Slaves of Sif

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Natasha Romanoff had survived all kinds of torture before, but nothing like this. Night after night, hour after hour of orgasms, mostly achieved through anal sex, with her only breaks coming in the form of Sif sitting on her face enforcing Natasha to eat her pussy or ass. Or being forced to watch her precious Maria Hill being butt fucked. So far today she had only passed out twice, and both times when she woke up Natasha found herself in a different position. The first was the most uncomfortable, on her back in the centre of the bed with her hands and feet practically tied together next to her head, bending her in half which put incredible strain on even her incredibly flexible body. The second time she awoke her legs and back were at least shown some mercy as she was now spread-eagled, although that was little comfort because who knows what Sif had planned now.

Of course it became very clear what Sif had in mind when Natasha groaned and slowly allowed her eyes to open. Things had been unnaturally quiet so she was unable to sense anything before opening her eyes, but then things became very clear as she found herself surrounded by beautiful women, most of them completely naked while some wore menacing looking strap-on dildos. Sif was unsurprisingly one of the latter ones, her cock longer and thicker than all the others to show her superiority, but it wasn't by much, and despite herself Natasha felt a wave of excitement upon seeing particularly Sif's strap-on, which she had got to know very well over the past week or so.

Stepping out of the little circle around the bed Sif smiled wickedly and said, "Ah, finally awake I see."

Choosing not to justify that with a response Natasha just stared blankly at her captor, daring her to do her worst. Instead of punishing her for her insolence with a slap across the face or something like that Sif simply gave the spy another wicked smile, slowly crawled onto the bed and up Natasha's body before lingering with their faces inches apart. The entire time she did that she kept that stupid smile on her face, only stopping when she leaned down to gently kiss Natasha right on the lips. Natasha hesitated for a moment, then decided she might as well play along and wait for an opening, so she started kissing back, but just as she was really getting into it Sif broke away and started kissing her neck.

After a few long seconds of that Sif whispered in Natasha's ear, "I'm very impressed with you little spider. Far more powerful beings then you haven't lasted nearly as long against me. However for all your stubborn determination, you will suffer the same fate as anyone else on this planet who defies me. Mmmmm yes, you will fall to me and my army. Now... Pepper, you know what to do."

The last part was directed at the woman in question, Natasha just about able to crane her neck upward to see the approaching CEO. Pepper was as naked as she was, and despite the ominous words Natasha guest that what would happen next would be mutually pleasurable. Sure enough Pepper got onto the bed, turned around and crouched over to Natasha's face before starting to lower herself downwards, Natasha's mouth literally watering as she eyed the tasty treat coming her way. Then she was punished for completely ignoring Sif as the tallest woman in the room, who had been slowly making her way to her boobs, suddenly latched onto a nipple and bit hard down upon it.

Sif smiled again as this forced a surprised cry out of the stubborn redhead, although the brunette didn't bite down that long, and not with all her strength. Not even close, or else the results would have been very unpleasant for them both, and unpleasant was the last thing she wanted. No, the plan was to bombard Natasha with pleasure, so much so that she would finally break, which was why Sif quickly gave that nipple several eager licks before gently beginning to suck on it. That was also the reason she began moving back and forth, reviewing the process except without the bite as she revelled in Natasha's big boobs.

Being a butt girl Sif had pretty much gone straight for Natasha Romanoff's amazing ass, spending days spanking it and especially fucking it. She wanted to spend longer concentrating, maybe her whole life, but Sif had an entire world filled with sexy women to conquer. Hell, she had a whole galaxy of them. So she decided to swallow her pride and get her other slaves to help her with the stubborn conquest. On the bright side it forced her to tear herself away from Natasha's bubble butt long enough to savour the curvaceous woman's second best feature, her big beautiful tits, Sif allowing herself to become completely lost in them for several long minutes.

She was so lost she almost didn't register the sharp cry of pleasure which let her know that Pepper was now sitting on Natasha's face, the deadly spy unsurprisingly not hesitating in beginning to lick her soon to be fellow slave's pussy. It was a reminder that Sif should move on at some stage, and she didn't need Wanda to tell her that's exactly what Natasha wanted her to do, but she wasn't done with The Black Widow's boobs yet, so Natasha would just have to wait. Which clearly annoyed Natasha, although she got the message that if she wanted pleasure she needed to give it to Pepper first, her experience making the CEO constantly crying out in pleasure in no time.

Because she knew her bitches wouldn't dare say anything, and Natasha couldn't with her mouth currently full of pussy, Sif pressed her face in between those big tits and literally smothered herself with them for a few glorious seconds. Then she began motor-boating them, mostly for her own enjoyment but also to show Natasha she could do what she liked. Sif did that a few times in between increasingly harder licks and sucks, but eventually her hunger for pussy took over and she slowly began kissing her way down Natasha's body. Then once she was in position Sif just admired her prize for a few long seconds before leaning forward and slowly sliding her tongue over Natasha's pussy.

Pepper cried out extra loudly because as a result of Mistress Sif's actions Natasha cried out into her pussy, the vibrations causing even more pleasure than before, which was really saying something. God, Pepper had missed Natasha. Or more accurately she had missed her tongue. It had become painfully clear during their first time together, which now seemed like a lifetime ago, that women were better at eating pussy, and while that point had been hammered home by a great deal of Pepper's fellow sex slaves none could quite compare to Natasha Romanoff in the pussy eating department. Hell, perhaps not even Mistress Sif could compare, which was exactly why the day after she had been broken she had begged her Mistress to enslave The Black Widow.

Unsurprisingly Mistress Sif already planned to do just that. Pepper also found it unsurprising that Natasha was proving more resistant than most, but like Mistress Sif said the spy was just fighting the inevitable, and anything that Pepper could do to help the transition she would happily do. Especially if it involved sitting on Natasha's face while the beautiful redhead lapped away at her cunt. Which Pepper could happily do all day, maybe even for the rest of her natural life, but it was pretty clear that Natasha wasn't interested in giving her the long, slow pussy licking she had given her during their first time together.

