Mixed Feelings

BY : Panduki
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The sun had just begun to lower in the sky, about 5 PM, when they had finished up their work and were enjoying a leisurely walk across the grass, each with a hefty bag or two of leaves slung across their shoulders. Scott and Jean had returned from the park about twenty minutes ago and went over to help tidy the bags in a neat pile for the yard waste collectors to retrieve the next morning.

"Ah, Scott, Jean, excellent," the Professor's voice caught everyone's attention as he rolled out of the main doors onto the patio. "Had you given some thought as to my question this morning?"

Scott flashed the professor a grin, replying, "Tomasino's, professor. I figure we haven't had good Italian food in a while!" Beside him, Jean let out a soft chuckle and swatted his shoulder, "You've been chomping at the bit to make that suggestion all day!" She playfully teased.

At the curious look from the students, while work gloves were being removed and clothes straightened, the professor smiled genially, "I figured we would have something special for our family dinner tonight. I had asked Scott to select a restaurant, and he, Jean, Kurt, and Kitty will go out to retrieve the meal."

A collective cheer went up from the students, the afternoon's work suddenly seeming much more worthwhile, and Rogue leaned over to nudge Kiro's side, "If ya've never had Italian food before, Kiki, yer in for a treat!" She said conspiratorily.

"Actually, Kiro, I have a matter I would like to discuss with you in private," Charles said, causing silence to fall over the small crowd. "Logan, Ororo, if you would accompany me, please?" The professor asked, with Ororo and Logan both nodding. They did not seem surprised, and Charles had a smile on his face as he nodded to Kiro, "Go ahead and freshen up if you need to, Kiro, and we will meet you in your room."

With that, the professor rolled back inside, with Ororo close behind him. Logan looked back at the cluster of students, and gave a stern glance, "Alright, kids, that's enough starin'. Head back inside and wash up, can't have ya smellin' worse than you look for dinner," He said with a critical look at Jamie in particular, who sheepishly nodded. He had worked up quite a sweat with his rather energetic raking.

"Elf, Cyke, ladies, go ahead and take the black van, she's fixed up now," Logan said to Scott, Kurt, Jean and Kitty, though Kurt's attention was on Kiro. Apparently he, like the rest, was curious, and perhaps a little concerned, about what all the teachers wanted to discuss with Kiro in private.

"Right away, Logan," Scott responded, and immediately set off toward the garage with Jean and Kitty on either side of him.

Logan's heavy hand fell down on Kurt's shoulder, making the elf jump, and look up at Logan with an apologetic sheen in his golden eyes, "Ah, sorry, Herr Logan," Kurt responded.

"Don't worry about it, elf. Trust me, I think you'll be happy with this," Logan hinted, with a toss of his head toward the upstairs room.

A grin now on his face, Kurt nodded, and reached over to give Kiro a furtive but affectionate squeeze on his arm (which Kiro returned with a smile), before *bamf!*ing away, presumably over to the garage. The rest of the students, with Logan close behind them, filed into the mansion.


After a quick wash-up in the boys' bathroom in the hall, Kiro had entered his room to find all of the Institute teachers, including Hank, waiting for him as they stood beside his bed. Ororo had a sturdy-looking white paperboard box under her arm, and all were regarding Kiro with serious, but friendly looks. The boy's immediate nervousness was dissuaded with a smooth invitation from Charles.

"Don't be afraid, Kiro. Please, come and join us," he said, beckoning Kiro over to where they stood in a semi-circle.

After he shut the door softly behind him, Kiro stepped over to stand before the professor, and at a silent signal from him, Ororo set the box down on Kiro's bed for the time being.

"You know that we have a team here at the Institute called the X-Men, Kiro," the professor began, "A team that is responsible for going out into the world when necessary, to give help to those in need, whether they be our fellow mutants, or common people without our gifts. All are equally human, and deserving of our aid."

Kiro nodded, his expression growing more curious as those violet eyes regarded each of the instructors in turn.

"We have observed you, over this past month, and seen how you have interacted with both your fellow students here at the Institute, as well as those at Bayville High," Charles continued, his smile deepening. "You have behaved as a conscientous, gentle and kind individual, with a strong thirst for knowledge, a desire to help others, and one of the strongest moral compasses I have ever seen, especially in someone your age."

"Now if only some of that would rub off on the other students, already," Logan murmured, though he quieted at a stern glance from Ororo (even as she stifled a smile of her own).

"Your gift could be of great help, not just to us here at the Institute, but to humanity as a whole, I think," Charles said, steepling his hands beneath his chin. "And, to that end, your fellow instructors and I have decided tonight to make you an offer."

It was then that Ororo reached over to smoothly open the box that rested on Kiro's neatly-made bed, revealing what lay, neatly-folded, within.

Kiro peered down at the uniform, speechless. Well, he was always speechless. But the mingled emotions on his face gave voice enough to his state: shocked, proud, happy, fearful.. Charles watched as the boy went through one after another and back again, his slender fingers touching the smooth, black uniform. It was somewhat looser-fitting than the others at the institute, and included a hood as well as sleeves with ties at the wrists so that they could be quickly and conveniently secured and leave the hands free to work precisely without snagging or draping. It was not unlike some of the work tunics worn by the nuns at the abbey, both ascetic in nature and manner, and yet practical for working both out in the fields and in the abbey's infirmary. A sturdy over-tunic and a pair of trousers beneath, with a smooth but practical-looking pair of boots. Furthermore, the uniform was completely plain, with no design or logo woven into the pure black fabric, except for its belt, a sturdy, thick, black utility belt which was emblazoned with a simple, elegant, crimson "X" on its matte-black buckle. 

While the instructors watched Kiro examine the uniform with quiet fascination, Charles smiled, and spoke, "Thaumaturge. That will be your code name, should you choose to accept what I am sure you now know we are offering: A place among the X-Men."

Kiro turned to Charles, and the professor felt his heart warm as he saw the look on the boy's face- now one of courage overcoming fear. Reaching out to touch Kiro's arm, his smile softened as he felt the boy's thoughts. Fear, yes. Concern for all of them. Especially for Kurt. A desire that they should all be safe and happy, but acceptance that their lives were dangerous. And that they were dangerous by necessity. They stood in harm's way, so that others might be protected. And while he was clearly conflicted as to whether he could fight beside them, he would certainly do all that he could to heal and support them regardless.

Kiro extended a hand, as the link between their minds continued, and Charles smiled, dropping his hand from Kiro's arm to clasp the albino's hand in a firm shake. "Welcome to the X-Men, Thaumaturge. We are honored to have you, now not just as a fellow student and a member of our family at the Institute, but as a member of our team."

Off to the side, Ororo felt her breath catch, and she smiled. It was always a touching moment when one of the mutants at their school was offered the chance to join the X-Men, and accepted. It was a moment full of both fear and courage, and a lifelong commitment to better both themselves and, Ororo always felt, mankind as a whole. Logan, beside her, nodded, saying softly, "Way to go, kid," while Hank offered an encouraging thumbs up as well.

"Thaumaturge," Ororo said with a soft chuckle, "A worker of miracles, and a layer of hands. I cannot think of a codename more fitting."

"Indeed," Hank smiled, "Your penchant for picking such meaningful codenames is matched only by Logan's talent for nicknames, Professor," he said, receiving a friendly thump on the shoulder from Logan beside him.

When their hands parted, Charles looked up at Kiro with a kind smile, though his expression shifted to one a bit more serious before he nodded slowly and spoke, "Kiro, I know that you are such a gentle soul, and the sisters taught you to respect and cherish all life..."

Kiro paused, and then looked down at the professor with some trepidation, perhaps sensing what the professor was going to say.

"But I know that you have seen how dangerous the world is, even from the nunnery in Romania, and while you and Kurt were out together," the professor intoned, a small flicker of anger in his voice at the memory of what Logan had related to him. "There are people who will wish you and your friends harm, and I, as well as others-" Charles gave a small glance back at Hank, Ororo and Logan in particular, the man's face tight with memory, before continuing, "- Would feel better if you at least knew how to protect yourself, should the need arise once again. You may not always have Kurt, Logan, or one of the others with you."

Kiro nodded, a small tremor running through him. Nightmares, the professor realized. He could feel him now, even without touching him. Perhaps he was getting better at reading Kiro? It was almost as if the boy was operating on a different mental frequency, of sorts, to others. Touching him formed a sort of "direct connection," but there was still difficulty in reaching his "broadcasts." But there, a small flicker from the boy. A flash of memory from one of his nightmares.

Kurt, limp in his arms as he knelt on the ground, bleeding from a gunshot through the heart. Kiro frantically holding him, tears in his eyes. He could feel his power working, but Kurt's eyes were glassy and distant. Would it be enough? Would he survive? He didn't know... he prayed...

"Kiro..?" The professor asked, gently.

Kiro blinked, and nodded before giving an apologetic bow, hastily wiping his eyes.

"It's alright, Kiro. I saw," the Professor said softly. "And I know. I know that fear. That is the fear I feel every time our team goes out on a mission, especially if I am not able to be there directly with them."

"It's important, Ghost," Logan said, pushing away from the wall to slowly walk over and join them. "You know what I mean," Logan continued, his voice soft, surprising Ororo as she watched, "You remember that story I told you. That's why I'm concerned. I don't want the same thing to ever happen to you. Or Kurt."

Ororo's confused glance was noticed by Hank, but he simply smiled and said quietly to her, "Later tonight, Ororo. It is not for me to say, just yet." Ororo raised a brow, but nodded. Whatever it was, it seemed, was pleasant news. Which was delightful, considering the tone their conversation had gone.

"You're not going to become an assassin, or some kind of shock trooper," Logan continued, but he reached down to pat the uniform where it still lay, neatly folded in the box Ororo had presented to him just ten minutes ago. "But I, personally, would feel much more comfortable knowing that if anyone tried to hurt you.. or... worse.." his voice tightened, ".. that you could at least protect yourself from them," the burly Canadian concluded.

