Mixed Feelings

BY : Panduki
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"Well you have to admit, they have been spending a lot of time together," Jean mused as she walked alongside Scott near the treeline on the edge of the Institute's grassy lawn. Above them, a pair of squirrels were chasing one another around the branches of a nearby tree.

"Okay, yeah, but so do Sam and Roberto, but somehow nobody gets the wrong idea about them, do they?" Scott countered, a bemused expression on his face.

The week had passed somewhat uneventfully, though nobody was complaining. Roberto had been "assisting" Logan every day after school, which meant working on the Institute's vehicles, "tweaking" Danger Room settings, and otherwise making his life miserable. Ordinarily, Logan could be stern, but fair. But when Jean had revealed the rather loathsome slurs that Roberto had called Kiro, Logan had gone about his punishment with a thoroughness that might seem like sadism from anyone else.

Logan, however, obviously took no joy in it. Roberto was just as much one of his "kids" as Kiro, Kurt, or Kitty were, and it was clearly unpleasant for him to have to play disciplinarian to the boy.

For his part, though, Roberto seemed to have learned his lesson. He had given a curt, but polite apology to Kiro early Thursday morning when they bumped into each other at the cafeteria, and he had even promised that he would help keep an eye out for Kiro at school in case anyone else bullied him.

There had, unfortunately, been a need for it: The bullying had only continued. Lance had found out that his earlier crush on the "girl" was a blatant case of "falling into a trap" and his reaction had been one of simmering disgust, very nearly taking a swing at Kiro the next time they saw each other in the halls, stopped only by the timely intervention (and a swift kick in the balls) from Kurt.

But now it was Friday afternoon, and they were back at the Institute, safe and sound.

His breath visible in the crisp, late afternoon air, Scott stopped to lean against the tree as Jean and he had gone for one of their typical walks along the grounds.

"Well yeah, Scott, but Sam, Ray and Roberto are like Duncan and his buddies. Just, well 'buddies' that cause trouble together." Jean admitted, having been puzzling out the occasional thoughts and emotions that Kurt had unwittingly broadcast to her. "This is different, you know? Didn't you see the way they were watching each other at dinner yesterday?" She prompted him, remembering the scene last evening...

In a stroke of generosity, Kitty and Rogue had volunteered to have one of their "nights out" at their favorite burger place, and invited Kurt, Kiro, Scott and Jean to join them. It had been a fun, relaxing evening, and they had even talked about catching a movie tomorrow night.

"Kiro, that sounds like fun!" Kurt had asked, leaning forward with a grin, "Did you want to go see a movie?"

Kitty, looking at the two of them, had blurted out, "What, you mean, like, together?"

Kurt had apparently realized the implications of his words, and he had blushed bright red through his inducer, while Kiro just looked delighted.

"Umm.." Kurt had began, but Kiro cut him off by putting a hand on his and nodding several times.

A few seconds' silence was soon broken by Rogue suggesting a movie, "How about Grave Danger? That new zombie flick? I bet y'all would enjoy that one!"

And soon they had been launched into a debate about what zombie movie was the best, since Kiro had never seen one before...

"Well, so what?" Scott asked, his voice betraying his discomfort, "I mean, he was probably just embarassed because it sounded like, a, well.."

"A date?" Jean nudged him.

Scott shook his head, "I dunno, Jean. It just doesn't seem right. Kurt's Catholic, for crying out loud. And Kiro might as well be, or the Eastern Orthodox equivalent, I guess. I just can't see either of them swinging that way. I mean, c'mon, could you imagine having THAT talk with your parents, if you were Kurt? Or Kiro, talking to those nuns?"

Jean paused, and gave no answer. She certainly could, and perhaps that might explain the fear, confusion, and shame she had picked up from Kurt a few nights ago, when she had felt him wake up from what she guessed was a nightmare. Or maybe not a nightmare at all.

"Jean?" Scott asked, a hand on her arm.

"Oh, sorry Scott. Just thinking," Jean apologized, her eyes somewhat distant.

"You.. you're really serious about this?" Scott asked, brows raising behind his ruby glasses.

"Scott, I don't know what to think, alright? I'm just concerned. It's hard enough being "different" like we all are, it's another layer of difficulty when you have someone like Kiro, who seems to not quite fit into our usual categories of male or female, or even -" she paused, shrugging, "Gay or straight. He just seems to have this affection for everyone, this gentleness for everyone and everything he sees. Kurt especially, of course. But I don't think it's fair of us to read so much into it."

Scott nodded, seeing the wisdom in her words, "True. There's still a lot we don't really know about him, is there? How he was raised, what the nuns taught him about life, interacting with others. Or even, well.. love," he continued to muse, a blush on his cheeks.

Jean chuckled, "I can't imagine having that talk with a nun, could you? Especially as a boy?"

Scott shook his head, "No way. It was hard enough having that chat with the professor and Hank," he admitted, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Oh hey, there they are!" Jean called, pointing over toward the treeline nearby.

Kurt and Kiro jogged out of the trees, hunched over for breath, both of them smiling. They looked as though they had just played an impromptu game of tag, or challenged each other to a race on one of the wooded trails. They looked so happy together, Jean thought, smiling at the two's facial expressions.

"Hey, guys!" Scott hollered over to them, waving with a grin.

He had just enough time to see Kurt catch Scott's wave, and wave back, before he grabbed Kiro's hand and the two vanished in a cloud of smoke, reappearing beside where he and Jean had been chatting.

Coughing in the sulphur smell, Jean managed a laugh shortly afterwards and said, "Well, your ears must have been burning, Kurt!"

Kurt looked at her strangely, and then his eyes widened, "Vas? You were talking about me?" He asked, and his expression was one of mock despair, "Oh, the travails of gossip! Such a wicked woman you are!" He wailed with a hand to his head, still panting from their run.

