Slaves of Sif

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"Aunt Peggy, Aunt Peggy, Aunt Peggy."

Peggy Carter groaned as those words were repeated over and over again by a familiar voice. It remained soft, and would have been soothing if it wasn't for the repetitiveness, gently coaxing her back into consciousness. She then smiled widely at the sight of her niece Sharon Carter leaning over her and gently cupping her face. As Sharon returned that smile Peggy was suddenly hit by a realisation. Several actually. The first being that she wasn't lying in her bed anymore, but sitting in a chair. Tied to a chair! No, it wasn't rope, it was some kind of metal. And her hands, they looked weird. Although mostly Peggy was concerned by the fact that she was being restrained. Luckily there was someone she trusted here to give her answers.

"Sharon, what's going on? Where are we? Why can't I move?" Peggy frantically asked.

"Shhhhh." Sharon gently calmed the older woman, "It's okay Auntie, something wonderful as happened."

With those words Sharon moved out of Peggy's line of sight, giving her a chance to study her surroundings. She was in a small room with a screen in front of her, and not much else. Hell, there was barely enough room for Sharon to move around in. But enough so that she was able to grab a handheld mirror and then put it up to Peggy's face, which truly stunned Peggy into silence for a few long minutes as she saw a stranger staring back at her. No, not a stranger. A memory. Something she could only truly see clearly now in photographs. It had to be some kind of trick, but it looked like she was restored to how she looked in her late 20s, maybe early 30s, and despite herself Peggy just couldn't look away.

"My new friend The Scarlet Witch has restored your youth to what it was when you first met Captain America, and that's not all..." Sharon explained, before taking the mirror away and pressing a button on the wall, "She's awake Mistress Sif, and ready for the show."

Before Peggy could ask what that meant the screen in front of her came to life and she whimpered, "Angie?"

Sure enough it was her old friend's face she saw on the screen, even if old was arguably not appropriate any more, given that Angie Martinelli looked as she did in her 20s when she was a struggling actress/waitress, a.k.a. the most beautiful thing that Peggy had ever seen. Oh how Peggy had wanted to be able to admit that out loud back then, but it would have been obscenely inappropriate and cost her Angie's friendship. It might be more acceptable now, but in the 1940s homosexual feelings was something ignored and repressed in fear of hate and rejection, and while Peggy had made a career of challenging how people viewed women that was an additional cross she hadn't forced upon herself. Mostly because she feared it would cost her Angie. And now? She certainly felt those feelings stronger than ever before.

Ignoring that for now Peggy asked softly, "What is this? What's going on?"

"Shhhhh." Sharon gently soothed, rubbing her Aunt's back, "Just enjoy the show."

Despite herself Peggy did. At first there was no cause for alarm, because she was simply watching Angie's eyes flutter open and look around her with the same kind of confusion that Peggy still felt. Then she yawned adorably, sat up, and explored her much more spacious room, Peggy instantly jealous that her friend got a soft bed and the ability to stretch her legs. Then before Angie could get to the door it opened in a tall and beautiful brunette dressed in armour stepped into the room. Initially Peggy was very nervous about this, but then things started to happen which took her breath away, made her squirm in her restraints, and flooded her with guilt for watching it.


"Oh, erm... hi?" Angie stammered, "Erm, who are you? Where am I? What's going on?"

"Not afraid to ask questions? I like that." Sif purred with a wicked grin, before answering those questions, "You may call me Mistress Sif, you are in my palace, and you are helping me with a very important task."

"And how am I supposed to do that?" Angie asked softly and cautiously.

Sif smirked, "Have you noticed your reflection yet?"

"Why..." Angie trailed off as she caught a glimpse of herself in a full-length mirror, gasped and then slowly stumbled towards the mirror while sliding her hands over her now smooth face, "I'm... I'm young again. How is this possible?"

"Do you not watch the news?" Sif quipped with a smirk, "These are exciting times. The age of miracles. Like my dear sweet Scarlet Witch. She possesses many impressive tricks, including telekinesis, teleportation and mind-reading. Mmmmm, that one has been especially useful. But this, this is truly magnificent. It took nearly everything she had, the poor dear, especially with there being two of you, so I gave her the night off so she could rest. After all, it is not as if I need her help, especially with the likes of you."

"What, what does that mean?" Angie stammered nervously, stepping back and then asking, "And what do you mean by their being two of us?"

"You remember your friend, Peggy Carter?" Sif explained, "She stands as a proud accomplishment of all women in this world can achieve. To rise above unspeakable prejudice to become something truly great. A feet we share. And for it, I shall make her mine. Like you wished to have her you're entire life. Of course, I shall have her in ways that you could have never imagined."

"I, I don't know what you're talking about." Angie blushed, her words embarrassingly unconvincing considering her once tried to be an actress.

Something which Sif cruelly pointed out, "My, my... no wonder you never made it as an actress, if that's the best you can do.."

Angie glared at the strange woman, then said very firmly, "Peggy was the best gal pal I ever had. She was a classy dame which let me live with her free of charge in one of Mr Howard Starks' Mansions until I found a nice fella to settle down with. I've been by her side every step of the way since then, even if that meant just givin' her a shoulder to cry on when she had no one else. So I don't know what you're implying, but if you think you can use me to take her down, you're wrong. I've seen thousands of tougher looking people then you try, and you'll fail, just like all the rest."

"We'll see." Sif shrugged, slowly approaching the other woman, who to her credit stood her ground this time, "And I'll admit, that was almost convincing, but at the risk of sounding cliché... I have ways of making you talk."

Angie had been the damsel in distress to Peggy's dashing young hero before, and unfortunately that had meant suffering a little torture over her life. The first time had been the worst, but after that, it'd actually gotten easier. She quickly realised that as long as she had something they wanted they wouldn't kill her, and Peggy normally showed up and saved her before things got really dire, and she had no doubt that this would be no different. Only, maybe it would. Maybe she was thinking like her younger self, and remembering things how she wanted them to be. After all, it had been years since Peggy had come to her rescue, and even if Peggy was back to the woman she had first met it didn't mean that she'd be able to save her this time.

Just as Angie was truly starting to become afraid the Amazon of a woman slowly reached up, almost making her flinch. However instead of hitting she handed her own shoulder plate and slowly pull them off her body. The rest of her armour followed, which really confused Angie. Then Angie's eyes went wide as Mistress Sif remove the clothing underneath the armour, leaving her in just her underwear. Then she removed that, giving Angie her first good look at another woman's body since she had stolen her brother's photographs from underneath his bed. And God, Angie was suddenly like a moth to a flame, she just couldn't look away, even if she felt that staring at this goddess for too long would literally burn her soul away and leave nothing but a deviant behind. Which was perhaps all she ever had been deep down.

"Do you like what you see?" Sif asked almost casually.

"This isn't right." Angie mumbled softly, still not looking away.

"You've been told that your whole life, haven't you?" Sif said sympathetically.

"I ain't no deviant." Angie said softly but firmly, tears beginning to fall from her eyes, "I was a good girl. A good wife, and mother. I was good. I, I married a good man, who was nothing but good to me. Peggy's brother. So we, we could be sisters. And... and I was happy."

"Were you?" Sif pushed gently.

Finally looking away from Sif's body and up into her eyes Angie softly croaked, "Is this hell?"

Genuinely surprised Sif frowned, "What?"

"Is this hell?" Angie repeated, beginning to weaken as she explained, "I tried to be good, but I loved Peggy. I always liked women more than I should, and I did everything I could to stop... but... I just couldn't stop loving her. Even when we were both old and grey, and she barely knew who she was any more, I... I could only see what she was, and I loved her. But it was a sin. The sin I could never get rid of. So, am I down here because of it? Can I only look at you forever? Is that my punishment for a life of sinful thoughts? Cause Peggy could never be here, not even as a mirage, so do I get you instead to tell me how disgustin' I am? Because I already know. I know... I..."