Even though he had learned to expect it, it still almost caught him by surprise when the boy hugged him tightly in response, nodding against his chest. Logan patted his back and whispered softly, "And you know it would probably make Kurt sleep easier as well." Leaning back once Kiro pulled away, in a more normal tone Logan said with a nod, "Don't worry, I'll be teaching you. The professor and I have already talked it over."

"Indeed," The professor said with a smile, "Logan's 'the best there is at what he does,' as he puts it, but he's also an excellent teacher in self-defense. He has taught every student at the Institute. You will be in very good hands. In fact, Logan, why not give Kiro a quick rundown?"

With a nod, the burly Canadian did just that, spending the next few minutes going over his earlier discussions with the professor to a rather surprised-looking Kiro. Logan, as it turned out, had actually given the matter quite a bit of thought. As Kiro, the professor, and Ororo listened with interest, Logan explained his line of thinking. It seemed an interesting dilemma, when it came to Kiro's unique abilities. Would martial-arts really do him much good, since essentially everyone he touched, or perhaps even struck, had their pain dulled and wounds healed, friend or foe? Not necessarily. A reactive, maneuverable style like Aikijutsu was right up his alley, being a defensive form that normally reacted to an enemy's attacks, rather than being offensive in nature. If someone made to restrain him, it would give him the knowledge to slip out of their holds, to say nothing about being able to dodge, deflect, and redirect punches, kicks, or attempted grapples sent his way.

"In fact," Logan mused, regarding Kiro critically, "The bigger and stronger an enemy is, and the more gentle and sensitive you are to their maneuvers, the more of an advantage you'll have, as long as you are well trained."

Kiro, for his part, did not look too reassured. Clearly, the idea of fighting still made him very nervous, particularly the idea of breaking someone's arm, wrist, or leg, even if they were trying to hurt him. Indeed, the professor realized, what if Kiro's healing ability made their injury worse? After all, a snapped bone that had already begun to heal without first being set meant that it would have to be re-broken and re-set in the hospital later. He and Hank had discussed such a scenario in the med bay, with a much-concerned Kiro listening attentively, and Hank had used it as an opportunity to remind Kiro how important it was to carefully diagnose someone's condition before electing to use his gifts. Though once he learned to properly set bones, it would hopefully be a moot concern.

"Well, in any case, do not worry, Kiro. This training will only be for emergencies." Charles said, while Kiro tidied away the uniform in his closet. He had agreed, with some reluctance, to let Logan begin to train him privately. He clearly trusted the Wolverine, and Charles smiled at the bond that he sensed between the two, growing ever stronger, perhaps due to whatever the two had shared the other night.

"Much like a decision one might make to carry a firearm in self defense, it is something you should still learn how to use, and become comfortable with, even if you pray that you never have to," Charles continued, though at Kiro's horrified look, however, Charles quickly reassured him, "Oh no, Kiro, don't worry. We would certainly never expect you to carry something like that. It was merely a metaphorical example."

Kiro's relief was visible, and Charles smiled reassuringly before saying, "Well then, it will be time for dinner soon. And I understand you and young Mr. Wagner have an announcement to make. With your permission, I would also like to announce your acceptance into the team?"

The albino nodded, and his violet eyes were bright.

The professor smiled in return, "Very well, then, Kiro. Why don't you go ahead and finish cleaning up and then join the rest of the students downstairs until dinner?"

Once the instructors had left the room, Kiro sat on the bed alone, peering into the closet where the new uniform hung beside his robe from the monastery. Both were such simple, humble garments, and yet so similar in their meaning. An earnest desire to know and do good in the world. One in the past, and one, it seemed, for the present and future.


"Aw man, really? How can you be so good at this?" Jamie whined as he found himself once again in "checkmate," announced by Kiro tapping his just-moved queen two times on the board.

They were in the rec room, with Kiro seated across from a very frustrated-looking Jamie at the chessboard. Roberto, much to everyone's surprise, had offered to let Kiro join him, Bobby, Ray, and Sam for another round of "Ultima Warrior," their favorite (at least for now) video game. The white-haired boy had politely declined with a sheepish smile. It seemed the idea of video games was still a little too daunting for him, at present, though he had often enjoyed sitting on the couch and watching the students play them, as he had with movies, over the weeks.

Kiro, like the other students, had freshened up properly from the afternoon's labor and changed his clothes before making his way back downstairs. His hair shone in a waterfall of silvery-white down his shoulders and back, freshly brushed and now hanging loose, and he wore a black silken t-shirt over black pants, the humble crucifix from the sisters in its usual spot in front of his heart.

"Why not?" Rogue drawled with a grin as she sat next to them in a third chair she had pulled up, "I bet they played chess at the nunnery a time or two, considerin' how old that game is."

Kiro nodded, smiling as well. He certainly seemed to be quite familiar with the game, though as ever, he couldn't exactly tell them about it without being first asked a question.

This was the second game that Jamie had lost in about twenty minutes, and Kiro's grasp of strategy was surprising. As they reset the pieces, Jamie was clearly about to ask for (another) rematch when the sound of the garage door opening could be heard over the soft din of the rec room.

"Hey, they're back!" Rahne said from her place on the couch, and from the look on her face, she had immediately smelled the food.

A small parade of mutants followed from the rec room and down the hall to the kitchen with the inner door to the garage, ostensibly to help the four unload the van but more likely to get a teasing glimpse of the meal that awaited, and Kiro and Rogue were among them.

"Alright, alright, make a hole!" Scott yelled as they were crowded at the door to the kitchen, though he was grinning as he, then Kitty, and finally Jean and Kurt behind them began to bring in bags and covered trays of food. "Be sure to get the rest, but NO FILCHING any of it!" Scott warned over his shoulder as he, Kitty and Jean made their way to the dining room.

The smell was rather delightful, and Kiro's attention was rapt as Kurt paused in front of him with a large covered tray (bread, from the smell of it), giving him a smile. "So, what happened?" He asked quietly as he then turned and continued to make his way down the hall, Kiro now beside him. Kiro, perhaps uncertain of how to answer, shrugged and looked at him helplessly, elliciting a grin and a chuckle from Kurt as they stepped into the dining room to continue laying out the food. "Ah, I keep forgetting you can't exactly answer something like that. But I guess we'll find out soon enough," Kurt admitted.

Soon enough, the students had brought in the food and organized it on the table, and at Ororo's urging, Scott, Jean, Kitty and Kurt had gone upstairs to wash up ("Quickly, please!" Jamie had begged) before dinner could begin.

Roberto and Amara had cleverly gone around the table to make sure the food would stay well-heated, but not too hot, while the rest of them waited in the dining room. It was a special kind of torture, standing within arms-reach of such a meal and unable to touch it, but Ororo and the professor insisted that they wait.

They thankfully didn't have to wait very long, as Kitty and Kurt especially were still quite hungry from their work earlier, and Scott and Jean hadn't had to do much except wash their hands and faces in the bathroom before immediately joining them in the dining room. Soon enough, Kurt *bamf!*ed down into the hall and walked into the room as well, his fur still damp from a shower but wearing fresh clothes. Upon catching sight of Kiro, Kurt immediately went over to his customary place beside him, touching his arm.

When Kitty finally appeared at the door, her hair damp in a ponytail and a somewhat harried expression on her face, a collective cheer went up through the room, and even Kitty grinned and said "Like, oh my god that smells good, I don't even care about my hair, I'm starving!"

A sharp grunt from Logan quieted the mutants down as they assembled at the table, and at a word from the professor, they were all seated, and soon quiet upon sight of the professor's raised hand. It seemed there was an important announcement, or more, to make.

Beside him, Kurt felt Kiro trembling slightly. Or was it himself? Or both? Their eyes met, and beneath the table, Kurt gently squeezed Kiro's hand when he felt the albino's seek his.

This was it.

"Well, I think I speak for all of us when I express our gratitude to Scott, Jean, Kitty and Kurt for retrieving such a fine feast from Tomasino's tonight," the professor began, and a murmur of agreement went through the table. Charles then smiled and nodded, "I know everyone is in a hurry to eat, but I must ask your patience for a moment. I have a very special announcement to make, and two of your fellow students have another announcement of their own afterwards," the professor said, somewhat cryptically, causing a small ripple of confused looks around the table. Beneath the table, Kurt's tail gently curled around Kiro's leg, and Kurt felt Kiro squeeze his hand in reply, a subtle shiver passing through him at the low hum of pleasure from the other boy's gifts.

Not one to lose momentum, however, the professor continued with a nod before he said, "Kiro, would you please stand up for a moment?"

Kiro nodded respectfully and rose from his seat, brushing a rivulet of his hair back from his shoulder as he found all eyes at the table on him, causing him to shift somewhat uncomfortably.

"As you all know, Kiro is a recent addition to our family at the Institute, and over the weeks has shown a great deal of potential as both a student here and at Bayville High, as well as assisting Dr. McCoy in the med lab," Charles explained, elliciting nods around the table, and a proud smile from the Beast himself as he sat at the professor's left.

"After serious thought and discussion, we-" the professor continued, indicating himself and the other instructors, "- decided to offer him the chance to join the X-Men."

Kurt felt his breath catch, and an excited, hushed murmur went around the table.

"A chance, I am pleased to announce, he has accepted. X-Men, we now have a new member of the team: Kiro. Code name: Thaumaturge," the professor announced, and there was an immediate round of applause and scattered cheers of congratulations, as well as "Welcome aboard, Thaumaturge!" from Scott.

"His role on the team will be primarily one of support and medical aid, at least tentatively," the professor continued once the table had quieted down, "And we will have to see how things go with his training. But no matter what, I am sure you all agree when I say: Welcome, Thaumaturge, and we are honored to have you."

Around the table, all of the students nodded in agreement.

Though the silence was soon broken by Jamie, who asked, "Umm, what does thaw-mah-tursh mean?"