Beside him, Kiro giggled silently and went over to give Jean and then Scott a friendly hug of greeting. Now that they had had more experience with his touch and it's unique effects, they were no longer surprised by the currents of pleasure and warmth that it brought. They hadn't quite gotten used to it, per se, but it no longer caught them off guard, even with how powerful it was.

Jean giggled as Kiro released her, and tossled his hair good naturedly, "I don't think I'll ever be able to sit still when you do that, Kiki," she teased, using one of his nicknames that had gotten popular over the weeks.

Scott, meanwhile, was blushing and shifting from foot to foot from Kiro's hug. Trying to perhaps distract himself from the growing bulge in his trousers, he cleared his throat, "Well yeah, Kurt, we were talking about you and Kiro-"

Scott's words aroused an instant's panic in Kurt, his tail lashing softly behind him..

Jean quirked a brow at him, but Scott was already continuing.

"- Did you guys still want to catch that movie tonight? I was thinking we might make it another group thing, or a.. er.."

"A double date?" Jean said, though her tone was playful as she gave Kurt a comforting grin.

"Yeah, that. Or, well, you could even take my car, if you wanted?" Scott continued, rubbing the back of his neck.

Kurt was clearly touched by the generous, and rather trusting, offer. "You? Offering to lend me your car?"

Even Jean seemed surprised, "Scott, that's rather thoughtful of you!"

"Yeah, well, don't get used to it, elf," Scott growled, in a rather accurate imitation of Logan.

All four of them were soon staggered in laughter.

But Jean couldn't help but worry about that sharp blade of panic she had caught from Kurt just a moment ago...


Rogue had been afraid that Roberto or the others might give Kurt and Kiro a hard time, especially once the two had told Ororo where they were going tonight...

"Out to a movie, ja? Kiro's never been to the theater, I thought I could show him!"

"Oh hell, boys' night out!" Sam had teased, but he was grinning.

"Yes, but hopefully not as rambunctious as when you and Bobby get up to your shenanigans," Ororo shot back, greeted with a chorus of "OHHH!"s from around the room.

"What'll you do for transportation?" Ororo had asked, and had been surprised by Scott announcing, "They'll take my car, Ms. Munroe. Kurt's promised, on threat of me plucking all his fur out one hair at a time, that he won't put a scratch on it," Scott explained, receiving a good natured punch to the shoulder from the blue elf.

"Alright, and when do you expect to be back?" Ororo asked, glancing over at the clock on the nearby wall. 6:08 PM.

"No later than 11. I was thinking we go to the movie, then maybe grab some food after." Kurt explained, his voice growing a bit more quiet as he realized Roberto had joined the small gathering in the rec room.

Most of the mutants were scattered around the Institute grounds, or out in town. Some on dates, others just enjoying the start to the weekend.

Ororo, Kitty, Kurt, Rogue, Kiro, Sam, Ray, Jamie (three of them), Jean and Scott were the only ones in the rec room until Roberto had wandered in the door, rubbing his shoulder and wincing. It seemed he had finally finished his punishment from Logan.

"Alright. That sounds like a plan, then. You boys have fun and stay out of trouble," Ororo said, with a playful glare at Kurt, who returned it with a mock salute.

"Yeah, I.. um.. I hope you have a good time," Roberto said as he approached. "Okay, Kiro?" He asked, and extended a hand forward.

Kiro smiled, surprise on his face, and reached out to shake the Brazilian's hand after only a second's hesitation. There was a small gasp from Roberto, and a surprised expression on his face, as he shifted from foot to foot, "Hey, that's.."

Around them, the rest of the mutants just grinned, knowing what Roberto was feeling, perhaps getting his first "full dose" for the very first time. Ray leaned over to whisper something to Sam, who chuckled.

When their hands finally parted, Roberto seemed genuinely stunned. He flexed his fingers, shrugged his shoulders, and grinned, "Hey, I.. I don't hurt at all anymore. No more bruises or anything. That's.. that's really cool!"

Ororo nodded genially, "It is, isn't it?"

Roberto's expression then fell, and his gaze darkened, the full weight of his words from Monday coming back to haunt him. "I'm sorry, Kiro.. the things I said.. I.. umm."

Kurt's tail swept forward and swatted Roberto playfully on the shoulder, "Water under ze bridge, ja?" He offered hopefully. Beside him, Kiro nodded with a bright, reassuring smile, violet eyes shining.

"Yeah," Roberto smiled, looking at the two of them with a flash of renewed respect, "You guys have fun tonight."

"Yeah! Go paint the town red, dudes!" Ray volunteered, with Sam and Bobby nodding nearby.
In the hall outside, missed by everyone except Ororo and Rogue who could see him, Logan nodded approvingly, and Ororo smiled when she saw it....

"Hay, Ah'm sure they'll be fine. You know Kurt's a careful driver when he needs to be," Rogue reassured Kitty as they watched Scott's red sports car roll down the drive, with Kurt driving and Kiro in the passenger seat, followed soon after by Logan's motorcycle.

When they asked where the Wolverine was heading, Logan had just said "out," with no further explanation given, not that the girls expected any. Rogue had a suspicion he wasn't just going out for drinks, but she had just nodded and wished him well.

"It's not his driving that I'm worried about," Kitty admitted as the two girls turned to head back inside from the porch. "You know how Kurt is when it's Friday night. I just hope they don't, like, crash a party and get into trouble. Or, like, go out drinking. I wonder what the legal age is in Romania?"

Rogue just shook her head, but she knew where Kitty was coming from. Kurt was quite the party animal, and they had both found that out early on in their time in the Institute. Never maliciously or dangerously so, but sometimes the elf had a decided lack of impulse control.

"Ah don't think we'll need to worry much about it, though. Ah haven't seen Kurt this subdued since that first time he went out with Amanda," Rogue said as they made their way back down the hall toward the kitchen.

"Well yeah, but that was, like, a date! This is just two guys going out around the town, y'know?" Kitty said, her voice quite innocent.

