupted, "Well, maybe a little. Even most of my biggest anal sluts feel a little ashamed when I take their asses, but as I believe you know, all my slaves love it before the end. Just as much if not more than they enjoy eating my cunt, or having theirs eaten."

More blushing, and then the pretty brunette stammered, "That's, that's not why I'm here."

Sif frowned, "Then why do you seek me out Witch?"

Looking up the other brunette asked, "Are, are you insulting me, or have you heard of me?"

Sif frowned, "I beg your pardon?"

"I'm, I'm the Scarlet Witch." The Witch finally introduced herself, "That's, that's what people call me. My, my real name is Wanda. Wanda Maximoff."

"The Lady Sif, of Asgard." Sif said proudly, before adding less proudly, "I am also referred to as Enchantress by many people, among other unkind things."

"Why is Enchantress unkind?" Wanda frowned, "It is pretty."

"It is the title of another." Sif growled angrily, "One I would see kneeling at my feet. If she's still alive."

Wanda perked up, "You desire revenge?"

"Yes." Sif admitted softly, "But even more on her sister, and even then I would resist the evils of their magic and seek justice, not vengeance. You, I sense, are not an agent of justice?"

There was a moment's pause and then Wanda said, "No, but I am willing to settle for it."

Sif tilted her head, "Explain?"

"Tony Stark." Wanda said bitterly, "The man took everything from me. My parents, my brother, my home... I, I became this way to avenge what I'd lost, but now it is he who has the audacity to call himself an Avenger. And as powerful as I am, I cannot take his life... I..."

"Oh, dear sweet child." Sif said softly, "There is no shame in not being able to take a life."

"Do not call me child!" Wanda snapped, her eyes glowing momentarily, "It's not that I don't want to... it's that he's surrounded himself with friends. Powerful friends, and alone I dare not attack them. But together, together I believe we stand a chance."

"And what do you offer, in exchange of this partnership?" Sif smiled knowingly.

"I offer you Pepper Potts." Wanda said as firmly as she could, then when Sif frowned at her she added, "The love of Tony Stark's life. If you will not kill him, taking her from him is more than acceptable to me. I sense he will be nothing but miserable without her in his life."

Sif was intrigued, but she pushed, "And?"

"And The Black Widow." Wanda said gleefully, then when Sif just stared at her she added, "Natasha Romanoff? She... she is quite famous. And beautiful. Until... until you arrived, she was the only woman I desired."

"Really?" Sif smiled, making a mental note to find out what she could about this 'Black Widow' before asking, "And now you desire me? Does that mean you're here to offer yourself, as well as the lovers of your enemies?"

"God yes." Wanda said softly, "I, I have never desired anything like I desire you. Ever since I first looked into your mind, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. The things you enjoy doing to women. Things... things I ache for you to do to me."

Sif nodded, "My magic has that effect on mind readers. They quickly fall to me. I'm sorry. You must be very scared."

"No." Wanda said, nervously stepping forward, "Before you, I had no one. I was lost. Now I have a way to finally achieve my purpose, and yet I would give it up just for a moment with you. You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, or sensed, and I offer you my undying loyalty and, and love. Please, please allow me to be one of your slaves."

With those last few words Wanda fell to her knees and began kissing Sif's feet, the taller brunette smiling with triumph at another successful conquest. This was rare, but she had seen it before. Sif didn't have to say another word or even touch Wanda, this girl... this powerful being was hers to command forever. However she was so unbearably cute that it seemed a crime not to fuck her, Sif quelling her desire to give the child a chance to escape, instead choosing to believe Wanda's claims of having nothing and wanting to give herself in exchange for achieving her goal. Also if Wanda truly desired this 'Natasha Romanoff' then it was a safe bet she wasn't entirely straight.

Her conscience mostly clear Sif spoke softly, yet clearly, "Stand Wanda Maximoff. Stand so I can make you mine."

Wanda gulped softly and then did as she was told, slowly getting to her feet and facing this goddess. To be fair Wanda wasn't sure if she was officially a goddess, but then again she wasn't sure she was officially a witch, yet she had to admit she was the closest thing. Perhaps it was the same for this incredibly powerful woman. Regardless it felt like an honour just to be in this woman's presence, Wanda boldly using her magic to strip herself in the blink of an eye, hoping to impress her new Mistress.