Instead Natasha made sure she hit Pepper's clit with every stroke of her tongue during her initial licks before focusing just on that sensitive little button. She even took it into her mouth and sucked on it in between a flurry of licks, honestly little rougher an Pepper would have liked. Not that Pepper complained. In fact she wasn't complaining very loudly, her moans, groans, whimpers and cries echoing throughout the room as The Black Widow really showed off what she could do. Guessing that her Mistress wanted to drag this out a little longer Pepper had been grinding her teeth to prevent herself from begging for more, but as had been proven recently she didn't have half the strength of some of the tougher slaves in Mistress Sif's collection, so now it was her who was fighting the inevitable.

Sure enough it wasn't that long before Pepper whimpered, "Make me cum. Oh please, please make me cum. Ooooooooh Natasha, make me cum all over your pretty face. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, make me cum, mmmmmmm, please Mistress Sif, tell your new slave to make me cum in her talented little mouth."

As soon as her name was mentioned Mistress Sif lifted her head from Natasha's pussy and ordered, "Oh yes Natasha, make Pepper cum in your mouth and all over your face. Mmmmmm, receive your first taste of girl cum tonight. Do it and I'll reward you with a nice hard orgasm. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Oh yeah, that's it Natasha, make my bitch cum!"

There was a moment Pepper was worried that Natasha wouldn't do it as some misguided attempt to be rebellious. Thankfully it wasn't long into Mistress Sif's little speech that Natasha gave Pepper exactly what she wanted, slamming her tongue inside her cunt and beginning to fuck her with it. Again it was a far cry from the gentle treatment she had received during their first time together, but Pepper didn't mind. In fact as much as she had appreciated the gentle treatment during her first time with a woman right now she very much wanted the rough treatment, especially as it quickly led to a nice hard orgasm, which was quickly followed by several more as she hysterically screamed in pleasure.

Natasha did her best to swallow at least the majority of Pepper's cum, but Pepper immediately started grinding down on her face, meaning that about half of it escaped. She got even less during the second and third orgasms, and for a little after that, as Pepper used her face as a fuck pad at Natasha's expense. Back before Pepper knew that Natasha was a deadly spy she wouldn't have dared to do this to her, and after finding out she certainly wouldn't have, proving that part of Sif's brainwashing made her slaves very brave, or more likely stupid. Either way they obviously thought they had nothing to fear from Natasha, which meant the redhead was in for a very long night.

Of course the advantage to what Pepper was doing was that Natasha's face quickly became drenched in girl cum, and while Natasha preferred to swallow the yummy liquid it was certainly thrilling to have her face covered in it. The disadvantage of course was that it made it easier for Sif to make her cum, and while Natasha did her best to hold back there seemed little point to it. Sif was an expert at making girls cum. She had proven that time and time again, and with the direct contact of her tongue touching her cunt Natasha was overwhelmed by the magic telling her how wonderful it would be just to submit and become a slave of Sif.

When Sif shoved her tongue as deep into Natasha's pussy as it would go and then immediately started hammering it in and out of her even the mighty Black Widow couldn't deny the powerful brunette what she wanted. And it felt so good to just give in. So good. So good that Natasha, just for a moment, considered surrendering entirely. Then she took a moment to enjoy the feeling of her orgasm washing over her, which was only heightened as she became aware of Sif swallowing every drop with ease. Which infuriated Natasha, especially as she was failing to get much of Pepper's cum, who was grinding harder than ever on her face at that moment.

That annoyance allowed Natasha to redouble her efforts on Pepper, hammering her tongue against the other woman's clit with every opportunity and then desperately trying to swallow as much girl cum as she could. She also tried to make it difficult for Sif to swallow her cum, but the angle was all wrong and Natasha's restraints kept her in place. Also Sif was just so good at this. So good that Natasha wondered if Sif would get carried away and end the night early by fucking her into unconsciousness. Or maybe that was her plan from the beginning, and she would have Wanda use her magic to return her to consciousness. But no, apparently Natasha wasn't getting off that easy.

Eventually and reluctantly lifting her head from her prize Sif ordered, "Pepper, that's enough for you. Get off and let Jane take your place. Darcy, get a taste of The Black Widow while she eats your girlfriend."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Pepper gasped, quickly jumping off Natasha's face and stumbling away.

"Right away Mistress Sif." Jane said submissively, unable to hide the excitement in her voice.

"On it Mistress Sif." Darcy grinned with delight.

Jane was surprised she was the first to get into position. Although perhaps she shouldn't have been given that Darcy had made it very clear how she felt about her body, and that body was very much on display right now. It made her blush to think that anyone could prefer to look at her skinny little body over the voluptuous goddess that was tied to the bed, but sure enough Darcy couldn't take her eyes off her, which just made Jane blush even more. Luckily Darcy didn't notice as she was too busy staring at her body, and for the most part Jane was facing away from her so her girlfriend was staring at her ass, the astrophysicist putting a little extra wiggle in her step for her assistant's benefit.

Knowing just how much Darcy loved her butt Jane considered mounting Natasha's face with her back to her girlfriend, so that the other brunette could stare at her backside all she wanted while she ate the redhead's pussy. But then Jane would have constantly been looking over her shoulder just to get a good look at what was going on, and selfishly she just didn't want that, so ultimately she positioned her pussy over Natasha's face while facing her girlfriend, and her audience, and then lowered herself down. Jane then started shamelessly moaning in pure pleasure as Natasha immediately started to lick her pussy.

Not long after that Jane began more direct encouragement, "Ohhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd yessssssssss, lick me, lick my pussy, mmmmmm fuck! Oh Natasha! Oh Fuck! That feels so good. So good! Sooooooooo goooooooodddddddddd, mmmmmmmm, yes lick me, lick my clit, ooooooooooh yessssssssssss! Lick me just like that in front of my girlfriend! Mmmmmmm, lick my pussy in front of your fellow slaves, ooooooooooh Goooooooooodddddddddd, including your little girlfriend. Yes, your little girlfriend is one of us, and soon you will be too! Yes, yes, yesssssssss, eat my cunt, eat my fucking dyke cunt with your lezzie tongue, ohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddddd yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, eat it and make me cum in front of your future Mistress, Mistress Sif! My Mistress. My ooooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck, oh my Sif!"