'Oh gawd, Kitty, how dense can you be, sometimes?' Rogue thought with a hopeless grin. She had begun to have her suspicions about Kurt and Kiro a week or so ago, especially with the way she had caught them looking at each other sometimes, but tonight had just about convinced her. Aloud, however, she said, "Well, maybe you're right," as they re-entered the rec room. It was much quieter now, with Bobby, Ray, Sam, and Roberto crowded around the T.V. to play a round of fighting games, taunting and jeering at one another in between bites of pizza.

Off to the side, Jamie and Rahne were hunched over a table, chatting and pointing at some magazine between them.

Ororo was nowhere to be found, but that wasn't unusual. Peace and quiet were rare enough around the Institute at all, let alone on a Friday evening, and she was perhaps taking the opportunity to meditate upstairs in her garden.

"Well, Kitty-cat, any plans for the evenin'?" Rogue asked as she stretched, feeling a comfortable pop in one of her shoulders.

"Not really," Kitty mumbled. Ever since breaking up with Lance, her weekends had been an exercise in boredom, for the most part. Not that she minded, considering how many headaches Lance had caused her, but at the same time, it hurt to be single again.

Rogue, perhaps sensing her thoughts, grinned and elbowed her side, "Well, Ah reckon there's a pint of Rocky Road with our names on it in the fridge. Whadya say?"

Kitty perked up immediately, and grinned, "Sounds awesome to me!"

With that, the two rushed over to the kitchen, followed by a howl of rage from Sam, "AW COME ON! That was so cheap!!!" and raucous laughter from Roberto, Ray and Bobby.

'Just relax, it's nothing!' Kurt told himself mentally as they made their way through the parking lot toward the multiplex.

Oh, who was he kidding?

This was a date in all but name, and perhaps it was time he started to be honest with himself, and his feelings. Kiro's touch beckoned on his arm, and Kurt cast a furtive glance around the parking lot before returning Kiro's touch on the small of his back, smiling shyly.

On the one hand, he hated being so secretive about it, but on the other, fear clutched his heart and clamped on his throat, almost as bad as the fear of being "outed" as a mutant would have. Kiro, however, seemed blissfully unaware of how they might look, and brushed his hair away from his face as he looked up at the massive building ahead of them, violet eyes wide and glimmering in the light from the neon signs.

Kurt had taken him here before, but it had been closed, then, on a Sunday afternoon.

Now, however, the place was open, and a small crowd was gathered out front, waiting in line for tickets or waiting to rendezvous with someone before going inside. They were still far enough away from the crowd that Kurt felt comfortable reaching down to gently squeeze Kiro's hand, and shivered at the warmth that flowed through him. He then reluctantly released his grip, and whispered, "You know how people are kind of.. hostile.. to two guys holding hands, ja?" He explained apologetically, and Kiro nodded with a sad smile. "Once we're inside and sat down," Kurt promised, leaning over to place a quick, chaste kiss on Kiro's cheek, one that made the other boy blush and avert his gaze with a bright smile.

Okay, Kurt had to admit it now, this was a date. In for a penny, in for a pound, as they said in English. But it still made him terribly nervous.

He fought to calm his racing heart as they made their way up to the crowd in front of the theater. There were a couple familiar faces from the Institute. Jubilee in particular as she saw them arriving, and then trotted up to them, "Hey! Kurt, Kiki! Heard you guys might be out here," the Asian girl said happily, giving them each a quick hug (and shivering with a giggle when she touched Kiro). "You gonna see that zombie flick?" She teased with a playful shoulder check to Kurt, "Ja, I was thinking about that one," Kurt confessed, his love of horror movies well-known around the institute.

"Well, if poor Kiki has any nightmares because of it, I'm blaming you!" Jubilee warned, and gave Kiro a friendly wink which the albino returned, albeit nervously. They had explained earlier what a "zombie" was, and at Jean's mention of the (perhaps more familiar) word 'ghoul,' recognition had dawned on Kiro's face, followed by a nervous gulp. But they had assured him it was just a movie, like reading a book, and couldn't hurt him ("Just enjoy yourself, Kiro!" Kitty had said, grinning. And beside her, Rogue drawled, "Yeah, Ah'm sure Kurt will protect you from any big bad terrors from the grave!" The two had laughed, while an indignant Kurt blushed and stammered a response).

But now, here they were, on a date and in front of the theater. Did Jubilee know? She seemed to be treating them just like two friends who were out to see a movie together, rather than any romantic connotations. But then, Jubilee had always been rather casual about these things, and respectful of others' privacy.

"Hey, Jubes! Coming?" Amara called over, where she and another girl from Bayville that Kurt recognized as Ruby were standing, one of (thankfully) many regular humans at Bayville who was friends with several of the students at the Institute.

"Be right there!" Jubilee called, and grinned back at Kurt and Kiro. "Have fun you two, you're gonna have a blast, Kiki!"

With a wave, the spunky girl dashed back over to the small group she was in, leaving Kurt and Kiro to stand in the line at the ticket counter. It was moving slowly but steadily, and Kurt leaned over to nudge Kiro. "See anything that looks interesting?" He asked as he gestured up at the movie posters above.

Since it had been only a week so far at school, Kiro still had not made a lot of progress with his reading. English and Latin may have used essentially the same alphabet, with just a few additional letters in English, but the vocabulary, pronunciation and meaning could vary wildly between them, and Ms. Harrison had had her hands full trying to help sort the boy out. His knowledge of spoken English was also not quite as complete as the others had assumed, with many commonplace English words (particularly used in standard American English) being unfamiliar, simply because he had never really had to learn or use them in his life at the monastery.

Kiro's violet eyes flashed as they looked from poster to poster, basically just looking at the pictures, rather than the words, and he, somewhat surprisingly, pointed at the picture for "Grave Danger," a close up of a tombstone centered in an ornate mausoleum, with a rotting hand reaching up to claw at the viewer.

"Ohh man," Kurt grinned, and then giggled, "That's the zombie movie, Kiro. You sure?" Kiro looked nervous, but he grinned and nodded as well. Kurt could almost hear him saying with his eyes, 'Challenge accepted!'

