Slaves of Sif

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Bobbi Morse was pushing herself like never before when it came to her training lately. She had always trained hard, but now she wasn't just preparing to protect the world, or even save her own life. No, Bobbi was training to save her dignity. Her self-respect. Hell, Bobbi was literally trying to save her own ass. Because she didn't want to suffer the same fate as Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill when, and probably if, the alien known as Sif attacked SHIELD again. Of course the entire time she was training there was a voice in the back of her head asking, if The Black Widow couldn't resist Sif, what chance did she have? What chance did any of them have? And, was Sif right, had she already won?

Speaking of the devil what Bobbi had feared suddenly happened, and a portal opened up with Sif strolling through it. As usual she wasn't alone, her trusty little side-kick Wanda Maximoff, there to teleport her in and out at will and make sure that everyone at SHIELD witnessed this, video cameras and screens filling the room from out of nowhere. But that wasn't the most disturbing part, as Sif was also accompanied by Agent Romanoff and Director Hill, both naked except for the collars around their necks, complete with leads that Sif was holding so she could pull them along like the pets they had become. They even walked on all fours and panted, the incredibly strong women shameless in their submission to their Mistress.

"Rejoice Lady Warriors of SHIELD, for I have come to make you mine." Sif announced proudly, "Soon you will be nothing but mindless sex slaves, with the honour of devoting your lives to pleasing me. Some of you shall even know the joys of eating my pussy and ass today, and by the end your butt holes will look like this."

With just a snap of Sif's fingers Agent Romanoff and Director Hill scrambled to their feet. For a second Bobbi thought they would attack Sif to try and get some of their dignity back, but no, instead these two proud and strong women walked slightly forward, turned around and bent over while reaching back to spread their cheeks wide open, exposing their gaped butt holes. Which unfortunately Bobbi had seen before, both on a TV screen and in her own shameful fantasies afterwards, although while those gapes had been wide before each of those poor ass holes now looked like the Grand Canyon. Like the initial sight it was one which disgusted Bobbi, and yet to her shame turned her on.

"Yes, your ass holes will be gaped as a sign if your new places as nothing but slaves of Sif." Sif continued with glee, "Isn't that right my pets?"

There was a chorus of yes Mistress Sif, and eager to prove herself Natasha then piped up, "Mmmmm, your butts will all be used for the pleasure of Mistress Sif, just like my fat ass was. Oh yes, you'll all be ass fucked by Mistress Sif, and you will never be the same again."

Also eager to prove herself Maria interrupted her girlfriend, "Oh how I envy you all, because there is truly nothing like your first time with Mistress Sif. You're pathetic attempts to resist her. Feeling the ecstasy she can give you for the first time. That moment where she takes your anal cherry. Mmmmmm, and the moment you break completely. Oh if only I could feel that way again. But once you do, you'll never want to be anything except the personal fuck hole of our Mistress Sif."

Sif chuckled with delight at her slaves words, and then before Wanda could join in asked, "So, who's first?"

There was a deafening silence, and then Melinda May spoke up, "Me."

"Excellent." Sif grinned.

"But only if you can defeat me in combat." May challenged.

Sif laughed loudly, and then after a few long seconds of that questioned, "Are you serious? Please tell me you are serious."

"As a heart attack." May said dryly.

For a moment Sif looked thoughtful, and then arrogantly said, "That's not nearly enough of a challenge."

"Then fight me too." Bobbi piped up, trying to hide her nervousness.

"Oh, this should be good." Natasha grinned, still spreading her cheeks.

"They're the best SHIELD has to offer Mistress Sif." Maria quickly added, "Second to me and Natasha, of course."

"I suppose that makes you third and fourth best." Sif grinned, "I suppose that will do. Yes, I shall enjoy humiliating you in front of your comrades, and making you mine."

"Don't count on it." Bobbi bravely called out, before charging her opponent.

It wasn't her smartest strategy by far, but it wasn't like Bobbi really had any good options. She didn't trust Sif not to call upon her slave Wanda for an unfair advantage even if she got the upper hand, and there was no guarantee Bobbi could have done that even if she was at 100%. Ironically preparing for this fight was her downfall, as when it came she was too tired to put up much of a fight. She tried, but embarrassingly quickly the Mockingbird was pinned to the ground, completely unable to move, Sif grinning down at her as she stood on her neck while Wanda gave her a nice slow three count, just to rub in the fact that she had just been beaten with ease.

"1... 2... 3! You're out!" Wanda called out with delight.

Sif giggled evilly, and then practically purred, "Next?"

May glared angrily at the arrogant so-called goddess, praying to anyone who would listen to give her the strength to knock that smug smile off of her face. Sadly that was her only real move at this point, as while she had been annoyed by Bobbi's recklessness to charge straight in May had barely allowed herself a few seconds to roll her eyes before following suit, hoping their combined flurry of attacks would at least stand a chance against the mighty Sif. After all, they were the best SHIELD had to offer, except for the two shameless whores who were now displaying their gaped butt holes, and given they were broken beyond repair that made Bobbi and May the best.

Alas May was swatted away like a fly, and by the time she landed Bobbi was already on the ground. Then before she could get up Bobbi's shoulders were pinned to the mat and Wanda was counting her out, May unable to do anything but watch in horror as the only SHIELD agent in the room close to her level, and was willing to help her, was defeated in seconds. It was enough to even cause her mask to slip, and for a second her face was awash with fear and panic. Then she got a hold of herself, got to her feet, took a deep breath and then started to circle her opponent, which only seemed to amuse that arrogant bitch, again causing May to struggle to hide her emotions, this time from anger.

While to the untrained eye it looked like Sif was leaving herself open in the process, but May could tell that she was just goading her into attacking so she could counter, just like she had done with poor Bobbi, who was now nursing her neck, and her pride, on the side-lines. May try to wait it out so she could try and give Sif a taste of her own medicine, or at the very least knock Sif on her ass before she destroyed May's. But it was no use, Sif was acting like she had all the time in the world, and she did. SHIELD could throw everything it had at her, and it would fail. Which was why the organisation, and the planet, was leaning towards submitting to Sif's demands to give her any woman she wanted. Which disgusted May, but she almost understand their twisted logic.

This was a war that both May and the world had lost before it began. Sif was just too powerful. Even without Wanda Maximoff backing her up she would be almost impossible to beat, and now she also had the world's best female fighter as her mindless sex slave and a couple of aliens who were just as good, if not better. Then there was Sif's magic, which even now May could feel affecting her, urging her to give in already and dropped to her knees so she could worship her Mistress Sif. It was enough to make May cursed herself for not being entirely straight. It was also enough to make May redouble her efforts to at least not go down without a fight.

Sif was deeply impressed with Melinda May. Not only did she very nearly hit her, but she avoided several of Sif's attacks. At least at first. But she was still only human, meaning she lacked the centuries of experience in supernatural strength that Sif had, so ultimately nature took it's course. Arguably Sif should have rewarded May for this impressive feat by allowing her to lose gracefully, but she just couldn't resist making an example out of her. Or at least more than she already was about too. How? By making her submit of course, specifically by pinning May down onto her front and then pulling her arm back far enough that she was causing the maximum amount of pain without breaking it. Still May refuse to give in, which was more adorably stupid thing was commendable.

"There is no shame in losing with dignity." Sif reminded her opponent, and then after a brief pause added, "I can wait like this all night. How about you?"

There was another brief pause, and then May grumbled, "God damn you."

Then May slapped her hand against the mat repeatedly in the universal sign of giving up, causing Sif to chuckle and let go of the hold, "Excellent! I will so enjoy breaking that fighting spirit of yours Melinda, just like I did to The Black Widow."

Glancing briefly at the defeated Agent Romanoff, who was still displaying herself, May busily grumbled, "We'll see."

"Yes, we will." Sif agreed cheerily as she stood up to her full height and commanded firmly, "Now, get onto all fours and face the rest of your people. You too Bobbi. I wish to admire my latest conquests."

Her defeated opponents grumbled, but did as they were told, Sif watching with glee as May slowly got up on all fours, who was soon joined by Bobbi, both facing the other women and men in the training area, who were now all politely grouped together, providing Sif with a live audience as well as the cameras which would record her conquest of these two women. Sif gave that audience a glance and a wink, before she turned her full attention to the delicious looking round butts in front of her, causing Sif to grin wickedly and even lick her lips as she kneeled down behind them and began to slide her hands all over them, squeezing and cupping the cheeks like a butcher with two juicy pieces of meat.