While she wasn't normally one for that kind of cruel dirty talk Wanda was whispering in Jane's mind that this was the kind of thing their Mistress wanted her to say, and Jane would do whatever it took to please her precious Mistress Sif. Besides, watching everything that had come before this had put Jane on edge. Well, that and being constantly horny thanks to the knowledge that Mistress Sif might fuck her at any minute of any day. And the fact that Natasha just looked so hot before her. And it was no surprise that Natasha was just as good as everyone said she was, meaning that Jane wouldn't last long before she came, so she should squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of this as possible, and more importantly do everything possible to please her owner along the way.

Surprisingly it wasn't until Natasha's tongue had rendered Jane incoherent that Darcy finally joined the fun. Before that she had been grinning wickedly, and mostly staring at Jane's tits, although after she began speaking the words that Wanda told her to Darcy did give her a grin, looking her in the eye and silently telling her she was impressed. Hopefully she would tell her just how much later, and reward her for it. But for now the sight of Darcy diving face first between Natasha's legs was enough to make Jane whimpered pathetically and almost cum. In fact the only thing that stopped her was Wanda's magic. Well, Wanda telling her that Mistress Sif forbid her from cumming yet, which was basically the same thing.

Darcy had really wanted to join the fun before now, but she had heard Wanda's voice inside of her head telling her to hold back. Well, at first Darcy had been too fixated on Jane's cute little body, especially during the moment she first sat on the face of the infamous Black Widow. Her hesitance was probably the reason she was being punished, although it was a hard thing to Darcy to regret given how delightful it had been to savour the sight of Jane's naked body, and the tiny astrophysicist in a way dominating the deadly spy. Which just proved how badly she had fallen for Jane, and Darcy wasn't ashamed of that.

However when she finally was given permission to do something she had been aching to do ever since she had first laid eyes on this goddess Darcy scrambled to do as she was told, literally diving face first in between Natasha's legs and started frantically licking her pussy. Partly because Wanda told her that Jane would not be allowed to cum until she too made Natasha cum, but mostly because she just really wanted to make The Black Widow cum in her mouth so she could see if it tasted as good as Wanda promised. And for the thrill of just making The Black Widow cum, in front of an audience of her fellow slaves no less. Or better yet, in front of their fellow slaves.

Oh yes, if Mistress Sif's track record was anything to go by the infamous Natasha Romanoff would soon be one of them, and Darcy would be able to regularly taste her yummy little pussy. And if Darcy could in any way help with that all the better, because after the first lick she knew she didn't want this to be a one time thing. Darcy wanted the privilege of licking The Black Widow's delicious cunt on a daily basis. Also ideally eat that fat ass of hers. Oh, and suck on those big titties. First though, she needed to make Natasha cum, and luckily for them all, or perhaps especially Jane, Darcy Lewis was an expert at making girls cum.

Easily proving that Darcy spent a few long minutes just licking the full length of Natasha's yummy little cunt, taking great care to hit her clit with every stroke of her tongue. Then she started to linger on that sensitive bundle of nerves, even taking it into her mouth for a gentle sucking. Then when she was finally given permission Darcy shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into Natasha's twat and started thrusting it in and out. Almost immediately Darcy was removing her tongue and swallowing like the best cum ever. Second only to her beloved Jane. Well, and their precious Mistress Sif. So third best? Which was still impressive given the high-quality girl cum she was regularly treated too, and to her delight Darcy was treated to more as she was continually allowed the privilege of making The Black Widow cum while Natasha in turn fucked the cum out of her girlfriend.

Natasha had known that Sif wanted her to make Jane cum sooner. Wanda whispered it into her mind through her magic. Which was of course why she had hesitated. Sadly at this point that was the only rebellion she could muster. After all, she couldn't lash out at these innocent women, especially while one of them was giving her such a delicious treat, and the other was treating her to some amazing pleasure. Or at least she did eventually. Not that Natasha minded the break. Quite the opposite in fact, as after a week or so of nearly non-stop fucking she took her breathers where she could. Besides, it was nice to have an opportunity to savour the tasty cunt pressing against her face.

Although if she was being honest with herself Natasha welcome the return of some attention to her needy little pussy, and whimpered into Jane's pussy when Wanda told her that she wouldn't be allowed to cum until she made the astrophysicist cum. Of course that whimper caused vibrations on Jane's cunt, which just pushed her closer to climax, and with her experience level it was nothing for Natasha to push Jane over the edge of orgasm. Then Natasha was almost too busy swallowing Jane's delicious girl cum to notice Darcy's tongue entering her, although she definitely noticed when it triggered a powerful orgasm which made her scream into Jane's cunt, which in turn made the brainy brunette cum for her again.

For a while they were locked together like that, Darcy constantly making Natasha cum while in turn Natasha constantly made Jane cum. The only real difference was that as Natasha's hands were still bound her arsenal of moves was somewhat limited, and Darcy took full advantage of that, soon shoving one and then two fingers into Natasha's cunt while beginning to suck on her clit again. Luckily for the spy Jane inadvertently evened the odds by beginning to rub her cunt down against Natasha's face, gently at first but with increasing roughness until Jane was cumming almost as hard and as frequently as Natasha was. Almost. Which was impressive, as Natasha was pretty much in heaven right now. Or at least lesbian heaven.

Unfortunately she wasn't allowed to stay there, as suddenly Sif ordered, "Jane, get off of Natasha's face. Darcy, back off."

There was a chorus of yes 'Mistress Sif' and then both sex slaves reluctantly moved away from Natasha, leaving her gasping for breath and energy. She somewhat caught it in the rage inducing sight of watching her once proud girlfriend Maria Hill bounce up and down Mistress Sif's big cock, with her butt hole no less, Sif locking eyes with Natasha soon afterwards and grinning wickedly at her. Then all of a sudden her handcuffs came undone and Natasha was able to cautiously rub the soreness out of them while sitting up, waiting for the inevitable instructions from her temporary Mistress, although unfortunately she was content with Maria degrading herself in front of her for several long minutes.

Then finally Sif spoke up, "Natasha, get up... Maria, you take her place."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Maria whimpered softly, reluctantly pulling her own ass hole from Sif's strap-on before dropping down to the floor.