A polite nudge from behind them made Kurt realize that it was now their turn, and he grinned with a hurried apology as they rushed over to the ticket counter to get their tickets, after enjoying the rather flustered look from the girl behind the counter at Kiro's appearance, even dressed in his typical unassuming clothes.


The smells, the sights, the feeling of going to a movie was something that Kurt still enjoyed, even after almost two years of experiencing it. He had never been able to do this in Germany, not since he came to the Institute and received his image inducer. It was something he was still so grateful to the professor for.

Once inside, Kurt had explained what the concession stands were, and the typical moviegoing food items. Popcorn, soft drinks, candies, that sort of thing ("If you thought ice cream was good, wait till you try m&m's on it!"). The professor had provided Kiro with a bank account and a monthly stipend (like the rest of the students) and the girls had offered to take him clothes shopping this weekend as well, perhaps tomorrow afternoon. Kurt thought it would be a great time to learn how to use his bank card.

The clerk behind the counter had been somewhat taken aback by Kiro's appearance, but Kurt had just smiled and kindly explained that it was 'albinism.' Of course, albinism didn't quite cover the unearthly beauty that Kiro had, but the clerk hadn't pressed the matter. Once Kiro had pointed to what he wanted and the man had prepared some popcorn and a soft drink, Kurt had instructed him in how to use his bank card. "The professor will give you a certain amount of money each month, so don't try to buy a car or anything," Kurt had warned, "But you'll have enough for basically anything else you need within reason." He grinned.

Once they were in the theater itself, though, carefully juggling a bag of popcorn and a soda, each, the two made their way to the back of the theater and chose seats in the middle. Kurt wanted Kiro to have a good view, and be free from the usual distractions of people talking or moving around behind him.

Once settled in their seats, Kurt was surprised when he felt Kiro's head on his shoulder once more, and did not resist when the boy took his hand. Kurt was surprised when he felt Kiro's pulse racing too, just like his own. The other boy was nervous and excited, as well. His smile as his violet eyes watched the previews for upcoming movies was contagious, and Kurt found himself doubly excited as they settled in to watch the movie.

Despite his initial misgivings, Kiro was not quite terrified of what he saw on screen. Not enough to bolt out of his seat, but certainly enough to clutch at Kurt's side, and bury his face against Kurt's shoulder, or cover his eyes, at some particularly gruesome moments. Kurt found himself giggling softly, and slipping an arm around Kiro's waist, comfortable in the relative anonymity of the theater.

Only when the credits finally rolled, and the house lights came up, did they reluctantly come apart. Rising with a stretch, and gathering their empty cups and popcorn bags, they waited until the rest of the theatergoers had filed out before slipping in behind them. Kiro was still trembling slightly behind him, though with excitement or lingering fear, Kurt wasn't sure. On their way out though, Kurt had to ask, "What did you think?"

All of his concerns were diminished considerably when the albino grinned up at him and flashed two thumbs up. "What?" Kurt asked with an incredulous laugh. "How could you possibly know? You spent a quarter of the movie hiding your eyes!" Kurt teased him playfully, causing Kiro to blush visibly and avert his gaze with a sheepish grin. Yes, he had been scared.

And Kurt had to admit, it had been adorable. Endearing. And it made Kurt want to cuddle him, right there in the theater. Which they had done, about as well as they could have, with the armrest between them.


Kurt was just about to ask where Kiro wanted to go for dinner as they made their way down the row of cars in the parking lot, when a voice behind them made his blood run cold.

"What a couple of fags."

Duncan Matthews.

'Scheiss!' Kurt thought as he whirled around.

Sure enough, there was Duncan, with some tall blonde girl on his arm, who smirked cruelly at Kurt and Kiro. On Duncan's right was another boy that Kurt didn't immediately recognize, but could tell judging from his large and powerful build, was probably also on the football team. He was tall, black, and had a shaved head, and his brown eyes were filled with the same scorn as the other two. Beside him was a black girl that Kurt didn't recognize, though she seemed rather reluctant about the confrontation Duncan had just initiated.

That still left them outnumbered, three to one, though. And outweighed by over 100 pounds. Great.

"You know, I thought for a second I recognized you back there in the theater, Kurt, but even I didn't think you'd go THAT low," Duncan sneered, tossing his head towards Kiro, who seemed to shrink into himself and inch closer to Kurt. Kurt could feel Kiro starting to tremble beside him, and his own blood began to simmer in anger.

"Must be pretty desperate if you went from Amanda to -that-," Duncan taunted with a disgusted chuckle that boiled Kurt's blood. Around them, the parking lot had only a few people nearby, and they were far too preoccupied in walking to their cars and their own conversations to notice the confrontation going on.

"So you paid for a movie just to watch us instead? That's not pathetic at all!" Kurt taunted back, nudging Kiro further behind him in an almost subconscious effort to protect the other boy. At his other side, his fist clenched.

"Are you kidding? Watching you act like a couple of fags in the back of the theater where you thought nobody could see you was the most horrific thing I've seen in months! Totally worth the price of admission," the black man taunted, advancing on Kurt with a mean leer.

"Jerome, stop it," his girl whispered harshly, tugging on his arm.

Jerome paused, and looked back at her, "What? Just havin' some fun."

Kurt took the opportunity to take another few steps back toward Scott's car, his breath coming fast and his heart beating hard enough that he knew Kiro could feel it against his back. Even the other boy's powers weren't doing anything to calm him. If anything, the warmth and thrum of pleasure was just helping his body get ready to fight. But he really did not want a fight right now. Not right now. Their date had been going so well, and now this happened. 'Damn it, damn it, damn it!!'

"What's wrong, little fags? Gonna try to run?" Duncan taunted, stepping up beside Jerome.

The car was still about thirty yards away, and even if they got there, what would they do? Run Duncan over? Kurt slowly felt himself start to panic.

"Back off, bub."