"Such gorgeous prizes." Sif chuckled wickedly, "I thoroughly look forward to fucking them both. But first..."

Without any further warning Sif gave both of those asses a hard smack. The first strike was simultaneous, Sif doing her best to get both cheeks with each hand. The following strikes were different. Sif started concentrating on one ass and then the other, just by resisting the urge to use her full strength, or close to it, at least for now, instead sticking to a slow gentle pace. She also made sure to spend plenty of time massaging those well-rounded globes, partly to make their first spankings easier on her new pets, but mostly just because Sif did so enjoy making this as humiliating as possible for the two inferior warriors.

Despite starting out slow and gentle, at least by her standards, Sif noticed two very different reactions from her latest conquests, and it pleased her greatly. Melinda May maintained her dignity for the most part, barely letting out a sound from that first strike, and then after that nothing. Hell, she barely even flinched. But Bobbi Morse, oh that was a different story. Bobbi cried out loudly from the very first strike, and then continue to do so as Sif settled into giving her a gentle spanking. She also whimpered pathetically, and got so wonderfully wet. Sif could smell it. And that was nothing compared to the reaction she got when she started to heat things up a notch.

Bobbi wanted to be brave like Agent May, but while she knew she wasn't close to that level she had at least thought that if, and maybe when, the time came she would be able to hold onto a little more of her dignity, at least for a while, as Sif joyfully humiliated her. But when the time came it was just too much. It was too much to be spanked in front of an audience. In front of Agent May. And for it to be right after Bobbi had been so quickly and easily defeated. It was just too much. And just when Bobbi didn't think it could get any worse it did. Worse than she could have ever imagined, because she actually began enjoying it. She actually began getting wet from being spanked, and her only saving grace was no one knew. Then she didn't even have that.

"Mmmmmm, this is fun. But it could be better." Sif taunted gleefully, "Oh, I know... we can make this a bare bottom spanking. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

Before Bobbi could at least try and offer up a smart ass reply Sif grabbed a tight hold of her gym shorts and ripped them apart with ease. Then thankfully she did the same to Agent May and then started to give her the same treatment as she had given Bobbi a few seconds ago, namely near constant strikes to her bottom, pausing only to greedily grope it. Of course Sif had been switching back and forth before, but there had been a few long minutes where she had lingered on Bobbi, overwhelming the poor Mockingbird and making her realise just how wet her pussy was becoming, which really got some pathetic sounds out of her.

Even during the brief rest Bobbi continued whimpering pathetically, partly because her butt hurt, and partly because from the sound of it Sif was kicking things up a notch, but mostly because it wasn't only her ass which was now exposed. No, it was her cunt, and while thankfully her fellow Agents, including Agent May, wouldn't be able to see it from this angle Wanda could, and more to the point she could focus her cameras on Bobbi's pussy and expose the fact that she was wet. Perhaps more to the point, Sif could see it. Or at least she would when she returned her attention to Bobbi. Something which Bobbi was dreading.

Inevitably it happened, but surprisingly when it did Sif didn't say anything. No, she just chuckled with delight and restarted the spanking, but in truth that was more than enough to further Bobbi's humiliation. Then every so often when she stopped to grope her butt Sif would slide her hand over Bobbi's wet twat, causing the Mockingbird to let out a whimper of pleasure from the oh so brief stimulation. Which got a wicked chuckle out of Sif, and a soft one out of Wanda. Bobbi wasn't sure of Agent May's reaction, but she was guessing it was disgust. God knows Bobbi was disgusted with herself, especially as her reactions got even more humiliating.

May was disgusted and ashamed at Agent Morse, but she had bigger problems right now then Bobbi's reactions to this unique brand of torture. After all, her ass was also exposed and being beaten by an alien intent on enslaving her, so May was doing her best to try and avoid that fate. Or at least trying to put up a fight before perhaps succumbing to the inevitable. Which she would have done if there had been no witnesses, but because there were it only pushed May to fight harder to stay silent and not to give Sif what she wanted, which was obviously a reaction. So in a way, although it discussed at her May was kind of grateful for Agent Morse's weakness, because it meant that the other Agent received more of the alien's attention.

Despite herself May found herself smirking as while the force had been increased when it was her turn Sif really kicked things up a notch with poor little Bobbi's butt, gradually phasing out the groping in favour of a constant assault on the blonde's ass, and increasing the power behind those strikes to the point where Sif had to be using at least close to her full strength. As a result Bobbi was not only constantly crying out but literally crying, May not needing to look to know there was tears streaming down her cheeks because she could hear Agent Morse bawling like a baby, breaking the illusion that the Mockingbird was anything but a wannabe.

Of course May should have known better to think that way, as karma quickly bit her on the ass. Or more accurately hit her on the ass, as of course she received the same treatment from Sif minutes later, only it may have been even harder than what Agent Morse had been forced to endure, which was really saying something. To her credit May prevented herself from losing control completely, but even she couldn't avoid reacting completely, and inevitably some cries of pain and anguish escaped her lips. Even a few whimpers and sobs, which was beyond any humiliation May had ever known. At least so far tonight, May having a terrible feeling that she was about to receive more.

Sure enough she found herself breaking down even further as Sif continued going back and forth, beating their butts red and bruised in front of their fellow Agents. And the worst part wasn't that simply Bobbi was enjoying it, but May was too. She told herself it was only because of Sif's magic, because it had to be, but that didn't really matter right now. All that mattered was that May was wet, and Sif knew it. First there was a wicked chuckle that hinted at that, then confirmation as May's pussy was rubbed. Then Sif redoubled her efforts into spanking them, to the point that even May was considering begging for mercy. Thankfully she correctly guessed all she really needed to do was wait until it became too much for Bobbi, and the Mockingbird would suffer that humiliation for her.

"Stop! Please stop." Bobbi whimpered pathetically after several minutes of hard spanking, "I'll do whatever you want, just please, stop spanking me."

"Damn right you will do whatever I want, now turn around and show the class your well beaten butts." Sif ordered gleefully, then grinning wickedly as the formerly proud warriors quickly did as they were told, causing the other SHIELD Agents to gasp at the sight of those bright red asses. Then after giving those students a few long seconds to admire the sight Sif walked in front of where Bobbi was kneeling and then asked her, "Good, now Bobbi, do you want to eat your Mistress's pussy?"

"Yes." Bobbi whimpered.

"You can do better than that." Sif sing-songed.

Bobbi took a deep breath, looked up at the tall brunette, and begged, "Please Mistress Sif, may I have the privilege of eating your pussy? Please? I want it so bad. I want to eat your pussy. I need it. Please give it to me. Please? Oh Sif, my Mistress, make me your pussy eating slut. Please? Please Mistress, give me your yummy cunt."

"I suppose that will do." Sif said, "Go ahead Bobbi, you may have the privilege of eating your Mistress's pussy."

"Thank you Mistress Sif." Bobbi whimpered as she did as she was told.

"And... Natasha, you may have the honour of eating my ass." Sif announced.

"Thank you Mistress Sif." Natasha replied with a blissfully happy smile.

Natasha then let go of her cheeks, turned around, dropped to her knees and crawled over to where her Mistress was standing. As she went Natasha watched Bobbi kneeling before Mistress Sif and after a brief hesitation closed her eyes, leaned forward and then press that pretty face of hers in between the legs of the goddess. God, how Natasha envied her. And she knew that Maria and Wanda did too. After all, a first time with Mistress Sif was something truly special, and the first time tasting her twat, God, Natasha almost wanted to ask Wanda to erase her memory just so she could have that privilege again. Natasha even slowed her role so she could hear Bobbi moan as the taste of pure heaven hit her taste-buds.

Of course Natasha had a privilege of her own to deal with, and that remained her main focus, especially when she reached her destination and she could have the honour of literally kissing Mistress Sif's ass. Then after half a dozen kisses to that firm backside Natasha pressed her face in between those globes and slid her tongue over her Mistress's ass hole, causing the dominant woman to let out a soft moan which caused Natasha's heart to flutter with delight. So naturally Natasha repeated the process, sliding her tongue over Mistress Sif's back hole again and again with the same result. Eventually she even got some words of encouragement out of her owner. Although unsurprisingly they weren't all directed at her.