A small roll of chuckles went around the table, as Kiro resumed his seat at the professor's signal, before Charles explained, "A thaumaturge, Jamie, is an old word for a miracle worker, a worker of magic, someone who could do incredible things with the touch of their hands."

Jamie still looked puzzled, and mouthed the word to himself as though trying to pronounce it properly, but the professor took the opportunity to clear his throat and look over to Kurt and Kiro. "Kurt? I understand that you, too, have some news for your fellow students?"

Kurt's breath once again caught in his throat, and he swore he felt his heart stop for a moment, even with Kiro's touch against his leg. "Um, ja, professor, I- er.. we, do," he began, his voice almost a whisper.

"You're among family, Kurt. Please, don't be afraid," the professor gently reminded him, giving a glance around the table as he gestured for Kurt, and Kiro beside him, to stand.

Around the table, Kurt's mention of "we" had definitely caught the attention of some of the students, and curious glances were exchanged as Kurt and Kiro both stood from their chairs.

"Well, you may have, um, noticed that Kiro and I have been very close recently," Kurt began, his heart pounding hard enough in his chest that he almost couldn't hear his own words over the sound of it in his ears. "Well, um, there is a reason for that," he continued, and he felt the urge to lower his gaze. But he fought it. No, he would look his fellow students in the eye when he made this declaration. He would not be afraid.

"It is because, I am gay. We both are," Kurt finally said, and he saw a couple of mouths around the table hang open in surprise. Beside him, Kitty looked absolutely floored. She had totally NOT seen that one coming, at all. At the head of the table, he even saw Ororo covering her mouth, though whether it was due to shock or something else, he wasn't sure.

Beside him, Kurt felt Kiro seek his hand. He smiled as he took it, and there was a soft whisper among the students. Kiro leaned gently against him, and Kurt's heart melted at the silent encouragement from his beloved. His angel. He was so touched, he couldn't speak for a moment, before he continued hastily, making his second confession to his fellow students.

After he had finished speaking, however, Kurt blinked at the confused expressions of the students, and the soft, silent giggle of Kiro beside him. The professor smiled and gave a soft sigh, and Logan's words beside Charles made Kurt blush as he gently prodded them, "In English, elf, please?"

He had spoken in German, in his excitement and nervousness. He smiled and said again, this time in English, "Kiro is, he is my angel, and my beloved. We have decided to become boyfriends. We, um, we didn't want to have to hide it. Not from our family here." He looked around the table as the silence stretched, though he could feel the small thrum of tension building.

In perhaps a surprise to everyone at the table, Amara snorted before remarking, "It's about time!" But after she broke the stunned silence, it caused a ripple across the table to follow in her wake, as though the dam had broken and all the responses began to flow out from the various X-men.

The reaction from the table ran across the whole spectrum of emotion. Some of the boys, Ray and Sam in particular, feigned disgust, though their eyes gleamed with teasing, and Jamie just looked confused, asking "Can they.. do that?" to Rahne beside him, who shrugged, apparently just as confused as well. In spite of their earlier jokes to Scott, it seemed the younger mutants hadn't quite realized that such a relationship could seriously happen.

Kitty had looked absolutely stunned when Kurt had confessed that he was gay. She had clearly had a feeling about Kiro, but Kurt's confession and completely blindsided her. But when Kurt had then confessed that he and Kiro, of all people, were now a couple, she gaped like a fish for several seconds, before she immediately let out a squee! of delight. "Like, oh my god, Kurt! Really?! You and Kiki? Oh my gooooood!!" That was their only warning before she and Rogue both stood from their chairs beside Kurt and Kiro, respectively, and had both boys seized in a group hug, full of gushed congratulations. Scott and Jean looked on with smiles, and likewise called their support and congratulations from their places near the head of the table.

Roberto just looked uncomfortable. Disgust was clear in his eyes, but so was conflict. His earlier outbursts, and the painful week of punishment that had followed, had definitely taught him a lesson, but he almost seemed as though he might consider himself vindicated, now that the two had just confessed that not only were they gay, but actually in a relationship together. Kurt caught his look out of the corner of his eye, but immediately averted his gaze. This was a happy moment, he was determined that it stayed that way. Roberto had taken two steps forward recently, if he took one step back, it was still some progress, however small.

Movement from the head of the table, though, brought the hushed chatter to a close, as one by one, the professor, Hank, Ororo, and finally Logan came to join Kiro and Kurt where they stood beside their seats at the middle of the table. "Congratulations, Kurt, Kiro. I wish you both happiness and success in this relationship," Charles said, reaching up to shake both of their hands. It wasn't an engagement, of course (not that either of them could receive one), but still. "It takes a great deal of courage to be true to yourselves, perhaps especially so to confess something like this to your friends and family. Know that you have our support," the professor added, perhaps cognizant of the fact that Kurt's parents, and certainly the sisters at Kiro's abbey, still did not know. But one thing at a time. He smiled as both Kurt and then Kiro leaned down to hug him, before he backed up to return to his place at the head of the table.

Hank shook both of their hands genially, and said with a smile, "Things might be a little rough at school, and I know you may have some difficulty with your parents, Kurt, but the professor meant it when he said we would always be here to support you. We will. The same goes for you, too, Kiro," the Beast reiterated, and with a last smile to the two, he lumbered back up to the table to rejoin the professor at his left.

Ororo fixed both Kurt and Kiro with an appraising eye, and she finally smiled as she said, "Well, Kurt, I must admit you have caught me quite by surprise. I never would have expected this. But I suppose we sometimes find love in the most unexpected places, and I can certainly not blame you for your choice here," Ororo admitted. She, too, hugged first Kurt and then Kiro, and stepped back with a smile, "You take care of one another, and know that we are here, always, to help and support you. Besides, I've grown accustomed to having Kiro's help in the garden," she added, causing a scatter of chuckles around the table before she resumed her place at the table beside Scott and Jean.

Finally, Logan stood there, appraising the two with an opaque expression. But his first words weren't to the two boys who had just confessed their love, but to the rest of the table instead, as he said, "I hope all of you appreciate the kind of guts it takes to say something like that, especially in today's world. All of you know what that's like, and if you think you don't, imagine having to reveal yourselves to some of your closest friends at school, who might not even know about you." He fixed them all with a critical eye, making more than a few students flinch.

"There are still a lot of people out there who view people like Kurt and Kiro with nothing but hatred, scorn, and contempt-" Here, Logan's gaze went to Roberto. Though it did not linger. "- and there have been a lot of people. Good, gentle boys like Kiro, who've never hurt anybody, who only wanted to make the world a little happier, a little kinder, that have been killed. Brutally. Beaten, and then left to die all alone somewhere." Logan's voice was tight, and only a few at the table knew why. Beside him, Kurt felt Kiro's hand in his tighten gently, but the boy remained otherwise still, and respectful of Logan while they waited for the man to finish.

The rest of the students did not seem to sense the well-hidden pain in Logan's words, but they didn't have to. Especially with what Logan said next: "The same thing could just as easily happen to any of us, if our little secret got out. And these boys," Logan nodded to Kurt and Kiro, who were now standing hand-in-hand beside him, "Have got a double-dose of it. I want all of you to keep that in mind, the next time you think about teasin' them-" Logan's glare fell on Bobby and Sam, "- Or worse. Or see somebody at school trying to do the same."

"If anybody tries," a voice said from midway down the table, "They're gonna have to get through me first."

All eyes turned to Roberto. Roberto himself seemed surprised at what he had just said. But he stood up from his chair, and nodded firmly before saying, "I mean it."

Even Logan seemed impressed, after a second's appraisal of the Brazilian, nodded with curt approval.

Beside him, Sam nodded as well before standing up and adding, "Me too. No way does anybody hurt Kurt or Kiki. That's my job."

A swift swat to his arm from Amara beside him made him grin and hastily add, "Just kiddin'!"

The professor was clearly touched, as several more students rose from the table to declare their support for the new couple.

Logan, for his part, leaned in close to whisper something to Kiro, who nodded after he finished, squeezing Kurt's hand beside him, and then Logan leaned over to whisper something to Kurt as well. Whatever it was, even with the silence in the room, it was unheard by anyone except perhaps Rahne, and she just shook her head when Jamie prodded her, perhaps asking for a hint. Her expression was thoughtful and her cheeks flushed, though whether with shame or embarassment from listening in, was unclear.

Soon enough, Logan turned from the two and returned to his place at Charles's right, and Kiro and Kurt had sat down once more in their seats. Now, however, they were leaning against one another at the table, much like Jean and Scott sometimes did, looking as though an enormous weight had been lifted from both of their shoulders.

Finally, the professor said, "Well, if it's alright with everyone else, I think perhaps we could forego having any more words said. I think we have all waited quite long enough, let's eat!"

Around the table, cheers and laughter rose to the ceiling.

Kurt and Kiro smiled at one another, and bowed their heads long enough for Kurt to say a quick prayer for them both, side by side, before they too joined the meal.


"I mean it, Kiro. I know I haven't been, um, very supportive," Roberto said, shifting from foot to foot as he stood in front of Kiro and Kurt in the hall, "but if you need any help or something at school, or.. well anything like that, just tell me, ok? Or, um, make a signal?" He added hastily with a sheepish grin, remembering Kiro's muteness.

Kiro, for his part, just nodded and smiled. He went forward, then, in a brave gesture, and gently hugged Roberto in reply.

Roberto visibly tensed, but made a clear effort to calm himself, before he managed a smile and hugged Kiro back. A tremor went through his body, and finally Kiro released him before a flustered Roberto admitted, "Man, that power of yours, I've never felt anything quite like it."

"'Berto, c'mon! He's already kickin' my butt!!" Came Sam's yell from the rec room, followed by a triumphant howl from Ray.