Thinking of Sif as that caused Wanda to quiver with desire, but not nearly as much as when the taller woman took her into her arms and pulled her into a deep kiss. As she was lifted off the ground and into the incredibly strong arms of the other brunette Wanda felt happy in the knowledge she had made the right decision. There was no longer any doubt in her mind, she should be this woman's slave. All should bow down to the wonderfulness that was Sif, Wanda hoping that the more powerful brunette would use her body in all the twisted ways she had seen in Sif's head, not simply because she desired it but because more than quenching her own desires Wanda blissfully wanted to please this heavenly woman.

Apparently Sif was more interested in pleasing her right now, putting Wanda at ease with a long make out session before slowly kissing her way down her neck and eventually her chest so she could slide her lips up one of her boobs. The moment Sif's mouth wrapped around her right nipple Wanda let out a loud gasp followed by a long moan, the exact same thing falling from her lips when the stronger woman moved to the other nipple. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth Sif went, licking and sucking those sensitive little balls of flesh until they were almost painfully hard. Then she licked and sucked them some more.

For the first few minutes of this Sif just held her effortlessly in the air like she weighed nothing, keeping Wanda's chest directly in front of her face and making the powerful 'witch' feel like a small child in the arms of this mighty warrior. Then she was slowly lowered to the bed, allowing Wanda to dig her nails into sheets as she writhed in pleasure under this alien's talented mouth, the Scarlet Witch wondering if she was in over her head as she became this woman conquering warrior's latest plaything.

Sif was, as the Midgardians would say, an ass girl, however she was captivated by the female form, and she found Wanda's perky little tits quite delightful. Of course they couldn't compare in size to that of her dear Darcy Lewis, but Sif still found herself eagerly suckling on those titties for quite some time. Or perhaps the fact that she had spent much of the past week worshipping Darcy's big boobs, or watching them jiggle for her while she fucked the busty assistant, had actually put Sif in the mood for a little foreplay.

It seemed only fair, she had missed out on Darcy's incredible rack during their first time because the girl had practically thrown herself at her and Sif had been riled up from sodomising Jane and desperately wanted to do the same to Darcy's fat ass. Sif had promised herself she would not make the same mistake when it came to her next conquest, the warrior feeling like she lived up to that promise as she went back and forth between Wanda's tits for quite a while, licking and sucking those nipples until Wanda was literally crying with need.

"Please..." Wanda squeaked, "Lower. I, I need you to go lower."

Even though it was tempting to push the other girl for details Sif couldn't resist the desperation in Wanda's voice, or the smell of the other girl's arousal, Sif's mouth watering even more than it already was as she started lowering herself down in between Wanda's legs. When she reached her destination she took a long sniff of her prize, breathing in the sweet scent of neglected pussy. Then she closed her eyes, leaned forward and sampled the sweet treat that Wanda had brought her, Sif believing this would not be the last treat Wanda would bring her but perhaps it would be one of the most enjoyable.

Thoughts of possible future conquests immediately were forgotten when Sif tasted Wanda's honey, the warrior letting out a fierce groan before beginning to frantically lap at the other girl's honeypot. She had promised herself she would savour her next conquest a little more, but surely she had savoured this girl enough? Surely she could just tongue fuck her to orgasm as hard and as fast as she wanted without allowing any guilt? After all, this girl was hers. Had literally sought her out, prepared to give every ounce of herself for the chance of her precious revenge. Why shouldn't Sif take full advantage of that?

Wanda was terrified of the supernatural creature in between her legs. Really she would be a fool not to be, but she had promised herself she would be brave. Whether because of the magic flowing through Sif or her own burning desire for this beautiful creature Wanda found it alarmingly easy to relax and give herself completely to Sif. However she still searched Sif's mind. She had been 'burned' too many times to just blindly trust, but she saw nothing but pleasurable intentions which continued to put her at ease. She also saw what Sif wanted to do now, and after a few minutes of gentle licking Wanda encouraged her to do it.

"Mooooooorrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee ooooooooooooh Gooooooooooddddddddddd!" Wanda moaned, "Lick me, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, more, lick my ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, oh fuck me! Fuck me... fuck me Mistress."