Maria then scrambled to do as she was told as she said that, only hampered somewhat by her grouchy girlfriend slowly getting up onto her feet without even addressing their Mistress properly. Oh well, there was no doubt in Maria's mind that she soon would, just like every other woman in this world. Or at least the ones that Mistress Sif wanted. God, it was such a privilege to be one of those women. Soon Natasha would see that. Probably very soon given what was going to happen next. Which felt very foreign to Maria, but it involved a harness appearing out of nowhere and strapping itself around her. A strap-on around her waist, something she hadn't experienced since being enslaved, which felt like a lifetime ago now. It even felt like some bad memory, as Mistress Sif had once promised.

"Natasha, sit on your girlfriend's dick." Sif ordered as soon as Maria was lying down, and then when Natasha glared at her Sif just grinned and added, "Yeahhhhhh, it's time for you to be double stuffed. And triple stuff. That will help teach you your place. And the best part? Your little girlfriend is going to help us do it. Isn't that right Maria?"

"Oh yes Mistress Sif." Maria agreed quickly, "It will be an honour."

There was then a brief pause where Maria was worried that Natasha would protest, or worse upset their Mistress. In a way she did, but it was only a small rebellion, and it probably helped matters, so hopefully Mistress Sif wouldn't be too offended. Plus it was really hot. Maria certainly enjoyed the sight of the mighty Black Widow bending down to spit on the head of her cock and then rub it in slightly before finally straddling Maria, lining her entrance up with the tip of the dildo and then slowly pushing herself down. In the process Natasha let out an adorable little cry of pleasure, tried to stifle it halfway through, then after a few long moments of contemplation simply gave up, closed her eyes and allowed herself to enjoy the penetration.

Unsurprisingly given that everything Natasha had recently gone through, and just because she was in the presence of the magnificent Mistress Sif, The Black Widow buried every single inch of that big dildo inside herself quickly and easily, and then started bouncing up and down Maria's strap-on. She didn't have permission for the second part, and Maria nervously glanced over at Mistress Sif to see if the goddess was displeased. Thankfully she seemed mostly amused, and turned on by it. Just like other slaves. Not that Maria was really focused on them. Or even her Mistress. No, she was mostly focused on Natasha, just like old times

Sure, things were different now. Maria no longer had the freedom to reach up and touch those big bouncing boobies she had always so adored, or to do anything really without the permission of her precious Mistress Sif, and she noway felt like a top in this moment. But Maria still loved Natasha with all her heart, and felt that she was never more beautiful than when riding a dildo strapped around her waist. It was just now that Maria found herself hoping that Mistress Sif enjoyed watching the two of them together like this, her two little fuck toys fucking for her amusement. Although Maria didn't see how she couldn't be enjoying it, especially when given her position Mistress Sif was getting a real good look at Natasha's big, jiggly ass. In fact Maria was shocked that Mistress Sif wasn't the first to fuck it tonight.

After several minutes of just enjoying the show Sif went back to directing traffic, "Natasha, stop your bouncing. Maria, spread your girlfriend's cheeks. And... Gamora, you may have the privilege of taking that fat ass first tonight."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Maria nodded, slowly pulling Natasha's cheeks apart as soon as her girlfriend stopped bouncing to provide their audience with the best look at The Black Widow's butt hole.

"Thank you Mistress Sif." Gamora said almost at the same time as Maria, although shamefully she barely looked at her Mistress as she was too busy staring at the prize before her.

Gamora kneeled down behind Natasha and licked her lips at the glorious prize in front of her, silently thanking her Mistress for allowing her the privilege of going first. She had no doubt that she would be physically thanking her later, hopefully before this night was through. For a moment the most deadly woman in the universe was overwhelmed with submissive thoughts as she craved the taste of her owner's pussy and ass, and the feeling of Mistress Sif's big hard cock pounding her most intimate holes in a sign of who the true Alpha female of the universe was. Then Gamora refocused on the gorgeous little ass hole in front of her, which was being so perfectly presented to her by Maria continuing to spread Natasha's cheeks.

Having already wasted enough time Gamora grabbed a hold of her lubed up dick, pressed it against Natasha's butt hole and slowly began pushing forwards. She wanted to ram the entire length inside her to show off her dominance and strength, it would probably be possible to do it without really hurting Natasha given the relentless butt fuckings The Black Widow had received from their Mistress. However Gamora would never dare upstage her precious Mistress Sif like that, and Wanda whispered in her mind that their owner wanted her to slowly invade Natasha's tailpipe so they could milk the enjoyment out of the penetration, and Gamora knew that Wanda would never lie to her about such important things.

So Gamora pushed forwards gently, causing Natasha's ass hole to slowly stretch and for the other assassin to let out a cute little gasp as she was anally penetrated by the superior being. Wanda even ensured that she got a view of the look on Natasha's face, a privilege normally only reserved for Mistress Sif when she took a slut's ass. Gamora silently thanked Wanda for that privilege, but her main focus remained Natasha's slowly opening butt hole, especially when it stretched wide enough to allow the head of her cock to slide through that tight anal ring and into the redhead's big fat bottom. It certainly wasn't an anal cherry, but it was still a conquest that Gamora was glad that she got to savour.

It was the same story when she began slowly sliding inch after inch of strap-on dildo into the redhead's rectum, the little slut gasping, crying, whimpering and even moaning in mostly pleasure as Gamora violated her. Fuck, Gamora had missed this. For her crime of not immediately running to her true owner once Mistress Sif had escaped from prison Gamora had been forbidden to top any of her fellow sex slaves. It had been torturous, but thankfully that was all over now. Now she could officially start topping again, and what a way to start again, Gamora thought with a wicked smile as she buried the full length of her cock into the big butt in front of her and then began officially sodomising Natasha Romanoff.

Nebula felt like she had spent the majority of her life being jealous of her sister, but it had never burned so much than right now. She too had been forbidden from topping the pathetic little fuck holes which up to this point she had been forced to call her equals, but now finally she had the opportunity to put at least one of them in their places, only she couldn't because Gamora was hogging that big piece of ass. It was so infuriating, because if there was one thing Nebula had missed most about topping it was sodomising a slut. It was the ultimate feeling of power and dominance, and while ass fucking the human wouldn't be a satisfying as anally taking her sister it would still be a perfect return to form for her.