"Oooooooh yessssssss, that's it Bobbi, lick my pussy. Lick it! Oh yeah, lick it you little slut! Become my pussy licker!" Sif gleefully encouraged, grabbing a hold of Bobbi's blonde hair, "That's a good girl, mmmmmm, lick me! Lick my pussy while Natasha licks my ass hole. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, The Black Widow makes such a great ass kisser! And she's kissing my ass, oooooooh, and licking it. Doing whatever she has too in order to please her Mistress Sif. Just like you Bobbi. And May. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, you're mine now! SHIELD is mine! And every woman in it belongs to me. Oooooooh, you two sluts are proving that. Oh yes Natasha, prove that you belong to me. Mmmmm, yeahhhhh Bobbi, prove just how much you love my pussy! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkk!"

It wasn't much, particularly as Bobbi and the rest of the SHIELD Agents were clearly Mistress Sif's main priority right now. But that was also why it was so special, and while Natasha putting a little extra enthusiasm into her ass licking. Because this was a first for her and Bobbi with their Mistress Sif, and hopefully would be the first of many. Because Bobbi was hella hot, and Natasha really wanted a chance to eat her pussy. Preferably while Mistress Sif was fucking her fat ass, although Natasha was more than happy to take whatever she was given. Also she loved the humiliation of worshipping Mistress Sif's ass in front of the less experienced SHIELD Agents, most of who used to respect and maybe even fear her.

Mostly though Natasha saw it as an honour. After all, she was giving Mistress Sif pleasure, and therefore fulfilling her purpose in life. Sure, it wasn't quite as tasty as the yummy treat Bobbi was enjoying, but for this moment it was enough, and Natasha wanted to show her gratitude for it. She did that by pulling those cheeks apart gently with both hands so she could get even more access to Mistress Sif's butt hole, Natasha beginning to gently suck it as well as lick it, and eventually even try and push her tongue inside. Of course she didn't get very far because unlike Maria and the rest of their fellow slaves Mistress Sif's back door wasn't loosened from constant violations, which increased her Mistress's pleasure, which was the only thing that really mattered.

Bobbi meanwhile wasn't sure what to think. She'd initially been hesitant to submit to this, despite agreeing to it, as it was so humiliating to do it in front of an audience. Particularly as May was part of that audience. And the former Director of SHIELD Maria Hill, and The Black Widow Natasha Romanoff. So three women she greatly respected, along with all the other SHIELD Agents, and who knows how many more thanks to The Scarlet Witch, all witnessing her beginning to orally pleasure the infamous alien who had defeated her in seconds and was hellbent on making SHIELD hers, along with any other woman in the world she wanted. And yet when it started Bobbi just couldn't stop.

In fairness this was far from her first time. In fact she loved pussy. She always had, since first experimenting in the SHIELD Academy. But this wasn't like any other pussy she had tasted before. This was so much better than that. This was heaven in liquid form, and from the very first lick she just couldn't get enough, Bobbi finding herself pushing her face deep into Sif's cunt in search of more of that addictive cream. And oh, did she love hearing Mistress Sif moaning for her as Bobbi pleased her with her tongue. Sif! Not Mistress Sif, just Sif. Bobbi had to remember that, even though it was getting harder and harder as it felt so natural to be kneeling in front of this goddess and worshipping her. Like Bobbi belonged there. Like she had always belonged there. Oh God.

"More! Mmmmm fuck, that's so good Bobbi, but I want more." Sif suddenly demanded while pushing Bobbi's face deeper into her cunt, "Oooooooh yessssss, that's it, more eager lapping is a good start. Mmmmm, now lick my clit. Oh yes, more! More! Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, mmmmmm, linger on it just like that, aaaaaahhhhhhh fuck! Fuckkkkkkkkk, ah shit, you too Natasha. Give me more. Yessssssss, bury that pretty face of yours in my ass! Fucking suffocate yourself in it. Ooooooh yeahhhhhhh, and fuck it! Fuck it with your tongue! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkk yeahhhhhhh, tongue fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue! Oh fuck, especially you Bobbi. Especially you. Oooooooh Goooooodddddddd, shove your tongue inside my cunt and make me cum you bitch! Then you can be my bitch. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, fuck me, oooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd yeeeeeeeesssssss, fuck me!"

Despite her internal crisis Bobbi obeyed each and everyone of Sif's commands. She was even grateful to Mistress Sif for giving her such clear instructions of what she wanted, and for Natasha rimming the superior woman and making it easier for Bobbi to make their Mistress cum. Oh yes, Bobbi wanted to make this goddess cum. She was going to make this goddess cum. Bobbi wanted that more than she'd ever wanted anything, mostly because she wanted to please Mistress Sif. Although if she was being honest with herself Bobbi also wanted the privilege of tasting this woman's cum, because after all, if her regular pussy cream was this good what would her cum taste like?

The answer was beyond any words imaginable, Bobbi feeling like she was cumming just from the feeling of that flavour hitting her taste-buds. With a loud groan she enjoyed Bobbi quickly sealed her mouth tightly around Sif's entrance, removed her tongue just as quickly and then desperately tried to swallow every single drop of girl cum the standing woman could give her. Sadly she didn't quite succeed, but at least she got the majority of it. That was more than could be said for the next few climaxes, as the alien grabbed the sides of her head and firmly started using Bobbi's face as a fuck pad, just something she could rub her cunt against for her own pleasure. Which kind of felt like Mistress Sif was marking her territory, which was both wonderful, and terrifying.

Sif definitely saw it that way. After all, that was the whole point of all of this. To make Bobbi, and the rest of SHIELD, hers. And Sif was determined to do it, no matter what it took. However it didn't seem that Bobbi would be one of her more difficult conquests. Sif had occasionally been wrong before, like ironically with Natasha, but it didn't matter, as that redhead was now frantically eating her ass in an effort to please her Mistress Sif. Besides, Sif really didn't think she was wrong given the way that Bobbi had taken to eating her cunt like a duck to water, obeying each and every one of Sif's commands and then getting ravenous the second she came in her mouth.

It was always so satisfying to see a reluctant but curious slave to be go from cautiously licking her pussy for the very first time to frantically trying to swallow every drop of her cum like the little dyke slut Sif would inevitably turn them into, if they weren't already. And despite her size Bobbi had submissive lesbian bitch written all over her, and clearly was just waiting for a dominant woman to put her in her place. Sif was only too happy to do that, and while she continued by just letting Bobbi work there was something extra special about taking control at this point of a fuck. Especially when she had an audience to witness such total domination.

Now she had made her presence known Sif fully intended to record all of her conquests and transmit the results throughout the world, although in most cases they wouldn't be live, that way if she wanted to she could help her precious Wanda make a little sex tape of herself and her latest conquest, or in this case conquests. Of course while the presence of the cameras were nice it really help having a live audience, especially those who weren't simply her slaves. Yes, Sif fucked enough women in front of her slaves as it was, mostly because those women were slaves, or about to be. But it was truly special to be watched by non-slaves, especially members of SHIELD who could do nothing while Sif used and humiliated their fellow Agents, Sif taking the time to smirk at them while cumming.

Also Sif took one hand off of Bobbi's head and transferred it to Natasha's so she could push the mighty Black Widow deeper into her ass, which only had Natasha eating her ass even more enthusiastically than before. This in turn caused Sif to smirk and cum again, which was wonderful, but sadly it was an end to this wonderful act. Because sure, part of Sif would like to continue like this all night, or at least for a little longer, but she had other things to do if she wanted to conquer Agent May and Agent Morse, and for that she was going to need to save her strength. So Sif reluctantly tightened her grip on blonde and red hair and yanked the two other women away from her before dishing out fresh orders.

"Maria, take your little girlfriend's place." Sif panted, only briefly glancing at the former Director of SHIELD before turning her full attention to Melinda May, "You do the same Agent May. Oh yes, it's time you had the privilege of eating my cunt. Unless of course, you'd prefer to take another spanking first?"

May seriously considered that offer, because while she certainly didn't want to be spanked again she very much liked the idea of at least trying to put up a fight. However she knew at this point it would be for nothing, as Sif would insist on May eating her pussy no matter what. In fact it would be even worse because May was seconds from breaking down before her Bobbi had done it during last spanking, and just the thought of having Sif's full attention when it came to spanking, and the goddess using close to half her strength, was truly terrifying. Besides, if she was honest with herself, part of May wanted to see if Sif's pussy was half as yummy as Bobbi had acted like it was.