They had finished dinner a while ago, and Kurt and Kiro had been sitting together on the sofa to relax and digest, arms around one another as they sat side by side. It felt so different, and yet so wonderful, to be able to finally show their affection in public, like the other students could do so casually. Well, casually within reason, of course. The professor was quite clear that he wanted the students to behave decently when among their fellow students or otherwise in public. But still, Kurt and Kiro had been unable to cuddle, kiss, or even give one another a lingering hug over the past couple weeks in public, and it had gnawed at them.

"Alright, I'll be right there!" Roberto called back. The boys had already resumed their fighting tournament from earlier, and Kurt and Kiro had watched for a little while in the rec room before deciding to go for a walk.

"See you guys later, ok?" Roberto said to Kurt and Kiro, smiling. Kurt returned the smile, before saying, "Go show Ray and Bobby how it's done, mein freund!"

With a cocky grin, Roberto nodded and dashed back to the rec room.

It was still fairly early in the evening, only a little after 8:40, even though it was a school night, and they still had some time before bedtime. As though sensing their thoughts, Ororo stopped beside them on her way from the kitchen to smile, "Off for a walk? Well, just be sure to be back in your room by 10, alright boys?"

Both of them did a simultaneous salute, and even Kurt laughed as he realized Kiro was playfully imitating him, "Am I really that obvious, mein engel?"

When both Ororo and Kiro nodded at him, Kurt laughed even harder, and hugged Kiro tightly before they continued down the hall toward the front door, though Kurt disappeared momentarily to hop up to their rooms and grab their sweaters first. Behind them, Ororo could be heard also reminding the rest of the students in the rec room that it was a school night, followed by a low chorus of groans.


Above them, the moon hung bright and full, just barely starting to wane as the last night of the full moon for the month was now fully upon them. The stars were bright as well, and the light played along Kiro's hair as he walked hand in hand beside Kurt on the soft gravel of the drive. Going nowhere in particular, it seemed; they were just happy to be walking together.

Logan had disappeared after the night's meal, but Kurt couldn't blame him. His whispered words had touched Kurt deeply, as well as his words to the rest of the students, and he knew that the man probably needed some time alone with his thoughts after that. Looking around as they stepped off the gravel and onto the grass, heading toward the distant treeline, Kurt remarked at how quiet it was. The soft whisper of the wind through the branches was even quieter than normal, now that the leaves had fallen, and the air was crisp and cool with little more than the soft chitters of crickets around them.

Kurt smiled as he felt Kiro squeeze his hand, and he returned it. He didn't even notice the night's chill as Kiro's warmth flowed through him, though perhaps it also had to do with his fur and the sweater he now wore. Leaning into Kiro as they walked, Kurt whispered softly, "Are you cold? Did you want to go back inside?"

Beside him, he felt Kiro's hand squeeze his, and Kiro gave a soft shake of his head in reply, the movement making the moonlight play across his hair as it spilled down his back. 'My God,' Kurt thought in a whisper, 'He's just so beautiful.' Sensing Kurt's gaze upon him, Kiro's steps slowed and then stopped, leaving them standing in the moonlight, now in the grass of the Institute's lawn. Kiro stood before him, Kurt's hands resting on the other boy's arms, and his violet eyes gazed into Kurt's.

Kurt said nothing as their lips drew near, and soon they kissed, arms slipping around one another as another cool breeze blew past them. He still had not gotten used to the exquisite pleasure of Kiro's touch, finding that it effected him just as strongly, no matter how many times, or for how long, they touched. If anything, his appreciation for it had only deepened as he had grown deeper in love with this angel, this silent lover who had walked into his heart after such a brief time together.

He moaned softly into their kiss, feeling Kiro's hands running up and down his back leaving small ripples of liquid fire in their wake, and he tilted his head as their kiss deepened, his eyes drifting closed. All that mattered was that they were together. And now, the other members of the Institute knew about their relationship and had, it seemed, respected and accepted it.

Bayville High was still a concern, and Kurt knew better than to assume that their secret would stay a secret for very long. But for now, at least, they were happy. And that was what mattered. Here, under the moon and stars as witnesses, they were together in their love.

As their kiss finally broke and the two stood breathing heavily in the night air, they swayed slowly as another breeze blew past, Kurt giggling softly as Kiro's hair went into his face. Certainly nothing you ever saw in a typical romance movie, but alas. "Maybe we should get out of the wind," Kurt whispered as he gently stroked Kiro's hair back, and against him, he felt Kiro nod in reply. Their kiss, and the deep embrace now, had given Kurt a rather hard erection, and he felt Kiro's arousal as well grinding gently against his own, making him shiver with renewed pleasure both from Kiro's powers as well as the nature of the touch. Kurt let out a soft moan of arousal against Kiro's hair, and he leaned over before he whispered softly into Kiro's ear, ".. shall we, um, go somewhere in particular?"

Kiro knew what Kurt was asking, and his lover drew back to look up at him with a playful smile. He then reached out to make a peculiar gesture with his hand, bobbing up and down while his fingers arced and dove.. almost like.. "The river?" Kurt asked, his voice almost incredulous. Granted, it still wasn't cold enough for snow or ice, but it was still pretty chilly. If even Kurt was feeling it through his fur and sweater, he knew Kiro must be, too.

Yet his angel just looked up at him with that playful smile still, and nodded. Kiro's penchant for taking long walks was nothing new, and Kurt had heard from the nuns that the boy often spent almost as much time in the woods and fields as he did in the monastery walls back in rural Romania. And it was surely just as cold there in the wintertime as it was in New York, perhaps explaining why Kiro's monastic robe had been made of such sturdy wool. Kurt found himself smirking, however, in response, "Well alright, perhaps we can keep each other warm, then," he said with a wink.

When Kiro returned his wink, and embraced him once again, Kurt focused.. and then the two disappeared in a puff of sulphur smoke. *BAMF!*


Kiro had not quite struck him as the mischievous or exhibitionist type, but they still enjoyed quite the make-out session on the bank once they had ported into the small clearing. The albino had pushed Kurt gently up against one of the trees, kissing him hungrily, and had spent the next ten minutes alternating between kissing, grinding against him, and running his hand up and down Kurt's belly and drifting down to brush along the bulge in his pants, bringing Kurt right to the edge of cumming by the time Kurt had gasped and begged him to stop. He did not want to return to the Institute with a mess in his pants.

Kiro had assented. Sort of. But instead of giving Kurt a reprieve, the mischievous angel had helped Kurt out of his clothes instead, and had stripped down as well, his ivory skin seeming to glow in the light of the moon above them. After a quick minute spent folding their clothes neatly and putting them off to the side on the nearby fallen log, Kurt was once again breathless at the sight of his lover's otherworldly beauty, feminine curves and delicious rear: a round bottom that was, even now, rubbing gently against Kurt's erection as Kiro looked over his shoulder and met Kurt's gaze with an alluring smile.

"K.. Kiro, you mean.. right here??" Kurt had whispered, his heart racing both with arousal as well as shock at Kiro's rather frank invitation. Kurt considered himself quite the prankster and party animal, and this was even making HIM blush. Kiro reached back to take Kurt's hands, and placed them rather decisively on his hips, just above the swell of his supple rear.

"Ohh.. ohh mein Gott.." Kurt whispered as he then began to grind his almost-painfully erect member between the swell of Kiro's asscheeks. He bit his lower lip and glanced around, "Um.. what will we do for..?" He asked, hoping Kiro understood. Kiro blinked, and then bent over further in front of Kurt ('Oh God, the sight of that alone makes me want to..!!' Kurt thought), before he felt around on the soil for something that he had apparently dropped nearby while they had stripped.

Kurt was stunned again. The shy, silent albino had apparently planned for something like this. He had a small tube of what looked like lubricant from the medbay. Kurt couldn't help but grin as Kiro turned with a triumphant smile and knelt before Kurt, squeezing some of the clear gel onto his hands and rubbing it between them to warm it up. Had he been carrying that lube in his pocket, all night? The thought made Kurt blush beneath his fur once again.

Kurt's head dropped back against the tree he was leaning back against and he bit his lip softly once again, feeling Kiro's lips kissing over the tip of his member even as he felt those hands, those heavenly, warm hands, running up and down his length, coating him generously with the slick, smooth lube. Kurt let out a low groan, and felt his hips bucking softly, even as he felt Kiro's touch slip away, only to be replaced soon after by the luscious curve of that incredible rear once again pressed in his lap.

Kiro said nothing, but Kurt could feel the urgency in his movements as he once again ground against Kurt's erection, "Mm, yes, mein engel.. yes.." He whispered, and gently nudged Kiro over a few steps to stand in front of the fallen log they had sat on together weeks ago. Kiro understood, and smiled over his shoulder at him just before leaning over to brace his arms against the log's weather-worn smoothness. Right where they had been sitting when they shared their first kiss.

Kurt gently prodded at his entrance, and felt Kiro's tight ring of muscle yield before the slow, steady rock of his hips as a low gasp issued from them both. Perhaps it was the cool night air around them, but Kiro felt even warmer inside than before. Almost hot, in fact, and the pleasure that immediately coursed through Kurt at the tight inner embrace made Kurt let out a low, shuddering moan once again, as though he had just sunk into a hot tub and was now snuggling Kiro in it, up to their necks.

Leaning over, he cupped Kiro's supple rear in his hands, and slowly began to work his way in and out of his lover, his tail slipping beneath him to curl around the albino's throbbing arousal as well. It still made him blush, thinking about how large Kiro was down there, compared to the rest of him. 'Big heart, big cock?' Kurt thought with a lascivious grin, and he began to push in and out of Kiro in earnest as his initial shyness burned away. He didn't care anymore if there was someone hiding in the bushes, all the way out there, watching them. They'd better get ready for a show. Beneath him, Kurt could hear the soft whisper of Kiro's labored breathing, and he slipped a hand up Kiro's back to carress the curve of Kiro's neck and shoulder, building up a nice, steady rhythm as he felt Kiro respond to each thrust. Their mutual eagerness surprised Kurt, and he found himself wondering if it was because of the nervousness they had both felt that day. From the confession in church earlier, to being found out by both Scott and Hank, to finally confessing at dinner.. had they both really been so tense?