It felt odd to refer to Sif as that, mostly because it felt so natural. Sif was so powerful, and strong, and big, that it seemed only right that she be given such a title, and even before Sif appeared on earth Wanda had been searching for a master, and now she had finally found one worthy of her. Because for all her power she didn't have the confidence needed to lead, or a strategical mind for that matter, both of which this goddess possessed, Sif bizarrely proving that as she continued licking Wanda's pussy, building up the force of her licks and beginning to linger on the smaller brunette's clit.

When Sif wrapped her lips around Wanda's clit The Scarlet Witch let out a long cry of pleasure and then arched her body upwards into Sif's face. Sif smiled at this and increased the suction, causing Wanda's eyes to glow red and crimson sparks to fly from her hands. The process was repeated when Sif went back to licking her clit, and then again when that tongue travel down to her entrance, and then yet again when Sif seemed to engulf Wanda's cunt with her mouth so she could suck the juices she apparently found so appetising directly from the source. Throughout this Wanda searched Sif's mind, the graphic images she saw now and the ones she had fingered herself to while seeking this powerful being out causing her again to beg for more.

"Please, please, please, please, oh please... fuck me." Wanda gasped weakly, so overwhelmed physically and mentally it was a struggle to say anything, let alone what she must now, "Your tongue... fuck me, your tongue. Fuck me with your tongue! Tongue fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddddddd!"

The fact that English was Wanda's second language didn't help, although words like that had echoed in her mind for the past week as she searched for her new Mistress, the wonderful woman who granted her request almost immediately. When she did Wanda instantly came, Sif's magical tongue, and an entire week of being unbelievably horny, easily pushing Wanda over the edge again, and again, and again. These climaxes redefined her understanding of pleasure, easily surpassing anything she had done with men or herself, the best part about it being that it was so mind numbing that for a while she couldn't hear any voices inside her head, not even her own, and oh was that wonderfully blissful.

Sif was feeling equally blissful as she expertly swallowed every single drop of Wanda's cum. It was far from an easy task, but with a little luck and holding her conquest firmly in place Sif could just about do it, Wanda's cum proving to be one of the sweetest Sif had ever tasted, and she had gone down on a lot of women. It was extra incentive, like she needed it, to shove her tongue back into Wanda's cunt the second the younger girl's orgasm was finished and tongue fuck her to another climax, something Sif achieved quickly and easily thanks to her own skill and just how riled up Wanda was.

Over and over again Sif made Wanda cum in her mouth, this witch writhing around so much and even grinding down onto her face that it wasn't long before that precious liquid began escaping Sif's hungry mouth and covering her face. Which had its charms, although Sif definitely preferred to swallow, so she redoubled her efforts. Then in the name of variety, and more importantly to applaud The Scarlet Witch for seeking her out and offering herself to her Sif moved her mouth back up to Wanda's clit and wrapped her lips around it at the same time she pushed her finger into the other girl's cunt.

Instantly Wanda came again, and again, and again, Sif soon adding a second and then a third finger and rapidly pumping them in and out of the other girl's love box while sucking increasingly hard on her clit. Throughout this Wanda screamed so loudly that Sif was surprised the sleepy Darcy and Jane didn't stumble into this room to see what was going on. Surprised and more than a little disappointed, as that was one foursome Sif was very much looking forward too. Then again this tasty treat deserved her full attention, Sif happily giving it until she was sure Wanda would pass out if she didn't give her something of a rest, and Sif knew exactly what kind of rest she wanted to give her latest conquest.

So somewhat reluctantly Sif pulled herself from between Wanda's thighs and licked her lips clean of yummy girl cum as she admired her handiwork. The young girl before her lay trembling from the after-shocks of her orgasms, body so wonderfully flushed as Wanda stared up at Sif with awe and wonder. Then this look crossed Wanda's face, a look she had only previously seen on her fully broken bitches, which greatly pleased Sif. Unless she was mistaken Wanda wanted to return the favour, that seeming to be the case as the girl's eyes brightened as Sif slowly took off her clothes and then move to straddle Wanda's face.

Wanda felt so drained after those amazing climaxes she wasn't sure she'd ever be able to move again, at least not without her magic, her body was just so exhausted. Then her eyes focused on Sif and she was overwhelmed with the urge to show her gratitude. She tried to beg for the privilege of returning the favour, but her mouth was to dry from screaming and she still felt like she had no energy. That energy returned to her, or at the very least adrenaline flooded her body, as Sif slowly removed her clothes so thankfully by the time her wonderful Mistress mounted her face Wanda had the strength to stick out her tongue and slide it along Sif's pussy lips.