"Oh dear sweet thing." Sif interrupted, having heard enough, quickly pulling the poor girl into a tight hug, "You're not disgusting for feeling the things you do, and whatever, or whoever, made you feel that way should be ashamed."

It should have been ridiculous to have a naked stranger hugging her and whispering insane lies into her ear, but for some reason that Angie just couldn't explain, it wasn't. Nor could she explain why she had so blatantly confessed to sinful thoughts she hadn't spoken out loud during her entire life. She could however explain why she burst into tears and held Mistress Sif tightly. It's just she feared to even acknowledge why to herself. Luckily she was distracted from those, and any other, thoughts as she became lost in her inner pain in the form of seemingly endless weeping, Angie bawling in such a way she hadn't done since she was an infant. Or at least during her early years, before she truly accepted her lot in life.

To her shame it was almost a relief to act so undignified as long as it allowed her to experience the pain she'd been pushing down her entire life. Especially as she couldn't remember the last time she'd been hugged like this. Strong and loving, from a strong, loving woman. No, she did. Peggy. Her dear friend Peggy Carter used to hug her like this all the time, and whenever she did Angie truly believed everything would be okay. The only problem was when that happened the feeling of that strong, voluptuous female body pressed against her own and the other woman's heavenly scent would ultimately get to her, and this was no exception, even if it was a very different body type.

"It's okay." Sif said softly, finally pulling back and cupping Angie's cheeks, "I'm going to show you just how beautiful you and your feelings are."


"Is that truly how your mother feels about me?" Peggy asked softly.

"Always." Sharon said softly, "You really didn't know?"

There was a long pause and then Peggy croaked, "She never said anything?"

Sharon laughed, "Did you expect her too?"

"I..." Peggy began, but she had no idea what she had been going to say, and it didn't really matter because almost as soon as she opened her mouth she lost her ability to speak as her best friend was kissed by another woman.


Sif did her best to gently wipe the poor girl's tears, but almost as soon as she did they were replaced by more. Clearly Angie was feeling overwhelmed, understandably so, from these revelations, and was struggling to know what to even think, let alone say. Sif wanted to make that decision for her, but nevertheless she wasn't sure the other woman was ready for it. Without her beloved Wanda, who Sif had perhaps become a bit too much reliant on, Sif couldn't know for sure, but Angie's eyes lowered to her lips a few times, which was more than enough in the past for the warrior goddess to make a move. So she did, albeit extremely slowly and cautiously, just in case she was wrong. After all, this girl had clearly been through enough.

Luckily she was right, a fact made clear by the fact that Angie turned her head slowly and closed her eyes seconds before Sif's lips pressed against her own. Well, that might have been automatic, something left over from her days as an actress, or from pretending to love her husband. Perhaps even that could excuse her initially kissing back, but not the whimper of delight she let out afterwards, or how eagerly she did it. Sif was so amused by this she almost allowed Angie to take control away from her for a second. Almost. But of course, it would have been unfair to her other slaves to let little Angie Martinelli do what even the best of them couldn't. So instead she maintained control for every second of that very long kiss, before breaking it in gently pushing the small girl back.

"Strip for me." Sif ordered with a wicked smile, and then when Angie just froze while turning a deep red Sif quipped, "You have been naked in front of other people before, have you not?"

"Just my husband." Angie croaked, "And not until we were married."

"Oh sweetie, I'm not going to marry you. I'm going to fuck you." Sif quipped, taking great delight in how embarrassed that made her pray look, before enquiring, "What about changing rooms? You must have done it at some point? When you were an actress, perhaps?"

"No, I... I..." Angie hesitated, before confessing, "I always changed in the bathroom. I would tell people it was because I was shy, but... the truth was I was so scared I wouldn't be able to control myself. That I'd get caught staring at some poor girl, and I'd be exposed, beaten and run out of town for being a disgusting deviant."

There was a brief pause in which Sif considered offering words of encouragement, or pity, but deciding that would ruin the moment simply told her pray, "Well, I assure you little one, no one here is going to judge you. So tell me, how do I look?"

Angie blushed furiously, lowered her head and admitted, "You're, you're beautiful. But I don't know about this. It is a sin. It's-"

"Remove your clothes, I will introduce you to pleasure the likes of which you have never imagined." Sif interrupted.

There was another brief pause, then Angie started stripping off her clothes, slowly at first, but then increasingly faster and even desperate towards the end, making Sif chuckle with delight. As soon as Angie was naked Sif pulled her into her arms and kissed her again, although more forcefully than before. So forcefully that Angie actually tensed up initially, but it wasn't long before she relaxed and became lost in the kiss, Sif allowing the kiss to last quite a while to put the other girl at ease. Then she gently lowered her onto the bed and got on top of her, all without breaking that passionate kiss. Then a few minutes later she broke that kiss and started moving lower.

Angie had been kissed a lot of times by her fella back when they were young, but his interest in her had died long before he had, making those kisses nothing but a distant memory. Although even if Angie could remember them as clear as day, she seriously doubted that they would be anywhere close to the kisses she received from Mistress Sif. No, this woman's lips and tongue completely consumed her to the point where she barely knew what she was doing, her body thankfully working on autopilot while her mind was struggling to comprehend what was happening to her. It got a little easier when Mistress Sif moved down to her neck, but not by much, which made her wonder if she would survive this woman trying to do anything else to her.

Thanks to VCRs becoming popular, and a few pictures she had collected over the years and hidden from her husband, Angie had a vague idea of what some of those things might be, although even then it had only been about confirming the suspicions. Sure enough her fantasies about what she might have done with Peggy if she ever had the chance were very accurate, and while she had very nearly almost imagined the kind of pleasure that had to offer Angie was glad that she didn't, because she was proven so very wrong. She could never have imagined how wonderful this was, and this was with another woman who wasn't Peggy. If it was Peggy, there was no way she'd survive.

However she did survive, which was the fact Angie was extremely grateful about, because true to her word Mistress Sif quickly provided her with pleasure which she could never have accurately imagined. First with the kind of foreplay that her late husband had always been careful to give her. Oh yes, Mistress Sif slowly kissed her way back and forth between the soft flesh of her breasts while taking her nipples into her mouth to lick and suck them. Which should have felt the same, because it was the same thing, but because Mistress Sif was a woman it was a thousand times better. At least for a pervert like Angie Carter.

It was easily a billion times better when for the very first time in her life Angie Carter got to feel another woman's tongue sliding over her pussy. Licking her pussy! Another woman was actually licking her pussy, and Angie's poor mind just couldn't cope with it. Especially when she looked down between her legs to check what she was feeling was real, and yes, long brunette hair and a very feminine face was between her thighs, confirming this was actually happening. She was actually getting everything she'd ever wanted. Well, closer to it than she ever thought she get, and while having Peggy in between her legs would have easily made it perfect Angie certainly couldn't complain. In fact Angie did the opposite of complaining.

"Yessssssss, lick me, ooooooooh lick me, lick my pussy, oh God Mistress Sif! Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me Mistress Sif, ohhhhhhh fuck!" Angie babbled happily.


Peggy couldn't believe this was actually happening. Couldn't actually believe that she was actually watching two women having sex in front of her like her very own live sex show. Or perhaps even a porno. Not that she would know, as she like to believe that she was above watching such filth, even if it had been very tempting at times. Now she was regretting that decision, and so many more. The thing she was most regretting? Not shoving Angie Martinelli up against a wall and shoving her hand down her pants the second she saw her. Screw what the people in that awful diner would have thought, she should have taken Angie the very first time she got the chance.