So much to her humiliation May slowly began crawling towards the Amazon of a woman with the intent of licking her pussy. Although to her credit she was downright dignified compared to Bobbi stumbling away from Sif with her face covered in cum, and Natasha doing something similar, only staring with jealousy at her precious girlfriend as Maria quickly and eagerly got down behind Sif and buried her face in her ass. Oh God, a woman May used to respect began eagerly eating the ass of the alien who had previously so utterly violated and humiliated her. Stolen her girlfriend. Enslaved her! And now Maria was willingly worshipping Sif's ass.

Was that going to be May's fate? No, May promised herself that as she reached her destination, closed her eyes, stuck out her tongue and pressed it against Sif's cunt. She would remain strong. She would not be defeated by this woman. Not again. She had to... God, Sif's pussy cream was pure heaven, May becoming completely addicted to it as soon as it hit her taste-buds. After that May started eagerly repeating the process she had just performed, namely sliding her tongue from the bottom of Sif's pussy and then sliding it all the way to the top, resulting in more of that heavenly cream that the normally composed super spy just couldn't get enough of.

It wasn't long after that May was fucking her face deeper into Sif's yummy pussy, and more importantly pushing her tongue inside her Mistress Sif. No! Just Sif. May had to remember that, regardless of the cost, otherwise all was lost. She would be lost. She would become just another slave of Sif. Of course the annoying thing was that right now that didn't sound so bad. In fact it kind of sounded like heaven to be able to regularly eat this yummy treat, please this obviously superior woman. And oh God, what would it be like to be fucked by a goddess? And what would a goddess's cum taste like? May didn't know, but thanks to Mistress Sif, and her very clear instructions, she was soon going to find out.

"That's it Melinda, mmmmm, lick my clit just like that." Sif gleefully ordered, "Can I call you Melinda? Agent May seems a little formal when your face is buried in my cunt. Mmmmm, I'll take that as a yes. Well Melinda, I want you to linger on my clit like a good little submissive dyke. Yessssss, that's it, make me feel good, don't make me cum. Not yet. Oh yeah, just tease me with your queer little tongue. Ohhhhhh fuck yeah, you too Maria. Eat my ass just like your girlfriend did! Oooooooooh yeahhhhhh, taste her saliva on my fucking ass hole! Oh fuck, lick my ass! Lick my pussy. That's it, good little lezzie sluts, mmmmm, oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, eat me!"

Maria was really jealous of May right now as she was knowing the privilege of eating Mistress Sif's pussy. Well, May was doing it for the very first time, and while there was something to be said for discovering just how wonderful Mistress Sif tasted when Maria had finally been granted that privilege for the first time it had been somewhat ruined by her own stubbornness to accept her place, and she could tell May was suffering the same way she had. Oh yes, Maria definitely preferred things as they were now, as she knew exactly how lucky she was to be eating that yummy treat, and the even tastier treats that May was about to be introduced too. Namely Mistress Sif's cum, just the thought making Maria want to push May out of the way so she could take over.

Those thoughts were of course a disservice to the current privilege Maria had been gifted with. After all, there was a whole bunch of sex slaves right now that were being denied the privilege of pleasing their Mistress, not to mention all the women around the world yet to known the joy of submitting to this goddess. Besides, there was something so perfect about literally being able to kiss her Mistress's ass, especially in front of a crowd of SHIELD agents on a SHIELD base, as this was the former Director of SHIELD proving she now knew her place. That she was now Mistress Sif's ass kissing bitch, and proud of it.

Also while it didn't taste quite as good as Mistress Sif's pussy Mistress Sif's ass still tasted yummy, and in the beginning Maria could taste Natasha's saliva on Mistress Sif's butt hole. It wasn't the first time, and it brought back wonderful memories of taking it in turns to worship this ass to prove their loyalty after the first one and then the other was broken, while first one and then both happily spoke words of devotion to their rightful owner. They had even shared rimming duties a few times, their tongues touching while licking Mistress Sif's ass hole in what had to be one of the most twisted kisses ever. Which she had also done with Wanda, but it was more special when it was with her girlfriend.

Of course now Mistress Sif's ass hole was 100% Maria's responsibility, and while it definitely helped that there was some other slut licking Mistress Sif's pussy at the same time that she was tonguing Mistress Sif's back hole that didn't mean she should spend the whole time daydreaming about the past. No, Maria devoted every ounce of her attention she possibly could to the rim job, while keeping a careful look out for any commands that may come her way, either from Wanda or for more likely directly from Mistress Sif. Sure enough the latter came, Maria eagerly shoving her tongue as far up her Mistress's butt hole as she could possibly push it as soon as she was given permission too as she just wanted to do her part to make the superior woman cum.

Sif again held back on her own desire to cum for quite a while, both to show off her abilities and to further May's enslavement. Well, also for her own enjoyment, but the most important thing here was breaking Melinda, which seemed to be going very well given how the stubborn SHIELD Agent quickly when from reluctantly licking her cunt to eagerly lapping away at it like a pussy starving little dyke slut. Oh yes, Melinda's training was coming along swimmingly, and as always Sif was convinced that all it would take was one hard butt fucking and she'd have another edition to her collection. Or more accurately two. Two sexy and capable warriors for her collection of sex slaves, and perhaps even her army.

But that was getting ahead of herself. For now Sif just chose to concentrate on the amazing pleasure she was feeling as, under her instructions, Melinda May went from steadily licking her pussy to lingering on her clit and then eventually taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. Meanwhile the former Director of SHIELD was eagerly rimming Sif in front of her former employees, further proving her submission to her. Which made it very, very difficult to hold back on her urge for a climax, or more likely several given her previous track record. Yes, Sif's stamina was impressive, but sadly it was not infinite, and ultimately she was forced to order her sluts to push her over the edge. The real trick was maintaining her dominance while doing it.

"Yesssssss, eat my fucking ass you bitch! Mmmmmm fuck, eat it! Eat it good, oooooooh, now go deep. Shove your face deep in my ass and tongue fuck me you fucking butt muncher! Yesssss, munch my butt, ohhhhhhh, stick your naughty little butt munching tongue up my ass, ooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk! Sif moaned, before ordering, "Now make me cum. Make me cum Melinda! Bury your tongue in my cunt while your former boss buries her tongue in my ass and make me fucking cum! Do it you little dykes, ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, mmmmmmm, that's it, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck me! Fuck! Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, fuck me with your tongue! Ooooooooh fuck me and make me cum! Do it now, oooooooh yeahhhhhhh! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeee yessssssss!"

Unsurprisingly it didn't take long for Melinda, and particularly Maria, to give Sif what she wanted. The obvious difference was that unlike her fellow slaves, and particularly her girlfriend Natasha, Sif's ass hole wasn't a slutty fuck hole, so Maria wasn't able to get her tongue very far into it. Meanwhile with only a slight hesitation Melinda shoved her tongue deep into Sif's pussy, pushing as much of it inside her as she could and then beginning to thrust in and out. She even started off slow but then worked her way up like a good little cunt muncher, until not even Sif's legendary stamina could hold back her inevitable climax. Although to be fair there had been a lot of build-up, and Sif was surrounded by her slaves. And future slaves. So she had nothing to be ashamed of.

Indeed when the moment came the only thing that Sif felt was the kind of pure pleasure she had become totally addicted too, and had only known from fucking another woman. Or in this case women, she thought with a wicked smile. Wanting to savour that feeling Sif closed her eyes and just savoured that first intense orgasm, and the fact that the little dyke sluts immediately went to work on making her cum again. Deciding to spoil them, and push Melinda further towards breaking, Sif tightened the grip she had on the back of their heads and pushed Maria and Melinda deep into her ass and pussy, and then started grinding against their faces, basically using them as a way to get off. And oh, did it work.

May had been struggling to resist her growing desire for Sif's pussy, but she became completely lost in it the second Mistress Sif's cum hit her taste-buds. She'd tasted some delicious things in her time, but Mistress Sif's cum was easily the best. It was like liquid heaven, and May became obsessed with getting as much of it into her belly as she possibly could, greedily gulping it down as it flowed into her mouth and then quickly reinserting her tongue into her Mistress so she could try and get more. Oh yes, she tongue fucked her Mistress as hard and as deep as she could until finally she was rewarded again, which made her heart flutter with joy.