First her tongue, then her mouth, and then her throat was soothed with the most wonderful liquid Wanda had ever tasted, the smaller girl moaning happily as cautious licking quickly turned to frantic lapping. Soon Wanda felt Sif's yummy pussy wasn't close enough so she lifted her head to wrap her lips around the entrance to the other woman's cunt, hoping that Sif's cream would flow directly down her throat. She was indeed rewarded by more juices, and a chuckle from Sif, Wanda's heart fluttering as it sounded like she was pleasing her new Mistress.

Indeed pleased with her new slut's eagerness Sif moaned, "That's it my pet, worship me just like that. Mmmmmmmmm, I do so love to be worshipped like this, and your pretty little face makes the most delightful seat. Oh yes, I could ride your cute little face forever if you would just keep licking me like that."

This new form of encouragement again caused Wanda's heart to flutter, but it also caused her to wonder what she should do next. She was loving the taste of Sif's pussy, but she really wanted to find out what her Mistress's cum tasted like. After all, if the goddess's regular cunt cream was like heaven wouldn't her cum be even better? Darcy Lewis and Jane Foster seemed to think so, Wanda vividly remembering the thoughts which had gone through the heads of the two women now sleeping in the other room as it had been their faces buried in Sif's cunt like her own was buried now. Those memories made it virtually impossible not to shove her tongue as deep as it would go into Sif's cunt to try and force the cum out of her.

However, Sif had just implied she wanted this to last, and all Wanda had to do was search the mind of the older brunette to know she spoke the truth. So after a long debate with herself Wanda decided to compromise. She wouldn't try and force her Mistress's orgasm until Sif commanded it, however she would make sure she got more of the heavenly cunt juice, Wanda achieving that by beginning to suck the cream from Sif's pussy in between eager licking sessions. Much to Wanda's delight this caused even more encouragement to escape Sif's lips, every word filling Wanda's heart with happiness, more than she could ever remember having.

"Ooooooooooh yessssssssssssss eat my pussy!" Sif moaned, "Eat it just like that you beautiful woman. Mmmmmmmmmm, you may have the face of an innocent child, but you eat pussy like a shameless lesbian slut, ohhhhhhhhhh, and therefore you shall make an excellent addition to my collection. Oh yes, I shall enjoy sitting on your pretty face for quite some time, mmmmmmmmmm, that cute little mouth of yours mine to use whenever I want, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, you as my dyke whore to use as I please, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me Wanda! Fuck me with your cute little tongue just like I fucked yours and truly become my cunt licking lezzie slave! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

Sif hadn't been much of a talker in bed before Lorelai had turned her into this 'abomination', and truth be told she still wasn't. Both in and out of the battlefield she preferred to let her actions speak for her. However many of her pets needed coaching, or just some gentle encouragement, especially during the first time. Sif sensed that this was true of Wanda Maximoff. To be fair, she was rewarded handsomely for her words, Wanda becoming more confident with her tongue and mouth by the second until Sif was unable to speak coherently, and by then the girl was lost in the act of eating pussy.

Just before that moment Sif ordered Wanda to push her tongue inside her, and seconds later the girl obliged, eagerly shoving her tongue as deep into her cunt as it would go, nearly making Sif cum on the spot. Less than a minute later she was cumming, Wanda tongue fucking Sif with a skill and confidence beyond her years. Clearly the girl had studied Sif's mind extensively, learning exactly what the warrior enjoyed most and likely how Sif had used her tongue to please countless women. It also explained the skill of her earlier pussy licking, cute little Wanda Maximoff unknowingly securing her new role as one of Sif's favourite rug munchers.

Of course thought about the future with forgotten as Sif's cum squirted out of her cunt and into Wanda's mouth and all over her face. Bless the girl, she tried to swallow all she could, but Sif practically drowned the poor witch in her cum, especially as she grinded herself downwards to help Wanda push her to a few more climaxes. Oh how Sif wanted to continue, but she desperately needed to complete Wanda's submission to her and take the younger girl's most likely virgin ass. First though, Sif had an idea which would allow her to have a little more fun and reinvigorate herself in the process.