At the very least Peggy should have pushed Angie into a bathroom and taken her there, if only so her friend could have kept her job at the time. And of course, to avoid a second scandal. Or better yet Peggy could have waited until they were both living at the Griffith. Yes, then she could have tied Angie to the bed and fucked her over and over again, with her fingers, tongue and maybe even some toys. Well, given that Angie was unsurprisingly loud as this Mistress Sif began to shamelessly lick her pussy Peggy would have also needed to gag Angie, but that would have only made things better. Especially if she had used either Angie's panties, or her own, in that equation.

Looking back over the course of their long lives Peggy found no shortage of places and times she could have probably had her way with Angie. Before they had all been treasured memories with her best friend, even the not so pleasant ones like whenever Angie would get captured and Peggy would have to play the role of knight in shining armour. But now each one of those memories was a wasted opportunity. A time where Peggy could have got what she wanted. What apparently they both wanted. And she simply refrained because she had been afraid of losing her only lasting female friendship, when they could have been so much more to each other. And so much more.

They should have done. They should have had so much more, and in that moment it felt like all Peggy's fault that they hadn't. And she hated herself for it. And she hated Mistress Sif for stealing what should be so rightfully hers. That should be her in there introducing Angie's pussy to it's first ever girl tongue, and perhaps Angie herself to the true meaning of pleasure. And to make Angie cum for the very first time. Angie had always been the first to complain about lousy boyfriends, but she had never done that with Peggy's brother. Peggy had wrongly assumed that meant he could satisfy her. Now it seemed that it was only women that could truly please Angie, although thankfully she was receiving that now.


"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!" Angie repeated over and over again in between moans, groans, gasps and whimpers, "Yes, fuck me! Oh my Gosh, lick my pussy! Oooooooh Gooooooddddddd, I can't believe how good this feels, mmmmmm yesssssss, fuck me! Oh fuck! Oh Mistress Sif, ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!"

Angie continued babbling like that for who knows how long as she was bombarded with the greatest pleasure she had ever known. It was easily twice as powerful as what she had given herself even during her most vivid fantasies of Peggy Carter, and she felt something growing inside of her which kind of felt like an orgasm, only a lot stronger. Perhaps fatally strong, the fact that this wasn't Peggy doing this to her apparently being irrelevant, as it might just yet prove to be too much for her poor little heart to take. But if there was anything left of her after this she would dedicate every little part of it to Mistress Sif, doing whatever she could to please this goddess for the rest of her life, but especially right after this.

Mistress Sif had to be the perfect woman. Angie had always preferred curvy women like Peggy, but maybe that was only because she'd never met a girl like Mistress Sif before. She didn't even know women could be that tall, or muscular. This woman was truly a goddess. A warrior goddess. What other explanation could there be for this woman's attire, and the way that she talked, and the things that she said. And surely, it would be wrong to deny a goddess anything, especially when this was breath-taking in every way. So yes, Angie would give Mistress Sif anything she wanted. Especially if it meant that Peggy could receive a fraction of what she was receiving now, and that they could be finally together like this, if only for a precious second.

Reinforcing that thought Mistress Sif's tongue started focusing on her clit, pushing Angie towards orgasm even faster. Before now Mistress Sif had brushed her tongue against that sensitive bundle of nerves, gently and frequently at first, but it eventually became rougher and longer, and now the other woman wasn't even bothering touching the rest of her cunt and just relentlessly attacking her clit Angie felt seconds away from climax. She wanted to beg for it, and show her gratitude for it, and most of all declare her undying love for Mistress Sif. And promised to devote her life to her as her lesbian sex slave. But she just couldn't. Not because she didn't want too, because she wanted to more badly than anything, but Angie was just so overwhelmed she couldn't get out a coherent sentence anymore.

Luckily her new, wonderful Mistress made her cum anyway, without warning shoving her tongue as deep as it could go into her cunt, triggering the most wonderfully powerful orgasm of Angie's life. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, those orgasms eventually melting together until Angie felt like she was constantly cumming. Which of course robbed her of the ability to think coherently, let alone speak, with her last coherent thought being another promise to be the best lesbian sex slave ever for Mistress Sif. That, and she hoped that Peggy would join her in this lesbian paradise, because that was the only way this could possibly be better.

Sif was determined to make Angie's hopes a reality, and given what she could sense from the other room she was beginning to think it would be easy. Which would almost be a pity, as it had been so long since she'd had a challenge. Then again it was hard for her to complain about another woman falling at her feet, especially a woman like the great Peggy Carter. Although again, thinking of her next conquest was a disservice to this one, especially given that Angie Carter had an incredibly tasty cunt, with even tastier cum which Sif delighted in swallowing down. And then of course fucking more out of Sharon's Mom.

At first Sif mostly did that with her tongue, because it was easier for her to quickly pull her tongue out and then press her lips even more tightly than they already were against Angie's entrance so she could swallow every drop of that precious liquid. Or at least the majority of it, which became more the case as time went on. Of course Sif couldn't resist switching it up a bit by replacing her tongue with first one and then two fingers, hammering them in and out of the smaller brunette and making her quiver, scream and cum even more. Cum on her fingers, while Sif greedily licked and sucked on Angie's clit, making the other girl cum even harder and more frequently.

The next step was to start going back and forth, before she could even start Angie's screams died down, making it clear the poor girl had passed out in record time. Which deeply disappointed Sif, as she felt she was just getting her stride, but she supposed it was to be expected. Angie had spent her entire life denying herself, so of course actually getting what she wanted would be unbearably overwhelming for her. Still, Sif wasn't done with her for the night, not by a long shot. Admittedly there was a small part of Sif which wanted to show the poor repressed dyke some mercy, and it would be thrilling to leave Agent Carter tied up overnight and restart this in the morning, or in a few hours, but Sif just couldn't wait that long.

So Sif slowly decreased her pace, pulled her fingers out of Angie's cunt, crawled up the bed and then pressed those fingers to Angie's lips. Surprisingly that wasn't quite enough, and Sif had to trace the outline of Angie's lips for a few long seconds, but sure enough the repressed pussy pleaser tasted that yummy liquid on her lips and slowly return to consciousness. Maybe just a little before then she opened her mouth, allowing Sif to slide these fingers inside for Angie to clean. She even playfully pushed them in and out, fucking Angie's pretty mouth with her fingers, before she replaced those fingers with her tongue and gave Angie the kind of kiss which would hopefully reinvigorate her.


"I, I have a message for you from Mistress Sif." Sharon stammered after a few failed attempts to do so.

"What?" Peggy frowned, and then when Sharon didn't immediately answer added, "And why didn't you tell me this before?"

Sharon blushed, and admitted, "She wanted me to wait until after Mom came."

Against her better judgement Peggy asked with another frown on her face, "Well go on then, spit it out."

"Well, she said that..." Sharon blushed, taking a deep calming breath before finally admitting, "If you want to join the fun, you had to let me lick you."

Peggy went pale, "What?"

"Lick your cunt." Sharon forced out, "She wants me to lick your pussy until you cum in my mouth. Then I'm allowed to untie you, and then we can join Mistress Sif in Mom's training. Oh please Aunt Peggy, say yes. I want to join in so badly."

There was a brief pause and then Peggy laughed, "Don't be ridiculous, you're my niece. And that's your mother in there. It would be... oh God Sharon, you have to untie me! Untie me and we can forget all about this foolishness. It'll be like this never happened."

"But I want it to happen Aunt Peggy." Sharon confessed, which felt cathartic, and allowed her to continue, "Mistress Sif loves breaking taboos, and more importantly making her slaves break them for her amusement. And I want too. I've looked up to you my whole life Aunt Peggy. You're my hero, and if I'm honest, I think I've always had a crush on you. I never wanted to admit it, even to myself, but my wonderful Mistress Sif has opened my eyes and made me admit the truth. Admit that I want you, and I want Mom. God, just look at her! She's so hot! How could anyone not want to fuck her? Or you?"

"Because it's wrong."  Peggy hissed, "It's incest!"