Sadly Mistress Sif began fucking her face, which in her current state May knew she should consider a reward, but it meant she couldn't even swallow the majority of this goddess's cum. Although in quite a nice consolation prize her face became covered in her Mistress's cum, making May feel like she was being branded by her new owner. Ironically that thought caused her to snap out of it, and after a few long moments of self-loathing May once again promised herself she would resist. However seconds later she was pushed away, and May was actually disappointed. Not because she feared was next, not because she had been enjoying it so much.

"Nice work Agent May. You'll be a cunt lapping bottom yet." Sif taunted before she ordered, "Wanda, equipped me with a strap-on."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda said lovingly, her hands and eyes glowing as she made a strap-on dildo appear from nowhere and attach itself around the waist of her Mistress.

Then without needing to be asked Wanda made anal lube cover Mistress Sif's newly equipped cock as Sif addressed the two women she was breaking in, "Bobbi, Melinda, your training is coming along swimmingly. I'm so proud of you. Yesssss, you're both such eager little pussy pleasers. But now it's time for you to be truly broken in, and you know what that means, don't you? Yes, that's right... it's ass fucking time! So bend over bitches! Mmmmm yes, I want both you sluts to stick your asses up in the air for me to fuck. Come on, face down, ass up! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, give Mistress those virgin asses! You too Melinda. Do not make me tell you again!"

"Yes Mistress Sif." Bobbi whimpered pathetically in the middle of Sif's speech, doing as she was told.

May managed to keep glaring at her conqueror for a few long seconds, but ultimately she lowered her head and did as she was told while mumbling, "Yes Mistress Sif."

"That's better." Sif smiled, before correcting them, "But, face your little work friends while doing it. Yes, that's it. Good girls. I want the rest of SHIELD to be able to see the look in your faces when you cum for me... actually, point your asses at them. Yes, now Natasha and Maria, you come either side and give your little friends a quick rim job. Yessssss, I want you to eat the asses of your fellow SHIELD agents, and I want the rest of SHIELD to get the best look possible of it. Oooooh yes, make them love it up the ass almost as much as I'm about too. Oh fuck yeah! I love watching bitches playing together for my amusement."

There was a chorus of 'yes Mistress Sif', and then Natasha and Maria quickly crawl over to kneel either side of Bobbi and May, spread their ass cheeks apart and then leaned down so they could lick their ass holes. Maria and Natasha had to look ridiculous while doing this, because their heads were upside down as they were leaning over, although they had made it very clear they had no shame before they began rimming May and Bobbi, and this only confirmed it. And God dammit, May loved a rim job. Apparently even when it was preparation to get her virgin ass hole violated. Which was another thing Sif was taking from her, the joy of making a sub eat her ass out.

It didn't help matters that of course The Black Widow was an expert in all things sex, which very much included rim jobs, Natasha's tongue worshipping May's ass hole like a skilled pro, while clearly Bobbi received the same treatment from Maria. Or near enough. Maria Hill had been turned into a shameless ass kisser, but May doubted she could match what she could was currently receiving. Besides, Bobbi was not way more fun than she was, given just how loudly she was crying out in pure pleasure. If Bobbi wasn't completely broken she soon would be, and perhaps that was all that May could hope for now, that she would at least outlast the Mockingbird before succumbing to Mistress Sif's dominance and power.

"Mmmmmm, that should be more than enough for these ass whores in training. Stop licking and turn around. Yesssss, that's it girls, face your friends. Face your fellow agents of SHIELD as you are conquered!" Sif chuckled with delight, "No, don't stop spreading their cheeks! Spread them wider! Yessss, spread those cheeks nice and wide so I can get the best possible look at their virgin butt holes stretching for me! Ohhhhh yes, that's so pretty. Mmmmm, two pretty little butt holes just waiting to be broken in and conquered forever. Just like the women there attached too. But who should have the honour first? Oh, I know, how about the pathetic loser who I defeated in five seconds? Yesssss, mmmmm, get ready Bobbi, because now your loser ass hole is mine!"

Bobbi whimpered pathetically as she could feel her cheeks being spread by Maria, exposing her vulnerable little virgin hole. She whimpered even more pathetically when she felt the head of Sif's cock pressing against her back door. Of course the goddess just couldn't get it over with. No, she had to tease her. Rub that big dildo up and down her ass crack for several long seconds, before finally firmly pressing her strap-on against her target and causing Bobbi's most intimate hole to slowly begin to stretch, the Mockingbird crying out softly as the anal penetration began. The next cry, followed by a whimper, that Bobbi let out echoed throughout the room, signifying the moment that her anal ring stretched wide enough to allow Sif's dick to slip through it and into her ass, officially robbing her of her butt cherry.

"Oh yes." Sif moaned gleefully, "Truly there is nothing quite like taking an inferior warrior's anal cherry."

That's what Bobbi was to Sif. Nothing but an inferior warrior. One she had defeated embarrassingly easily, and now Sif was gleefully inflicting the ultimate humiliation upon her conquest. The ultimate defeat. Yes, Bobbi was being taken in her most intimate hole, and just the feeling of that cock entering her ass in combination with those words broke something deep inside of her. She felt completely and utterly defeated and humiliated, to the point where she wasn't just an inferior warrior to Sif, she was a fuck hole. Nothing but an orifice for this superior woman's pleasure, which shouldn't have been in anyway an enjoyable thought, but somehow it was.

Even as Sif slowly began pushing forwards and stuffing inch after inch of dick into her rectum Bobbi felt an odd sense of gratitude at being put in her place. She'd experienced the same feeling earlier, but this was so much more intense, and added to the bizarre pleasure of being taken in this way, making the pain and discomfort of being anally invaded more than bearable. And it almost felt worth it when she felt Sif's thighs come to rest against her butt cheeks, announcing she had buried every inch of her strap-on deep within Bobbi's bowels, which somehow felt like an achievement the humiliated Mockingbird should be proud of. After all, she'd just taken her Mistress's full length with only a few whimpers and cries of pain.

After a few long seconds Sif began pumping in and out of her ass hole, and Bobbi was shocked at how quickly her back passage relaxed and accepted this violation. Maybe it was magic, or maybe she was just naturally an anal slut, but whatever the case Bobbi soon found herself letting out a moan of pleasure. Although she had her eyes closed at that time she could sense May staring at her with disgust, and Sif, her Mistress, grinning wickedly. Pretty much immediately afterwards the cock was removed from her butt and Bobbi let out a cry of protest, very nearly verbalising her displeasure only to be stunned into silence as she watched the goddess confidently walk over to May, clearly intending to do the same to her.

"Are you ready for your turn Agent May?" Sif asked almost conversationally, and then when she received no reply chuckled, "That's what I like to hear, defiant to the end."

May gritted her teeth, but refused to reply as it would only give Sif even more satisfaction. It was the same reason she tried to maintain her silence throughout the unspeakable violation she received next, and to her credit she mostly managed to succeed. The first part was easy as Sif insisted on teasing her like she had done to Bobbi before finally beginning to anally violate her, however May couldn't quite keep silent the moment that her back hole stretched wide enough to allow the head of Sif's cock to slide through it and into her butt. No, then she was forced to let out a soft cry of pain and humiliation, but it was just all too much.

The worst part was that there was just so many witnesses. Especially the younger Agents watching with disbelief and no doubt losing every ounce of respect for her as she lost her anal virginity to this alien. Although the knowledge that the whole thing was being broadcast across the world wasn't pleasant, and it was incredibly annoying to have Natasha Romanoff, a woman she used to respect before she became a mindless fuck toy, gleefully spreading her cheeks to please her Mistress, and no doubt enjoying watching May getting anally taken like she had been. Then of course there was Sif, who was no doubt enjoying this most of all.

As if to prove that Sif moaned, "Mmmmmm yes, truly there is nothing like taking an inferior woman, bending her over and making her your bitch forever by taking her most intimate hole for the very first time."

After that there was some cruel laughter, and maybe a few more words, but May did her best to block them out and concentrate on surviving this indignity with an ounce of her self-respect. It would be a difficult task, because although it was such an unthinkable act part of May was already finding enjoyment in it. She told herself it was only Sif's magic, or perhaps Wanda's, which was giving her such unnatural feelings, but May knew only too well that even the most dominant women had the desire for submission deep inside of them, and she very much feared that Sif might just be the person to finally bring that out of her.