So Sif pulled herself up, much to Wanda's dismay, shifted herself slightly and then quickly lowered herself again while moaning, "Lick my ass hole! Mmmmmmmmm, you did such a wonderful job with my pussy. Oh Wanda, you ate it so well, but now I want to see if you can eat ass half as good as you eat pussy. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, lick my ass hole just like that, mmmmmmmmmmmm, good girl."

Much to Sif's delight Wanda didn't hesitate, licking frantically at the warrior's back door while Sif's hand came down to rub her pussy gently, slowly bringing herself down from her high. Sif didn't need to be a mind reader to know that Wanda clearly wanted to be the one touching her pussy, or perhaps even her own, Wanda's exhausted body once again craving Sif's touch. That was the best thing about women, they re-charged so quickly, especially when in Sif's presence. And Sif would touch Wanda soon enough, but for now Sif was very happy where she was, that being gently pressing her ass down on top of Wanda so once again she was the only thing the other girl could breathe.

Wanda hadn't been looking forward to this as much as eating Sif's cunt but she hadn't been dreading it quite as much as what would come next. After all she had seen how prim and proper Jane Foster had been hesitant at first to lick Sif's ass hole and later had become her Mistress's eager ass licker, and Wanda was delighted to find that, like Jane, there was no unpleasant taste to this and there was a certain thrill to worshipping such an intimate part of another woman's body. The woman who now owned her, Wanda feeling like she was merely giving Sif the respect she deserved.

So she put everything into this rim job, frantically lapping at that puckered hole and eventually trying to push her tongue inside it. Like the countless others that had come before her she didn't get far, but she eventually got as far as anyone else, Wanda feeling honoured to clean the inside of Sif's ass hole so she could prove she desired to be totally submissive to this literal goddess. She even had the courage, and maybe the audacity, to pull Sif down onto her face more firmly so her new Mistress was smothering her with her ass, even more so than she had done with her pussy, Wanda delighting in being surrounded by the smells of Sif's most intimate holes.

From above Sif moaned in pleasure, possibly achieving a gentle orgasm in the process, although it was hard for Wanda to tell. She was to lost in eating Sif's ass out to read the taller brunettes mind, just like with the pussy eating Wanda's head becoming blissfully empty as she worshipped this goddess. The only thing that stopped it from being perfect was that Wanda wasn't the one touching Sif's pussy, or her own needy cunt. Well, that and Wanda feared what it would be like to have her virgin ass taken by the stronger woman, although now more than ever she was willing to do anything to become a slave of Sif.

As if she were the mind reader Sif chose that moment to pull her ass away from Wanda's face, The Scarlet Witch gasping for breath and fighting the urge to pull her new Mistress back down onto her face. Partly because Sif got off the bed momentarily, grabbed the device from the side of the bed and then pressed it to her crotch, straps shooting out and wrapping themselves around her waist while a huge dildo appeared as if Sif possessed a real cock. Sif then slowly covered the dick in lubricant and then return to the bed, grinning wickedly practically the entire time.

"If you've read my mind, you know what I want now." Sif purred.

Wanda blushed and replied, "Yes."

There was a moment of silence, Sif just staring at her latest prize expectantly. Then Wanda nervously turned onto her stomach, pushed her ass up into the air and then spread her cheeks, offering up her ass hole to the delighted Asgardian warrior. An virgin ass hole at that, perhaps the most wonderful prize in all of the nine realms as far as Sif was concerned, and certainly the most precious gift Sif had ever received, the conquering warrior woman licking her lips as she pressed the tip of her strap-on dildo against the witch's untouched anal ring and began to push forwards.

Confirming Sif's suspicions Wanda whimpered, "Please I... I have never done this before. Please be gentle with me. At least for now."

Sif smiled. The girl truly had read her mind, something which definitely didn't bother her during the taking of this most wonderful prize, Wanda's virgin butt hole stretching for the head of her cock looking as beautiful as anything else Sif had ever seen, and during her travels she had seen a great many wonders. Of course to Sif there was no greater wonder or prize or whatever then taking a beautiful woman's anal cherry, the fact that this girl was so young and so very powerful only making it even sweeter when Wanda's ass hole stretched wide enough to allow the head of her strap-on to slide past that tight anal ring and into that tiny little forbidden hole.