"I know." Sharon grinned, "But Mistress Sif says, if you ever want your chance with your precious Angie, you have to let me eat your cunt. Or eat mine. And trust me Auntie, Mistress Sif always gets what she wants."


"Are you ready to taste your first pussy?" Sif asked knowingly after she broke the kiss.

"Oh God yes, please Mistress Sif, let me lick your pussy!" Angie whimpered, "I want to eat your pussy."

"Did you ever sit on your husband's face?" Sif pushed, and then when the other woman looked confused she chuckled, "Of course you didn't. Don't worry, just relax and lay still. I'm going to do something, then when I say, I want you to lick me."

Angie really lay still, which was easy considering how exhausted those super orgasms had made her. On the other hand she was buzzing with adrenaline, and desperately wanted to return the favour. Fortunately her wonderful Mistress Sif realise this, and was giving her the chance to eat pussy with minimum effort, and she soon realised that she knew what her Mistress had been talking about before, she just hadn't realised it. Of course she didn't know it from sex with her husband, but from her collection of lesbian pornography, her eyes lighting up as Mistress Sif positioned her crotch over her face and slowly lowered herself downwards until for the first time in her life Angie had another girl's pussy right where she wanted it, next to her lips.

Then Mistress Sif gave a simple order, "Lick."

It was hard to tell whether Angie had been waiting for permission like a good little lesbian sex slave, or she had just been too overwhelmed that this was actually happening to move. Either way the second she had that permission she opened her mouth, and slid her tongue over her Mistress's pussy, causing her to moan and whimper as she fulfilled one of her greatest ever fantasies. Licking pussy. Oh God, she was finally licking pussy like a complete and total deviant. And it tasted better than she had ever dreamed, Angie instantly addicted and desperate for more. Which she got by following up that first quick lick with another, and another, and another, each lick coaxing the more wonderful sounds out of her Mistress which made Angie's heart swell with pride.

Greedily wanting more of those wonderful sounds Angie made sure to linger on Mistress Sif's clit at the end of each lick, and as that seemed to do the trick she spent an increasingly longer time doing it, before finally she took it into her mouth and began sucking on it. Unfortunately that meant Angie wasn't swallowing all the delicious pussy cream flowing out of Mistress Sif, but it was covering her face and branding her as a dyke slut, so it sort of made up for it. Although not enough to stop her from going back and forth between licking up as much of that precious liquid as she could and sucking her owner's clit with increasing force, which was pure heaven. Unfortunately Mistress Sif didn't seem to agree.

"Oooooooh, you are an enthusiastic cunt muncher, aren't you? Mmmmm, I knew you would be, ohhhhhh yessssss, I knew. Some women are just so obviously queer." Sif chuckled wickedly, before ordering, "But I am not ready to reward you with my cum just yet, so slow down! Ohhhhhhh yessssss, just like that, mmmmm, a little more, a little more, that's it, oooooooh fuck! Worship my cunt! Worship it as you've always wanted to worship another woman's pussy you filthy little dyke! Ooooooh yessssss, worship me as you wanted to worship your precious Peggy Carter all these years. Yeahhhhhh, that's it, show me exactly what you want to do to your best friend you pussy loving lesbian. Ohhhhhhh fuck yes, mmmmm fuck! Oh fuck! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

Immediately Angie slowed down, feeling guilty for not anticipating the needs of her Mistress. Especially because, selfishly, she wanted Mistress Sif to keep her forever. Maybe in this exact same spot, just underneath this goddess of a woman and pleasing her with her tongue. Oh yes, Angie wanted that more than she'd ever wanted any acting gig in her whole life. Maybe even more than Peggy. However if she was honest with herself she again selfishly wished for more. For Mistress Sif to treat her to her tongue again, and fuck her in whatever way she wanted too, just like the girls in those porn videos she used to watch. So Angie listened very carefully to the instructions she was given, and tried to follow them as perfectly as she could.


Sharon hadn't honestly suspected that Aunt Peggy would just give her what she wanted right away, but part of her had hoped it really would be that easy. Alas while her Aunt was clearly enjoying the show given that she couldn't look away, it was likely that she'd be able to resist paying attention all night long if Sharon didn't do something to turn up the heat. Even then it was unlikely, but at least that way Sharon could say that she tried her best. So after standing behind her Aunt for a few long minutes and becoming just as lost in the show she was, Sharon slowly walked until she was in front of the legendary Peggy Carter, blocking her view in the process.

Of course this got Peggy to glare at her, but surprisingly the stubborn old bat didn't say a word. Which continue to be the case even as Sharon began slowly taking off her clothes, although it did turn that glare into a look of disbelief, and even lust. Then once Sharon was down to her underwear Aunt Peggy seemed to realise what she was doing and looked away with a blush. Which was understandable, Sharon supposed, given that Mistress Sif was a stranger to her Aunt, more importantly her mother was the woman Auntie Peggy had secretly been in love with her whole life, so she didn't mind staring at them, but not at her. Which she was allowed to do again as Sharon moved back into the corner, albeit this time to the right of her hero's eyesight.

Again there was understandable hesitation, but inevitably Aunt Peggy went back to looking straight ahead, even as she blushed even more than ever before. And yet somehow even more when Sharon caught her glancing every so often at her. Although admittedly it could have happened more often and Sharon was just unaware of it, as she had trouble looking away from the show that her Mistress and her mother were putting on. Especially when her Mom was finally given permission to make Mistress Sif cum, at which point Sharon began sliding her hands over her own body, briefly concentrating on her tits before moving her hand down to her needy pussy.

This caused Aunt Peggy to gasp in a clear mixture of shock, disgust and arousal, which was clearly on her face as for a few long seconds she watched her niece rubbing her pussy, before again she blushed and looked away while grumbling, "Damn you."

"Hey, if you want me to stop, all you have to do is ask..."  Sharon teased, before adding before her Aunt could reply, "Me to eat your pussy! Mmmmm yeahhhh, ask me nicely to eat your pussy, and I promise Aunt Peggy, I'll stop touching mine and start licking yours until you cum in my mouth."

Showing a little more of her legendary backbone Peggy replied, "Never."

"We'll see about that." Sharon smirked, "But for now, just enjoy the show, and try not to think about how much more you would be enjoying it with my tongue on your twat. Mmmmm, or better yet, inside it. Ohhhhhh yesssssssss Aunt Peggy, try not to think about my tongue worshipping you. Or Mistress Sif's tongue. Or Mom's. Yes, try not to think about sitting on the face of your precious Angie Martinelli!"

It felt really weird to use her mother's real name, especially her maiden name at that, but it clearly did the trick as Aunt Peggy's eyes glazed over as she imagined just all the things that Sharon just described, but especially that last thing. The thing she wanted most in her life, but had never received. Which more than anything else, Sharon could sympathise with. Hell, she found herself indulging in naughty fantasies she never thought would come true, and would have never allowed herself to masturbate thinking about. Namely things about her Aunt Peggy and her Mom, both together and separately, while mostly keeping her eyes and one of those fantasies coming true.


Sif had never missed Wanda more, as if she was here she would have certainly ordered her to bring in Peggy Carter, so that one Angie was done she would be in for a truly wonderful surprise. Well, it was likely Sif would give her that surprise anyway, but while it would threaten to disrupt Angie's flow Sif was very tempted to call Sharon to wheel Peggy in here right now so she could enjoy the look on the face of the legendary SHIELD agent. However ultimately Sif decided against it. She was having this really wonderful intimate moment with a woman who would have slipped through her fingers otherwise, and Angie was doing a wonderful job of showing why that would have been such a shame.

The girl really was a natural, and it was a travesty she had almost gone through her entire life without eating pussy, which clearly she had been born for. Because her instincts were just spot on, effortlessly maximising Sif's pleasure to the point where she could have made her cum in a matter of minutes if that was what Sif had truly wanted. And oh, it had been so tempting. But no, Sif had a reputation to uphold. Besides, as usual she wanted to squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of breaking in a new bitch as possible. So she had given the order, and then Angie had slowed her role to perfection, still giving Sif plenty of pleasure without putting her in danger of embarrassing herself by trying for more too early.