However she needed to be careful. As much as she wanted to demand her turn right now she suspected that she would be punished for it. In fact the Witch was whispering in her ear as much. So Nebula tried to be patient, but it had never been her strong suit, and every moment of watching her sister sodomising Natasha only made it worse. That hole just looked so beautiful stretched around her sister's big dick, the cries of pleasure coming from the ass whore was so wonderful, and the visual of the strongest female warrior Earth had to offer bent over in front of Gamora, highlighting Gamora's power in this moment was too much to bear. Especially as she got a good view of Gamora's ass pumping back and forth, and maybe wanting to fuck it even more than Natasha's big round booty.

So inevitably Nebula whined, "Sister, do not hog her!"

Ever the teacher's pet Gamora looked back at her adopted sibling, and smirked, "You forget your place Nebula. This ass is not mine to give you."

Silently cursing herself Nebula turned to her owner and softly said, "Mistress Sif, may I please have the honour of wrecking that fat ass?"

Sif looked thoughtful for a moment, and then grinned, "I suppose. But no wrecking. Not yet. For now just fuck that ass! Mmmmm, but make sure you share. Good sisters share, isn't that right Gamora?"

"Yes Mistress Sif." Gamora quickly agreed, reluctantly pulling out of Natasha's butt hole.

"Thank you Mistress Sif." Nebula said at pretty much the same time, although she didn't even look at her Mistress.

No, Nebula was too busy staring lustfully at the pretty little target in front of her, which definitely continued to be the case as she slowly approached her prey, eventually taking the place of her sister and pressing the tip of her strap-on against Natasha's gaping ass hole. Nebula then paused to savour the moment before slamming forwards, almost burying the entire length of her cock into Natasha's fat ass on her first thrust. The next thrust did it, which earned her a stern telling off, although honestly Nebula didn't care. She was just glad to be back inside a slut's ass again, especially such a perfectly fuck able one such as this.

"Sister, do not ruin that fuck hole." Gamora scolded, "It's for everyone's use."

"Shut up and feed her your cock." Nebula growled.

"She's right Nebula." Sif interjected, "That hole is for you sisters to share, so don't ruin it yet. That's my job. Besides, we wouldn't want this little ass whore cumming too soon, would we?"

"No." Nebula grumbled, then after a few long seconds of just staring at the beautiful sight in front of her she reluctantly added, "Sorry."

Apology accepted." Sif grinned, before turning her attention to Gamora, "But you're sister is right. You should make her taste her own ass, then when it is clean you may then switch over again, and so on, and so on. That way you're constantly making that ATM whore taste her own ass while the other one of you is fucking it."

"With pleasure, Mistress Sif." Gamora grinned before doing just that, walking round and shoving her cock down Natasha's throat.

As Gamora had already been halfway there it took only about a second for her to achieve her goal, and being a greedy ass to mouth whore it took even less for Natasha to start sucking that big dick which had just plundered the deepest part of her bowels. It was obviously very distracting, Nebula looking up several times and even smirking as her beloved sister treated Natasha's mouth like the fuck hole it was while Nebula did the same with The Black Widow's butt hole. Of course now she finally had what she wanted Nebula's main focus was enjoying that fat ass while she had it, which was pitifully short in her opinion. It would have been incredibly frustrating if it hadn't been for the fact that this was their Mistress demonstrating her superiority over them, and despite herself Nebula loved that.

Wanda also loved it, and perhaps even more than anyone else here, because while she was using her magic to show everyone what was happening to Natasha's fuck holes she was the only one experiencing what each of the people involved felt. Others could guess certain roles, the one they most related too, but now Wanda found she could appreciate them all. If pressed for choice Wanda would have easily chosen the role of the bottom, as she knew just what ecstasy Natasha was feeling, and how much more intense it would be when their beloved Mistress Sif joined in on the fun, but there was definitely something to be said for the role of the two alien sisters as they swapped places over and over again until it all became too much even for the mighty Black Widow.

After another intense inner battle Natasha cried out while the sisters were swapping, "Harder! Fuck me harder! Oh God, wreck my ass and make me cum! Please? Please Sif, let me cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass. Make one of your little bitches make me cum so I can truly be a bitch's bitch. Or do it yourself. I don't care, just do it! Fuck me! Oh shit, fuck my big fat ass and make me cum!"

While Natasha was talking all eyes, or at least most, turned to Mistress Sif, who ordered sooner than expected, "Remember, one each."

The only response she got from Nebula was a wicked grin as she slammed her strap-on back up Natasha's butt and started to sodomise her far more brutally than before. Wanda could tell their Mistress wasn't pleased with this, and Nebula would be punished later, but she couldn't blame Nebula for not caring and was happy that Mistress Sif chose to let it go for now as Wanda's body trembled from the force of the pleasure that Nebula and particularly Natasha were feeling. It was the same story when it was Gamora's turn, although truth be told both sisters failed to pull out after only one orgasm, both pushing themselves through several and giving Natasha even more, which was something that Wanda was sure she didn't need to tell Mistress Sif, but again she let it go for the greater good.

Eventually when Nebula and then Gamora were done with The Black Widow's butt hole Mistress Sif turned to Wanda and grinned, "Your turn my sweet Witch."

With a happy, and somewhat nervous, smile and a nod Wanda quickly kneeled down in front of Natasha, grabbed hold of her strap-on and then slide into that gaping ass hole. Even on the verge of breaking Natasha Romanoff was one intimidating woman, but Wanda was mostly nervous about being able to please her precious Mistress Sif. After all, she wasn't some alien bread for war, and although her powers did enhance her strength she wondered if it would truly be enough to keep up with the stronger women. Then she pushed that moment of doubt aside to concentrating on burying the full length of her cock inside Natasha's ass and then officially beginning to butt fuck The Black Widow for the first of what would hopefully be many times.