Kurt supposed so. And now it was time to release that tension, in the most delightful way possible. He arched his back as he continued to pump in and out of Kiro beneath him, the soft, muffled sound of furred thighs slapping against Kiro's supple bottom a quiet echo through the clearing, almost matched by their labored panting from the exersion. He no longer felt cold, not at all, and as his arms slipped around Kiro's body from above, Kurt felt the boy shiver, not in cold, but in pleasure, and Kurt leaned over further to gently nibble Kiro's neck affectionately in response.

He felt Kiro tense around him and then shudder once more, and Kurt grinned. "Ohh, does someone like mein love nips?" He playfully teased in between pants, and Kiro nodded, pushing back harder against his thrusts in reply.

That was all the encouragement Kurt needed. Never hard enough to draw blood (at least, not that he could tell, though with the boy's rapid healing ability it was never certain), Kurt "claimed" him again and again as he mounted him, and their coupling continued for another few minutes until finally the pleasure caught up with them. Kiro shuddered and raised a hand to clutch at Kurt's arms around his belly, and the sudden clenching of those rings of inner muscle around Kurt made Kurt gasp and then cry out in ecstacy as he felt himself grow tense and then crest over the hill of his own climax, filling Kiro's insides in a long, drawn-out series of bursts that lifted Kiro's feet off the ground from the intensity and depth of Kurt's thrusting, grinding deeply into that supple bottom as he went as deep as he could go.

Beneath him, he felt Kiro's inner muscles clenching tightly and rhythmically around his member, and could hear the soft sound of Kiro's release splattering onto the leaves and dirt beneath their legs. Both of them seemed to cum for almost a full minute before the afterglow finally hit them, and Kurt shuddered as Kiro's powers had seemed to amplify all of it. It left him light headed and he realized, if anyone could see them, that he probably had the most ridiculous grin on his face at that moment. But he didn't care.

Carefully, he straightened up and drew Kiro up with him, apologizing with a sheepish grin when he heard Kiro's back pop softly from the movement. One of Kiro's fingers reached up to gently press to Kurt's lips, however, and Kiro twisted partly around to smile at Kurt and shake his head. No apology needed, it seemed. It had been totally worth it.

Kurt's arms around Kiro's hips tightened, and he kissed Kiro then as they stood together. Kurt was still tightly sheathed inside of his lover, and both of them were still fully erect. With obvious reluctance, Kiro slowly stepped forward and pulled off of Kurt's member. Kurt watched him, still feeling somewhat dizzy in afterglow, and felt his breath catch and his heart race once more as Kiro knelt on the bank, and slowly turn to face him, before beckoning him down with a curled finger.

Kurt knelt before Kiro and smiled as his white-haired lover drew him once more into a kiss, and pressed their bodies, and throbbing members, together between their bellies. Still sensitive from their recent orgasms, Kurt moaned into the kiss as well as from the pleasure of Kiro's body once again pressed against him. The other boy's hands roamed across his back, and then slipped down lower, and lower.. until finally Kurt broke the kiss with a gasp when he felt Kiro's fingers slip beneath the base of his tail and gently prod at his own tight entrance. He shivered both with delight and with a small giggle as he whispered, "Mm, my turn now, ja?"

Kiro drew back to grin playfully at him, and nodded. Kurt's tail felt around on the dirt for the small tube of their pilfered lubricant, and soon found it. After a moment's brief preparation, Kurt found himself gently turned around as he now leaned against the log, propped on his knees, elbows and crossed forearms, while he waited for Kiro to claim him, tail held high and draping alluringly (he hoped) across his back. He was once again struck by the change in his attitude, and how natural it felt. He never could have imagined that he would ever let someone do something like this to him willingly, let alone that he would enjoy it. Yet here he was. Not only with another boy as a lover, but a lover whom he felt perfectly comfortable taking turns with. Rogue had even playfully (in a whisper) suggested that they "wrassle" to see who gets to be "in charge" for a given evening, earlier after dinner.

Kurt's thoughts were interrupted as he felt the warm, and now slick, thickness of his lover's erection rubbing gently between the silky-furred cheeks of his rear. Kurt looked over his shoulder at Kiro, and grinned, "C'mon, mein engel, don't keep me waiting!" He said with a teasing tone and a wiggle of his hips that made even himself blush at it. He wasn't sure when he had become so comfortable, and so happy, with this new side of himself, but he found himself liking it more and more.

Kiro grinned again at Kurt's invitation, and after a few seconds of gentle prodding, he pushed inside of Kurt with a slow, almost feline-like roll of his hips. While Kiro may not have necessarily been the acrobatic athlete that Kurt was, the other boy seemed to possess a natural, easy grace and flexibility that nonetheless gave a delicate, exotic quality to his every movement. And nowhere was that more apparent than when the two boys were engaged in this most intimate dance.

Kurt shivered as he felt Kiro enter him. Not from pain or discomfort, but from pleasure. Kiro's special powers would have probably made him unable to feel any pain even if he had been inadequately prepared, and perhaps even healed so fast that he never would have noticed afterwards, but now? Now it was all pleasure, both from Kiro as well as from the act itself. Kurt's back arched as he felt his claws dig into the wood beneath his folded arms, and he let out a low, muffled moan from where his cheek rested on his crossed forearms. "Ohhh Gott, mein engel," he whispered, and he felt Kiro's hands slowly run up his back to carress the smooth muscles in response, leaving small trails of liquid firey pleasure in their wake. It was all he could do not to cum that instant.

Kiro in charge was an experience in both gentleness as well as playfulness, and Kurt found himself giggling softly at the other boy's obvious delight in finding all the little spots that made Kurt writhe even more in pleasure. They had had plenty of practice over the past couple nights, but they were still quite new to being lovers, and tonight was yet another occasion to learn some more special spots: The base of his tail, his neck, his ears, Kiro teased them all with kisses, gentle nibbles (perhaps paying Kurt back for his dominant nipping before) and wonderful, heavenly carresses and massages with his hands. It all contributed to the slow, steady build-up of orgasm that Kurt felt rising within him like a wellspring, or perhaps like an awakening volcano.

Kiro bent over his body from above and Kurt felt Kiro's arms wrap around him, while one hand sought Kurt's member to grasp and stroke it before Kurt gasped in warning, "K-Kiro!! Ohh nein.. if you start doing that.. I.. I won't last!" Kurt bit his bottom lip softly and felt his back arching again, his chest pressing against the log before his crossed forearms as the pressure in his loins built steadily faster from Kiro's stroking. Too fast! He was going to cum in just seconds, at this rate! It felt too good!

For his credit, Kiro simply leaned up and gave Kurt's ear another gentle nibble, before leaning over  further to rub his cheek against Kurt's, his hand around Kurt's throbbing, pulsing member squeezing harder in reply. It seemed Kiro didn't mind Kurt getting close. "B-but.. together!!" Kurt whispered, his voice a pleading demand, and almost with a mind of its own, his tail that had been wrapped around Kiro's slender waist uncoiled to bring that spade tip gently against Kiro's tight, but still well-lubed, rosebud.

Kiro, above him, shuddered in response, and Kurt felt Kiro's member twitch hard inside of him. It seemed Kiro was already close as well! "C-come on, mein engel.. let's.. together.." Kurt grunted, his body shuddering as he clenched with his inner muscles, trying his best to both hold back his release and bring Kiro to climax with him. The swelling tide of pleasure from Kiro's powers was NOT helping, though, and Kurt noticed, not for the first time, how the pleasure seemed to be particularly powerful in the midst of their shared passions.

Kurt felt Kiro shudder above him, however, and the arm around his body tighten even as it's partner squeezed down hard on his member and stroke him faster and faster, and Kurt knew that he would not be able to hold back any more. He could practically feel the seed in his loins boiling over, and with a muffled cry against one of his biceps, Kurt's back arched and he felt himself squeeeeze down on that large member inside of him, the pleasure almost making the sides of his vision grow dim as his mind struggled to handle it. He felt himself jerk and pulse in Kiro's grip as the pleasure crested ever higher, and heard the soft, wet sounds of his hot essence splattering against the log, and even the fur on his chest, surprising him with how warm it felt in the cold air.

Inside of him, after just a few more seconds of hard pounding, he felt Kiro's member twitch, and seem to grow even larger, barely a half second before Kiro's hips ground against his rear and bottom-out inside of him. Kurt's pleasure swelled even more, and he was certain he could even feel each blast of Kiro's seed inside of him, flooding his most intimate reaches, and it made him moan again as the two writhed in their shared climax. Not quite at the same time, but close enough. 'Heh.. better luck.. next time..?' Kurt mused to himself, giddy with the afterglow of such a powerful orgasm. His belly and chest were soaked from his own mess, as well as the log beneath him, and he swore he could feel a pleasant warmth inside of him in addition to Kiro's hot length. He rested against the log, not even caring of the discomfort of the wood pressing against his ribs, as he felt Kiro slump against his back from above, the soft panting of his lover steaming in the air beside his face as he felt Kiro's cheek rest against his own.

Kurt shifted slightly and reached down with an arm (leaving the other for his head to rest against) to hug Kiro's arm around his body, soon joined by Kiro's other as the other boy released his member to hug him fully. Kurt gave a soft grunt of contentment as they rested together for several minutes, neither even noticing the cool air that had now just begun to grow genuinely cold. He could even feel a few beads of sweat from Kiro travel slowly down his cheek. Well, they had just had quite the workout, with their passionate session, and Kurt had to admit that it was one hell of a way to experience his first time making love outdoors, beneath the moon and stars. Not quite out in an open field, but close enough, with the clearing above them.