Luckily any initial enjoyment was drowned out by the feeling of pain and humiliation at first being anally violated and then having her ass stuffed with strap-on cock. Sif did pause to savour the moment, but inevitably she pushed forward, refusing to stop until every inch was in May's butt. She then began slowly sodomising her until the pain faded and the humiliation intensified as May felt something like physical pleasure. Thankfully that was the moment Sif switched holes again, however she then started to go back and forth between them, and even when May was being left alone she was still on her hands and knees with her cheeks being spread like nothing but a fuck hole waiting to be filled. Which was exactly what she was right now.

Maria had always loved the sight of another woman's ass hole stretching for a strap-on, especially when that woman's ass cheeks were being spread to give her a better view. Before being enslaved Maria like to make the woman she was butt fucking spread her own cheeks, or get another sub to do it, although occasionally she had done it herself. It wasn't quite as satisfying now, but she was getting such a better view now she was so close to the action, watching her Mistress's big cock sliding in and out of Bobbi's butt hole. God, Maria wasn't sure who she was more jealous of, Bobbi or Sif. Only that wasn't true. Part of her wanted to be, but the truth was Maria's ass hole quivered with jealousy as she watched Bobbi have the honour of taking Mistress Sif up her butt.

Even though her own ass hole was still gaping wide open and aching from a recent pounding Maria found herself biting her lip to stop herself from begging Mistress Sif to use her bitch hole instead. Perhaps even Natasha's whore hole and hers instead of Bobbi's and May's. Of course she knew that wasn't going to happen. Mistress Sif was breaking in a couple of bitches, and her already broken sluts were having the honour of helping her, so Maria should just shut up and be grateful. And she was, because it was so, so wonderful to watch her Mistress sodomising Bobbi. But that didn't stop her from wanting more. And surprisingly, she got more. Just not the way she would have preferred.

"Suck it." Sif ordered, suddenly pulling out of Bobbi's back hole and then pressing her dildo against Maria's lips, "Suck my cock clean of Bobbi's slut butt! Oh yes, that's it Maria, mmmmmm, suck it! Suck my dick! Ooooooh, that's it you little cock sucker, bob your head up and down on my cock! Clean it of your former ally's butt hole. Yessssss, you like that, don't you, you filthy little ass to mouth whore! Yeahhhhhh, Maria Hill loves the taste of Bobbi Morse's ass hole! Mmmmm yessssssss, suck it! Ohhhhhhh fuck yes, that's so hot, mmmmmmm, oh fuck! Oh Maria! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeessssss, suck it!"

While it wasn't the inclusion she would have preferred Maria wasted no time in wrapping her lips around the head of the dildo the second she got the chance as nothing would stop her from pleasing her Mistress. Then she closed her eyes and moaned softly at the joy of tasting the deepest part of Bobbi's butt for the first of what would no doubt be many times, Maria savouring that flavour before greedily slurping every last drop of that off of that tip. Once it was clean Maria started bobbing her head up and down, just like Mistress Sif ordered her too, and she was merely rewarded for it with more yummy butt cream. And of course more verbal encouragement from her Mistress.

Thanks to that encouragement and reward, and her training from Mistress Sif, Maria was able to deep throat the full length of the strap-on in what felt like no time at all and get every drop of that precious ass juice. Then of course her Mistress switched fuck holes, pulling her cock out of Maria's mouth and shoving it straight up Bobbi's ass in one swift movement which had Maria letting out a sigh of disappointment and Bobbi letting out a cry of pain and pleasure. However in an equally predictable move Mistress Sif started going back and forth between Bobbi's butt and Maria's mouth, meaning that Maria constantly got to taste the other SHIELD Agent's ass. Then things got really interesting.

Natasha had always loved the sight of another woman's ass hole stretching for a strap-on, especially when that woman's ass cheeks were being spread to give her a better view. Before being enslaved Natasha like to make the woman she was butt fucking spread her own cheeks, or get another sub to do it, although occasionally she had done it herself. It wasn't quite as satisfying now, but she was getting such a better view now she was so close to the action, watching her Mistress's big cock sliding in and out of May's butt hole. God, Natasha wasn't sure who she was more jealous of, May or Sif. Only that wasn't true. Part of her wanted to be, but the truth was Natasha's ass hole quivered with jealousy as she watched May have the honour of taking Mistress Sif up her butt.

The difference between herself and Maria was that Natasha had been broken a lot sooner than she had. In fact it felt like a lifetime. Sometimes. The point was she was much more used to being in this position, and while part of her also wanted to beg to be butt fucked, and later for Mistress Sif to use her mouth for cleaning, Natasha stayed silent because she knew it was what the top wanted which was all that ready mattered, and pleasing her top gave her great joy. Especially such an Alpha female like Mistress Sif. Besides, she was confident that sooner or later she would be involved, and sure enough Mistress Sif eventually switch to first May's ass, then Natasha's mouth.

"Mmmmmm yes, suck it my little Black Widow." Sif encouraged gleefully when she switched fuck holes again and Natasha immediately started cleaning her cock, "Suck it clean like a little ATM whore! Just like your little girlfriend. Yessssss, you and your little girlfriend are my little whores. Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill are my little ass to mouth whores, and everybody knows it. Especially those in SHIELD! Yesssssss, let your former teammates see what you have become. Ooooooh, what these other two sluts will become, by taking that ass flavoured cock deep down your throat you fucking ATM slut! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, suck it! Suck my big dick, ooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeessssssss!"

Once that big dick was in her mouth Natasha wasted no time in greedily sucking the deepest part of Melinda May's butt juices from those first few inches. Then the second they were clean Natasha started bobbing her head up and down while looking up at her Mistress with total devotion in her eyes. Mistress Sif smiled back, stroked her hair, and of course continued the verbal encouragement/humiliation, although Natasha barely paid attention to it. She loved it, sure, but not as much as the taste of ass juice, and she was hoping to get more if she cleaned it quickly. Also she was taking mercy on her former friends, because this way Mistress Sif would go back to fucking their butts sooner. Although it was mostly the former, if she was being honest.

So it wasn't long before Natasha was stuffing every inch of that big dildo down her throat with practised ease so she could get every last drop of May's anal cream. The downside was soon after that Mistress Sif's dick left her mouth, but as predicted it soon returned, and not just with May's butt cream, but Bobbi's too, Mistress Sif beginning to switch between all four of the fuck holes in front of her. Oh God, it made Natasha feel so close to Maria, and closer than ever before to Bobbi and May. Especially as they were doing this in front of younger and less experienced SHIELD Agents. Of course she could feel the resolve of Bobbi and May beginning to crack, especially Bobbi, so it was no surprise that Natasha's involvement temporarily came to an end.

"Please..." Bobbi whimpered pathetically, "Fuck me..."

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear that." Sif grinned, "What did you say?"

There was a brief silence and then Bobbi whimpered again, "Please Sif, fuck me. I... I... I need to cum.  Please make me cum? Please?"

"Well... I think you can do better." Sif said thoughtfully, and then when her challenge wasn't answered promptly enough for her liking Sif shrugged, "Oh don't worry, you'll have all night to think about it. In the meantime... Wanda, it's your turn to clean some cock."

"Yes Mistress." Wanda said, eagerly falling to her knees in front of Mistress Sif.

Wanda had been so worried that she wouldn't get the opportunity to suck some cock, but she should have known better. Mistress Sif was so wonderfully inclusive, and Wanda had been so good, patiently waiting her turn to shine, while knowing the priority was humiliating the former and the current Agents of SHIELD. But now it was finally her turn to prove what an obedient ass to mouth slut she really was for this superior woman, and of course to get some yummy ass cream. Which was why it was difficult not to gobble up every single inch into her experience throat and slurp that big dildo clean in a matter of seconds.

That would definitely prove her sluttiness and devotion, but she had something a little more wicked in mind. Something which would make sure that at least one of these SHIELD sluts would break. Namely slowly opening her mouth, leaning forward and then placing the tip of Mistress Sif's cock against her tongue. Then while maintaining eye contact with her owner Wanda very slowly wrapped her lips around the head of that strap-on and began sucking it clean. Then of course she bobbed her head up and down it, eventually taking every inch down her throat, but she did this slowly as possible, giving both Bobbi and May an agonisingly long time without the feeling of Mistress Sif inside them.