Under other circumstances Sif might actually go for a slightly quicker option, and she would definitely go for a longer version as she wanted to see just how amazing Angie would be after a little practice. Oh yes, she wanted to treat this little dyke slut to the honour of spending hours in between her legs, licking her pussy just like she was doing now, until finally it became just too much and Sif allowed the little lezzie whore to make her cum. For now they would both have to be content with the usual amount of time. Or at least close to it, as admittedly Sif gave Angie the permission she was waiting for as soon as she deemed it appropriate. Which to be fair, was a result of everything they had done previously, and anticipate what was to come.

Trying not to focus on that for now, in case the thought pushed her over the edge more than Angie's tongue, Sif ordered, "Mmmmm good girl, just like that, ohhhhhh Angie, you're so good at this. A natural born dyke if there ever was one. But now I wish to see how good you are. Oooooooh yessssssss, let's see just how good you are at making me cum. Oh yes, that's right my little fuck toy, the time has finally come for you to have the privilege of making your Mistress cum! So shove that pretty little lesbian tongue of yours inside me and fuck me with it! Yes, fuck me, yeeeeeeeeessssssssss, oh yes, fuck me, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss!"

Naturally it wasn't long before the little rug muncher was doing as she was told, shoving her tongue as deep inside Sif's pussy as it could possibly go before hammering it in and out of her. Just as naturally Sif was able to withstand the onslaught briefly just to enjoy that wonderful moment, even if it did unavoidably render her completely incoherent. Then, oh then, she allowed herself to express the ecstasy which could only come from a ravenous muff diver going to town on her cunt. Which admittedly didn't result in the most satisfying orgasms as it diminished Sif's power and control, thankfully briefly in this case, although being this overwhelmed with pure physical pleasure certainly had it's charms.

Angie had always known she was gay, but wow! Wow! Mistress Sif's cum was somehow even more amazing than her pussy cream, and while Angie had no doubt her Mistress was special the idea that she might have missed out on something a fraction as good made her literally weep with overwhelming sadness and horror. Yet she also cried because her wonderful Mistress had saved her from that. Mistress Sif had saved her from never knowing what girl cum tasted like, and so much more, and she desperately wanted to show her gratitude for that. Which became increasingly hard as time went on, but first it was just what Angie needed to get over that initial shock and go right back to tongue fucking her precious Mistress Sif.

Initially she frantically swallowed every drop of girl cum that she could, but that was an automatic response, something she did even as she was shocked because as Mistress Sif correctly said she was a naturally born dyke and this was what she was meant for. So after she fully regained control of her body Angie only spent another few seconds swallowing cum, and licking up the leftovers, before she shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into her Mistress so she could get more of that heavenly liquid, and more importantly please Mistress Sif. Thankfully despite her inexperience she was able to succeed on both accounts, although that was only because Mistress Sif stayed nice and still. She wasn't so lucky a few seconds later.

That was when Mistress Sif started grinding down on her face, rubbing her pussy, and especially her clit, against Angie to the point where the little Italian wasn't really doing anything, and her owner was simply using her as the pillow Angie used to rub herself against to get off. Which certainly had it's own charms, as Angie loved being used that way and how helpless against this woman it made her feel, but she could barely breathe, and she was getting dangerously close to passing out. What was even worse was that she wasn't able to swallow much of Mistress Sif's cum after that. Although at least it was covering her face, marking her as the cunt craving whore she was.

Just as Angie was about to pass out from a lack of oxygen Mistress Sif suddenly got off of her, allowing the actress to take a deep gasp of breath, which she proceeded to do as the goddess greeted, "Agent Peggy Carter, mmmmm, it's so nice to finally meet you. I've heard so much about you."

After a few long seconds of choking Angie flipped over onto her stomach, briefly locking eyes with Peggy as the two of them blushed, before the only woman still wearing clothes crossed her arms and huffed, "I demand you allow myself and Angie to take my niece out of here and find her professional help."

There was a brief moment of silence, then Sif burst out laughing, "Oh that's adorable. I have so missed dealing with a woman with a real fighting spirit. Although I do hope you don't disappoint me later. All the allegedly strong women I've had lately have broken way too easily."

"I won't break." Peggy said firmly.

"We'll see about that." Sif grinned, turning her attention back to Angie, "For now, watch as I finish breaking in your friend... Sharon, show your Mom your ass hole."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Sharon obediently replied, quickly doing as she was told.

She had been so preoccupied with her best friend being there somehow Angie hadn't noticed Sharon, who immediately turned her back to her, and pulled down her panties, revealing that her ass hole was gaping wide open. This caused Angie to cry out in shock and horror, but somehow she didn't pull her gaze away from her daughter's ruined back hole. Mostly because she knew it had to be Mistress Sif that did that to her baby girl, and not only that way given what was implied she'd have to receive similar treatment if she wanted to be a slave of Sif. It was a high price, something Angie wouldn't pay for anything else, and given the look on her face it was clear that her best friend she was disgusted with her for everything she had done before. But Angie just couldn't help herself, she had to become Mistress Sif's slave.

Peggy had been initially relieved when Sharon had suddenly released her from her restraints. It hadn't been necessary for Sharon to explain while doing so that the doors were sealed by a lock she couldn't pick, and she didn't stand as chance against the alien's unholy strength, as Peggy had guessed as much, and trying to fight her way out of here right now would mean knocking her brainwashed niece unconscious, and she wasn't willing to do that. Not yet. Although she certainly felt the urge when Sharon finished exposing herself, in the process revealing the dark truth which made this whole situation that much more perverted and terrifying. And perhaps the worst part was that Angie wasn't nearly as disgusted as she should be by this revelation.

"You see Angie..." Sif announced, breaking the silence which had fallen between them, and because of that waiting a few seconds before she had the full attention of her soon to be slaves and then continued, "I demand total submission from my sex slaves. That means all their holes are mine to do with as I please, perhaps especially their ass holes. Mmmmm yes, there is truly nothing like ass fucking another woman. It is the purest dominance for me, and submission for them. It is truly the best way to put them in their place. But fear not, as it is more pleasurable for a submissive little lesbian slut then you could possibly imagine. Isn't that right Sharon?"

"Yes Mistress Sif." Sharon quickly confirmed, "I love getting my ass fucked. Nothing makes me cum harder, mmmmm, and nothing pleases my Mistress more. I live for it. I'd die for it. Ohhhhhh, and now I'm properly broken in a even enjoy the initial stretching of my ass as it means being a total slut, and walking around with a gaping ass hole is even better, because not only does it mean I'm a total slut, but it proves I've pleased my wonderful Mistress Sif. Any amount of pain is worth that. And there will be pain, but it will be so, so worth it. So please Mommy... Aunt Peggy... just bend over and offer your asses to Mistress Sif. Bend over and truly become hers forever. Then, we can truly be a family again, and like never before."

There was a brief pause in which Sif allowed her latest conquest to absorb that information, then she gently pushed, "So, what do you say Angie? Are you ready to surrender your ass hole, and every other part of your body, to me and forever become my lesbian sex slave? Or do you ever want to know the joy of having sex with me again?"

"Angie, please-" Peggy began.

"I shall even allow the two of you to leave right now, if you truly do not wish to be mine." Sif grinned, confident that she knew the answer.

There was an incredibly long pause as Angie looked back and forth between her best friend and Mistress Sif, before inevitably giving Peggy an apologetic look before telling the goddess, "Please Mistress Sif, butt fuck me and make me yours!"

"Then bend over for me my pet." Sif chuckled, before sweetening the deal, "Oh, and Sharon... prepare your mother's butt hole for me."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Sharon replied with eagerness which surprised even herself.