Kiro stirred above him, and with obvious reluctance, slowly began to draw out of Kurt's tight entrance. Kurt let out a soft groan and drew forward a bit, still sensitive from their little romp, but soon Kiro was free. Well, they were both dirty, sweating in the cold, and Kurt doubted that either of them were in much state to walk very far. "S-should I.. um.. port us back to our room?" Kurt offered as he slowly straightened up, and then smiled as he felt Kiro hug him from behind and nuzzle his cheek. Kurt was surprised, however, when he felt Kiro shake his head. "Vas..? You .. wait.. oh Gott, Kiro, you can't mean.." He asked incredulously as he saw Kiro lift a hand from his belly to point toward the river beside them.

Kurt felt himself cringe. A cold shower was bad enough, and he had had plenty of those over the past few weeks while trying to reconcile his attraction to Kiro. But a cold bath? In a river? Outside? In such cold weather? "Kiro, I.. um.. I know you're used to these kinds of things, but this is.." Kurt stammered, attempting to rationalize, only to stop as Kiro leaned around him to look up at him with that challenging, playful quirk of his brow. Kurt could almost hear him saying, 'Oh really? Is the Incredible Nightcrawler scared of a little cold water?'

Well, perhaps Kiro wouldn't phrase it exactly like that. But Kurt found himself grinning, "Okay, okay, damn it.. but I know I am going to hate this. And if we end up getting sick, I blame you!" He threatened, causing Kiro to giggle silently behind him. Slowly, the two boys rose from where they knelt in the cool mud of the riverbank, and Kurt felt Kiro take one of his hands as the albino led the way into the river, one step at a time. Kiro barely hesitated, not a sound (Well, obviousy) or a gasp from him. The boy's bearing surprised Kurt, and he found himself watching in silent awe. Was this the sort of focus that one learned in a monastery?

It was then that Kurt realized Kiro had partially turned to look back at him, their arms stretched a bit as Kurt had hesitated on the very edge of the water. Kiro quirked a brow and smirked at him again, and Kurt laughed, "Okay, okay! I'm coming, mein engel.." before he took a deep breath, 'Here goes,' and stepped into the water with one foot.

"Ohh mein GOTT that is cold!!" He hissed, feeling his fur poof out all over his body and a shiver run through him, even with the warmth from Kiro's hand holding his flowing through him. Kiro smiled and waited, now knee-deep in the river water as he waited patiently for Kurt. The thought occurred to Kurt that they didn't have any soap.. would the water alone be enough to cleanse their mutual mess? But he continued to step forward, until he was once again beside Kiro, who smiled and hugged him once more. "Ugh, the things I do for love," Kurt whined softly, though he was smiling as he looked into Kiro's eyes, who smiled at him in return.

What followed was both romantic and intimate, in the truest sense of the words. Kiro's touch was gentle, and his attention quite thorough, as he cupped water from the river below them to help Kurt cleanse his fur and member from their lovemaking. The fact that they did not have any soap soon proved rather unnecessary, as Kiro surprised Kurt once again by taking a handful of the river grass nearby and crushing it briskly between his hands, releasing a sort of frothy sap when combined with the rush leaves themselves. It was almost like a natural lather-builder that produced it's own soap. The scent was a strange mixture of pine and freshly-cut grass, and it was not unpleasant at all. Kurt watched in silent fascination as Kiro continued to bathe him, now with the plant lather, his hands moving over Kurt's body with a gentle, lover's carress, and such care, before once again rinsing out his fur with the cold river water. After only a few moments, Kurt's fur was soaked, but he was quite clean, and smelling fresh, like the river around them, and the forest after a good, soaking rain. His breath caught in his throat at the experience of it all, bathing in a river, out here under the moon and stars, after they had just made love. It almost brought tears to his eyes.

Under Kiro's patient, silent guidance, Kurt soon had a handful of the river grass made into a soapy bundle of leaves, as Kiro had done. He then returned the attention to his lover, and found himself smiling even wider as he once again took the opportunity to explore Kiro's hauntingly beautiful body, bathed as it was in the light from the moon and stars. His violet eyes had a special glimmer out here, and Kurt could not resist giving him the occasional kiss on the lips as he ran their natural "soap" over Kiro's perfectly smooth, delightfully feminine body beneath. Kiro's long, pure white hair was like supple silk under his fingers, as he brushed it aside to carefully wash Kiro's delightful rear. He gently teased Kiro about it's length, suggesting perhaps they should trim it down, or have him wear it in a braid next time, and Kiro grinned over his shoulder before giving a shake of his head. It seemed he was rather fond of his long hair. Kurt found himself curious, though he brushed it aside for now.

Once Kiro had been washed, the two began to shiver in the water, and Kurt gently turned Kiro to face him as the two once again embraced and shared a deep, passionate kiss under the moonlight. Despite both the cold and the icy water, he felt their erections stirring once more, both due to their closeness and intimacy as well as Kiro's powers surging with the body-to-body contact. Kurt shuddered with more than just the water, and gave a soft moan. Not again, though. They really needed to get back. "Sorry, mein engel," he whispered apologetically once he drew back to look Kiro in the eyes, "It's started getting really cold, ja?"

Kiro nodded with obvious reluctance. After a final, thorough rinse to make sure the rest of the "soap sap" was off of his skin and Kurt's fur, the two boys were clean, albeit soaked in a fresh rinse of cold river water, and both Kurt and Kiro were now shivering noticeably in the frigid night air. Not wishing either of them to come down with hypothermia ('Though it might already be too late,' Kurt thought with a current of worry), especially after what had been a wonderful evening (and day) so far, Kurt once again offered to port them back to their room, and Kiro did not refuse this time. After they hastily gathered their clothes, still neatly folded on the log where they had left them, Kurt cast a quick glance around the clearing to make sure they had everything, before the two embraced with their clothes sandwiched between their sodden bodies and soon disappeared in a sudden *BAMF!* of smoke.


"No clue, sorry," Rogue replied after she had pulled her headphones off. She was lounging in her bed in the room she shared with Kitty, having gone upstairs a few minutes before Kurt and Kiro had left the rec room. "Maybe they're back in their room?" She suggested, setting her magazine aside.

"Hm, maybe, but I'm not sure," Kitty admitted, before she hugged herself with another grin. She still couldn't believe it. Kurt and Kiro, together! It was just like something out of her fanfics, and she had admitted as such earlier when Rogue had observed her glee. Rogue's ribbing had been gentle, however, because she was happy too. She had known for a while now that Kurt and Kiro were an item, but she had feigned her own surprise earlier when Kurt and Kiro had confessed along with the rest of them. All told, she was still on cloud 9 for her adoptive brother. It was both so unexpected, and yet so fitting that he would find such a gentle boy to love, 'That damn goofball,' she thought with a grin.

But after Kitty had sought them out downstairs a few moments ago, apparently to give them a flood of questions, the two had been nowhere to be found. And when she had passed by their room, it had been dark and completely quiet. It was still about 20 minutes until bedtime, though, and Rogue had said she had seen them in the rec room an hour and a half ago before she had gone upstairs. "Maybe one of the guys downstairs saw where they went, but I'm still betting they're in their room, probably havin' some fun, if you want to check," Rogue teased.

Kitty did not disappoint with her reaction. She immediately turned bright red and shook her head, "Nuh uh! Nope! Not gonna peek! .. As tempting as it would be.." She mumbled, and then giggled at Rogue's expression.

"Ugh, c'mon, that's mah bro yer talkin' about!" Rogue complained, though she was grinning too. What could she say? Even she could admit they were both really cute, and hot, together.

"Well, I'll go knock on the door at least, see if they're in the mood to chat. Maybe they're in there by now." Kitty finally decided, and phased through their door as she went out into the hall.

"Ugh, cockblock," Rogue muttered, as she slid her headphones back on, though she was smirking. Kitty was about to get quite a show, if she wasn't careful.


"Kurt? Kiro? Hey, you guys in there?"

No sooner had the two of them *BAMF!*ed back into their room than did Kurt jump at the knock on their door. The two of them were still soaking wet, shivering badly, and now dripping ice-cold river water onto the carpet. Kurt uttered a soft curse as he tossed their clothes over to the side, now thoroughly soaked from their wet bodies, and immediately dashed into their bathroom to grab their towels. Tossing one to Kiro, he hastily wrapped the other around his hips, before he went over to the door.

By this time, Kitty had knocked again, and Kurt fumbled with the lock for a few seconds before he was able to open it. Wow, he was colder than he thought, his fingers were trembling so much. Finally, however, the door opened, and Kurt smiled, hoping his teeth weren't chattering too much. "Um, h-h-hi, K-k-katzschen!" Kurt said, and blinked at how slurred his speech sounded. Definitely hypothermia, he realized with a mental frown, though hopefully not too bad.

Kitty immediately blushed as he saw him soaking wet and in nothing but a towel, Kiro behind him thankfully just finishing tying one around his body ('Wow,' Kitty thought, 'Just like us girls do it..') as he managed a sheepish smile, though he was shivering just as bad. Kitty's blush soon turned to a look of concern, noticing that there was no steam coming off of Kurt, and the two of them were visibly shivering hard. "Kurt..?? Wh-what have you two been doing..?" She asked with mingled embarassment and concern, though mostly concern. "You look like you're freezing!" And a soft touch on his arm made her jerk her hand away in shock, "Yikes! That is, like, ice cold! You guys ARE freezing!"

"Umm, ja, K-k-kitty, we, umm, kind of.." Kurt tried to lie, but couldn't think of one. And he was shivering so much that he almost felt the towel fall from his hips. Kiro's arms slipped around him from behind, perhaps trying to hug him just as much for mutual warmth as to comfort him.

"Okay, um, like, I don't even think I want to know anymore, I'm just, like, really worried!" Kitty said, her voice growing slightly higher, as well as her valley girl tics more noticeable, as a frightened note became apparent. "Should I, like, um, call Dr. McCoy?" She offered, leaning back to peer up and down the hall. This close to bedtime, must of the other students were already in their rooms, and the hall was empty. Empty, that is, except for a certain blue-furred doctor whose ears had apparently been burning just then. Noticing Kitty's expression, Hank started walking toward her from the elevator. He was still fully dressed, perhaps having just come up from the lab. "Kitty? Is something wrong?" He asked.