Even when they were given that joy again it wasn't for long, Mistress Sif barely giving them enough thrusts to keep on the edge of orgasm before pulling out and shoving her dick deep into the mouths of her slut. For a few wonderful minutes Wanda's mouth actually got priority, the Witch's heart fluttering at becoming her Mistress Sif's primary fuck hole. And of course, getting to taste those two yummy asses. The only downside of which was Wanda knew how temporary this was. Bobbi was on the verge of breaking, and May was far closer to it then she wanted anyone to believe, which Wanda was only too happy to let Mistress Sif know via their psychic link.

She then got a wonderful idea to push them over the edge which Wanda passed on to Mistress Sif. Thankfully it was clear that Mistress Sif agreed, first with the wide grin on her face, and then by reaching down and grabbing hold of the side of Wanda's head before beginning to pump her hips back and forth. She did this slowly at first, but gradually increased the pace until she wasn't just gently fucking her face any more, she was ravaging her mouth like it was a whore's cunt, or ass hole. Just the way that Bobbi and May were desperate to be anally pounded right now, Wanda's heart fluttering with joy at knowing she was pushing both of them into submission by allowing Mistress Sif to throat fuck her, and more importantly that Mistress Sif found her mouth so pleasing.

Bobbi had known plenty of pain and torture in her time as a spy, but this was far worse than anything she'd ever experienced before. Her butt hole just felt so neglected by Mistress Sif's cock. It ached for it. It needed it. It had to have it. God, Bobbi's most private orifice needed Mistress Sif's big bitch-tamer inside it. Bobbi needed Mistress Sif inside of her. She needed that like she needed oxygen. Didn't Mistress Sif understand that? More importantly, didn't Wanda? She was supposed to be a mind reader, and yet the selfish bitch was hogging that big goddess cock all to herself. And she'd had it for months. It was Bobbi's turn, God damnit!

Time and time again Bobbi opened her mouth to speak the truth of what she now was, and what she now so desperately needed, and would have done what felt like hours ago if it wasn't for her audience. If it wasn't for May. And she hated them for it, especially May. Also Bobbi hated herself. After all, why should she care what anyone else thought of her? In the end Bobbi was just a walking fuck hole for Mistress Sif, and the only real reason she had to be ashamed was not bending over and spreading her cheeks the second Mistress Sif had appeared, instead of fighting her like she actually had a chance against her. Yet it seemed to take forever for Bobbi to find the courage to properly beg for what she so desperately wanted.

"Please... please fuck me... please..." Bobbi whimpered, which was all she had managed at first, but eventually her desperation to be fucked properly and made to cum gave her the strength she needed to firmly call out, "Mistress Sif, fuck my ass! I need you to fuck my bitch ass Mistress Sif! Please fuck it like the whore hole it is. Please? Mmmmmm, fuck my ass hole Mistress Sif, please, I know now it's yours to screw, so please use it. Use it for your pleasure. Mmmmmm, it's yours! I'm yours! I'm your bitch! I'm your little anal loving dyke bitch! And your butt slut, and your ass whore, and your personal fuck hole on legs, and anything else you want me to be. Most importantly of all, I'm your slave. Oh yes, I'm just another slave of Sif. Or at least, I want to be. Please Mistress Sif, slam fuck my whore butt and make it official! Butt fuck me like a slut and make me cum! Please? Please fuck me in the butt and ohhhhhhhh yessssssssss, that's it, fuck me! Fuck my slutty little ass hole, ooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, that's good! That's so fucking good! Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, God yes, fuck me hard Mistress Sif, fucking wreck my rectum, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh shit!"

At first Mistress Sif ignored her and continued to fuck Wanda's throat, but eventually after she had become really desperate Bobbi got what she wanted, albeit not in the way that she anticipated. After all, given everything which had come before she was expecting taunting, but instead Mistress Sif silently returned to her, slowly slid her cock back inside her ass, gently pushed Wanda out of the way and then restarted the sodomy. Mistress Sif unnecessarily started out slow, but then quickly increase the pace until she was pounding Bobbi's butt with what had to be every ounce of her strength as the Mockingbird felt that she was being spanked again and the sound of flesh meeting flesh was almost as loud as her screams. But it was all worth it to finally cum.

If there had been a tiny part of Bobbi which wasn't completely broken it was the moment her first anally induced orgasm hit. Or perhaps more accurately, Bobbi wanted to be a slave of Sif before her mind shattering climax, and after it she needed to be Mistress Sif's anal sex slave like she needed oxygen. It was necessary to her survival to be able to feel this way again, and Bobbi didn't care what she had to do to receive it. Luckily for her she would receive it again, and again, and again, her Mistress effortlessly sodomising her to multiple climaxes, and just when Bobbi didn't think it could possibly get any better somehow it did.

Sif chuckled with delight the moment the Mockingbird Bobbi Morse broke completely and became just another notch on her belt. She didn't need to be told by Wanda, who told her anyway, because she could practically taste it in the air. It was practically a power she had acquired while making so many other women hers. Plus it helped that Bobbi lifted herself onto all fours and started hammering herself back against her, making those big meaty cheeks of hers jiggle even more from the force of Sif's thighs relentlessly smacking against them. Which of course was another reason for Sif chuckling with delight, Sif rewarding her new slave with several more climaxes before switching to her little friend Melinda May.

In the middle of brutalising Bobbi's butt hole with every ounce of strength she dared to give it Sif concentrated on May's reaction to her friend's humiliation for a while. Well, she always kept an eye on it because it was so satisfying, but the most satisfying parts like when Bobbi truly began begging to be butt fucked and enslaved, and finally the moment the Mockingbird broke completely. During those moments May's mask slipped completely and anyone could plainly see the look of disgust on her face, but Sif and her slaves could also see the fear and desire to join Bobbi enslavement. Which was something she wouldn't have to wait much longer for, but for now Sif concentrated on breaking Bobbi beyond repair.

That involved anally riding Bobbi for as long as the other tall woman slammed herself back against Sif, and then when the poor little human ran out of steam in collapsed Sif lifted her up into the air and repositioned her so they were face to face while standing, all without the dildo leaving the blonde's ass hole. Sif then paused to savour the moment, and the look on Bobbi's face, and then she started bouncing the Mockingbird up and down, making Bobbi whimper pathetically. Then moan in pleasure, then scream in ecstasy, Sif starting out slow but increasing the pace until she was making Bobbi cum over and over again, Sif showing Bobbi's poor little butt hole absolutely no mercy as she tried to literally ruin it.

Along the way Bobbi wrapped her arms and legs around her, which was pretty impressive given how Sif was ravaging her. It certainly made Sif grin with delight. Or more accurately grin even more. In fact there may have been a stupid grin glued to her face, Sif unable to help it when she was wrecking another woman's rectum and enslaving her. Besides, it didn't really matter as Bobbi just stared back at her with a look of total devotion and even love, yet another sign she had been truly broken. The only question was now did Sif want to anally pound Bobbi into unconsciousness, or did she want to leave her with just enough strength to prove her devotion? As always in this situation the former was incredibly tempting, but Sif preferred the latter. Especially in this case. So eventually, reluctantly Sif stopped in the name of further humiliating this woman, and SHIELD itself.

Bobbi wished she could have been butt fucked forever by her Mistress Sif, especially when the superior woman effortlessly showed off her strength by switching their positions midair and then starting to bounce Bobbi up and down her lap like she was a small child, and not the giant of a woman she was. To look into the gorgeous eyes of Mistress Sif while she was taking her in such an intimate way, which showed off her superiority, oh God, it was a moment Bobbi would live for from now on. And one she had no idea how she had ever managed without. But sadly in this life there was no such thing as never-ending paradise, although clearly Bobbi had just received the closest thing to it.

One moment she was in that paradise, the next Bobbi was being unceremoniously dropped down to the floor where she crumpled into a sweaty heap, whimpering with pain as she landed on her incredibly sore butt. Rolling onto her side Bobbi lay there quivering for a few long seconds, her brain struggling to comprehend what had just happened. Then she sensed something. Someone standing over her, and she looked up to see a goddess towering over her. Her goddess. Her Mistress. Her wonderful Mistress Sif who had just given her the greatest ecstasy she'd ever known, and was offering her the once in a lifetime chance to really feel that as one of the lucky women who got to be slaves of Sif. God, how dare she have ever resisted such an honour.

Smirking down at the broken pet Sif ordered, "Show your fellow Agents of SHIELD my handiwork."