All of this didn't just surprise Peggy, it horrified her beyond words. She couldn't believe Angie would take that deal and bend over, literally offering up her back hole to be fucked. To surrender herself entirely to this vile creature, and perhaps dooming them both to yet more unspeakable acts of debauchery. Like a daughter kneeling behind her mother and beginning to lick her arse hole, like Sharon did with her precious Angie, making Peggy feel like she was going to be sick. She certainly bought a hand up to her mouth and gasped in disbelief. And yet, she couldn't look away. Oh God, why couldn't she look away from her best friend receiving a rim job from her own daughter?

Just in case there was any doubt that that's what was happening Sharon used both hands to spread apart her Mom's arse cheeks nice and wide so Peggy could see everything, and for reasons she couldn't explain she even moved closer just so she could get an even better look at this twisted sight. Although it was perhaps not as unforgivable as what Angie was doing, the best friend who she'd always seen as good and wholesome moaning loudly and shamelessly from having her own daughter lick her bum hole. Which was preparing her to be sodomised by a female alien intent on enslaving poor little Angie, just like apparently she had enslaved so many other women for her, including the niece Peggy had once been so proud of. And now, was so jealous of.

To make things even worse after just watching for a few long minutes Sif, who was finishing attaching a cock to herself, ordered, "Mmmmm, great job, Agent Carter. Get your face deep into that ass! Oh yes, eat sweet little Angie's butt like the filthy little butt muncher you are Agent Carter! Ooooooooh yesssssss, get your tongue deep into that back door! Oh Agent Carter! Mmmmm, how does your Mommy's ass taste Sharon? Huh? Does it taste good? Do you like it? Do you like the taste of your own Mom's butt? Yes you do, don't you? Mmmmm, good girl. As a reward, why don't you push a finger up that butt? Or better yet two? Yesssssss, loosen up that tight little virgin ass for me. Get your own mother ready for me to butt fuck Agent Carter! Ohhhhhh yeah, do it Carter! That way, we can take your Mom's anal cherry together."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Sharon eagerly replied after pulling her face out of her Mom's ass, "Thank you for this incredible honour."

It really sounded like Sharon meant that, which might have been the most disturbing part about this, although it was up against a lot of competition. By the way Sharon smiled at her Mistress while she said this, how passionately she had rimmed Angie, and how she then briefly sucked on her fingers before pushing one of them into her own Mom's arse hole. Which Angie was actually enjoying. Oh God, she was gasping, crying out and even moaning in pleasure as her forbidden hole was violated by her own daughter's finger, that finger then being pumped in and out of her bottom for a few long minutes, before being joined by a second. Although the worst and most disturbing part for Peggy was again she couldn't stop watching it, or what came next.

"Okay Sharon, that's enough. Move aside and let me take your mother's virgin ass." Sif ordered.

"Yes Mistress Sif." Sharon eagerly replied, pulling that finger out and immediately pushing it into her mouth, the perverted whore moaning as she tasted her Mom's ass."

"You are ready for me, aren't you Angie?" Sif checked, and then when Angie simply nodded nervously she pushed, "Tell me!"

"I'm ready." Angie replied nervously, before taking a deep calming breath, and then pleading, "Please Mistress Sif, fuck my ass. I, I want your big dick in my ass. Oh God, if this is what it takes to be yours, I'll do it. I want to do it. I'd do anything to be yours. Oh please, please Mistress Sif, fuck my ass and make me yours!"

"Good girl." Sif grinned, before pushing further, "Now tell your precious Peggy."

Angie blushed, but looked at her friend as best she could and told her, "I wanna be butt fucked Peg. Butt fucked by Mistress Sif. I want her to take my butt hole and turn it into a fuck hole. Her personal fuck hole! Hers to use for her pleasure. Oh God! She's doing it English! Mistress Sif is taking my anal cherry right in front of you! Oh fuck, it hurts, but I want it. Please Mistress Sif, fuck my ass! Fuck me! Oh fuck me, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!"

Sif smirked widely as she grabbed hold of her strap-on and slid the tip of it up and down Angie's butt crack for a few long seconds before pressing firmly against the other woman's back hole. That was when she truly missed her precious Scarlet Witch. Because while Sif thought she had been doing a good job of proving that she didn't need Wanda this was perhaps when she missed her the most as the warrior goddess would have loved to be able to see the look on the faces of Peggy and Angie as Sif took Angie's ass cherry. As without the split screen via Wanda's magic Sif would just have to be satisfied with watching the footage back later from the hidden cameras in the room, as for now she just couldn't take her eyes off that stretching little butt hole.

The upside to this was that nearly a hundred percent of Sif's focus was on her cock stretching Angie's virgin ass hole, only to be distracted by the delightful little cry that Angie let out as her anal ring finally stretched wide enough to allow the head of Sif's strap-on to slide through it and deep into that virgin butt. This of course meant it was official, Sif had just added another butt cherry to her collection. Not that it would be good enough for her. No, Sif had never taken an anal cherry and then failed to make that ass hers, and this certainly wouldn't be an exception. Even if unlike usual Angie was more or less broken already, and all Sif had to do now was give her the final touch.

With that in mind Sif did eventually start pushing the rest of her cock into Angie's rectum, although not before giving her repressed little lesbian plenty of time for her ass hole to relax around her dick. Which was admittedly more for her own benefit, as not only was she able to savour the moment but Sif was able to pull her eyes away from that cute little butt hole stretching widely around her dildo to look up at the faces of the rest of the Carter family. Unsurprisingly Peggy Carter was staring them with disbelief and horror, while Sharon Carter was staring at them with a mixture of lust and jealousy, those expressions so delightful that Sif almost couldn't look away from them. Almost, but she wouldn't miss stuffing another woman's ass for anything.

For the rest of the sodomy Sif occasionally did glance at the other women, especially during the ass stuffing, but mostly she had her eyes locked firmly on Angie Carter as her ass was conquered, that dildo violating Angie's innermost depths and turning her most private hole into a fuck hole. Sif's personal fuck hole, just like Angie's daughter's butt hole, and just like the ass hole of the woman Angie had always secretly loved. Oh yes, soon enough the entire Carter family, or at least the three members of it which truly mattered, would be slaves of Sif. For now those other members would just have to be satisfied with watching Sif taking what was so rightfully hers.

Sharon had never been more jealous of her mother in her entire life. In fact she'd never been this jealous of anyone. Because losing her anal cherry had been the most humiliating moment of her entire life, and she hadn't thought it was possible for anything to be more humiliating than getting her virgin ass taken in front of her peers at SHIELD, the last hope for that organisation which had been her precious Aunt's legacy crumbling around her as she was broken. Of course that humiliation had just made her cum that much harder, but now she knew better, because even that couldn't compare to humiliating herself in front of her own mother and Aunt, and it would have been even sweeter if her ass cherry had been popped in front of Agent Peggy Carter too.

The very thought of that caused Sharon's body, but particularly her gaping ass hole, to quiver with jealousy and need. Oh well, hopefully sometime soon her wonderful Mistress would fuck her butt in front of Aunt Peggy and her Mom, just so Sharon could receive something close to that humiliation. Which wouldn't be quite as good as succumbing to the inevitable, like her Mom was, but she would relished the chance to prove just what an anal loving submissive bitch she had become by literally spreading her cheeks for the superior woman. Or better yet, anally ride Mistress Sif's dick. Little did Sharon know she'd have the chance to do that, and another twisted thing that she loved.

"Sharon, get over here and taste your Mom's ass." Sif suddenly ordered.

So suddenly that Sharon was caught completely off-guard, so it took her a few seconds to mumble, "Yes Mistress Sif, thank you Mistress Sif."