Hearing Dr. McCoy down the hall, before Kurt could even bother to assure Kitty he was alright, made him sigh. It seemed they were going to get help, whether they wanted it or not. But Kiro didn't seem to mind, as Kurt felt his lover's arms continue to hug him, sending small rivulets of cold water running down his body and into the towel. He should have shaken his fur out when he stepped out of the river, he soon realized, but he hadn't done so because he didn't want to make Kiro any more wet than he already was.

"It's Kurt and Kiro, they're soaked in like, ice-cold water? I have no idea why, maybe, um, the showers malfunctioned? Or they fell in the pool?" Kitty brainstormed, looking back at the two shivering boys. All embarassment at their state of undress had gone, replaced only with a very concerned Kitty. Hank sounded just as confused as he finally stepped into view, "Ice cold water, what? Kurt? What's all this about?" He asked, peering at the two of them in confusion, which soon turned to a critical gaze. "Oh heavens, both of you are shivering like mad right now. Kitty! Head into their bathroom and see if you can get hot water to fill the tub. Hot, mind you, not scalding!" He commanded, and stepped into the room as he pulled the door shut behind him.

Kurt, meanwhile, shook his head, "I-it's not the showers, doc," he began as Kitty rushed into their bathroom. Soon the sound of running water was heard as the faucet was turned on. "It's, um, we," Kurt faltered, and finally blurted out the truth in one rushed sentence, helped in no small part due to his shivering, "We went for a walk outside, then went into the woods, and we, um made love on the riverbank, where we first kissed, and then we washed in the river after!"

Hank stared at him in incredulity, and thankfully it seemed like Kitty hadn't heard them over the sound of the faucet in the tub, soon followed by her saying, "Hey! Hot water! It'll be full in a couple minutes!"

Finally, Hank sighed and shook his head, "Oh what fools you lovers be," he muttered, paraphrasing one of his favorite Shakespeare plays, and despite himself, Kurt smiled. "Well, at least you two had the good sense to port back here, I presume?" Hank continued, even as he began to gently take off their towels and nudge them towards the bathroom. "Ja, Doctor McCoy, we did," Kurt confessed, and felt Kiro's hand seek his. The other boy was still shivering, and Kurt found himself not concerned at all about his nudity as they went into the bathroom, where Kitty was crouched beside the tub and feeling the water with her hand. It was about half-full so far. She looked over her shoulder at the two of them, and let out a soft gasp, but the mild emergency of the situation soon had her training take over, even as she blushed.

"Okay, boys, into the tub you go," Hank commanded, steadying each of them with a firm hand after he tested the water with a finger and nodded approvingly at Kitty. Both of them still shivering badly, Kurt carefully complied with Hank's words, though he let out a soft hiss at the hot water of the tub. Indeed, it wasn't hot enough to burn, but it certainly felt like it, perhaps due to his lowered body temperature. Despite his trembling, he, too, helped to steady Kiro as the other boy stepped in beside him, and under Hank's instructions, Kurt slowly sank down to sit against the back of the tub and then stretch his legs out in front of him, Kiro lowering in front of him to do the same. Both boys were soon fully immersed in the steaming water, with just their heads above it.

"Alright, that'll have you both back to normal in a little while, or what passes for normal around this house," Hank quipped, elliciting a small chuckle from all four of them. Kitty shut the water off and then reached over to touch Kurt's shoulder, "So, like, what happened?" She asked, peering curiously at the two of them. Their shivering had already gotten a little better, though it was clear the two of them would need a little more time to recover.

"Don't ask unless you really want the answer," Hank joked, leaving it up to Kurt to decide whether he would reveal the truth. Kurt and Kitty were rather close friends, true, but Hank had to admit that this was right up there with some of the other "embarassing lovers' incidents" stories that he had heard, fortunately not as hazardous to the health. Kurt, however, just smiled and hugged Kiro tighter against him under the water, before saying, "It's, um.. a little embarassing, Katzschen.. I'm not sure whether I should say."

"Actually, Kitty, I noticed that the two had left their clothes on the floor, all wet. Not to mention those towels. Would you mind bringing them down to the laundry room and putting them in the dryer? Not the wool sweaters, of course, just hang those up," Hank asked, as he remembered their clothes. But it was also probably to save Kurt the embarassment of being niggled too much by Kitty. She could be quite persuasive when her nose for gossip got going.

"Oh! Um, yeah, right away, Dr. McCoy! Sorry!" Kitty gushed, and soon walked out of the bathroom to comply with the Beast's orders. After a moment, she could be heard phasing through their door into the hall, and the soft sound of conversation could be heard. Kitty and.. Rogue? But Kurt couldn't make out what was being said. He sighed. Well at least it wasn't as bad as one of the boys, like Sam or Ray, finding out.

"Well, you two almost had a rather rough evening," Hank began, and Kurt shrank back slightly from the critical tone in Hank's voice. While Hank was, undisputedly, one of the most gentle mutants at the Institute, he was still their doctor, and had no problem calling them out on any risky or careless behavior that even had the potential to result in injuries.

Kiro, against him, tensed slightly as well, and Kurt saw the boy's head lower in an apologetic bow, his hair floating gently in the steaming water before them. "Oh don't give me those puppy eyes, Kiro. I know you two are sorry," Hank admonished, and Kurt saw him smiling. He had to admit, Kiro was quite expressive with his exotic, beautiful violet eyes. Perhaps due to the fact that he was limited to "talking" with his expressions and hands.

A soft knock at the door caught Hank's attention. It seemed Rogue wanted to check on them. "Hay, Doc? Bro? Y'all ok?" Rogue asked through the door, concern in her voice. Hank rose from where he had been crouching beside the tub and lumbered over to the door to open it. The soft murmur of Hank talking to Rogue could then be heard, and Kurt sighed softly. "Well, not the best way to end the evening, but I'd say we still had a good one," he whispered against Kiro's ear, and he smiled as he felt Kiro hugging his arms against his belly beneath the water, the other boy nodding in agreement.

In the warmth of the bathtub, Kurt had thought that he might perhaps not be able to feel Kiro's pleasured touch as noticeably as before. But no, it was subtly different. Unmistakably there, flowing through him with a gentle, lapping rhythm that had him realize, with a surprised blink, that the two of them were erect, and had actually been fully erect the whole time. He cringed, hoping that they hadn't been while Kitty saw them, but he could not remember. Perhaps not, since they were only holding hands? And still suffering from the full effects of their hypothermia, but still, the thought made him blush with embarassment even more.

"Well, Ah ain't gonna hurt 'em, Ah just wanna-" Kurt blinked out of his thoughts as he heard Rogue talk, stepping into the bathroom with Hank close behind her, "Aw, bro- you two are lucky ya look so cute like that, or Ah swear Ah'd knock yer heads together," she said, grinning despite the obvious tension in her voice. "Kitty had me worried!"

"Sorry, sis," Kurt replied, shifting a bit uncomfortably with Rogue in the bathroom and the two of them quite nude beneath the tub. Hopefully she didn't look too closely between Kiro's legs, though the voluminous white hair the boy had was probably disguising most of the view between his tresses as they floated in front of him in the water. "Um, what did she say?" He asked sheepishly.

"Only that you two looked like you'd just been dunked in the pool and then locked in the freezer for an hour," Rogue admitted, peering at the two of them. "Did y'all decide to go for a walk and someone push y'all in the pool or somethin'?" She asked, a sudden threat to her voice as she balled her gloved hands into fists.

When it came to Rogue, Kurt was a little more comfortable in her discretion, and he averted his gaze for a second before admitting, "Umm, nein, nothing like that, Rogue. No need to go on the warpath," he added with a smile, clearly appreciating her protectiveness. Rogue, however, now looked quite confused, "Then what'n'the heck happened?" She asked.

Looking critically at the two of them, Hank smiled, "Well, you two look seem to comfortably be out of the danger zone, so I will leave you to Rogue's tender mercies for now. Just be sure to keep warm for the rest of the night, and let me know how you're feeling in the morning. Don't stay too long, Rogue, remember, it's supposed to be bedtime now," Hank reminded her gently with a tap on his watch, and Rogue grinned in response before replying, "Dun worry, Doc, Ah just wanna know whether or not Ah have to knock some sense into these two once they're feelin' better."

Hank chuckled softly as he stretched and rose to his feet, "Be gentle, now, or I might lose my assistant!" He chided, causing Kurt to balk, "Hey, what about me?" But he soon giggled and hugged Kiro tighter as Dr. McCoy lumbered back out into the hall. He apparently met Kitty there, and spoke to her for a moment before shutting the door firmly behind him. Perhaps sending her on to bed.

"So..?" Rogue asked, giving Kurt's shoulder a gentle prod. Her expression brooked no weaseling out of this.

Kurt groaned, "Well, sis, if you really must pry," he began with a pained smile up at her. "Um, Kiro and I did go for a walk, yes, and we ended up going out into the woods," He explained, running his hand up and down Kiro's belly gently under the water, causing Kiro to snuggle closer against him and ellicit a half-joking groan from Rogue at it's cuteness.

"Then, we, um," Kurt continued, but then paused as he blushed beneath his fur, "Well, we went to a clearing that comes right up next to the river. That was where we, um, had our first kiss, weeks ago," Kurt confessed, feeling his cheeks grow hot and his heart race at the memory, even now.

Rogue shook her head with a smirk, leaning back against the commode as she sat beside them now, "Aw jeeze, bro. You're turnin' into a regular romantic on me!" She teased him, and Kurt grinned, "Oh hush, sis, I'm allowed!" He retorted, before he squeezed Kiro gently and continued his story.