Over the years Sif had seen a number of reactions to the losing of one's anal virginity, but the sharp gasp followed by a quiet determination to relax once again proved that Wanda had been inside her head, because in Sif's experience you couldn't just be told what to expect, you have to experience it. And the few mind readers she had been with had told her they hadn't just seen her enslaving other women, they had experienced it. Which made Sif wonder, how many times had this little witch lost her anal virginity in her mind, almost every experience not merely a fantasy but another's memory? How many times had Wanda imagined it was Sif taking her anal cherry?

Wanting to live out the fantasies, and the memories, Sif intended on giving Wanda the ass fucking of a lifetime and thus completing the girl's enslavement. Obviously she needed to complete the anal penetration first, so Sif began slowly sliding the rest of her cock up Wanda's butt, her eyes transfixed at where her weapon of ass destruction was disappearing into the smaller brunette's back hole which was on perfect display thanks to Wanda continuing to spread her cheeks like the perfect anal loving lesbian sex slave. Oh yes, this girl was a really promising addition to her collection, Sif confident that she would spend a lot of time sodomising this tiny girl in the days, weeks and years to come.

Wanda Maximoff had made the ultimate sacrifice for her revenge, and she hoped it would bring her as much joy as it was bringing the beautiful alien woman stretching her ass beyond anything that was intended. Honestly this was the part Wanda had been dreading the most. In fact the more she sensed of Sif the more she dreaded nothing about submitting to this warrior woman except giving up her ass, and even then she knew that Sif would make her cum. It felt absurd right now as Wanda felt as if she would pop like a balloon long before that, but countless women had thought the same only to experience the greatest orgasms in their lives.

That fact was not entirely comforting, because Wanda was not sure she could live with the shame of cumming with a cock up her ass like only the most twisted of perverts. Then again after the amazing climaxes she'd already received it made her feel so good to be bringing Sif this much pleasure, Wanda not needing to be a mind reader to tell that her conqueror was taking great pleasure in Wanda's gift to her. The look on her face alone would have told that, although in this moment Wanda was focused solely on relaxing and therefore unable to avoid read Sif's thoughts, most of them making her blush.

Bizarrely they also helped her relax and to Wanda's astonishment her back passage slowly but surely accepted every inch of Sif's strap-on cock, the older woman taking a moment to savour the completion of the anal penetration before she began to 'officially' give Wanda her first butt fucking. Over and over again Sif would pull her cock about half way out of Wanda's butt hole and then push it back inside, that forbidden orifice slowly becoming used to being a fuck hole until the initial pain and discomfort that had followed was a distant memory and the only thing Wanda felt was unbearable pleasure.

It was mostly unbearable because Wanda felt so ashamed to find herself enjoying this sick and twisted act, the younger brunette hoping that perhaps the older brunette would become impatient and make her cum before it all became too much and Wanda begged Sif to fuck her hard. However she already knew many other women had made that mistake, and again, she didn't need to read Sif's mind to know that the warrior woman would show her no mercy, that she would not escape this experience with even an ounce of her dignity and she might as well beg like an anal prostitute and get it over with.

In that moment, that horribly undignified moment that a huge dildo was pumping in and out of her ass hole, Wanda realised that's exactly what she had become. In her desire for vengeance she had become blind to the fact she was prostituting herself. Literally exchanging her anal virginity and every fibre of her being for the chance to merely upset the man who had taken everything from her. Perhaps sorting out this woman and offering herself to her wasn't the best of plans, but then again the second Sif has stepped onto this plane of existence Wanda knew it was only a matter of time before her virgin ass hole was stretched around Sif's strap-on and she was begging to be her bitch.

So really, she hadn't simply become a whore, she had just accepted the inevitable, and in the name of that Wanda began to beg, "Fuck me. Please, fuck me hard. I want you to tear my ass hole apart. Mmmmmmmmmmm, turn it into your fuck hole. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, turn me into your fuck hole. I want to be your fuck hole Mistress Sif, please grant me the honour of being your fuck hole. Please let me be an orifice for your pleasure, every hole on my body yours to use whenever you want, mmmmmmmmmmmm, my body and powers yours. I wish to be yours oh mighty Sif, please let me be yours. Please let me be your butt slut, your ass whore, your anal slave, your oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, make me your lesbian fuck toy, your dyke whore, your lezzie slut, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddddd make me a dyke! Make me your dyke! Fuck me, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, oooooooooooooh Mistress! Mistress, Mistress Mistress, Mistress, MISTRESSSSSSSSSS AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD! MISTRESS SIF, I, YOURS, I, OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD!"