Just when Sharon thought her life couldn't possibly get more deprived her wonderful Mistress proved her wrong, case in point, Sharon found herself wrapping her lips around the head of the dildo which Mistress Sif had just used to take her mother's anal cherry. She was not only tasting ass, but her Mom's ass. And she moaned. She actually moaned from tasting her own Mom's butt on a strap-on cock, and quickly started bobbing her head up and down on it while continuing to shamelessly moan like the ass to mouth whore she had been turned into. Which was something of course that Mistress Sif gloated about while providing Sharon with encouragement.

"Oh yes Sharon, clean my cock. Clean it of your Mom's butt juices! Oh fuck yeah!" Sif gleefully called out while reaching down to stroke Sharon's hair,  "Yessssss, suck it like a good little slut! Deep throat it and get every drop. Ooooooh, do you see this, Peggy Carter? Do you see what your niece has become. What I turned her into. Mmmmm, and what about you, Angie Carter? How do you like what I've turned your daughter into? Do you think she makes a good little cock sucker? Huh? An ass to mouth whore? My slave? Oh yes, Sharon Carter is nothing but a slave of Sif, and her family is about to follow. Oh fuck yeah, suck my dick Sharon! Oh fuck!"

While there was no direct reply from Sharon's female family members that was likely because Mistress Sif never paused long enough after her questions to get an answer, heavily implying she didn't want an answer, and that she was just taunting them. At least at the moment. Sharon hoped they would do eventually, as she now lived for humiliation, and she could think of nothing more humiliating than being ridiculed by her own mother and her precious Aunt Peggy. Or perhaps one or both of them would encourage her? Sharon wasn't sure which would be worse. Or better. But that didn't matter right now, all that mattered was thoroughly cleaning Mistress Sif's cock, so she tried to concentrate on that while at the same time feeling three sets of eyes on her.

Peggy was still struggling with the fact that this was actually happening, and the fact that she could walk away but couldn't, even as things continue to become increasingly obscene. But if this was a dream she no longer wanted to wake up from it. No, Peggy was so lost in the debauchery that she found herself moving closer, at first to get a better look at Mistress Sif taking Angie's butt cherry, then Sharon cleaning that cock. She got plenty of time to enjoy the latter as Mistress Sif started to switch back and forth between Angie's ass and Sharon's mouth, constantly feeding the daughter her mother's butt cream while taunting all three of them with her relentless verbal assault. Then things got even more interesting.

"Oh where are my manners? Peggy, there is no reason you should be left out of the fun. Here..." Sif encouraged, once again pulling her cock out of Angie's ass, but this time pointing it at Peggy, "Taste your sister-in-law's ass. Come on, we both know you wanted your bestie for years, and now here is your chance to taste her. Mmmmmm yes, it might not be her yummy little cunt, but if you do a good job of being an ass to mouth whore for me I might just let you eat her pussy. Only joking. You'll be doing that no matter what. Mmmmmm, but this way you might get that particular treat sooner. Oh yes, that's it, kneel down in front of me and suck my cock! Do it Agent Carter! Oh fuck yes, mmmmmm fuck yeah! Suck it!"

Initially Peggy was horrified by this offer, which was very clearly a command, but it almost seemed worth it if she got to finally taste Angie's pussy. More importantly it was unlikely that Mistress Sif would allow Angie to cum unless Peggy gave her what she wanted, and Sharon obviously loved it, so maybe it wouldn't be that bad. So Peggy cautiously kneeled down in front of Mistress Sif, opposite to Sharon besides Angie, closed her eyes and cautiously wrapped her lips around the head of the cock which had just been inside her best friend's butt. Then just like Sharon before her Peggy moaned loudly, which in turn caused Mistress Sif to chuckle with delight and continue her taunting.

"Ooooooh yessssss, moaning right from the start, just like the rest of your family." Sif chuckled, "Yesssss, just like the rest of her family Peggy Carter is nothing but a filthy little ass to mouth whore! Oh yes, you love the taste of your sister in law's butt, don't you Agent Carter? Don't you? Ohhhhh yesssssss, suck it good. Take it deep cock sucker and get every drop of your best friend's butt cream!"

To her shame Peggy not only obeyed, but kept moaning as she cleaned that cock of her best friend's butt cream. She couldn't believe she actually liked it, or that she was actually doing this, but in that moment Peggy was too lost in the bliss of obeying Mistress Sif, and the flavour of Angie's ass juice, Peggy receiving more of the latter while looking up into the eyes of the dominant brunette so she could receive the former. Which made Mistress Sif grinned so wonderfully wide, which made Peggy's heart flutter. It also made her suck the dick even more enthusiastically, eventually pushing it into her throat, something Peggy hadn't done for anyone else.

She hadn't needed too, although if she'd ever had a man this size she wouldn't have tried. Which was something now Peggy actually regretted as it meant it was impossible for her to deep throat the dildo. She tried her best, but she just couldn't get it all, and ultimately had to give up and lick the base, which clearly displeased Mistress Sif, even if she didn't say anything. Peggy got a chance to redeem herself, as for the next few minutes Mistress Sif went back and forth between Angie's ass hole and the mouths of the other members of the Carter family, but even then she managed to push the strap-on further down her throat each time Peggy just couldn't get it all, which was frustrating. Then all of a sudden she forgot all about it, as something truly obscene happened.

Angie was also trying her best to please Mistress Sif, although in her case it was just lying where she was like the obedient little fuck hole she had become while her closest female family members were forced to taste her butt. Which was another first, albeit a weird, disturbing and gross one. Of course the most weird, disturbing and gross part of it was that it actually turned Angie on. So much so that she began craving an orgasm. Ideally from Peggy licking her pussy while Mistress Sif pounded her butt. Or maybe even Sharon licking her while Mistress Sif sodomised her. Both of which she suspected she may receive eventually. But most of all Angie just wanted to be brutally butt banged by Mistress Sif.

Guessing that's what Mistress Sif would want to do, at least during this first precious time, Angie was getting ready to beg for her new owner to destroy her ass hole and make her cum. Which was on the tip of her tongue for what felt like an eternity, but Angie wasn't holding herself back because she was embarrassed or hope to keep a shred of her dignity. No, that ship had long since sailed. Angie was holding back so that Mistress Sif and her family members could have their fun with the ass to mouth, and for a time she definitely enjoyed craning her head back to watch it. But inevitably the need to cum just became too overwhelming, and she broke down completely. And perhaps in more ways than one.

"Fuck me! Ohhhhhh fuck! Fuck yes! Please Mistress Sif, fuck my ass hard! Fuck it as hard as you can!" Angie squealed desperately at the top of her lungs, "Mmmmmm, I need it! I need to be fucked hard so I can cum for you so I can officially become a slave of Sif! Please do it Mistress Sif, mmmmmm ooooooooh yesssssssss, fuck me! Fuck me hard and make me cum! I need to cum! Oh please Mistress Sif, don't just fuck my ass, wreck it! Mmmmmmm yessssssss, completely destroy it in front of my family and proved to them that I'm yours! Make me yours in front of them! That's what I want, that's what I've always wanted! Yessssssss, I've always wanted to be the submissive little slut of a dominant woman like yourself, ohhhhhhhh, and I always hoped it would be Peggy, but I'm so glad it's you, because you're so, sooooooo good at fucking my ass! But please, give me more. Oh fuck, ohhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd, I'll do anything you want if you just make me cum! Anything! Just please, fuck me and make me your bitch! Please, I aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, FUCK ME!"

It took a frustratingly long time but finally Mistress Sif rammed her cock back into Angie's ass with one hard thrust and then almost immediately started roughly pounding her ass hole. Only no, that was just a warm-up, as Mistress Sif eventually built up to what had to be an inhuman pace. Oh God yes, Angie's ass was fucked harder than her pussy ever was, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh echoing throughout the room along with her squeals of pleasure, Angie feeling nothing but pleasure thanks to all the gentle build up. Then she came so hard it redefined what her understanding of an orgasm was, and somehow it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another which was just as powerful, if not more so.