Hopefully next time Wanda would be granted more time with this perfect ass, not just sliding in the end and going straight to the brutal rectum wrecking. Although that wouldn't be exactly all Wanda got, the Witch thought to herself with a wicked grin. Yes, Mistress Sif was about to give her, and Natasha, a special treat. One which would finally break the mighty Black Widow for good, and bring Mistress Sif one step closer to her goal. But now Wanda was more than happy to pound Natasha's fat ass, her eyes and hands, and eventually her entire body glowing red as she brutally assaulted Natasha's ass hole, making those fat cheeks jiggle obscenely and the stronger woman scream like a shameless anal loving bitch.

It was a sight which delighted Sif, and she called out with encouragement, "That's it my sweet little Witch, pound that bitch! Mmmmmm, pound that bitch's butt! Oh yes Wanda, pound Natasha's slutty little bitch butt! Ooooooh yessssss, make it nice and loose for me. Yesssssss, make Natasha Romanoff's ass hole loose and ready for me to fuck! Fuck it hard and make that little bitch cum! Make the mighty Black  Widow cum like the bitch she is. Ohhhhhh yesssss, that's it Wanda, wreck that fat ass! Make that big booty bounce for you. Oh yes, that's so sexy. Mmmmm, I love watching Natasha Romanoff's big fat ass jiggling while it's being fucked. Oh Wanda, mmmmm, you're making me so proud."

Sif enjoyed the sight so much, and giving her bitch encouragement, then she allowed Wanda to sodomise Natasha much longer than intended, allowing both women to cum several times in the process. She got a lot of disapproving looks for this, although not as much as Wanda and Natasha, but Sif didn't mind. It wasn't like Nebula and Gamora hadn't pushed their luck and pushed themselves to multiple climaxes, and her other sluts had certainly had plenty. Besides, she made no secret of the fact that Wanda was one of her favourites, and as soon as Natasha accepted her rightful place she would easily become one of Sif's favourites too. Honestly she already was. How could she not be with an ass like that? An ass Sif soon needed a piece of herself. Only she wasn't going to take it alone.

"Wanda, stop for a minute and lift that cute little butt of yours up into the air." Sif ordered.

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda gasped in response.

Sif licked her lips at the two tempting butts in front of her, before pressing her strap-on against the butt hole which was already stretching for one dick and then taunting, "I assume this will be your first time being double ass fucked?"

"No... it will." Natasha croaked in clarification, but offered up no other protest.

"Excellent." Sif beamed, "Then I will have taken an anal cherry from you after all."

Not giving Natasha any further chance to protest Sif gave a mighty shove forwards, forcing the head of her cock into the other woman's already cock filled ass hole and causing the mighty Black Widow to screech in pain. More importantly though afterwards Natasha just whimpered and concentrated on relaxing, totally accepting her fate and almost certainly wanting it. Not because she had no choice, or because of exhaustion or the influence of Sif's magic, but because deep down Natasha Romanoff was one of this world's biggest anal whores who's fat ass needed to be abused like this. Natasha had proven that before, and Sif had no doubt she would prove it again given half the chance.

That was why Sif began pushing inch after inch of her dick into Natasha's back passage alongside Wanda's dick, stretching that forbidden orifice far beyond what it was normally capable of, and sure enough the other warrior took it with only a few whimpers and cries of pain. There was even a hint of pleasure in those sounds, which became overwhelming once Sif buried every inch of her strap-on into Natasha's shit pipe and started to gently give The Black Widow her first-ever double butt fucking. Then inevitably Natasha's cries became of pure pleasure, and then finally the stubborn woman gave Sif what she truly wanted.

Before that Wanda was constantly asking her through their mental link whether she should joined the fun, Sif having to tell her no a surprising amount of times. Well, it wasn't surprising that Wanda would be eager to slam fuck Natasha's big ass, but normally she was so busy tripping over herself to please Sif that Wanda normally didn't think that herself. Sif wasn't sure whether to be impressed or annoyed. Either way it would be a good excuse to spank Wanda's cute little ass. Sif was tempted to do it right away given that Wanda's butt was pretty much stuck directly into her face. Or perhaps switch from Natasha's loosened whore hole to Wanda's tight little bitch hole. But no, Sif needed to concentrate on breaking The Black Widow once and for all. Fortunately for her, and Natasha, it seemed like she'd finally found the thing which would push even the mighty Black Widow over the edge of becoming a slave.

Natasha almost protested when Sif revealed her intentions, not because she feared the pain of it, but because she feared the inevitable pleasure would be the thing that would finally break her. It didn't happen right away, but it happened. There was just something about having her most private hole being stretched so obscenely wide, Sif forcing upon her such an incredible humiliation, greater than even Maria had given to her. And that humiliation became even greater when Sif's strap-on slid into her bitch hole and then slowly but surely invaded her rectum, until every inch of that second dick was buried deep within her bowels alongside the first, the whole experience causing Natasha the most wonderful pain and devastating pleasure of her life.

Shortly after that Sif officially started to give Natasha her first-ever double ass fucking, thrusting her hips back and forth and causing both her own dildo and the one strapped around Wanda's waist to pump in and out of her forbidden hole at the same time. The sensation was so overwhelming Natasha just couldn't stop herself from whimpering and crying out pathetically, moans of pleasure soon being added into the mix to prove that The Black Widow really was the biggest anal whore in the entire world. Something Natasha wasn't allowed to forget, as all around her Sif's other slaves giggled wickedly and taunted her, although the only one she really paid any attention to was her precious Maria, her words completely destroying whatever was left of her.

"It's okay baby, just let go. Mmmmm, give Mistress Sif your ass, and every other part of you." Maria grinned with blissful happiness as she urged her former bitch to take her rightful place as part of Mistress Sif's collection, "Yesssss, that's it. Allow your ass to stretch like never before! Ohhhhhhh, take two big dicks up your whore ass! Oh fuck baby, that's so hot! Mmmmmm, I love watching you getting double ass fucked. Ooooooh, I'm so jealous of you. I wish it was my ass Mistress Sif was totally destroying. I bet it feels good, doesn't it? Because sure, it hurt at first, but now you can't imagine life without it. That's how it used to feel with me, and that's what I feel now with Mistress Sif. So just give in Natasha. Become just like your fat ass, completely destroyed and owned by Mistress Sif. You want it, so why fight it? Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh, you were always destined to become the biggest anal whore on the face of the Earth, so you might as well be Mistress Sif's anal whore so she can take care of you and give you what you need. Please baby, just submit and we can be together forever, as slaves of Sif. That's all I want. Oh yeah, mmmmmm, and deep down you know that's all you want. So just do it. Surrender every little part of you, but especially that fat ass, to Mistress Sif. Become the mindless anal whore you were always meant to be."