It took a few long seconds for the meaning of that to sink in, and then a few more for Bobbi to actually move, but finally she turned around and got onto her knees so her back was to the majority of the Agents. That alone was enough as they could see her battered butt and gaping back hole, but to emphasise the latter Bobbi reached back and slowly pulled apart her ass cheeks. Then, remembering seeing footage of other women who had been broken, Bobbi bent over so her face was to the ground, just to make sure she was doing what her Mistress wanted. Thankfully this got a chuckle of delight from Mistress Sif, who even moved round to admire Bobbi's ass hole, which felt like it was obscenely wide open, which was extremely embarrassing, but she was pleasing Mistress Sif, and that was the only thing that mattered.

"Tell everyone what you are." Sif ordered.

Without any hesitation Bobbi shamelessly replied, "I'm a slave of Sif. I'm my Mistress Sif's personal fuck hole to use how she pleases. I'm nothing but an orifice for her pleasure. I'm hers. All hers. That's what I want to be. Please Mistress Sif, allow me the privilege of being your sex slave forever! I think I am, but I need to know. I need to know I'm yours forever. That I'm your anal loving little bitch!"

"You are." Sif confirmed with another wicked smile, "Now come solidify your place by crawling over to me and sucking your slutty little ass off my cock!"

"Yes Mistress Sif, thank you Mistress Sif." Bobbi whimpered pathetically while pushing herself to stumble over to her new owner.

As soon as she was kneeling in front of her Mistress Bobbi wrapped her lips around the head of Mistress Sif's cock and moaned loudly and shamelessly. Before she had been dreading tasting her own ass, but she found she totally loved it and not only quickly cleaned the head but then shoving more of the dildo into her mouth and eventually down her throat. Only when her lips reached the base did Bobbi consider this may not be what Mistress Sif wanted. That like with her other sluts Mistress Sif wanted a long drawn-out blow job. Bobbi thought she heard a voice in her head saying that wasn't the case, but either way it was too late to stop now, and she just continued bobbing her head up and down rapidly while noisily slurping every drop of her own yummy butt cream off of Mistress Sif's dick.

"Oh fuck, you are an eager little cock sucker, aren't you Agent Morse?" Sif chuckled wickedly, rewarding her new slave by beginning to stroke her hair as she continued bobbing up and down that ass flavoured dildo, "Yes you are, mmmmmm, and you love the taste of ass! Yeahhhhhh, you're a little ass to mouth whore, just like the rest of my sluts! Don't worry, because you're going to be tasting plenty of ass from now on. Your own, your fellow slaves, the women I'm enslaving, both of which includes plenty of your fellow SHIELD Agents, and of course above all else you'll be mine. Oh yes, you'll be my little ass eating whore, and I can't wait to see that pretty face of yours buried in between those cheeks and sucking the ass cream of another slut off my cock! But for now, concentrate on your own. Oooooh yes, get every drop of your own ass cream you perverted little bitch. Ohhhhhh fuck, suck that cock you cock sucking slut! Oh fuck! Oh fuck yes! Suck it!"

Melinda May watched with disgust as Bobbi completely and utterly humiliated herself for her new Mistress, the whole time wishing that disgust was all she felt. But it wasn't. No, she also found it ridiculously erotic, and it made her insanely jealous that she was not the one with Mistress Sif's cock inside her. God, May hated the fact that she couldn't think of this alien as anything except Mistress Sif, and that she desperately wanted to receive exactly what Bobbi had just had. Deep down she knew it was inevitable that she would get it, and to her credit she managed to avoid begging for it even as it became agonising to do so.

It was bad enough when she had to watch Bobbi receiving such satisfaction, but it actually became worse when Mistress Sif wordlessly pulled her cock out of Bobbi's mouth, walked back over to May, and slammed her strap-on back up her butt. This was because not only did May let out a humiliating cry of pure pleasure but in what felt like seconds she found herself on the edge of orgasm, and then she stayed here for number of agonising minutes. May tried to continue resisting, she really did, but it was too much. It was just too much. She needed to cum. She needed Mistress Sif to make her cum, and more importantly enslave her. Oh God, she needed to be enslaved.

"Mistress Sif." May whimpered softly, hoping that's all she had to do to get the attention of the dominant woman, and she was quickly proven right.

"Yes?" Sif grinned.

"Please make me cum." May pleaded softly once she had Mistress Sif's, and everyone else's, full attention, "Fuck me hard and make me cum! I'll do anything if you fuck me and make me cum. Please?"

"Like?" Sif pushed.

"I'll be your slave." May admitted, hearing some soft gasps from their audience of SHIELD Agents as she replied without hesitation, and meant it, and kept doing so as she continued, "I'll be your bitch. I'll be your slut. I'll be your whore. I'll be anything you want me to be if you just make me cum. Please Mistress Sif, just get it over with enslave me already so I can be just another slave of Sif."

For a few excruciating long moments Sif looked thoughtful about this, then she shrugged, "I suppose that will do."

Thankfully that was it. No insistence on further begging or taunting, or even some slow ass fucking. Mistress Sif even skip a step by immediately picking May up into the air and skewering her still gaping ass hole on her cock, and then began to bounce May up and down like some kind of puppet. The best part was even though her back hole was still stretched open the suddenness of the anal penetration combined with the amount of time Mistress Sif's cock had been absent from her rectum meant that May was given a decent amount of pain, which was obvious given how she cried out and didn't cum right away. It was a fleeting second of dignity, which of course was snatched away from her moments later when she started cumming.

When her first anally induced orgasm hit that was it, whatever lingering defiance that had been in May was completely destroyed in all that was left was a submissive little sex slave, happy that her Mistress was using her for her pleasure. Oh yes, May was receiving pure ecstasy, the likes of which she couldn't have ever imagined, orgasm after orgasm rocking her body until it all felt like just one big climax. But it didn't matter. That was insignificant compared to knowing that she was pleasing Mistress Sif. Luckily it looked like May was succeeding given the happy look on her Mistress's face, which ironically just made May cum that much harder with the blissful thought that she was fulfilling her life's purpose.

Sif chuckled with wicked delight when she saw the moment that the proud Melinda May broke completely. Arguably she had been broken before this round of ass fucking had begun, as she had obviously been overwhelmed with the need to cum, and perhaps the moment she truly wanted to be Sif's slave, but she wasn't quite there yet. Which had been true for a lot of her current slaves, as was the fact that when May came with a dick up her ass everything changed for her. That was truly the moment she became just another notch on Sif's belt, and it was truly glorious. The type of moment that Sif lived for. And made this all worth it. Perhaps most importantly of all, it was the type of moment which made her cum.

For a few long seconds Sif resisted the urge, but for this to be the second high-ranking SHIELD Agent she broke in front of her fellow Agents, and her fourth overall, and perhaps this was truly the last person in the organisation which could have been a threat to her, or at least provided any resistance whatsoever, was all just too overwhelming and Sif came. Oh yes, she came wonderfully hard, and then did so again and again and again as she relentlessly rammed May's rectum, causing her defeated opponent to repeatedly cum too, both women obviously becoming completely lost to the ecstasy they were feeling. More or less. Sif made sure to save just enough energy so as not to do something embarrassing, like collapse in exhaustion. However she did use every ounce of spare energy she had, just to make sure May was completely broken.

Then without warning Sif dropped May's now limp body to the floor and ordered her, "Suck my cock!"

It took a few long seconds for May to even respond as she was obviously so broken, and exhausted, by the hellacious butt fucking she had just received. More than enough time for Sif to savour the sight of her handiwork, May's ass hole gaping just as obscenely wide as Bobbi's now was. Something which the other SHIELD Agents got a good look of as May finally found the strength to lift herself up and onto her knees, Sif having positioned herself facing the other Agents so May's ass would be pointing at them, just as it had done throughout the savage rectum wrecking which she had just given her. Or at least the part when May came.

As usual Sif felt the urge to taunt her new slave, but she felt this was a case where a picture was worth a thousand words. And in this picture Melinda May was kneeling in front of her and sucking her own ass cream off of Sif's cock, while Bobbi Morse, Maria Hill, Natasha Romanoff, and Wanda Maximoff all kneeled with their heads lowered beside their Mistress. An equally telling picture was the looks on the faces of the other SHIELD Agents, especially the female ones, Sif already deciding which ones she would add to her collection next. She then licked her lips, and told Wanda through their telepathic link to get them all out of there, after a few parting words.

"Don't worry ladies, I'll be back for you." Sif promised the crowd before she vanished.

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