The voice was a low growl, and one that Kurt had never been more grateful to hear before.

"Huh? Who the hell?" Duncan turned with the others to find Logan standing there. He did NOT look happy. "Who the hell are you?"

"I'm Mr. Logan. From the Xavier Institute." Logan said evenly, as he strode towards them. Both Duncan and Jerome were almost a head taller than Logan, but he didn't seem the least bit intimidated by them.

If only they knew why.

Inwardly, Kurt felt himself cheering.

"Oh yeah? What's it to you, huh? Your kids can't take care of themselves?" Duncan sneered, looking back at where Kiro and Kurt stood, still braced to defend themselves.

"You're twice their size. Bet you feel like a real big man now, don't you, Matthews?" Logan observed, cutting Duncan off when he opened his mouth to say something, "Bet you feel like such a badass, picking on a couple of boys who are just trying to have a nice night out. Yep, you're hero material, alright. They oughta put a statue of you in Bayville Square. 'Duncan Matthews: The most insecure meathead that ever went fag-bashing.'"

Logan was only a few feet away, and he peered up at Duncan with a cold fire in his eyes that Kurt found absolutely frightening. Clearly, something else was also was on Logan's mind. "You know what they say about people who seem to hate gays the most, Duncan?"

"S.. Shut the fuck up, you-" Whatever Duncan had been about to say was immediately cut off as Logan suddenly had him on the ground.

Kurt didn't even see what had happened. Jerome was just suddenly sprawled back against the hood of a nearby van, holding his gut and gasping for breath, and Duncan was on the ground, on his back, with the heel of Logan's boot against his throat.

The girls were too stunned to even do as much as squeak in fear.

"I'm gonna give you one warning, bub. One. And this is it: You ever fuck with any of the Institute kids again, especially Kurt or Kiro, here, and I will personally hunt you down and teach you some manners. Same goes for you, Rogers," He glared at Jerome, still hunched over from getting the wind kicked out of him, who let out a small sound of surprise at Logan's words.

He knew their names.

"And then," Logan continued, "I'll bring this little recording to the Bayville Herald and Principal Kelley."

Duncan gasped in surprise (even as he struggled to breathe with Logan's boot on his neck) as the Canadian pulled a hand out of his jacket and pressed a button on a small device he had apparently been holding. A digital audio recorder.

Crisp and clear: Duncan's voice. "What a couple of fags."

Logan pushed the button again. Silence.

"Any questions?" The burly Canadian asked, stepping away from Duncan to stand beside Kurt and Kiro.

No backtalk, no angry challenges. All Duncan did was scramble to his feet and take off at a brisk trot (limping a little from where Logan had perhaps swept his leg and twisted his ankle when he went down) toward wherever his car was, the blonde hurrying along behind him. Jerome and his girl did the same, the black boy still wheezing from getting the wind kicked out of him. None of them even looked back.

Logan, it seemed, had put the fear of God into them. All without even raising his voice.

Kurt said something, clearly awestruck.

Logan, amused, turned to face them. "In English, this time, Elf?" he requested.

"That was.. that was amazing, Logan. Thank you." Kurt whispered, not even caring that he was still holding Kiro close to his side.

The albino went forward and hugged Logan suddenly, the Wolverine grunting both in surprise at the feelings that swept through him, as well as the scent of tears from the albino's face buried against his leather jacket. He gently patted Kiro's back as the feeling of warmth and pleasure continued to flow through him ('Damn that could get addictive'), and looked over at Kurt.

"Let's just say I've been there, Elf," Logan muttered, causing Kurt to look up at him in bewilderment and renewed respect, as the burly man glared off where the two boys had gone.

Looking back over at Kurt, and down at Kiro, who had pulled away from him to wipe the tears from his violet eyes and return to Kurt's side, Logan smiled. A rare, genuine smile, though he softened it even further by saying, "I won't tell if you won't."

"Deal." Kurt said with a thumbs up, before wiping a tear from his own eye.

They stood in companionable silence for a second, before Kurt's stomach growled loud enough to make all three of them take notice, and Logan sighed. "Fuck's sake, elf, at least there's one part of you that never changes," he teased.

"Ja," Kurt grinned, finally feeling himself calm down from the confrontation, and he looked over at Kiro. "Still feel up to some burgers? And ice cream?" Kurt asked, beaming with a smile when Kiro nodded with a wide grin.

"You two have fun. And be safe, y'hear?" Logan said, nodding to them.

"We will, Logan, and.. thank you again," Kurt said, the gratitude clear in his voice.

Logan smirked, "Get the hell outta here, elf, before you two start kissing again."

Kurt gulped.

Of course Logan would know about that. 'That damned nose of his, he probably knew as soon as we got back to the Institute on Sunday evening..'

With a small chuckle, Logan waved, and marched over to where he had parked his bike.


The rest of the night passed in a wonderful blur. Sitting together in a booth at the burger place, walking out in the park with some ice cream from the parlor, driving home with full bellies and happy hearts, as Kiro held his tail so that Kurt could keep both hands on the wheel, making Kurt blush the whole way.

Soon, all too soon, they were at the gate to the Institute. By the time readout on Kurt's image inducer (it was still partially a watch, after all), it was 10:47 PM. Back home with some time to spare. Once they were parked in the garage, and Kurt made sure the car's fuel  tank still showed that it was topped off ("It's only polite, you see?"), he stepped out and then waited for Kiro to join him. In the darkness of the garage, they stood in each other's arms.

Kurt was still nervous about anyone seeing them be affectionate, but he could no longer deny it. Not only did he have feelings for Kiro, he was in love.

In love.

It both made his heart explode and melt all at the same time.

He wasn't quite sure when he had realized it, but tonight, it was staring him right in the face. Just like Kiro, with those beautiful violet eyes.

Nothing was said between them. Nothing needed to be said.

Kurt wasn't sure who made the first move, but suddenly, their lips were joined, and they were kissing. His arms tightened around Kiro's supple body, exquisite beneath the lambswool sweater, and he felt Kiro's do the same as their heads tilted and the kiss deepened.