Even though the pace gradually increased to the point it was hard to talk Wanda kept begging for as long as she could. Even trying to remain coherent long after Sif had pushed her hands off of her butt cheeks so she could 'enjoy the feeling of her latest conquest's ass cheeks jiggling for her, Wanda continued to beg as a sign of respect to the powerful being who now owned her. Yes, Wanda would not only accept her enslavement but do everything in her power to become the crown jewel of Sif's collection. Perhaps even her second-in-command, if she could convinced the other woman to recruit an army and become a true force to be reckoned with.

Such thoughts melted away as Wanda became overwhelmed by how amazing it felt to be ass fucked by Sif. She had been deep inside Sif's head, and the heads of the women Sif had first encountered and were now sleeping soundly a short distance away, but Wanda had a hard time believing what she sensed until she actually felt it for herself. It seemed silly now, that somehow with everything she'd seen Wanda hadn't believed it could feel good to have the giant dildo ravaging her bottom, but now she would happily give up anything including her precious revenge if Sif would just grant Wanda the privilege of being her anal loving sex slave. Perhaps even just anal slave, Wanda smiling blissfully as she imagined Sif only using her ass hole for her pleasure from now on.

The humiliating thought of being turned into nothing but an orifice, using her forbidden hole no less, pushed Wanda over the edge of the greatest climax of her life. Yes, she had thought that before, but Sif kept redefining her understanding of the word ecstasy, pleasure feeling like an insufficient word as she violently squirted, shook and screamed. Perhaps more worryingly her eyes and hands glowed red and various items started to float or fly across the room, and the house possibly shook, although it could have been just Wanda's body again.

Perhaps because she encountered this before, or perhaps because she was too lost in ass fucking Wanda, Sif didn't seem to notice the things going on around her and simply concentrated on destroying Wanda's ass hole, something which felt Sif was literally going to achieve, and yet the Scarlett witch felt nothing but pleasure. Well, pleasure and humiliation, although Wanda became less worried about having her butt so obscenely abused as the pleasure became so overwhelming she turned into a mindless animal, desperately hammering herself back against the thrusts of her Mistress's, Wanda not caring if she ruined her ass forever, she wanted more of this heavenly pleasure, hoping that along the way she could prove herself a worthy addition to Sif's Harem.

Sif was already pleased with her addition, although she couldn't recall ever being displeased, especially when fucking another woman up the ass. And this wasn't merely an ass, but a virgin ass, as tight as Sif had ever known. Of course it was the mental stimulation of robbing this girl of her anal cherry and turning her into an ass whore which was the real icing on the cake for Sif, the far stronger woman struggling not to cum for what felt like a century as she joyfully sodomised the weaker woman.

Even though it became almost painful Sif held back because she knew when she started cumming it would be the beginning of the end, and she was so enjoying this girl's cute butt. However even the mighty Sif had her limits, and the stimulator inside her harness combined with the irreplaceable joys of brutally pounding an ass which had been virgin before Sif had begun this violation ultimately caught up with her and Sif came. Not quite as hard as little Wanda, but Sif had problems imagining it was nearly a satisfying, although naturally the warrior woman pushed through it to ensure more orgasms for herself and her new lesbian slave.

Now the floodgates were open it was even harder to stop herself from cumming and eventually Sif just gave into it, her multiple orgasms quickly piling up and forcing her to stop, or at least take a break. Before that happened Sif try to prolong the pleasure by switching positions from her favourite to her second favourite. For the sake of convenience this unfortunately meant removing her cock from Wanda's ass momentarily, her latest conquest letting out a pitiful cry of being robbed of the toy which had given her so much pleasure. Then Wanda cried out joyfully as Sif picked her up, stood up, turned her around and then skewered her gaping ass hole on her strap-on, all in a matter of seconds.