It was hearing Maria talk like that which finally broke Natasha Romanoff. This was the only person she'd ever truly loved, the woman who had broken her and turned her into her submissive bitch, and here she was, just another slave of Sif. It was too much. It was just too much. And the irony wasn't lost on Natasha. Maria had shown her that deep down she was a bottom who crave to be topped, and here was the greatest top in the universe. The top who had broken her top and turned her into a bottom. So why was Natasha trying so hard to resist? Especially when it meant she and Maria could be happy together as they spent their lives pleasing a vastly superior woman.


Quickly proving Natasha had made the right choice Mistress Sif started rapidly increasing the pace, effortlessly making Natasha experienced the most powerful climax of her life in what felt like seconds. Only it was outdone by the next one that followed it, and that one was outdone, and so on, and so on until it felt like she was constantly cumming. Wanda and Maria helped by eventually beginning to thrust as well, but they couldn't match the speed and the power of the mighty Sif. They just couldn't compare, and they were only here because of the wonderful Mistress Sif, who had been so graciously patient with Natasha until she realised the truth. And that truth was that every ounce of her body, especially her big fat ass, rightfully belonged to the goddess known as Mistress Sif, Natasha just hope that she could give her half of the ecstasy she was currently receiving.

Sif would happily argue that she was getting the better part of this deal. After all, while her eventual orgasms weren't quite as overwhelming as what her slaves felt when she inflicted this extreme on them Sif was convinced it couldn't compare to the joy of the power and dominance she felt whenever she was so obscenely violating another woman's most private hole. This was an extreme she saved special occasions enhancing those feelings that she craved so much. Oh, and what a special occasion this was. Perhaps even the most special occasion she'd ever had. Why? Because today Sif finally conquered her biggest challenge. At least of this world.

It was somehow even more satisfying than Sif had imagined it would be to have the mighty Black Widow breakdown and swear her undying devotion to her, especially as unbeknownst to Natasha this was secretly being filmed by Wanda's magic, as it had been from the beginning. Unlike with Maria it wasn't streaming live, as although Sif was confident in her own skills Natasha had proven to be surprisingly resistant. Besides, it gave Sif an excuse to watch the footage back later and craft what would no doubt be the most watched erotic film in the history of this planet, The Breaking Of The Black Widow, starring Mistress Sif and her slaves. Perhaps Sif would even charge for it, instead of releasing it for free as originally intended.

Pushing such thoughts out of her head for now to concentrate on what was important Sif tried desperately to hold back her own climax so she could make this heavenly double ass pounding last even longer, but it was just too much. The stimulator smashing her clit, the smack of flesh on flesh, Natasha's jiggling ass cheeks, Wanda's butt begging her to take it as a desert, the screams of pleasure coming from Natasha and the encouragement coming from her slaves, and most of all the sheer joy of finally breaking the infamous Black Widow pushed Sif over the edge of perhaps the most satisfying climaxes of her life, which was really saying something considering how much kinky sex she had.

With the end in sight Sif suddenly ripped Wanda's strap-on from her, and then in one swift movement stood up while pulling Natasha along with her, and then flipped her around so they were face to face. Sif had done this a few times, but never with two dildos in a slave's ass before. Impressively she managed to keep those dildos entrenched within Natasha's rectum while switching positions, Sif at first grinning wickedly because of it, then that grin became even wider as the blissful happiness and devotion on Natasha's face told her that The Black Widow was finally completely broken. She then started bouncing Natasha up and down her cock with one hand while using the other to slam the dildo not strapped around her waist in and out of Natasha's butt hole, meaning she was officially double ass fucking Natasha on her own.

Maria watched all this with overwhelming happiness and jealousy battling for dominance inside her. She was happy because her super stubborn girlfriend had clearly finally broken once and for all and accepted that she was always supposed to be a slave of Sif. Also Natasha was the hottest woman she ever met. Well, perhaps second only to Mistress Sif. But Natasha had the best ass, and it was incredible to see it get brutalised so thoroughly. It had been equally incredible to see her get gang banged by all these beautiful women, especially when she had been a part of it. However this was the best part. The part where Mistress Sif took what was rightfully hers, ironically exactly the same way she had completely broken Maria, except for the fact that there were two dicks inside Natasha's ass, instead of one.

However that reminder of her first time with this goddess, and how Mistress Sif had eventually broken her, threw gasoline on Maria's jealousy. Her cock hungry ass hole quivered with need, begging to know why Natasha's ass hole was the lucky orifice being ploughed right now? Why did Natasha's ass hole get two dicks when her ass hole had none? Why couldn't she be the centre of attention and be getting gang banged like that? Most importantly, why couldn't it be her pleasing Mistress Sif with her slutty little bitch hole? Maria didn't have to look around her to know every other woman in here was thinking the same thing, but ultimately didn't say anything because they knew Mistress Sif was breaking Natasha in, and it was what Mistress Sif wanted that mattered. Well, actually they said a lot, but it was clear that Mistress Sif was completely lost in what they were doing, so Maria didn't bother.

Instead while her Mistress was distracted Maria slowly unstrapped the dildo around her waist, bought it up to her lips and started slowly sucking her girlfriend's cum and cunt cream from it, her training allowing her to do this without ever taking her eyes away from where Natasha was being bounced up and down like a ragdoll. She even reached down to play with her own pussy and rubbed herself to another climax. Which could get her in big trouble, but she kind of hoped that was the case as she loved it when Mistress Sif spanked her. To be fair all the other slaves were frantically masturbating. Even that little teacher's pet Wanda was getting herself off. And the dildos still around the waists of Gamora and Nebula had already been cleaned thanks to Darcy, so either Mistress Sif would have to let it go, or by the end of the night all their butts would be bright red. Maria was good either way.