The warmth, the pleasure, and that wonderful feeling of being in a hot tub flowed up and down through his body, and Kurt's inducer clicked off even as his tail once again slipped around Kiro's legs.

His erection made itself known, even as he felt a similar bulge in Kiro's pants, and when the two ground against one another, Kurt broke the kiss to gasp and moan at the jolt of pleasure that went through him. Ohhh god, it felt like he was going to cum right there.

But it's a good thing he didn't.

"Umm, bro, Ah hate to interrupt, but," Rogue's voice gently drifted across the dark garage, a hint of humor to her southern twang.

The two sprang apart, panting, Kurt's golden eyes sweeping around until he saw Rogue, leaning against the door to the Institute interior, arms across her chest and an affectionate smile on her face.

"Yeah, Ah figured y'all didn't want an audience. Scott and 'Ro wanted to make sure y'all made it back okay, they're inside."

At Kurt's expression, she grinned and shook her head, "Don't worry, they've been inside the whole time. Didn't see a thing. And neither did Ah, ok?" She winked.

Kurt gushed a sigh of relief, and he smiled before replying, affection clear in his voice, "Thank you, sis."

Rogue winked once again, and teased, "Can't say Ah blame ya, Kiro. He's cute, ain't he? And so're you."

Both boys blushed furiously, though Kurt's was now hidden beneath his fur, and Rogue let out a laugh as she stepped back inside. The door still open a crack, she could be heard calling to someone, "Yeah, they just pulled in. They'll be inside in a minute or so, Ah reckon."

'Oh, God bless you, Rogue,' Kurt thought as the two of them stood in the darkness, calming down from their rather heated impromptu make-out session.

Once they were sure that they were both presentable, Kurt gave Kiro's hand a warm squeeze before reluctantly releasing him, and both of them went inside.

"Alright, Mr. Wagner, report!" Scott barked, in his typical Star Trek impression, a joke the two of them often bandied.

"Back with a full tank of fuel and not a scratch on her, captain!" Kurt replied crisply, handing the keys back over to a grinning Scott, Jean beside him.

"Excellent, Mr. Wagner. Keep this up and you just might make captain someday yourself!" Scott remarked.

"Alright, now you're just milkin' it," Rogue said from where she was leaning against the wall, smirking.

"Oh good, there you are," Ororo chimed in as she came into the kitchen from the hall. "Right on time," she noted, impressed. "Did you have fun? Everything go alright?"

Kurt had the biggest smile she could recall ever seeing on him, and so did Kiro.

"Ja," Kurt responded, with Kiro nodding beside him. "Everything went.. wunderbar."


The door had barely closed and locked behind them before they were at it again. Hands roamed over one another, mouths met and mingled, and before Kurt even consciously realized it, items of clothing were being removed.

He wanted, no, -needed- to feel Kiro against him, and Kiro seemed to need the same. They had both been in their underwear around one another before, changing when getting ready for school or early in the mornings when Kurt had to report to the danger room (something that Kiro, it seemed, was not yet prepared for according to Logan and Hank), but this was different.

There was no averting of eyes anymore, no polite turning of the back on the way to or from the en suite bathroom.

Kurt gasped and moaned into Kiro's mouth, and soon realized they were both just in their boxers. Their clothes lay in a haphazard mess all around them on the carpet, and Kiro gazed at Kurt with a deep smile. Chest to chest, they could feel each other's hearts. Both were nervous.

Kurt knew well enough how things worked, as did Kiro. Hank had given him (and Kiro, he was sure) the typical "talk," with the added benefit of what was basically a quick sex-ed course. But that had been all academic, with Hank showing them how things like condoms, lube, STDs, and pregnancy worked (the latter two being the main reason the condoms were important), on a medical and scientific level.

This was totally different. Were they really about to do this? For real?

"In for a penny, in for a pound," Kurt heard himself mumbling, as Kiro looked up at him with a playful, questioning grin.

He had already broken one taboo, it seemed, by falling in love with another male and fantasizing about him almost nightly. Now, it seemed, they were about to break the taboo of sex outside of marriage. But really, what choice did either of them have? Men couldn't marry other men, either through a civil court, or certainly not with the blessing of the church.

"Nothing," Kurt smiled, reassuringly. His mind was made up.

"Let's do this," he whispered, using his tail to double check and ensure the door behind them was locked.

There was some initial questioning as to which bed to use. Kurt's or Kiro's? Eventually they decided on Kurt's, shedded fur and all. If Kiro cared, he didn't let it be known.

As his boxers slid down his supple, well-rounded thighs, Kurt remarked to himself how perfectly smooth the other boy's body was. No hair on him at all, except on his head and eyebrows. Neither his chin, nor his body had the least bit of body hair, not even the soft, downy hair that most people had otherwise.

Kurt's boxers likewise fell to the floor as he stood before Kiro, next to his bed. They stepped together, their erections hot and hard against one another's, pressed between their bellies, and once again, they kissed.

The difference in their heights was thankfully only a few inches, and it felt natural, rather than awkward. Sometimes Kurt was grateful for being so short, especially now that he had fallen in love with someone even shorter. If he was as tall as Ororo or Scott, he could only imagine how awkward their first kiss would have been.

Their kiss continued as their embrace grew tighter.

Smooth, ivory flesh against dark blue fur and skin.

A devil and an angel, to an outside observer, joined in some unthinkable union of mutual love and affection.

At some point, they gently lowered to the bed beside them, and Kurt knelt between Kiro's legs as he traced a line of kisses down Kiro's chest and belly, Kiro gazing down at him while propped up on his elbows.

"God, Kiro.. you are so.. beautiful.." Kurt breathed in between kisses, each one like taking a sip from a cup of liquid fire. But rather than burning him, it bathed his mouth in a pleasure not unlike the perfect sip of hot chocolate on a cold morning.