"Well, Kiro and I, we, um.." Kurt trailed off again, and Rogue's eyes widened in understanding as she asked, her voice mixed with surprise and, perhaps, mild awe at the thought, "Bro, you mean that y'all seriously.. did it? Out in the woods..? In weather like this??" She asked, gesturing toward the wall, though obviously meant for the chilly weather outside.

Kurt, unable to meet her gaze, nodded. Rogue just stared at the two of them, and finally shook her head. "Ah dunno whether ta congratulate ya or smack ya both upside the head! Good Gawd, y'all got some balls, but not much brains!" She chided the two of them, though she was grinning. "Good thing y'all were out there pretty far, hopefully nobody was watchin'!"

The thought made Kurt blush even more, and he gulped as he continued, "Well, um, that's not all-"

"-Oh GAWD-" Rogue groaned, though she was clearly eager to hear the rest as she leaned forward.

Kurt continued to slowly rub Kiro's belly as the other boy leaned against him, and admitted, "-Well, um, after we.. finished doing it," Kurt grinned at the memory, "Kiro, um, invited me to join him in the, uh, river."

"... what," Rogue asked, the flat tone of her voice almost making Kurt burst into laughter. Apparently, the two of them having sex was crazy enough, but actually.. "Y'all went -skinny dipping- too??" She demanded incredulously, the tone of her voice sounding like she was almost going to burst into laughter from the craziness of it.

Kurt nodded, and found his smile turning almost dreamlike as he admitted, "We.. umm.. we washed each other in the river, from where we made love. Kiro used to do that at night in Romania, I guess, and he showed me how. It was.. it was so .. romantic," He almost whispered, and blinked as he noticed Kiro was hardly moving against him. He could feel the steady rise and fall of Kiro's breathing, but it seemed his angel had fallen asleep in Kurt's arms, under the hot water. Kurt blushed, and Rogue seemed a bit sheepish from her earlier loud tone of voice as she gently teased Kurt in almost a whisper, "That almost makes up for how stupid y'all both behaved tonight." Though she was smiling as she continued, "Well, Ah won't knock your heads together or anythin'. Besides, Ah gotta get to bed and Ah know y'all do too. Umm, ya need any help?" She offered, gesturing to the slumbering Kiro.

Kurt grinned, "We, um, should be ok, but.. oh scheissen!" Kurt muttered as he noticed the empty towel rack. Their towels. Kitty had brought them down to the laundry room to dry, and they probably wouldn't be dry for at least another hour. Following his thoughts, Rogue groaned, "Aw man, that's right. Hang tight, bro, I'll be right back," Rogue assured him, and Kurt nodded as she rose and went out of their bathroom, soon heard exiting into the hall outside their room.

Ororo's voice drifted into Kurt's hearing, perhaps in the midst of doing a check to make sure everyone had gone to bed, and Rogue could be heard speaking softly to her as well. If Hank had told her anything, it didn't seem apparent, and Rogue seemed to be keeping their little incident in confidence as well, though Kurt could hear a small edge of curiousity in her voice as Ororo apparently questioned why (or how) Rogue would know about Kurt's need for fresh towels, particularly while he (and presumably Kiro with him) were in the bathtub. Rogue, however, apparently gave her an answer that satisfied her (which, knowing Rogue, was probably just the truth: that she had gone to check on the two of them and Kurt had asked for her help). Soon, both pairs of footsteps could be heard going down the hall.

While they waited, Kurt smiled as he and Kiro snuggled under the water. Despite the hypothermia they had just experienced, he had to admit, the night had been wonderful. The only thing that marred it was the thought of having to go to school in the morning. But even that was just a momentary groan in his mind. In fact, the more he thought about it, the more he was considering just being open about their relationship in school as well. Duncan clearly already knew about them, and Kurt knew that even with Logan's dire warning the rumor mill would probably spread news of their relationship like wildfire, especially after what Duncan had seen them do on Friday.

'Fine,' Kurt thought. 'Let him. And I'll laugh in his face if he thinks this will scare me,' he decided with a slow nod. Soon, a soft tap at the door caught his attention a moment before Rogue could be heard opening it and stepping inside. Soon she was in the bathroom, a bundle of plush, pink towels under her arm as she gave them both a sheepish grin, "Hope y'all don't mind. Kitty insisted Ah bring ya these, 'cause they're all extra-fluffy," she explained. Sure enough, the towels were about as proudly pink and feminine as they came, which was no surprise, since they were Kitty's.

Kurt nodded with a grin, "Well, we might as well 'look ze part,' ja?" He teased in a self-deprecating manner, earning him a wan smirk from Rogue before he gently prodded Kiro against him. "Engel? Mein engel? We need to, um, get to bed. Can't stay in the tub all night, ja?" He whispered, and it was done in such a gentle, affectionate manner that Rogue had to resist the urge to go "aww!" like Kitty. "Damn, bro, y'all are such sickening sweethearts," she gently teased, even as she set the bundle of towels on the closed toilet lid beside her and began to open up the one towel still in her hands to wrap one of them in.

Kiro stirred with a languid blink, and looked around, as though not realizing where they were at first, before realization dawned and he looked up at Rogue with first confusion, and then a shy smile as his violet eyes gleamed. At Kurt's gentle prodding, Kiro rose from the water. He was still fully erect, as was Kurt, but if Rogue noticed, she was too good-natured to say anything. More than likely, however, she had politely averted her gaze behind the towel as she helped Kiro wrap himself in it. She noticed, not for the first time, that Kiro wrapped himself in the feminine manner in the towel, almost as though he had breasts, though he didn't. It made sense, however, when she thought about it. He had been raised among only women, how else would he wrap himself in a towel? Fortunately, however, he was so short, and the towel so large, that it covered him completely even down to his mid-thighs once he had finished wrapping himself. Rogue then gave him another one for his thoroughly soaked hair, and he soon had his hair wrapped, again in the feminine manner, before he turned to help Kurt up out of the water.

Kurt rose carefully from the water, with some obvious reluctance. The water was delightfully warm, still, and his body still had the subtlest tremor in it from the hypothermia. Alas, he had been right when he told Kiro that they had better get to bed. His tail probed under the water nearby and soon had the drain opened, and as the water began to drain from the tub, Kiro helped him wrap a towel around his waist. Once it was secured around Kurt's slender hips, Kiro then used the fourth and final towel to help work the water out of his fur. Normally he would have just blow-dried himself, but he felt too sleepy to do so. Kiro dozing against him had apparently been contagious.

Rogue, off to the side, smiled, "Well, looks like you two are set. Unless y'all need yer big sis to tuck ya in?" She playfully teased. Kiro looked confused, but Kurt just grinned and shook his head before he explained to Kiro, "She means, to put us to bed, Kiro. Like, pull the covers up on us and kiss us goodnight and stuff, like a mother does, ja?"

Realization dawned, and Kiro grinned, before gently shaking his head in a polite refusal. He then reached over to gently beckon Rogue into a hug. Rogue gave a half-hearted complaint about him being "all wet" still, but she hugged him nonetheless, giving out a soft shuddering moan at his powers as the pleasure flowed through her. "Totally worth the water," she confessed, before she released him and smiled. She then drew Kurt into a hug as well, and reached up to playfully ruffle his hair as they stood in the steam-filled bathroom. "Bro, sometimes you drive me crazy, but Ah love ya anyway, ya know that, right?" She said, her voice taking an uncharacteristically soft tone that she normally only reserved for her dearest friends and adoptive brother, and now Kiro as well.

Kurt smiled, "I know, sis. And the feeling is very mutual," he playfully shot back, earning him a soft punch in the shoulder from the Rogue.

"Alright, you two, Ah gotta get to bed. Y'all do the same, and no more shenanigans tonight, y'hear?" She chided before she stepped out of the bathroom, the two of them close behind her as Kurt's tail flipped off the bathroom light, leaving only a small sliver of light from the hall's partially-open door as well as the moon's light from the window.

"No worries, sis, I think we have just enough energy left to go over there," Kurt confessed as he pointed towards Kiro's bed, neatly-made as always. Rogue chuckled and nodded, "Good. G'night bro, g'night Kiki," she said.

Kurt grinned and responded, "G'night sis," and Kiro beside him gave her a kind wave and a smile.

Once she was out the door, Kurt softly locked the door behind her and went with Kiro to the side of his bed. He found himself grinning as he realized this was the first time they would be sleeping in Kiro's bed, rather than Kurt's. 'Though perhaps,' Kurt found himself thinking with a blush, 'Maybe the professor would let us just make do with one bed, given our circumstances.' The thought made his heart melt a little more, though he was soon distracted by Kiro as the other boy began to gently help him out of his towel. His fur was slightly damp still, but fine to sleep in. Kurt did the same for Kiro, and soon the two of them had their towels hanging in the bathroom and draped carefully over their desk chairs. Not ideal, of course, but the bathroom only had room for two towels on the towel rack.

In any case, they were soon in each other's arms as they stood beside Kiro's bed, hugging one another tightly as Kurt's tail went over to draw back the covers for them. Despite their erections, and a slow shiver of delight as they rubbed against one another between their bellies in their embrace, Kurt hadn't been lying when he told Rogue that they probably had no more energy for anything tonight. All he wanted to do now was snuggle in Kiro's arms and sleep the rest of the night away. Kiro seemed to agree, and after pulling away reluctanctly, he slipped beneath the covers and arranged the two pillows on the bed for Kurt to be able to sleep comfortably beside him. He then smiled up at Kurt and reached out to gently draw him into bed beside him, and soon they were comfortably spooned against one another with Kurt hugging Kiro from behind, and Kiro's arms hugging Kurt's.

"Gute nacht, mein engel," Kurt whispered, and soon followed it with, "Ich liebe dich." He smiled wider as he felt Kiro's arms hug his tighter in response against his belly, and snuggle closer against his chest. Sometimes, no words were needed, but Kurt still felt better saying them, and 'hearing' Kiro echo them in his own way.

After just another moment or two, both of them were sound asleep in each other's arms.

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