Before the poor girl knew what hit her Sif began bouncing her up and down her shaft, essentially using Wanda's butt hole to masturbate her fake dick. This made Wanda squeal with ecstasy and desperately cling onto Sif best she could as she truly received a rectum wrecking, Sif genuinely impressed the girl didn't pass out or beg for mercy. Instead she just whimpered, cried and squealed in pure pleasure, pretty much the whole time staring into Sif's eyes with the look of total devotion which told Sif that Wanda Maximoff was broken beyond repair, this girl to forever be one of her conquests, the wonderful feeling of satisfaction that gave her allowing the warrior to slowly decrease her thrusts and then sit down with Wanda still anally impaled on her cock.

For a few minutes the two women just lay there catching their breath, and then Wanda lifted her head from Sif's chest and began bouncing herself on the warrior's cock. She was too exhausted and sore for such an act, the poor girl scrunching up her face in pain as she slid her incredibly sore ass hole up and down Sif's shaft, moving at a snail's pace and having to dig her nails into Sif's shoulders to try and cope with the pain. And yet, Sif found everything about this endearing, especially the fact that Wanda was equal parts desperate for more pleasure and desperate to please her.

Unfortunately the girl took this act of mercy the wrong way, "M, Mistress... have I displeased you?"

Sif smiled softly, "No my pet, I merely wished to give your delightful ass hole a break from being my fuck hole. I also desire to see how stretched it is."

Although Wanda blushed she nodded in understanding and then slowly got off Sif's lap. It was incredibly awkward as she had to pull herself up far enough to remove the dildo from her ass, but Sif helped her by lifting her up and then placing her on the floor, not letting go until she was sure Wanda was securely on her feet. Her latest conquest then blushed again but to her credit she barely hesitated to turn around, bend over and spread her cheeks, presenting Sif with the cutest little gaping butt hole. It wasn't the widest gape Sif had ever caused, but it was nothing to be ashamed of, Sif able to see deep into Wanda's rectum via that little crater which used to be so tiny and tight.

After admiring the sight for several minutes Sif simply pointed out, "You know what I want now, don't you slave?"

"Yes Mistress." Wanda said softly, slowly and awkwardly letting go of her cheeks, straightening up and turning around.

For a moment their eyes locked, then again Wanda blushed and did as she was told, namely falling to her knees, closing her eyes and wrapping her lips around Sif's cock. Then like the countless others before her Wanda moaned as she tasted the deepest part of her bowels on the strap-on, Sif's latest conquest unable to believe she loved the taste of her own ass so much before beginning to greedily suck the flavour off the dildo. Then Wanda began slowly bobbing her head up and down Sif's cock, moaning happily like the slutty little ass to mouth whore she would be from now on.

As Sif reached down to stroke the hair of her new pet encouragingly she wondered, not for the first time, whether her slave's eagerness was because her latest conquest was a perverted slut or whether Lorelai's evil magic was affecting Wanda. In this case she suspected the latter given the girl's innocent complexion. Then again she had learned some of the most innocent looking girls had a hidden dark side, and she sensed much darkness in Wanda. Or at least potential for darkness. So perhaps Sif was doing the world, and indeed Wanda herself, a favour by turning this angry witch into her little lesbian plaything.

Inspired by that thought Sif grinned and began encouraging, "That's right witch, kneel before your Mistress. Kneel and suck her cock. Mmmmmmmmmm yes grovel before me and suck my strap-on clean of your tight little virgin ass. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes, suck it! Take it deep down your throat. Mmmmmmmmm, oh my dear Wanda, I'm going to have some fun with you."

Once again the youthful looking girl blushed but continued to obey, pushing the dildo into her throat and gagging on Sif's cock, Wanda clearly trying to take more but she just couldn't do it. That was okay, Sif loved training her slaves in the art of pleasing her, her two latest well-trained slaves appearing in the doorway, their sleepiness forgotten as they noticed the newcomer. Sif grinned as Darcy and Jane immediately looked from Wanda's bobbing head to her gaping ass hole, realisation crossing first the employee's face and then face of her employer before they look back at Sif with a mixture of awe and lust, clearly impressed that Sif had so quickly and easily added to her collection. They then spent the rest of the night helping Sif welcome Wanda to her new role, Wanda eager to taste Darcy and Jane as they were to taste her before Sif took it in turns to sodomise them.

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