She had thought she had broken completely when she started begging, and several times before then, but Angie now realised she had been wrong. That this, this wonderful, glorious, perfect moment was when she was truly broken and turned into what she was always meant to be, a slave of Sif. No! If it wasn't for Peggy she would still be old and dying. Now she got to live longer, and experience pleasure which she could have never imagined, which she promised herself she would reward Peggy for. But most of all, Angie Carter promised herself she would be the biggest lesbian slut out of all her family for Mistress Sif, even if that was clearly going to be tricky.

Sif grinned sadistically as she officially added yet another woman to her collection of sex slaves. That was always special as far as she was concerned, but she was doing it in front of this woman's daughter, who she had recently enslaved, and in front of her best friend who Sif was well on her way to enslaving, making this extra special. Although it also meant for once that she was distracted even at this precious stage, and without her beloved Wanda to show her the expressions on the other girl's faces without looking away Sif was forced to look away from the wonderful sight in front of her. Which was difficult, especially as Angie's ass cheeks were jiggling against her thighs so beautifully, but she just about managed it to look into the face of Sharon Carter, and more importantly Peggy Carter.

Predictably Sharon seemed delighted by watching her mother sodomised and enslaved, staring at the woman who gave her life lustfully, and then locking eyes with Sif and staring back at her with total devotion just like she was trained to do. Just as predictably, and perhaps even more delightfully, Peggy was staring at Angie lustfully, clearly wishing she was in her best friend's place, but she seemed afraid of that thought, as whenever she locked eyes with Sif the apprehension was clear. Oh how Sif looked forward to fucking that out of her. Yes, Sif would effortlessly break Peggy Carter and then have her eagerly displaying her gaping butt hole to the entire world, but especially her slaves who had been members of SHIELD, or even inspired by Peggy's legacy.

At that moment she could picture it so vividly, and more than anything else it pushed Sif over the edge of a truly satisfying climax. The stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising Angie Martinelli into submission was still a big part of it, getting her to the edge and all, but that thought was the thing which sent her over that edge. With that in mind Sif suddenly got on her feet, using her inhuman strength to pull Angie up with her and turn her around on her dick so they were face to face. This was a favourite of hers once they got to this stage, as she could stare deep into her latest conquest's eyes and see just how broken they were, and briefly Sif savoured that. But that was only confirming what she already knew and she soon focused her attention on Peggy.

Better yet without having to be asked Angie looked over her shoulder and stared at Peggy as Sif began jack-hammering her up and down like the fuck hole she was at that moment, so the infamous Peggy Carter wouldn't just see what was going to happen to her soon, but know just how blissfully happy she would be while receiving it. Oh yes, that was truly satisfying, especially as Sif had Angie squirting her girl cum against her stomach, at the same time as Sif was cumming, something else which would be obvious to the Carter family. Unfortunately Angie was just a normal human, and a ridiculously inexperienced one at that, so it wasn't long before she passed out from the ecstasy Sif was giving her, and Sif didn't like to fuck unconscious bodies. So reluctantly she let go of Angie, allowing the other girl to fall at her feet completely broken and enslaved, just like Peggy Carter soon would be.

After staring down her future slave, giving her a chance to blush, look away, and then inevitably stare at her friends broken body, Sif ordered, "Angie, push your sweet ass into the air and spread your cheeks! Mmmmm yessssss, give your new owner and your family a look at that pretty little gape of yours."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Angie whimpered pathetically before scrambling to do as she was told.

Peggy hesitated briefly before protesting, "Please, hasn't she suffered enough?"

Which caused Sif to smirk at that little rebellion, and then she firmly explained, "Your friend is now my fuck toy, and will do everything I say, regardless of circumstances. Isn't that right Angie?"

"Yes, of course Mistress Sif." Angie confirmed weakly, before telling her friend, "It's okay Peg, I wanna please my Mistress. So let me. Please?"

Peggy felt she should protest some more, as Angie clearly wasn't in her right mind, and even if she had been she would advise against this, as her friend was clearly exhausted from the assault her body had just taken. More to the point when she collapsed onto the floor she had landed so that her bottom was facing Peggy, and there was no need to show off her 'pretty gape' as it looked as if it could be seen from space. Or at least a great distance, and it was certainly visible to herself, Sharon and Mistress Sif. But for better or for worse Peggy stayed silent as Angie slowly forced her way up to her knees, her face pressed against the floor as she reached back to spread her arse cheeks as wide apart as she could, exposing the fact that her forbidden hole remained obscenely stretched open.

"Good girl." Sif purred after a few long seconds of staring deep into Angie's rectum via the gaping crater which used to be her virgin ass hole, "Now, tell me and your family what you are."

"I'm yours Mistress Sif, I'm all yours!" Angie replied without hesitation, and then just in case that wasn't enough cautiously added, "I'm, I'm your sex slave. Your lesbian sex slave. Oh Mistress Sif, thank you for making me yours! I've always wanted to be owned by another woman, and now I finally am. I'm... I'm a slave of Sif. Oh God, this is the happiest moment of my life."

"As it should be my pet." Sif chuckled with delight, then after a few more seconds of staring at her pet's gaping butt hole firmly ordered, "Now solidify your submission to me by sucking your ass cream off of my cock, just like your family did moments ago."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Angie quickly replied and obeyed again.

This time Peggy offered up no protest, because how could she possibly begin to when she herself had succumbed to the curiosity of placing that strap-on into her own mouth when it was fresh from Angie's arse. She desperately tried to tell herself she had been doing it for Angie's benefit, just in case Mistress Sif threatened her, or worse, stopped the butt fucking, which would have clearly devastated Angie, but if Peggy was honest with herself she had wanted to do it. She couldn't even begin to understand why, and she didn't want to, but she had done it. And now? Now Peggy was actually jealous of Angie as she slowly kneeled in front of Mistress Sif and took the dick which had just pummelled her most private hole into her mouth.

It took a while for Angie to even get in that position, giving Peggy plenty of time to admire her well fucked body, particularly that gaping back door which Agent Carter actually found herself moving so she could continue staring at it. But her attention was quickly divided as she heard Angie moaned loudly tasting her own arse and then eagerly began to bob up and down the dildo, clearly hungry for more of her butt juices. Which actually caused Mistress Sif to chuckle with delight and gently stroke the back of Angie's head as she began to give her encouragement. Although of course the entire time she did it Mistress Sif was staring at Peggy with a smile of pure evil on her face.

"Yesssssss, that's it Angie, suck my dick." Sif encouraged during that initial chuckle, before getting far more graphic and taunting with her words, "Suck my ass flavoured dick in front of your family members! Oh fuck yes, I love making one of my slave suck cock in front of their family, mmmmm, and now I almost have the full set. Oh yes, I now have almost the entire Carter family, or at least the members that matter, at my disposal. Mmmmm yesssss, and when I have you all, I shall make such good use of you. I promise you that. But for now, mmmmmm, just concentrate on sucking my cock. Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, show me everything you got. Ooooooh, a deep throat on your first time. Nice work. Now take more. More! MORE! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, that's it, ohhhhhh fuck, show me what a great little cock sucker you can be."

Despite her best efforts Angie could only take so much down her throat, as inevitably she had to settle for licking the base, which clearly disappointed Mistress Sif, although at least she was nice enough not to mention it. Mostly because she was busy taunting Peggy, the once proud Agent Carter looking away constantly and focusing on Angie's head bobbing up and down, or her friend's gaped bottom, but always she would return to the gaze of Mistress Sif. Wait, why was she thinking of her as Mistress Sif? Oh God, Peggy was in trouble. She had to find a way out of this. Ideally save Angie and Sharon from this debauchery. Or at the very least, not break quite so easily as they did.

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