The boy blushed, a soft red coloring his otherwise pale skin, like a warm marble statue brought to life. Or an angel come down from heaven.

Kiro reached down to Kurt's chin, and gently beckoned him upward. Kurt smiled and crawled up Kiro's body, bringing their bodies once again together as he felt Kiro's legs wrap around his hips. Throbbing erections once again rubbed together, and Kiro drew him into a kiss, making Kurt moan, low and hard. Pulse, throb, pulse, their hearts and members rubbed and carressed one another, even as a smooth chest met Kurt's velvety-silken fur covered one. Smooth, supple muscles rippled in the moonlight from the window as their kiss reluctantly broke.

Kurt indeed felt like he could come just from this, helped in no small part due to Kiro's powers causing such pleasure from touching him. "Did you.. um.." Kurt whispered, gazing down into Kiro's eyes from above. "Did you.. vant to.. go all the way?" He asked, his voice almost trailing off into soundlessness, so hot did he feel himself blushing. The more he thought about it, the funnier it seemed.

Here they were, naked, in each other's arms, dry-humping one another ('No, wait, it was called 'frotting,' wasn't it? I can't remember..') and here he was blushing at the thought of actually doing it. Actually having full on sex with Kiro. It was a little late to be embarassed about it now, Kurt! He chided himself.

Even so, when he saw Kiro bite his lower lip in thought, and then slowly nod, his breath caught in his throat. He wanted this. He wanted it so badly. And as he felt Kiro grind up against him, he realized that Kiro wanted it too. They were both virgins. No, wait, that wasn't true, was it? Kurt felt like there was something he was forgetting about. But it was soon pushed out of his mind as he felt Kiro gently carress his chest. 

Kiro, he was sure, was a virgin, at least.

They loved one another. Here they were, about to consummate a relationship. Kurt's earlier doubts and fears slowly bubbled to the surface once again..

So wrong.. evil, taboo.. forbidden.

And yet, no. It was so very -right-. This was right. Their love was real. He loved Kiro. Kiro loved him.

His decision was made in an instant.

"Ohh mein gott," Kurt whispered, "I want you, too, Kiro."

Kiro nodded, even as he leaned up to suddenly kiss Kurt once again.

Kurt moaned, the pleasure cresting another wave as his whole body shivered, his cock throbbing hotly against Kiro's as they ground together, and he felt his tail gently rubbing something.. else. He hadn't even realized what it was doing. 'Oh my god.'

The spade tip was gently pressing between Kiro's asscheeks, and the little nub they found there. Kiro again bit his lower lip, an expression that was so adorable and yet so sexy that Kurt just wanted to pounce him right then and there.

"J-Just a second, ja..?" Kurt breathed, and he reached over to the nearby nightstand. A drawer slid open, and he could be heard rummaging around in it blindly. Until finally.. "Aha!"

A small plastic bottle was in his hand, glistening in the moonlight. He held it up for Kiro to see. "We'll need this," Kurt said with a nod, and Kiro immediately blushed deeper.

Lube. Actually massage oil, but for their purposes, it would suffice. He set it down nearby on the bed, but was surprised when Kiro's hand on his chest caught his attention, shivering in delight from the sensations going through him.

Kiro was smiling, and held up a finger.

Kurt grinned, "Need a minute? Ok."

Kiro leaned up to kiss him quickly before he slipped off the bed and went across the room to the little en suite bathroom Kurt had. It was a small affair. A toilet, sink, and a bathtub just large enough for him to recline in and soak after a long training session, with a showerhead up above. On the sink was a little cup for their toothbrushes and toothpaste, and a medicine cabinet behind the mirror for the daily sundries like deoderant, soap, shampoo, over the counter medicines and whatnot.

The light went on, and the door softly closed, and Kurt could hear Kiro busying himself with the sink and the toilet for a few moments. Finally, he was out, and came back to the bed. Kurt couldn't stop himself from gasping at how beautiful Kiro looked, even just walking across the room in the moonlight, nude, pure white hair framing his shoulders and flowing out behind him with each movement. God, he was like an angel.

"Mein engel," Kurt said with adoration. Kiro smiled down at him where he was kneeling on the bed, and slowly crawled back onto the bed beside him, revealing the towel he had had also brought under his arm. This, he spread across the mattress beneath him.

Kurt almost smacked his head at the simpleness of it. He was doing this so they wouldn't make a mess. At least, not a mess that couldn't easily be tidied up. Kurt almost laughed at his own naivite. "Good thinking, Kiro."

What Kurt saw next, though, took the air right out of his lungs once again. Kiro tossed his head back, sending his hair cascading in rivulets down his shoulder and leaving the smooth, perfect, alluring curve of his back bare once more, and he leaned forward to present that supple, round, and absolutely.. gorgeous.. bottom toward Kurt.

He supposed that left little doubt as to who wanted to "go first," Kurt thought with a gulp, his erection feeling like it was about to burst in his groin. Bottle of lube in hand, Kurt popped it open and began to squeeze out some of the cool, silky-smooth oil onto his fingers. He rubbed his hands together briskly to warm it, and then began to spread the oil between Kiro's cheeks, and around that tight, white rosebud between them. He felt and saw Kiro take a breath, hold it, and let it out, shivering, and Kurt could only imagine how good this must be feeling. His fingers were thicker than most, however, and he kept that in mind as he gently continued to prepare Kiro with one hand, while stroking himself with the other to keep himself erect. It was easy to do, however, because even touching Kiro down there sent currents and flickers of pleasure through him, every one going right to his groin.

Within a couple minutes, Kiro was loose enough for Kurt to push both fingers inside of him, together just a touch bigger than his member. All the while, Kurt had gently rubbed Kiro's back and rear with his other hand, whispering soft encouragement to him, "Ja, that's it.. relax for me, mein engel, just relax.."