She even moved around so she could get the best possible look at the blissful happiness on Natasha's face, although it proved to be unnecessary as seconds later Natasha somehow found the energy to wrap her arms and legs around Mistress Sif and stroked her lovingly, only encouraging their Mistress to hammer her ass hole even harder. Then seemingly without any warning Mistress Sif dropped Natasha onto the floor, both cocks leaving her bottom with an obscene sound. Gathering around quickly the slaves of Sif gasped and murmured as they looked at their Mistress's handiwork, and then Darcy Lewis verbalise what they were all thinking.

"Oh my God Mistress Sif, you've ruined her ass!" Darcy exclaimed with mostly delight as she stared at the shuddering woman's gaped butt hole, "Like, seriously. I've never seen a gape like that before. Fuck, it's totally wrecked!"

"Really? Now this I must see." Sif grinned with delight, before becoming stern, "Natasha! Show me your ruined hole. Mmmmmm, bend over and show me that ass. Now!"

"Yes Mistress Sif." Natasha whimpered deliriously.

Natasha was still shaking with the force of her after-shocks at this point, not to mention drool coming out of her mouth and onto Mistress Sif's beautiful feet. It felt like she was lucky to be alive, let alone conscious, and while Darcy was talking Natasha didn't think she would ever be able to move again. But then her wonderful Mistress gave her an order, and suddenly she had to find the strength to be able to obey. It took her a few long seconds for that need to obey to give her the adrenaline she needed to get up, but it was all worth it when she saw the triumphant smirk on the face of her beloved Mistress Sif as she got onto her hands and knees, turned around so that her butt was facing her owner, then reached back to spread her cheeks as wide as she could to show off her ruined bitch hole.

"My, my... that is quite the gape." Sif chuckled at the cavernous ruin in front of her, then ordered, "Wanda, stop cloaking the cameras. Mmmmm, and make sure you get plenty of shots of that thoroughly owned ass hole, and Natasha's face."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda happily obeyed with a smile.

Once the cameras were in place Sif pushed, "What are you?"

"Your slave Mistress Sif." Natasha announced proudly without hesitation, "I'm nothing but a slave of Sif. Which makes me one of the luckiest women in the world."

"So true." Sif chuckled, "Now prove it by cleaning my cock!"

"Yes Mistress Sif." Natasha replied happily.

She obeyed just as happily, the thrill of proving herself, and exposing herself, giving Natasha the shot of adrenaline she needed to quickly turn around, shuffle over to Mistress Sif and eagerly wrap her lips around the big dick which had just plundered her fat ass. Natasha then closed her eyes and moaned loudly and happily as for a few long seconds she savoured her favourite ever liquid, well, second only to Mistress Sif's cum, that being her own ass cream. And of course she savoured the knowledge that this cock had been so deep inside her, and was the weapon that Mistress Sif had used to finally conquer her. Or more accurately one of the weapons.

One of the others was placed besides the other weapon, Mistress Sif clearly leaving it there for Natasha to clean too. Like a good little sub Natasha initially waited for that command, happily concentrating on the dildo strapped around the waist of her Mistress, taking as much of it as she could into her mouth alone and then bobbing up and down it for several long minutes. She then cautiously did the same with the cock that Mistress Sif was holding. Then Natasha moved back and forth between those dicks, eventually pushing them into her throat with practised ease for a truly thorough cleaning, which finally prompted the kind of encouragement she was used to receiving from her precious Mistress.

"Yesssss, that's it my little slut, deep throat me! Mmmmmm, deep throat my cock." Sif ordered gleefully, reaching down to stroke the hair of her newly housebroken pet, "Both of them! Oh yes, deep throat my cocks like the little cock whore you are! Oh yes, every inch! Mmmmm, that's every inch down your whore throat! Yeahhhhh, your mouth takes cock almost as easily as your ass hole, huh? Ooooooh yeahhhhh, your mouth and ass hole are perfect little fuck holes for me. Your cunt too. Oh yes, all of The Black Widow's fuck holes are now mine to use however, whenever and wherever I want! Isn't that right Natasha? Huh? You're mine now, and no more of this silly resisting me nonsense. Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh, now you're nothing but just another notch on my belt. Oh yes, you're my slut, my whore, my slave, ohhhhhh fuck, you're anything I want you to be! Isn't that right Natasha? Answer me bitch! Tell me what you are!"

As soon as Mistress Sif pulled her cock out of her mouth a fully recharged Natasha immediately cried out, "Yes Mistress Sif, I'm your slave! I'm your bitch, I'm your slut, I'm your whore, and whatever else you want me to be. I'm yours! My fuck holes are yours! All of them! Oh God Mistress Sif, I don't want to be anything except a notch on your belt. Mmmmm, part of your collection. Oh fuck, just another slave of Sif."

"She's telling the truth Mistress Sif." Wanda chimed in, "She's completely broken now, and only wants to be yours."

"I know." Sif grinned, "And I assume you got that on camera?"

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda grinned proudly, "Do you want me to broadcast it around the world yet?"

"Not yet... Natasha, kiss my feet." Sif ordered her new slave before turning her attention back to her Witch, "Make sure you get plenty of footage of The Black Widow grovelling at my feet, then later I'll use the footage we have to make a little video. Ohhhh yesssss, I shall call it The Breaking Of The Black Widow and release it online. Perhaps we'll even charge money for it, if you want. I don't care, just as long as you make sure everyone knows where to find it. Mmmmm, I want everyone, but especially what's left of The Avengers, to know what happened to their precious Black Widow. That she is now just a walking fuck hole for me, just like her girlfriend Maria Hill, and any other woman I want on this planet, or any other."

"Yes Mistress Sif." Wanda happily obeyed.

Natasha had mumbled those words before lowering her head down to start frantically kissing the feet of her new owner, blissfully happy in the knowledge that soon everyone would know what happened to her. She wanted them to know. She wanted everyone to know that she was one of the lucky women who got to pleasure Mistress Sif with her holes. That was now all Natasha Romanoff wanted out of life. Well, that and more fun with her fellow slaves, especially Maria, but that was a distant second to the privilege of pleasing Mistress Sif, Natasha's silently promising herself to be the best sex slave Mistress Sif ever had as she continued grovelling at her conqueror's feet.

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