And finally, there he was. On his knees behind Kiro, his erection almost painfully hard as it rested between those glorious, almost perfect cheeks. "Ohh Gott.." Kurt breathed as he gazed down at Kiro. Kiro's head turned to the side, and one violet eye gazed back up at him, the other boy smiling, and nodding. His body pushed back against Kurt, hips rocking to send that rear grinding up and down against Kurt's groin.

He was ready.

And so was Kurt.

It was time.

Kurt carefully positioned himself at that tight entrance, his member slick and shining with lube, and he whispered, "Ok, here goes," before he rocked his hips forward, pressing himself into Kiro's tight, lubed, and oh-so-very-WARM insides. The pleasure, right on his member, made him shiver and moan, loud enough that he almost clapped a hand over his mouth for fear of being heard outside of the door to their room. "Ohhhh, oh Goood.."

He was surprised when he felt Kiro push back against him, not stopping until finally, that supple, round bottom was pressed right against his groin. His soft-furred sack with its bounty of thick balls was nudged right up against Kiro's own perfectly smooth scrotum and heavy orbs within, and Kurt felt his juvenile side say inwardly, 'Well if it wasn't gay before, it definitely is now.' He giggled, despite himself, and he leaned over Kiro's back, bringing his arms around the other boy's body in a tight hug as his chest pressed against Kiro's back. Beneath them, his tail slipped under to coil around Kiro's member, making the other boy gasp and shiver, his insides clenching around Kurt's member and making Kurt moan again. They were doing it. They were making love.

Kurt brought his lips down to Kiro's cheek, kissing him gently as he started to move, barely an inch in and out, staying deep, deep inside that incredibly tight warmth. Pleasure did not even begin to describe the sheer euphoria that flowed through Kurt. The more of him that was touching Kiro, the more it seemed the boy's power was amplified. He almost felt drunk on it. And yet, it continued to build as they moved together. Kurt's hips rocked and his back arched with each thrust, his muscled thighs slapping softly against Kiro's rump as Kiro met him, thrust for thrust, his mouth open and panting softly as those violet eyes were glassy with pleasure.

It was both primal and exquisite, the way he felt. They were joined in the most intimate, the most sacred - 'Yes, this is -sacred- in every sense of the word..' - of ways. Kurt wasn't sure when their positions had changed, the constant waves of pleasure throughout his body made it difficult to focus on anything except Kiro's body against him and around him.

He was just suddenly aware that he was on his back, with Kiro above him, bouncing in his lap with his back to Kurt's face, ivory skin and white hair weaving in the moonlight from the window and pooling down against Kurt's belly beneath as he bounced, rocked, angled and circled those hips before Kurt's gaze. A lapdance he could never have hoped to receive before, from the most lovely dancer he had ever seen. And that's what it felt like. They were dancing. Dancing in the moonlight, to music that only they could hear. A music of heartbeats, labored breaths, and the soft whisper of their bodies against once another, and their movements against the sheets and the towel beneath them.

At some point, Kiro was again on his knees and elbows, and Kurt was mounting him from behind, his hands gripping Kiro's lovely rear, hard enough that were it not for the boy's healing ability, he would no doubt leave bruises. Kurt's hips were moving fast, and hard, and Kiro was meeting him with each thrust. He twisted his body around slightly, looking up at Kurt with a pleading expression. Inside the coils of Kurt's tail, stroking his throbbing member in time with his thrusts, Kurt could feel him pulsing hotly, growing even harder under his touch.

Kiro was going to cum. Perhaps for the first time in his life. He was going to cum, while Kurt and he were making love.

"Oh yes, oh yess, mein engel.. cum, cum for me.. I'm.. I'm going to.." He gasped, panted, and grunted, his own erection throbbing hotly inside the squeezing, pulsing, warm wetness of Kiro's most intimate depths. He wasn't sure how long he could hold it, but he wanted, needed Kiro to cum for him. This first time, Kurt hoped, they should cum together!

It was at that point, teetering on the edge, that Kurt felt the pleasure from Kiro suddenly crest, and torrents of euphoria crashing over him like a tidal wave as he cried out in ecstacy. He couldn't hold it anymore!! He came. Oh how he came inside of Kiro, pushed as deep as he could possibly go, and every pulse, every clench of his muscles making his whole body convulse with a jolt of pure pleasure. He convulsed once, twice, a fourth time, six times, nine times.. it just wouldn't stop! His hips ground against Kiro's ass and his balls pressed against Kiro's.

Beneath him, the albino boy writhed and shuddered and Kurt could see his hands twisting against the pillow his cheek lay on, his eyes squeezed shut and his mouth open in a silent scream. Kurt could feel through his tail every spasm of the other boy's cock, and his sensitive ears heard the soft splatter of Kiro's release against both his chest and the towel beneath, and an immediate sense of relief flowed through him along with the redoubled pleasure from both his orgasm and Kiro's touch. They had cum together!

He wasn't sure how long it went on, but it seemed to last a very, very long time.. far longer than any of his secretive midnight sessions in the bath or shower had. Usually with visions of Amanda or Kitty and his own two hands and tail for his only company.

Kurt finally came back to awareness slumped against Kiro's back, his arms around the boy's torso as he panted, gasped, and felt his heart slamming against his ribcage. Beneath him, he could feel Kiro's heart racing as well, the boy drawing slow, shuddering breaths as his arms rested over Kurt's, hugging them tightly.

Every so often, an aftershock of pleasure would make Kurt twitch and moan. And the constant low thrum of warmth and pleasure from Kiro's touch, both against him and around him from his member still lodged inside, felt like the two of them resting in a hot tub.

It was exquisite. It was incredible.

It was... heavenly.

"Mein engel," Kurt whispered, leaning down to kiss Kiro's cheek.

My angel.

Kiro certainly was.

Beneath him, a violet eye opened, and Kurt saw him smile, even as he took Kurt's hands in his, against his belly, heedless of the sticky mess of his first, almost titanic ejaculation, and squeezed them affectionately.

Kurt felt his breath catch.. and suddenly he knew what to say. How to respond.

"I love you, too, Kiro."



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